Now after our comprehensive analysis in Part One and Part Two, let’s go back to the core of the threats I received.

Threats I had received by phone, allegedly on behalf of the Rothschilds, precisely matched threats we got a month later in the comments section.

Why would I be threatened to “dump Corey Goode” or else be “ruined” by an aggressive and very effective hacker?




In case you are new to all of this, Corey Goode is a whistleblower who claims to have worked in a “Secret Space Program” or SSP that is very advanced.

Think about this.

Why would the Dark Alliance be going to so much trouble to “destroy” us — which you will know a lot more about as of this Wednesday — if Corey was BS?

Don’t you think that if Corey had made this all up, people would just leave us alone?

Why would an entire group of people go on an unrelenting, bloodthristy quest to create as much damage as possible — and now to possibly even try to kill me?

We are not getting rich by being on Gaia. Each of us need to juggle multiple jobs in order to pay the bills and remain stable. No one should be jealous of that.

The frequency, intensity and, yes, desperation of these attacks suggests that someone is very scared about what Corey has been telling us.

For this same reason, we really need to step back and try to view this objectively, even if this information tweaks our existing belief systems.



Before I ever spoke to Corey, I had many hundreds of hours of conversations about very strange things that would seem like science fiction to most people.

In some cases, witnesses who had already come forward were willing to share much more with me than they had with anyone else.

I had deliberately withheld almost everything I was hearing in order to be able to determine who was “real” and who was simply parroting information.

Unfortunately, no one else in the UFO community was gaining this level of inside intel about the SSP, as far as I could tell. I do truly regret that.

Each new insider provided overwhelming correlations with what I had heard from others.

These correlations were often highly specific, including “prowords” or codenames of various projects that had never been made public.



I still have recordings of each and every voice conversation I had with Corey as all of this started in October 2014.

I also have a comprehensive written document where I summarized all the new things he was telling me — and it is over 200 pages long.

Although I would need to go through the recordings and remove personal information, they do very much exist and could be presented in a court case.

One leaked Dark Alliance plan I am aware of is to say that there is a tape of me “coaching” Corey on what to say on Coast to Coast.

Jimmy Church researched this thoroughly, as we will discuss on Wednesday night, and proved it is a completely false claim… one of many dozens like it.

Again, though, hacking my website for a silly down-vote attack is one thing. Losing the brakes on my car is entirely something else.

You mean to tell me that someone wants me dead for talking to Corey Goode? What in the hell for?

If he is a liar, then why would you literally attempt murder to try to silence my voice if I didn’t “dump” him?



How would these attackers propose I “dump Corey Goode” when my main job involves interviewing him for a weekly television program called Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia?

We occasionally bring in special guests like Pete Peterson who do better with one-on-one interviews, but the vast majority of all episodes feature Corey.

Even if I did want to listen to this threat — which I do not — Gaia typically has months of un-aired footage in the can at any one time.

If I somehow did indeed “dump Corey Goode,” Gaia would still continue releasing these un-aired episodes for months to satisfy their subscribers.

These episodes would still be coming out even if the Dark Alliance could somehow have threatened me enough to make me spontaneously quit my job.

Therefore what the Dark Alliance was asking me was fundamentally impossible to achieve, even if I had wanted to.

The request was completely ludicrous.

Plus, as I said, you never cut a deal with the Cabal. It is already a guaranteed fact that they will betray you. To think otherwise is to be a fool.



Much to my great surprise, an insider I thought I could trust had conveyed this serious threat to me in the course of two phone calls on July 3rd, 2017.

This was just over a month before Jack Smith’s comment.

As I said, the insider told me that although he did not support the Rothschilds, he felt he “owed them a favor” from events that had occurred in the past.

He conveyed a threat to me allegedly on their behalf. Everything centered on Corey Goode and “The God-Damned Blue Birds.”

I was completely flabbergasted that this person would cross that line, but he did.

[This is not Pete Peterson, who has always had the highest integrity, and who bravely came forward again in two recent episodes of Cosmic Disclosure.]



This must sound ridiculous to you, and I understand that. Nonetheless, this is actually the fifth time now that someone I knew has conveyed a threat to me allegedly on behalf of the Rothschilds.

