By David Wilcock

[3/15/09: This is a classic example of what happens when a person tries to force a discussion onto one thing, and ONLY one thing, they want to talk about, and ignoring anything else that comes up along the way. 

The best thing to do when you encounter someone like this is to withdraw from the discussion once you see they are not treating you respectfully. It took me many years to understand this simple concept and follow it. 

Though this member of our discussion group was completely unwilling to engage any point but his own, which admittedly pushed my buttons, my arguments nonetheless proved interesting.]


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To: David Wilcock

Subject: I know why Aliens Abduct Humans. Read This


I work with many abductees, and I don’t believe the Aliens are after our DNA at all. The needles, the removal of skin samples and reproductive material, this is all a diversion.

You’ll note that in every abduction case, the victims are stripped of their clothing, while the Aliens perform their experiments.

What’s really happening is, the Aliens are taking the clothing into a back room and copying the designs. They then make cheap knock-offs and peddle them at bargain prices on backward planets. It’s a fashion rip-off scheme.

Right now, I’ll bet there are entire planets in the Orion solar system, full of poor slobs, wearing imitation Calvin Kleins and Ralph Lauren shirts, probably in terrible colors.

hehe thanks get back

[Note: Obviously, as we can see, I start out with a humorous satire…]


[David Wilcock] Now wait a minute. You’ve got it all backwards. You see, CK and RL are actually Wanderers — higher-dimensional beings incarnated as humans. They are sleeping Wanderers at this point, which means that they have not yet penetrated the forgetting process to remember who they truly are.

The reason why the clothes are being taken back is that this represents the end stage of a long-term project here on Earth to harvest the cultural and dialectic concerns, relative to the individual entity and its placement with relation to the social memory complex sphere of the Earth as a whole.

So, in order to fall in line with the universal guidelines regarding the usage and affiliation of holographic visualization matrices and templates, it was determined that the integuments known to human entities as those products of garment manufacture be specially configured so as to represent most clearly the Divine concatenations of the One as to then materialize in and through a human mind / body / spirit complex.

Rather than displace these energies into spurious means, it was found that the best utilization of these potent forces was to configure them directly into a visual manifestation that could provide service to others through the simple radiance of light and joy in the One.

And thus, our celestial brethren simply seek to redefine and collect the fruits of the labors of their malfeasant cousins, fast asleep in human bodies on the Earth. Unfortunately, others have referred to us as being a bit “Cold” for having done this.

Just thought you should know.

– David


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To: David Wilcock

Subject: Re: I know why Aliens Abduct Humans. Read This

Let me ask you, do you believe these Grey Aliens exist? or these Roswell Aliens exist. I would describe the Roswell Aliens, as a scaled down version of the Grey Aliens. They Grey colored, but they didn’t have those huge black eyes. Thanks get back

[David Wilcock]
Any sentient being in this particular Galaxy and a few neighboring ones will conform to the human design. This is the “personality” of our own galaxy as it expresses itself in conscious form. Therefore, almost any sentient beings that visit us will be some form of humanoid.

The Grey physiology is commensurate with the neonate, where a fetus is removed from the womb and allowed to grow into an adult body while maintaining the fetal form. There are other kinds of “Semitics,” “Nordics,” “Greys,” “EBEs” and the like, and they will always be humanoid.

– David


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To: David Wilcock

Subject: Re: I know why Aliens Abduct Humans. Read This

Now I’ll tell you, why I don’t believe the abductions are true. The typical story, is people are being abducted by the Grey Aliens and The Greys do some type of medical experiment on them. Something genetic.

The question I always ask is, how do these people, who say they been abducted, how to they get on this Alien spaceship. They all say, They were beamed up through the walls of the house. Or they were taken through a window.

Or they were just beamed up outside. Now if that’s true, how come no one has ever videotaped this? I’m not talking about the actual person, who says he or she has been abducted.

