Are we on the verge of stunning, public announcements that will change everything we thought we knew?

In 2009, we began providing direct insider leaks from “The Alliance”. Everything they told us is now coming true.

The 4Chan insider from our last article is “singing like a songbird” and we will summarize the newest intel in this article.

If what we are hearing is true, Wikileaks is on the verge of dropping a much more damning set of information than October 2016 — literally at any moment.

This would then set the stage for a much larger announcement that will directly expose the ugly secrets of the FBI, CIA and Fed for the last 60 years.

The Vegas mass shooting may well have been a desperate attempt to distract the public from these impending, epic geopolitical developments.

We have every reason to believe that this collection of data provides signposts that a very big announcement may lead to a defeat of the Cabal.

[UPDATE: Many have reported ridiculous hacks happening, particularly for Part Four. Try a different browser or use an Ipad or Iphone if you have it.]

[UPDATE II: A tragic event occurred to one of David’s top insiders just a half hour after posting this. We are very glad he is alive. Read at the end of Part Four.]




Just to briefly review what we discussed, the Vegas mass shooting was almost certainly not the work of a “lone gunman” with no clear motive.

Instead, there were multiple signatures of this being orchestrated by a powerful international organization we have been calling “the Cabal”.

Las Vegas is just 13 miles from Nellis AFB, which is enormous — and less than three hours from Groom Lake, site of the infamous Area 51.

Multiple insiders have revealed that there are secret elevators in these casinos, leading to underground shuttles that take you to these very bases.

Certain individuals will have “cover jobs” working at casinos while they actually hold jobs requiring a security clearance at the same time.

The shooter had last worked for one of the most notorious “black ops” defense contractors in the world — Lockheed — and showed clear signs of mind control.

He would blow 10 to 30 thousand dollars a day in casinos, was a well-known VIP, and took multiple cruises to countries like Jordan and United Arab Emirates.

He may well have been a black-ops employee involved in smuggling weapons, drugs and / or humans, making tons of cash, and was then set up as a patsy.



Although this may cause fear, anxiety and paranoia, we need to look at this head-on if we ever want this global nightmare to stop.

The international alliance opposing the Cabal is very real, and the most recent events have made that clearer than ever, as we will again discuss.

Information can release fear and inspire confidence. The Cabal is on its last legs. Everyone knows the truth. They are the proverbial wounded lion lashing out.

One young woman who posted about there being multiple shooters, and wanted to organize a group of witnesses, was found dead just five days later.

Her testimony was that gunners on the ground were shooting from both directions, as she and other survivors ran back and forth trying to avoid them.



Yes, she did have pre-existing health conditions, but the timing of 28-year-old Kymberly Suchomel’s death is extremely suspicious.

There are multiple classified technologies, some satellite-based, that can be used to nudge someone over the edge if they already have health problems.

This could be as simple as a carefully-targeted microwave beam while someone is lying motionless during sleep.

A sinister group like this would not have killed Kymberly Suchomel if they were winning the game, and successfully controlling the narrative.

Instead, this is another act of extreme desperation that allows us to reach a solution much faster than would otherwise be possible.

As you read in the previous article, we had already been warned not to single out any of the witnesses of multiple shooters for this very same reason.

However, the ones that have been exposed in this Infowars compilation are already out there, so you can visit this link to learn more.



This event featured symbolic and numerical clues that were left behind much in the style of a classic serial killer — but on a corporate-sized level.

The hotel name Mandalay may be a reference to a mandala — an organized pattern that carries a deeper spiritual meaning.

Senior management of the hotel’s parent company, MGM, conducted a mass sell-off of stock just weeks before — all at 33 dollars a share.

The beloved American rock / country icon Tom Petty died almost simultaneously as the timing of this tragic event, with no easily conclusive explanation.

“Stephen” means Crown and “Paddock” is an enclosure for farm animals. Names often have symbolic codes in them when dealing with events like this.

The shooter’s name may hint at how the Cabal (Crown) had their victims gathered in a paddock-type enclosure, and wants to turn us all into their slaves.

A Robbie Williams song from 2002 features him going to the 33rd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel with a gun, and ending up in a likely shootout.

The massacre occurred directly in front of a pyramid, sphinx and obelisk. The pyramid has a glowing “Illuminati” capstone that beams up into space.



The movie Mars Attacks (1996) featured an ET-driven massacre in the exact same spot, where the key to defeating the ETs was playing country music.

The movie The Hangover (2009) opens up with a helicopter shot of the exact corner and floor of the hotel where the shooting occurred.



The song at this moment says “Got a number 13 tattooed on my neck,” just like we saw in the photo of the killer that the media released.

Notice also that an Egyptian-styled obelisk appears at the right-hand side of the frame.

These types of clues are not random. Psychopaths in the Cabal love it if they can construct something with this many tie-ins to previous visible markers.

Furthermore, it is even possible that an event of this nature had been planned years ago and held onto “for a rainy day,” as these people might say.

A 4Chan insider telegraphed the entire event three weeks in advance, on 9/11, warning people to stay out of large crowds in Las Vegas.

This is absolute, written proof that Stephen Paddock did not act alone. At the very least, several others were aware of what he was going to do.

The insider revealed the deeper purpose of this assault would be to have body scanners put in place for just about everything.




Multiple eyewitness reports reveal several ground-based shooters as well as shooters stationed in other hotels besides just Mandalay Bay.

The taxicab driver film that has been so widely circulated in countless YouTube videos shows irrefutable proof of gunshots from more than one location.

The original location of this 18 minutes of footage was deleted almost immediately, as have many other copies of it since then.

A shortened 10-minute version still works as of today, so download and save it — as you will probably only have a few hours to do so once I post this article.

The concert area where the Route 91 Harvest took place undoubtedly has extensive security cameras, as do the hotels themselves.

Multiple workers have said the Vegas casinos have the most advanced security systems in the world.

Cheaters might only move their thumb a fraction of an inch to pull out a concealed card. If they do, the casinos want to have a precise recording of it.

Yet, not one piece of surveillance footage has been released, either from inside or outside the Mandalay Bay hotel.



Our 4Chan insider said the Cabal planned on releasing tactical bits of information to the public depending upon how much of a mass awakening occurred.

Any piece of information they released would be intended to try to satisfy the “conspiracy theories” with supposedly plausible explanations.

This prediction turned into visible reality with the story of a security guard who was apparently shot by the assassin from his room.

The name of this all-important, mainstream-media-approved public witness is Jesus Campos.

This again is an in-your-face symbolic reference encoded into a name — even more obviously than “Stephen Paddock.”



The Cabal has a highly derogatory view of the demographic that would listen to country music, particularly after the 2016 election.

The movie Jesus Camp (2006) features an extremely embarrassing and incriminating portayal of a fundamentalist Christian summer camp for kids.

[Notice also that the letter P in “Camp” is a stylized Tubal Cain symbol. We go into detail about this symbol halfway down Part Two of the article linked here.]



The Jesus Camp film includes a scene where the children stretch out their hands in prayer towards a life-sized portrait of George W. Bush.

Notice also that the girl in the center of the image is holding out her arm in a fashion very similar to a Hitler-style Nazi salute.



Carefully notice that the girl may also have a green All-Seeing Eye-type symbol on her T-shirt, complete with yellow beams coming off of it.

This symbol appears to be hiding in there even if the design could also be written off as something else.

Either way, Jesus Camp was a very clear attempt to mock and dehumanize the Christian Right. 

This then encourages those on the left to see them as brainwashed zombies, drunk on the religious opiate of the masses.

This softens the leftists up and is intended to make them more comfortable with these people losing their freedoms and even being killed.

We are seeing the classic “divide and conquer” strategy the elites have used to get us to turn against one another, instead of realizing our common oppressors.

The stylized letter P in the title may be one “signature” the Cabal left behind to tip off their members about their involvement in the making of the film.

The Tubal Cain symbol is central to the Cabal’s religion, which is essentially the exact opposite of Christianity, as we will review in Part Two.



Jesus Campos is a real person, with that being his real name.

He may also have been deliberately manipulated into that deadly position — by the same employers who sold off their MGM stock before the event.

It is very suspicious that Campos went missing for days, only to resurface for one incredibly awkward, stage-managed appearance on Ellen.

That’s right — “Jesus returned… on a talk show.”



Ellen wore an odd, military-style black uniform with six buttons along the sleeves. Jesus was led by the hand and guided on exactly what to say.

[Update: There are only five buttons. This can happen when you rush to summarize this much in two days! Either way it is an oddly militaristic costume.]

He also made it clear that he would not be giving any other interivews.



The days during which he was missing could well have involved a “sit-down” where he was given lethal threats for everyone he loves if he did not play along.

In fact, Daily Mail revealed on October 19th that the owners of the hotel had insisted that Campos only do this one interview — ostensibly to avoid huge lawsuits.

The article reveals very incriminating information just by itself.

The official narrative on the timing of these events has already changed three different times.



This is important enough for us to pull a long quote from the Daily Mail article. It clearly reveals how Campos’ union boss witnessed the beginning of the threats:

10/19: Mandalay Owners Insisted Jesus Campos Only Appear on Ellen, Fearing Massive Lawsuits

‘MGM was behind the decision to call off all the interviews and did a deal with Ellen, knowing she would not play hardball on the timeline as long as she had the exclusive,’ a TV insider told….

Campos had originally agreed to do five interviews, all on Thursday last week, but suddenly went missing, his union boss, who was helping set up the deal, told in an exclusive interview.

David Hickey, president of the Michigan-based International Union, Security Police and Fire Professionals of America, would not confirm that MGM was behind the decision, but said the company certainly influenced Campos.


‘I was in a meeting with MGM’s upper management and they were definitely concerned about how tough someone like Hannity would be on him and they voiced their opinions,’ Hickey said.

He said all sides had agreed parameters for the interviews. ‘Everyone knew he wasn’t to talk about security protocols, staffing or training or give out names of employees.’

But he said the company — that, like most of Vegas’s casino industry, obsessively controls what employees are allowed to say to the media — was pressuring Campos not to give too much away.

‘I thought they were being negative, telling him that someone was going to be tough and how they were worried about his health.

[DW: This is a classic Mafia-style threat. Just imagine Marlon Brando saying he is “worried about your health” in his Godfather voice.]

It wasn’t the thing he needed to hear four hours before the interviews were going to begin.’


Hickey said he met with the MGM executives at a location in Las Vegas where Campos was staying.

They met in the living room but he wanted a word with some of the management team in private, so they went into the bedroom.

When they returned, Campos had gone, and Hickey said he hasn’t seen or heard from him since.

The next thing he knew, the security official had bailed on the five interviews.

Then he learned on Monday that instead of appearing on a news show, he would go on Ellen….


When he went through his recollection of the night, [Ellen] did not press him to clarify some of the lingering questions about the official timeline —

Such as whether he or hotel officials delayed calling police for six minutes after he was shot.

If that version is proven to be true, it could open MGM to massive costs from lawsuits.



The level of threat that Campos experienced after he went missing may well have been far worse than what David Hickey, the union leader, had witnessed.

No surveillance footage of Campos’ shooting has been provided up until now — over three weeks later.

Nor have we seen any other footage inside or outside the hotel and the area itself.

Yep, that’s right. The only “official” analysis of the worst mass shooting in American history… was on a famous comedian’s talk show.

Another Cabal / MSM insult to the informed public.

Ellen could have been chosen for this role by design, to further agitate the Christian Right.

Ellen? Seriously? Since when did a comedian’s talk show become a replacement for a full federal investigation?

It’s Jesus Camp. They literally see us as no different as the people in the movie. Hence Jesus Campos’ name was part of the “inside joke.”

You can think this is all a “wild conspiracy theory,” but the pieces all interconnect — and it fits in perfectly with intel we have been leaking for many years.



The Cabal is in so much trouble on this one that they are hoping they can just ignore the whole thing and wait for everyone to forget about it.

Alphabet, the parent company of GooTube, has been working overtime to suppress as many Vegas conspiracy analysis videos as possible.

The film Jason Bourne (2016) is a clear example of an Alliance production, revealing how Google was taken over by the CIA — an “Alphabet” agency.

This is only thinly veiled, where the name “Deep Dream” is used instead of Google. Once you make that connection, it becomes extremely obvious.

[UPDATE: This is further made clear when you realize that Google has an AI prototype program called Deep Mind.]

A dead-ringer lookalike for Google founder Sergey Brin is directly threatened by Tommy Lee Jones, as a top CIA don, in the movie.


Sergey Brin Wearing Google Glass


An article in figured out the Jason Bourne film was possibly leaking real-world intel, but theorized it was about Mark Zuckerberg instead of Brin.

This profound censorship is part of why I put any analysis of this sort in writing, on a site that we pay almost a thousand a month to be very hard to hack.

Videos are just too vulnerable right now. It is so easy for the Cabal to take them down if you only have the resources to do one here and there.

We are not yet in a position to be able to chunk them out on a regular basis from home, and hopefully that will be changing fairly soon.

For now, I would rather just create material that allow others to make their own videos. [That does not include robo-voiced clone copies, which is plagiarism.]

Either way, this staged event was so badly botched that it could well be the burst of oxygen we need to bring down the whole house of cards.



Our previous article was chock-full of new intel on this situation, and reached almost a quarter-million views in just over a week thanks to your support.

It would be very helpful for you to read or review that article if you find this one interesting.

The Cabal has disturbing occult beliefs, and surprisingly comprehensive control over Western governments, corporations, militaries and media. 

This includes the “too big to fail” banks that stole some 29 trillion dollars under Bush and Obama — enough to build entire civilizations from scratch.

They defend against exposure with deadly force. This is why you don’t hear more from the insiders who are dedicated to fighting them.

Nonetheless, the defeat of the Cabal is well underway, thanks to a powerful international alliance comprising most of the world’s nations.

Without our help in spreading the word, the Alliance’s job would be much more difficult — if not impossible.

Though key witnesses could be in danger, such as in the case of this shooting, there are far too many of us for the Cabal to harm the vast 99.9999% majority.

Up until now, our education on the truth has still been a voluntary process anyone can choose to ignore — but that may soon be changing.



Since 2009, we have been getting direct briefings from an international alliance that is working at a high level to defeat this fearsome group.

This began with Pete Peterson, who had Alliance briefings in surveillance-free SCIF (Secure Compartmented Information Facility) “clean rooms”.

He revealed that there has been a comprehensive plan for disclosure, mass arrests and a currency reset in place since at least the 1950s.

The US military will emerge from all of this in a surprisingly heroic capacity once the dust settles, and I applaud them for their ceaseless efforts.

Everything we thought we knew about wars will have to be fundamentally rewritten in the aftermath of a victory of this nature.

Some of the military and intelligence community is still held under sway by the Cabal, so we are dealing with a civil war within the US and abroad.

Life on earth will become like an epic thriller movie with a plot twist so stunning — for most people — that you will have to do a “life review” and rethink everything.

Those of us who are already doing that will be of key importance in helping others cope — such as having them even want to get out of bed.



Part Four of our latest article featured very exciting testimony from an insider on 4Chan, going by the name “MegAnon.”

This person appears to be working for the US intelligence community on the Alliance side, in at least a medium to medium-high-level capacity.

He apparently was part of a team that personally inspected the hotel room where the Vegas shootings took place, as one example.

In Part Three, we will reveal that this person appears to have been leaking intel he got from the FBI on 4Chan since at least July 2nd, 2016.

He gained quite a bit of recognition when the October 2016 Wikileaks disclosures matched perfectly with what he had telegraphed in July.

If his disclosures are true, we soon could see a major public statement from the Alliance that could absolutely expose and defeat the Cabal:

10/10: 4Chan Insider on “The Storm” Planned for Release Against the Cabal

It will be a literal “mic drop” on the world’s stage.

No one ever again will have the ability to question who’s responsible for, involved [in] coordinating, etc. ANYTHING that has ever happened and been considered a “conspiracy theory”, ever again….


Anonymous (ID: vy3Y5hFc) 10/06/17(Fri)17:35:26 No.144293569

I know it sounds ridiculous but that’s simply because I’m trying to convey the broadness and scope of what will be publicly disclosed.

My only point is that after it’s all over, no one will be able to turn away from the truth.

The masses will never again be able to claim with 100% certainty that 9/11 DIDN’T have inside, US-sponsored and funded, department/ agency coordination, allocated resources and assistance.

No one will EVER be able to NOT believe that our own f–ing agencies and departments and former admins. didn’t play a huge role in shit like JFK, OKC, 9/11, ISIS, Pizza, Vegas, etc.

They won’t be able to turn a blind eye to what they consider “conspiracy theories” today, simply because the MSM told them to.

The only thing that everyone will be able to agree on when it’s all said and done is that we’ve all been horrifically lied to on incomprehensible levels….


[There will be] 3 different disclosures…

A 3 letter (federal) agency
A 3 letter (central) department
And 3 letter (federally sanctioned) economic org.


[DW: It seems obvious that he is talking here about the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Reserve.]

Once you’re given the truth, the credibility and validity of all 3 will be erased for the last almost 60 years.



The US president may be one of the people to deliver this message, as this insider has repeatedly stated.

However, this is something that has been planned for decades before he ever ran for office.

As I always say, you may not like Trump the slightest bit — and believe me, there are many things I am not happy with.

Nonetheless, no one can deny that there is an open, shooting war between this administration and the mainstream, corporate media.

Never before in US history have we seen anything like this. And the drama is only ratcheting up more and more as time goes on. 

If the media were truly independent and concerned with journalistic integrity, this could be an open-and-shut case of them exposing malfeasance.

However, they are widely seen as a propaganda mouthpiece for the elite, which is the reason they were already in a horrific collapse long before the 2016 election.

This was even confirmed by a 15-year veteran, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist named Chris Hedges, as we covered in the preceding article.



