Figure 8.1 – The Basic Structure of the Heliosphere (Courtesy NASA)


Devastating earthquakes, 400% more frequent just since 1973. [22] Volcanoes belching dust, smoke and lava, 500% more than in 1875. [22] Tornadoes in unexpected areas such as Maryland, 200% more frequent than 50 years ago. [15]

Unprecedented mega-hurricanes sweeping across coastlines. [15] Blistering heatwaves, and winters without snow. Wildfires raging across continents. Crippling droughts and / or unprecedented floodings. Ever-climbing numbers of mass species extinctions.

Massive heatings in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. [3] Gigantic chunks of ice falling off of the polar icecaps. Solar activity so energetic that many satellites were not built to withstand the sudden increases, shattering all previous expectations. [15]

Catastrophic Earth changes, such as earthquake and tornado activity, emerging within days of major solar events. [15, 31]

These are the events of our daily lives, and once they arrive in our backyards, we are forced to pay attention. The womb of the sofa, television and remote control provides no haven when the ground is shaking, the grass is scorching, ferocious winds are whipping, the seas are empty of fish, and food crops wither within weeks as the rivers run dry.

The phenomenon of “synchronicity ” has again occurred just two nights before we post this book online for the public, on Tuesday, June 04, 2002.

As posted on the Drudge Report [46], then later in the mainstream press [45], suddenly it‘s official: the US government says “global warming ” is real.

In a stunning U-turn for the Bush administration, the United States has sent a climate report to the United Nations detailing “specific and far-reaching effects ” that it says “global warming will inflict ” on the American environment…

Also for the first time – the White House places “most of the blame for recent global warming on human actions – mainly the burning of fossil fuels that send heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, ” the NEW YORK TIMES is planning to report on Monday Page Ones, according to publishing sources… [emphasis added]

The United States will be substantially changed in the next few decades, claims the Bush report. The United States will “very likely ” be seeing the “disruption of snow-fed water supplies, more stifling heat waves and the permanent disappearance of Rocky Mountain meadows and coastal marshes…

The new report‘s predictions present a sharp contrast to the administration‘s previous statements on climate change, in which President Bush always spoke in generalities and stressed the need for much more research to resolve scientific questions. ”

Despite these often-discussed changes, only a very small number of people, mostly Russian scientists, are aware that the entire Solar System(heliosphere) is experiencing these changes. [15] “Global warming ” from CFCs and fossil fuel usage is actually only a minor player in the changes that are now occurring.

This chapter of our book will present the case for the energetic transformation of the Solar System in a form never before seen worldwide, prior to the exact day that the US government came clean. As with the rest of this book, we ask that we be credited for compiling this data as it now stands, and linked to DivineCosmos.

The burning desire for an answer has produced many conflicting ideas about what is causing these ever-increasing changes.

Outside of government admissions of “global warming, ” the theories that have propagated in the Internet metaphysical subculture do not require much scientific substantiation, simply a general feeling of impending doom coupled with a great degree of faith.

As one popular example, a relatively uncommon planetary alignment on May 5, 2000 was heavily hyped up as being the trigger-point for Earth crustal displacement / pole shift, “the ultimate disaster. ”

Asteroids are said to be about to strike the Earth. And more recently, legitimate research by Zecharia Sitchin has been combined with intuitively “channeled ” speculation that the missing planet Nibiru is about to make a close pass to Earth in 2003. This mythical scenario has been used as a catch-all to explain away the changes we now experience.

Dr. Sitchin himself has calculated that the planet Nibiru shall not return until some time after 2160 AD. [47] One would expect that such a massive object enjoying an established 3,600-year orbit would now be glaringly visible, with less than a year before it screams into our lives, larger than the Moon in the night sky.

Yet, no observational evidence exists, only shadowy rumors of conspiracy and “leaks ” from nameless “informants ” in the astrophysics community.

Furthermore, a naturally-orbiting planet would certainly not be capable of causing such massive energetic surges throughout the entire heliosphere, which is the combined entity of the Sun‘s massive magnetic field and all orbiting bodies within it.

Indeed, an outside source of energy is required to explain the anomalies that we are now witnessing. However, most people who already believe in Nibiru 2003 will probably not be open to alternative perspectives until some time after the popping of champagne corks and a collective sigh of relief on Jan. 1, 2004.

In this chapter, we will make the strongest single case ever that our Solar System (heliosphere) is moving into an area of higher aetheric energy density within the local interstellar medium, or LISM. [15]

NASA would loosely define the LISM as “the space medium (i.e. aetheric energy in this model) between the stars in our local area of the galaxy. ”

In our model, this could be roughly thought of as a “Dimensional Shift ” that is already underway, though the term “matter-energy density shift ” is preferable.

As we move into this new field of energy in the galaxy, tremendous changes occur in the Sun, the planets and the Sun‘s gigantic magnetic field which surrounds the entire system – and human pollution-induced “Global Warming ” has very little influence on this process.

[This new model has major differences from the channeled “Photon Belt ” theory as well, and should not be seen as supporting most aspects of it, such as the “Manasic Ring. ”]



A good portion of the material in this chapter was gleaned from the work by Dr. Aleskey Dmitriev entitled Planetophysical State of the Earth and Life, which was originally authored in 1997 and updated and translated into English in 1998. [15]

Dr. Dmitriev is a professor of geology and mineralogy and the chief scientific member of the United Institute of Geology, Geophysics and Mineralogy within the Siberian department of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Dmitriev is an expert on global ecology and fast-processing Earth events, and a series of his articles have been translated into English and posted at www.tmgnow.com.

Much of the material in this chapter is also similar in its sequence and factual content to our Friday night science presentation in the Time of Global Shift National Seminar Tour. [44]

Dmitriev‘s study begins by pointing out that the now government-acknowledged changes in the basic physics and behaviors of the Earth are becoming irreversible.

Strong evidence suggests that these changes are caused by our movement into what Dmitriev calls “a highly charged material and energetic non-uniformity ”, or what we would refer to as a higher density of aetheric energy, in nearby (local) interstellar space (the LISM).

This previously unforeseen, highly charged energetic material is now being absorbed into the interplanetary area of our Solar System, creating “hybrid processes and excited energy states in all planets, as well as the Sun. ”

The observable effects of this transformation on Earth include an acceleration in our magnetic pole shift, a change in the vertical and horizontal content and distribution of ozone in the atmosphere and an ever-increasing magnitude and frequency of major catastrophic events. [15]

One important point that Dmitriev stresses is that this is not just his own hypothesis:

A greater number of specialists in climatology, geophysics, planetophysics and heliophysics are tending towards a cosmic causative sequence version for what is happening.

Indeed, events of the last decade give strong evidence of unusually significant heliospheric and planetophysical transformations. [emphasis added]

Furthermore, Dmitriev acknowledges that the changes we have observed are forcing a completely different and more highly integrated view of the Cosmos to the discussion table. In this new model,

The climatic and biosphere processes here on Earth (through a tightly connected feedback system) are directly impacted by, and linked back to, the general overall transformational processes taking place in our Solar System.

We must begin to organize our attention and thinking to understand that climatic changes on Earth are only one part, or link, in a whole chain of events taking place in the Heliosphere. [emphasis added]

The case for such an energetic interconnectedness has already been well established in our previous chapters.

