After 20 years of what has felt like a non-stop emergency, David decided to take a much-needed rest, and cut the cords to all social media and public activity.

The results have been very positive. Inspiration has returned, and goals we have been working on for many years are now within reach.

This is an update for those who are interested in hearing the personal side of things before we go back to addressing the greater global concerns in the near future!

If it chaps your ass to read David talking about his personal life, and you count the number of “I’s” in an article as a death sentence, then stop now!

Run, fly, be free. There is nothing for you to see here, no “New Information.” LOL. Just hang on and wait for the next one, which shouldn’t be long.

This website should get a huge upgrade before the end of the month and we are finally prepared to launch live streaming videos on YouTube.

[UPDATED twelve hours later. We are only 400 subscribers away from 100K, which matters greatly in the YouTube political world.

Final update: We are now officially over the 100K mark and are a YouTube Silver account, which gives us direct staff access and protection. Thank You!!

Final update II: We appear to have been hit by a sophisticated hack that became visible Monday morning. Scroll to the end for details.]



The vast majority of this audience is extremely positive, supportive and encouraging. I really appreciate that, and I want to thank you for standing up for me.

It has not fallen on deaf ears. Your kind words and thoughts really do matter.

I posted on my public Facebook page yesterday, which has been a rare event as of late, and it already has led to 278 comments.

Well over 95 percent of them are extremely positive and supporting. The date of the post was August 4th, 2017.

The oddly consistent phenomena of “numerical synchronicity” — unexpected patterns in numbers — also happened again when I checked it before writing this.

The number of views at the moment I looked, for the first time since writing it, was exacty 29,299 — three 9s and two 2s:



Already, just in the short time since I took this photo, it has gone up to nearly 29,500, so this was truly a brief little snapshot in time.

The frequency of appearances of these numerical patterns in my online activity goes far above any reasonable likelihood of chance.



I first began posting article-length pieces online in 1996, after gaining internet access in the fall of 1995.

By far, the most active and vibrant online community in those days for UFO-related matters was Richard C. Hoagland’s Enterprise Mission forum.



Hoagland was by far the most popular guest on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, and the listening audience was estimated to be 20 million people at the time.

I was very surprised to see so much toxic hatred and negativity being voiced against a man who had information that, if true, would rock the world to its core.

If Hoagland was right, and the obvious humanoid face and pyramid monuments on Mars were in fact artificial, then nothing could be of greater significance.



You have tangible ruins on Mars, photographed by NASA. The more you do the research, the more inescapable it is to conclude they were intelligently-built.

This opens up a huge range of questions, including why the face has a half-lion, half-human appearance, and why we then see a Sphinx next to identical-looking pyramids on Earth.



Hoagland’s compelling suggestion was that we were not indigenous to Earth, but were rather survivors of a much older civilization that destroyed their planet.




I was fortunate enough to learn that NASA was hiding the truth about ETs and UFOs in the spring semester of my sophomore year of college, in 1993.

This came from a friend of mine who gained first-hand NASA insider access. I read Hoagland’s book that same year, and was awed by the implications.

It triggered a research binge where I assimilated about 100 books a year for three years, which is about two books a week, every week.

I would read them cover-to-cover and was able to remember the majority of everything interesting that was contained within each one.

I was truly impressed when Graham Hancock released Fingerprints of the Gods in 1995, and summarized much of the best data I had found in those 300 books.

I bought it in hardcover almost immediately after it came out, at around 30 dollars, and felt it was worth every penny even at a wage of $5.77 per hour before taxes.



By the time I got onto the internet in 1995, I was already very well-read on the subject, and was seeing many other connections Hancock had missed.

My insights delved into areas such as advanced physics that Hancock had never covered, but Hoagland had.

I took Hoagland’s geometric physics discoveries and moved the ball much further forward, ultimately leading to a public research partnership starting in 2004.

I was on fire for the truth, and knew that I had tapped into an area that deserved much wider publicity and interest than it had gained up until then.



In the pre-internet era, I had no one to tell me what to think about anything I was reading. It was up to me, and only me, to decide what was truth.

Any television documentaries on UFOs were utterly unconvincing, with sarcastic skeptics who would “balance” any information that was conveyed with doubt.

I picked up those books because the idea of not reading them was unthinkable to me. I needed it. I was starving. I could never get enough. The cost was irrelevant.

