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Austin Meditations


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Available for purchase on this website only, you will enjoy over 1 hour of MP3 audio files featuring David Wilcock – a guided meditation recorded live at the 2012 Austin Convergence Conference.

David guides you through three separate, unique individual meditations ranging in length from over 14 minutes to over 26 minutes.

This is a top-notch professionally recorded audio set which features David along with Larry Seyer and Marta Waterman performing LIVE in Austin Texas. The audio was then taken to Larry’s professional recording studio in Austin where it was mixed and mastered.

These one of a kind recordings are completely unique and distinct from the meditations performed at other conferences.

Here is a 2 minute clip of one of the meditations.

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Meditation Only ($17), Meditation with Music COMBO ($24)

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  • Just as a technical note, I should be de-echoing and re-uploading both of our previous YT livestreams today. The first one had echo for nine or ten minutes at the beginning and the second one had echo from 1:19:00 to 1:59:00, more or less. Hang in there!
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