In American terms, this is predominantly a civil war between an occult, violent Cabal and a conservative element of the US military and intelligence community.

Many of these conservative elements believe they are literally fighting against an embodiment of the Devil — “the adversary”, as it is described in the Bible.

Most of them started out as foot-soldiers for the Cabal. They were taught to follow orders.

They also swore an oath that they would protect and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The Cabal is so compartmentalized that many of its employees have no idea what they are really supporting.

People who are paid to attack journalists like me have undoubtedly been fed a raft of lies that are intended to make us look like scumbags.

I notice many people feeling disappointed that the Alliance does not line up more closely with their own projections of what heroism might be.



Trump is a very flawed human being, and I do not believe for a minute that the Cabal ever expected him to actually win the 2016 election.

Never in a million years would I have thought I would even partially defend this man… believe me.

However, I do feel that we should have an open mind about the possibility that the Alliance was able to gain the upper hand in this administration after his victory.

Simply put: He’s already in there now. We are hearing very, very interesting things about what his team is planning to do.

If their plans for disclosure are really true, and they emerge into the public eye, that is a very exciting thing that could save us from far worse disasters.

Everyone who works in this arena has dirt on them. A person with compromising personal details can still choose to step up and become a hero.

Let’s not forget what former Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich, a man very aware of the truth, said this past February:



2/16: Leading Progressive Says Even Americans Who Hate Trump Should Defend Him Against Attempted Coup by the “Deep State”

Former liberal congressman and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich said Tuesday:

“What’s at the core of this is an effort by some in the intelligence community to upend any positive relationship between the U.S. and Russia….

There are people trying to separate the U.S. and Russia so that this military industrial intel axis can cash in….

What’s going on in the intelligence community with this new president is unprecedented.

They’re making every effort trying to upend him.”



Our 4Chan insider has continued “singing like a songbird” ever since we wrote the Vegas article. The amount of new information is voluminous.

It is very difficult to track information on a site like 4Chan, much less organize it, so as a public service we have done it for you in Parts Three and Four.

Before we get to that, it is important to fill in some additional details on the Cabal that you may not be aware of, even if you have “done your homework.”






The Cabal apparently dates back to before the Roman Empire. They are vastly wealthy and believe in segregating their own “bloodlines” from everyone else’s.

They once ruled openly as the Egyptian pharaohs, the Mesoamerican priesthoods, and as various royal bloodlines in Europe and Asia.

One key characteristic that many of them have is psychopathy. This means they have “fearless dominance,” seek power, and have no conscience about hurting others. 

This type of disorder can be intentionally inflicted upon someone through severe, prolonged abuse — particularly if it is sexual in nature.

Torture research going back to well before the Spanish Inquisition has proven that any human being can be “broken” after enough repeated trauma.

This actually does change how their brains function in the most basic way. We make physiological modifications as a survival and coping mechanism.

Though they see their behavior as a sign that they are more highly evolved, medical research shows the frontal lobes in the brain of psychopaths are nearly deactivated.



This means an entire part of their neurophysiology that is built to feel empathy, compassion and concern for others is simply not functioning.

It is also possible to have a harmful over-abundance of neurological activity in the frontal lobes.

Instead of this just manifesting as an extremely sensitive and highly caring person, it will often create clinical OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.)



[The slice here is taken at a different angle, hence the normal control does not look the same as in the previous images.]

Since the frontal lobes are the parts of the brain that process emotions, OCD leads to constant feelings of anxiety and hyper-vigilance.

These people get caught in obsessive, looping thought patterns that are emotionally-based — tossing around the same things over and over again.

Their obsessions are often traceable to unhealed trauma from how others treated them.

They may fall into seemingly bizarre, repetitive behavioral patterns that help to provide relief against the constant sense of anxiety they feel.

There are many different types of obsessions these sufferers can fall into, including compulsive hoarding.

Psychologists can usually trace the onset of these behaviors to one or a series of very intense traumas that altered the person’s neurochemistry.

Click here to read a comprehensive list of the different types of OCD. A regular meditation practice can help calm the brain and alleviate these symptoms.



The psychopath is not affected by fear, punishment, shame or the opinions of others or society as a whole, including morals and ethics.

They have an enormous sense of personal value and grandiosity, and can modify their personalities to present exactly what people will respond to the most.

They will often be master manipulators, and may go to great lengths to be as physically and socially attractive as possible.

In the beginning, you will feel as if you have never been more in love, or at least that you have found one of the most fascinating people on earth.

Once you have been suitably “groomed” and are under at least some degree of control, the whole experience changes dramatically.

These people comprise about 2 percent of women and 5 percent of men, worldwide, and most of them are not actively violent offenders.

Only a very small number of people are actually Cabal members, just a few million — and the vast majority of psychopaths are not involved with it.

What makes the Cabal interesting from a storytelling viewpoint is what happens when psychopaths organize on such a massive level of scale.



Psychopaths feed on power over others. They have to seek out ways to dominate and humiliate others on a daily basis or they feel horribly empty inside.

It is ironic that living with a neurologically-deadened psychopath often causes over-activity in the frontal lobes of the victim, leading to anxiety and OCD.

You begin obsessively looking for clues that they are getting better, and try to be optimistic, when in fact the same abuse just keeps happening, year after year.

Since you never know when a psychopath will strike, your frontal lobes are constantly scanning for any subtle emotional tip-offs signaling the next attack.

You never have to wait very long. A genuine psychopath will not let you “off the hook” for even one day. They can’t wait that long. They need a ‘fix.’

You are always in trouble. You have always insulted them, not lived up to their expectations, done something horribly wrong and are having apologies demanded of you.

No matter how many times you apologize, and no matter how much you try to make up for whatever you ‘did,’ you are never, ever forgiven — for anything.

There is a reason why the term Narcissist is often used interchangeably with ‘psychopath.’ These are very, very thin-skinned, intolerant people.

Most of your waking hours are spent obsessively trying to figure out what the heck you are going to do in order to heal this epic, disastrous problem.



If you think you have someone like this in your life, I highly recommend going to and reading articles in the Library section.

Once you figure it out, I recommend waiting two weeks and gathering information and observations before attempting to make any visible moves.

Psychopaths will go to whatever extremes necessary to make you feel completely trapped, as if there is no possible way you could ever escape from them.

This is precisely being seen in the Weinstein scandal.

He “groomed” his victims for abuse in classic psychopathic fashion, and feels no remorse for what he has done.

He and his cronies may well laugh about what they put people through, considering it to be the “price you must pay for fame.”



Blind Gossip is the site of a high-ranking Hollywood insider whose leaks have been correct countless times.

In a post from October 9th, we learn that Weinstein had gathered multiple incriminating photographs of all his top female victims.

This post is worded delicately, but some commenters indicated there are films and photos of sex acts with Weinstein included in this collection:


10/9: Harvey Weinstein Has Blackmail Pictures of Female Victims

[Blind Gossip] Right now, it’s all about the words.

Some are talking, some are staying silent. Some are pretending they knew nothing, others are acknowledging that that they heard the rumors but not the specifics.

A lot of words. Some true. Some worthy of an exaggerated eye roll.

You know what no one is talking about yet? The pictures!

Some taken by the producer. Some taken by the women and sent to him at his request. Some were sent unsolicited.


He has a lot of photos and videos. Some of them were sent to him voluntarily by actresses who are now famous.

If even ONE woman tries to file some sort of law suit against him, then all those images could become evidence.

That one actress could wind up taking down dozens/ hundreds of other women with her.

That’s one reason why they are quiet right now. They are terrified that there is no “right” thing for them to do.



Thankfully, this seemingly “foolproof” system of guaranteed blackmail has not stopped well over 40 women, many of whom are celebrities, from coming forward.

Their numbers are increasing by the day, and the stories keep getting worse — including full-blown forcible rape.

The only way you will ever get your life back from a psychopath is to do whatever it takes to get them out of your life, and then go into complete “No Contact.”

Otherwise, any communication you have with them whatsoever will only lead to new entanglements. makes this very clear.

It is also very wise to get the help of a qualified therapist, as this may well be far too big of a challenge to handle strictly by yourself.

Weinstein has proven to be incapable of seeing that he raped anyone. In the sex rehab clinic he rigorously insists all events were fully consensual.

If you have children with a psychopath, you may always need to have some degree of engagement, but you are advised to keep it as limited as possible.



I do believe that as we cut the cords on the individual level, we will see more and more examples of freedom breaking through on the global level.

The Meditation Effect I have written about in each of my books shows that consciousness is holographic — on a worldwide scale.

Groups of a mere seven thousand people were able to reduce war, terrorism, crime and fatalities worldwide by a stunning 72 percent — through meditation.

All other possible variables, such as weekends, weather, holidays and so forth, were ruled out.

A small group of people holding a positive state of “Pure Consciousness” were able to dramatically affect the free will of the entire planet.

Nearly three out of four people who normally would have committed a violent crime decided, instead, to take a more peaceful approach.



These would-be criminals obviously had no idea that their apparent free will had been altered by a small group of people in a focused state of consciousness.

This is a simplified example of how the struggle against psychopaths in our own lives is a microcosm of what is happening on the planet as a whole.

I can’t stress this enough: It may be that the single greatest thing you can do to defeat the Cabal right now is to free yourself of psychopaths.

Once you recover from the initial damages of separation, your life will be far happier than you had ever experienced in quite some time.

Your strength in cleaning up your own life directly empowers these changes to occur on the collective level.

In some cases, this relationship is extremely obvious and direct.

A remarkable process has now started that could lead to the utter collapse of sexual abuse in Hollywood, thanks to the #metoo campaign.



As I argue in The Ascension Mysteries, the Cabal members believe themselves to be the descendants of human-looking extraterrestrials with elongated skulls.

These skulls have been found all over the world, and are definitely the remains of some alternative form of human being from what we normally see.

This was confirmed with DNA tests ordered by Brien Foerster in 2014, showing “mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far.”

The skulls themselves have obvious abnormalities, including completely different cranial sutures and alternative passageways for nerve fibers and blood vessels.

There is no plausible skeptical explanation that can account for the widespread presence of these remains worldwide.



Obviously, the visible Cabal members do not display any structural abnormalities in their skulls. Interbreeding has long since obscured such differences.

However, as recently as the 1400s, the Italian noble D’Este family clearly displayed these physiological features in various depictions, such as the paintings of Pisanello.



This becomes far more interesting once we realize that a majority of European royal bloodlines have direct genetic ties to the D’Este clan.

Furthermore, as of 2012, we found out all American presidents except #8, Van Buren, were direct descendants of King John of England, who signed the Magna Carta in 1215.

Far from being a statistical fluke, this is one of multiple pieces of evidence that US Presidents have been part of these same hidden bloodlines.

In fact, you can genetically analyze the contestants in each election, at least up until 2016, and whoever has more of this “royal blood” will be the winner.



In 2013, it was also announced that an elongated skull was found in a tomb of a French noblewoman, dating back to the Merovingian era.

The Merovingian bloodline is supposedly descended from Mary Magdalene, at least in the Cabal’s own tradition — as revealed in The Da Vinci Code:



This was automatically written off as a case of “head binding” — but it is acknowledged that multiple skulls like this have been found throughout Europe.
2013: Elite Skulls Throughout Europe Reveal Elongated, Alien-Like Features

The skeleton of an ancient aristocratic woman whose head was warped into a deformed, pointy shape has been unearthed in a necropolis in France….

In those times, the deformed, alienlike skull was a privilege reserved for the aristocracy.

“In France, Germany and eastern Europe, these deformed skulls appear in tombs rich in objects,” [archeologist Phillippe] Lefranc said.

The wealthy lady’s tomb also contained gold pins, belts known as chatelaines, pearls, a comb made of a stag antler, and a bronze mirror that likely came from the Caucasus region or central Asia, he said.



The elongated skull shape has been referred to as Dolichocephaly. Skulls without as much length are referred to as brachycephalic.

“Dolichos” is Greek for “elongated” and “ceph” means skull. “Brach” means “short” in Greek. 

The French anthropologist Georges Vacher de Lapouge was very likely working on behalf of the Cabal when he wrote the racist treatise The Aryan: His Social Role in 1899.

Georges Vacher de Lapouge Believed People With Elongated Skulls Were Superior

He wrote L’Aryen: son Rôle Social (1899, “The Aryan: His Social Role”), in which he opposed the Aryan, dolichocephalic races to the brachycephalic races….

[He intended to delineate] types of man, each destined to one end, in order to prevent any competition of labour conditions.

His anthropology thus aimed at preventing social conflict by establishing a fixed, hierarchical social order….

Lapouge had a direct influence on Nazi racial and eugenic doctrine.


The Nazi concept of an “Aryan master race” was derived from Lapouge’s writings, extolling the virtues of people with elongated skulls.

Most people only think of it in the typical terms of blonde hair and blue eyes — but the elongated skull aspect is of central significance as well.



An article in Mental Floss details ten different examples of what they see as intentional skull deformation from around the world.

It should be easy to see that if a species of existing humans already had this characteristic, and were the elites, others might seek to emulate that look.

Head binding cannot explain the features of skulls such as those found in Boskop, South Africa.

We know the brain volume is at least 25 percent greater than that of a conventional human, and can approach double the normal size in certain cases.

Head binding cannot increase your brain volume. Nor can it boost your intelligence quotient.

In 2009, Discover Magazine clearly identified these skulls as belonging to a “now-extinct race of humans… with an average intelligence of around 150, making them geniuses among Homo Sapiens.”


Ancient Bust of Akenhaten and Nefertiti’s Daughter, Meritaten, Showing Elongated Skull


Discover Magazine did not say this was caused by head binding.

They very clearly and absolutely declared that this was an alternative human species, which was significantly more intelligent.

The only deficiency in their scholarship, compared to what insiders have told us, is that a small number of these people do still live on earth.

They are very secretive and keep to themselves. Their exact numbers are unknown, but there could be as many as 10 to 25,000.

That number is purely speculative. It is possible that there are even fewer of them than that here on the planet.

There are many more who believe they have a traceable genetic link to this forgotten race. This is the true nature of the Cabal.

Peterson revealed the Jesuits claim they have medical proof that they are comprised of “25 percent alien DNA.”



In light of the abundance of scientific evidence that this is a separate species of human, where might these people have come from?

One of the weirdest things we have been tracking is the idea that humans who look similar to us are far more widespread than just here on Earth.

If an alternative human species has held world power here for thousands of years, this might explain why “the authorities” have rigorously denounced the idea of ETs.

In a different world where we took it for granted that humans from various origins have come and gone, we might have discovered the secret of the Cabal a lot sooner.

Nonetheless, NASA has already announced there could be as many as 40 billion watery, Earthlike planets in this galaxy alone.

The truth is catching up with countless ancient records of human-looking ETs with advanced technology and consciousness skills contacting humanity.



The Bible Reality Check site has done an amazing job of showing how ancient texts like the Bible have been mis-translated in certain cases.

The last episode of my weekly Gaia show Wisdom Teachings covers this data. Monday’s show will feature even more of this data.

You can see everything on the network for 99 cents in the first month, with no cancellation fees, before it goes up to a Netflix-type 9.99.

Your support of this work, through a membership to Gaia with this code, provides us with vital financial support we need to keep fighting this war.

The production value of Wisdom Teachings has significantly increased since we rebooted it in August, which I am very happy about.

What I did not include in those episodes was this interesting quote, revealing an undeniable mass UFO sighting occurring in the time of Egypt:

[This is] an excerpt from Egypt’s Annals of Thutmosis III, circa 1500 BC.

[It was] translated by Prince Boris de Rachewiltz from the original papyrus document found in the archives of the Egyptian Museum of the Vatican.

As in many other documents, the scribe was careful to record the exact date and time of day that the following event occurred:

“…In the year 22, of the third month of winter, sixth hour of the day, the scribes of the House of Life found that there was a circle of fire coming from the sky…

One rod long was its body and a rod wide, and it was noiseless.


And the hearts of the scribes became terrified and confused and they laid themselves flat on their bellies.

They reported to the Pharaoh…[and] after some days had gone by, behold: these things became more numerous in the skies than ever.

They shone more than the brightness of the sun and extended to the limits of the four supports of the heavens.

Dominating in the sky was the station of these fire circles. The army of Pharaoh looked on with him in their midst…

Thereupon these fire circles ascended higher in the sky towards the south…

What happened was ordered by the Pharaoh to be written in the annals of the House of Life… so that it be remembered forever.”



The apparent omnipresence of humanoid life is a mystery that has yet to be fully explained. Humans may have been seeded on multiple worlds long ago. 

I have also given scientific support in my books for the idea that the genetic code is actually written into the laws of quantum mechanics itself — universally.

We have been brainwashed by a decades-long, government-sponsored psychological operation to fear ridicule and shame if we are “believers.”

Insiders have said that a particular, advanced human species did indeed crash-land here in Antarctica.

Apparently, the ruined craft and buildings are still there.

One really interesting aspect of all this is that there are three major craft, and two of them are apparently massive — as in miles long.

Pete and other insiders have revealed these were full-on motherships, with many smaller craft in them that were fully operational.

Some of the smaller craft looked like various designs we see in ancient cultures — including Tibetan stupas.



The smaller ships were all carted off to secret facilities like Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and put into storage.

They appear to be the same ‘vimanas’ that are so repeatedly discussed in the ancient Hindu scriptures as an everyday part of life — at that time.

Just allow yourself to imagine that this was really true. This level of “buried treasure” is so awesome it is almost beyond our wildest imagination.

It greatly upsets me that this and so many other fascinating things have been kept completely secret from us.

Wouldn’t you want to go and see this for yourself? I know I would. So have many others in the classified world. Antarctica is a very popular place on the inside.

In case you haven’t seen it, I went into far more interesting detail about this in The Antarctic Atlantis, which is a free video about 90 minutes long.