Another important quote says that “these tendencies [of rapid catastrophic changes on Earth] may be traced in the direction of a growth in planetary energy capacity (capacitance), which leads to a highly excited or charged state in some of Earth‘s systems. ”

In the aetheric cosmology that we have presented so far in this book, any spherical vortex of aether, such as the Earth‘s luminous plasma core, is capable of absorbing and discharging energy much like a capacitor would do in an electronic circuit.

As established in previous chapters, luminous plasma has strong electromagnetic as well as torsion-field (gravispin) radiation.

Dmitriev concludes that “the most intense transformations [in the Solar System] are taking place in the planetary gas-plasma envelopes, ” and that these transformations are directly associated with how life on Earth (the biosphere) is able to function.

A “gas-plasma envelope ” is the combined entity of the layers of our atmosphere, our ionosphere of “charged particles ”, and the planet‘s magnetic field composition, such as the Van Allen belts. This “excess energy run-off ” is becoming increasingly visible in the following ways:

  • In the ionosphere by plasma generation.
  • In the magnetosphere by magnetic storms.
  • In the atmosphere by cyclones.

All of these high-energy atmospheric phenomena are “now becoming more frequent, intense and changed in [their] nature. The material composition of the gas-plasma envelope is also being transformed. ” All of these points will be touched upon again later in the chapter.

One of Dmitriev‘s key concerns in this study is the effect that these changes will have on all lifeforms on the Earth.

Using very carefully crafted language, Dmitriev ultimately shows an appreciation for the fact that these changes could lead to a spontaneous mass evolution of humanity as we now know it, creating “new and deeper qualities of life ” with “new organismic possibilities of perfection ”:

The adaptive responses of the biosphere, and humanity, to these new conditions may lead to a total global revision of the range of species and life on Earth.

New and deeper qualities of life itself may come forth, bringing the new physical state of the Earth into an equilibrium with the new organismic possibilities of development, reproduction and perfection…

The current period of transformation is transient, and the transition of life‘s representatives to the future may take place only after a deep evaluation of what it will take to comply with these new Earthly biospheric conditions …

Therefore, it is not only the climate that is becoming new, but we as human beings are experiencing a global change in the vital processes of living organisms, or life itself; which is yet another link in the total process.

We cannot treat such things separately or individually. [emphasis added]

Our next volume will deal specifically with the connection between aetheric energy, consciousness and biology, which will help us understand the truth behind Dmitriev‘s words.

We will establish that the changes we are now witnessing are identical to previous phases of mass evolution of conscious lifeforms on Earth, as per Steven Jay Gould‘s theory of “punctuated equilibrium. ” These energetic changes do directly affect the structure of the DNA molecule.



A variety of Russian scientists have concluded that we are moving into a higher area of aetheric density in the LISM, which is the single most important factor that is responsible for the observed Solar System changes in this model.

As seen from the Earth, our Heliosphere is traveling in the direction of the Solar Apex in the constellation Hercules.

According to Dmitriev in 1997, Dmitriev & Mahatmas in 1995 and Kruzhevskii, Petrov & Shestopalov in 1993, since the 1960‘s the Heliosphere has drifted into an area of the LISM that contains:

…[new] non-homogeneities [i.e. higher concentrations] of matter and energy containing ions [charged particles] of Hydrogen, Helium and Hydroxyl in addition to other elements and combinations.

This kind of interstellar space dispersed plasma is presented by magnetized strip structures and striations. [emphasis added]

Western scientists may innately distrust the idea that there could be “magnetized strip structures and striations ” in the LISM that would contain such charged particles. However, in this aetheric model we expect to see the same structures appearing on all levels of size.

Figure 7.1 showed the Parker Spiral formation as it appears in our Solar System, and by the fractal principle there must be a similar formation in the galaxy.

Figure 8.1 shows an overhead view of the Parker Spiral in the Solar System, with concentric circles indicating the positions of the planetary orbits:


Figure 8.2 – Overhead view of Parker Spiral energetic structure in Solar System.

(Courtesy NASA)


Each curving arm of the Parker Spiral that we see in Figure 8.2 does indeed represent a “magnetized strip ” or “striation ”, where there is a detectable increase in magnetic energy and charged plasma as our planet moves through it.

Dmitriev‘s evidence, as well as our own, clearly indicates that this structure must also exist at the galactic level, by virtue of the fractal, harmonic interconnectedness of the Cosmos. From here, Dmitriev‘s quote continues:

The Heliosphere [solar system] transition through this structure has led to an increase of the shock wave in front of the Solar System from 3 to 4 AU, to 40 AU or more [1000% increase.]

The “shock wave ” that Dmitriev is referring to here is what is known as the “termination shock, ” and we can see it illustrated in Figure 8.3:


Figure 8.3 – Energetic activity of the Heliosphere, showing 70-100 AU termination shock.


One can assume from Dmitriev‘s wording that this termination shock of luminous plasma was measured at 4AU [i.e. four times the distance from the Sun to the Earth] by Russian astrophysicists in the early 1960s. No corresponding NASA data is available. 

Once the hydrogen, helium, hydroxyl and other charged particle combinations became more prevalent later in the 1960s, the size and brightness of the termination shock also increased, now by a factor of over 1000 percent.

Similar research did not begin in the United States until 1978, according to Prof. D.E. Shemansky, [35] so Russian scientists had this information well in advance of NASA.

Obviously, this extra brightness at the leading edge of the heliosphere is created much in the same way that the bottom of the Space Shuttle or a meteorite will become red-hot as it drifts from the low-density vacuum of space into the higher-density atmosphere of the Earth.

In more technical terms, Dmitriev goes on to explain what this 1000-percent or higher increase in the excitation of this magnetic boundary really means:

This shock wave thickening has caused the formation of a collusive plasma in a parietal layer, which has led to a plasma overdraft around the Solar System, and then to its breakthrough into interplanetary domains [5,6].

This breakthrough constitutes a kind of matter and energy donation made by interplanetary space to our Solar System.

What this passage is essentially telling us is that a new layer of luminous plasma has been formed that surrounds the Solar System and is now flowing into the Sun, planets and interplanetary space, raising the overall levels of energetic activity that we have observed.

Subsequent sections of this chapter will detail the specifics of this energetic change. However, before we begin surveying the surrounding evidence, it is interesting to research the big question on many Western readers‘ minds:

“If this is really happening, then why hasn‘t NASA ever talked about it? ”

As we shall see, according to one distinguished Ph.D., [35] NASA seems to have a “persistent, pernicious bias ” against any discussion of this heliospheric change, and will automatically assume, without question, that the LISM must maintain a “uniform density. ”

Other, more esoteric-sounding explanations are proposed for the observed luminosity and energetic increases, such as “re-accelerated solar wind, ” that do not have the simplicity and elegance of Dmitriev et al‘s model.

One rare exception to the rule of “unchanging LISM density ” that we found was in a 1999 interview with Gary P. Zank at the University of Delaware. [42]

In this interview, Dr. Zank proposes that if the LISM density were to change, then catastrophe might result, and we “may not know when it was coming: ”

“We‘re surrounded by hot gas, ” he said. “As our sun moves through extremely ‘empty‘ or low-density interstellar space, the solar wind produces a protective bubble – the heliosphere around our solar system, which allows life to flourish on Earth.

Unfortunately, we could bump into a small cloud at any time, and we probably won‘t see it coming.

