The story of what Corey Goode has experienced since he began debriefing me in October 2014 keeps getting stranger and stranger as time goes on.

It would be nice if I could write a “short and sweet” article about all of this, but in order to create a stand-alone piece, time and space is required.

All of his data lined up with what other insiders, working for a vast “Secret Space Program” (SSP) in the military-industrial complex, had independently told me.

Corey grew up in the SSP, having been pulled in as a Texas youth based on his military family history and high scores on aptitude tests.

Most people who go through this program are “blank slated” and remember very little if they are returned here — whereas Corey achieved total recall.

Thanks to the great spiritual laws of the universe, he was “authorized” to be brought back up as of 2014, since it wouldn’t violate his free will.

I have not yet been taken into this world — at least not in any form where I am allowed to consciously remember the results.

However, the data from various insiders is so interconnected and fascinating that I have no doubt in my mind that Corey is telling us the truth.



Pete Peterson revealed that a Neptune-sized object called “The Seeker” came into our solar system in the 1980s, terrifying the Reagan Administration.

Many more spheres, usually about the size of the Moon, appeared in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

They came in, cloaked themselves, took a position and then just remained there. They did not answer any hailing signals.

There were plenty of visible signs of these arrivals in the “Sun Cruiser” phenomena many observers were catching off of NASA’s SOHO satellite photos.

At least 100 more spheres arrived around the time of the Mayan Calendar end-date of December 21, 2012.

Now, they could be as large as Neptune or Jupiter in size. Again they assumed various positions and then simply remained silent and motionless.

I first covered the story of the SOHO data, with links, in an article posted on June 14, 2015.

Corey and I presented many visible and stunning images of these planet-sized objects in our public debut at the Conscious Life Expo this past February.



The spheres appeared to be intended to help manage the much-anticipated solar events and consciousness shifts expected to occur during this timeframe.

In The Ascension Mysteries, I summarize all the best data I have from ancient and modern prophecies, insiders and scientific data to explain all of this.

I had known about and anticipated major events for years, but the arrival of these giant spheres was quite a surprise to me, even with all I have studied.

Many of the details have appeared on Corey’s official website,, including articles for which I have provided editorial assistance.

I took copious notes during each call with Corey in the early months, typing at top speed while still thinking enough to ask detailed, insightful questions.

By late February of 2015, four months after we started, I had absorbed the majority of knowledge Corey had to share.



By this point, the war within the SSP — between the Cabal factions, the Alliance factions and various ETs — had gotten very intense.

The Cabal tried to fire on a giant and heretofore-unknown spherical craft parked near the Moon in December 2014.



This created visible results that were recorded by the cameras on the International Space Station as a red laser-like beam striking a spherical area.

The sphere redirected the beam to its origin point in Australia and destroyed the base, along with everyone who had been there.

The “official” NASA explanation for this event was that they fired a laser to “create an artificial star” in the sky.

What better way to “Fire the Laser” than to use the “Very Large Telescope?”



12/16/14: NASA Says “Fire the Laser”

Recorded on Friday, Dec. 5, at 9:20 am GMT, the footage led some enthusiasts to speculate that the red laser beam was a signal being sent by an extraterrestrial craft that was trying to communicate with Earthlings.

Coincidentally, the footage has been recorded on the same day that a laser was fired into the sky by the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope.

This was done to generate an artificial star in the sky.

Per Matthew Abrahamson, mission manager for Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science (OPALS) at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the mysterious red light was created by a novel laser communications system.



Just to be clear, I had three different credible insider sources besides Corey independently confirm that this beam was an attempted kill-shot against a sphere.

NASA is required to crank out cover stories like this in order to try to prevent the public from waking up to the truth too quickly.

An “Outer Barrier” then formed around our solar system, preventing anyone from getting in or out, and a no-fly zone was created around the Earth.

William Tompkins had independently heard about the spheres visiting us, although his intel only extended to there being one of them.

In many cases, insiders will get parts of the story but not all of the details will be forthcoming.

Nonetheless, the degree of crossover between these various accounts is quite stunning.

I finally created a grand overview of all my insider data that has come in over the years in The Ascension Mysteries.

Early next month I will dictate the audio book, and then I will finally be done with production on this epic adventure.



The “Outer Barrier” and no-fly zone around Earth were both stunning, game-changer-level events for all ETs living and working in our solar system.