Authors had to go through rigorous vetting processes to get a book deal, and had to generate a coherent narrative that was usually at least 300 pages long, with documented references.

One of the ways I would tell if I was going to bother with any given book was to immediately flip to the back, check the bibliography and note how many pages of references there were.

Anything less than two pages of outside sources wasn’t worth my time, and I would put it back on the shelf. The best books also tended to have the largest number of references.

Hancock’s books were absolutely loaded with references, and it showed in the quality that he had achieved.

There were no videos or radio shows whatsoever. No articles, no websites, no blogs, no social media. Just full-length books you could buy at the bookstore or find in a library.



I had an almost religious awe of published books, and doubted if I was even worthy of getting my own book deal.

In fact, my lack of self-confidence was so high that I decided to buck the trend, as far back as 1998, and actually publish entire books for free on this site.

Almost every other person out there who was writing about UFOs, ancient civilizations and other “paranormal” subjects was using their website as a portal to generate sales.

In the fullness of time, this proved to be a very bad decision. The books rarely sold very well, and now their creative was hidden from online search engines.

I actually wrote a total of four books that ended up free on this website: The Shift of the Ages, Wanderer Awakening, The Science of Oneness and Divine Cosmos.

Much later, I also wrote Financial Tyranny, again of full book length, in 2012. It currently has over 2.4 million unique views and I never made a dollar on it.

In the early years, I also co-authored The Law of One Study Guide, which many say is still the best way to break into a study of the Law of One series. 

I additionally released an unpublished translation of Francois Masson’s The End of Our Century, for its research into cycle science, in 1999-2000.



During the time each of these books was written, beginning in 1998, I was taking on clients for intuitive readings to finance all of this free content.

Everyone was very satisfied with their results. The psychic accuracy was often so high that it was not uncommon for people to be sobbing on the phone.

The readings began in 1996, when I discovered that I could pull in complete sentences of material in a deep trance, and be consciously unaware of the content.

It takes a great deal of training and “letting go” to be comfortable with allowing yourself to speak when you have no idea if it will even lead to coherent sentences.

As soon as you try to follow, understand or analyze whatever is happening, you ruin it, and it becomes a function of your conscious mind instead of the source.

It appeared that the voice I was speaking with was that of my Higher Self — some greater aspect of me that was also the author of my dreams.

I developed this technique by slightly modifying the protocols for remote viewing that had been published by authors such as Dr. Courtney Brown.



Remote viewers were trained by the military in classified programs, and the best ones could approach 99-percent accuracy in obtaining information.

Consciously, they would have no idea what they were looking at, but their sub- or super-conscious selves could obtain very precise data this way.

A good remote viewer could visit a remote location and generate detailed sketches of it that would later prove to be astoundingly accurate.

Once they hit the ideal state of consciousness, they could “bi-locate” and be aware of the target location while also being aware of the room they were in.



The remote-viewing protocols focused on how to screen out the conscious mind’s interference from the incoming data as much as possible.

Remote-viewing protocols focused strictly on obtaining visible data about a particular ‘target,’ which was inevitably a physical location of some kind.

I took these basic guidelines and applied them to verbal data. Very deep trance, move fast, no analysis, no emotional reactions, no pain or bodily needs.

It was only years later that Pete Peterson, an insider who helped develop the remote viewing protocols, explained to me what I had actually done.

Pete said that in the early years, remote viewers were routinely hearing all sorts of interesting verbal data feeds and documenting the results.

It had become clear that these voices were of benevolent ETs who were trying to help our planet in their own way.

An exacting set of protocols was developed to screen out and reject almost all of this verbal data.

Without even realizing it, I had used the remote-viewing protocols to replace the very data that the government had tried to remove.



The results were significantly impressive, as I began routinely getting prophecies of the future that were stunningly accurate.

Once you have this happen more than five or ten times, there truly is no turning back. You are forced to conclude that we all have the ability to do this.

Most of us are simply not using these skills, since we have a society that rigorously tells us it is not possible, and ridicules anyone who tries.

I had a stack of tapes sitting on my desk, and was typically weeks or months behind in transcribing my dreams and readings. 

Yet my voice would invariably describe whatever had just been happening to me, or what I had been thinking, right before I sat down to type it up.