Without the heliosphere, neutral hydrogen would interact with our atmosphere, possibly producing catastrophic climate changes, while our exposure to deadly cosmic radiation in the form of very high-energy cosmic rays would increase. ”

Zank used the SDSC CRAY T90 in a study of the heliosphere, the envelope of solar wind that surrounds the solar system.

Two effects included in the simulation ensure that the interaction of the solar wind with the local interstellar medium (LISM) is not stationary. The solar wind ram pressure varies on an 11-year time scale, and strong shocks are present during all phases of the solar cycle (although their frequency can vary)…

Zank‘s calculations suggest that existing instruments might not detect an increase in the LISM sufficient to compress or collapse the heliosphere before the actual interaction had begun. [emphasis added]

Dr. Zank believes that we may encounter a random cloud of higher energy density in the LISM, whereas the galactic Parker Spiral model seems more plausible, since the same energetic structure has already been proven to exist in the Solar System.

One key confession that we can glean from Dr. Zank‘s advanced research is that our existing instruments are not sensitive enough to detect a significant increase in the LISM density before we actually enter it.

Therefore, it seems rather foolish for most Western heliophysicists to assume that the LISM must maintain a uniform density, if our instruments are not sophisticated enough to prove it.

More evidence to support this point comes forth from the European Southern Observatory (ESO):

…unfortunately there are no direct ways to measure the local interstellar electron (or proton) density, nor the local interstellar magnetic field, while these two parameters govern the structure and size of our heliosphere.

Therefore, there is a need for indirect observations, which can bring stringent constraints on the plasma density and the shape and size of the interface to allow for the choice of an adequate theoretical model. [emphasis added] [16]

Despite the ESO‘s stated need for “indirect observations ” of the density of the LISM, such as those reported by Dmitriev, it is almost always assumed that the LISM must have an unchanging density for any “adequate theoretical model. ” [16]

Another example of “LISM density increase denial ” would be in a paper by R.A Mewaldt from Caltech. [23]

In the following quote, it is clearly acknowledged that Voyager 1 and 2 have detected anomalous “enhancements in the low-energy spectra ” of the heliosphere. However, an increase in the density of the LISM is never mentioned as even a possible “seed population ” for these energetic enhancements:

Suggested seed populations include solar energetic particles (RSEPs), re-accelerated solar wind (RSW), and ions energized by co-rotating interaction regions.

These re-accelerated components provide a possible explanation for enhancements in the low-energy spectra of Mg, Si, S and other elements observed by Voyager 1 & 2 beyond 60 AU (Stone and Cummings 1997; Cummings and Stone 1999).

There are also unexpected and unexplained increases in the low-energy spectra of several elements reported at 1 AU (e.g., Takashima et al. 1997; Klecker et al. 1998; Reames 1999). [emphasis added]

So, from this study it is very clear to see that Western heliophysicists have indeed discovered “anomalous, unexpected and unexplained increases ” in the energetic activity at the termination shock of the heliosphere, as we have expected from Dmitriev‘s model.

Yet, instead of admitting that the LISM density might have changed, they simply “consider new estimates of the neutral populations of elements in the ISM ”, among other complex and problematic explanations that are only possible, not proven.

No matter what models for “re-accelerating ” solar energy are proposed, the fact is that energy must be conserved. The simplest explanation for the increase in the heliosphere‘s energetic charge is that it is being added by an outside source.

One professor, Dr. D.E. Shemansky of the University of Southern California, has dared to make a particularly bold statement about this problem, suggesting that there is a deliberate effort in place by NASA to avoid any discussion of his “first evidence ” for a “large increase ” in the energetic density of the LISM [35]:

Research on the properties of the Local Interstellar medium have been carried out in scattered periods beginning in 1978. The NASA Space Physics Division has shown a persistent pernicious bias against work on the effects of the neutral gas in the LISM in the United States, from the time of the formation of the Division…

The most important contributions to research in this program are papers (48), which presents a calibration independent method of determining absolute LISM density, and (89), which presents the first evidence for a large increase in the LISM neutral atomic hydrogen density from Voyager measurements of the 50 AU region… [emphasis added]

It is certainly interesting that Dr. Shemansky would say that NASA has displayed a “persistent, pernicious bias ” against this work.

The Microsoft Word 2000 thesaurus indicates that the word “pernicious ” is synonymous with “destructive, harmful, deadly, evil ” and “insidious. ”

So, the question must be asked: Why would there be a “deadly ” and “insidious ” interest on the part of NASA in not asking these crucial questions about an LISM density increase?

The answer might well be found in the studies from Russia such as those of Dr. Dmitriev, where it is well-established that this LISM density increase is underway, and that it is causing massive energetic changes throughout our entire heliosphere.

These changes fit perfectly with worldwide ancient prophecies, including those of the Judeo-Christian Bible, describing events that would transpire in “end times, ” or what other cultures referred to as “the dawning of the Golden Age. ”

It is undeniable that the media ridicules and ignores the UFO question, evidence of sunken ancient cities, Martian monuments and the like. [39] The door has now opened a crack with the admission of “Global Warming, ” but the massive changes in the Sun and planets are discarded footnotes.

Another clear area of suppression is in the real meaning of “redshift, ” which holds the key to giving us a complete model to prove that changes in LISM density can and must exist:




Figure 8.4 – Dr. William Tifft‘s “quantized ” changes in “redshift ” microwave data.


Indeed, a complete mathematical model already exists that can be combined with direct observational evidence to prove that galaxies must have regular, organized changes in their LISM density levels.

In the book Seeing Red, the respected and controversial astrophysicist Dr. Halton Arp has shown rigorous, voluminous evidence to prove that “redshift ” has nothing to do with the distance of a celestial object, as is currently believed. [30, 31, 37, 38]

Simply put, redshift is a measurement of how much of the microwave spectrum of reflected starlight shines near the ‘red‘ end of the ‘rainbow.‘

Sir Edwin Hubble proposed a theory that seemed plausible at the time, since it appeared that the farther an object was from the Earth, the higher its redshift.

Arousing similar controversy, Dr. William Tifft has proven that redshift is “quantized, ” meaning that it only occurs in certain regular harmonic intervals, as seen in Figure 8.4. [1]

Another proof for Tifft‘s discovery can be seen in the graph of quasar data in Figure 8.5 [38]:


Figure 8.5 – Quantized values for ‘redshift‘ in nearby quasars.


Clearly, if the wavelengths in Figure 8.5 were an indication of distance, and all redshift values only fall into certain exact intervals with nothing whatsoever in between, then it would imply that the Earth was the center of the Universe.

All quasars in the Universe would naturally have to fall into discrete “shells ” of distance away from the Earth, as seen in Figure 8.6. [38] This places us right back into the medieval “geocentric ” models of the Universe!


Figure 8.6 – The Earth-centered Universe as seen from the mainstream redshift theory.
(Courtesy J Talbot)


Simple common-sense knowledge of our position in the Galaxy would tell us that the Earth is not the center of the Universe; the major problem that we then face is that redshift is the primary method that astrophysicists use to calculate the distances of celestial objects.

What we are faced with, instead, is a very strange anomaly that screams of “harmonics ”, the basic vibratory patterns of sound in any given medium, which we would expect to see in aetheric models of the Cosmos. [39]

For our next key point, let us not forget that the luminous plasma formations observed by Dr. Erling Strand in Norway, (discussed in Chapter Five,) would spontaneously appear and disappear from view, with a temperature as hot as the Sun one second and no measurable temperature the next.