The best-selling book The Atlantis Gene may well have been influenced or sponsored by the Cabal. The contents are very similar to what we are talking about here.

The Cabal-driven mainstream media machine may well have been used to push the book to sell an astonishing one million copies. 

Why would its “Mysterious” author take on the pseudonym “A. G. Riddle” — as in the Riddle of the Atlantis Gene?



The Atlantis Gene is a story of a crash, discovered in Antarctica, that leads to the realization that some of humanity originated there.

Notice that the A’s in the next image have the crossbars dimmed out, making them look like Masonic squares or compasses.

Notice also that the dots around the human figure again make a Templar-style cross (see next two images):



The symbol on the front cover of the book, detailed below, also has a part of the Templar “Rose Cross” in it — another common Cabal sigil.



There are other encoded symbols in this sigil as well, including Templar crosses, the crescent moon, the eye-like dot in the circle, the Zodiac and five pairs of curly Baphomet-style horns:



The large crescent itself, made by the outermost circle, could also be seen as a stylized pair of horns.



The secret society who initially appears to be the villain in this novel is called the Immari.

This has a more-than-passing similarity to the word Illuminati, which is the classic name this group has used for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Some people who read the book are not happy about how it is written like a rushed treatment for a film — which is indeed already being developed.

This writeup about the book from Goodreads should definitely get the wheels turning in your mind:

Goodreads on The Atlantis Gene

The Immari are good at keeping secrets. For 2,000 years, [DW: Ever since the time of Christ,] they have hidden the truth about human evolution.

And they’ve searched for an ancient enemy — a threat that could wipe out the human race. Now the search is over.

Off the coast of Antarctica, a research vessel has discovered a mysterious structure buried deep in an iceberg.

It’s been there for thousands of years, and it isn’t man made.

The Immari think they know what it is, but they aren’t taking any chances. The time has come to execute their master plan: humanity must evolve or perish….

The Immari are close on [the heroes’] heels and will stop at nothing to find the Atlantis Gene and force the next stage of human evolution —

Even if it means killing 99.9% of the world’s population.



I only heard about this book well after getting multiple briefings from different insiders about the secrets of Antarctica, and publishing all of it online.

There apparently was an ancient civilization that got shot down while trying to land their ship in this area. They did manage to survive, but the ship could not leave.

The smaller vimana-type ships were still able to come and go, and they ended up retro-engineering their crashed vessel into an emergency base.

The survivors cloned themselves with indigenous humans from various regions around the world to build a suitable population.

Some of these clones were giants and others remained at conventional heights.

The actual cloning facilities have now been located in various excavations, according to at least four different insiders.

In addition to giants and conventional-sized humans with elongated skulls, multiple types of human-animal chimeras were found as well.

All of this is in the process of being cleaned up, so that only the conventional-looking worker humans’ bodies still remain.

It seems hard to believe, but apparently “They” really are planning on hitting us with all of this in the not-too-distant future.



As strange as all of this may sound, multiple insiders I have spoken with have validated this account with remarkable precision and interconnectivity.

This included Pete Peterson personally validating his hands-on experience with these ruins — in astonishing technical detail.

Pete was just one person involved in a very advanced scientific analysis of what must clearly be the most interesting site on earth.

Just weeks after Pete came forward with this intel on Cosmic Disclosure, my other weekly show, almost everything he owned was stolen.

He survived a frightening attempt on his life before coming in for that same taping, and has insisted that we not reveal any details about it.

Honestly, it is amazing that he survived and was able to make that taping in the first place. He was angry enough to say a lot more than he ever had before.

A fund is still underway to help him rebuild from the devastating loss of his worldly possessions. With your help he has been able to keep fighting.



As we have tracked in The Antarctic Atlantis, now with over 1.1 million views, the Cabal has been planning a “Partial Disclosure” scenario.

This would feature the shocking discovery that ancient, megalithic stone ruins and human bodies have been found under the ice of Antarctica.

They intended to hold off on revealing the more advanced ruins for a longer time — potentially even decades.

The hope was that an announcement of this nature could change the public’s perception about them when they were on the verge of a massive defeat.

For years, insiders like Pete Peterson, the late William Tompkins and Corey Goode have told us there are habitable caverns under the ice.

Our intel was that natural volcanic activity was heating the glaciers and causing hollow caverns to form — warm enough to walk around in a T-shirt.

This creates a wonderful haven for secret activity. German U-boats were the first to discover these amazing caves and ancient ruins in the 1930s.

Ever since they were first discovered, the whole area has been on lockdown. You can’t go there. Covertly, vast teams of technicians are now working there.

Pete has also introduced me to another insider who has never come forward, and who also worked on analyzing the same, massive crash site.



We were told that these caves, with temperatures sufficient to support life, would be revealed to the public before the artifacts were announced.

Stunningly, this exact announcement was made in the first week of September, by the Australian National University. Take a look:



Notice that at the very end, she says they hope to visit these caves and find “communities living beneath the ice in Antarctica.”


9/8: Secret Life May Thrive in Warm Areas Under Antarctica’s Glaciers

“It can be really warm inside the caves – up to 25 degrees Celsius in some caves.

You could wear a t-shirt in there and be pretty comfortable.

There’s light near the cave mouths, and light filters deeper into some caves where the overlying ice is thin.”

Dr Fraser said most of the DNA found in the caves on Mount Erebus was similar to DNA from plants and animals – including mosses, algae and invertebrates – found elsewhere in Antarctica, but not all sequences could be fully identified.

“The results from this study give us a tantalising glimpse of what might live beneath the ice in Antarctica – there might even be new species of animals and plants,” she said….

Co-researcher Professor Craig Cary, from the University of Waikato in New Zealand, said previous research had found that diverse bacterial and fungal communities lived in Antartica’s volcanic caves.

“The findings from this new study suggest there might be higher plants and animals as well,” Professor Cary said.



I have to admit that this “sanctioned release” of information — from a mainstream Australian university, no less — was dazzling.

This is the first chance I’ve had to write about it. The above video only has 276 views at this time. It will soon be in the many tens of thousands, if not more.

We were told last December that the Cabal intended to release this exact information once they were really in trouble.

They knew they would need a huge distraction to divert the public’s focus once they knew they were very close to a full exposure and defeat.

Any event this massive in scope can be very distracting — to the point that no one will even think about whatever seemed so important before.

This type of “reveal” also puts people into a traumatized state, where they suddenly have to change everything they thought they had believed to be true.

Other insiders revealed the Cabal intended the discovery of these ruins to help trigger religious wars.

Evidence may have been planted that could lead to alternative interpretations of religion, which could be manipulated with “false flags” to incite violence.



Let’s say the world is shocked to see multiple ancient ruins with engraved Cabal symbols we are well familiar with — such as the All-Seeing Eye.

Think about how all major religions are no more than about 2500 years old, tops, except for the alleged (and disputed) antiquity of Hinduism.

If we now find out that the symbols of the Cabal appear redundantly in 12,500-year-old ruins, that means they were here first. 

This now becomes the oldest surviving religious tradition on earth — and makes it far more interesting to everyone.

The idea of Atlantis instantly elevates from an interesting myth to an established, proven fact no one could ever deny.

Books like The Atlantis Gene may have been deliberately planted, in advance, to create movies that will orchestrate how we think about this.

This epic announcement, they hope, could help set up the idea that they are blood descendants of a more advanced race — and therefore are gods.



The Marvel superhero franchise has been loaded with positive intel from the Alliance since at least 2013, as we will again discuss.

The DC franchise run by Warner Brothers, on the other hand, has been bursting at the seams with Cabal propaganda.

The Wonder Woman character was first introduced in Batman vs. Superman, which was disturbing and did not do well at the box office at all.

The strategy was modified, and the film Wonder Woman was a much more conventional and far more inspiring hero’s journey story.

Despite this being a predominantly positive film, the Cabal still had to put their signatures into it.



Notice the prevalence of Cabal symbols at the beginning of Wonder Woman. I was able to identify multiple examples just in the first few minutes.

The symbols on her headdress, breastplate and logo are all comprised of the Masonic square and compass.



The eagle in the logo is also a Cabal symbol associated with the phoenix. It can be drawn with one or two heads.



This same ancient design appears as the United States mascot and the more stylized Nazi “Iron Eagle” as well.



This Wonder Woman logo also cleverly encodes the number 33, sideways:



The female goddesses in the movie were placed on a secret, cloaked island by Zeus, and all of them have super-powers.

Wonder Woman is the only one who actually leaves.



Most of the movie is free of this symbolism, and was obviously written by a non-Cabal screenwriter — but they still planted multiple symbols in the beginning.

In the full context, this film could have been intended to seed those symbols in the subconscious and associate them with Godlike powers.

The real, everyday members of the Cabal have no such powers. Nor are they shapeshifters, reptilians or anything of the sort. They are fully human.

They believe they lost these powers, thanks to the meddling of an evil god — and hope to regain them once more in the future.

This is their own unique spin on the idea of Ascension.

In their religion they believe they will be the only ones to become “Illuminated” when an anticipated solar mega-flash event occurs, as I have often discussed.

Almost every episode of Wisdom Teachings since the August reboot features detailed intel on different ancient prophecies of this solar flash.



These people have apparently remained undercover for their own safety, even while coordinating the launch of their anticipated “New World Order.”

One group with the elongated skulls survived the loss of their central homeland by living in the Americas for thousands of years.

Others prospered in Europe and Asia.

They only reconnected in the modern maritime era — 1500s and on. There were initial power struggles before they formed an “operating agreement.”

Apparently, the American and Eurasian factions of these people still have some pretty strong disagreements about certain things.

Both groups possessed secret documents and artifacts that allowed them to trace their common heritage back to “Atlantis” — once they reunified.

The Vatican is one of the only places where anyone with an elongated skull could walk around freely, thanks to the dress code of the miter hats they wear.



Various groups have exposed and tortured these people, including early Christians, since they have often treated us as little better than animals.

This persecution is one of the reasons they still practice a secret, alternative religion in which Lucifer is seen as good and the God most believe in is evil.



Lucifer is described in conventional Bible scripture as the brightest among God’s angels. The word “angel” is from the Greek aggelos, meaning “Messenger.”

These people historically would appear among humans on earth, bearing messages — including the tools to help establish intelligent civilization.

Lucifer questioned ‘God,’ organized a rebellion with other angels who felt the same way, and all of them were cast out of ‘Heaven.’

Think about what this really means after you see last week’s episode of Wisdom Teachings  on ETs in the Old Testament.

According to Bible Reality Check, “God” is originally plural and means “The Mighty Ones,” and “Heaven” means “outer space” in any other text from the same period.



The Cabal members really do believe that they are the descendents of the “fallen angels” that appear in the Book of Enoch.

They see Lucifer as a very tangible, flesh-and-blood being — the leader of a small group of survivors who crash-landed in Antarctica.

The Book of Enoch was redacted from the Bible due to how much it exposes this group, but it is as valuable as the book of Genesis.

Enoch describes a race of giants who originate as “fallen angels”, cannibalize humans, and are destroyed in a great flood by the Elohim for their wickedness.

With all the information we now possess, this appears to be an entirely factual account of our own suppressed ancient world history.

This is discussed in much more detail, with extensive academic references, in my latest book The Ascension Mysteries.

The Cabal members see themselves as direct descendants these of ETs who fell to Earth and crash-landed, losing the ability to escape.



Notice that the pilot who discovers the gorgeous “island of the gods” at the beginning of Wonder Woman crash-lands there in a flying craft.

This may have been another not-so-subtle nod to the Cabal’s secret tradition of beliefs.

The island of goddesses has multiple Atlantis-type characteristics — and the Cabal believes Atlantis was in Antarctica.

There is extensive scientific evidence that the Antarctic continent was once free of ice, as I discuss in The Antarctic Atlantis video.



As we said in the previous article, the closest articulation of this Lucifer-friendly philosophy in the open world appears in Gnostic texts — from the Nag Hammadi scrolls.

The surviving Cabal members believe the Elohim who created the disaster that shifted the Earth’s axis, flooding and freezing Antarctica, had to be evil.

They then felt that the monotheistic Abrahamic religions — Judaism, Christianity and Islam — all represented the entrapments of this evil god.

In this view, the Universe and the Earth is said to be created by an evil “Demiurge.” Everyone is hopelessly trapped until they awaken from the “spell.”

The God most of humanity believes in is, to them, a wannabe impostor.

The moral and ethical codes in the monotheistic religions are believed to be keeping us enslaved, like animals in a paddock.

They also believe the “serpent in the garden of Eden” is doing its best to free us from this “monster” by giving us “the knowledge of good and evil.”



This seems very strange to most people. Who in the world could possibly want to support Lucifer?

However, once you understand how seriously they believe this, countless thousands of mysteries are explained.

This group has been very aggressively pushing Lucifer in our faces for some time through mass media.

They keep getting more and more audacious about it.

Religious freedom should be encouraged. If you are not hurting anyone, you can create whatever belief system you want — and go for it.

However, once we find out that this group practices torture, rape, pedophilia and murder in ritual forms, something must be done.



It is an established fact that pedophilia has occurred in the Vatican and in various Catholic churches on an epidemic scale.

What is still not commonly accepted — yet — is that this same practice has widely occurred in the US government and in Hollywood.

The Weinstein scandal has gotten us very close to the edge of this story breaking out in a big way.

Various mainstream articles are already starting to link Weinstein’s crimes to a much greater and uglier conspiracy involving pedophilia.

I did not want to be out there talking about any of this, but I know enough about it that I feel an honor and duty to inform anyone who will listen.



The biggest problem in writing about all of this is that it is so “outside the box” of mainstream, consensus thought.

Everyone knows “the government” is corrupt, but no one wants to imagine a vast, interconnecting conspiracy of this scope and magnitude.

Even if that can be accepted, it becomes much more difficult to see that these people actually do practice their own version of Luciferianism.

Yet another leap of faith must be made to consider that they could be blood descendants of humans with elongated skulls whose remains appear worldwide.

It takes even more effort to see that these people might have crash-landed here from somewhere else, and their ruins have been studied since at least the 1950s.



Obviously, if all these things enter into the realm of established, proven facts, we will be looking at a world that is vastly different than the one we know today.

We end up having a mega-story woven through the fabric of our lives — a story that reads like an epic sci-fi fantasy thriller.

Once you work in the more sinister aspects of what is going on, the whole thing becomes much more like a horror movie.

Nonetheless, if you can step away from the apparent fear of ridicule and social ostracism, and consider the evidence, it keeps appearing again and again.

Ultimately you realize that the answers have been staring us in the face the entire time.

Most of us simply felt too intimidated to connect the dots.

Since the Cabal did intend to formally reveal itself, create a New World Order and be worshipped by force, they have conducted a profound marketing campaign.



Derek, a commenter on our previous article, just saw the new Blade Runner 2049 film. This same religious message is being pushed on us once again.

Jared Leto appears with a familiar-looking beard and brown hair:


#237 Derek 2017-10-19 05:09

I just got back from seeing the new Blade Runner movie. Anybody see this?

Man….the arch-evil bad guy looks just like Jesus, makes all these biblical statements, and talks about how he “lives in heaven” and “creates angels” including “bad ones” that aren’t there anymore.


They are just getting more and more blatant with their luciferian garbage.

[Moderator: Another example of how the Cabal’s religion sees the God most of us believe in as an evil “Demiurge” and routinely puts this into movies.]


Notice how Jared Leto’s eyes appear as if he is blind.

This is a not-so-subtle clue that they see Jesus as blind to the true “enlightenment” they possess — a robot mind-controlled by the Demiurge.



One of the most aggressive Cabal propaganda films in the recent past was Walt Disney’s Maleficent.

For months, Angelina Jolie stared at us with devil horns and wings from billboards that were just about everywhere.

It goes without saying that Angelina had long been one of our society’s most beloved celebrities, and had already largely withdrawn from the public eye when this film emerged. 

Since theoretically she could take on any role she wanted, and was apparently trying to get out of the business, it was very strange that this would be her final big-studio tentpole film.

She is presented as a sympathetic character. Adults and their children are expected to emotionally bond with and root for her as the film goes on.



At the end of the film, she kills her adversary King Stefan, who has undeniable similarity to Jesus, minus the battle armor:



Stefan had cut off her wings earlier in the film. Angelina indicated in interviews that this was meant to symbolize rape.

The Cabal people do feel that their organization has been raped by representatives of the Demiurge and their angels, which they see as evil ‘Archons.’

Much more can be written on this, and it is only one of hundreds of examples in popular films.



A great deal of psychological operations have been conducted to create shame and humiliation around any use of the term Illuminati  to describe this group.

Nonetheless, this is one of the names they use.

One of the most compelling new pieces of evidence I found this year appears in a children’s Disney cartoon from the 1980s, entitled Duck Tales.

I often watched it myself at the time, but had no idea they were implanting subconscious subliminals about the Illuminati — by name — into the show.

The key scene involves Scrooge Mc Duck, shirtless and nearly naked, being inspected by a doctor — who is literally a pig, complete with the nose.

Scrooge is a wealthy tycoon who has so much gold that he swims around in his “Money Bin”, which is filled with it.

In this critical scene, the pig-like doctor tries to tell the shirtless, vulnerable Scrooge that he is not wealthy or elite — he is making it all up.

Scrooge stridently defends himself and his wealth, and ultimately storms out of the office.



As this scene plays out in a clip posted by various independent media outlets, we see a stylized eye chart on the wall.

The exact letters on this chart change in subtle ways as it keeps re-appearing.

The Cabal’s research shows that this is a form of hypnosis. Readable words are stored in the subconscious, which understands what it is seeing.

The full message is only revealed through multiple viewings of the same chart — as the subconscious adds it all up.

The message is also slightly veiled by deliberately misspelling some of the words. The subconscious still knows what the words mean.