At the time I did not think of this as having any real significance, but it was not uncommon to see Nordic-looking humans in robes in my mind’s eye as I obtained this data.

They also continued to appear in my dreams, as they had done throughout my entire life — ever since I can remember at age 2.

Sometimes a given reading would alter between hearing male and female voices of what appeared to be distinct individuals of this type.

More than one of my clients or associates had in-person ET visitations, though I never did myself. 

One lady in particular had a male Nordic in a white robe appear in her room with a craft hovering outside the window.

To this very day I have never given this phase of my life the proper written treatment that it deserves, though I am about to change that.

Part of why I am writing this article is to “warm up” for a book that will be released this time next year, delving into all of this.



During the time each of these free books was written on my site, beginning in 1998, my intuitive readings paid the bills… but just barely.

My rate first started at 65 dollars a session, then 80, then 100, and finally stopped at 150 by the time it ended in 2005.

The most I could ever handle doing was four per week, three weeks a month, and that output level was not consistent.

The readings took incredible focus and energy, and any one client’s session basically absorbed my entire day’s resources.

It was very, very common for me to be hit with cascades of 30-dollar check-bouncing fees from the bank during this entire time.

In case you have ever been through this, you know what I am talking about: it is very expensive to be poor. I never, ever used credit cards.

Yet, even at this stage, a certain number of people online absolutely despised me for “Making Money.”

They lashed out and said my rate was much too high. Yet, during this time I could barely afford food or rent.

I never raised the rate to a truly survivable level because I was so sensitive to people’s feedback, and wanted it to be as affordable as possible.



Another factor that greatly complicated my life was what happened after I was guided to move to Virginia Beach, home of the Edgar Cayce readings, in 1997.

Once I got there, many top people associated with the Cayce work began noticing that I had an undeniable facial resemblance to Edgar Cayce.

I have never seen any other face that matches my own better than that of Edgar Cayce as a young man.



This was verified by portrait artists, military personnel dealing in forensics, orthodontists and a raft of top Cayce scholars and experts.

A surviving recording of Cayce’s voice sounded just like my own, but with an obvious Kentucky accent.

Not long after, I discovered that the positions of planets at the time of my birth was the closest match to Cayce’s planets in a 127-year period after his death.



This was the first time I was aware of that an astrological similarity of this level of significance could be added to a case of facial and character similarity.

I joined a weekly study group in Virginia Beach, hosted by a woman who had been the secretary for Cayce’s son for well over 20 years.

Hugh Lynn Cayce had run the Association for Research and Enlightenment, or A.R.E., for many years, and Jean Reeder had been his secretary.

The ARE is still the official Cayce organization archiving and promoting the tens of thousands of psychic readings he produced in the early 20th century.

Jean was absolutely convinced that I was the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, as were many others. She and I still talk via email to this day.



Dr. Ian Stevenson had already done groundbreaking research in the 1960s, demonstrating over 3000 cases of children who remembered past lives.

Each of his top 3000 cases involved forensic research, where he went back and confirmed that the children’s memories were factual.

Every single authentic reincarnation case featured a stunning facial similarity between the child and who they remembered having been before.

You would think that this Cayce / Wilcock connection would be very interesting, if not groundbreaking for fans of Cayce’s work — and for many of them it was.

However, I soon discovered that people who were less open-minded about such things could be very, very negative.

My dreams and intuitive readings had demanded that I share details about the Cayce reincarnation story online, and I did from 1998 to 2005.

After that time I basically stopped talking about it, under the advice of Hoagland and others.

There is no question that my work was taken more seriously and gained more respect and public traction once I stopped discussing this connection.



For eight solid years, from 1996 to 2003, I would personally engage with every single individual who wrote hateful comments against me online.

I was aware this was not healthy, since I was not showing the same level of attention to the far greater number of people who were positive and supportive.

There are many hundreds of cases where I wrote the ‘haters’ and politely pointed out how exaggerated, incorrect and unfair their opinions really were.

For whatever reason, in every single case except for the very last one, they were very surprised and grateful that I actually took the time to write them.

They came to understand that they were making judgments based on very little information, without having ever gotten to know me as a real person.

However, the last person I interacted with in this capacity refused to see me positively no matter how much I interacted with him.

After having built what I felt to be a friendship with this guy, he was being so cruel and unfair that it literally caused me to cry, and I told him that.

