In Part Three we reviewed stunning information suggesting a major “data dump” from Wikileaks is very imminent.

We are already one day past the initial window of October 21st, 2017. This upcoming week could be of pivotal importance.

If this data dump is as big as the insiders are claiming, it is the Alliance cyber equivalent of a nuke.

The Cabal definitely seems to be aware of this, and is fighting back with everything they’ve got — including the badly-botched Vegas atrocity.

With the full spread of data we have shared in previous sections, it appears this data could produce absolute proof that Seth Rich leaked the Podesta papers.

Seth Rich’s suspicious murder may well have been another “inside job” to punish him for revealing the truth — and dealing a death-blow to the Cabal.

This story has percolated for some time and it may finally be reaching its epic conclusion.



The latest disclosures appear in a 4Chan archive called 4plebs.

The way you search for the leaks from this insider is by using the Find function on your browser, and then putting in his anonymous code name.

These code names are usually just a collection of random characters, but they do allow you to trace everything the person says in any one thread.

In this case, the code name that was assigned to him was pI4yGye9. Everything we are about to read was written on a single day — October 16th.

There may well be other leaks since then, but this is already a huge volume of interesting data to sort through, and more than enough for one article.

I have done some very light editing to make it more readable, while also leaving most of the mistakes untouched.

Here we go.


Latest 4Chan Insider Disclosures — Inside 4Plebs Archive

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145496201 Report

Friendly reminder that I won’t “announce” myself with nicknames y’all gave me anymore.
BUT, Assange will release if he makes it to the 21st.
It will only PROVE the irony of what Clinton is implying because she’s right, but not in the way the media is spinning her statements.

The overall release will conclude and confirm that the Clinton Campaign/DNC collided with Russia themselves in an attempt to catapult Trump over his GOP competitors during the primaries, then use bolster his cordial business relationship with Russia/Putin, to push the “Russia collusion/hacking” narrative.

The problem for them is that Wikileaks has held a lot of this info for a while, via NYPD pbtained files/ communications collected from Huma/ Weiners laptop.
They had mirrored the files/ communications before handing it over to the FBI as part of their initial investigation, which is why they publicly threatened the FBI themselves, stating if the FBI didn’t release and push for DOJ indictments, the NYPD would release.

This is why I said last night, it’s not a pizza release.

Yes, there will be the same Podesta-style creepy-coded references, maybe a few unironic Weiner owned images of pre-teens he sent dicks and tits back and forth with.
[These will be] sprinkled throughout communications which will be included in this dump, because Wikileaks doesn’t remove or edit the total bulk of any files, they publish it all in full.
BUT, Hillary will not go down for pizza as a result of this dump.

This dump will be broad. It will probably be the biggest file dump Wikileaks has ever published in size.

And when it’s out there, it’s going to leave NO DOUBT on things like, WHO colluded with Russia, WHY it was done, WHAT crimes Hillary (as Secretary of State AND as a presidential candidate) and the elite DNC/GOP/Obama admin, like Lynch, Comey, etc. actually committed.