I am definitely not saying this to try to “be cool” or to brag. Au contraire, mon frere.

I really wish I didn’t have to get entangled with these people at all, but this is the karmic wheel I am now on.

The last threat was back in 2015, so it had been a while.

I had not listened to these threats before, but in this case the operation was already very visible through the actions of the Dark Alliance.



In this call, I was told that there were a series of ‘assets’ that were active presences online, in case I hadn’t been paying attention. 

I was told they were already very aggressively attacking Corey Goode for months.

I was told that these people were paid to do this.

It was strongly hinted that I could receive money as well. I was told that with their support, I could become “the next Alex Jones.”

They felt that if I started doing a lot more videos, I could become as popular as he is — and if I cooperated, they claimed they could help me get there.

Specifically, I was told that I would need to find something of value I owned that I could sell, like my car.

I would then be significantly overpaid for the item.

This was a straight-ahead attempt to bribe me. I listened but did not respond — and obviously did not accept.



I was specifically being asked to dedicate my public platform to talking about ancient ruins under the ice in Antartica.

When I asked if I was also being encouraged to discuss all the bases we have there now, I was told no.

It was important that I only focus on the ancient stuff. They wanted to make it look like this was a recent and fairly small-scale discovery.

I had already revealed in The Ascension Mysteries that the Cabal believes themselves to be the descendants of “Fallen Angels” who crash-landed on earth.

They then became a race of giants as well as normal-sized humans. All of them had elongated skulls and significantly higher IQs and metaphysical abilities.

Pete Peterson and others have confirmed that massive, miles-long motherships have been found under the ice in Antarctica.

These have been very extensively studied, as I documented in my Antarctic Atlantis YouTube video.

This is of very high religious significance to the Cabal. They believe these are the ruins of their own ancestors. In their world all of this is very, very real.



One of the endgames behind setting up the Antarctic Atlantis story is to roll out the existence of the motherships after the public has had a chance to acclimate.

Their apparent hope was that these “Fallen Angels” would be seen as gods, and they would regain the “Divine Right of Kings” they felt they had lost.

Strangely, Corey was told by his contact Ka’Aree that one potential timeline for Earth’s future involves a complete “prison planet” situation.

In this timeline, the Draco reptilian ETs actually rule us openly. Even the Cabal ends up completely betrayed and subjugated to these malicious beings.

If we do not rise up now, we could fall into that timeline far more easily than we might think. Ka’Aree’s people were seriously concerned about this.

I spent weeks meditating on what she had said, in light of the threats I had received. Seriously?

I have still never gotten my own chance to meet these people “in person,” if in fact they do exist. That may be changing soon, as we will see.

I had to think deeply about the whole thing. Could I afford to be skeptical at this point, and act out of fear and self-preservation?

“Just in case” this is all actually true, wouldn’t I be far better off taking a stand instead of being a coward?



I agree this all sounds like a ridiculous sci-fi or fantasy movie. I didn’t make any immediate public statements about it.

I had already been threatened. I have invested enormous personal resources into covering this story in The Ascension Mysteries and on Cosmic Disclosure.

This article has turned into a novella, and I am still only scratching the surface of all the intricacies of what is going on here.

I fully understand that it is nearly hopeless to expect that most people would believe any of this, and I am fine with that.

Either way, in order to continue looking myself in the eye in the mirror and feeling good about it, I decided I had to take a stand.

Just imagine if all this “crazy stuff” turned out to be true, and I had to live with the fact that I had failed to do my part at a critical point in our evolution.

I could not live with that. Could you?

All of us have very important roles to play in this.



The Cabal’s plan is for a “Partial Disclosure” where we are told that the truth will emerge after 40 to 100 years.

This information from Ka’Aree revealed that, just like so many other Cabal strategies, this was an absolute lie.

The plan was only to release a small amount of information. Just enough to fascinate and dazzle the world.

Then, this information was intended to be used to buy enough time that mass depopulation efforts could be attempted, ushering in a “New World Order.”