The people who are being abducted, say there in some type of Paralyzed state, so they can’t videotape it, even if they had a camcorder. But what about there neighbors, or people in a car, or people walking the street?

Think about it, with all the camcorders out there. You mean to tell me, no one has ever videotaped, an alien spaceship beaming up a human being to be abducted? There is not one single videotape showing this. If all these people are being abducted, there would be hundreds of videos showing this.

Even if you look at some of the most famous abductions cases, there is contradiction. Take the Travis Walton case. I’m sure you know about this case.

Travis and 5 of his friends were driving in their car. They said they saw some type of light and Travis went to investigate it. Travis says, he was hit by the light with a beam and his friends in the car didn’t know what to do.

When Travis was hit by the light, they left. Then they decided 10 minutes later, to go back for him, but of course, they couldn’t find him. He was missing for 5 days. But what is interesting, is that the 5 friends in the car weren’t in a paralyzed state, when Travis was hit by the beam. The car was able to work. And the 5 friends were only about 25 feet from Travis in the car, when Travis was hit by the beam.

Even the famous Brooklyn case, in which Budd Hopkins says, people saw an actual abduction happening. But how could they have seen it happening? I thought the people were in some type of paralyzed state.

My point being: If all these abductions were happening, someone would have videotaped, an Alien spaceship beaming up a Human being to be abducted. Remember I’m talking about the person who claims to be abducted.

I’m saying, why hasn’t that person’s neighbors, or people in a car, or people walking down the street [seen this]. Someone would have had to videotape this. But there is not one single video showing this. I want to believe, but where is the proof. Thanks get back.


[David Wilcock] I’m sorry to appear blase about the whole thing — but the abduction scenario is EXTREMELY transient information in light of the much greater complexities of “reality” as we know it. If you really want to delve into the solid data surrounding these issues, I would suggest certain published works — including:

Abduction by John Mack, MD

The Watchers by Raymond Fowler

Intruders by Budd Hopkins

Et cetera, et cetera.


It has been so long since I ever bothered myself with reading about the endless accounts of abductions that I don’t really feel ‘up to’ getting into a big discussion about landing traces, Roger Leir and the implant removals, simultaneous confirmed sightings, power losses, et cetera.

Interesting trivia is that Hopkins had a woman abducted in NYC, and [a highly famous international governmental figure] was taken up at the same time.

Poor Budd had to hold his tongue on this one because [this figure] had demanded that his identity not be produced — but this was a heck of a confirmation, having a woman who was taken on board the same ship and could never have known of this secret disclosure.

[Oh yeah — I read your letter again and you reference this case. I have no desire to argue about these things — it is totally unimportant.]

Oh, and furthermore, the pictures of identical Greys from thousand-year old religious symbols from the Solomon Islands — reproduced in my book Convergence. They had the same big eyes and large heads and were carved into wood.

If you narrow your information search / quest / unfoldment just to the question of abduction you will come up empty-handed.

If you really would like to consult my wisdom about something that matters in the grand scheme of things, set that aside and be willing to belly up to the over six years of intense research that went into the production of my book Convergence.

I would be happy to explain those facts in greater detail. I have no desire to get into a discussion about something that stopped being interesting to me over four years of research in the past. I had to go way beyond the question of abduction to get to the deeper truths that the visitor scenario must make us ask ourselves.

I have put Convergence on my site free of charge, so that all will have access to this unique information that is such a breath of fresh air when leafing through all these tiring abduction stories.

And so, the information is there for you if you choose to study it.

Peace be with you –

– David


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To: David Wilcock

Subject: Re: I know why Aliens Abduct Humans. Read This

Has there ever been one picture taken of a Grey Alien. The bottom line is this, unless, someone brings a Grey Alien in front of the Media, no one will believe they exist. Thanks get back


[David Wilcock] You’re missing the point. IT DOESN’T MATTER.

People believe in God but as far as I know, no one has photographed it.

