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The Divine Cosmos

The Divine Cosmos


Your outstanding work, both from the esoteric and physical points of view, requires me, as we say here, “to put off my hat” before you. Over the last decade, I haven’t met any single person (not including the bundles of crazy ones) who has presented such an all-embracing portrait of the Cosmos that is grounded in scientific facts and esoteric concepts. I beg your pardon for expressing emotions, but I am really very much impressed…

– Dr. Sergey Smelyakov, Kharkhov, Ukraine

[As written in our article “The Ultimate Secret of the Mayan Calendar,” Dr. Smelyakov has provided us with the “smoking gun” to prove that an energetic transformation process is culminating in Dec. 2012. His advanced astrological analysis system had predicted the 9-11 tragedy to within five days of its occurrence.]

You have done a marvelous job of weaving the many ideas of thinkers past and present into a synthesis of the more perfect model of physical reality. You have also fulfilled all of the promises that you made to me in our many conversations. I humbly accept and value the attention you have given to my part of the greater truth.

– Rod Johnson, Oregon, USA

[Discoverer of the Sequential Perspective, a Unified quantum model incorporating sacred geometry]

I finished Part One in a matter of days, which is a first for a nonfiction scientific work. It is outstandingand really enjoyable.

– Jeremy Weiland, Virginia, USA

[Scholar of ACIM / Law of One, Ascension2000 staff member, frequent discussion room participant]

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