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Author: David Wilcock

12/14/96: Readings: First Half of December 1996

[Updated 3/14/09] What follows is the raw data from the first half of December 1996 — the earliest days of the Wilcock Readings. Published on-site since 1999, you can see how the readings predicted an upcoming car crash for David, and ultimately tied it in with a remarkable prophecy of 9/11 — which at this point was still five years away!   What follows is the raw data. The readings are the main text, and everything else — comments and / or dream data — are indented.    Mon. 12 / 2 / 96 – 7:00 a.m.   In your cap and gown, think about what you are shopping for, for a moment; aquamarine, the colors of the spectrum. Control your data, flowing in through information. Slow down the matrix [of your thoughts.] Your work has many serious overtones. Many people feel they are lost. It’s quite appropriate in this society, though. How do you think I feel about it? I never say anything to cause this. This is my speakerphone; this is something you can watch – it will be around for many years. We need some purchasing orders badly. [Note: Obviously the statement about them “needing purchasing orders badly” indicates that they want many others to do the same thing that I was doing here.]   Silence is your greatest ally. We’re really proud of you; you’re...

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  • ALL of my dreams lately have been very clear in saying this is all going to work out. Keep digging and I am doing the same... more to come. No need to freak out here... very positive and surprising things are already visible and many more are coming!
  • We were briefed on this entire situation in advance. Telling people something happened your way, without legal proof, does not constitute victory. Now is the time to step up and get involved directly, like I am doing, instead of just watching and waiting. GET IN THERE!
  • We are now going through the climax of everything we have been hearing about all this time. The risks are very high. PLEASE remember to keep using the power of prayer and meditation. Let's land this plane!
  • One discrepancy. Top source just said that unsealings next week are a "maybe," not guaranteed. And.. as with others, they "are not to be disclosed until success." Just clarifying that two factions have two different views on next week. Regardless, this will work out!

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