(I mean, come on now, a little hyperbole here – you’re so stiff…)

I don’t think you listened to what I told you! The other materials, once properly understood, put a framework in place that easily explains how such a thing could be true. Convergence shows us clearly and effectively how and why we live in a multidimensional universe.

You still haven’t answered my bottom-line question – read the book and you’ll see where the evidence is stacking up. You have to go much farther than just the abduction / contactee / sightings scenario.

You want to try to force my answers into a box. Photographs can be faked just as easily as anything else. You are put off by the fact that you, “we”, cannot control this phenomenon.

I would think about that in general when looking at situations in your day-to-day life. Probably a lot going on there. (What can I say, I’m a counselor… maybe you won’t like that statement but you’re being very one-sided in this conversation, not answering my previous points… you need to be in control…)

Furthermore your statements indicate that you are taking your own intellectual predispositions and applying them to humankind as a whole – “no one will believe they exist.” Last I heard it was over 50 percent of Americans.

You simply choose to ignore the evidence that is available, because you can’t clear a space in your mind for something this “heavy” to be true. The cases investigated and written about by Dr. Richard Boylan can quickly evaporate that skepticism in the areas you discuss.

But if you won’t allow it to be true, then you just selectively weed out any cases like that of Dr. Wolf in “Catchers of Heaven,” who actually worked in laboratories with the visitors and is a very credible, double PhD individual. “OBVIOUSLY he has to be lying -” there is only one answer to a skeptic because the truth is expressly forbidden from conscious view.

I do have a great deal of skepticism for anything “new” that comes out, and I do believe that many “abductees” and most, if not the majority of “channelers” are not reporting accurate information. But the field itself is so huge, so all-encompassing, so multi-disciplinary, that you cannot possibly make these conclusions. I know how it happens, though.

Before I got my NASA disclosure in 1992, I didn’t really take it seriously either. And even after I got it, I had to meet a few others who had either seen photographs and documents or had family members who worked on the ships before it really started to click.

Not allowing a space to accept the truth is very damaging, as you may well lack an open enough mind to honestly consider all the evidence.

And that evidence is so enormous and all-encompassing, so much more than the UFO books, that it can and does take years and years of dedicated study to even crack the surface of it open. I feel that I have started to do that.

For me, it has been the fundamental question of being in direct contact with these forces – having endless, accurate future predictions of every sort – that erased doubt from my own mind.

Thus, I can’t help but see this as an amusing but unimportant discussion — I have long stopped doubting these most basic aspects of “reality.” I can’t promise that you will believe everything in Convergence — but I assure you it will be very difficult to refute.

If you don’t want to survey my life’s work then we are running out of things to talk about, my friend! It is very difficult for me to remain in contact with everyone – and it only gets more intense each day.

And — you still haven’t honored us with your real name…

– David


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To: David Wilcock

Subject: Re: I know why Aliens Abduct Humans. Read This


My name is —— from —————-. You bring up a good point, you say, no one has ever photographed God. But remember, these abductees say there being taken onboard a spaceship with Aliens. I’m saying, why has no one ever videotaped the Aliens beaming up the Humans to the spaceship. Thanks get back


[David Wilcock] You’re still not getting over the “hump” of three-dimensional thought – not to mention that you are still ignoring the rest of what I write unless it relates to where you are trying to force this discussion. Did you read anything else I wrote?

You’re not playing fair by only addressing the points you want to talk about.

That is not give and take — you are not acting like a friend, more like an inquisitor.

You may be enjoying treating me this way but this may well be the last response you are going to get if it continues like this.

You obviously have no interest in reading Convergence — it is as if I never even mentioned that to you. I am probably annoying you – but you’re annoying me too, [name], in my own spiritual way… frustrating is a better word… I seem to be wasting my time…

So okay, [name], I’m willing to give you a chance and play along with your game for one letter longer — even though you may not be open-minded enough to accept what I am going to write here.

Pay attention to what I am going to say. You might not understand or believe it, but it will help to answer this question that you refuse to let die — and if this isn’t enough I’m afraid I can’t do much more.

