Many of you have been patiently waiting all year for a new political analysis article to provide some sense of direction for what we are now seeing on Earth.

This article provides very compelling evidence to suggest that a highly significant world economic and political change will come into view in 2004. If you are living on Earth at this time, you will probably benefit from this article’s guidance.

 Insider Politics: The Dark Night of the American Soul

The Personal Context of Political Events

By David Wilcock

8 / 5 / 3

Our current world events are often viewed with fear, dread, despondency, sadness, bitterness, betrayal, isolation or victimization.

Yet, for thousands of years, ancient prophecies have given accurate prophetic descriptions of our current times with a sense of wonderment and excitation, not despair.

In a remarkably cross-cultural set of prophecies, the socio-political events we are now seeing are said to be part of an ancient “formula” that paves the way for a Golden Age on earth for humanity.

The hidden negative forces in government are aware of these prophecies as well, and are hoping to master these changes so as to create a “New World Order” when the changes arrive.

From Biblical prophecy right on through to the present, we have mountains of evidence to suggest that these plans will not succeed, and the monumental failures of the Bush Administration fit in perfectly with this notion.

Since my own direct connection to the Higher Self began with daily dream recall and analysis in 1992, and especially since I broke through to direct, reliable verbal communication with the “Dream Voice” in 1996, I have steadily received an ongoing series of future visions which accurately depicted the exact type of socio-political environment that we are now living in, as well as charting a course for future events that we have not yet seen.

Time after time, the prophecies have said that just when things seem to be at their worst, changes will occur that suddenly create a far more positive framework.

Many spiritually-oriented people are either currently experiencing or have already experienced their own personal “dark night of the soul,” so that when the collective dark night of the soul arrives, they can act as a source of light to others.

The signs of the coming of this collective “dark night of the soul” are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore, the prophetic scenarios increasingly coming into view exactly as expected.

It will be increasingly important not to panic as such changes go from being “maybes” to becoming so obvious that they sprout a whole new legion of doomsayers.

I think it is also beneficial to face the future head-on instead of continuing to indulge in naïve optimism about how “everything is going to stay just the way it is.” Changes are coming, and they will involve some sacrifice from all of us.

In order to be as responsible a futurist as possible, I have been carefully paying attention to empirical information sources as well as my own intuitive sources, and I do believe that we are now on an irreversible course; the only question is “when.”

Not even the higher forces can be completely certain of the timing on something like this, as it is affected by so many different determinants. However, I would be very surprised if it were not in effect by some time in 2005, if not well before then.

Consider the recent words of Dr. Henry Makow in the article “Sensational Memos Lift the Lid on News Control“, revealing a previously little-known source of information on the Internet:

Since April, The Barnes Review News web site has posted memos from an executive at a major TV network to selected News Division staff.

If they are authentic, these memos represent the most important revelation of government deception since the Pentagon Papers, and suggest the “news” is little more than mass psychological control. There are shocking references to cover-ups of government domestic terrorism, SARS, Mad Cow, and events in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Iran and much more.

In mid-March TBR Webmaster Walter Storch received an email from a man who claimed to be a mid-level executive at a major U.S. TV network. He said he had “serious doubts” about the strict control of the media by the government.

He sent Storch a disc containing 1500 pages of memos dating back to 2001. All were on corporate stationary signed by the sender and recipients in the News Division.

Storch asked for current directives and was able to ascertain that they were followed both in print and on TV. He posted the memos in excerpt or in full and watched “as ordained news was created before our eyes.”

“We are now printing the more outrageous and serious aspects of the incoming papers with the hopes that this will cause serious public relations problems [for] those directly involved,” Storch wrote recently.

The memo writer is probably an executive at a media conglomerate in New York charged with coordinating with government. His directives seem to be followed by other networks and newspapers, although he refers to “unreliable” newspapers (June 2).

He decides what to suppress (“blackout”), what to promote (“puff pieces”), what angle to take on anything controversial. About SARS, which did spread to the US but was called pneumonia, he says, “Get the usual medical people and give them the usual script.” (May 25)

He has a cynical, conspiratorial, chatty style and makes the newsmen feel they are “in the know.” They do not include the public in this charmed circle.


Upon studying this fastidiously detailed and highly controversial information on the TBRNews website, it was easy to pick out a whole series of quotes that suggest that the American economy is in serious trouble, as my own intuitive sources have been steadily saying all along.

