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Media Disinformation About Disclosure, Ascension


"The Event" ended with a blatant attempt to scare you into thinking Ascension will be a catastrophe that kills everyone except ETs. This is actually a good sign, as it again shows they know what is coming -- and are desperate to cling to their power in the face of it.

[PLEASE NOTE -- July 22nd: Our next article should be out this weekend and will focus in on 1950s human-ET contacts that are verifiable and telegraphed an upcoming Ascension / Golden Age transformation.]



We are still at a point in history where it is possible to believe, strongly and completely, that we are somehow "alone in the universe", that the human form has only ever evolved on Earth, and that we are already at the highest level of potential human evolution.

I do not expect this religious belief to hold up much longer.

There is ever-increasing evidence that the world's media is building up to a major announcement of ET life that has proliferated throughout the galaxy -- and has been visiting Earth since before we ever reached our "modern" level of evolution.


Within a short time after Disclosure, we would be publicly confronted with the notion that advanced ancient ruins have been left behind -- not just on Earth, but also on the Moon, Mars and elsewhere.

Those assets should have been freely disclosed and shared with the public when they were first found -- some 40 years ago now.

A lot of people will be very unhappy when they realize what this technology could have done for the earth -- and how many deaths and how much environmental damage could have been avoided in the process.

However, the level of inspiration the announcement itself will create, in so many, will be literally off the charts.

The vast majority of people believe in UFOs to some degree, but until you truly know it's true, and that there are people in there, not scary creatures, you haven't experienced the full transformation it creates in your life.

This incredible announcement may be coming only a short time before a spontaneous human evolution becomes possible -- for the first time in our recorded history.

The Disclosure itself -- and how it changes consciousness -- may in fact be part of what helps create the evolutionary event.


When I did the homework, I was astonished to find out how many different ancient cultures predicted this evolution -- and said it would lead to us becoming "light beings" who can levitate, teleport, read minds and even travel through time.

I've now put the very best scientific data I've found, in over 30 years of research, into a single resource -- The Source Field Investigations, due out August 18th and available for pre-order now. There's well over 1000 unique references in this book!

Humans are everywhere -- and we have definitely not reached the final stage of human evolution, in the galactic sense. These big "Family Reunions" appear to be a very common element of the human evolutionary process.

It appears that mass, public Disclosure, and the arrival of benevolent ETs, will occur before our "light body" transformation becomes possible -- what I and others have been calling "Ascension".

The ETs may be coming to help teach us how to Ascend -- for those who are ready for it.


Interestingly, the mainstream corporate / media hierarchy appears to be making blatant preparations for open ET contact with messages about Ascension -- by seeding powerful disinformation as a last-ditch attempt to make people afraid of this process... and fear the transition.

They are working like crazy to make you think that good ETs must be bad -- and that anything these ETs tell you must be a lie, hiding a hideous and horrifying body of secrets.

I consider this to be a wonderful sign. As impossible as it may seem to believe that Disclosure is really going to happen, we cannot deny that anti-extraterrestrial propaganda is at an all-time high -- as this article from last August revealed:

Do you enjoy movies and TV shows about alien invasions? Great news, then: There is a ridiculous number of upcoming movies and TV shows about alien invasions!

That includes (deep breath): Falling Skies (Steven Spielberg alien invasion); Super 8 (secret Spielberg-indebted JJ Abrams alien invasion); Battle: Los Angeles (pro–U.S. Military alien invasion); I Am Number Four (James Frey YA alien invasion); Cowboys and Aliens (period-piece alien invasion); Monsters (romance/alien invasion); The Event (Lost-replacing alien invasion); Skyline (human-tornado alien invasion); Men in Black III (franchised alien invasion); The Thing (prequel alien invasion); Battleship (childhood-toy alien invasion); Iron Sky (dark-side-of-the-moon Nazis alien invasion). And exhale.


Some of these products have already come out, and most of the rest of them are due to appear this summer... almost like there is a frantic deadline in place. With the film industry in such financial straits, it is astonishing to see the same basic story being re-told so often.

