This website is dedicated to you,

the One Creator, now reading these words

in your temporary human form.


    We strive to completely redefine human scientific understanding by proposing a unified model of our Divine Cosmos, backed with credible experimental research evidence.

    In this model, anti-gravity and free energy technologies are easily explainable. We have a huge list of pioneering breakthough discoveries in science to our credit throughout our three volumes.

    This new cosmology can make a clear scientific case that a dimensional shift will occur on Earth on or before 2012. This work is not ‘channeled’ material! it comes from years of our director David Wilcock’s rigorous scientific and metaphysical research.

    This multi-disciplinary information, featured in the Convergence series, is tantamount to the ‘Holy Grail’ of New Age teachings, and is of enormous religious and scientific significance to humanity.


    Although Mr. Wilcock is primarily a researcher of the physics of Oneness, he was contacted by positive extraterrestrial intelligence in 1995 and now produces their verbal transmissions with highly accurate remote-viewing style protocols.

    Since the conscious-mind interference is minimal in this technique, these ‘readings’ are quite different from normal speech and are of inestimable value in understanding the spiritual perspective and humanity’s imminent destiny.

    David has dedicated his entire life to this process of acting as a researcher and telepathic ambassador for this angelic group, often known as the Confederation of Planets.

    Our accuracy has been continually validated through documented future predictions and other means that defy human intellect.