ID:pI4yGye9 No.145497390 Report

And please remember, Trump knows and has known EXACTLY what Assange has…
It’s why he’s been able to be so bold and seem like he’s playing “4D chess” in front of the media by making claims about things like “wiretappings” and other loose statements that always seem to come true later.
This release is why he pretended not to know/ be mad about Sessions recusing himself from “Russia”, but he knew all along. 
[He] also knew he couldn’t afford another bullshit Flynn loss the MSM and establishment would try to pull, had he not recused upfront.
It’s why Comey wasn’t REALLY FIRED. He did it to let Trump take it as a win, but Comey knew and they pre-negotiated his “surprise public firing”.
It’s why Mueller was put in place on purpose, but has unironically, only found more ties to collusion and criminal election fraud/activity back to the DNC, Hillary Campaign and shady GOP establishment, who has been involved in the attempted demise of Trump, all along.
When this is done, the FBI and CIA won’t have a f–ing leg to stand on.
And if Sessions/Trump hadn’t played their cards right… the DOJ wouldn’t have a leg either.
Assange gave Mueller/ the FBI until the 21st.
Trump is aware of the deadline and hopes Mueller will bite the bullet, do right for the people and for the sake of justice and come out with it all on his own to end the investigation that will ultimately end anyway when Assange drops what he’s sitting on.
Trump knows it’s better for the people if Mueller does what’s right. It will restore people’s faith in justice and our departments.
If Assange gets it done himself as I expect, then like I said, Trump will have no choice but to address the downfall of TWO of the 3, 3 letter agencies/ departments I mentioned last week… FBI and CIA.
Mueller and team have until the 21st, assuming Assange keeps his promise and/or no one gets to him first.
Assange dropped his hash yesterday. They ALL KNOW WHATS COMING… regardless of who makes it public first.
Q: So we’ve gotta wait 5 more days for an Assange release?
ID:pI4yGye9 No.145498545 Report
If Assange holds up his end as initially promised, then yes. But remember, Assange ALWAYS hypes his releases up.
He ALWAYS releases the hashes of his next expected release to his “publishers”, in advance.
Releasing them 5-7 days in advance is normal for him.
Hence he released the first hash of this release last October, and then the embassy and his Iceland HQ, went dark.
Then, he held the release, as he felt delayed due to NBC conveniently releasing the Billy Bush/ Trump bus tape they purposefully held and timed, in an attempt to swing the upcoming October debate that next week.
He didn’t want his release to be overshadowed by the media’s coverage of the Trump, “grab ‘me by the puss” tape. It was a smart move on his part, but then his shit went off the grid.
This actually answers the questions some have posed about this new hash not opening the files related to the initial hash last October.
They don’t match because he’s picky and anal.
He reverified and validated the files over the better part of the last year, to ensure his sudden network outage and breach at HQ/ Embasdy, didn’t corrupt any files that could come back to bite him in the ass and ruin his pristine track record of accuracy.
So, he released the new hash to confirm authenticity against that data set. It was another good move on his part.
Whoever turned his and Wikileaks’s lights/ infrastructure off, could’ve corrupted his files and hoped he f—ed up and just threw up a release they knew they could poke holes in because they sabotaged the files.
He’s really pretty smart, you know…
It’s why Trump has so much faith and balls of brass when it comes to his confidence in the bold yet vague statements he makes publicly.
[This includes statements] like “wiretapping” and razzing the media with one-line zingers they can’t figure out, and then talk about/ hypothesize over for a week’s new cycle.
Q: Then why was Hannity and Cernovich saying something big today? They need to shut up if nothing delivers because it’s demoralizing.

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145499432 Report

Hannity is riding the hash coattails. You all assumed 7 as 7 days, and would then assume 7 means Monday, because he wasn’t on the air yesterday.
7 referred to last night’s hash drop.
Hannity now gets to address/ hype this on his show until the 21st, or until Assange decides he’s not getting enough reach or traction from Mueller and team, then decides to say f— it, and release.
For his sake, I hope he does what he said and gives til the 21st.
I want to see Mueller have to proactively address and publicly disclose it all himself, than Assange do it. This is what Trump is hoping as well.
It bodes better for Trump and the admin, if the “special prosecutor” America demanded, costing tax payers more than $1 million/day investigating what Trump AND Mueller both know is factual bullshit, looks better if Mueller breaks himself.
Assange and Hannity are playing this like a f–ing pressure cooker against Mueller and everyone else guilty and involved, right now.
They’re all scrambling trying to figure out what they can do and sadly for them, time is up.
There are VERY FEW options left for them.
And in this environment, with so many people paying such CLOSE attention to EVERY F–ING DETAIL released about everything AND ANYTHING (like the Vegas “investigation” shit show of “evidence” and “reporting”), they all know their old, standard, bag of once successful tricks, won’t work.
Q: I want to believe you so bad.

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145501925 Report

Believe it and feel good about it. Regardless of party afflictions or beliefs, as Americans we should ALL demand the TRUTH.
It’s why the MSM article published last week headling “Trump: A President Without A Party”, was actually REALLY F—ING IMPORTANT, despite the underlying left’s narrative throughout the piece.
Trump doesn’t have a party. When it’s all said and done, we will all realize that “WE, THE PEOPLE OF THIS GREAT UNION”, ARE THE ONLY F—ING PARTY HE CONSIDERS HIMSELF, TO REPRESENT.

I mean, you do realize you’re watching the Dems right now, try to backdoor the inevitable demise of their failing “Russia collusion” shit.