I did imagine that the closer we got to these events actually happening, the more obvious it would become, but these memos were a surprise even for me.

The tone of the memo-writer indicates that the Bush Administration is in a state that could only be described as complete paranoia over any number of things that they feel could ruin the economy, and are doing everything they can to cover them up.

Following are some examples of these memos as they actually read on the TBRNews website:

(April 4) …sharply rising unemployment numbers, this should be countered with official interviews stressing that the unemployment situation is now stabilizing and expected to fall soon.

(April 27) …ongoing wave of failures, or projected failures, of major US corporations should be played down and covered only if the corporation in question actually files for bankruptcy. The expressed fear is that a constant drumfire of woeful economic news will hardly encourage a badly needed recovery.

(May 8) Although the dollar’s continuing drop against the euro can be seen on most financial pages, this is to be addressed as “temporary” and articles from economists can be quoted to the effect that the victory in Iraq will soon result in a surging dollar on the international marketplace.

(May 13) …a series of presentations about why the decline of the dollar against the euro, the Canadian and Mexican currency, is actually a good thing for American business. Stress that US production can now increase because American goods are cheaper, and stress, more easily available to the foreign markets.

(May 17) The President’s new tax plan should be shown as being beneficial to most American households. Democratic criticism is to be minimized and trivialized. The Laci Peterson case and the bad weather in the mid-west (tornados) are good subjects for diversion from less than helpful political partisanship.

(May 24) The mad-cow problem in Canada is causing serious economic problems in both the US and Canada. It is considered very important to stress that none of the contaminated beef ever was sent to the US. Only one cow and a few calves, all of whom have been destroyed.

If this gets any credence, it could wreak havoc with the US cattle industry, not to mention the fast food and restaurant business. Mad-cow has been in the US before and kept very quiet. Let’s see if we can’t repeat this now.

(May 29) “It’s the economy, stupid!” and let’s keep in mind that drumfire about bad economy is not good kids, for all of us. Do a nice bit on how the market is now rising (slowly) and full recovery is projected to be around the corner. Get the usual bites from our economists.

The deflation word is not to be used and keep strictly away from the rising euro. If this gets over $1.20, talk about the “great benefits” to US home productions. “Who needs fancy, overpriced French luxury goods when we can make it better and cheaper right at home?”

(June 15) The market is up again but just equal to last year. Not good but make a strong case for serious recovery under the President’s new tax refunds. Unemployment is soaring but let’s keep this minor key unless some trouble breaks out over it. Justice has evidence of serious labor unrest, especially among ghetto minorities.

They never had a crack at the brass ring before and now, none at all. This in seen as potential disaster by the AG and his people. Job corps are out of the question. Subject of a universal draft for all 18 year olds on the drawing board. Keep them out of trouble before the election and boosts up the military “just in case” there is more military action.

(June 20) Continue with positive reports about the market comment on the 10% unemployment rates. Work up a treatment that stresses the problems newly-graduated high school students have in finding work. Thus, the higher rates.

(July 14) Happy talk at the Pentagon about a universal draft is fading away. No chance of this disaster even being broached and it should not be mentioned at all. It is doubtful that the White House will touch this one now.


In previous articles, I spoke of my prophetic visions that as the economic collapse plunges into full gear, there would be urban riots across the country that would be blamed mainly on African-Americans, and the memo from June 15 spoke of “serious labor unrest, especially among ghetto minorities. this is seen as a potential disaster”.

If the youth are considered to be the most serious potential political problem, then why not blame the bad economy on them to soften up the public to the idea of sending them off to die in a mass military draft?

The New York Times published an article that directly blamed the current unemployment situation on teenagers, just over three weeks after the June 20th memo that called for such a “treatment.”

To me, this is direct evidence of fore-ordained news emerging just as it was ordered to, and lends credibility to the remainder of content in the memos:

From the New York Times, July 13

Teenagers Facing Hard Competition for Summer Jobs

BOSTON, July 13: Teenagers are facing the worst summer job market in years, with the percentage of those holding summer jobs at its lowest in 55 years and the unemployment rate at its highest in a decade.

Governments have cut money that used to help put teenagers in jobs. Retail stores are increasingly favoring older sales clerks. And teenagers are suffering a kind of push-down effect of the bad economy: older workers are returning to the job market, the laid-off are settling for jobs they might once have thought beneath them and college students unable to find better work are hanging onto jobs that used to go to high school students, squeezing out the youngest workers.