Even "I Am Number Four," which focuses on a positive ET teenage kid who discovers he has magical powers, features some very frightening ETs who are planning to take over the Earth -- and can use denture plates and makeup to blend in and appear human.

By analyzing the propaganda, it seems clear that the Old World Order sees a very significant threat to their plans from these newly-emerging players in the game. The old guard are desperate to maintain power throughout a process they probably will have very little control over.

I obviously do not believe they will succeed. If I did, I would probably just sit around and do six to eight hours of guitar practice a day for a while -- but after a few weeks I would bounce back, and never stop fighting for a better outcome for everyone.



The "problem" with the Internet Chicken Little approach is I know too much. I know who we are, why we're here and the real reason why all these seemingly scary things are happening.

I've known it and lived it since 1996.

Benevolent, positive higher intelligence demonstrated its existence to me -- far beyond any possibility of "coincidence" or "random chance."

That is precisely why I have such confidence. I would be a fool to ignore the gifts I have been given and indulge in faceless fear.

I worked hard to make that contact, including four years of documenting my dreams every morning before it ever started -- and the fruits of my practice have transformed my life in every possible way you can imagine.

I do my best to communicate the essence of what I have been shown. I tend to focus in on current events and provable facts, rather than philosophical concepts -- but you can apply this perspective to any area of our lives and see the truth poking out.


NBC's "The Event" has been a most astonishing television saga to watch.

Ever since the very first episode, "The Event" had stunning correlations to what Project Camelot and I had been saying ever since July 2009 -- namely that a Disclosure announcement was planned where Obama would introduce us to benevolent human ETs.

The exact date was leaked, though I wished it hadn't been, and the whole event never came to pass. Only later on did we find out the big announcement got thrown off by lethal threats from rival factions.

This is exactly what happened in the first episode of "The Event" -- a black President was about to introduce us to a human ET, only to be thwarted by a massive threat. I do not believe NBC got their story ideas from us. The intel on this planned Disclosure event was excellent.


I have heard from my highest-level sources that "The Event" was 60-percent financed by the US military-industrial complex -- as a way of preparing the public for Disclosure. 'V' and "Battlestar Galactica" were also apparently created and financed for the same reasons.

This, of course, made "The Event" a most fascinating study -- and in some ways I'm sad to see it come to an end. However, the ending itself certainly did not disappoint -- in terms of the bigger picture.

In the beginning, it was publicly revealed that the secrecy around this show was incredible. The actors themselves were not told who their characters really were, what the plot points or scripts would be, or even what they would be doing from week to week.

This, of course, also means that the script could be edited and rewritten in real time -- possibly including dialogue changes snuck in right up until the very day of shooting. It is not uncommon for writers to be on set in movies and television productions.



One of the most blatant examples of real-time rewrites in "The Event" to fit current events occurred in episode 10, "Everything Will Change," which aired November 29, 2010. It was the last episode of the first half of Season One -- the big cliffhanger.

Just 20 days before this episode aired, the world was shocked when a huge missile was launched directly off the coast of Los Angeles:

11/9: Massive Missile Launch Occurs Off LA Coast, Still Unexplained
11/10: Mystery Contrail May Have Been An Airplane (Not)
11/10: Rocketry Expert Confirms It Was a Solid Propellant Missile


It wasn't hard to see who was behind this missile launch. A Chinese military exercise had blatantly surprised the US on the same exact day,  three years earlier:

11/9/2007: Chinese Sub Appears in US Navy Exercise -- Huge Shock and Embarassment (Same Day as 2010 Missile)


I wrote all this up in an article at the time, from December 5th. Here is an excerpt:


As I suggested on the phone with Richard C. Hoagland last night -- and he agreed with me -- part of the reason why the actors in "The Event" are not told any plot points in advance is because the show itself is being written as they go, dynamically responding to world events as they happen.

I saw this last year with 'V' as well, where emerging things like the swine flu vaccine controversy suddenly manifested in the episodes -- with very little change.

I do not believe in coincidence and in this case there is a very plausible explanation. You have a general outline and structure for the plot, and you also do rewrites on the fly to work in current events -- and change your episodes at the last minute.