The full message, without any misspellings, reads as: ASK ABOUT ILLUMINATI YOUNG BOYS.

The first three words of the message were exposed in an excellent article on Collective Evolution from 2013, by Arjun Walia.

See how much of it you can pick out at normal viewing speed when you watch the video — for however long it lasts:



I highly recommend visiting this link and downloading the video right away, as it probably will be gone within hours otherwise.

Now that you’ve watched it at real-time speed, let’s break this down, second by second from the video, with images.



The first frame we see is at 0:01 in the clip. At this point we see A  SKA  BOUT  ILLUM clearly. The INATI is also visible, but less so:



This still image features a higher-resolution capture from the same moment, showing part of the message.

We also see another Disney kids’ show in which “The Illuminati” is written on the chalkboard in cursive:




The next time we see the eye chart, at 0:15 it has changed. The word “ABOUT” has been removed.




It is hard to capture YOUG BOYS precisely in a single image, but when you watch the video you can easily see it.



At the 30-second mark, the chart appears with the same wording as before, slightly out of frame. 

The word BOYS is now very easily visible for the subconscious minds of the viewers to capture:




The chart repeatedly appears for a full three seconds at the end of the clip, from 1:03 to 1:06.

Now it says,  A  SKA  BOUT  ILLAUM  INATI !   YAUG  BOYS

Again, the misspellings are deliberate, as the subconscious still reads it but there is some degree of “plausible deniability” if this was ever discovered.

The pig-doctor’s head pops over the image at times, again playing hide-and-seek and preventing it from being constantly visible to the conscious mind.

Take a look:









Arjun Walia, writing for Collective Evolution, also asks us to look at the primary shareholder for the Disney mega-media conglomerate.

It is none other than Fidelity Investments. They have a very (ahem) interesting logo in light of everything we are talking about:



Less obvious is the encoded Masonic square that you see where the T and the Y are joined together.

The crossing of the T and the Y forms the square, and the Y itself then forms the compass.



This becomes even more interesting once we discover the name of a “secret club” that exists at Disneyland.

The club is very expensive to get into — automatically ruling out everyone but the elite.

It has disturbing “haunted house” type of things in it, including framed pictures that change as you look at them.

Other aspects of it are clearly designed to impress children. After all, it’s right in the middle of a children’s theme park.

The name of the organization is — get this — Club 33.



7/2016: What’s It Like Inside the Secret, Members-Only Club Hidden in Disneyland

If you’re looking for the ultimate exclusive Disney experience, visiting Club 33 in Disneyland is it.

Located in the center of New Orleans Square, now at 33 Orleans Street, the club is a members-only dining experience….

The club was originally designed as a place for Walt Disney to entertain guests and business associates, but he died about five months before it was officially opened.

The invite-only membership has a waitlist that has been opened and closed over the years due to high demand.

According to one Club 33 member, there is a $25,000 to $100,000 initiation fee and $12,500 to $30,000 annual fee, depending on the level of membership.

The whole experience is super secretive, but one Club 33 member, who runs an Instagram account dedicated to photos of the exclusive experience, shared some pictures with us….



This is only one of many images that have been posted. Notice the Masonc pillars on either side of the center of the bar.

We have no way of knowing if anything negative is going on in here.

However, insiders like our 4Chan informant have said there are indeed restaurants where you can choose children to have sex with from a menu.

[Cue the feverish teams scrubbing down Club 33 to eliminate any ‘maps’ before the feds arrive.]



Corey Feldman, Elijah Wood and other celebrities have said Hollywood’s biggest problem is, and always has been, pedophilia.

Why would the creators of this Disney cartoon want “young boys” to “Ask About Illuminati!”

Who would be in a position to be able to answer that question in the 1980s?

What might happen to a young boy who walked up to someone “in the know” and said “Hey, mister, what is the Illuminati?”

Could such an event possibly reveal that they have found an easily hypnotizable subject?

SInce it is embedded in a Disney cartoon, what would happen if the child was at a particular theme park?



Insiders like Svali and Fritz Springmeier have revealed that some Disney films have been used as “training films” for mind-control purposes.

They may not sell very well, or even be that understandable to audiences — but they serve a deeper agenda.

The subject will watch the film under the influence of psychedelic drugs. Electroshock trauma will be used at key points, synchronized with events in the movie.

The final element is a “trainer” who implants the key hypnotic suggestions to the subject as these scenes play out.

They will have a script that tells them exactly what to say, minute by minute, as the movie goes by — to maximize the intended effects.

Fritz Springmeier did a brilliant analysis of how this works in the movie Fantasia, and this site lays it all out for you with extensive images.

Go take a look and save it while you can. Anything I point out to our hundreds of thousands of readers tends to quickly disappear.

I get that this is very disturbing. It may be more comfortable for you right now to think this is BS. Just hold onto this for later if that is the case.



The religious Luciferian message is so repeatedly encoded in Hollywood films that the “burden of proof” has been satisfied beyond all doubt.

Now with the Weinstein disclosure, we are seeing the sick behavior of the people who would participate in a cult like this, and use movies as propaganda.

The main thing we need to do now that all of this is breaking open is to fearlessly look at the truth on a collective level.

This involves facing our darkest fears and dealing with a reality that is very unpleasant, but nonetheless a fact.

It ultimately doesn’t matter how or why this group got to be where it is today.

You don’t have to believe they are the descendants of people with elongated skulls — even though they absolutely do, at the higher levels.

The simple fact is that we need to wake up and help inform others if this problem is ever going to stop.



The leaders of this group really do want to kill as many of us as possible, making Hitler’s crimes seem like little more than an opening band before the headliner.

However, according to top whistleblower Svali, the majority of Cabal members would love to break free if they could get out alive. 

Svali debuted in alternative media as of 2002 thanks to this article from Henry Makow, after I personally turned him on to the story and sent a variety of links.

It had bothered me that for months at a time, not one journalist in this field would even mention the term “Illuminati” or connect the bigger dots together.

It would take years before I would be willing to personally step forward on my own and begin covering these same subjects.

A full disclosure event would apparently include revelations that multiple human groups have seeded their DNA into modern Earth humans.

For that same reason, it would be inappropriate to see the Cabal as “aliens” that are somehow different from the rest of us, and dangerous.

All of us are hybridized mixtures of different groups. Cabal members are not gods and do not possess any unique super-powers.

They are simply members of an intergenerational religious cult that sought world power without letting us know exactly who and what they are.



The group we are calling the Alliance is a series of different international factions who have agreed to work together for a common purpose.

Some of the key factions include elements that have now become a majority of the US military and intelligence community.

The Cabal still has a stranglehold on the mainstream media, and thinks nothing of killing anyone who stands in its way.

“Well, then, David, why are you still here?”

The answer is simple and profound. The Cabal must follow a system of immutable spiritual laws that they call “The Rules.”

The main rule that concerns truth-tellers is: You are not allowed to shoot the Red Cross workers.

This means as long as you uphold a positive, service-to-others perspective in your life, you will not “authorize” them to take you out.



I have been made aware of many plans and efforts against me. One of the most recent ones was apparently code-named “Snow White.”

It was certainly suspicious when the brakes went out in my car as of August 11th, 2017, but I am still here.

They work very diligently on someone like myself to try to offer temptations that would create sufficient karma to authorize a physical death.

For that same reason, as I have said, doing this work is akin to being an Olympic athlete in the spiritual sense — and if you cannot compete, you’re dead.

With all that being said, it is important to stay light-hearted and maintain your sense of humor.

The biggest danger you face in researching this type of darkness is from inadvertently welcoming more of it into your psyche.

If you find yourself becoming angry, irritable, jealous, vindictive, depressed, fearful, anxious, saddened, et cetera, then you need to take a break.

We have gotten along all this time right while these people have been walking among us. And now they are being very successfully opposed.



The US military aspect of the Alliance has been using big-budget Hollywood films to counteract the Cabal’s message.

I imagine there are a variety of examples that go well back in time, and the truth should be very interesting once it is revealed.

Older examples would certainly include Eyes Wide Shut (1999), The Skulls (2000), The Manchurian Candidate (2004), and John Carter (2012).

The same production value and intent that made its way into John Carter finally started reaching huge audiences with Ironman 3 (2013) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014).

These films are incredibly blatant expose’s of the Cabal — vastly beyond any possibility of this being unintentional. Read our critical data on this subject here.

In fact, the entire Marvel superhero franchise seems to have become Alliance-driven since the debut of Ironman 3.

The only exception has been the X-Men franchise, which stands in stark contrast as it is absolutely loaded with Cabal themes, symbols and philosophies.

The Alliance side was again demonstrated clearly in Spider Man: Homecoming, which you can now rent at home.




I only recently became aware from insiders that “smart suits” like we see with the Ironman character are indeed very real.

I know three people who claim to have used them, and their matter-of-fact statements about how cool it was were very believable.

They can regulate your body temperature, help you jump 20-30 feet at a time, move heavy objects, protect you from falls and injuries, give you a heads-up display, et cetera.

This is another example of technology that was apparently reverse-engineered from various ET crashes, perhaps as far back as Roswell.

A possible initial “leak” about some of the technology in these suits came in May: New Ultra-Lightweight “Fluid Armor” Can Stop a .44 Bullet.

Spider Man: Homecoming features a Peter Parker whose innate talents are enhanced by a “smart suit” that he gets from Tony Stark, the Ironman character.

In light of these recent disclosures I have gotten on smart suits, this aspect of the movie made a lot more sense to me.



Michael Keaton’s villain in the new Spider-Man film is a direct, symbolic reference to the Cabal.

Extraterrestrial wreckage crashed in The Avengers. We have a man who retrieves a power cell and other technology from it, and steals it for personal use.

This is similar to how the military-industrial complex came into possession of technology in the Roswell crash and reverse-engineered it.

The villain ultimately uses this alien tech to build himself into a “fallen angel,” complete with wings that allow him to fly thanks to mechanical propellers.



This character is called “The Vulture,” and is apparently seen as too small-time for the other Avengers to bother with.

As a plot device, this obviously puts the focus on Spider-Man as the person who recognizes the threat others do not, and decides to deal with it.

Already we are seeing key elements of the Alliance message here in the structuring of this villain.

The Cabal has been feeding on us like vultures. They believe themselves to be the “Fallen Angels.”

They have covertly captured extraterrestrial technology and used it to build themselves into fearsome adversaries.



However, with the intel I personally have gained from Peterson, what surprised me the most about this film was the epic airplane scene.

Spider-Man ends up taking a ride on a military aircraft that uses back-projection technology to cloak itself from view.

As the plane flies along, we see apparent clouds appearing and gliding along it as it moves.

This is not as easy to see from a still image as it is when you actually watch the movie. The cloud images glide right along the body of the jet.

Many small tiles create this effect, and as the plane starts to crash, the tiles malfunction, causing it to decloak.

Given the briefings I have had, I could hardly believe it as I watched this part of the movie.




If you prefer to see a film without any spoilers, skip this paragraph and come back once you have actually seen the movie.

One big twist in this film is that Spider Man’s girlfriend ends up being the daughter of the villain.

This creates an interesting psychological dynamic between the hero and the villain.

It also leads to a final scene in which the villain refuses to betray Spider-Man’s identity to a group of sinister individuals who would gladly kill him.

To me, this was a clear sign of the Alliance speaking to Cabal members, saying we are all part of the same human family.

Ultimately, even if your DNA is somewhat different, everyone deserves peace, freedom and respect.

We can learn to get along with one another instead of playing “My God is better than your God” and fighting to the death over different belief systems.

Genocide is a horrific and ridiculous crime that is absolutely unacceptable in any form.

Hundreds of thousands of people who have supported the Cabal in various ways have already defected over to the Alliance and are fighting for all of us.







The disclosure of Harvey Weinstein’s crimes is a seismic event of epic proportions.

The Weinstein name was put up in lights for decades, lauded with the greatest honors — a veritable Oscar-making machine.

We were all taught to love these movies and believe they were simply put out there for our entertainment.

We knew that some unpleasant things went on, such as the “casting couch,” but had no idea that it could be such a pervasive problem.

Now we are seeing certain news sources linking the Weinstein allegations to Hollywood pedophilia.



The UK mainstream press appears to be way ahead of the US when it comes to the degree of Alliance-influenced content you will find.

This included an article by UK Express revealing that the notorious Jimmy Savile abused some of his victims while wearing robes and chanting “Ave Satanas.”

Savile was a massive television celebrity for over three decades, during a time where there were hardly any choices on television to speak of.

With that in mind, if The Sun says what we will learn about Hollywood is even worse, that is a very shocking statement indeed:


10/19: Hollywood Pedo Ring May Collapse in Wake of Weinstein Scandal

A RING of high-powered Hollywood paedophiles – whose abuse was as horrific as Jimmy Savile’s – is set to be exposed in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal.

Actors including The Goonies and Lost Boys star Corey Feldman have said US laws have prevented them from naming abusers who allegedly assaulted them as children….


A film source in LA said: “Harvey’s case, as bad as it is, really is simply the tip of the iceberg in terms of the sexual abuse that has been rampant in Hollywood for decades.”

He added: “Paedophiles being protected in Hollywood is the film business’ worst-kept secret, and all it takes is for a case like Harvey to break it all open.

“There have been rumours ever since news about Harvey broke that a raft of Hollywood abusers are going to be named, as the victims are sick and tired of fearing the legal consequences and know it’s the right thing to do.”

There is no suggestion Weinstein is involved in a Hollywood paedophile ring.

The insider added that the scale and depravity of Hollywood child sex abuse is “more horrific than the Jimmy Savile case” that rocked British broadcasting, and would disgust the entire world if the truth came out.


The evidence we are surveying in this investigation certainly gives us some clues as to how the “scale and depravity” could be even “more horrific.”

It appears to be inevitable, at this point, that the truth is going to break out in a major way very soon.

This article by the US mainstream publication The Week is taking the Weinstein allegations and opening up the subject of Hollywood pedophilia as well.

The Wrap also went back and noted how Barbara Walters shamed Corey Feldman for damaging the industry with his damning testimony on The View.



The insider who has been speaking out on 4Chan revealed that he only was given the name “MegAnon” this past May.

By this point, he had already built a platform of credibility with the people in that forum, worthy of earning a name with “MEGA” in it.

This appears to be the same person who was leaking plans from the Alliance to defeat the Cabal as far back as July 2nd, 2016, if not earlier.

He occasionally says vulgar or prejudiced things I would not at all agree with, but with a source who got so many things right, we should pay attention.

His credibility was strongly enhanced when the Wikileaks “Pizza” emails emerged in October, after he had boldly predicted the contents of their release.

He seems to participate predominantly, if not exclusively, in a 4Chan group called /pol/, which encourages total free speech on political topics.



We are not going to quote much from it here, but you may be very interested in this mega-compilation of his earlier disclosures:

FBIanon Thread #1
02 July 2016

A:  I am a person with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Clinton case. I will answer as many questions as I can without giving too much away….

There is enough for [Hillary] and the entire government to be brought down. People do not realize how enormous this whole situation actually is….

My opinion is the entire government is guilty of treason, which is why Hillary’s death would not cease the investigation or prevent further scandals.

Many, many people are involved….

I do not want to post any information about me or where I am, because if any hint got out that I posted anything, I would be fired and blacklisted. Possibly killed….

Q:  How do I get your job?
A:  Join the FBI, be good, keep secrets….
Q:  Give us something significant that will happen in the next few days so that we know you are telling the truth.

A:  I cannot predict the future. I am a high-level analyst and strategist, nothing more.


Q: In regards to the Clinton Foundation, what would happen if all of this information ended up being released to the general public?

As in, what would happen if all the Clinton Foundation secret records were released publically?

[DW: Some of these records were indeed released just over two months later. It had an enormous awakening effect.]

A:  I said that in the last thread, [if it was all released, there would be] total chaos.

The government would be exposed at every layer, who pays who, who buys what.
And, no one has yet asked about all the human trafficking bits I have been laying out….
Many polticians trade girls like cattle….



This insider made alternative news headlines again in February, when he revealed plans for imminent Pizza-related arrests. 

At this point, people were referring to him as working for the FBI, which he seemed to confirm in various written statements, as we shall see.

I first got alerted to the story from a YourNewsWire article on February 4th:

2/4: FBI: Pizzagate Arrests “Imminent” in Washington Pedophile Ring Bust

An FBI whistleblower has confirmed that 30 politicians and 40 other individuals are to be arrested in Washington D.C. and New York City in connection with the “Pizzagate” pedophile ring.

More suspects are under investigation as the investigation continues “branching out in unexpected directions.

The insider at the Federal Bureau of Investigation claims that the FBI has just finished (3 pm 2/2/17) submitting paperwork to the Department of Justice.

[This is] in preparation for the “Pizzagate” arrests which will begin as soon as Jeff Sessions is confirmed as Attorney General.



As revealed in our previous article, the 4Chan insider said in early October 2017 that they have been working on this mass disclosure for eleven months.

That puts the origin of the plan to November 2016 — right after the US Presidential election results.

This fits precisely with Goode and other insiders’ leaks that the new administration has called for multiple secret grand juries investigating this.

Peterson revealed that an entire area within the Pentagon is focused just on these investigations — numbering over 1000 top staff.

Their efforts have been repeatedly blocked by bold counter-moves from the Cabal.

The above was obviously one of many examples of a blockage. Sessions was undoubtedly threatened. He was also smeared heavily by the media.



Take a look at the insider’s actual words from 4Chan that triggered the exciting YourNewsWire article:

2/2: FBI Insider on 4Chan – PZG Arrests Imminent?

Dropping a small piece of information, take it however you may. I will not provide any pictures for proof as I don’t feel like clearing metadata.

I likely will not reply back to any questions, unless they are questions I do not mind answering.