Corey then met up with an Alliance that had formed in the Cabal’s own Secret Space Program as of March 2015. 

These people grew up in the Cabal and certainly have PTSD damage from years of institutional abuse.

They do want what is right for humanity, including a full disclosure, a release of all forbidden technologies, and an end to all secrecy.

Corey was only brought up there after the beings inside the spheres personally requested him by name at the end of February. 

This was the first time they had ever communicated with the SSP — either through the Alliance or otherwise.

Corey was taken up there by a very unusual means, involving a small orb of blue light that turned into a sphere that engulfed him and brought him into space.



In this initial, landmark meeting, Corey also was re-acquainted with ETs he had experienced contact from before, known as the Blue Avians.

His initial contacts with these beings were so sacred to him that he refused to tell me anything about the experience.

Other so-called “sphere beings” were introduced to him, and to the Alliance, once he was brought up in this same meeting.

Corey’s main human contact with the Alliance was through a man we are calling Lt. Col. Gonzales, who had also been approached by the Blue Avians.

Gonzales had the very unique job of liaising between the SSP Alliance and other groups working to defeat the Cabal that we are calling the Earth Alliance.

A coordinated effort is underway to produce Full Disclosure, where we get all the technology and benefits the SSP now enjoys.

It has been awkward for both of us, to say the least, to be given such an outrageous-sounding story to share with the public.

However, the daily realities this situation has thrown us into are as serious as a heart attack, requiring constant vigilance to remain safe and effective.



It seems impossible that such elaborately complex secrets could be kept hidden from us.

Yet, the seriousness and importance of disclosing this information is so high that we must set aside any feelings of inhibition and just pass it along.

The people at Gaia were so convinced of Corey’s truthfulness that we were given an entire weekly show to reveal his intel — Cosmic Disclosure.

The gamble paid off, as Cosmic Disclosure is now so popular that its actual viewership numbers well exceed those of CNN.

This is measured in terms of actual viewers of the television programs themselves, not in web-based news traffic in which CNN is still significantly higher.

CNN is still treated as a far more serious network than our own — in the traditional media at least, controlled by the Powers That Were.

We have now generated an entire year’s worth of half-hour weekly episodes featuring Corey’s testimony, without repeating any material.

Our show just blew into the ozone these past two weeks with episodes featuring William Henry.



Multiple pieces of tangible evidence were presented showing the presence of “Blue Avians” and sphere beings in ancient artwork worldwide.

The comments on these episodes have exploded, with people saying they are the best yet — tying everything together, and linking it to ancient cultures as well.

The only way you can really get “up to speed” is to binge-watch 26 hours’ worth of shows — a good two week’s worth of work for most at two hours a night.

Gaia is about to get a 6X boost in its overall bandwidth, which should address concerns certain folks have had in their connection speeds.

Download options are always available in case you get any hiccups, thus ensuring a clean run.

Also, a Roku box is super cheap, starting at 49.99, and since it downloads the show for you, pauses are very rare — if they even happen at all.

I use Roku and have never experienced more than very occasional and very brief pauses for buffering, and usually it never even occurs.

If you haven’t already subscribed, you can watch whatever you want at this link for an entire month at 99 cents, followed by 9.95 thereafter.

The company is going through a very significant growth phase at the moment, which will soon lead to noticeable increases in production value.



Corey and I taped six hours of video at my home beginning on March 17, 2015.

On the way to my home in Los Angeles, a bald-headed man offered Corey a shot of hard liquor at an airport bar.

Corey rejected the shot and a guy next to him suddenly said “I’ll take it.” The man almost immediately vomited after drinking it and Baldy disappeared.

This was only one of many such death threats and harassments that Corey and I have both had to endure since this all started.

Our March in-house taping became the “demo reel” that led to the Gaia show developing, beginning on Monday, May 18, 2015.

It was quite a massive effort to go from that initial visit to a fully-realized and airing show by the end of June — in barely over six weeks’ time.

Each taping Corey and I have done has been fraught with difficulty, threats and bizarre interference — but we have continued to persist in our efforts.



The scope of Corey’s experiences widened even more when he met an alliance of human ETs living inside the Earth, beginning on September 3, 2015.

This occurred while I was vacationing in Canada after a very intense year, going through my own spiritual healing and life-review process.

The article that summarized his initial meeting is quite vast and complex, and he did an amazing job with it. I highly recommend reading it here for context.

Corey has had many more meetings with these people since then, and in some cases I am the only person “on the outside” who has heard about it.