His response was to say “I will skull f- you for all eternity, ye teary-eyed egocent bitch.” He was absolutely serious.

He did not sanitize the F word in his writing as I have done here.

I had never encountered a genuine psychopath before and was utterly traumatized, after the amount of time and attention I had given this guy.

This was well before the era of a widespread, public recognition of such behavior, and the name “trolling” had only just started to appear for such hatred.



Though I had eight years of proving that I could reach almost every single person who wrote hate about me online, it became mathematically impossible to do so.

I had proven to myself that these were real people, not robots, and almost all of them could get a wildly different perspective under certain circumstances.

Yet, I was spending a great deal of my time doing this, and after Skull Guy, I realized that the potential risk to my well-being was far too high to continue.

A single person like that could throw me into a profound depression for months if I gave them direct access and trust.

Nonetheless, up until I took time off in the last few months, I never really stopped being bombarded by people’s hatred on a daily basis.

Since I was also treated very poorly all throughout school, and started this right after graduation, it literally feels as if I have been violently hated my entire life.



I was asked by my guides to share the early and teen years of this pattern in the first half of my new book, The Ascension Mysteries.

The second half is a full collection of all the insider data I’ve gathered over the years, focusing on the story of the Mars migration to Earth, starting 500,000 years ago.

The paperback version just came out, looks great, and currently costs less than 13 dollars.

The first half was not at all fun to write. I had massive panic attacks as I would get those pages down. I had to come back later to see if they were any good.



Anyone who thinks my writing of this book was “ego,” and that I got off on it, has absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

I was asked to do this as a way to help you navigate through your own “shadow work” and find the hidden positives you may be overlooking.

This is the absolute, essential core of the real work we need to do in order to be ready for Ascension, which the book describes in great, prophetic detail.

The character of who I was in those early years makes it seem almost impossible that this same person could turn into who I am now — but I absolutely did.

It definitely appears that the people who get upset by the first half — which you can ignore if you want to — are getting triggered by it more than they realize.

The stories I share are so personal, so in-your-face and brutally honest, that you can’t help but reflect on your own growth points, and what still must be done.

Writing the book not only helped others, as evinced by nearly 700 Amazon reviews with an average of four and a half stars.

It also made me realize that there were gaping holes in my psyche, or “aura” if you will, that many individuals could still manipulate — and did — to this very day.



After Skull Guy, the last thing I wanted to do was throw “red meat” to the people who were so hateful.

I had absolutely no intention of writing a book about the connection between my life and that of Edgar Cayce, despite the data that was already on my site.

Even in the case of The Ascension Mysteries, I walked right up to the line where all that stuff started, and then dropped the narrative to focus on insider data.

A former client for a reading, Wynn Free, ended up needing to secretly arrange a book deal in order to tell the story of my connection to Edgar Cayce.

I had already demanded that he not do it, but he went ahead anyway. Once the deal was signed I got on board and helped improve the manuscript.

To this day, I have never made more than a few thousand dollars on all the work I did helping him put together that book. I just got a royalty check for $132.78.

Most of our advance was consumed by the publisher since Wynn kept tweaking the manuscript after our “final” editing deadlines. This definitely ruffled my feathers.

About three rounds of additional editing of the manuscript were all paid for directly out of our advance, reducing our up-front earnings to near zero.

We released an earlier draft of the introduction as another free book on my site, archived here.



Now, after all this time of rigorously avoiding any discussion of the Cayce connection, I am being asked, if not demanded, to revisit that part of my life once again.

Given what happens out there in today’s world, I am not exactly looking forward to telling the story of doing readings and the Cayce connection, but it is fascinating.

The story is even more interesting once you realize that the ET group that wrote the Law of One also apparently contacted Cayce in a past life, and co-designed the Great Pyramid with him in Egypt.

This included the three pyramids we see, the Sphinx, a vast network of still-undisclosed underground tunnels, and a “Hall of Records” with technological artifacts beneath the Sphinx’s paws.

This contact also generated a wealth of high-level spiritual material that was later “distorted to the negative” by elements of the Egyptian priesthood.

The Law of One series was Ra’s main attempt, in modern times, to right the wrongs that had been done — though the Cayce readings were clearly a part of this plan as well.