[They are doing this] by proactively trying to pin Awan for it all, to include what they’ll eventually try to pin him on, which is Seth Rich’s murder, right?!
[DW: Let’s not forget that Awan was the guy who went on the run after handing over DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s laptop to the police.]
They’ve known this was coming and they’re all trying to cover their asses on the Pakistani IT guy, who’s been whistle blowing with his wife for the last 2.5 weeks under oath, that he “only did what he was TOLD TO DO” and he got paid for doing just that.
If you ever hear the MSM try to report that Awan, or someone directly tied to him or one of his several shell businesses (((they))) registered and abused under him,
(and paid him VERY well to do so, BTW) “may be involved” or “directly linked” to the “murder of a young, DNC/Clinton Campaign staffer back in the summer of 2016”, this will all make sense.
He’s eluded in his testimony under oath that he’s being “set up”.
Guess what?! The Pakistani IS RIGHT!
But like I always remember, “sleep with the dogs, wake up with the fleas”.
But mark my words… Awan’s only crime was covering up the corruption he knew he was facilitating and letting (((them))) turn him into another “Patsy”, they could abuse and exploit, for his own profits/benefits.
His only mistake, like everyone else’s, was assuming or hoping his “NUMBER” wouldn’t be called.
He knew it had been called, just like fake shooter Paddock, his fake girlfriend and fake security guard hero Campos…

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145502426 Report

… the day they realized the day was fast approaching that Mueller’s “investigation” would have to publicly disclose, that RUSSIA NEVER HACKED/ LEAKED THE DNC EMAILS TO WIKILEAKS, IT WAS AN INTERNAL, DONESTIC US BREACH.
That’s EXACTLY when Awan started dumping what he had and making moves to get himself, his wife/family and their money, back to Pakistan.
As for the Dems, they all knew they were finished, when AWAN WAS STOPPED AND DETAINED AT THE AIRPORT. It’s over, friends.
Q: We’ll know if you’re LARPing by the end of the week. [LARP means Live Action Role Play… and is synonymous with lying.]

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145503017 Report

Relax. I’ve said a hundred times over the last 2.5 weeks before, “specific timeframes” screaming “it’s happening today, right now, in an hour, etc.”, should be the biggest f—ing “LARP” signal on your radar.
Look at Assange… even he just publicly tweeted last night that Wikileaks planned to release this dump October of last year as the final, 3rd piece of their promised “surprise”.
But [then,] NBC pulled the Trump/Bush bus tape and he was forced to pull his release from being published.

All I will say is that the wheels are in motion and have been, it’s all teed up…

Now, keep your eyes peeled, ears opened and WAIT for it, like EVERYONE ELSE.
Q: I tend to believe what you’ve said, I’m just curious what collusion actually looks like.

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145503252 Report

Don’t worry anon, when their shit hits the theoretical fan, terms they coined like “collusion” will be completely redefined.
You’ll know exactly what it really means and frankly, what it’s ALWAYS actually meant when (((they’ve))) said it. No confusion.
Q: Explain why Mueller comprised his team with people who have strong ties to the Clintons / DNC?

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145504651 Report

He, like Comey and MANY others, never CHOSE to drown in the swamp. They too, in many ways, are nothing more than “high-level Patsy’s”.
They were unintentionally sucked in a loooong time ago.
And before they even realized the shit they’d been roped and doped into doing wasn’t actually for “national security” or the “protection/defense of the greater good”, it was far too late for them.
I said it earlier this past spring… when the dust settles, you’ll find out Trump isn’t kidding when he says he’s “giving people chances” to “redeem” themselves, their departments, agencies, professional careers and personal reputations.
Trump knows he can’t “drain the swamp” alone or overnight, but he also knows there are many in the swamp who’ve been begging to get out.
All they needed was someone like him, or Reagan, or JFK for f–s sake, to extend a hand and pull them out.

Realize that it’s far easier to think and say “what you would do”, if you were in positions like Comey, Mueller, hell, even Lois Lerner.