Information was finally submitted from the FBI to the DOJ today at 3pm. Mr. Sessions was briefed 3 weeks ago as to the investigation in its entirety.

Once he assumes his position, arrest warrants will be signed, and arrests will be made.

This is also why the Democratic Party in DC has been fighting the Sessions vote. Panic.

Furthermore, starting Monday or Tuesday of next week, you will begin to start seeing arrests of individuals.

[This includes] over 30 politicians (many are household names), and over 40 other individuals throughout DC, VA and also a handful in NYC.

Some may off their selves before they are apprehended, so keep a eye out for that over the weekend, and you will know they are involved in some manner.

The child pedophilia ring / sex trafficking arrests [in] California was not related, at least no evidence yet to suggest that it was.

[This] may be wrong has people begin to talk, or make deals on the matter….


Obviously, these arrests did not happen in the timeframe that was expected. The insider reveals why a bit later on in his communications.

Jeff Sessions did become Attorney General, but was pressured into saying he would not investigate any corruption involving Hillary.

This infuriated Trump, even to the point of accusing Sessions of committing fraud in order to get the job.



In this next excerpt, the insider reveals the use of the code name “traveling circus” for child trafficking.

As I said in the previous article, the word LARP means “Live Action Role Play”, which is 4Chan jargon for someone making up an elaborate lie:

Anonymous (ID: LgBzPbyo) 02/02/17(Thu)21:08:31 No.▶ >>110772748 >>110770990

Here’s something that isn’t a larp. The people involved in this refer to the trafficking ring as a “travelling circus”.

Remember the tunnels being dug in Comet Ping Pong? They are built on private residences too.

“Squirrels” and “mice” work for the travelling circus and are probably associated with the tunnels.

What these represent i’m not entirely sure yet though.


Most likely we will see these terms popping up in strange ways once the next round of Wikileaks disclosures appear — which could be very soon.



This same insider then granted an extremely rare interview to the Victurus Libertas website as of February 4th. 

We will share some excerpts from this interview, and you can visit the link to see the rest:


2/4: FBI / 4Chan Insider Grants Interview to Victurus Libertas

Hello Folks,

So Our FBI anon friend who predicted PizzaGate has allowed me to interview him with ten short questions. This is BIG.

It looks like the #PizzaGate scandal is going to bring down some sick Senators, Congressmen, Wall Street bankers, Journalists and other assorted demonic creatures.

I asked him some questions and I did not expect the answers I got! Fully one third of our Government is a Pedoring!
Q: Back in July (2016), you astounded the world by predicting #PizzaGate when you posted on 4chan. How did you know?
A:  We did not predict PizzaGate. What we did do is point out that the Clinton Foundation had and has deep ties to a network of pedophiliacs.
It’s now slowly coming to light with the new revelations regarding Epstein and Weiner. There is lots more to come.
We also got some things wrong. The VP pick, and honestly, we did not expect WJC (Bill Clinton) to survive into 2017.
Q: You were laughed at when you first posted, but 95% of what you stated ended up being true. How does it feel to be vindicated?
A: We expect that. 4chan was the right environment to engage those on the “edge world,” as we call it.
Some considered our message to be a LARP. That’s fine. We threw in some false paths to ensure plausible deniability.
However, when internet sleuths and citizen journalists began hunting for confirmation of our claims, we achieved the spiral effect we were seeking….
Q: Can you tell us where active Political pedorings in America exist now?
A: In every state. The main concentration is in the East and in the West.
In the East, NYC, the resort towns, and of course DC. Out west, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Napa Valley, Marin County.
Q: Ok, so wealthy areas. But why is nothing done about it?
A: It’s covered up. Law Enforcement takes their orders from the DC power brokers. AG’s, police chiefs, etc are ordered to cover up the Pedophile rings and their players.
Law Makers are allowed to be Law Breakers, because they create the law and rule over those that enforce the law. We believe that NOBODY is above the law.
Q: But why go to a public forum like 4chan?
A: Because we need the American people to join in this fight. Do you want our children targeted, raped, damaged?…
Do we want our politicians to be owned by Goldman Sachs? Do you want your daughter to end up alone with a Jeffery Epstein, Alan Dershowitz, or Anthony Wiener?
Q: Is Wiener connected to the upcoming arrests of 30 high profile politicians?
A: Yes, and more directly, Wiener was part of ring that includes his mentor. Ultimately, we are looking at close to 30% of the political spectrum.
On that note, I have said enough. Good luck.


On March 5th, the FBI / 4Chan insider again granted an interview to Victurus Libertas.

There wasn’t a whole lot of new intel here, and we will only quote part of it. Clearly, there was disappointment about the arrests not proceeding as quickly:

3/5: FBI / 4Chan Insider Resurfaces

The People outnumber the Government 300 to 1. It’s a numbers game.

We expected high-level arrests to happen weeks ago, but discovered the bee keepers had interfered at the highest levels.

There is an internal war within our Government, as many know.

The Shadow State is like a vampire facing dawn. They do not go easily into sunlit areas….

Q: How will this all play out?
A: We are entering a time of political purge – the likes of which has not been seen for decades, if not centuries.
Trump has the evidence he needs to launch an investigation into a myriad of DC collusions.
He must concentrate on the communications between Lynch, Bill Clinton, Obama, and Brennan. He needs to get serious with the pedophilia investigation….
His greatest tools include the Wiener file titled “Life Insurance“. (Names, dates, photo’s, videos.)
[The best tools also include] the Epstein videos captured by NSA when they were being delivered to Israeli intel, Wiener and Epstein.
But, his greatest tool is the collective rage of the People. Trump must prosecute #PedoGate.



I have had personal written interaction with the insider at TBRNews, going by the pseudonym “Walter Storch,” for years now.

He has been out there since 2000, and his leaks have proven surprisingly reliable.

You probably noticed that the FBI insider just mentioned NSA videos of Epstein being delivered to Israeli intelligence.

Similar-sounding intel appears from the TBRNews source as well. Uh-oh.



Let me be very clear on something. My best friend, who was just here for almost a week, is a practicing Jew. His daughter recently visited Israel and wants to be a rabbi.

One of my past five girlfriends was Jewish as well.

I grew up in upstate New York and for years I had no idea that anyone still had prejudice towards Jews.

Plenty of Israelis are unhappy with their own government. The Likud faction appears to have Cabal elements in it, just as we see in parts of the US.

The Cabal is not a Jewish conspiracy. They hate anyone who believes in any type of conventional God — Jews, Christians, Muslims, et cetera.

There are people from all different nations, races, colors and creeds who have jumped on the Cabal / Lucifer bandwagon and actively support it.

The US and Israel are only two of a variety of countries who need to restore their honor by moving to uproot the Cabal elements within them.



During the same exact timeframe where the FBI / 4Chan souce was telegraphing mass arrests, the TBR News insider was revealing the same things:


2/18: TBR on Washington Post and Oligarch Media

Washington, D.C. February 18, 2017: “One of the most prolific of the anti-Trump mainline news media is the Washington Post.

At one time, the Post was a powerful national influence on the American political scene.

With the advent of the Internet and its presentation of a wide spectrum of genuine news, the Post, and its equal, the New York Times have rapidly lost both influence and paid subscribers.

The Post was bought by Jeff Bezos, a wealthy owner of Amazon and who, after purchasing the Post from the Graham family, got a multi-million dollar contract to work with the CIA.

Between Bezos and Soros, the media has been doing its best to wreck the presidency of Donald Trump.

Why are they interested in so disrupting the American political and social scene?

Trump is a loose cannon in their minds because he is popular with a very large segment of the American public.

The economic oligarchs who basically run the American political institutions do not like Trump because they cannot buy him.


3/8: TBR Says “Truly Evil” Wikileaks Material Being Prepared

Washington, D.C. March 8, 2017: “It would be enlightening to learn just who owns and controls WikiLeaks. We know but we are not talking.

Given everything involved, look for a very rough ride in the coming months as more and more truly evil material is released.

This is one slow-release capsule that will kill more patients than cure.”


As we are going to review in Part Four, the timing for the release of this “truly evil material” from Wikileaks could be very, very imminent.

In fact, the initial deadline for when this new data dump may have appeared was yesterday — October 21st, 2017.



It is possible that the TBRNews source has access to someone with a higher level of “need to know” than the 4Chan/ FBI insider.

On the other hand, it could simply be that this is a more precise articulation of what the FBI insider meant when he said “30 percent” of the US government:


3/14: TBR on PZG 2.0

Washington, D.C. March 14, 2017: “”One of the coming releases of highly negative culled email finds is a truly disgusting compendium of top American political, business and social leaders’ downloading and participation in pedophilic pornography.

The viewers, and participants include: Two former Presidents, sixteen Senators, thirty five Congressmen, seventy-seven top bureaucrats, fifty-two bankers and other leading businessmen are topics of this file.

[This is] a file replete with pictures of the perps that would be forbidden on XHamster, the Ukrainian pornographic site.

An advanced posting of this filth has been circulating, via the Deep Internet, to various interested people and when, not if, it goes public, it will put the Podesta papers to shame.

It will also put a number of the nation’s top leaders to even worse shame.

The outraged public might well end up displaying the perverts in trees.

A Washington wind chime!”


Let’s be clear that I have no interest in seeing “highly negative” and “truly disgusting… pictures… of this filth” with my own eyes.

I do, however, very much want to see this group, which is actively attempting to kill as many people as possible by any means necessary, finally be stopped.

These same people absolutely appear to have been behind the worst mass shooting in American history, according to this same FBI insider.

They are willing to do just about anything to try to distract us from their inevitable collapse.

This includes formally stating, through a source obtaining intel through Podesta, that “UFOs are Real.” That just happened on October 11th.

Given everything we have heard, the revelation of warm, habitable caves in Antarctica could be another step in this same direction.



The next two excerpts from TBR reveal just how far this disclosure may go.

If you think the previous round of documents was explosive, you ain’t seen nothing yet:


3/23: TBR on Forthcoming Leaks

“Forthcoming WikiLeaks releases promise to put earlier ones to shame.

Note that once the Presidential elections were over, the Podesta leaks ceased.”


4/20: TBR on Next Round of Wikileaks

Washington, D.C. April 20, 2017: “Here are only some of the intercepted documents the controllers of WikiLeaks are working on:

1. Leading American political figures who regularly search and download child pornography, the so-called Kiddie Porn, from a Ukrainian site.

2. A CIA plan to assassinate Vladimir Putin. A deliberate car “accident” was already attempted in Moscow.

3. Large-scale bribery by Saudi Arabia of leading American political figures.

4. Love letter-type communications between Hillary Clinton and her top Arabic aide, Huma Abedin.

5. Dossiers on eight of the leading neo-cons who are paid to spy for Israel.

6. The involvement of former President George H.W. Bush and Karl Rove in the fomenting of the Saudi attack on 9/11.

I would anticipate any or all of these.

I do not know a publication schedule but I would believe it would be determined by domestic American politics.”


Any type of formal declaration of 9/11 truth — as in a conspiracy involving Bush and Rove directly — would be absolutely world-changing.

The insanely botched Vegas atrocity could well be the very type of “domestic American politics” that would trigger such a release.



As we saw just a few paragraphs back, the first major FBI insider leaks on 4Chan were on July 2nd, 2016.

This person referred to the FBI having “Clinton Foundation secret records”, and said “There is enough for [Hillary] and the entire government to be brought down.”

This included information on human trafficking — how “many politicians trade girls like cattle”.

Eight days after the FBI insider revealed they had these documents on 4Chan, the DNC staffer who apparently leaked them was murdered.



Seth Rich could well have been the next Edward Snowden, but sadly in this case he did not make it.

He was shot. Nothing of his was stolen. He was brought to the hospital with a good chance of survival. They expected him to make a complete recovery.

Suddenly, the DNC staff came in, with all their own people, kicked out all the medical staff and locked it all down. When they finally emerged, Seth Rich was dead.

Our own insiders have said this was a badly botched job by the Cabal-controlled elements of the FBI. This still has the potential to become a huge, huge story.



As much as I have voiced disgust of Fox News on this site, it does appear that they sided with the Alliance some time around the 2016 election — at least partly.

This is a war, and the management of this network decided not to keep supporting the side that was obviously losing — and cut some kind of deal.

The punishment from the Cabal was severe, leading to well-deserved criminal charges against Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly and others for sexual harassment.

Like it or not, Fox was the first to interview a private investigator hired by Seth Rich’s family named Rod Wheeler. 

In this groundbreaking interview, Wheeler said Seth’s murder was an inside job.

The story first broke on May 16th, and was based on an interview Wheeler had given Fox on camera from the day before.

An update from May 17th reveals how Rod Wheeler, the PI, had since back-tracked — obviously the result of being threatened:


5/17: Seth Rich Family PI Directly Stated Seth Rich was Wikileaks Source For 44,000 DNC Emails

In an interview Monday, Wheeler told FOX 5 DC he had sources at the FBI confirming there was evidence of communication between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks.

This is the verbatim of that exchange:

FOX 5 DC: “You have sources at the FBI saying that there is information…”

WHEELER: “For sure…”

FOX 5 DC: “…that could link Seth Rich to WikiLeaks?”

WHEELER: “Absolutely. Yeah. That’s confirmed.”

In the past 48 hours, Rod Wheeler has told other media outlets he did not get his information from FBI sources, contradicting what he told us on Monday.


[From the original article:]

In a report published Tuesday, Fox News reports Rich sent over 44,000 internal DNC emails to WikiLeaks before he died.

The report cites information from a federal investigator who requested to remain anonymous.

[The info also came from] Rod Wheeler, a private investigator hired by the Rich family and paid by a third party, who is also a paid Fox News contributor….

In an interview Monday night, Wheeler told FOX 5 DC there may be tangible evidence on Seth Rich’s laptop that confirms he was communicating with WikiLeaks prior to his death….


When asked if his sources have told him there is information that links Rich to WikiLeaks, Wheeler said, “Absolutely. Yeah. That’s confirmed.”

“I have a source inside the police department that has looked at me straight in the eye and said,

‘Rod, we were told to stand down on this case and I can’t share any information with you,’” Wheeler told FOX 5 DC on Monday night.

“Now, that is highly unusual for a murder investigation, especially from a police department….


Fox News report: Rich sent 44,000 internal DNC emails to WikiLeaks before his death

According to a report published Tuesday by Fox News, an FBI forensic report of Rich’s computer generated within 96 hours after his murder showed he made contact with WikiLeaks.

[This was done] through now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker and director of WikiLeaks, Gavin MacFadyen, who was living in London at the time, a federal source told Fox News.

MacFadyen died of lung cancer on October 22 at the age of 76.


“I have seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks,” the federal investigator told Fox News, confirming the MacFadyen connection.

He said the emails are in possession of the FBI, while the stalled case is in the hands of the Metropolitan Police Department.

Fox News reports the federal investigator, who requested anonymity, said 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments between Democratic National Committee leaders, spanning from January 2015 through late May 2016, were transferred from Rich to MacFadyen before May 21.

On July 22, just 12 days after Rich was killed, WikiLeaks published internal DNC emails that appeared to show top party officials conspired to stop Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont from becoming the party’s presidential nominee.

That controversy resulted in Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigning as DNC chairperson.

WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange has stopped short of identifying Rich as the source of the emails, but has taken a keen interest in the case, and has not denied working with Rich.


This story went wild in the alternative media, and this article by Claire Bernish on May 18th, 2017 is particularly noteworthy if you are looking for more.

If this is true — and apparently the proof already exists — it utterly destroys the idea that these emails came from “the Russians.”

That means this dizzying nightmare of truth journalism being censored by Apple, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, et cetera as “Fake News” is a big joke.



Once the Alliance gets the upper hand, I highly doubt that this disgusting censorship will continue.

I have been personally affected by it greatly. I almost lost my YouTube channel in December.

Some guy with a fake name and address filed fake claims and almost wiped us out.

My videos and old radio shows are stolen and re-uploaded on an industrial scale by his fake channels — as much as 800 a day, every day. Literally.

He is doing this to literally everyone in the entire truth community — on an industrial scale. He undoubtedly makes millions from the ad revenues each year.

We know exactly who he is and who is working with him. Up until now we have left that one alone. I am simply choosing to ignore it for various reasons.

This is an attempt to greatly frustrate people looking for “HOT” and “NEW” content. None of it ever is. And it is loaded with ads. “David is So Greedy!”



I cannot advertise on YouTube. That’s thousands in lost revenue. All I can do is refer you back to products like books and my TV shows on Gaia.

The countless “Teddy Bear” channels that steal all of my stuff temporarily lost their ability to place ads as well, but then got them back after I wrote about it.

Glenn Greenwald’s The Intercept has already published documents revealing how the Cabal is infiltrating and manipulating YouTube and social media.

I am not allowed to get Content ID Verification to stop the enormous theft and mis-labeling of every radio show I’ve ever done in my entire life, as if it were new. 

Similarly, if you do a search for Alex Jones on YouTube, notice how “Ron Gibson” gets higher placement in the results than the actual Alex Jones channel.

Gibson only has just over 120,000 subscribers, whereas Alex Jones is well over 2.1 million.



I have completely stopped all audio work other than Coast to Coast and Jimmy Church, as no one else has adequate protection in place to stop the stealing.



Most of the stuff people try to send me on Facebook says “this attachment could not be loaded.” 

According to Corey Goode and other insiders, all of this blatant, in-your-face censorship was intended to stop Pedogate from going any further.

Any time you type in a truth journalist’s name on YouTube and look for keywords like “NEW,” forget it. Unless you can find their real channel, it will not be new at all.

This makeshift lie about “Russian hackers” has been bought by some of the public, but most people see right through it.

They just don’t want to face how ugly the truth really is.



The next stunning development in this story came on Friday, May 19th, when the famous hacker Kim Dotcom confirmed Seth Rich was the Wikileaks source.