The unemployment rate for 16- to 19-year-olds, at 19.3 percent nationwide in June, is rising particularly fast for black teenagers. But the trouble finding jobs hits across the country, and all demographics.

Since 2000, the employment rate for teenagers has dropped about 9 percentage points. “If you had a nine-point drop for adults, you’d call it a depression,” said Andrew Sum, director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University here.

.Renee Ward, president of an Internet job board called, said most of the 1,300 retailers who have posted jobs in the past few years said they were not hiring teenagers under 18 this summer.


Most likely, every specific data point in the above article is true, as we do have a serious economic problem. However, there are also clearly biased statements in the article that are not supported by facts, which would be where the “spin” is applied in accordance with the memo-writer’s wishes.

This is especially evident in the second paragraph, with openly generalized statements that are not backed by direct statistical support.

Despite the wide range of comments such as the above, the category that really jumped out at me would be that of a huge counterfeit currency scandal:

(May 3) US Treasury officials are now investigating the enormous amounts of US currency uncovered in Iraq. Mention of this can be made and it is considered expedient to state that this is part of Saddam Hussein’s personal booty.

Under no circumstances, it has to be stressed, should any mention of amounts in excess of the publicly stated $600 million be made. And absolutely no mention of the possibility of these $100 bills being counterfeit.

(May 12) …discovery of counterfeit US bills worldwide is to be offset with stories about entirely new, colored bills now in preparation stages. These bills will be more difficult to counterfeit…

…flood of counterfeit $20 bills in the US… the $100 bills will not be reworked at the present time. Loss of confidence in this bill could result in its rejection by the world currency markets and this would have a disastrous effect on the sure to stress this in coverage.


Various articles by Sherman Skolnick, a regular columnist on, indicate that the actual amount of counterfeit currency is upwards of 800 billion dollars, rather than the far-lower 600 million given in the above quote.

Skolnick has been covering this story for some time, so seeing it appear in the memos adds validity to both sources. Skolnick seems to always weigh this counterfeit scandal heavily in terms of an overall viewpoint that he shares about our current affairs, which suggests that the US as we now know it will go the way of every other major empire in world history. Here are some examples:


A very high, non-U.S. military officer, extremely well-informed, contends that the U.S. is facing a land-war military disaster in Afghanistan.

Obviously, if true, it could bring down the American Central Government and with it the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. The 60 American flag officers agree, and assert that a coup d’etat, for the good and not for evil, is absolutely necessary to save the American Republic.

If true, it raises the entire question of land-invasion of Afghanistan as being the fore-runner of possible U.S. Military disaster. A nation that loses a war soon has their government overthrown.



Carried over from the greatly troubled 20th Century is a hush-hush group of events that is virtually impossible to be dealt with by the American monopoly press. After you study this, the how, when, where, and why of it, may become clear to you.

If carried to an extreme, counterfeiting government money or securities could topple a central government quicker, and neater, than bombing them to bits; that is, taking care of a government perceived as unfriendly to others, or an enemy.

The U.S. Treasury, arranging for and distributing superior quality counterfeit currencies, is a deep-down secret. And the pressfakers know to stay shut; for various reasons. For example, journalists that go to press conferences of public officials must FIRST be cleared by the U.S. SECRET SERVICE. which not only issues or refuses to issue press credentials, but also investigates bogus currency.

The big secret, forbidden to be discussed by the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press is that there is, because of Iran and others, over 800 billion dollars worth of these superior quality Federal Reserve Notes, masquerading, of course, as the “U.S. Dollar”, some of it circulating by way of Iran.

Some is being circulated by a joint deal between the Russian mafiya (former KGB officers) and a faction of the Colombia dope cartel. Some by blowback (spy lingo) is coming back to the US.

In 1990, the U.S. Treasury, aided by criminal-types within the American CIA, confederates of Daddy Bush, then U.S. President, arranged to topple the Soviet Government. How? By manipulating the Soviet currency, the Ruble.

A book [that] goes into what it calls the Ruble Scam is “Thieves World: The Threat of the New Global Network of Organized Crime”, by Claire Sterling, Simon & Schuster, N.Y., 1994.

The Russian ruble counterfeiters are experts on how the superior quality U.S. fake currency passes right through the Federal Reserve counting machines and other such apparatus, just as if genuine notes. [Of course, understood by some is that the Federal Reserve notes are hot-air backed paper masquerading as the “U.S. Dollar”.]