It’s always easy for inherently GOOD PEOPLE, to think and say they’d always, “DO THE RIGHT THING”…
That is, until your kids, family, decades long professional/ personal reputations, your livelyhood, future and the sovereignty of NOT being in jail, serving 15-30 years, are threatened and very realistically, at stake.
THIS ISNT A F—ING GAME /pol/. In this “swamp”, you’re not afforded the luxury of remaining a nameless, faceless f—ing “anon” with nothing to seemingly lose.
Look at your threads for f—s sake. Half of you are under 27, unmarried, no kids, no mortgages or mouths to feed.
Half of you are still in school, safely tucked under your parent’s financial umbrella of security, while coming home to their house, eating their food, using their coinless laundry machines/ detergent during holiday/ summer school breaks.
That’s all fine, BTW. It’s what you SHOULD be doing, while and if you can (I do realize not everyone’s situations aren’t so cozy)…


ID:pI4yGye9 No.145506303 Report

But that said, realize and consider that a large majority of this corrupt, decaying swamp, got into “politics” thinking they were showing up every day, to serve the public, as intended.
Most of them did not intend on being neck deep in the swamp’s sludge, with what has become, SO MUCH at stake to lose for them.
Most of them were set up.
And thankfully, most of them are taking advantage of the opportunity they’ve been given to crawl out and clean themselves off.

When it’s all done, you’ll know who WAS DIRTY, but you’ll also have to learn to accept and appreciate what they risked on Trump, to get out and help.

The swamp only successfully DRAINS when YOU SEE those, once eyeball-deep in its filth, coming forward and helping the cause.
You’ll have no choice but to see them as Trump does… the ultimate “whistleblowers.”
And if you open your eyes/ears and give yourselves a headstart now, you’ll see Trump’s rationale over certain cabinet picks and candidate backings he’s publicly made, that you’ve debated and questioned on this board.
I mean really, /pol/ do you think people still stuck in the swamp weren’t jumping at the chance to offer themselves, their knowledge and assistance to Trump, BEFORE HE WON?!
I realize that might be hard for you to comprehend, BUT also remember, the swamp saw the REAL election polls and results.
(((They))) knew Trump had been significantly leading and trending for MONTHS to win.
And NO ONE KNEW BETTER THAN (((THEM))), that the MSM would say/do WHATEVER IT TOOK, to keep that truth from the public.
Haha, incorporating and transitioning those begging and dying to leave the swamp was one of BANNON’S PRIMARY ROLES IN THE ADMIN!!!
Pay attention y’all… you’re slacking if you don’t realize all of this.
If you don’t, then you’ve completely lost the very foundation, of the “4D chess”, y’all claim Trump has been playing.
This should not be a new concept for you. This is not “news”. It’s fact.
For his or her own safety, this insider claimed to not be affiliated with any “alphabet” agency.
It is possible that this person is working as some sort of independent contractor.
Yet the patterns of grammar, sentence mechanics and content suggest this is the same FBI insider who has been speaking since July 2016:

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145507252 Report

Again to be clear, I’m not, nor have I ever been, associated or employed by any alphabet…
And for the record, from what I’ve seen on here, no one you’ve ever considered associated or employed by one, has been here either.
The ones who’ve claimed to have been, exposed too many obvious holes in the cheese, they tried to feed you.
I don’t work for anyone but myself. I choose which jobs I ultimately work and the roles I fulfill, for others on their behalf.
Always have, always will. If more did the same, they’d have avoided the swamp, too.
Q: Will we get the truth regarding Seth Rich?

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145508325 Report

I have high hopes but I can’t say for sure.
Have to see how far down the field we get with the Awan investigation and the Assange release.


The Awan investigation plays a huge part, but after Assange releases, we may not need to go further with the investigation.
We might just find out if the file set clearly shows where the DNC corruption/ Russia collision lies, you know what I mean?
The release may very well make an investigation into Awan moot, because we will know his testimony is right.
He did what he said he did for the DNC. He’ll be convicted and sentenced, he’ll serve his pled down term for cooperating, and that will be the last you hear from him.
I can (and did yesterday) confirm the time period and subjects a majority of the Wikileaks data set will cover. 
[However,] the extent of miscellaneous shit that will also be included, as we’ve seen included in the past (like the unexpected, seemingly coded emails about what we now call “pizza”, in the Podesta drop) which would then lead to unforeseen revelations, are what I can’t confirm because I don’t know what else could be in the files.
Weiner’s share of the laptop also adds a bit of personal interest for me.
We already know what to expect based on Huma’s involvement, but Weiner is a wild card of his own.
I honestly can’t wait to see what was directly captured from Weiner’s files.
Q: Do you think Mueller will fold? I’d like it to be him instead of Assange, and so does Trump.
I can’t see why Mueller wouldn’t if it’s going to drop anyways. He either goes down a hero or lives long enough to see himself become a villain.