This was another event of seismic proportions. Its full ramifications may only just now be coming into view.

His exact wording was, ““If Congress includes #SethRich case into their Russia probe I’ll give written testimony with evidence that Seth Rich was @Wikileaks source:”



Then after Sean Hannity publicly asked for more details, Dotcom released the following:



The Gateway Pundit did a well-rounded analysis of this story at the link you can click on here.



The combination of the anonymous federal insider, the private investigator and Kim Dotcom all identifying Seth Rich as the new Snowden created quite a stir.

I was at the Contact in the Desert conference at the time. I worked all of this data into a talk I gave at 10:30 AM that Saturday, entitled “Cabal vs. Alliance.”

The audience was incredibly pumped, cheering and clapping loudly and for long periods as I hit them with each wave of the information you are now reading.

At some point, maybe once the censorship stops, I will release that as a video — as it was quite an exciting day.

That same exact day, our 4Chan FBI insider personally confirmed that this Kim Dotcom story was catching on like a wildfire.

The people in the DNC had apparently gone into a “complete panic” over these revelations, feeling this could be the moment it all broke open:


5/21: 4Chan Insider: “Complete Panic” in DNC Over Seth Rich Announcement

[First insider message:]


“Anons, I work in D.C.

I know for certain that the Seth Rich case has scared the shit out of certain high ranking current and former Democratic Party officials.

This is the reason why they have backed away from impeachment talk.

They know the smoking gun is out there.

They’re terrified you will find it, because when you do it will bring the entire DNC, along with a couple of very big-name politicians.

It appears that certain DNC thugs were not thorough enough when it came time to cover their tracks.

Podesta saying he wanted to “make an example of the leaker” is a huge smoking gun.”


[Second insider message:]


“The behavior is near open panic. To even mention this name in D.C. Circles [sic] will bring you under automatic scrutiny.

To even admit that you have knowledge of this story puts you in immediate danger.

If there was no smoke there would be no fire. I have never, in my 20 years of working in D.C. Seen [sic] such a panicked reaction from anyone.

I have strong reason to believe that the smoking gun in this case is out o [sic] the hands of the conspirators, and will be discovered by anon.

I know for certain that Podesta is deeply concerned.

He’s been receiving anonymous calls and emails from people saying they know the truth. Same with Hillary.”


You can click back to the original article to view the high-resolution images of the original 4Chan posts from this person.

There is no question that this was the same FBI insider who had been speaking since before Seth Rich’s murder.



Even more surprising was that the mainstream media in Australia picked up this story and ran with it on Sunday, May 22nd.

This is strong evidence that the Alliance has a good foothold in this country. I have seen plenty of other evidence as well.

Much of this article reiterates what we have already said, but interesting new details appeared as well — which we will include here.

It is important to remember that Seth Rich’s insider code name, which he also used on the internet, was “Panda.”

We will explain what that might mean in a second.


5/22: Seth Rich Murder Theories Re-Emerge as Kim Dotcom Weighs In

Things got weirder still after internet sleuths uncovered what appeared to be Mr Rich’s social media accounts, including his Reddit username, “MeGrimlock4” and Twitter handle, “@panda4progress”.

His online persona revealed Mr Rich was a huge supporter of Sanders.

Conspiracy theorists hold [this] up as evidence of his motive to leak the e-mails which showed the DNC colluded to prevent Sanders from gaining the party nomination.

In a strange development, users discovered a tweet by former DNC director of data science Andrew Therriault, which appeared to posthumously mock Mr Rich, referring to him as an “embarrassment”.

On 27 April, quoting a tweet which read, “TIL: A group of Pandas is called an ‘Embarrassment’ #pandafacts”, Mr Therriault tweeted: “cc: @panda4progress”.

The tweet has since been deleted.

Not long after, Reddit appeared to alter posts made by Mr Rich — a big no-no from the perspective of the site’s users — to remove a comment in which he shared his e-mail address, linking him to the account.


Apparently it is true that one name for a group of pandas is an ’embarrassment.’ Nonetheless, this tweet definitely seemed to have a deeper meaning.



It is a sad but necessary fact to point out that the term “panda” has a specific meaning in these very, very sick cult circles.

Anyone who is struck on the head 15 times or more will have blood pool under their eyes, forming two black eyes.

This gives a panda-like look for any victims of human trafficking — whether adults or children.

During the Pizzagate scandal there were many references to pandas that most people did not understand, including weird, stylized photographs.

If Seth Rich chose this as his name, this could well indicate that he himself was a survivor of long-term and profound abuse.

Much like Stockholm Syndrome, a victim may come to embrace the derogatory language used about him by his captors.

Therefore, if the former DNC director of data science said “a group of Pandas is called an ‘Embarrassment,'” this is very suspicious.

From there it gets even worse. Just wait.



Hollywood locals know that no one gets into the Vanity Fair Oscars party for less than thirty thousand dollars per person, reserving it only for the elite.

I have noted extensive Cabal propaganda emerging from this magazine, and have published examples on this site in the past.

This included a super-creepy “museum exhibit” at this exact same time — on May 18th — where Katy Perry’s head was presented on a platter, as if it were food:



Once again, the Gateway Pundit broke this story of Vanity Fair’s apparent threat as of Thursday, May 25th:

5/25: Was Vanity Fair Article From 1/16 A Warning to Seth Rich?

T. A. Frank… wrote a piece in January of 2016 published in Vanity Fair that appears more than sinister to many following the Seth Rich murder investigation.

Frank begins his article as follows:


For the second time in eight years, Hillary Clinton sees the Democratic nomination being pawed by a charming interloper, like a priceless vase grabbed by a panda.

She’d prefer to shoot the panda, but that could mean breaking the vase, and onlookers would object.

To make matters worse, Bernie Sanders, who leads Clinton in both New Hampshire and Iowa, has produced a new video ad, “America.”

[This is] a wordless feel-hope montage that is awfully good, good enough that I can’t help feeling both moved by it and resentful that it works on me.

Maybe shoot the panda.


The piece is creepy in and of itself because of the weird and sadistic references to shooting a panda.

But what really makes the piece creepy is that Seth Rich’s alias on the Internet was panda!

Internet hacker Kim Dot Com confirmed that Seth Rich’s alias on the Internet was panda.



The article goes on to show how the Vanity Fair author T. A. Frank was forced to write a Tweet dismissing the whole thing as a “coincidence.”

Given everything that we now know, that does not seem to be the case.

The threat was put in writing as of January 2016. Seth Rich died that same July.



The next major development was on June 2nd, where Kim Dotcom offered to make a deal with the Justice Department in exchange for immunity.

6/2: Kim Dotcom Will Testify About Seth Rich If Given a Deal

EXCLUSIVE: Accused hacker Kim Dotcom says he will testify that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich passed documents to Wikileaks under the internet moniker ‘Panda’ —

–IF the Justice Department cuts him a deal….


In a vague statement posted to his website, Dotcom said he had an online association with Rich for several years and that he ‘know[s] Seth Rich was involved in the DNC leak.’

He claims Rich first contacted him online in 2014, using the internet moniker ‘Panda’ – known to be the DNC staffer’s favorite animal….

‘I now know that Panda was Seth Rich,’ said Dotcom.

‘I communicated with Panda on a number of topics including corruption and the influence of corporate money in politics.’…

Dotcom hints, but does not specifically state, that ‘Panda’ informed him of plans to leak DNC documents at some point in 2015.



The “truth community” was then riveted on June 15th, 2017, when a high-level Dutch insider blew the whistle on the Luciferian cabal.

These videos had started gaining traction before the 15th, but this was when I first found out about them.

This whistleblower, Roland Bernard, bravely stepped forward to confirm everything we have been disclosing about the Cabal for years now.

This included pedophilia, blackmail, their involvement with the “too big to fail” banks, et cetera.

His candor and emotion, including breaking into tears more than once, makes for a very compelling and believable presentation.

Millions saw these videos. The vast number of them were convinced Roland was telling the truth. He answered criticisms in subsequent installments.

6/15: Luciferian Banking Whistleblower Confesses: “All Misery on Earth is a Business Model”

Dutch banking whistleblower Ronald Bernard is back.

This time he’s exposing the entire international banking syndicate which controls not only the global monetary system, but the entire planet itself and all of its resources.

The Bank For International Settlements sits atop the pyramid of power, followed by the IMF and World Bank.

The power and directives flow downward through the big international banks, the multinational corporations, and finally to the governments.

As Bernard explains, “All misery on earth is a business model.”



Any long-term reader of this site will know that I have occasionally had prophetic dreams that were very accurate.

I have been documenting and analyzing my dreams almost every morning for 25 years — since September 21st, 1992.

The very next day after I saw the Roland Bernard story, on June 16th, 2017, I had a very remarkable dream that left little to the imagination.



A Mac-type laptop flew in as if it was powered by anti-gravity, and landed in front of me. I had been given an interesting and mysterious USB stick earlier along.

I opened the laptop, inserted the stick, and none other than Alex Jones appeared.

He was referring to me by name and giving me a video message. At this point the message still had to be delivered in secret.

He told me this was the most important message he could possibly be giving me — or anyone.

Everything that he and I have worked to expose, throughout our entire careers, would soon be disclosed — in an epic, public fashion, he said.

The scope and quality of how far this would go would be “beyond our wildest dreams” — and we would see all of it come to pass.

I then saw people vacuuming a mattress that was 30 feet long — and the dream ended. 

The enormous mattress suggested this disclosure might at least partially involve giants / Pre-Adamites with elongated skulls at some point.

I didn’t feel like sharing this dream until there were compelling clues that we were fairly close to something like this happening. And here we are.



Just two days after that dream, which rocked me to my core, Snowden journalist Glenn Greenwald announced a stunning disclosure on History channel.

That same night, Sunday, June 18th, featured the first installment of a four-part series entitled “America’s War on Drugs.”

I will let Greenwald tell you what was going on in his own words:

6/18: History Channel Finally Exposing Secrets of the War on Drugs

Starting Sunday night and running through Wednesday, the History Channel is showing a new four-part series called “America’s War on Drugs.”

Not only is it an important contribution to recent American history, it’s also the first time U.S. television has ever told the core truth about one of the most important issues of the past 50 years.

That core truth is: The war on drugs has always been a pointless sham.

For decades the federal government has engaged in a shifting series of alliances of convenience with some of the world’s largest drug cartels.

So while the U.S. incarceration rate has quintupled since President Richard Nixon first declared the war on drugs in 1971, top narcotics dealers have simultaneously enjoyed protection at the highest levels of power in America….


The first episode opens with the voice of Lindsay Moran, a one-time clandestine CIA officer, declaring, “The agency was elbow deep with drug traffickers.”

Then Richard Stratton, a marijuana smuggler turned writer and television producer, explains,

“Most Americans would be utterly shocked if they knew the depth of involvement that the Central Intelligence Agency has had in the international drug trade.”


Next, New York University professor Christian Parenti tells viewers,

“The CIA is from its very beginning collaborating with mafiosas who are involved in the drug trade, because these mafiosas will serve the larger agenda of fighting communism.”

For the next eight hours, the series sprints through history that’s largely the greatest hits of the U.S. government’s partnership with heroin, hallucinogen, and cocaine dealers.

That these greatest hits can fill up most of four two-hour episodes demonstrates how extraordinarily deep and ugly the story is.


This only further underlined the significance of what my dream had just said: Something Very Big is Coming.

Any open, formal, public disclosure of the contents of this History channel documentary would be curtains for the Cabal.

Earlier in February 2017, Pablo Escobar’s son revealed his infamous father was producing and selling drugs for the CIA all along.

What did the mainstream media have to say about this? Take a guess.



Another strange development, and possible sign of impending disclosure, occurred on July 16th, 2017.

My dream had said that the coming disclosures would validate everything that Alex Jones and I have been revealing throughout our entire careers.

I have been educating people about the Face on Mars ever since I first found out about it in 1993.

On July 16th, Vice President Pence thanked NASA for “making science fiction science fact,” and then made a very enigmatic comment.


7/16: Pence Says “We Will Put American Boots on the Face of Mars”
“Here from this bridge to space, our nation will return to the moon and we will put American boots on the face of Mars,” said Pence, delivering remarks to NASA employees at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
Pence applauded the space organization’s efforts toward “making science fiction ‘science fact,'” and reaffirmed President Donald Trump’s commitment to NASA’s mission of exploration and discovery.


Pence’s speech was obviously well-rehearsed, and the wording very carefully chosen.

Although “the face of Mars” could simply be a strangely poetic reference to its surface, the story of the Face on Mars — and nearby pyramids — is also well known.

I have referenced it in The Antarctic Atlantis and other videos as well as featuring it again in The Ascension Mysteries, along with many other anomalies.



As all of these amazing stories were taking place, I was experiencing severe threats about coming forward in any way.

Corey Goode, an insider I have a weekly show with on Gaia called Cosmic Disclosure, was being massively attacked by what we came to call the Dark Alliance.

These attacks were highly overblown, exaggerated and at times completely fabricated, having nothing to do with the man I personally knew.

I was already not feeling good about jumping back in. I had not written a single thing on my website since April 29th, 2017.

The threats reached my front door on July 3rd, when a trusted insider conveyed a threat to me.

I was told that Corey would be “brought to the slaughterhouse” and I would be dragged into it with him unless I cut all cords and created a public divorce.



My friend Jim Marrs, arguably the world’s leading expert on the JFK assassination, then died on August 2nd, which greatly saddened me. 

In light of everything that was going on, it would make sense that the Cabal would not want the source of Oliver Stone’s JFK film to start talking to the world.

Oliver Stone himself recently said Hollywood is overrun with sexual predators: “I’ve Heard Horror Stories on Everyone in the Business.”

After three more days, I finally decided to fearlessly defend my friend and colleague Corey Goode on August 5th, 2017, after a nearly 13-week absence.

This triggered an insane sequence of hacks, threats, severe attacks and even physical deaths of colleagues, most of which I have documented.



In the second of these three articles, [Part I, Part II, Part III], we got to the core of the latest briefings Goode had received.

They are completely in alignment with everything else we have been discussing here, and are worthy of repetition:


8/14: Corey Goode Passes Along Info on Mass Arrests from FEMA / Texas State Guard Insider

Update Summary (Full update to come): I have recently had meetings with a highly placed contact. I met him in the FEMA Mass Casualties response course when I was still in the Texas State Guard.

He stopped talking to me when I began Cosmic Disclosure. He suddenly contacted me again right after the elections had concluded.

He shared a cluster of Intel with me before going dark again… Until now.


I had reported that there were teams of US Special Forces that were conducting “domestic surveillance and investigations” of a Satanic group.

[This is a group] that had infiltrated all aspects of government agencies and the military.

These Special Forces teams have been in place since the middle of the election cycle.

[DW: I have heard about these groups from other insiders as well. There are far more than you might think, and they are prepared to conduct strikes if necessary.

The teams are stationed in plainclothes near the centers of Cabal power — namely media, financial and governmental. And they are ready to go.]


He gave me this report about a week ago and contacted me again, stating it was important to get some of it out to the public.

I was informed that a secret report on how pervasive these infiltrations are is more shocking than what was expected.

Strangely, this report also had notes from several secret grand juries that are active right now in D.C.

[DW: These “secret grand juries” were drawn up to investigate the Pizza / Pedogate issues that surfaced after the Wikileaks email hacks of 2016.]


The report states that the conspiracy involves the majority of powerful people within the UN, EU, US, State and local (City) power structures.

These government organizations are completely complicit in what is going on. All the way down to local Post Offices and Police Offices.

I have to tell you, this was a very creepy report.

These military investigators have expressed their shock and anger to their superiors as well as their desire to take them down.

They report that it is so systemic that they are at a loss of how to counter and defeat these people without a military coup.

This would involve US Special Forces and trusted “Military Contractors” that come from Alliance countries (And are already in place in the US).


Some of these Special Forces Investigators have been removed from the investigation because they are HIGHLY suspected as being involved in torturing and killing some of these low level “Pedo-Gate” suspects.

[DW: Although this is very unethical, it is not hard to see how an “alpha male” type could be horrified enough to do this as he learns the truth firsthand.

In facing this level of evil, we have to be very careful that we do not become the embodiment of that which we are fighting.]


The scope of this cult takeover of government is shocking to even the people that think they have seen it all, including myself.

These investigators can’t figure out how the government was infiltrated to such a degree.



Four days before I wrote this, on August 11th, 2017, the brakes had mysteriously failed on my car. Thankfully it only occurred just after making it down the mountain.

Bear in mind that my brakes went out BEFORE I had a chance to actually publicize this highly significant new intel.

This alleged attack was apparently part of Operation Snow White, as I came to find out.

This very same day, John De Camp, a former Nebraska state senator who exposed pedophilia better than just about anyone in The Franklin Cover-Up, was found dead.

This is another person the Cabal would definitely not want to have out there talking if anything like this were to break into mainstream news.

Sen. De Camp’s work had eventually made its way to the front page of the Washington Times in a stunning headline:



If the Pedogate story was about to break loose, DeCamp would have been one of the best witnesses of all for any type of Congressional hearings.

This story also found its way into a stunning documentary called Conspiracy of Silence, which was censored from publication — but a copy was later found.



Just four days after my brakes went out, my top insider Pete Peterson had his house seized and everything start to get thrown into dumpsters.

You rallied around him incredibly with a fundraiser that brought him over 50K of critically-needed funds, proving that you had our backs.

The ridiculously fake, contrived hate attacks from the Dark Alliance could do nothing to stop this outpouring of support for an American hero.

Just six days later, on August 21st, our equally valuable insider William Tompkins died from a brain bleed after a tragic fall.

Although Tompkins was 94 years old, this was a stunning and horrible loss. I was about to reconnect with him and had his number sitting on my desk.