Richard also pointed out that the executive producer of this major hit TV series has no prior credits whatsoever. It is therefore very likely that he is just a figurehead for others who are writing and producing the show.

Episode 10 just featured a missile that went off, severely upsetting the President and his insiders, who watched helplessly as it went up into space -- not knowing if it would wipe out the West Coast in a nuclear blast.



This very likely seems to have been a real-time television response to the alleged missile incident off the coast of Los Angeles -- which definitely was not a jet contrail.

[Benjamin] Fulford is now on record saying three different Asian high-level sources told him the Chinese actually launched this missile -- as part of an ongoing show of force demanding the Old World Order folks stand down, just as I was independently told.



Twenty days was long enough to have put together a quick CG sequence of a missile launch that shocks the President and his cabinet, along with the rest of the world -- and rewrite and re-shoot the key scene before airtime.

The original beacon that called the ETs to Earth, in the script, could easily have been something that was a satellite dish on Earth. The missile could have been tossed in last-minute, without much difficulty, in order to fit real-world events into the show.

The quality of the graphics did suggest it was a rush job -- and remember, the actors themselves didn't know what they were going to be doing from week to week.

This was the first really blatant sign that "The Event" was being used to leak real insider knowledge behind the scenes, and attempt to steer the dialogue around ETs -- just as we saw before with 'V'.

It was also clear that China's efforts to defeat the Old World Order were being presented as the actions of a negative ET group.

This was definitely not the first sign that "The Event" was being used in an attempt to mold public perceptions about events that are associated with Old World Order skullduggery.


In the first episode of "The Event", entitled "I Haven't Told You Everything" from September 20, 2010, ETs were responsible for hijacking a passenger airliner and using it as a weapon.

They literally tried to fly an airplane directly into the spot where the president was standing -- right as Disclosure was about to occur, with the president introducing the world to a female human ET.

The plane then warped through a 'portal' right before impact -- and the whole story was then covered up by the mainstream media.



Everyone who watched the show could obviously feel, on some level, that this was a significant nod to 9/11 -- but it wasn't entirely clear why this connection was being made.


The 'synchronicity' became a lot stronger in Episode 6, "Loyalty," from October 25, 2010.


In this episode, the same ET portal technology was used to collapse a building into its own footprint -- just like WTC Building 7 fell at free-fall speed during 9/11.


Is this all a coincidence? Given the amount of money invested in this show -- both in production and marketing -- and the seriousness of the charges the Old World Order is facing, I think not.


In order to understand what is going on, you have to think with the mind of the people who seem to be planning all of this.

Let's say you are, in fact, responsible for 9/11, and are concerned that public hearings are going to emerge that will hold you culpable for it.

Let's say ETs are working with terrestrial governments -- i.e. the BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) -- to provide the necessary force to make you face the public.

[I have been documenting this in our China's October Surprise article series -- and there are very significant new things happening that I will be featuring in upcoming conferences and articles.]

What better way to cloud the legitimacy of the ETs, their inquisition and accusations than to put out propaganda that makes them appear to be responsible for having caused 9/11 in the first place?

This way, you confuse the public. People won't really think much about any of this until Disclosure happens. Now they will be faced with the reality of human ETs visiting and interacting with Earth as "sleepers" -- well before the official announcement was made.

Was 9/11 really an "inside job" from governmental forces here on Earth? Or, was it part of a vast, sinister conspiracy by negative ETs to discredit our elected governments -- our protection -- in their attempts to take over?



After Episode 10 aired, the show went into an astonishing three-month hiatus -- right in the middle of their season. No real explanation was given for why this occurred. I didn't know either -- but I was very curious to find out.