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145511992 Report

[Mueller will] Fold?!
Step outside of your mind and what you’ve been programmed by the MSM and every dirty presidential admin since George H. Bush.
Imagine for one second that maybe, just maybe, Mueller (and his best bud Comey, too), “folded” close to a year ago.
Imagine if Comey and Mueller, LIKE MANY OTHERS, not only “secretly folded”, but WILLINGLY volunteered…
To not only help drain the swamp of all those who’ve ALWAYS wanted out and NEVER wanted to be there,
but have also been (secretly) HELPING to PURGE the rest of the REALLY corrupt, who ARE WILLING TO DIE TO KEEP THE SWAMP CHURNING.
due to “new evidence” as it pertained to their takeover of the NYPD’s active Weiner investigation — and new evidence presented, again, just a week before the election?!
Don’t you realize, at least by now, what Comey was telling you?!
Stick with me on this… you’ll want to remember this forever. READ THIS CAREFULLY!

1. Lynch and Bill Clinton PURPOSEFULLY PLANNED to have an unironic, questionably shady, private meeting on the tarmac.

2. (((THEY))) ALL KNEW, Lynch would catch public shit for it, because that’s how they planned it.
3. They leaked it themselves so when they’d awkwardly and eventually DENY rumors that they’d met (also started and circulated by them) in an undisclosed airplane meeting…

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145514550 Report

All I’m ever going to say is this. MAYBE the SAME PEOPLE, who talk about Assange in the “present tense” are in fact, the SANE PEOPLE, who literally saved his VERY thankful ass.
Think Hillary and (((they))) were kidding about droning him?!
If not a drone, an unironic “terror attack” that just happened to be so unfortunately close (as planned) to the Embassy might have sufficed too, no?!
I mean, you can’t really drop a drone on a guy after you say it out loud in front of actual people, right?

I will never confirm or deny, but, hypothetically, if a covert, exhaustive effort had been made, to “save” Assange from an intercepted, impending and immediate threat against his life,

then one could ONLY ASSUME that an EQUALLY exhaustive effort, to make him disappear from ANYONE LOOKING FOR HIM, would also be made…
And yes, sadly, even innocent and concerned people like you, unknowingly begging him to EXPOSE HIMSELF, via requests for the “proof of life” he could NEVER FOLLOW THROUGH ON, IN THE EXACT WAY HE TOLD YOU TO EXPECT HE WOULD, because he knew what that would ultimately lead to.
See when you save and hide people, confusion is the FIRST line of defense.
If not important, why not just ditch the hood and drape him in an American flag while sticking him in a car with Idaho license plates for f— sake.
Hell, maybe it wasn’t Americans. Maybe it was a military ops contractor. Maybe they weren’t contracted directly by the US.
Maybe an ally did us a solid, and came through on their promise to make it look good for the “eye witnesses”.
Come on, /pol/. Didn’t his offer of extradition tip you off?! Didn’t you find it all odd, at least by now… in 20/20 hindsight?!

Point is, you don’t know who took him. You don’t know where they took him.

You don’t know what he’s done since being taken, and most importantly, until it’s time… YOU NEVER WILL.
Q: You just said giving specific dates
>the 21st
Is a massive giveaway that you’re “LARP’ing”

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145515053 Report

Assange and Wikileaks gave you the 21st, clown. Pay attention. They tweeted more than a week ago that Trump and the DOJ had until the 21st.
It’s why Hannity is helping promote it with vague tick tocks, and why Assange replied to Hannity last night saying Mueller nor anyone else has reached [out] to him.
Remember, what’s a man to think?!

They’re poking Mueller to come out with it or Assange will.

Either way Trump knows it’s coming.
[He] doesn’t care how, but he knows Mueller having to eat it and disclose it himself publicly bodes better for a Trump “win”.

Q: I like your narrative overall, but something about trump and comey having a deal just feels like it can’t be true to me.

But then again I can’t fathom comey. Everyone says he’s a good guy, but then he just didn’t look like he was shooting straight

I do completely buy his whole thing with trump asking for loyalty. It totally matches what Penn jillette said about him to a tee.


ID:pI4yGye9 No.145515985 Report

Lynch and Clinton set Comey up, [so they] HAVE to publicly suggest indictment or not.
(((They))) called Patsy Comey’s number, and he knew it was “his turn”.
Clinton/ Lynch purposefully leaked the tarmac meeting, complete with photos making it look extra good, to a local network affiliate station and reporter.
This allowed Lynch to formally recuse herself over “conflict of interest”.
[That way,] she wouldn’t be forced to indict the first woman president.
They wanted/ needed her to continue to serve as Attorney General, by ensuring she’d continue her role of covering their asses.