Cayce ultimately handled this lifetime very poorly and had to suffer many future incarnations “without distortions toward power” to make up for it.



My own guides consciously steered me into some incredibly painful situations as a way of working off heavy-duty past-life karma I had apparently acquired.

Much of this karma apparently came about from my having inadvertently created the original esoteric material for what later became the Illuminati.

I had a very hard time forgiving my guides for the things I went through, which included situations of extreme and prolonged abuse in my personal life.

I did ultimately learn, however, that if I am not dealing with extreme verbal abuse in person, then whatever happens online will never be that big of a deal.

Between the shame of being associated with “channeling” and the trauma of initiation I had been through, I had essentially set that part of my life aside.

Other than dreams, I made no effort to contact my guides or listen to what they had to say in any verbal sense. I did not meditate or attempt to listen.

The beings who had been working through me in the late 1990s and early 2000s eventually found another “way in” by contacting Corey Goode in person.

This began in 2014, and is still ongoing to this day. A wealth of valuable personal and global data has come in through this source. It all needs to be connected.

This story deserves a proper written treatment with my current level of skill, which I feel has definitely increased significantly over the last 20 years.



So once again, I have been asked to write a book that fits in line with what my guides are saying is the most important work I have to share.

I have a fairly good idea of what is going in there, and although it will be different than the others it should be an extremely fascinating “big picture” overview.

The bulk of the pages will all be written between now and some time next January-February, or thereabouts.

After months of wrangling over the details of the book cover, we are now about to announce Awakening in the Dream as being available for pre-orders for this time next year.

You can find the initial placeholder page for Awakening on Amazon here, and pre-order links will appear on this page very soon.

This is the cover that we have now officially agreed upon, featuring a modified version of one of Android Jones’ classic artworks:





On a recent trip out to Colorado for a Gaia taping, I was amazed to re-read the “marijuana addiction” section of The Ascension Mysteries and not experience emotional charge.

The most telling moment was when I reached a page where I said that my addictive patterns had just transferred over into my work, and I had never really healed them.

I acknowledged that I was still a workaholic, and that large areas of my life had gotten very messed up from never slowing down enough to deal with them.

This was why I ultimately had to just disengage from public activity. I have been lifting weights, taking better care of my health, playing music and doing what I need to feel good.

I have dealt with all sorts of uninteresting but nonetheless very significant personal issues that have led to a major improvement in my overall quality of life.

I was neglecting all sorts of critical things by being so obsessed with my work at all times, and I have now reached a much greater balance.

Interestingly enough, I am also feeling happier and more inspired than ever before as well. I expect this is going to continue.



One of the key things I have worked on during this phase has been in figuring out how to get live video out there in real time.

Many hours a day have been spent building and learning how to use a home-based live-video streaming solution. The cost and “learning curve” is very steep.

We have set up a robust system that will include six camera angles (wide and close shots on three pro 4K cameras) as well as conference-quality slides, all live.

I am happy to report that we are almost ready — so please subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on Notifications (the gray bell) so you don’t miss these events!

Some of them will be scheduled in advance. Others will just launch spontaneously, depending upon the situation.

We may host conferences through this method in the future, but the bulk of these public-interest update episodes will be entirely free.

If this works the way we hope it will, the feeling will be like a “real” television show rather than a typical single-camera-angle YouTube video with a few slides.

The streaming hardware and bandwidth we now have acquired is strong enough to do YouTube Live, Facebook Live and other outlets simultaneously… at HD quality.

Stay tuned for that, and I will be back soon with some stunning geo-political updates about the Alliance’s battle for disclosure.



I went and took a shower, came back and did a brief pass for any typos, of which I only found two.

I just now got to the bottom and there it was again. The article had exactly 2000 hits at the time I viewed it.


This is very interesting, considering that the peak of the experiences I will write about in this book was right around this time.

2000 is also the year we associate with the new millennium, and which I see as a key turning point in our move towards Ascension.

There are no coincidences there!

Also note that Corey Goode has his first self-produced conference coming up this month entitled Eclipse of Disclosure.

I am burned out on public appearances for the year, and will not be there, but it is a nice group of people and you might want to check it out!



In just over 12 hours we have exceeded 15,000 unique views on this article. Thank you for showing up even though I was “out of town” for a few months!