Yet, throughout this entire time, the plasma formations could still be tracked on radar and / or in the infrared spectrum. We have concluded that these plasma formations are oscillating between two major levels of aetheric density, namely our own level and the level directly above our own. (Most thinkers would erroneously call these density levels “dimensions. ”) [39]

When the plasma moves (displaces) into the higher density, its visibility and immense heat disappears, but it still emits higher-spectrum wavelengths such as infrared and very probably microwave as well.

Therefore, when we see even, quantized harmonic values for all the microwave radiation that we observe from distant celestial objects, it is certainly plausible that this could be a sign of changing levels of aetheric energy density.

The final proof comes from Dr. Harold Aspden of Cambridge University, who has indeed mathematically proven that the aether has varying levels of density, creating what he calls “space domains. ” [1]

He describes each different level of interstellar medium (ISM) density as follows, and we have paraphrased in brackets to ease comprehension:

One can say that… each [aetheric density level] corresponds to the number of electrons and positrons that can be created as a group [after] an aether particle [is annihilated] and the aether space thereby vacated [is then filled up by the electrons and positrons]… there are many such different domain regions in the whole expanse of the universe. [emphasis added]

So, an “aether particle ” is the same as what Dr. Vladimir Ginzburg has called a “field bubble ” in Chapter Two.

According to Aspden‘s theory, the denser the LISM will be, the smaller the “aether particles ” will be in that area, since they are under greater pressure.

If an “aether particle ” is then annihilated, a sudden empty space is formed, and electrons (photons) and positrons will rush into the empty space. The electrons (photons) and positrons do not change in size, so less of them would fit into a smaller space than would fit into a larger space.

Dr. Aspden‘s data shows that only a certain exact number of positrons and electrons can fit in such an empty space, once it has been created.

For each density, the number of particles that will fit in the empty “field bubble ” of space is known as “N, ” and it has a maximum value of 1843, which is the number for our own density.

The density above our own has an N of 1842, the next has an N of 1841, and so on, since the field bubbles in each new density are smaller than the previous density.

As can be studied in more detail on Aspden‘s site, the mathematics behind this statement are quite involved, but his data provides a perfect means to calculate formerly unsolved mystery numbers in the quantum realm, such as the fine-structure constant, (see Ch. 2-3 of this book,) at the “part-per-million level of precision. ”

Furthermore, this work was deemed worthy of being published in the prestigious Physics Letters A in 1972. [2]

Here‘s the simplified punch line: when Dr. Aspden first saw Tifft‘s quantized redshift values, he realized that they were identical ( ! ) to the values that corresponded to aetheric density levels in his model. [1]

Yet, when Aspden tried to publish a follow-up to his original 1972 paper in Physics Letters A, complete with the direct observational evidence from Dr. Tifft to prove that these areas of higher density exist now in the Universe, the paper was anonymously rejected as “numerological. ”

All further appeals failed – even though his new paper only added direct, visible evidence to what had already been accepted and published in the same journal in 1972.

The falsely rejected paper can still be read on Aspden‘s website in Tutorial 10, complete with his rebuttals to their criticism. In conclusion, Aspden makes the following interesting speculations:

As can be verified, the 72.5 km/s steps reported from astronomical observation are in precise accordance with the theory under discussion…

Such domains [of aetheric energy density] have bearing on geological events such as geomagnetic field reversals, [which occur] as the solar system transits through boundaries separating adjacent space domains. [emphasis added]

Naturally, this connection between aetheric density and geological events is exactly the same as the conclusions being made by Dmitriev et al, with Aspden providing a solid, mathematical model that dramatically strengthens the case.

Even more significantly, on page 764 of The Vital Vastness – Volume Two by Richard Pasichnyk, we read the following:

High redshift is usually connected with features pointing to the youth of a galaxy. Redshift is also a function of the positions in the systems, which indicates strong intergalactic fields that influence redshifts.

Likewise, individual galaxies display redshift gradients from their inner to far limits. [emphasis added] [31]

Since we were obviously quite interested in this data point, Pasichnyk communicated to us that this “galactic redshift gradient ” discovery was actually published by astrophysics graduate students, since the mainstream would never allow such work to get through.

Nonetheless, further observational research will undoubtedly only serve to confirm this data ever more concretely than before. This effectively proves the existence of a Parker Spiral-type formation of changing aetheric energy levels in the Galaxy, as can be visualized in Figure 8.2.

Pasichnyk then continues by saying that the amount of redshift that is emanating from the core of our own Milky Way Galaxy is of an almost unimaginably massive strength, compared to any conventional explanations:

A redshift field is also found in the plane of the Milky Way with what conventional theory would call an “expansion ” (Hubble constant) that is ten times higher than the Universe as a whole. [emphasis added]

With the Arp / Tifft / Asdpen model in place, this proves that the Galactic Center is by far the greatest source of aetheric / torsion-field energy in the Galaxy, as we have already proposed in our own model, laid out in the previous chapters.

Now that we know that these aetheric energy levels can and must exist in the interstellar medium of our galaxy, and that there appears to be an ongoing, quite deliberate effort to suppress this information by NASA, Physics Letters A and other mainstream Western sources, we are ready to continue examining the direct physical proof of the changes that this event is producing.

Though much of this material comes from Dr. Dmitriev, we have also added additional research data to strengthen the case even more.

The Earth, the Sun, the planets and the space between the planets are all showing major signs of energetic change as the higher-density energy of the LISM continues to stream into the heliosphere in greater and greater concentrations.




Figure 8.7 – Earthquake Activity over 2.5 on the Richter scale, 1973-1998
(Courtesy Michael Mandeville)


As the Bush administration now acknowledges publicly, it is evident that “specific, far-reaching effects ” are underway on Earth that will “substantially change the United States in the next few decades. ”

Going well beyond the “global warming ” content of the Bush administration‘s report, we know that our weather patterns have become increasingly chaotic, damaging and unpredictable.

We have hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, mudslides, floods, droughts, and other catastrophes occurring on an ever-increasing basis.

As one example, the awesome mid-1990‘s Hurricane Andrew was almost as large as the entire state of Texas.

One could argue that the unchained force of nature is a far wider threat to Americans than terrorism. Dr. Alexey Dmitriev‘s calculations suggest that:

The dynamic growth of significant catastrophes shows a major increase in the rate of production since 1973. And in general, the number of catastrophes has grown by 410 percent between 1963 and 1993. [emphasis added] [15]

Based on the surge in activity that has been seen since this study was made, we can assume that a more updated statistic may now be as high as 600 percent.

And again, this exhaustively-researched figure includes all forms of catastrophe, including earthquakes, volcanic activity, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, et cetera.

Yet, no mainstream source would appear to be willing to make such a bold statement at this point, since “global warming ” is ruled out.

Along the same lines, a researcher named Michael Mandeville has clearly shown that worldwide, the number of earthquakes over 2.5 on the Richter scale have increased by as much as 400 percent since 1973, as seen in Figure 8.7. [22] 

Furthermore, Figure 8.8 shows that volcanic activity has also seen an almost 500-percent increase between 1875 and 1993. [22]


Figure 8.8 – Worldwide volcanic activity increases 1875-1993.
(Courtesy Michael Mandeville)


These statistics can also be examined farther back in time as well.

Before we had modern seismic equipment, the severity of an earthquake was measured by the number of people who were killed.

Based on this measurement scale, in 1999 the National Earthquake Information Center of Russia published a list of the 21 most severe earthquakes in the world since 856 AD.