Didn’t you find it weird how Comey basically spelled out EVERY SINGLE CHARGE, he would’ve nabbed ANYONE ELSE ON, BUT HILLARY?!

Not for nothing, but when Comey gave that public statement and didn’t recommend indictment on behalf of conveniently recused Lynch, to the DOJ, he looked just as green-faced and nervous as f—ing Lombardo, the puppeteered LV Sheriff.
Q: I think you’ve told us that the disclosures have been delayed at least twice already, once by hurricane drama and once by Vegas.
That implies that Assange was willing to wait, but it also implies it could be delayed again. And again. Hence our urgency.

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145517897 Report

Trump’s 3 main disclosures to the public are separate from this. Don’t confuse.
In my posts that are well capped and documented in full as related, do not mention the upcoming Wikileaks actions or Assange.
These are all things that lead up to and will ultimately confirm, Trump’s 3 much larger scopes of coverage.

To be honest, if Assange is able to seamlessly get this out, or Mueller gives in and is forced to publicly address/ confirm it all, and then recommends indictment to Sessions,

I’d go as far as to say we might not even need Trump to address all of what he’s got coming for us, in a formal Presidential, network address.
Assange’s dump would devastate the “old” FBI, the portions that still think they work for (((them))), not Wray or Trump, to the point of no return.
Trump might be able to just disclose the fall of the “old” FBI.
He will then have Wray gut [it] immediately, from the rose garden or in a primetime aired interview.
CIA and Fed will come, but the FBI is halfway out the door and they know it. That’s why I alluded to them first, in my original post about it.
The point is after Assange, there’s no real strings holding the FBI together.
The need for the demise and downfall of their “old ways”, will be clear and their impending swamp, drained.
Q: who is (((they))) in this instance?

ID:pI4yGye9 No.145521747 Report

For me, I use (((they))) to describe or refer to the corrupt of anything.
Every gov’t, organization, corporation, group or population of people (whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc.) all have (((they))).
In reality there’s a (((they))) associated with everything and everyone.
(((They))) are always the very, very small percentage, of the very top of everything.
[They are] everyone who ultimately dominate the 3 most important things over the majorities of anything and everyone they represent:
Power, Control and Money.



Yesterday, October 21st, was the first day where everything we’ve just read about here may have come to a head.

I have been working non-stop for days now to get this out before the politics will start up again on Monday morning… and we made it!

Part of why I put this together on such a “rush notice” is to awaken the greater community at large to these stunning events as they unfold.

We can help put pressure on Assange to release the files in case all we hear from Robert Mueller is “the sound of silence.”

This is certainly an evolving story. Maybe now, after surveying all of this evidence, you may agree with me that Something Big is Coming.

As always, we thank you for your support in helping to spread this message and inform others.



This article has gone insanely viral, racking up over 68,000 views in the first twelve hours. Thank you for helping us spread the word!

The latest Benjamin Fulford article just dropped nine minutes ago. He passes along all intel he gets. Much of it does not happen but other things do match.

Some had asked about the possible release of suppressed JFK assassination data by the president. This is what one of Fulford’s sources had to say:

One senior Pentagon source who has been consistently reliable in the past said that “The Trump release of JFK files may implicate Bush Senior, Mossad, the CIA, and the deep state. 

[It] may be a prelude to an intel dump on 9/11, suppressed technology, the secret space program, and other disclosures prior to mass arrests.”


This sounds just like what we’ve been saying here. I do believe he is being honest in saying this is a senior Pentagon source.

This would also line up with my prophetic dream from June.

I will also say that we had a massive California-wide internet and phone problem for much of the day Saturday that made it extremely difficult to write this article.

Every time I published anything, I had to wait an average of a minute and 25 seconds before it would actually upload.

Please remember: public pressure is how we will ensure that these leaks reach the light of day.

This is not a spectator sport. You can help steer the outcome by spreading the word — and clearing out the psychopaths.



The hit counter has been moving so fast on this one that I doubted if my subconscious could be tweaked to get synchronistic number alignments.

As I have said, they do not happen by any conscious intent, and appear at seemingly random points.

The level of precision to “nail it” at this speed has to be much, much greater, since we are about to break 100,000 views in about 16 hours.