Once it came back on the air in March, major characters were quickly killed off, plot lines hastily tied up and the whole series finalized -- only to be officially canceled by NBC in late May. This was one 'leaked' announcement, right before it was made official:

NBC Cancels “The Event”
NBC has begun cleaning house as it prepares to add new series to its fall schedule.
The network has canceled the science-fiction thriller "The Event," a source with knowledge of the production confirms to TheWrap.
The cancellation isn't terribly surprising (particularly not to the readers who caught our early prediction of the show's demise).
The series, which premiered in September 2010, has been struggling in the ratings of late, and matched its series low on Monday, sliding 15 percent from the previous week with a 1.1 rating/3 share in the adults 18-49 demographic.



After the three-month "rewrite break," the motives of key characters were changed so hastily that it was quite embarrassing and off-putting for the average viewer. The ratings plummeted dramatically as people realized this had become yet another tired old "alien invasion" story. 

Sophia, the kind, loving female leader of the ETs, became a genocidal maniac who could give Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot a graduate course in Bastard School -- hoping to eradicate every human life on Earth with a hideous virus to clear the path for her own kind to arrive.

In earlier episodes, her son Thomas had been the bad guy, and Sophia had fought vigorously to protect the humans on Earth at all costs -- up to and including shooting Thomas' girlfriend in the leg, as a test of her loyalty -- after she betrayed Sophia's plans to save humanity.

Dempsey -- the ultimate Illuminati villain, secretly financing presidential elections, killing anyone who stands in his way, growing multi-million-dollar flowers for fun and draining children of life-force to stay young and alive -- became a peace-loving "Sentinel" tasked to protect humanity from the bad ETs.

"Aliens bad. Illuminati good. Obey. Obey. Obey. Obey....."


The name of the show was "The Event," but it wasn't until the very end of the very last episode that a few lines of dialogue, from one single character, revealed what "The Event" was actually supposed to be all along!

This was another blatant sign that the show had originally been intended to stay on the air for longer than one season -- but the timelines changed, and everything had to be embarrassingly sped up to fit with the new 'windows' they had to work with.

This was one of a variety of pieces of evidence that during those three months off, the entire show was dramatically rewritten and changed completely -- and many plot lines and twists had to be suddenly abandoned to bring it to a hasty conclusion.

Before we get to that, let me remind you that I had strong suspicions about what "The Event" would actually be -- which I wrote publicly last October, when the show first came out, as follows:


In the title, the second "E" in "Event" is reversed. This highlights the 'V' in the middle -- as in the previous show 'V', which was also about human-looking ETs. It also encourages us to pick out the word 'EVE.'

Remember that this is all part of a Processed Release of Information (PRI) program, and the underlying body of information to be disclosed has been in place for thousands of years...

I feel it is safe to assume that in this TV series, "The Event" will involve a certain amount of cataclysmic activity on the Earth. It should also upgrade our DNA at the same time -- leading to a new humanity.

A new Eve.

This would then allow the show to go in the direction of "Heroes" and other such programs where people begin developing 'powers'.

If that's really where this is going, then "The Event" may well be the most blatant, in-your-face, one-stop-shop Disclosure mechanism ever put out by the media -- at least thus far.


My first reaction was shock and anger when the true meaning of "The Event" was revealed in the final episode. I literally cursed at the television like a chain-smoking grandma watching Jeopardy.

My disgust soon turned into delight as I realized what the insiders were attempting to do with the entire show. More importantly, it told me what they believe is going to be happening on Earth -- by releasing propaganda in a further attempt to mold our perception of it.

In this final episode, "Arrival", from May 23, 2011, the ETs were never really explained that well -- except to say that "they were here first," they had to leave Earth for some unexplained reason, but now they are all coming back to be here -- so they can trigger "The Event".


Beginning at 31 minutes and 32 seconds into the final episode, we are told that "The Event" is some natural, cosmic process that will transform them into a new level of their own evolution -- as a direct result of their presence in and around Earth:

SIMON: Sean, what you need to know is our people were here before. We were here first.

SEAN: I don't understand.

SIMON: This place was our home before it was yours.

SEAN: Why did you leave?

SIMON: Because my people believe that if we stay here, something will happen. To all of us. We call it The Event. It's a rebirth. The next step for our people.

We'll change. Evolve into something else. Something greater. But your people won't survive it.

SEAN: Why not? What happens?