Fully nine out of the 21 biggest quakes since 856 AD were in the 20th century. [36] This study was mentioned by Dr. Sergey Smelyakov and will become a key aspect of discussions in Part Two.

Now we must keep in mind how unusual all of these changes are, from a conventional scientific standpoint, as they represent “action-at-a-distance. ” As we established in Chapter Five, we believe that the primary cause for earthquake activity is energetic increases in the core.

When these increases occur very rapidly, due to a sudden Solar emission, some of the luminous plasma in the core is compressed into a higher aetheric energy density level by the intense surrounding pressures.

Such a density shift allows the plasma to move freely through third-density matter. This hyper-compressed plasma then bubbles up through the Earth‘s mantle, and once the pressure is relieved, it displaces back down into the density of “physical matter. ”

A great explosive force is created as this intense heat is then released in a much cooler area, and this would certainly have an impact on geophysical activity, both for earthquakes and volcanoes.

We remember from the beginning of this chapter that Dr. Dmitriev reports that there are also changes occurring in our “planetary gas-plasma envelopes ” that are not being caused by human pollution. [15]

New plasma is being generated in the ionosphere, greater magnetic storms are appearing in the magnetosphere, and cyclones are increasing in the atmosphere. Dmitriev also indicated that “the material composition of the gas-plasma envelopes ” of the planets is also changing.

More specifically, on Earth we have seen a significant new growth of HO2 (hydroperoxyl) gas at an altitude of 11 miles, which is completely inexplicable by any known source or mechanism, including ozone depletion or human pollution via “global warming. ” [15]

A separate Russian study confirmed that the total amount of cloud cover across the globe has significantly increased just in the last century.

Additionally, ESO reported in 1994 that two new, unexpected populations of cosmic particles have been discovered in the Van Allen radiation belts that surround the earth [4]:

  1. A new sheaf of electrons, greater than 50MeV in density, is now being injected into the Earth‘s inner magnetosphere during times of abrupt solar magnetic storms known as Coronal Mass Ejections, or CMEs.
  2. A new belt is emerging in the Van Allen radiation bands around the Earth. This new belt contains ionic elements that were traditionally found only in the composition of stars.

According to Dmitriev, these anomalies are directly being caused by a newly changed quality of interplanetary space, which he feels is acting as a transmission mechanism to allow the planets to interact with the Sun and heliosphere to greater degrees than ever before.

[In our model, based on Kozyrev, Mishin, Shnoll [39] and other researchers‘ discoveries, torsion radiation will automatically provide such functions.]

Even more importantly,

This newly changed quality of interplanetary space… exerts stimulating and programming action upon the Solar activity, both in its maximal and minimal phases.

What Dmitriev is trying to tell us here is that this highly-charged energy in the space between the planets has formed a two-way “circuit ” that allows events on Earth to affect the Sun, not just the other way around.

Returning to the Earth itself, another curious anomaly that we observe is the phenomenon of La Nina or El Nino. On many weather satellite photographs, such as in Figure 8.9, there is clear infrared data to show that a massive sub-surface heating of the Earth‘s oceans is now occurring:


Figure 8.9 – Massive sub-surface temperature anomalies in the Earth‘s oceans.
(Courtesy NOAA)


Solar radiation is by no means strong enough to cause this heating, as these temperature anomalies emerge deep beneath the surface of the oceans. This suggests that the oceans are being heated from within the earth itself. [3]

Furthermore, Dr. Dmitriev has shown that the strength of the Earth‘s magnetic field rises up and down in direct synchronization with these temperature changes in the ocean.

Furthermore, there is a 0.22 degrees C change in worldwide temperatures over the course of 30 days that correlates precisely with changes in the middle frequency of Earth‘s magnetic field. [15]

Hence, the Earth‘s core of luminous, magnetized plasma is directly responsible for these changes. As the pressure of the plasma suddenly increases, there is a surge in the strength of its magnetic field and a rise in its thermal level, rising the ocean temperatures.

Similarly, the Novosibirsk Klyuchi Observatory in Russia has reported that the height of the magnetic field is growing by up to 30 nanoteslas per year, again showing changes in the core.

This increasing heat energy of the Earth‘s core can also be seen in the rapid melting of our polar icecaps. The Ross Ice Shelf of Antarctica, which is as large as the state of Rhode Island, fully broke off and dropped into the ocean in the year 2000, as have several others in the last decade.

This process has greatly accelerated in speed throughout 2002, with three gigantic chunks breaking away from the continent in only a few months of time, the two most recent being named C-18 and C-19. This news is becoming so prevalent that even the Bush Administration finally had to come forward and admit that “something is happening. ”

The magnetic poles have been rapidly shifting their positions as well, leading up to what many authorities believe will be a complete shift in their north-south orientation.

As frequently reported on the Art Bell international radio program, our own Magnetic North is drifting away from its normal position at an ever-increasing speed.

This is occurring so fast that airports all over the world are having to repaint their runways to follow the Earth‘s changing magnetic field, since airplanes must use compasses to land.

It has been suggested that this can also be seen in significant changes to the navigational patterns drawn into airline flight maps over just a ten-year period from 1990 to 2000, though we have not seen this personally.

This magnetic change is also affecting the animal kingdom. Massive numbers of marine animals have been anomalously beaching themselves, and many other migratory animals, birds and fish are becoming confused and breaking their normal migration patterns.

Dramatic cases of mass bird deaths have also been reported in the last few years, with no concrete explanations offered.

As one example of avian migratory confusion, in 1999, radio talk show host Art Bell and collaborator Linda Moulton Howe reported on two different homing pigeon races that were conducted on the East Coast, where a completely unprecedented number of the pigeons became hopelessly lost while traveling along a well-known route, and never returned.

Furthermore, in Coming Earth Changes: The Evidence, Dr. William Hutton reveals that Earth‘s inner core not only rotates faster than the outer core, but it actually rotates at a different angle than the outside of the Earth. [17] This certainly suggests that a shift in orientation has already occurred on the inside of the Earth and will soon complete itself on the outside as well.

Dr. Dmitriev and others remind us that as the Earth‘s magnetic poles continue to drift, they are traveling through a “magnetic pole shift corridor, ” which is a narrow strip that they have always followed in the past prior to a complete magnetic pole reversal.

Such reversals are not unusual, as we know that the magnetic poles have continually flipped from north to south in various lengths of time throughout history.

In Figure 8.9 we can see the patterns, which were determined by analyzing the orientation of magnetized iron molecules released in the lava from the undersea ridges.

As each new layer of lava cools along these ridges, the iron molecules orient themselves to the position of the Earth‘s magnetic poles at that particular time.


Figure 8.10 – Earth‘s Magnetic Pole Shift Corridors for past three major shifts.
(Courtesy Maurice Chatelain)


Furthermore, geologist Gregg Braden shows that all the ingredients for a magnetic polar reversal are now occurring again. [6] The first ingredient is that the strength of our gravitational field is extremely weak, in terms of Earth‘s overall history.

With a grade of 10 being the strongest, we are now very close to 1, at the bottom of the scale. Secondly, the strength of the magnetic field is approximately 38% lower than it was 2,000 years ago, and it is now measured to be decreasing at an average rate of about 6% per 100 years, according to Swedish scientist N.A. Morner in 1988.