This is an ever-evolving story, and as new developments occur, we do our best to create episodes out of them and publicize them openly as well.

We are also now routinely working with artists to get as many illustrations as possible for each twist and turn of the story.

If all of this turns out to be true, and widely disclosed as we believe it will, then these episodes will provide valuable historical context when the time comes.



One fascinating new piece of intel that Goode learned from these people is directly relevant to everything I have said on Ancient Aliens.

I had already deduced that ETs were openly living and walking among us, creating historical accounts we now call mythology, up until about 800 AD.

The interesting new information begins with realizing that some so-called ETs are not extra-terrestrial. They’ve been right here the entire time.

A treaty was signed shortly after the ET-assisted creation of Islam, and its resultant schism into the violently warring Shiite and Sunnite factions.

This is exactly what we observed happening in our own 20th century history with the creation of the cargo cults.

No religion is exempt from this problem. We are not picking on Islam. The same story kept repeating over and over again.



All of the advanced civilizations operating around us, both good and evil, made a group decision to withdraw from view at “the last minute”.

This gave us a short burst of time by their perspective — 1200 years — to grow up and become “modern” without their direct influence distracting us.

For this same reason we could call this event the Mohammed Treaty or the Mohammed Accords.

Each time they tried to give us spiritual teaching, it quickly turned into warring factions — so they decided to stop interfering and withdraw from view.

They also had to stop building giant stone structures all over the planet, which up until then were commonly being done.

In so doing, they were also adhering to certain laws that preserve our free will — akin to the Prime Directive in Star Trek.



One of the most bizarre pieces of new intel we have gotten concerns the very recent efforts to end the Mohammed Treaty.

If this is successfully done, then it represents a landmark move in which these various groups could again begin appearing openly before us.

However, for some outrageous reason these accords have to be voted on and agreed to by all parties involved — both good and evil.

We heard this vote was going to take place earlier this year. And as you may have suspected, the Draco were the hold-outs who said no and refused.

Nonetheless, our representatives from these inner earth groups seem confident that this is not going to hold back Disclosure for much longer.



As you can see, this is a very complex story, and I still haven’t gotten through more than half of all the new intel I was asked to pass along.

A very condensed two-part presentation of some of this new intel was given by Dr. Michael Salla earlier this week.

You can read Part One here and Part Two here and get a quick overview of some of what you will be hearing from me next.

I have gotten directly caught up in this drama as a result of my work to help spread the truth, and there are personal angles I will be sharing as well.

For now I need to end this part of the article since we are again heading out to Colorado for more tapings, and I need to work on my slides for Wisdom Teachings.

I look forward to continuing the narrative in the near future, and have enough down-time in the coming two weeks that it should be doable.

As always, I thank you for your support.



Corey has had a really rough time on several levels, including financially, and if you are so inclined, donations at his website are greatly needed now.

He has gotten hit with a raft of unanticipated expenses, obviously part of a coordinated attack, that have flattened him out.

I will be getting into far more detail about the threats and abuse that has occurred for both of us in the next update, although he has suffered far more.



We both got into a lot of trouble with the Alliance for not having done more to release critical intel at certain key moments.

Personal issues and sorrows are not considered reason enough for us to “embargo” the release of vital information.

Anything and everything we suffer with down here is considered to be completely ridiculous compared to what the Alliance is now facing.

I asked the SSP Alliance to bring me up there for abuse and torture as an “under-performing asset” instead of Corey, but was refused.

The reason apparently is that the Blue Avians are preventing this from happening, since my contact with this world is not yet “authorized” at this time.



Thankfully, before what would have been Corey’s thirteenth session with a guy we’re calling “The Wrangler,” he was spared from further involvement.

The Blue Avians contacted him and said these experiences were no longer going to be authorized.

Nonetheless, he is very rattled from what has happened, and it is extremely clear from talking to him how real all of this is.

We don’t want to take for granted the idea that his visits with the Wrangler will stop — so I will do my best to get everything out there expediently.

Again, I know how crazy all of this sounds to the un-initiated, but once you start watching the show you will quickly start putting it together.

There are some very fascinating stories yet to be reported, so stay tuned!

If this all works out the way it looks like it will, we have quite an awesome future in store for us — and we won’t have to wait very long to see it.

All of these events seem to be last-minute buildups to some epic changes in society that will affect all of us in truly profound ways.