Come on, you guys. Enough is enough. No one is going along with your New World Order. You either have to find another way or get off the stage.

All we need is for a few brave souls to be willing to step up and fight for what is right.

That is what the Alliance is doing. It is a miserable struggle and the outcome seems perilous at best, but it simply must be done.



Ka’Aree is apparently one of the human-looking beings we would classify as benevolent, angelic extraterrestrials.

I am about to begin a new season of Wisdom Teachings on Gaia where I will go through sixteen different episodes outlining their prophecies of the times we are now in.

This is very fascinating stuff that weaves a path through all major religions and spiritual traditions in history, creating a new and unified view.

Most interestingly, Ka’Aree has said that this upcoming eclipse is a key moment in time for determining which timeline we will end up experiencing.

Energetic qualities of this alignment are apparently “authorizing” the Cabal to get away with a lot more than they normally could.

This was told to me BEFORE the brakes went out on my car — amidst many other crazy and upsetting things I won’t even bother going into.

We were told that the Cabal is going to be doing mass sacrifices of adults and infants to try to activate the energy of this eclipse for their own purposes.

For this same reason, it is very important that we, as responsible stewards of this information, focus on a mass meditation for this same timeframe.

All you need to do is to try to be as peaceful, loving, contemplative and meditative as possible around the time of the eclipse. And that time starts now.



The single most interesting thing Ka’Aree said is that the “good guys” in her crew and others like them will be contacting people like us far more directly.

This is how they intend to use the spring-loaded potential of this eclipse.

Apparently the energetic changes our solar system is going through, as I have been discussing in Wisdom Teachings, have created a very powerful lensing effect with this eclipse.

The science to explain this seemingly paranormal belief system has been very thoroughly laid out in the over 230 existing episodes of my show.

We are told that people who are of sufficiently positive “vibration” will start receiving powerful dreams and even telepathic messages during this timeframe.

This is just the beginning. These initial contacts will apparently build up to actual in-person visitations, just like what Corey Goode has claimed is happening to him.



The benevolent ETs have their own set of rules they must follow. These are cosmic laws that revolve around preserving our individual and collective free will.

If you are a big fan of this work, you may have asked yourself “Why is this great stuff happening to Corey but not to me?”

Although I have received reliable telepathic and dream contact for the last 21 years, as I said in the previous article, I was one of these people as well.

Other people I know have gotten these awesome in-person contacts, but I never have — at least not that I am aware of.



It finally seems that the “good guys” in this cosmic drama are getting ready to show up.

They are obviously concerned about how this will activate the egos of the contactees. They are very, very strict on personal conduct.

Humility, respect and honor is all-important to these beings. If you try to portray yourself as a Messiah, you have completely missed the point.

It is our destiny — all of us — to regain contact with our galactic families. This is just the first step into eternity.

The appropriate response is to be honored and inspired to work even harder on being loving, compassionate, forgiving, brave and honorable people.



After you receive a contact like this, you simply continue to “chop wood and carry water,” as the Buddhist monks would say.

It would be absolutely inappropriate to see yourself as special, to try to form a cult, gain followers or otherwise make a big deal out of this.

If it does happen, some initial excitement and fascination will naturally be expected. No higher being would fault anyone for that.

Apparently, enough people are going to be contacted — if they can meditate and keep a pure alignment — that Disclosure will soon become inevitable.

The Partial Disclosure / negative timeline will be completely shattered by the mass awakening that then starts taking place.

Contacts will become so widespread that no one will be able to deny that something incredibly powerful and supernatural is happening.

I take this very seriously, since I have had numerous validations that Corey is indeed speaking to genuine higher beings.

Yes, it’s bizarre. Don’t believe it if you don’t feel like it. I really don’t mind. If this appeals to you, then you might want to start working your practice.



I believe Corey was given accurate information when he got this.

I have been working very hard to meditate, work out and stay pure even as the attacks have been greater than ever.

I am very glad that we did not “authorize” that car attack into being something far worse, if not a fatality. It was handled with complete grace and ease.

The reason it didn’t turn into anything worse is that we have all been working very hard to maintain a pure alignment. This only inspires us even further.