Thirdly, the earth‘s electromagnetic energy vibrations, known as the Schumann resonance, appear to be rapidly increasing above the standard 7.8 cycles per second to reported values of 8.6 or higher in certain areas. Every time that these three ingredients have combined in Earth‘s past history, says Braden, a magnetic pole shift has occurred.

So based on this idea, many researchers have concluded that it will cause a tremendous cataclysm that will extinguish human civilization as we know it. When our magnetic protection shield goes down, we will get a massive burst of solar radiation that has historically been linked with mass extinctions.

It is important for us to state here that most people do not understand the metaphysical implications of this burst of new energy; in later writings we will prove that it is directly associated with a spontaneous transformation of matter, energy and consciousness.




Figure 8.11 – Solar Activity at 1996 minimum (L) and 1999 maximum (R).
(Courtesy NASA)


When we turn our focus towards the Sun, we find similar anomalous increases in overall energetic activity. A team at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford, led by Dr. Mike Lockwood, has discovered that in the last century, the overall strength of the Sun‘s magnetic field has more than doubled, becoming 230 percent stronger than it was in 1901. [20]

Even more interestingly, this rate of magnetic field growth is continually increasing in speed.

Dr. Alexey Dmitriev reports that:

As a whole, all of the reporting and observation facilities give evidence to a growth in the velocity, quality, quantity and energetic power of our Solar System‘s heliospheric properties. [emphasis added]

And let‘s remember that the heliosphere is the magnetic field that emanates from the Sun, surrounding our Solar System and beyond.

Every 11 years there is a major increase in the amount of Solar activity, and we have again hit this solar maximum in the period of 2000-2002. In Figure 8.11, which is tinted green for contrast, the difference between the solar minimum of 1996 and the maximum of 1999 is quite obvious.

Furthermore, this current solar maximum has defeated all predictions for when it would end; it continues to show high levels of activity in summer of 2002, though it was originally expected to peak in 2000 and rapidly decline.

During the previous solar maximum in 1989, a very powerful X-ray flare on March 5th led to the Sun emitting a stream of high-energy protons, which flowed to the Earth continuously until March 13th.

As reported by Chatelain and Gilbert in The Mayan Prophecies, this event caused the Earth‘s magnetic poles to deviate by a whopping eight degrees in only a few hours, which was the most substantial sudden change in Earth‘s magnetic field since 1952.

This event also caused serious disruption of communications systems, created intense aurora borealis phenomena and completely collapsed the Canadian power grid, with more than a million people losing their electricity for several days.

Furthermore, Dr. Aleskey Dmitriev has correlated intense solar emissions with Earth phenomena including severe weather such as hurricanes and tornadoes, earthquake activity and volcanic activity on Earth. This same information has been rigorously documented by Richard Pasichnyk in The Vital Vastness book series and his Living Cosmos website. [31]

Again, this “action-at-a-distance ” is caused by torsion radiation, whose effects were scientifically proven by Dr. N.A. Kozyrev and others, as discussed starting in the first chapter of this book.


Figure 8.12 – Surges in solar proton flux activity, 1997-1998. (Courtesy NASA)


In 1995, NASA deployed the Ulysses spacecraft out to orbit the Sun at high altitudes and make specific readings. To everyone‘s surprise, the Sun had lost all signs of its normal magnetic field; there was no north pole, no south pole, just a field of constant intensity over the entire surface.

No one could begin to explain this and as Dr. Dmitriev states, this “drastically changed the general model of heliomagnetism, and further complicated the magnetologists‘ analytic presentations. ”

Arguably the ultimate energy release from our Sun comes from what are known as coronal mass ejections. In these cases, the entire Sun releases a super-flash of energy over much of its surface simultaneously, which travels out into space as a halo-like expanding bubble that can contain up to ten billion tons of electrified gas. [28]

Not surprisingly, Dr. Dmitriev explains that with each passing year, these super-flashes are actually traveling faster through space than ever before! This is the same reason as why you can swim faster in water than molasses; interplanetary space has become a better conductor.

This shows us another consequence of our heliosphere‘s movement into an area of higher aetheric energy density.

So, on November 6, 1997 there was a huge coronal mass ejection rated at a tremendous X level of 9.1, which NASA labels as being, quote, “severe. ” For 72 hours, the Earth was charged with highly energetic protons.

The conventional models had predicted only one severe event for 1997 when in fact there were three, which shows a 300-percent increase. And as Figure 8.12 shows, the severity of this event in November 1997 was later outstripped by an even greater intensity of events in April through May of 1998.

Even more recently, from May 10th through 13th of 2000, the energy and dust streaming out of the Sun known as the “Solar Wind ” abruptly shut off, causing NASA to announce that this was, quote, “the most drastic and longest-lasting decrease ” ever observed. [25]

This created huge auroras on Earth and caused the magnetic field to swell to between 500 and 600 percent of its normal size. Many international satellites confirmed that this was the single largest expansion of the Earth‘s magnetic field they had ever witnessed.

The graphic on the left shows the Earth‘s magnetic field in a more compressed and energetic state, whereas the graphic on the right shows a more relaxed state that allowed the expansion to occur. The blue end of the spectrum shows a higher degree of magnetic energy charge than the red.


Figure 8.13 – 500-600% expansion of Earth‘s magnetic field after solar wind shutdown.
(Courtesy NASA)


Then, on July 14, 2000, a massive solar flare shot directly at the Earth. Protons from the Sun came to us in only fifteen minutes, which NASA indicated as being one of the fastest traveling speeds ever seen. [26]

The speed of pure light itself is only less than twice as fast as this, at 8 minutes travel time from the Sun to the Earth. Normally, energetic protons are not thought to travel this close to the observable speed of light.

After this flare, a coronal mass ejection was released that traveled fully 200 percent faster than conventional models expected. A variety of satellites and equipment were either disabled or shut down completely, including the Japanese “Advanced Satellite for Cosmology and Astrophysics, ” which was so damaged that it was actually sent reeling blindly in its orbit.


Figure 8.14 – Surge in solar wind velocity after CME on Nov. 10, 2000.
(Courtesy NASA / SOHO)


On Nov. 8, 2000, a massive flare was soon followed by a coronal mass ejection that created one of the most intense radiation storms in decades. [27] The shock wave hit the Earth in only 31 hours, arriving on Nov. 10, which is easily twice as fast as NASA scientists had expected.

As we can see in Figure 8.13, the speed of the solar wind surged from 600 to nearly 1000 kilometers per second as the shockwave passed, and the amount of high-energy protons that were measured around the earth at this time spiked to a level that was fully 100 thousand times greater than normal.

Both the SOHO and Stardust satellites were not built to withstand such an impact, and were rendered blind by the surge in radiation, which made them incapable of “seeing ” the stars they normally use for orientation. [27]

In the second week of February 2001, the Sun was still quite active, continually bombarding the Earth with particles. At this time, NASA first reported that the Sun‘s magnetic poles were in the process of reversing, as is normally expected at the end of every eleven-year solar cycle.

As this reversal began, the energy streaming into the Earth was again suddenly increased, causing a number of very serious, very high magnitude earthquakes. Most conventional scientists are still refusing to make such obvious connections.

Between January 12 and 25, we saw a 6.9 earthquake on the coast of Alaska, a 7.6 earthquake in El Salvador [13],and a 7.9 earthquake in Gujarat, India. [14] Then on Feb. 28, a 7.0 quake struck Seattle, Washington, and the HAARP program‘s fluxgate magnetometer measured a sudden dip in the Earth‘s magnetic field strength from zero to -200 gamma as this earthquake occurred.