Knowing a lot of the foregoing, some savvy sorts simply call them THE COUNTERFEIT RESERVE. The Fed stays quiet about the 800 billion dollars worth of fake U.S. currency floating around the world, some of it coming back into the U.S.

What are the fake Federal Reserve notes, a massive amount, being used for? Simple. They are knowingly used, in part, to temporarily support the U.S. Stock Markets.

To prevent a financial meltdown, the same secret reason a faction in the American Aristocracy used to cover up if not instigate Black Tuesday, September 11, 2001, with that faction having prior knowledge they were simply piggy-backing on to a known scheme of supposed Moslems.


…most every organ of the mass media dares NOT offend the U.S. Treasury, the U.S. Secret Service, and the Internal Revenue Service.

[2] A long-festering mess, for years kept out of the popular press in the U.S., has been the huge amount of superior quality counterfeit U.S. Currency (actually, Federal Reserve hot-air notes, backed by nothing, masquerading before the public as the “U.S. Dollar”.) In a prior exclusive story, we dealt with this subject.

So, shortly after our story is posted, what happened? Why, the U.S. Treasury boss, Paul O’Neill is sacked. Of course, cynical sorts have a way of explaining it. They say, Josef Stalin would have given him two choices, if at all, Exile to Siberia or the firing squad. O’Neill the money boss has a number of failures, to his record, as far as the current occupant and resident of the White House is concerned.

* Failure, by O’Neill, to stop all mention of the huge problem of superior counterfeit U.S. Currency, actually Federal Reserve Notes. It is causing tremendous friction between the Washington government and the Moscow government.

Moscow czar Putin is beginning to find out that he and his predecessor, Yeltsin, had and have been propped up with huge amounts of U.S. Currency, part of it the superior quality bogus U.S. Currency. Short of ringing the neck of George W. Bush, how is Putin, supposedly now a U.S. ally formerly big with the Secret Police, supposed to react?…

*Failure of the U.S. Treasury, by boss O’Neill, to adequately co-operate with the Federal Reserve czar Alan Greenspan, to successfully pump up the U.S. Stock Market, at least temporarily, jointly using part of the long-secret superior quality phony baloney U.S. currency.

In such failures, the Treasury and the Fed are opening the way for a possible “change of regime”, not in Baghdad, BUT WASHINGTON. In our prior exclusive details, we told about the dissident U.S. Admirals and Generals, vowing to arrest Commander-in-Chief Clinton for treason.

If Clinton were to arrest them for mutiny, if they survived and were not assassinated, they planned to defend their position documenting Clinton’s treason against the American commonfolk to favor the Red Chinese. Although, as we have mentioned, ten of these flag officers, military jargon description, have been assassinated.

BUT, there is now a much larger group itching to target George W. Bush, as to the treasonous acts by him, as supervised by Daddy Bush, former head of the secret political police, and others.

*Failure by O’Neill, as Treasury poobah, jointly with the conspiratorial Federal Reserve, to turn up the U.S. economy, thus paving the way for George W. Bush to be another Herbert Hoover, ala 1931.

Did Albert Gore, Jr., sidestep being in charge of the White House, when he did not fight back “The Gang of Five” on the U.S. Supreme Court, when they like a military Junta, installed George W. Bush as the resident and occupant of the Oval Office, on that infamous December evening, 2000?

Some of Gore’s confidants claim he so much as muttered under his breath, “Let George be Hooverized, not me”, anticipating a serious meltdown of the U.S. financial system.


Whatever opinion you have made of Saddam Hussein, he is NOT some dummy. The superior quality hundred dollar U.S. paper money bills that flooded Iraq and the Mid-East by Daddy Bush—well, Saddam, in turn, dumped them on Europe, from which they are coming back to haunt and trouble the United States.

To cover up this treason and criminality done by Daddy Bush against the American people and their organic law, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, his son, George W. Bush.feels obligated to find a reason to protect Bush the Elder by violently seeking to remove the Baghdad regime.

Saddam’s details, documents, and testimony can send Daddy Bush and members of his crime cabal to prison for treason and other high crimes.

To try to protect his father from treason conviction and prison, George W. Bush is determined to silence his father’s now disgruntled former business partner Saddam Hussein.

Some contend that with the U.S. under a supposed leader trying to protect his father, causing tremendous bloodshed in Iraq and among poorly informed U.S. troops, the end result may be the change, perhaps violent, of the regime IN WASHINGTON.