Nonetheless, it happened again just as I came in here to review the document — 97979:



I’ve never had this particular configuration before. It’s got a 77 and a 999 in it, evenly distributed. It also is a great signpost of how fast this is going.

OK, another update after the above. I decided to play a game with this and start clicking randomly a few times here and there, just to see what would happen.

I tried to quiet my mind and just go with what felt right each time. Despite how fast it was moving, the results did not disappoint:



Every click had a number pattern in it! 99833, 99880, 99927, 100013. This all happened at random within about a 90-second period.

Contrary to what some folks might think, there is just no way I could done this deliberately. It was a fun psychic experiment, and it worked!

It also helped time-stamp the fastest crossing over 100K that we’ve ever had, thanks to your support. Just a hair over 16 hours.

Let me say this… I don’t have time to follow 4Chan, so as the 4plebs archives of NEW intel from the FBI Insider appear, please link to them in the comments.

Thanks again for helping spread the word. We can work together and help ensure that these leaks can create a non-violent solution for all of us.



A big thanks to Joshua Boruch in the comments section for dropping us all a link to the most active, current threads from MegAnon on 4chan.

I haven’t even read it yet, but here’s the link:

Also thanks to Christa L for giving us a link to an article about the Mueller probe expanding the investigation to Tony Podesta.

This could be of HUGE significance, as it fits in precisely with everything we’ve been hearing:



I just got done having a text exchange with my insider, Paul. I am still in shock but feel it is essential to report what happened.

Just 30 minutes after this article went up last night, at 6:30 PM, Paul was struck unexpectedly in his vehicle… and suffered a head-on collision.

The driver had wildly veered over into the oncoming lane right before the impact.

Thankfully, he survived with only concussions and whiplash. His vehicle, however, was completely totaled.

This is a guy who has already lost everything, just like Pete. The last worldly possession he still owned was the vehicle.

After I leaked his intel in David Wilcock’s Brakes Sabotaged: Was It the Dark Alliance?, his house was burglarized to the bare walls.

A single bullet was left standing on his countertop. This is a still from the video where he filmed this:



He was the one who had leaked the intel to me about the “smart suits,” which I debuted here last night at 6PM.

The timing, particularly in light of everything else that has been going on the last few months, is extremely suspect.

As with the complete theft of everything in his house, I have asked him to document the vehicle damage with photos and video for later publication.

This may have been an example of vehicle hacking being used to steer another car into hitting his car. It is totally crazy.



So let’s talk about how all of these things may be related.

In response to some scornful comments we received, I am NOT saying these accidents are because of me.

What I AM saying is that the Cabal is on the verge of a mass, public exposure. I am one of the people covering that story with intel most others don’t have.

The reason this and the previous articles have been so lengthy is that the data will be scrutinized far more in the future if this comes to pass. The case is very complex.

The Alliance will make its moves regardless of whether I am involved in any of this or not. Their plan does NOT revolve around me or my work.

That being said, I did have my life threatened. Corey’s life was threatened. Pete’s life was threatened. Paul’s life was threatened. Tompkins actually died.

The brakes did go out on my car. Now Paul has just had a head-on collision. It is a miracle that he wasn’t injured more greatly. It was a big, bulky SUV.



I had been telegraphing for three days via electronic communication that I was writing “the big one” — i.e. this article. 

Therefore, I have theorized that the Cabal is trying to “clean it up” before either being exposed or attempting a Partial Disclosure.

The Partial Disclosure could involve UFOs and / or ancient ruins in Antarctica.

Any scholars or insiders who could credibly and intelligently counter these plans would become a threat.

Certain individuals could throw off the narrative the Cabal is trying to spin more than others. We are simply some of those people.

Tompkins’ testimony is of almost singular importance in establishing the origins of the Secret Space Program during WWII for the US, as one example.

Many others are undoubtedly facing similar threats at this time.

Anyone who is going to dump shame, make rude attacks, say this is about “Ego and Money,” et cetera should be shunned. Don’t feed the trolls.

The vast majority of you get it. And for that I thank you. We are not giving up. We will keep fighting. Thanks for helping spread the word.



The previous article was showing a 222 immediately after I posted this:



Then right after I posted the above just now, there were three sets of double digits — spread out across the last two articles.

The hit counters were now at 137711 and 255231:



I will be speaking to Paul very soon and will have more information as this unfolds.