Let me just say that it is perfectly within my expertise to answer the question.

I don’t really WANT to go into this because the focus should be on the Law of One — but perhaps this can be of service to you. If you shove this plate back into my face, then we will not be eating dinner together any more, my friend…

What we are dealing with is a source of intelligence that resides in the fifth dimension of space / time. Therefore, what we are looking at is a series of entities who are compressing down from a higher realm of vibration into our own, here in the third.

Everything that you know about being human is but an anthill of sand compared to the massive, towering edifices of reality that are available to be utilized by these forces. It is for this reason that I encourage you to read Convergence — it will help you to understand the frameworks that I will be using in this brief discussion.

When I raise my consciousness to the fifth dimension, I am capable of having my mind perceive data and / or information that is beyond the capacity of my five senses. Messages come through that are not within my realm of knowledge or expertise – and yet they have a tremendous internal consistency and verifiable accuracy.

Despite this amazing process, to the untrained observer it would appear that my body is staying in one place and largely motionless. However, it is undeniable that a vortex between dimensions is created, a pathway to a higher frequency of vibration that allows for me to speak from a place of true knowing.

If you go back through the cases of contactees, you might choose to read “The Watchers” by Raymond Fowler. The Betty Andreasson case is fairly unique in the literature, for a number of different reasons.

One of those unusual aspects is the fact that the visitors were able to take her astral body up with them, while leaving her physical body there in the house. She would go and have experiences with them, and yet to anyone else, she would simply be lying there asleep.

Now, I have had personal experience with this same phenomena.

Read my life story or Spectrum Interview and you will see how it is that at age five, I discovered myself floating over my own body, and watching it sleep in bed. Even though my physical body remained in one spot, I had another body that very clearly was real, and it traveled down the hallway and started to descend the staircase. When I panicked, thinking I was dying, I immediately snapped back into my body.

This is what I mean by a higher dimension. To anyone else who would have been in my room, they would have seen nothing except for my body lying there on the bed. And yet, if I were having an out of body experience (OBE) at that point, I could very clearly see them.

This aspect of the “Big Picture” has been refined to an amazing degree of precision through the work of William Buhlman in his book “Adventures Out of the Body” and the work of Robert Monroe, through his three books and the Monroe Institute.

I feel strongly that either of these two approaches, Buhlman’s book or the Monroe Institute’s Hemi-Sync technology, are capable of producing OBE’s. I have used both methods with success.

So, when we are talking about this as a tangible reality, we are talking about something that you can prove for yourself, if you choose to put forth the effort. You will get results if that is what you choose to put your focus on. The lucid dreaming techniques will work equally as well for you.

Now understand that by proving to yourself that you have a body that can exist outside of the third dimension, you can begin to understand how there are many others outside of the third dimension as well. Indeed, there are many others who may have never been as “low” as the third dimension – those who have resided in these higher realms all the time.

Now, if you had read Convergence as I requested that you do, you would understand something even more fundamental:

The universe is only One. That One is Pure White Light, the Pure Sound, or Pure Geometry in the form of a sphere.


This Oneness is so incomprehensibly vast that we cannot possibly even hope to get a glimmer of it. Indeed, all that we can fathom is the Idea of the Great Idea. To even think for a second that we can fully plumb the mystery of Infinity is to engage ourselves in ignorance.

Within this multidimensional universe, there are varying levels of vibration. These vibrational levels naturally arrange themselves into an octave, or eight different frequencies. We now reside on only the third frequency out of eight.

Each frequency above our own is increasingly complex in terms of its underlying geometric structure, as well as the density of light that is compressed within it. Each frequency approaches this Infinite Oneness to a greater and greater degree. That means that each frequency is greater able to comprehend and to utilize intelligent infinity than the one before it.