Because of a confluence of events, domestic and overseas, there is a growing possibility that the UNITED States of America will come apart.

[3] Troika is a Russian term for a wagon pulled by three horses. Some time ago I posted a story about a possible troika that may run the government.

Certainly it is no great secret that we common Americans are going to be faced with tremendous possible upheavals resulting from an oncoming financial meltdown as well as the plans for Iraq.

Many ordinary Americans may be forced into a point of view that we must, by way of dealing with the growing emergency, temporarily set aside the organic law, the bedrock of our Republic, namely the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights (restraining the Central Government, as forced upon the founding fathers of this Republic).

We may suddenly find out that the faction of the Aristocracy that opposes George W. Bush and Daddy Bush, has decided to run this country through a troika, a panel of Emergency Administrators, not provided for by statute or organic law.

Gore may re-emerge as one of the Emergency Administrators, to deal with the possibility that the UNITED States of America, is becoming, has become, DISUNITED, through financial and international policy blundering.

[4] As hard as it may be to understand for poorly informed and naive sorts, there are parts of the United States, like in the 1860s, that reserve the right to secede from the Union.

California is such an example, beset with a huge un-manageable deficit, having sent to Washington their federal tax money and getting, in return, insufficient aid in dealing with the open-borders flood of non-citizens burdening the hospitals, schools, and facilities of California.

Who openly discusses that Texas entered the Union with a provision, reserving to itself the right of its State Legislature to divide up the huge state into five separate states entitled to TEN U.S. Senators. The Texas State Assembly, from time to time, has to roll-over that provision.

Somehow, a group consisting of Albert Gore, Jr., and others, have come up with a rather complete list of where the superior quality counterfeit U.S. paper money is, and who is seeking to dump it back on the U.S. via the transit point of Canada. The dumpers include Moscow strongman Putin as well as Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein. [Visit earlier parts of this series for details.].

So, will the U.S. end up into a mess wherein a panel of Emergency Administrators run the country because George W. Bush is either unable to govern, is actually but secretly under “house arrest”, or similar extra-ordinary situations?


The Iraqi oil treasure, second largest in the world, is to be used as collateral to support U.S. out-of-control debt, to aid Bush in seeking to give a huge tax cut to the very wealthy.

An additional purpose, if not the actual main one, is that the Iraqi oil treasure is to head-off (although it may be actually impossible to sidestep), the downfall of the “U.S. Dollar” and the looming possible default of U.S. Treasury securities, 40 percent of which currently are owned by the Japanese and the Saudi Royal Family (both since 1973, having THEIR U.S. Treasury paper backed by U.S. Gold, not so for ordinary Americans).


Now if you have read these Skolnick excerpts carefully, especially the last one, you will see that the Administration is in desperate need of the Iraqi oil treasure to head off a massive economic collapse. We know that when the US invaded Iraq in March, the very first thing that they did was to secure control of the Iraqi oilfields.

However, is this treasure actually being taken out of Iraq? Regardless of how negative this agenda may seem, is this oil money flowing back to the US to prop up the economy? The secret in-house corporate memos tell us straight out that it is not:


(June 15) We are going to be running into serious problems with the growing resistance movements in Iraq. GIs are being killed and wounded, convoys ambushed and worst of all scenarios are coming true: The Iraqi oil is being interdicted before it can be shipped out of the country.

(June 16) Pentagon sources now claim that it will be impossible to bring law and order to Iraq within a year and heavy US military presence must be in place to do this.

(June 28) The situation in Iraq vis a vis the guerrilla war is now reaching critical proportions. It is very obvious not only to the Pentagon, whose business it is to combat it, or to the White House who basically instigated it, that the actions of Iraqis are not, repeat not, merely sporadic lootings and local vigilante actions but a well-organized and fully functioning guerrilla movement.

This has very ugly religious overtones and has the danger of causing serious and widespread trouble in the adjoining Muslim countries. The Administration has two choices facing it: Get on or get out. Our sources indicate that Bush’s temperament and personality will not permit him to retreat an inch.

There is the oil question. We were supposed to secure all the Iraqi oil after kicking Hussein out and breaking his hold on the country. Bush was warned repeatedly by Pentagon experts that there was the strong probability of dangerous insurgent activity but he and his close advisors such as Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz discounted it.

Since the President will not, and cannot, withdraw from a situation that is daily becoming more and more dangerous to American military units, his only remaining choice is to increase the number of troops in Iraq to both suppress any and all civil resistance to American occupation and, even more important, protect the oil fields and most especially the pumping stations and pipelines.