This shows how the pressure on the Earth‘s luminous plasma core caused it to temporarily eject a great burst of its energy to create the Seattle earthquake. As the Earth released this sudden charge, there was a momentary, major dip in the strength of its magnetic field, since the energy had been released.

This energy deficit was quickly replaced by the instreaming pressures of solar torsion-field radiation, but the clear signature of this event is visible in the magnetometer data.

Conventional theories believed that the Sun would become calmer once the poles reversed, since this is what had always happened before. Yet, the solar magnetic field steadily increased from March 18th to 27th of 2001, with a very large solar flare then erupting on the 29th. This event was followed by an Earth-directed CME that created significant aurora borealis as it hit.

Then, soon afterward on April 2, 2001, solar flare number 9393 broke all records for brightness and strength, weighing in at the unheard-of X-class of 22; the measurement scale had previously only been designed to go to a frightful maximum of 20. This flare was considered the largest of its kind ever observed for at least 25 years, earning it the new name of “mega-flare. ” [43]

Two consecutive coronal mass ejections, or CMEs, were then released on April 10. The first CME traveled more slowly than the second one, and this was named a “cannibal CME ”, since the first CME was consumed by the faster-moving second one.

Fortunately, the X-22 level of radiation from flare number 9393 did not directly impact the earth, as it was nearly three times more powerful than the March 1989 event, which deviated the Earth‘s magnetic field by eight degrees and totally shut down Canada‘s power grid. A burst nearly three times larger than this could literally disable the entire half of the earth that it hit.

Again, two CMEs were released on April 10, 2001. Then, on April 11th, a rash of severe tornadoes, some a quarter of a mile wide, ripped through the Midwestern United States, affecting Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Missouri and Nebraska. Furthermore, a 5.7 earthquake occurred in Indonesia on April 7, a 5.9 earthquake on April 13 that destroyed 30,000 homes in China, and a 6.5 on April 15 off the coast of Japan.

Most scientists would not be willing to acknowledge the connection between the solar activity and events such as severe weather and earthquakes, but again we see how the energy phenomena are related. All these events clustered around the surge in solar activity of April 10th.

And since this time, right through to the present, the solar activity has not backed off, creating untold problems for the NASA scientists and far more CMEs than were ever thought possible in previous models.

This is not being covered up or hidden by NASA or other space agencies; it is simply not given very much attention in the media. So, in short, this most recent solar maximum cycle has been so unusually energetic that George Withbroe, Science Director for NASA’s Sun-Earth Connection Program issued a statement saying that, quote,

“This is a unique solar maximum in history. The images and data are beyond the wildest expectations of the astronomers of a generation ago.” [41]



In our aetheric model, the Sun absorbs a majority of its surrounding energy at the polar regions, and accelerates this energy out along the ecliptic plane along its equator. So just as a balloon can only be inflated so far before it will burst, the Sun is forced to release this pent-up energy charge, caused by LISM energy density increases, with X-ray blasts, huge solar flares, proton emissions and mass ejections.

This in turn causes the interplanetary medium to become a better energy conductor, which then helps to saturate the planets with higher and higher amounts of energetic charge. So, if the planets indeed have cores of luminous plasma that can store and release energy like what we have seen on the Earth, then we should expect that similar energetic changes will be seen throughout the Solar System.

Dr. Dmitriev‘s research on the planets shows accelerations in the speed of magnetic pole shifts, climate changes, earthquakes and cyclones on Earth, increased magnetic and plasma energy charges on other planets and changes in their atmospheric qualities. In addition, some of the planets are actually becoming noticeably brighter. All of the following points are footnoted in Dmitriev‘s study, [15], unless otherwise noted:

[See our article “Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow?” for a far more rigorous dataset from mainstream NASA sources, with over 120 different references. What you are about to read is obsolete by comparison:] 


8.7.1 PLUTO

Pluto, our outermost observed planet, has recently shown a significant, unexpected increase in the amount of dark spots on its surface.



On the planet Neptune, some scientists believe that there has been a complete magnetic polar shift in the recent past; as the Voyager satellite passed by, the magnetic field was measured as being tilted nearly 50 degrees away from the rotational pole.

The event is considered to be recent simply because such an imbalance would normally be expected to right itself in a relatively short time, planetophysically speaking. Also, the intensity of visible light emitted by Neptune has noticeably increased.


8.7.3 URANUS

Like Neptune, Voyager noted that the planet Uranus also had a magnetic field that was shifted from the rotational axis, in this case by 55 to 60 degrees. This simultaneous behavior between Neptune and Uranus is believed to be possible because Neptune and Uranus are magnetically conjugate planets.

Both of them show this similar, anomalous discrepancy, which suggests that a recent, still-imbalanced magnetic pole shift had taken place. Furthermore, Uranus‘ magnetosphere has shown an “abrupt, large-scale growth ” in its intensity.


8.7.4 SATURN

Brightly colored auroras have been recently observed on Saturn, clearly indicating energetic charge. Richard Pasichnyk has directly correlated these brightness changes with solar activity. Most auroras cluster near the poles, and this dramatic energy increase can be seen through infra-red photography.



Jupiter‘s magnetic field has doubled in intensity as of 1992, and its total brightness has also increased. Dmitriev and others believe that “Comet ” Shoemaker-Levy 9, which dramatically struck Jupiter in July 1994, was actually a series of luminous plasma formations – and this would explain why a sequence of bright spheres traveled in a long, straight line.

Once this “plasmoid train ” struck Jupiter, there were “a series of new states and processes ” observed on Jupiter thereafter, inducing excessive plasma generation. This plasma was then released “in the same matter as Solar coronal holes, ” and created a brightening of the radiation belts in the 13.2 and 36-centimeter bands, as well as creating large, anomalous aurora formations.

In 1997, a tube of glowing plasma energy was observed to have formed between Jupiter and the volcanic areas of its moon Io, at an unbelievable electromagnetic strength of one million amperes. This phenomenon presents very strong evidence that volcanic activity is caused by energetic releases of the luminous plasma in the core of a planet or moon.

More recently, in Feb. 2001 NASA scientists observed Io while it was being eclipsed from the sun‘s light by Jupiter, and they discovered that it has now become brighter than ever before, noticeably glowing even though no sunlight was hitting it, forming a “plasma torus ” around the sphere itself. [11]


8.7.6 MARS

The atmosphere of Mars has shown definite signs of growth, as reported by Dr. Dmitriev. These transformations have increased the quality of its biosphere. Cloudy growth has been observed at the equatorial area, and there has been an unusual increase in the concentration of ozone in the atmosphere.

Furthermore, in September 1997 the Mars Surveyor satellite encountered a 200% increase in the density of the Martian atmosphere, against what had been calculated from previous NASA data.

As Dmitriev indicates, this greater atmospheric density bent one of the solar array arms beyond the full and open stop, which caused the satellite to malfunction.


Figure 8.15 – Martian Polar Icecap Melting. (Courtesy NASA)


Even more recently, in December of 2001 NASA released photographic images showing a major increase in the speed with which the Martian polar icecaps are melting. [7, 3] Figure 8.15 is easily the most dramatic of these images.

This “global warming ” on Mars was completely unexpected by any conventional model, but fits perfectly with the changes that we are encountering on the Earth, caused by the energetic increase in the Earth‘s luminous plasma core. Naturally, the Bush Administration did not mention this in their recent discussion of “global warming ” on the Earth.