This also occurred just hours before the total solar eclipse. His fall may have been “nudged” by some means as described before, at this symbolic time. 

Very shortly thereafter, another insider we will call Paul had everything he owned stolen from him. A bullet was left on the countertop in his now-empty home.

I had just leaked Paul’s information about the “Zombie Program” days before, and it appeared he was severely and immediately punished.

I was deeply traumatized by all of these events, the death threats, the property losses and the actual deaths of Marrs, Sen. De Camp and Tompkins.



Shortly after all of these events took place, Houston got completely wiped out by a mega-hurricane — followed by Puerto Rico. 

The financial losses that will ultimately be caused by these events potentially number in the hundreds of billions.

In both cases, these hurricanes were gigantic, and happened to steer precisely into areas that would cause maximum damage and financial loss.

At the same time, a Hollywood movie entitled Geostorm was about to launch on October 20th, in which satellite technology is used to control the weather.



The satellites end up being overtaken and used to create mega-disasters — hence the name Geostorm.



I did not mention the movie at the time, but I could see that with all we know about HAARP microwave technology, these hurricanes could have been steered.

This is another area where people who are not sufficiently informed could think this is impossible, ridiculous, et cetera.

Simply put, if you concentrate enough energy into a beam, you can create strong heat — which will create a high-pressure zone that steers weather systems.

Corey Goode and other intel sources confirmed this was happening. I alluded to this in Personal and Global Attacks Become Lethal, on September 23, 2017.

Both hurricanes appeared to be a direct attack against the US infrastructure, and therefore against the US aspect of the Alliance, by the Cabal.

Consider that the Alliance may be working through this administration to expose the Cabal. 

If so, a collapsed US economy could lead to a public uprising that would ruin any effort to continue this process. 



As we learned in the previous article exposing the Vegas atrocity, the 4Chan insider revealed that the Alliance is preparing a major, public announcement.

This would forever validate every “conspiracy theory” about the Cabal. The exact nature of what will be disclosed remains mysterious.

However, we have been told it will destroy the credibility of the Federal Reserve, the CIA and the FBI — or at least the Cabal-controlled portions of them.

Furthermore, this insider revealed that the hurricanes threw off the timing of this announcement completely.

He didn’t want to speculate as to whether they had been deliberately steered, but did say the media was able to utterly block any announcement for weeks because of them.

The president was tied up in all sorts of mandatory meetings and public appearances in response to endless criticism from the press.

That finally brings us to the present. The 4Chan insider has continued “singing like a songbird” since our last update.

Now we will conclude this investigation with the latest things he has had to say.



It is noteworthy to point out that our expose’ of the ritual aspects of the Vegas shootings made it into the mass consciousness very soon after we published.

These details became regularly discussed by Alex Jones and his other hosts on Infowars, which cranks out multiple videos a day.

Prior to our article being dropped, hardly anyone had noticed the occult aspects of this tragic event — the worst mass shooting in American history.

Infowars also picked up the story of the 4Chan insider after we had broken it, and revealed newer information than what we had already exposed.

Again, please click and read the article for vital details we don’t have enough space to include here:


10/18: 4Chan Insider Predicts Wikileaks Will Expose Hillary’s Connections to Russia and Seth Rich’s Murder

Julian Assange may release evidence showing Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia during the presidential election, as well as the real extent of her crimes.

[This is according to] an anonymous source on 4Chan, who has so proved to be far more credible than the mainstream media.


The evidence apparently stems from a file dump taken by the NYPD from Huma Abedin’s laptop that convicted sexual predator Anthony Weiner had access to.

“This dump will be broad,” says the source.

“It will probably be the biggest file dump Wikileaks has ever published in size.

When it’s out there, it’s going to leave NO DOUBT on things like, WHO colluded with Russia, WHY it was done, WHAT crimes Hillary (as Secretary of State AND as a presidential candidate) and the elite DNC/ GOP/ Obama administration, like Lynch, Comey, etc. actually committed.”

“Again, when it’s done you will have zero doubt as to who is actually guilty of crimes and election rigging.”…


“If Assange gets it done himself as I expect, then like I said, Trump will have no choice but to address the downfall of TWO of the three letter agencies/ departments I mentioned last week… FBI and CIA.”…

[We then see a tweet from Assange where he dropped an unlocking code, called a “hash,” suggesting a major new leak is very imminent.]



The predicted data dump may prove, once and for all, that last summer’s DNC email leak wasn’t a hack job by Russia, but rather an internal breach somehow involving murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich – who was apparently a Bernie Sanders supporter. 

[It may also involve] former congressional IT staffer Imran Awan, who quickly fled the country after leading police to a laptop linked to former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.



If these codes usually precede an epic new leak within a week’s time, we may see something big drop any day now.

The target date is October 21st, and I am publishing this article on Sunday, October 22nd.

Assange also gave leading hints that he may confirm he received the DNC emails from Seth Rich, validating Kim Dotcom and others in the process:

9/29: Assange Has “Absolute Proof” of Who Leaked DNC Emails (Not Russia)

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) says he has seen evidence that could disprove Russia-Trump collusion accusations once and for all, but he’s having a hard time getting his message through to the president.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has offered to provide the evidence in exchange for a pardon from President Trump….


The congressman suggested that the intelligence agencies, headed by Obama appointees, had political motivations when they verified that the Russians had hacked the DNC.

“Julian Assange says that’s absolutely not true,” he said. “Absolutely, the Russians did not provide him with these emails” — but someone else did.

Rohrabacher said the WikiLeaks founder “has absolute proof of who gave him those emails” but he wants to secure a pardon before he provides the information — so that when he “leaves the Ecuadorian embassy, he doesn’t get arrested”….

Rohrabacher told OAN in the second part of the exclusive interview (to be aired on Saturday) that “the American people don’t know as much as they should” and would be “outraged if they knew the full measure of the information withheld from them.”



We will finalize this investigation by summarizing the latest raw intel from the 4Chan insider from a single day — October 16th, 2017.

If all of this is true, Assange may be on the verge of dropping a huge new burst of intel that will utterly change the game.

The 4Chan insider has proven to be remarkably accurate for almost a year and a half.

It is also very hard to track down information like this without being deeply involved in the 4Chan world.

So, in Part Four we will review excerpts from some of the latest disclosures this insider has to share with us.







In Part Three we reviewed stunning information suggesting a major “data dump” from Wikileaks is very imminent.

We are already one day past the initial window of October 21st, 2017. This upcoming week could be of pivotal importance.

If this data dump is as big as the insiders are claiming, it is the Alliance cyber equivalent of a nuke.

The Cabal definitely seems to be aware of this, and is fighting back with everything they’ve got — including the badly-botched Vegas atrocity.

With the full spread of data we have shared in previous sections, it appears this data could produce absolute proof that Seth Rich leaked the Podesta papers.

Seth Rich’s suspicious murder may well have been another “inside job” to punish him for revealing the truth — and dealing a death-blow to the Cabal.

This story has percolated for some time and it may finally be reaching its epic conclusion.



The latest disclosures appear in a 4Chan archive called 4plebs.

The way you search for the leaks from this insider is by using the Find function on your browser, and then putting in his anonymous code name.

These code names are usually just a collection of random characters, but they do allow you to trace everything the person says in any one thread.

In this case, the code name that was assigned to him was pI4yGye9. Everything we are about to read was written on a single day — October 16th.

There may well be other leaks since then, but this is already a huge volume of interesting data to sort through, and more than enough for one article.

I have done some very light editing to make it more readable, while also leaving most of the mistakes untouched.

Here we go.


Latest 4Chan Insider Disclosures — Inside 4Plebs Archive

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145496201 Report

Friendly reminder that I won’t “announce” myself with nicknames y’all gave me anymore.
BUT, Assange will release if he makes it to the 21st.
It will only PROVE the irony of what Clinton is implying because she’s right, but not in the way the media is spinning her statements.

The overall release will conclude and confirm that the Clinton Campaign/DNC collided with Russia themselves in an attempt to catapult Trump over his GOP competitors during the primaries, then use bolster his cordial business relationship with Russia/Putin, to push the “Russia collusion/hacking” narrative.

The problem for them is that Wikileaks has held a lot of this info for a while, via NYPD pbtained files/ communications collected from Huma/ Weiners laptop.
They had mirrored the files/ communications before handing it over to the FBI as part of their initial investigation, which is why they publicly threatened the FBI themselves, stating if the FBI didn’t release and push for DOJ indictments, the NYPD would release.

This is why I said last night, it’s not a pizza release.

Yes, there will be the same Podesta-style creepy-coded references, maybe a few unironic Weiner owned images of pre-teens he sent dicks and tits back and forth with.
[These will be] sprinkled throughout communications which will be included in this dump, because Wikileaks doesn’t remove or edit the total bulk of any files, they publish it all in full.
BUT, Hillary will not go down for pizza as a result of this dump.

This dump will be broad. It will probably be the biggest file dump Wikileaks has ever published in size.

And when it’s out there, it’s going to leave NO DOUBT on things like, WHO colluded with Russia, WHY it was done, WHAT crimes Hillary (as Secretary of State AND as a presidential candidate) and the elite DNC/GOP/Obama admin, like Lynch, Comey, etc. actually committed.


ID:pI4yGye9 No.145497390 Report

And please remember, Trump knows and has known EXACTLY what Assange has…
It’s why he’s been able to be so bold and seem like he’s playing “4D chess” in front of the media by making claims about things like “wiretappings” and other loose statements that always seem to come true later.
This release is why he pretended not to know/ be mad about Sessions recusing himself from “Russia”, but he knew all along. 
[He] also knew he couldn’t afford another bullshit Flynn loss the MSM and establishment would try to pull, had he not recused upfront.
It’s why Comey wasn’t REALLY FIRED. He did it to let Trump take it as a win, but Comey knew and they pre-negotiated his “surprise public firing”.
It’s why Mueller was put in place on purpose, but has unironically, only found more ties to collusion and criminal election fraud/activity back to the DNC, Hillary Campaign and shady GOP establishment, who has been involved in the attempted demise of Trump, all along.
When this is done, the FBI and CIA won’t have a f–ing leg to stand on.
And if Sessions/Trump hadn’t played their cards right… the DOJ wouldn’t have a leg either.
Assange gave Mueller/ the FBI until the 21st.
Trump is aware of the deadline and hopes Mueller will bite the bullet, do right for the people and for the sake of justice and come out with it all on his own to end the investigation that will ultimately end anyway when Assange drops what he’s sitting on.
Trump knows it’s better for the people if Mueller does what’s right. It will restore people’s faith in justice and our departments.
If Assange gets it done himself as I expect, then like I said, Trump will have no choice but to address the downfall of TWO of the 3, 3 letter agencies/ departments I mentioned last week… FBI and CIA.
Mueller and team have until the 21st, assuming Assange keeps his promise and/or no one gets to him first.
Assange dropped his hash yesterday. They ALL KNOW WHATS COMING… regardless of who makes it public first.
Q: So we’ve gotta wait 5 more days for an Assange release?
ID:pI4yGye9 No.145498545 Report
If Assange holds up his end as initially promised, then yes. But remember, Assange ALWAYS hypes his releases up.
He ALWAYS releases the hashes of his next expected release to his “publishers”, in advance.
Releasing them 5-7 days in advance is normal for him.
Hence he released the first hash of this release last October, and then the embassy and his Iceland HQ, went dark.
Then, he held the release, as he felt delayed due to NBC conveniently releasing the Billy Bush/ Trump bus tape they purposefully held and timed, in an attempt to swing the upcoming October debate that next week.
He didn’t want his release to be overshadowed by the media’s coverage of the Trump, “grab ‘me by the puss” tape. It was a smart move on his part, but then his shit went off the grid.
This actually answers the questions some have posed about this new hash not opening the files related to the initial hash last October.
They don’t match because he’s picky and anal.
He reverified and validated the files over the better part of the last year, to ensure his sudden network outage and breach at HQ/ Embasdy, didn’t corrupt any files that could come back to bite him in the ass and ruin his pristine track record of accuracy.
So, he released the new hash to confirm authenticity against that data set. It was another good move on his part.
Whoever turned his and Wikileaks’s lights/ infrastructure off, could’ve corrupted his files and hoped he f—ed up and just threw up a release they knew they could poke holes in because they sabotaged the files.
He’s really pretty smart, you know…
It’s why Trump has so much faith and balls of brass when it comes to his confidence in the bold yet vague statements he makes publicly.
[This includes statements] like “wiretapping” and razzing the media with one-line zingers they can’t figure out, and then talk about/ hypothesize over for a week’s new cycle.
Q: Then why was Hannity and Cernovich saying something big today? They need to shut up if nothing delivers because it’s demoralizing.

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145499432 Report

Hannity is riding the hash coattails. You all assumed 7 as 7 days, and would then assume 7 means Monday, because he wasn’t on the air yesterday.
7 referred to last night’s hash drop.
Hannity now gets to address/ hype this on his show until the 21st, or until Assange decides he’s not getting enough reach or traction from Mueller and team, then decides to say f— it, and release.
For his sake, I hope he does what he said and gives til the 21st.
I want to see Mueller have to proactively address and publicly disclose it all himself, than Assange do it. This is what Trump is hoping as well.
It bodes better for Trump and the admin, if the “special prosecutor” America demanded, costing tax payers more than $1 million/day investigating what Trump AND Mueller both know is factual bullshit, looks better if Mueller breaks himself.
Assange and Hannity are playing this like a f–ing pressure cooker against Mueller and everyone else guilty and involved, right now.
They’re all scrambling trying to figure out what they can do and sadly for them, time is up.
There are VERY FEW options left for them.
And in this environment, with so many people paying such CLOSE attention to EVERY F–ING DETAIL released about everything AND ANYTHING (like the Vegas “investigation” shit show of “evidence” and “reporting”), they all know their old, standard, bag of once successful tricks, won’t work.
Q: I want to believe you so bad.

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145501925 Report

Believe it and feel good about it. Regardless of party afflictions or beliefs, as Americans we should ALL demand the TRUTH.
It’s why the MSM article published last week headling “Trump: A President Without A Party”, was actually REALLY F—ING IMPORTANT, despite the underlying left’s narrative throughout the piece.
Trump doesn’t have a party. When it’s all said and done, we will all realize that “WE, THE PEOPLE OF THIS GREAT UNION”, ARE THE ONLY F—ING PARTY HE CONSIDERS HIMSELF, TO REPRESENT.

I mean, you do realize you’re watching the Dems right now, try to backdoor the inevitable demise of their failing “Russia collusion” shit.

[They are doing this] by proactively trying to pin Awan for it all, to include what they’ll eventually try to pin him on, which is Seth Rich’s murder, right?!
[DW: Let’s not forget that Awan was the guy who went on the run after handing over DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s laptop to the police.]
They’ve known this was coming and they’re all trying to cover their asses on the Pakistani IT guy, who’s been whistle blowing with his wife for the last 2.5 weeks under oath, that he “only did what he was TOLD TO DO” and he got paid for doing just that.
If you ever hear the MSM try to report that Awan, or someone directly tied to him or one of his several shell businesses (((they))) registered and abused under him,
(and paid him VERY well to do so, BTW) “may be involved” or “directly linked” to the “murder of a young, DNC/Clinton Campaign staffer back in the summer of 2016”, this will all make sense.
He’s eluded in his testimony under oath that he’s being “set up”.
Guess what?! The Pakistani IS RIGHT!
But like I always remember, “sleep with the dogs, wake up with the fleas”.
But mark my words… Awan’s only crime was covering up the corruption he knew he was facilitating and letting (((them))) turn him into another “Patsy”, they could abuse and exploit, for his own profits/benefits.
His only mistake, like everyone else’s, was assuming or hoping his “NUMBER” wouldn’t be called.
He knew it had been called, just like fake shooter Paddock, his fake girlfriend and fake security guard hero Campos…

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145502426 Report

… the day they realized the day was fast approaching that Mueller’s “investigation” would have to publicly disclose, that RUSSIA NEVER HACKED/ LEAKED THE DNC EMAILS TO WIKILEAKS, IT WAS AN INTERNAL, DONESTIC US BREACH.
That’s EXACTLY when Awan started dumping what he had and making moves to get himself, his wife/family and their money, back to Pakistan.
As for the Dems, they all knew they were finished, when AWAN WAS STOPPED AND DETAINED AT THE AIRPORT. It’s over, friends.
Q: We’ll know if you’re LARPing by the end of the week. [LARP means Live Action Role Play… and is synonymous with lying.]

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145503017 Report

Relax. I’ve said a hundred times over the last 2.5 weeks before, “specific timeframes” screaming “it’s happening today, right now, in an hour, etc.”, should be the biggest f—ing “LARP” signal on your radar.
Look at Assange… even he just publicly tweeted last night that Wikileaks planned to release this dump October of last year as the final, 3rd piece of their promised “surprise”.
But [then,] NBC pulled the Trump/Bush bus tape and he was forced to pull his release from being published.

All I will say is that the wheels are in motion and have been, it’s all teed up…

Now, keep your eyes peeled, ears opened and WAIT for it, like EVERYONE ELSE.
Q: I tend to believe what you’ve said, I’m just curious what collusion actually looks like.

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145503252 Report

Don’t worry anon, when their shit hits the theoretical fan, terms they coined like “collusion” will be completely redefined.
You’ll know exactly what it really means and frankly, what it’s ALWAYS actually meant when (((they’ve))) said it. No confusion.
Q: Explain why Mueller comprised his team with people who have strong ties to the Clintons / DNC?