The message from the beings has been that we’ve all gotten a little too “loose” with negative behavior.

Just a small number of us making a re-dedicated effort to be loving, compassionate, patient, kind and honorable can make all the difference.

This could very well represent the first major stage of the Ascension process.

Just think how amazing it would be if you actually received a contact similar to what Corey has reported.

I do really hope this is true, as I would love to get my own chance to meet with these people.

You can’t just walk in there. You have to do the work. You elevate your mental state, choose to focus on positive thoughts, and you earn your way in.



Now I hope you can understand the greater context that was at work when this threat from “Jack Smith” appeared in the comments section.

This was not the first time someone had flagrantly threatened me to “dump Corey Goode” or else I would be ruined.

This insider specifically told me that Corey was going to be “brought to the slaughterhouse” and that if I moved away from him, I would be spared.

Furthermore, if I did what they wanted, they were ready to give me significant assistance, support, logistics and financing.

As soon as that psychopathic comment appeared, I went cold: “My god. This really is a coordinated intelligence operation.”

You may be asking, “Why Antarctica? Ancient ruins? Give me a break.” I know. I couldn’t make this stuff up. It is all too convoluted and weird.

The negative elite want to start a new world religion by introducing us to their own religious pilgrimage site. We can’t afford to stand down and do nothing.



This gets to the core of the battle for Disclosure, and how various warring factions are hoping to see it play out on the world stage.

If what we are hearing is true, we are going to see some major action on Disclosure very soon.

The positive Alliance is going to prosecute Pedogate soon enough. In my next article I will share evidence pointing in this direction.

It seems that each faction in this battle is desperately trying to make as many last-minute arrangements as possible before they flip the switch.

The benevolent ETs may well start making moves to contact people in the aftermath of some world-changing developments.

We have also heard that the benevolent human ETs may actually formally reveal themselves to humanity through joint appearances with the Alliance.

I know, I know… you’ve heard these sorts of things for too long and don’t want to get your hopes up. I get it. I feel the same way. Believe me.

Nonetheless, I don’t want to drop the ball and fail to pass this along just in case it is true this time — and someone is trying to murder me because of it.



It all started when we published one of the most comprehensive Pedogate summaries online in Endgame Part I, on December 6th, 2016 — ensuring the information could not be silenced by video takedowns.

This was followed by an urgent revealing of plans to disclose ancient stone ruins under the ice in Antarctica in Endgame Part II, in the afternoon of December 11th.

The team we are calling the “Teddy Bear” attacked and destroyed my YouTube channel less than two weeks later, starting right around Christmas.



We were told the revealing of ruins in the Antarctic would be part of a “Partial Disclosure” plan, in which the elites would take 40 to 100 years to reveal the full truth.

Eventually we would hear about motherships they found under the ice in Antarctica, and ruins on Mars and other satellites that looked very similar.

Just imagine how much our world would change if absolute proof of this nature was formally presented to humanity. It is barely even conceivable.

Literally within hours of when we posted Endgame Part II, incredible proof that our insiders were right started appearing in the headlines:



Tabloids began revealing exactly what the insiders told us was going to happen — namely rumors of ancient architecture under the Antarctic ice.



Less than 24 hours after we posted our warning, the Sun revealed a surprising new twist.

They teased us by saying a video would soon be released from an expedition that allegedly found these ruins back in 2002:



Take a look at this quote and read it for yourself. It is stunning that this emerged less than 24 hours after our urgent update:

Conspiracy theorists went wild earlier this year when a video claiming to be from the lost city emerged.

It appeared to show extensive ancient ruins hidden in the ice, and was a video supposedly ‘left behind’ by a California TV crew who have been missing since 2002.

Archaeologist Jonathan Gray claimed that the US government is trying to block the video from being seen because it reveals there is a “massive archaeological dig under way two miles beneath the ice”.



Considering that I have my finger on the pulse of the conspiracy community, with many hundreds of written communications a day, I can tell you this:

If there actually had been such a video of Antarctic ruins that caused “conspiracy theorists” to go “wild”, I would have had dozens, if not hundreds of letters about it.

How many did I get? Not one.