I went over to our YouTube channel and am now happy to report that we are only 400 subscriptions away from reaching the all-important watermark of 100,000 active subscribers:



Once we cross this line, it appears that we will have far more “pull” with YouTube and can help fight the ongoing, massive problem of piracy, identity theft, fraud and abuse.

A clearly psychopathic individual I have dubbed the “Teddy Bear” was somehow able to shut down my channel for an entire week by re-uploading my old videos, claiming them as his own, and issuing fraudulent copyright strikes.

I was quite stunned by this. I fought it non-stop for days before making any progress, and this was with the full cooperation of an attorney specializing in internet fraud.

This individual was committing multiple counts of felony-level crimes, and yet seemed to be completely undeterred by any level of potential repercussions.

It was only once I “went public” and exposed the whole operation in the Teddy Bear post that I actually got my channel back.

It hit me right during Christmas, while I was on a rare vacation visiting my family in New York — and nearly ruined the entire trip.

This bizarre attack occurred very shortly after I came forward with data about a planned release of information concerning ancient ruins in Antarctica.

The Antarctica piece was only five days after I wrote what may be the definitive summary of Pedogate evidence in Endgame Part I.



A joint investigation with legendary researcher Robert Bauval proved that Ted has a team that is perpetrating vast, nearly unstoppable fraud against every key figure in our community.

It sounds crazy at first, but there is an organized crime ring with dozens, if not hundreds of fake channels constantly re-uploading old videos, and fabricating them out of old radio shows.

They re-package them as new, and the objective appears to be to water down any of the newer stuff and frustrate anyone trying to find out what’s fresh.

We know a lot more than we have gone public with, and this does appear to be a Cabal-sponsored attack operation involving some very sick people.

The Snowden documents included detailed leaks about these sorts of operations, but they have only increased since those disclosures emerged.

Saddest of all is that beyond a certain limited degree, there is very little that can be done to stop any of it. “Alphabet,” the GooTube parent company, does not care.

Everyone trying to bring you the truth has been labeled “Fake News” and stripped of their basic constitutional rights, such as the freedom to assemble — online in this case.

The best way to fight this is to continually report stolen videos of my content whenever you find them. This really does work.



In the wake of the YouTube “Adpocalypse,” the term “David Wilcock” has been de-monetized — meaning you cannot steal my videos and make money on me.

However, after I celebrated this victory in my last update on April 29th, the Teddy Bear videos — and only his — somehow got RE-monetized.

I myself am not allowed to sell ads even if I wanted to. There is no one to talk to. No appeals process. Nothing. If I try, it simply doesn’t work. That’s it.

This is another clear sign that this is probably a Cabal-sponsored operation. You couldn’t steal my videos and make money anymore, but Teddy Bear can.

So, even if you’re never going to use it or do anything with it, please go and subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on Notifications. This is a war. It is real.

After our army of peacekeepers crosses the 100,000 mark, I will be able to walk into their offices here in Los Angeles and get far more direct access and treatment.

Live-streaming my content will make it impossible for anyone to falsely claim it as their own. The level of protection should definitely increase significantly.

So let’s do it!



A small group of very dedicated individuals have attacked the comments sections in our last 2-3 posts by down-voting every positive comment on this article.

There are nearly 100 comments right now and almost all of them are positive. Therefore they actually are doing us a favor by making their operation so obvious.

We also continue to get at least 20 attempted posts of malware links per day. If the moderator misses any one of them, we would get banned from Google.

This perfectly proves my point about exactly the type of Internet smear operations I just linked to from the Snowden documents.

In fact, I just woke up with a dream about this. It said that I would need to post an additional update asking you to get involved.

Since they are doing this again, please up-vote whatever comments you like so a true consensus appears, not a cyber attack.

If we care enough to take a few extra minutes of our time, we can thwart this sad and obvious attempt to smear this message.



The first ‘numerical’ I posted was from Facebook, and was 29,299. Immediately after I posted the above update and checked it, the hit counter was at 23,233:



This is not something I could possibly even try to fake, given how fast the counter is going up. Nonetheless it continues to work effortlessly.

After posting this, I went to the main page and the Antarctic Atlantis article had a 444 in it as well, at 184441.

4:44 also happened to be when we first posted this article, without consciously trying to plan it out:



There is a nice synchronistic metaphor playing out here in our little terrarium that applies to our entire situation on Earth right now.