You need to be able to conceptualize the fact that we are almost completely ignorant about the greater picture of how the multi-dimensional universe functions. And yet, all the clues that we need to unfurl the mystery exist all around us. That is why I want you to have enough respect for me to read Convergence – as you would already have most of these concepts addressed and answered to a much better degree than I can do here.

Remember that those in the higher realms have much more expanded capacities to work with and utilize the energy of the One than we could ever imagine in the third dimension. To them, abilities such as those used by Christ are standard fare. To prove this to yourself, cultivate your own lucid dreams or OBEs and go try some of those miracles. You will find that you can levitate yourself, objects of any conceivable size, other people, anything.

You can walk through walls – pass your hand through solid objects – manifest any object you want out of thin air. With nothing more than a thought, you can enter into an area that appears nothing but “gray” and watch as your own thoughts instantly manifest whatever you want to see.

If you want to find yourself on an oceanfront area, you can create it. However, it will only be as “good” as the thoughts that you put into it. You will find that if you try to walk around too fast or suddenly change your perspective, it might rapidly begin dissolving back into that gray mist that I mentioned.

These are things that any and all of us are capable of doing if we are willing to put the effort in. While we are in these realms of awareness, we can instantly know the thoughts of others around us. They broadcast as strongly as would a radio beacon.

This is due to the fact that since the universe is One, there is only one consciousness — and we are all sharing in it. All minds work together in this collective, and therefore no one is silent to you when you begin listening — especially in those higher realms that you can travel to.

At this point, we can only dabble in these realms – we are not able to actually live in them, as our consciousness is still focused on maintaining a physical body. However, there are many other beings who do live in those realms full time.

To them, all of the things that I mentioned can only just barely scratch the surface of what they are capable of doing. In a sense, the higher you rise in frequency on your path back to the One, the more control over consciousness / energy you have — and the more you are able to do the impossible, the miraculous.

To those in the higher realms, our own level is nothing but an illusion, carefully maintained by our collective focus of consciousness. What we think of as physical, such as the camera that you so wish would photograph an “abduction” in process, is ultimately nothing more than a microcosm of a Unified Field of Pure White Light that is conscious.

In Convergence I explain how our own reality is made up of one notch in the pulsating, multidimensional motions of the CU, or the Consciousness Unit. It is one frequency out of a potential eight.

For those who live here in the third dimension, we do not perceive that any other dimension exists. We do not vibrate fast enough to see in between the gaps. Were we able to raise the vibrations of our consciousness sufficiently enough, we would be able to see past the physical world and perceive the other frequency levels that are coexisting all around us.

Mystics, sages and yogis have always been able to do this — hence the Buddhist realization that reality is a void, or the shamanic realization as in the Castenada books that when you “Stop the World” the illusion ceases and you begin to perceive true reality.

And so, everything seems perfectly normal to us. What we don’t realize is that our own level of vibration is only one out of eight positions of the CU. Every time that the CU is in the other seven positions, on a time scale so fast that it is impossible for us to measure, there is no third dimension. However, we perceive an unbroken continuity.

The same thing could be said for a fluorescent light bulb. You perceive that this light bulb is illuminating the room, and yet from a statistical standpoint it is “off” as much as it is on. Yet, its pulsations are so fast that you can only perceive the visible portion of its function. The only clue that you can get that it is not on all the time is to wave your hand in its path, and notice the strobing effect that this creates.

So, all we are really doing is merrily skipping through each moment that the CUs that make up our reality here in the third frequency level. We never perceive the other levels, because we are not focused there – but they certainly do exist. The OBE’s, lucid dreams and psychic experiences are all ways to prove this to yourself on the individual level.

When you are in a higher level, you are outside the space and time of the other levels. In other words, our own space and time is interwoven. Remember that Einstein taught us that spacetime is a unified, curving fabric. The only reason why we can perceive time is that we are moving through it as we also move through space.

If we do not move through space, (i.e. the motion of the galaxy, solar system etc) than we do not move through time. In our level, not moving our physical bodies through space is impossible, so there is no point in thinking about it.