Why? Because this is fake news. They made it up.

That doesn’t change the fact that they may very well be setting the stage for a genuine disclosure in the future.

This whole storyline, leaked in the tabloids, could later turn out to be true. Devastatingly true.



As the article goes on, we see even more evidence of a “limited hangout,” where much of the intel Corey and others have shared was revealed:

But that’s not the wildest claim – with several online websites claiming that there is a city in Antarctica and HITLER knew about it, making it a secret Nazi base.

The wild claims state that the Nazis claimed an area of Antarctica as German territory and sent an expedition there.



They then allegedly mapped the area and discovered a network of rivers and caves, one of which led to a large geothermal lake.

A city-sized base was built there, called “Base 22 or New Berlin”, and supposedly was home to not only Nazis but also the Illuminati.

However, things get even weirder, with suggestions that the Germans discovered abandoned alien technology OR contacted aliens, and used it to make super weapons.

And some people think the rumoured base still exists, with the Germans, aliens, and the Illuminati planning to launch a New World Order from it.



At this point, whoever is threatening me isn’t even trying to hide their actions. They are simply hoping that I will be intimidated or even permanently silenced.

This article, and the radio show we are doing this Wednesday night, is your answer.

For years now we have been presenting information and analysis about an international Cabal that literally seeks to wipe out the vast majority of all human life on earth.

This is admittedly a very difficult concept for people to believe. As a close family member told me, “I can’t live in a world where this is true.”

Denying the truth is not an effective strategy when we are surrounded on all sides by the evidence. We may not like it, but we do need to face reality.

This article has only just started to scratch the surface of everything that is going on, which we will discuss in the radio show.

Once the brakes went out on my car, all bets were off. The Cabal and Dark Alliance are firing real bullets, and we are not going down without a fight.

Tune in Wednesday night, as by then I may be authorized to say a lot more than I can say right now.



As of today, Monday August 14th, my show Wisdom Teachings is back on Gaia after a short break — with much-improved production value and “B-roll.”

This new season kicks off with an episode revealing how the Draco reptilian ETs undeniably appear in the ancient Hindu scriptures as “Rakshasas.”

This is a further academic validation of the testimony of Corey Goode, William Tompkins, Pete Peterson and other insiders.



Gaia’s programs have significantly improved in production value, and I am very relieved that this has finally extended to Wisdom Teachings as well.

In order to kick off my new-and-improved show, here is a brief video Gaia just released to set the stage:



You can help support our cause, and provide much-needed financial relief to this grassroots team, by signing up for a month at 99 cents with no obligation.

Bear in mind that at 99 cents, you can cancel at any time in the first month, pay nothing more, and have access to all 8000 unique titles in the library.

Your subscription allows you to see everything there is on Gaia. There are no “partial” memberships.

This includes multiple original programs such as Deep Space, Unearthing Nazca, Missing Links with Gregg Braden, False Flags with Richard Dolan and Beyond Belief with George Noory.



I am also happy to announce that the paperback version of The Ascension Mysteries can be in your hands tomorrow — Tuesday, August 15th.

This book is not to be missed. The second half is a tour-de-force summary of what all the various insiders I met over the years told me.

This collection of evidence makes it very clear that Corey Goode wasn’t making anything up. You get all the back-story that led me to believe this was true.

He was simply adding more information to what was already a very robust collection of data I had gathered.

Hundreds of references are provided in the book for you to do further reading and see how far-reaching all the connections really are.



Here is an order link for the book on Amazon:



This Wednesday night, I will be on Fade to Black with Jimmy Church. This is a free program that will be legitimately available on YouTube afterwards.

You can find out more information by going to the Jimmy Church Radio website.



Thanks again for your support and encouragement in these trying times.

We will not be silenced.

Though I was very upset by this, I will continue working to stay as pure in my alignment as possible — for the betterment of everyone.

This is something we can all be working on. The payoff might just be well worth the effort.



Immediately after I posted this, did a final editing pass and confirmed there were no mistakes, I backed out and the previous article had a numerical synchronicity.

This time it was the hit counter being at 63111.