We just got yet another “numerical” when I went to check how many YouTube subscriptions we now have.

So close… and another three-digit repeating pattern as well! We are now at 99921 YouTube subscribers:

Please go in and make your voice heard if you haven’t already done it. I will be back to celebrate our crossing of the 100,000 mark, and then we’ll save everything else for next time!

I am enjoying this again, so it shouldn’t be long.

Thank you for up-voting the positive comments, as with your support the number of people in this cell cannot attempt to manipulate reality.

This article already has over 2,200 Facebook Likes, and that’s another way you can quickly help reveal what the majority really thinks.



Thanks to you, we have just crossed the all-important hurdle of 100,000 YouTube subscribers:



I didn’t really know what this meant, but when I looked it up, it means that our channel now becomes a Silver Account.

YouTube apparently provides an award in the form of a silver plaque, as you can read about here.

There are only three such awards: Silver for 100K, Gold for 1M and Diamond for 10M.

As it says on this page about “benefit levels,” once you reach Silver you “get your very own Partner Manager.” Yes… a live person!

In fact, if you read it, there is no additional staff access benefit that is acquired for hitting the Gold or Diamond levels. This is it. We did it!!

The Silver level should hopefully make it far easier for us to be protected from any further criminal attacks. This is big. Thank you so much!

If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do, so you don’t miss any live broadcasts!



This may seem impossible to believe, but after I put a call out to fight trolls by up-voting comments, someone managed to hack our site.

The result was that the second page of comments would not load, and when people tried to click on the up-vote button, they got one or even two down-votes.

The result was that some comments were down-voted by as much as 83. This was obviously all accomplished by hacking:



If the second page of comments will not load when you click on the 2, then you can expect that an up-vote will count as a down-vote… or even two.

Notice above in comment #143 from Beate Nilsen that this same hacker may also be artificially depressing our hit counter, possibly by a massive amount.



Here is a sampling of four people who cared enough to write about this comment hack… all without being able to see each other’s statements:

#185 Vanessa James: Hi David I have just gone through and ticked every single comment and I read them too…not really one negative either!

What puzzled me was that some green ones were going up on the counter reading (which is good) but some were going down too – not sure if this is normal. but I have tried to help :-) Wishing you all the best, love and light and continuing the fight xxx

#178 Debbie C: David, when reading your comments I have been up-voting them HOWEVER – IT REGISTERS AS DOWN-VOTING EVERY TIME and on occasion it went 2 spots down!!! Either there is a problem on your end or “they” have found a way to manipulate the comments section!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

#175 Betsy Everson: 36,333 hits. Something funky is going on with the thumbs up feature… mine keep disappearing, but when I redo them, the count doesn’t change. I can’t access page 2 of comments either. This swell of goodwill for David must have really terrified someone.

#166 Cindy Pacheco: Something is messed up. When I hit a positive button on a comment it counts as negative! You must be doing some really good damage to the bad guys to make them target you this way. Hang in there, David!



I was personally aware that the second page of comments would not load, and this was somehow a consequence of the hack.

It now loads again, and it appears that the hack has been removed — at least temporarily — now that it has done its damage.

We are aware that our site is in need of a massive upgrade and is using outdated software. This is very expensive and time-consuming to repair.

Each manufacturer keeps upgrading their products, and in this case if we applied the updates it would have broken the entire site.

We are now on our fourth major attempt in the last two years to update the site. This time we have gone with a high-end professional company.

This site has so much data and unique complexity that previous attempts were not successful. We are having to pay premium prices for this to be done properly.

The negative has really shown its hand with this one. Someone actually did this.

Someone actually cares enough about this silly game of trying to make comments look down-voted to go to the trouble of making this happen.

If you had any doubts about the level and sophistication of the malicious hate directed against us, let this be a reminder. We will not be deterred.



I had taken a picture of the hacked comments and the file size was too large. I loaded it in Photoshop, saved it as a JPG and knocked it down to a smaller file size with a quality of 5, Medium.

After posting it in above, I discovered that quite without any conscious awareness, when I took the original snapshot it was 1333 pixels wide:

You can confirm this yourself by right-clicking on the image and downloading the original.

I see all of these patterns as a positive sign that we are on the right track.