Experts we have spoken with have said that this will be impossible without at least 200,000 troops in place. Pacification could take years, not weeks or months, and with elections coming up next year, inside White House sources have said the President and Rove are in a panic.

Increasing damage to [oil] plants, increasing anti-US guerrilla activity and the resultant deaths of GIs is causing havoc with the planning for both the export of the vital oil and the prospects of another Vietnam to haunt the election. It would be a PR disaster if we had a reprise of Nam with the shooting of civilians on the 6 o’clock news.

(July 12) We foresee problems in some of our coverage of the Iraq business. Until fairly recently, the public support has been fairly strong for the President’s actions. Our own poll results showed that the President enjoyed a solid 52% national support (although the agreed figures were closer to 65%).

Now, with the prolonged and escalating Iraqi resistance and growing questions about Bush’s State of the Union speech and the glaring errors contained in it, it is very evident that other media elements are beginning to raise questions…

The best way to cover this is to be strictly neutral in comment and we must now maintain a completely neutral position in all of this. If Bush has the same problems Nixon did over Watergate, we cannot be seen by our viewers as being blindly partisan.

We have to have plausible deniability in this. The NYT is now beginning to crack the wall of silence surrounding the Presidency and as they are the bellweather, best to watch them closely.

(July 13) The figures given out about a 3 billion monthly bill for the Iraq occupation and “pacification” is going to blow up in the Administration’s face. (More like 5 billion a month!)

The Democrats have been in disarray because they feel that by attacking the wartime President, they can be accused of disloyalty to the American people.The major disaster for the White House is that they cannot get oil out of Iraq.

The plan always was to root out Saddam, occupy the country after securing the oil fields first and then put a CIA trained and controlled local governments into place. In fact, the Iraqis would get none of the proceeds of the oil sales.

The President and his top men, including Rumsfeld, were fully warned by both the CIA and MI that there was a very strong probability that internal unrest in Iraq could tie the US up for years, not months but as we know, the White House has always listened to a different drummer.

The Administration is over a barrel on this because if they try to make too many scapegoats, someone will let the cat out of the bag over who really knew what and what kind of specific warnings the White House had actually received.the same scenario as the 9-11 warnings.

(July 17) The White House is now moving into a bunker mentality, very much like Nixon during the end of the Watergate business. With mounting Iraqi opposition and facing a very capable guerrilla movement, supplied by Syria and Russia, the US has run into the stone wall we all predicted.

His personality will not permit the President to withdraw in good order; the neocons and the oil people will simply not let him. Bush is stuck between the rock and the proverbial hard place.

Serious growing unrest in the troops coupled with very low morale, growing death tolls, lack of rotation, real fear of being fatally attacked are all leading to a situation that our Pentagon source informs us could actually erupt into open mutiny.

Couple all of this with the terrible economy, the insistence of the Bush people on insane tax cuts (to help out corporate America), the obvious right wing political and religious fanatics supporting the President and we have the makings of serious, probably fatal, domestic problems.

The fear is that a frantic Administration could connive at some kind of domestic terrorism if and when they perceive the President slumping badly in the polls. He already is and it looks like it might go like the economy. Today, a 65% favorite; tomorrow matching [California Governor] Davis’ 20%.

(July 21) The guerrilla warfare rages on in Iraq with no end in sight. A report from Rand indicates that oil from Iraq is not likely to be shipped out in the near future and as the Administration has been counting on their sales of this oil to reduce the horrific US national debt, trouble looms.

Rumsfeld and Cheney, the real powers in the Beltway, want the National Guards activated to replace the mutinous brigades now on duty in Iraq.

The staffers at the Pentagon are not in favor of this because these Guardsmen are badly trained and it is felt that there would be casualty disasters without end if they were dumped into the middle of a fierce guerrilla Arab holy war.

The emerging hallmark of White House strategy is a blind belief in the rightness of their actions and a mounting refusal to modify any of their actions.

(July 25) The House vote on the [media] deregulation matter is a shot across the Administration’s bows. So many Republicans deserted that Bush is said to be boiling with rage and threatening a veto in addition to punishment of the rebels.

Considering the public uproar over Powell’s FCC actions, this veto will be overridden.


A careful study of the above excerpts shows that the crucial change has already taken place; the mainstream media has been backed into a corner and can no longer blindly support George W. Bush.

