Friday 12 / 28 / 07

You’ve been asking and asking for more… so now we deliver! This brand-new video goes into some of the most deeply esoteric and controversial material we’ve encountered!


Most of the UFO field is endlessly entrenched in rehashed accounts of the same thing… do UFOs exist, did someone actually see one, did it leave a landing trace on the ground, et cetera.

As soon as you get into the next level of the story — did they crash, did we get technology from them, have we met any of the visitors — the number of people giving quality information decreases substantially.

However, based on what we’ve encountered — including David’s own firsthand testimony from “Daniel,” who alleges that he worked on a top-secret project that rigged up a seat from a UFO to send people through time and space — this is still just the tip of a very large iceberg.



Though you CAN watch this video as a first-timer, it is better to start with David’s earlier interviews first. Otherwise you will miss important back-story, including how David was drawn to Project Camelot by their written testimony from their star witness — a very high-ranking black-ops man going by the name “Henry Deacon”.

Deacon is far enough into what is REALLY going on that he actually has access to multiple ‘compartments’ of the UFO cover-up.

Once you accept that ETs really do exist, they really do fly in ships and those ships really have crashed here, the sky is the limit. There could be bases under the sea on our planet, bases on the Moon, bases on other planets, warp capability, time-travel capability, Stargates to other worlds, you name it.

It’s one thing to speculate and it’s another thing when you find someone who already knows many of the most important things that you’ve gathered from OTHER independent witnesses and never actually published. That’s what happened when we discovered the Henry Deacon testimony. There were far too many correlations to be happenstance.

Though some people religiously refuse to believe in ANYTHING UFO-related, the truth is very much out there, and it is far, far weirder and more vast in scope than even the most adventurous UFO researchers will ever usually admit… or even speculate.

In this conversation we spare you the pain of going through the step-by-step arguments to prove every little bit of the story, as was done in earlier sections of the video interview with David, which has become wildly popular.

Instead, we hit the ground running with brand-new information as it came in. You may be frustrated at certain parts, as the things you are about to learn raise more questions than they solve.

Unfortunately, Project Camelot’s time with Henry Deacon is never very long, so what you’re hearing is about as much information as we actually have on a given topic. There is clearly far more to know than is disclosed here… but until we know and can find out more, your imagination will have to fill in the cracks.



This conversation was filmed at the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga, California, our favorite restaurant, where you really dive right into the outdoors while enjoying your meal… surrounded by trees in a pristine setting.

We were given free rein of the interior “Church Room” since it was a slow night, and everyone was outdoors. After casing out one spot by a gorgeous purple-lit Christmas tree, we ended up going with the opposite corner of the room — primarily because the lighting was the best there for the video.

What made this so exciting was that Project Camelot held off on discussing the most fascinating new insights with David until the cameras were rolling. That means you are about to see and hear these new things at the same time David did, and get his unscripted reactions.

We had no outline or plan as to how this would happen, or even necessarily what topics would be discussed… we literally just set up the two cameras and started filming.

We think you’ll be happy with the results, though it did end rather spontaneously as the restaurant was closing. Then we discovered that the batteries on our audio recording device had given out just minutes before the cameras gave out… so we do apologize for how abruptly it ends. You can dig through David’s Blog and find much, much more to whet your appetite from there!







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