Let’s also be clear that this was accomplished by hacking an individual module of comment software, not the entire site. Our core is very secure.

We are already spending nearly a thousand dollars a month on server fees for protection… but the comment module apparently is vulnerable as a stand-alone.

The urgency of attacks, to the point of making their desperation ridiculously obvious, will make more sense when we post our next update.

We may finally be on the verge of major Pedogate prosecutions, and I will show a trail of evidence indicating it is already happening.



On one level this is all really very silly stuff, as we have over 3,100 Facebook Likes on this article and over 40,000 views.

Nonetheless, since I called attention to this with the last update, this little cell of negativity has gone “Whole Hog” on attacking our comments section.

Here is a window of what it looks like everywhere right now, in case things change:



Bear in mind that BEFORE they did this hack, when legitimate people were up-voting positive comments, they were all +50 and above, some above +100.

The latest commenters have revealed that the hack is still active. Don’t up-vote for the moment. The non-loading comments page is now number 4.

We have deployed all available assets on our team to try to figure out if this can be stopped.

Really? What are you guys hoping to gain by doing this, other than proving your own existence?

Anyone who doubts the level of severity of hatred and evil that is being directed at us, from all sides, should pay close attention to what we are seeing here.



Right after posting the above, and working with our moderator, who just released a new batch of posts, we saw mathematical proof that they are being attacked by software.

Each of the last nine, from 195 to 204, was down by exactly six votes… within seconds after they were approved.

I myself tried up-voting all of them to see what would happen, immediately after the moderator released them.

Therefore, it is very likely that the hack has now been altered so that one up-vote counts for six down.

I have been continually reloading after writing this last update and the site is groaning under a massive hack attack. The negative votes are rocketing up at furious speed.

Welcome to the Funhouse. The more red you see, the more you know we are winning!



Just after posting this, I went and checked the Facebook post where I announced it. I had said our Facebook Like button was a more realistic assessment of support.

Get this — someone has attacked the Like button on this article so that it creates a virus warning! We have never seen anything like this before.



Additionally, one of our commenters said that the original email we sent out has a hack in the link to the site. You click on it and you get a virus warning.

Someone may well have gotten deeper access to the site. We did once before find a hidden user in there called “th3h@ck,” or “the hack” in the “leet” language. 

Can you say “Cabal?”

Our orders are completely firewalled into a separate system that is built to withstand any and all types of this nonsense, so if you placed an order recently there is no reason for concern.

Hopefully we will have our new site up and running by the end of the month, if not sooner, based on current projections.

Older comments still have massive numbers of positive votes, so most likely the hacker has a software program that down-clicks whatever is on the front page while also compromising the voting system.

It is obviously going to keep racking up down-clicks, so the best way to fight this now is just to keep writing supportive comments. Thanks!



I wasn’t going to post this, but it just happened a second time. The last two times I just posted these updates both led to three-digit number patterns immediately after I hit Publish.

Take a look — first 40,777 and then 40,888 immediately thereafter. Weird!



This is a great way of showing how the higher forces have our back even as things look pretty ugly in the short term.

Thanks again for all your support. The true percentage of ‘haters’, based on the numbers, is around two to five percent. This is all very silly stuff.



3:52 PM: Look at the most recent comment. The person doing this has directly threatened us and thought we wouldn’t post it. We did.



He also conveniently turned off the voting buttons just for his comment. I have instructed the moderator to leave it there for a while at the top so you can see what is happening for yourself.

We have never done anything wrong and therefore it is ridiculous to think that any information about me could “ruin” me.

We have our server company scouring our site as we speak to figure out how this person got in. I have had less than 50 percent success in uploading graphics as well. Some won’t ever work at all.

I noticed this before but didn’t realize it might have been a hack until now. Lots of fun in this Cabal-sponsored love-in!



Although it is still a bit premature to be guaranteed that they won’t come back, we did find out how these hackers got in.

Their access portals have been closed down. If they try again we will know, and will shut them down once more.

Additionally, I instructed the webmaster to deactivate voting on the comments sections.

This was an artifact from when we were a much smaller site and were not taking on the most evil beings on (and in) the earth.

If it comes on again it will only prove that the hackers got in again. Then we will look for their footprint and close them down once more.

You poke sticks at the sleeping lion and he is going to get really pissed off. Thank you for the awakening.