8.7.7 EARTH

We have already covered the Earth in detail, and in this current context we should remember that there have been very clear signs that the atmosphere is changing; this is occurring in the actual chemical composition of the atmosphere as well as the increasing average cloud density that has been observed.

New charged particles are appearing in the Van Allen belts, with qualities normally only seen in radiation from stars. Let us also remember the overall 410-percent increase in catastrophes from 1963 to 1993, [15] the 400-percent increase in earthquakes from 1973 to 1998 and the ~500% increase in volcanic activity from 1875 to 1993. [22]



According to a 1993 study by Boston University scientists, our Moon has an atmosphere of sodium (natrium), reaching out to a height of 5,000 miles, or 9,000 kilometers. [32] During the Apollo missions, helium and argon atoms were found in the Moon‘s atmosphere, but Earth-based observations then added sodium and potassium ions to the list in 1988. [18]

Dmitriev considers this as evidence for the growth of a “first-stage ” atmosphere, as it is about a billion times less dense than Earth‘s atmosphere by comparison; if the Moon‘s atmosphere were compressed into the temperature and pressure of the Earth‘s surface, it would all fit into a 210-foot cube. [34]

More recently, following the Leonid meteor shower in November 1998, a massive tail of sodium gas with “distances of at least 500,000 miles from the moon, changing its appearances over three consecutive nights ” was observed. [5] This is believed to be caused by the many micrometeorites in the Leonids striking the lunar surface, but could also be due to their energetic plasma effects.

This data on the evolution of the Moon‘s atmosphere has almost always aroused great questions at our seminars, and we decided to investigate further for this book. Our research revealed that a sodium atmosphere was actually first detected by Flynn and Medillo back in 1933. [29]

This technique was again duplicated with greater accuracy in 1994 by A. Potter, T. Morsan and L. Gillian, revealing that the atmosphere extends all the way down to the surface of the Moon. [29] According to Prof. Theordore E. Madey of Rutgers University,

…there is little data to support any one explanation [for the creation of the Moon‘s atmosphere] and no general agreement about which processes are the most important. [emphasis added] [21]

Dr. D.E. Shemansky again breaks with the pack when he mentions a paper coauthored with T. Morgan on “the evolution of the Lunar atmosphere, ” again hinting that the amount of sodium and potassium concentration has indeed increased since the time of the Apollo missions. [35]

T.E. Madey and B.V. Yakshinkskiy have proposed “charged particle sputtering by the solar wind ” as one possible source for this atmosphere, since it must be continually resupplied. [21]

Dmitriev‘s model suggests that this lunar atmospheric evolution is being triggered by our movement into a higher energetic density of the LISM, which then increases solar activity.


8.7.9 VENUS

Significant physical, chemical and optical changes are being observed on Venus. This includes a sharp decrease in the amount of sulfur-containing gases, a reversal in the areas of light and dark spots and a significant increase in its overall brightness. One mainstream article on these changes by Kenneth Chang in the New York Times, 1/28/01, said: [9] 

Every time [scientists] take a look [at Venus,] they seem to see something different, with phenomena appearing or disappearing like the smile of the Cheshire Cat.

In November 1999, researchers from S.R.I. International and Lowell Observatory pointed the 10-meter Keck telescope on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, toward [the night side of] Venus for eight minutes and saw the distinctive green glow of oxygen atoms.

“It was a total surprise,” said Dr. Thomas G. Slanger, a scientist at S.R.I. and lead author of a paper in the current issue of Science. [emphasis added]


Figure 8.16 – Green Glow on the night surface of Venus. (Courtesy NASA / Cornell Univ.)


Though articles on these anomalous energetic increases of Venus have indeed emerged in the mainstream press, [8] thus far no one in the Western media has ever combined this data to see it as another function of changes that are occurring throughout the entire heliosphere.


8.7.10 MERCURY

Like the Moon, Mercury has also been observed to have a thin atmosphere of sodium, potassium and other elements. Conventional theories have a hard time with this atmosphere, since Mercury is so close to the Sun – but nevertheless it is there to be measured.

This too may indicate a “first-stage ” generation of new atmosphere. [21] Pasichnyk reports that Mercury has also been observed to have polar ice, which is considered impossible given its proximity to the Sun.



The information that has been presented in this chapter suggests that we are indeed moving towards an “Omega Point ” of energetic change. In our online article The Ultimate Secret of the Mayan Calendar, [40] we present evidence from Dr. Sergey Smelyakov that allows us to pinpoint exactly when our movement into this new area will be complete. [36]

This data has never before been written about by any other English-speaking authors. In the article, we describe how the Mayan Calendar time cycle of ~5,125 years is divided up by the “phi ” ratio into “Auric ” time periods, which become considerably shorter in length, leading up to a final “implosion ” point.

As each increasing time cycle is reached, massive energetic effects occur on the Earth. All 21 of the largest earthquakes since 856 AD have fallen exactly on these “bifurcation points, ” caused by our rapid passage from a lower-energy to higher-energy state in the LISM. Nearby supernova explosions of stars have also occurred at these points. [40]

The aetheric model suggests that at the edges of the spiraling, pinwheel-shaped “Parker Spiral ” formations in the galaxy, there will be discrete layers between one level of aetheric density and another, much as a line will form between oil and water.

This boundary area naturally creates a vibrational disturbance, which in turn ripples through the aether in either direction based on the simple “phi ” ratio. Each time we pass through another turning-point in the Auric cycle, we are entering into a discretely higher energetic area of the LISM. Most interestingly, the total population of the Earth has also been shown to multiply in exact lock-step with the phi ratio, centering on these points. [36]

New religions, spiritual faiths and time-measuring calendar systems are born during these times, as well as the collapsing of large empires followed by relatively quick political developments thereafter. The next two “bifurcation points ” where such events could occur are 2003 and 2008 – not so far away.

This is one link in a vast chain of evidence to suggest that as aetheric energy density increases, human consciousness increases as well. This can also be directly associated with spiritual advancement. Part Two of this book is dedicated to fully establishing this connection between aetheric energy, biology, consciousness and spirituality. It is also important to mention the date for the final “implosion point ” that Dr. Smelyakov‘s marvelous cycle collapses into:

Dec. 21, 2012 AD – the end-date for the Mayan Calendar.


Incidentally, it is also during this same time period that the Earth comes into perfect “precessional ” alignment with the center of the Galaxy, which we now know has a redshift that is ten times higher than the observable Universe in conventional models. [Smelyakov‘s cycle is completely different from Terence McKenna‘s “Timewave Zero ” model, and shouldn‘t be confused with it or seen as supporting it.]

For now, the bottom line is this:

We have the proof. We know what is happening. We know why it is happening. We know how it is happening. And we know precisely when “it ” will happen.

With the forthcoming information in Part Two, we can also make a very good case for exactly what “it ” will do. [11/26/07: Part Two has not yet been compiled, but all the information can be found in the David’s Blog entries on this website, beginning with “Cosmic Perspective on Daily Events.”]

As one voice for the ancient traditions, the Bible referred to this as the coming of the “New Heaven and New Earth, ” a utopian Golden Age for humanity where each of us who choose to participate will have abilities above and beyond those displayed by Jesus and other masters:

“As I do these things, so shall ye do them, and greater things… ” (John 14:12)







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