The Bush Administration has hardly any scapegoats that they can blame for these colossal failures, as any one of these people could easily leak information that would scandalize the ruling elite. Even the Republican-saturated Congress is withdrawing its support.

Without corporate media or political support, the Bush Administration’s grip on power is certain to collapse. The troops in Iraq are on the verge of “open mutiny,” but Bush is unlikely to withdraw the US forces until things have reached the level of an epic military disaster.

On March 18, 2003, at 12:31 pm, I wrote a dream-based prophecy to my email discussion group that forecasted just such an event:

“This coming war might appear to be swift, but it will be anything but painless for the negative elite.

I had another dream that shows that a shocking downfall for them is more imminent than most could ever imagine.

This translates into something that is definitely good for humanity and the Earth in general.”


Hence, what is still ahead of us is a major economic change, which will predominantly affect corporate America and those who have a great deal to lose. However, no television corporate media gloss-over will be able to mask what is happening from the general public; it will seriously restructure the way we live.

As one example, I continue to have dreams showing me that the United States will not stay united; the federal government as we now know it will be dramatically reduced, if not eliminated, and states will band together into economic regions.

Nonetheless, these cleansing changes do have a uniquely important purpose; and it all has to do with the healing and transformation of humanity’s collective shadow side by identifying it, confronting it and eventually accepting it.



Before we go on, I wanted to share a personal realization that I have had recently: The veil works both ways. The true nature of the negative AND the positive forces that are at work on the Earth are veiled from most people.

There is a growing understanding that there may actually be great corruption within governmental structures, but far fewer people are aware of the true depth and breadth of it.

Similarly, an ever-increasing number of people are experiencing synchronicities, miracles, psychic events, powerful dreams, visionary experiences and the like, but only a small number are aware of the greater context that unifies all of the “pieces” into one singular form; the “Big Picture” of what exactly is going on with the Earth at this time, and why.

I feel that the Law of One series of 1981-84 is the most useful source instrument for reconstructing that picture. The remainder of this article presupposes that you have some familiarity with the overall message of our website.

Though an ever-increasing number of awakening souls are doing the homework to plumb the deepest levels of truth concerning the negative forces now operative on the Earth, a focus on the unseen aspects of the positive forces is naturally more beneficial, hopeful and inspiring.

This, by necessity, does involve a discussion of our current situation, so that we do not simply ignore that there are truly amazing changes now occurring. I have never been given any evidence to suggest that the events we are now seeing are other than completely positive for humanity.



In terms of the hopes, dreams and motivations of life, most people simply want a conclusion; a big, spontaneous happy ending, like hitting the spiritual equivalent of the lottery; and really do not enjoy the process.

The process is the daily work of moving through the experiences of life, which will determine whether we are spiritually prepared for these changes or not.

Rather than being inspired to work their process while there is still a good chance to do so, many people send me emails that essentially say, “I want to know. what is my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing here, and am I doing it? In short. am I going to make it?”

Though as many as 90 percent of my clients for intuitive consultations (“psychic readings”) indulge in the question “What is my purpose,” the deeper truth of the mystery is that Your purpose is to find that answer for yourself, and enjoy the process all along the way.

No shortcuts to conclusion can be offered, as the process itself is what is really important.

The Divine Cosmos itself is in a continual process of self-awakening, so any idea of a conclusion is simply a brief pause along the way, at best.

If you are not sure whether you have sufficient positive polarity to stay with the Earth as it moves through this dimensional shift, then do something about it; start treating others with more love, respect, forgiveness and understanding, learning to respect their free will as a precious flower that will crumble if mishandled.



So rather than state a rather empty conclusion, such as “George W. Bush will leave office, perhaps in an unconventional way, in the midst of far greater economic upheaval than what we now see in August 2003,” let us examine the heaviest aspect of the “Big Picture” that we have to work with.

We are living in a universe where nothing happens by accident. The universe is operating in accordance with a perfect plan, and this planet, our lives, are a part of that plan. It is a cyclical journey that begins and ends in Oneness.

In our own “third density” realm, the archetypal path of the Hero’s Journey, first identified and put into writing by Joseph Campbell, is the embodiment of this perfect plan for each of us.

Loneliness and separation moves into initiation; an increasingly difficult set of trials, which eventually provide startling spiritual insights once a clear confrontation with and acceptance of our shadow side is achieved.