However, if you are in a higher frequency level of vibration, you will discover that the spacetime fabric of a lower dimension can be seen in totality. This fabric has all possible spaces and times already within it – all possible pasts, presents and futures available in one moment.

Really, this is nothing more than a frequency of energy, and it is only our collectively shared perceptions that give us the illusion that “something” is really there. The only thing that is actually there is light / love, or the conscious energy that makes up all of Creation. (4:44 as I write this.)

Now remember that the higher in frequency you go, the more control you have over this energy. So, even though our energy in the third dimension is very solid, very fixed and slow as molasses, it is possible for those of a higher dimension to dip into and out of it.

All the while, they have complete control over the passage of linear time. In other words, they could work for the equivalent of weeks, months or years of our time, and we would never see them. The only times that we do see them are when they want us to see them.

There are forces all around you every moment, forces that guide and protect you and are doing everything they can to convince you that you are more than your physical body. They can arrange for you to think about something at just the right time to make miracles happen.

There are some who can actually see these messengers, and I happen to know such a person — she is a very good friend of mine. She didn’t necessarily ask for this to happen, but it still does. These forces are invisible to most of us, because we simply do not vibrate fast enough to make their acquaintance.

In the Ra Material it states that the vast majority of “contacts” are in the higher realms, such as in the dream state or in cases like Andreasson’s OBE. However, there is also a need to implant medically-driven nanotechnology into the physical bodies of humans, in order to strengthen the connections between the physical self and those selves in the higher vibrations.

They seek to have us be able to bridge the gap between this physical illusion and the reality of our existence in higher realms.

Since these forces exist outside of any time, they can view our spacetime fabric and see what is ahead. While most future prophecies are not definite, there are certain very strong probabilities that can be seen. And, they know how strong or how weak those probabilities are, by how much of a “pull” they have on the spacetime fabric.

With this in mind, we can then see how these forces are able to determine that we are indeed very close to wiping out our entire biosphere, through nuclear, chemical, biological weapons and / or through the massive environmental destruction that we are causing. They are also dealing in reality strongly enough to realize that we may not ever stop doing this before we have killed ourselves.

If we do kill ourselves, we will still need to have bodies with which to work out our third-density karma before we can progress on to higher levels. When so much work has gone into creating a planetary race in the first place, you are not about to allow them to completely destroy the seed of their own creation. And thus, you need to preserve that seed in case that it is destroyed.

A decision was made on behalf of the overseeing forces in our neck of the woods that those of Zeta Reticuli and ourselves could be genetically combined. The reason why this combination is being performed is that our Earth is about to transition into the fourth dimension.

The Reticulans are already fourth-dimensional, and they have already destroyed their biosphere. They need to have a planet with which to continue their evolutionary process. Proving the Ascension is not the purpose of this letter — I leave it to you to choose to read Convergence through your own free will.

Nevertheless, the point is that the Earth is about to naturally move into a higher level of frequency – and hopefully, many of us will be able to proceed in this transformation. The bodies that we currently have are not directly compatible with the fourth-density, but the Reticulans are.

Therefore, the entire genetic process that is now going on, and has been going on for some time, is a form of contingency planning — both to protect ourselves from what we are doing now, as well as to create the possibility for our futures to be met.

We all need to recognize and follow the Law of One if we wish to be able to proceed forth into this higher level of vibration. The most fundamental aspect of this participation is through consciously seeking to be of service to others. It is the self-serving polarity that will insure that we are never going to be vibrationally compatible. Again, see my readings for details, as they go much farther into this than I will be doing here.

And so, getting back to the core of this question, which I stress as being almost completely unimportant in light of the Law of One –

Many, many contactees have reported that right before they experience a sighting / contact, they experience all sound, all time apparently grinding to a halt. They hear no crickets, see no motion – it is the most unusual and bizarre silence imaginable.

Then, in the midst of that silence, they are taken up and the contact occurs. They are later replaced, and they may or may not remember anything from the event.