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145504651 Report

He, like Comey and MANY others, never CHOSE to drown in the swamp. They too, in many ways, are nothing more than “high-level Patsy’s”.
They were unintentionally sucked in a loooong time ago.
And before they even realized the shit they’d been roped and doped into doing wasn’t actually for “national security” or the “protection/defense of the greater good”, it was far too late for them.
I said it earlier this past spring… when the dust settles, you’ll find out Trump isn’t kidding when he says he’s “giving people chances” to “redeem” themselves, their departments, agencies, professional careers and personal reputations.
Trump knows he can’t “drain the swamp” alone or overnight, but he also knows there are many in the swamp who’ve been begging to get out.
All they needed was someone like him, or Reagan, or JFK for f–s sake, to extend a hand and pull them out.

Realize that it’s far easier to think and say “what you would do”, if you were in positions like Comey, Mueller, hell, even Lois Lerner.

It’s always easy for inherently GOOD PEOPLE, to think and say they’d always, “DO THE RIGHT THING”…
That is, until your kids, family, decades long professional/ personal reputations, your livelyhood, future and the sovereignty of NOT being in jail, serving 15-30 years, are threatened and very realistically, at stake.
THIS ISNT A F—ING GAME /pol/. In this “swamp”, you’re not afforded the luxury of remaining a nameless, faceless f—ing “anon” with nothing to seemingly lose.
Look at your threads for f—s sake. Half of you are under 27, unmarried, no kids, no mortgages or mouths to feed.
Half of you are still in school, safely tucked under your parent’s financial umbrella of security, while coming home to their house, eating their food, using their coinless laundry machines/ detergent during holiday/ summer school breaks.
That’s all fine, BTW. It’s what you SHOULD be doing, while and if you can (I do realize not everyone’s situations aren’t so cozy)…


ID:pI4yGye9 No.145506303 Report

But that said, realize and consider that a large majority of this corrupt, decaying swamp, got into “politics” thinking they were showing up every day, to serve the public, as intended.
Most of them did not intend on being neck deep in the swamp’s sludge, with what has become, SO MUCH at stake to lose for them.
Most of them were set up.
And thankfully, most of them are taking advantage of the opportunity they’ve been given to crawl out and clean themselves off.

When it’s all done, you’ll know who WAS DIRTY, but you’ll also have to learn to accept and appreciate what they risked on Trump, to get out and help.

The swamp only successfully DRAINS when YOU SEE those, once eyeball-deep in its filth, coming forward and helping the cause.
You’ll have no choice but to see them as Trump does… the ultimate “whistleblowers.”
And if you open your eyes/ears and give yourselves a headstart now, you’ll see Trump’s rationale over certain cabinet picks and candidate backings he’s publicly made, that you’ve debated and questioned on this board.
I mean really, /pol/ do you think people still stuck in the swamp weren’t jumping at the chance to offer themselves, their knowledge and assistance to Trump, BEFORE HE WON?!
I realize that might be hard for you to comprehend, BUT also remember, the swamp saw the REAL election polls and results.
(((They))) knew Trump had been significantly leading and trending for MONTHS to win.
And NO ONE KNEW BETTER THAN (((THEM))), that the MSM would say/do WHATEVER IT TOOK, to keep that truth from the public.
Haha, incorporating and transitioning those begging and dying to leave the swamp was one of BANNON’S PRIMARY ROLES IN THE ADMIN!!!
Pay attention y’all… you’re slacking if you don’t realize all of this.
If you don’t, then you’ve completely lost the very foundation, of the “4D chess”, y’all claim Trump has been playing.
This should not be a new concept for you. This is not “news”. It’s fact.
For his or her own safety, this insider claimed to not be affiliated with any “alphabet” agency.
It is possible that this person is working as some sort of independent contractor.
Yet the patterns of grammar, sentence mechanics and content suggest this is the same FBI insider who has been speaking since July 2016:

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145507252 Report

Again to be clear, I’m not, nor have I ever been, associated or employed by any alphabet…
And for the record, from what I’ve seen on here, no one you’ve ever considered associated or employed by one, has been here either.
The ones who’ve claimed to have been, exposed too many obvious holes in the cheese, they tried to feed you.
I don’t work for anyone but myself. I choose which jobs I ultimately work and the roles I fulfill, for others on their behalf.
Always have, always will. If more did the same, they’d have avoided the swamp, too.
Q: Will we get the truth regarding Seth Rich?

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145508325 Report

I have high hopes but I can’t say for sure.
Have to see how far down the field we get with the Awan investigation and the Assange release.


The Awan investigation plays a huge part, but after Assange releases, we may not need to go further with the investigation.
We might just find out if the file set clearly shows where the DNC corruption/ Russia collision lies, you know what I mean?
The release may very well make an investigation into Awan moot, because we will know his testimony is right.
He did what he said he did for the DNC. He’ll be convicted and sentenced, he’ll serve his pled down term for cooperating, and that will be the last you hear from him.
I can (and did yesterday) confirm the time period and subjects a majority of the Wikileaks data set will cover. 
[However,] the extent of miscellaneous shit that will also be included, as we’ve seen included in the past (like the unexpected, seemingly coded emails about what we now call “pizza”, in the Podesta drop) which would then lead to unforeseen revelations, are what I can’t confirm because I don’t know what else could be in the files.
Weiner’s share of the laptop also adds a bit of personal interest for me.
We already know what to expect based on Huma’s involvement, but Weiner is a wild card of his own.
I honestly can’t wait to see what was directly captured from Weiner’s files.
Q: Do you think Mueller will fold? I’d like it to be him instead of Assange, and so does Trump.
I can’t see why Mueller wouldn’t if it’s going to drop anyways. He either goes down a hero or lives long enough to see himself become a villain.

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145511992 Report

[Mueller will] Fold?!
Step outside of your mind and what you’ve been programmed by the MSM and every dirty presidential admin since George H. Bush.
Imagine for one second that maybe, just maybe, Mueller (and his best bud Comey, too), “folded” close to a year ago.
Imagine if Comey and Mueller, LIKE MANY OTHERS, not only “secretly folded”, but WILLINGLY volunteered…
To not only help drain the swamp of all those who’ve ALWAYS wanted out and NEVER wanted to be there,
but have also been (secretly) HELPING to PURGE the rest of the REALLY corrupt, who ARE WILLING TO DIE TO KEEP THE SWAMP CHURNING.
due to “new evidence” as it pertained to their takeover of the NYPD’s active Weiner investigation — and new evidence presented, again, just a week before the election?!
Don’t you realize, at least by now, what Comey was telling you?!
Stick with me on this… you’ll want to remember this forever. READ THIS CAREFULLY!

1. Lynch and Bill Clinton PURPOSEFULLY PLANNED to have an unironic, questionably shady, private meeting on the tarmac.

2. (((THEY))) ALL KNEW, Lynch would catch public shit for it, because that’s how they planned it.
3. They leaked it themselves so when they’d awkwardly and eventually DENY rumors that they’d met (also started and circulated by them) in an undisclosed airplane meeting…

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145514550 Report

All I’m ever going to say is this. MAYBE the SAME PEOPLE, who talk about Assange in the “present tense” are in fact, the SANE PEOPLE, who literally saved his VERY thankful ass.
Think Hillary and (((they))) were kidding about droning him?!
If not a drone, an unironic “terror attack” that just happened to be so unfortunately close (as planned) to the Embassy might have sufficed too, no?!
I mean, you can’t really drop a drone on a guy after you say it out loud in front of actual people, right?

I will never confirm or deny, but, hypothetically, if a covert, exhaustive effort had been made, to “save” Assange from an intercepted, impending and immediate threat against his life,

then one could ONLY ASSUME that an EQUALLY exhaustive effort, to make him disappear from ANYONE LOOKING FOR HIM, would also be made…
And yes, sadly, even innocent and concerned people like you, unknowingly begging him to EXPOSE HIMSELF, via requests for the “proof of life” he could NEVER FOLLOW THROUGH ON, IN THE EXACT WAY HE TOLD YOU TO EXPECT HE WOULD, because he knew what that would ultimately lead to.
See when you save and hide people, confusion is the FIRST line of defense.
If not important, why not just ditch the hood and drape him in an American flag while sticking him in a car with Idaho license plates for f— sake.
Hell, maybe it wasn’t Americans. Maybe it was a military ops contractor. Maybe they weren’t contracted directly by the US.
Maybe an ally did us a solid, and came through on their promise to make it look good for the “eye witnesses”.
Come on, /pol/. Didn’t his offer of extradition tip you off?! Didn’t you find it all odd, at least by now… in 20/20 hindsight?!

Point is, you don’t know who took him. You don’t know where they took him.

You don’t know what he’s done since being taken, and most importantly, until it’s time… YOU NEVER WILL.
Q: You just said giving specific dates
>the 21st
Is a massive giveaway that you’re “LARP’ing”

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145515053 Report

Assange and Wikileaks gave you the 21st, clown. Pay attention. They tweeted more than a week ago that Trump and the DOJ had until the 21st.
It’s why Hannity is helping promote it with vague tick tocks, and why Assange replied to Hannity last night saying Mueller nor anyone else has reached [out] to him.
Remember, what’s a man to think?!

They’re poking Mueller to come out with it or Assange will.

Either way Trump knows it’s coming.
[He] doesn’t care how, but he knows Mueller having to eat it and disclose it himself publicly bodes better for a Trump “win”.

Q: I like your narrative overall, but something about trump and comey having a deal just feels like it can’t be true to me.

But then again I can’t fathom comey. Everyone says he’s a good guy, but then he just didn’t look like he was shooting straight

I do completely buy his whole thing with trump asking for loyalty. It totally matches what Penn jillette said about him to a tee.


ID:pI4yGye9 No.145515985 Report

Lynch and Clinton set Comey up, [so they] HAVE to publicly suggest indictment or not.
(((They))) called Patsy Comey’s number, and he knew it was “his turn”.
Clinton/ Lynch purposefully leaked the tarmac meeting, complete with photos making it look extra good, to a local network affiliate station and reporter.
This allowed Lynch to formally recuse herself over “conflict of interest”.
[That way,] she wouldn’t be forced to indict the first woman president.
They wanted/ needed her to continue to serve as Attorney General, by ensuring she’d continue her role of covering their asses.

Didn’t you find it weird how Comey basically spelled out EVERY SINGLE CHARGE, he would’ve nabbed ANYONE ELSE ON, BUT HILLARY?!

Not for nothing, but when Comey gave that public statement and didn’t recommend indictment on behalf of conveniently recused Lynch, to the DOJ, he looked just as green-faced and nervous as f—ing Lombardo, the puppeteered LV Sheriff.
Q: I think you’ve told us that the disclosures have been delayed at least twice already, once by hurricane drama and once by Vegas.
That implies that Assange was willing to wait, but it also implies it could be delayed again. And again. Hence our urgency.

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145517897 Report

Trump’s 3 main disclosures to the public are separate from this. Don’t confuse.
In my posts that are well capped and documented in full as related, do not mention the upcoming Wikileaks actions or Assange.
These are all things that lead up to and will ultimately confirm, Trump’s 3 much larger scopes of coverage.

To be honest, if Assange is able to seamlessly get this out, or Mueller gives in and is forced to publicly address/ confirm it all, and then recommends indictment to Sessions,

I’d go as far as to say we might not even need Trump to address all of what he’s got coming for us, in a formal Presidential, network address.
Assange’s dump would devastate the “old” FBI, the portions that still think they work for (((them))), not Wray or Trump, to the point of no return.
Trump might be able to just disclose the fall of the “old” FBI.
He will then have Wray gut [it] immediately, from the rose garden or in a primetime aired interview.
CIA and Fed will come, but the FBI is halfway out the door and they know it. That’s why I alluded to them first, in my original post about it.
The point is after Assange, there’s no real strings holding the FBI together.
The need for the demise and downfall of their “old ways”, will be clear and their impending swamp, drained.
Q: who is (((they))) in this instance?

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145521747 Report

For me, I use (((they))) to describe or refer to the corrupt of anything.
Every gov’t, organization, corporation, group or population of people (whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc.) all have (((they))).
In reality there’s a (((they))) associated with everything and everyone.
(((They))) are always the very, very small percentage, of the very top of everything.
[They are] everyone who ultimately dominate the 3 most important things over the majorities of anything and everyone they represent:
Power, Control and Money.



Yesterday, October 21st, was the first day where everything we’ve just read about here may have come to a head.

I have been working non-stop for days now to get this out before the politics will start up again on Monday morning… and we made it!

Part of why I put this together on such a “rush notice” is to awaken the greater community at large to these stunning events as they unfold.

We can help put pressure on Assange to release the files in case all we hear from Robert Mueller is “the sound of silence.”

This is certainly an evolving story. Maybe now, after surveying all of this evidence, you may agree with me that Something Big is Coming.

As always, we thank you for your support in helping to spread this message and inform others.



This article has gone insanely viral, racking up over 68,000 views in the first twelve hours. Thank you for helping us spread the word!

The latest Benjamin Fulford article just dropped nine minutes ago. He passes along all intel he gets. Much of it does not happen but other things do match.

Some had asked about the possible release of suppressed JFK assassination data by the president. This is what one of Fulford’s sources had to say:

One senior Pentagon source who has been consistently reliable in the past said that “The Trump release of JFK files may implicate Bush Senior, Mossad, the CIA, and the deep state. 

[It] may be a prelude to an intel dump on 9/11, suppressed technology, the secret space program, and other disclosures prior to mass arrests.”


This sounds just like what we’ve been saying here. I do believe he is being honest in saying this is a senior Pentagon source.

This would also line up with my prophetic dream from June.

I will also say that we had a massive California-wide internet and phone problem for much of the day Saturday that made it extremely difficult to write this article.

Every time I published anything, I had to wait an average of a minute and 25 seconds before it would actually upload.

Please remember: public pressure is how we will ensure that these leaks reach the light of day.

This is not a spectator sport. You can help steer the outcome by spreading the word — and clearing out the psychopaths.



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The level of precision to “nail it” at this speed has to be much, much greater, since we are about to break 100,000 views in about 16 hours.

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OK, another update after the above. I decided to play a game with this and start clicking randomly a few times here and there, just to see what would happen.

I tried to quiet my mind and just go with what felt right each time. Despite how fast it was moving, the results did not disappoint:



Every click had a number pattern in it! 99833, 99880, 99927, 100013. This all happened at random within about a 90-second period.

Contrary to what some folks might think, there is just no way I could done this deliberately. It was a fun psychic experiment, and it worked!

It also helped time-stamp the fastest crossing over 100K that we’ve ever had, thanks to your support. Just a hair over 16 hours.

Let me say this… I don’t have time to follow 4Chan, so as the 4plebs archives of NEW intel from the FBI Insider appear, please link to them in the comments.

Thanks again for helping spread the word. We can work together and help ensure that these leaks can create a non-violent solution for all of us.



A big thanks to Joshua Boruch in the comments section for dropping us all a link to the most active, current threads from MegAnon on 4chan.

I haven’t even read it yet, but here’s the link:

Also thanks to Christa L for giving us a link to an article about the Mueller probe expanding the investigation to Tony Podesta.

This could be of HUGE significance, as it fits in precisely with everything we’ve been hearing:



I just got done having a text exchange with my insider, Paul. I am still in shock but feel it is essential to report what happened.

Just 30 minutes after this article went up last night, at 6:30 PM, Paul was struck unexpectedly in his vehicle… and suffered a head-on collision.

The driver had wildly veered over into the oncoming lane right before the impact.

Thankfully, he survived with only concussions and whiplash. His vehicle, however, was completely totaled.

This is a guy who has already lost everything, just like Pete. The last worldly possession he still owned was the vehicle.

After I leaked his intel in David Wilcock’s Brakes Sabotaged: Was It the Dark Alliance?, his house was burglarized to the bare walls.

A single bullet was left standing on his countertop. This is a still from the video where he filmed this:



He was the one who had leaked the intel to me about the “smart suits,” which I debuted here last night at 6PM.

The timing, particularly in light of everything else that has been going on the last few months, is extremely suspect.

As with the complete theft of everything in his house, I have asked him to document the vehicle damage with photos and video for later publication.

This may have been an example of vehicle hacking being used to steer another car into hitting his car. It is totally crazy.



So let’s talk about how all of these things may be related.

In response to some scornful comments we received, I am NOT saying these accidents are because of me.

What I AM saying is that the Cabal is on the verge of a mass, public exposure. I am one of the people covering that story with intel most others don’t have.

The reason this and the previous articles have been so lengthy is that the data will be scrutinized far more in the future if this comes to pass. The case is very complex.

The Alliance will make its moves regardless of whether I am involved in any of this or not. Their plan does NOT revolve around me or my work.

That being said, I did have my life threatened. Corey’s life was threatened. Pete’s life was threatened. Paul’s life was threatened. Tompkins actually died.

The brakes did go out on my car. Now Paul has just had a head-on collision. It is a miracle that he wasn’t injured more greatly. It was a big, bulky SUV.



I had been telegraphing for three days via electronic communication that I was writing “the big one” — i.e. this article. 

Therefore, I have theorized that the Cabal is trying to “clean it up” before either being exposed or attempting a Partial Disclosure.

The Partial Disclosure could involve UFOs and / or ancient ruins in Antarctica.

Any scholars or insiders who could credibly and intelligently counter these plans would become a threat.

Certain individuals could throw off the narrative the Cabal is trying to spin more than others. We are simply some of those people.

Tompkins’ testimony is of almost singular importance in establishing the origins of the Secret Space Program during WWII for the US, as one example.

Many others are undoubtedly facing similar threats at this time.

Anyone who is going to dump shame, make rude attacks, say this is about “Ego and Money,” et cetera should be shunned. Don’t feed the trolls.

The vast majority of you get it. And for that I thank you. We are not giving up. We will keep fighting. Thanks for helping spread the word.



The previous article was showing a 222 immediately after I posted this:



Then right after I posted the above just now, there were three sets of double digits — spread out across the last two articles.

The hit counters were now at 137711 and 255231:



I will be speaking to Paul very soon and will have more information as this unfolds.