The hero then consciously chooses to return to society with his breathtaking new insights, where such information helps to transform our world. This path of separation, initiation and return is a theme that all of our lives are guided by, whether we are aware of it consciously or not.

The events that we have covered in this article show that this mass initiation is now well underway. This too is a process, and should not be seen as a conclusion. It is how we get from the current realities of our situation to the Golden Age that has long been prophesied.



Lastly, consider the words of the Pyramid Timeline, as interpreted by Peter Lemesurier in his seminal work, Great Pyramid Decoded. We explain the structure and make up of this timeline in our first Convergence book, The Shift of the Ages.

Essentially, the origin of the timeline is calibrated to a one-time-only astronomical conjunction, with the “Scored Lines” near the Pyramid’s entrance in alignment with the Pleiades directly overhead.

Then, each Egyptian inch is counted as one year of time, and the exact size, shape and composition of the passages determines the message based on an established numerological code, where various measurements can be discerned to have highly specific meanings.

Despite the hype that has emerged about political and historical events in various years, most recently including the failed prophecy of Planet X destroying the Earth on May 15, 2003, Lemesurier’s 1977 book always placed the key dividing-line for world economic restructuring as occurring in the year 2004, where “the bottom will fall out of the world.”

The data in this article definitely suggests that such events could be within a year and a half of emerging on the world stage.

The following excerpt starts with the actual direct translation of the message written into the Descending Passage, the path of materialist humanity. Everything up to the present time checks out remarkably well with known 20th century historical periods.

I remember having a sociology class in spring 1992, where the professor showed us a graph that indicated that the year 1971 was the key turning-point where the salaries of the average person stopped rising, whereas those of the wealthiest people began rising much more quickly than before.

I was naturally quite surprised, upon reading the Great Pyramid book in 1995, to see this date corroborated, among so many others:

The years 1914 to 1918 will see a steep material decline. Between 1921 and 1932, however, man’s civilizations and technologies will have the chance of achieving a great deal.

After a temporary setback between 1932 and 1939, followed by a deep twelve-year “trough,” there will be another period of rapid potential progress between 1951 and 1965.

But 1968 will mark the start of a decline in the achievements of man’s advanced societies, and the downward slope will steepen dramatically around 1971.

By 1978 there will be a further collapse to what might be termed ‘subsistence level’. Yet civilization itself will survive this collapse, showing only a slight downward tendency for a further twenty-six years.

Then, in around 2004, ‘the bottom will fall out of the world’. Both world-civilization and its technologies will quickly collapse to rock-bottom by 2010, and will remain at that level for at least fifteen years.



Originally, when I wrote the first volume of the Convergence series, I put all my money on Lemesurier’s 1977 interpretation of the King’s Chamber passage, which suggested that the key year was 2039, not 2012, the Mayan Calendar end-date.

However, in Lemesurier’s more recent volume Gods of the Dawn,  he points out that the entrance to the King’s Chamber, known as the Ante-Chamber, begins at 1999.

By moving forward another thirteen Egyptian inches from this point, and using the standard count of one inch equals one year, we come to the year 2012.

At this exact ‘2012’ point — thirteen inches from the entrance to the King’s Chamber —

The entire composition of the chamber transforms from limestone, symbolizing our current physical world, to granite, symbolizing the world of the spirit.

This quite literally refers to a dimensional shift; the very essence of life on Earth itself being transformed from something “physical” to something “spiritual.”


Lemesurier says that “physical humanity must by this point be ready finally to leave Earth behind and undertake a non-terrestrial journey to a higher and more advanced world; a journey into the cosmos.”



Lastly on page 157 of Great Pyramid Decoded, we have Lemesurier’s own words about how the three different timelines in the Great Pyramid; those ending in the Subterranean Passage, the Queen’s Chamber and the King’s Chamber; all intersect:

These efforts [for transforming world consciousness] will be aided, if not precipitated, by a period of terrible physical upheaval starting in 1914 and reaching its peak in A.D. 2004.

All men, including the enlightened, will have to undergo this period of ordeal, but it is those who place the greatest value on physical things who, inevitably, will suffer most acutely from it.

By many, however, the need for a complete re-orientation of values will be seen and fully acted upon, and a civilization of extraordinary vigour and achievement will ensue.

A small minority of men will none the less persist right to the end in their rejection of anything resembling true enlightenment, and for them a path of non-escape is projected by the Pyramid’s designer, possibly leading to experience of a further cycle of physical existence.