Einstein’s relativity theory shows us that by moving outside of space-time you can stop the flow of time, or slow it way, way down at the very least. These forces are able to direct energies at a human being that will knock them out of position in third-density space-time.

And thus, they can suddenly be moving and walking in a tiny “pocket” of space, without time ever moving forward. The entire process of them being brought up and later sent back down can occur in between the “gaps” of our physical space-time. It would occur so fast to one who was not in the “gap” that it would be invisible. Completely invisible.

And thus, as much as it might frustrate you, do not ever expect that you will see this photograph come to light. You have to really expand your ideas of what reality really is, and of the fact that these entities cannot ever be understood in three-dimensional terms.

There are many others who already know the truth of what is going on firsthand, and more and more of them are coming forward to tell their stories. In The Day After Roswell, Colonel Philip Corso reports prying open a box in a warehouse that he was guarding, early in his military career, and seeing an extraterrestrial cadaver floating inside a tank that was filled with blue liquid.

Now, you can accept or reject that this is true, but I personally know that Corso is right. He very clearly explained what technologies we now use that were derived from extraterrestrial hardware that he himself held. I knew that he had to be right, as almost four years earlier, I had an almost identical disclosure concerning reverse-engineered technology.

Furthermore, a year before Corso’s book came out, I independently confirmed this source with a defense contractor who I met at a UFO conference in Connecticut.

And so, there is more than enough evidence that is being set out in front of us. These forces are powerful enough that they can prevent us from ever having the “Smoking Gun” that the UFOlogists want, indefinitely. There is a reason for why this evidence cannot be “proven” — they have to preserve our free will. If we choose not to know the truth, we have to be given the right to exercise that choice.

It would not be prudent for me, at this time, to be able to reopen all of these Ascended abilities in a physical body, as it would violate the free will of others. If I could levitate thirty feet in the air in a giant crowd of people, I could forever demolish any notions that they were not more than their physical bodies. However, they must be led to this truth on their own — and the most important reason for this is the Choice.

We are here in 3D to make a choice between whether we will serve Self or serve Others. If we choose to serve others because the reality of higher dimensions and God is blasted right into our face, then it is not a true choice. The illusion must be held up, so that we always have the opportunity to drift back into comfortable ignorance.

The choice means nothing unless it is made within the context of the illusion. Nothing will ever be given to us that ‘proves’ beyond any shadow of a doubt that the illusion is indeed untrue. The whole purpose for the mysteries such as those you are querying about is for each of us to begin asking these “Big Questions” regarding God or the One.

And, as we continue searching for the answers, we will hopefully make the right Choice. Once that choice is made, we have cleared a path for our own evolutionary advancement through the higher levels of curricula in our multidimensional universe, beyond the limitations now present here in the third dimension.

Thinking in multi-dimensional terms is very mind-expanding indeed. And yet, unless you allow these theories in, the paradoxes are unsolvable. There is just no way to explain the observations that are now being made in a third-dimensional context. And so, to think that you can use third-dimensional instruments to catch a multidimensional phenomena in process is to be mistaken.

It is as if you had a bird in a birdcage, covered with a giant sheet and lit from the inside. The only time you ever feed the bird is through a tiny, almost completely invisible slit in the sheet.

The bird simply learns that at a certain time each day, food will magically fall from the sky. If the bird was born into this system, it may well think that the food is coming from God. If you never choose to take the sheet off the cage, or to allow the bird to see even your hand, then the bird can never know the truth.

Now let’s say that you have an entire community of birds living for many generations this way. The full scope of the reality of human beings, and of life outside the cage, might well be too much for those birds to handle. And so, you want to show them only a little bit at a time. The birds may have ancient legends over seeing a human face — and most would not believe it. The food continues to fall and everything is fine.

The drapes are going to be opened very quickly. Why not prepare your mind and imagination ahead of time, so that you are more aware of what you will be seeing when that day finally comes?

I think I have said enough.

– David