This phenomenon is remarkably consistent:



Synchronicity is just one part of the process that is apparently building up to telepathic and in-person contacts, so as always, I see this as a good sign.



I got up in the middle of the night to re-read this more deeply. After making one change and backing out, synchronicity struck again on the hit counter.

This time it was the April article we published that announced the apparent defeat of the Teddy Bear videos — at the time.

The hit counter was, you guessed it, a three-digit synchronicity at the end — 176444:



The adventure goes on. I do hope all the things we have been leaking here turn out to be true.



Instantaneously after I posted the above update at 5:10 AM PST, I backed out and this article was at 21,000 hits exactly. Three zeroes is a sync number:



Best of all, the 176444 is still there. You can also see the placeholder for the article I was working on before my brakes gave out:



This is getting more and more interesting for sure. Tune in Wednesday for much more. Now is the time to take a stand.



The moderator just approved more comments and I went and read them all. Thank you for all the positive wishes and support. It means so much.

At the end I hit Refresh, as of about 6:18 AM. And BANG… there it is, a 777. Yet again, synchronicity!



It’s not like I’m doing this hundreds of times to catch one. This is very precision-targeted stuff… literally almost every time I do something. Wow.

I must be doing something right. We must be doing something right….



After getting up from a second sleep cycle, I decided to re-read Parts 2 and 3 at a more relaxed speed. I am very glad that I am “back in the game.”

There is a deep feeling of soul satisfaction that I am participating again and have not given up in light of these numerous, provable threats.

I read Part 3 at a natural pace, scrolled to the end, and there it was again — a three-digit numerical waiting for me.

This meant I had to have clicked on this page at precisely the right moment — but didn’t even see it for about half an hour.

It was so strange that I had to say, “Wait a minute. Did I already post that one or is this actually new?”

I looked. It was new. Most interestingly, the sync number was the opposite of 777. It was 666 — a healthy reminder of who and what we are actually facing:



If you really want to “geek out” on this numerology, you could also look at how “42” is a number that appears in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

When a super-intelligent computer was asked the meaning of life, the answer was 42.

So if we want to have a little fun with this, the 42 could be “balancing” the 666 in this case. Plus, the one right before this was a 777.

These synchronicities involve the use of my limbs to click on things at precise moments, but I don’t have to do any “work” in the physical sense.

It just happens. I still get fascinated by this, and this one in particular was very surprising since it had been waiting to be discovered for half an hour.

It does appear that I am being telepathically nudged by higher intelligence to make these clicks at just the right moments. Synchronicity works like that.

It definitely would appear that I am “in the flow,” and that gives me greater hope that the intel I leaked may just be true.

The eclipse is in only six days, so let’s get to work!



I reviewed what I just wrote and noticed that I had left too much space at the bottom. I went in to fix it, and it had already shot up by 2000.

There it was — 444 in the first three digits, and a total of four of them, at 44414:



I took a picture of it, came back to this page, refreshed it, and then we were at 44472:



This is very interesting, since 72 is of all-important significance in the 25,920-year “precession” cycle that seems to determine when the solar flash and Ascension takes place.

It takes 72 years for the stars to drift through the night sky by one degree in their equinoctinal positions. The full 360 years is 360 x 72= 25,920.

I had already gotten a very similar number to this on the hit counter earlier that I hadn’t published, since there were so many:



Yep. This is weird stuff. The hit counter is going up very quickly and the site is straining under the load, so this article has definitely “gone viral.”

I have been chained to the computer for two days with no breaks, so it’s time to go live life. Very interesting to see what happens next.

Tune in to Jimmy Church tomorrow night because we have definitely not told the full story yet.



I just finished writing the above, published it, and had yet another one waiting for me, right then: 44888.

This was so shocking that I actually did just yell out, “Oh my God. Come on!”

Although this phenomenon happens most of the time I write an article, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it work this precisely, this many times in a row, in such a short period.

What the heck is going on here? I am tripped out. Seriously.



OK, Cosmic beings, can I go walk the dog and have breakfast now or are we going to keep doing this?

Powerful stuff. Very impressive, I must say. Thank you to whomever is faciliating this. Let’s meet up soon. LOL