SIMON: Look. All the answers are hidden in that scroll [from Dempsey, the Sentinel]. About where we come from, and about how this all ends.


The big punchline was that if the ETs come here in larger numbers, they will trigger this "Event". It will turn them into Godlike beings, but will also end up killing everyone else here on Earth in the process.

The programming was finalized in the last scene when the ETs' entire planet -- already partly irradiated from their dying sun -- actually portals through and ends up sitting right next to the Moon in the Earth's sky.

Of course, the tidal and gravitational effects of this happening would ruin the Earth -- but that's beside the point.

Sophia, now captured and brought before President Obama's lookalike in the very last scene, said that her killing everyone on Earth with a hideous virus would have been "humane" compared to the deaths we will endure -- thanks to "The Event".

In this television show, Mother Nature apparently has a nasty sense of humor -- and a complete disdain for human life.


I feel there is undeniable evidence that "The Event" was originally slated to be a two-year series. It was abruptly terminated, for some clear and compelling reason -- and tons of plot lines were dropped in haste.

The first ten episodes ran from September 20th to November 29th, 2010. Then the show had an unprecedented delay -- and the final twelve episodes did not begin appearing until March 7th, 2011.

All of December, January and February went by without a single episode. The series finally concluded on May 23, 2011.


Sophia's son Thomas was the main genocidal bad guy up until Episode 15, "Face Off," on March 28th -- wherein President Martinez, a dead-ringer for Obama, suddenly killed him and his cohorts off with a missile while they were fleeing in a bus.

Then, in the next episode, "You Bury Other Things Too," on April 4th, 2010, Sophia suddenly pulled a complete reversal, apparently due to the death of her son -- and went from rigorously wanting to protect Earth humans to insisting they must all be eradicated.

Things got even weirder on April 18th, in "Cut Off the Head," Episode 17, when the ultimate Illuminati bad-guy Dempsey suddenly blew his head off in front of the main male character Sean, and his female black-ops assassin sidekick Vicky -- who we are continually taught to sympathize with.

We never found out who Dempsey really was, or what was really on his scroll. We were never told why he was extracting life-force from children to stay alive. All of a sudden we find out he's a good guy -- and then he kills himself.



Additionally, the ETs needed to steal nuclear fuel rods to power their portal device. The first time was Chernobyl, and the second time was on the West Coast.

Through most of the show, the ETs barely had enough power to warp the airplane in Episode 1, collapse the building in Episode 6 or take down the Washington Monument -- as hostilities reached their peak.

And yet, somehow they suddenly acquired enough fuel to bring their entire planet through... just a few episodes later!



A second example is Leila. She turned out to be a half-ET, half-human child. If "The Event" starts turning the ETs into Godlike beings while destroying humans, what will happen to Leila in this process?

Was she originally the big hero character, using her powers to save the day, and finding a way to confer them to everyone else on Earth? Remember -- this show was intended to be the new "Lost" and "Heroes" -- and "Heroes" was about people with extraordinary abilities.

Leila was on all the posters as if she were "it" -- yet in the series, her human/ET DNA was only used as a means to engineer a virus that would kill humans more slowly, as the original worked far too rapidly to be of use to the ETs.

A third example is President Martinez' wife, who he finds out is an ET. This conflict was never resolved. He confronts her, she denies it effectively, and he drops the ball. This obviously would have been developed much more if the time had been there.

Another example is Thomas's girlfriend. NBC said she was hired to be "mysterious". Sophia actually shot her in the leg as a loyalty test when she wanted to rejoin Sophia's pro-human alliance.

After this beautiful setup for an epic struggle between Sophia and the girlfriend, and all sorts of hidden secrets revealed, the girlfriend is hardly seen or heard from again -- except when she dies a fiery death.

I could go on and on like this. It is very clear that the show was built to go on into a second season, but was then abruptly terminated.



Think about it. The entire title of the show -- its Theme Statement -- wasn't even explained until one single, brief burst of dialogue in the very last episode.

If "The Event" had run for two years instead of one, it would have ended in spring / summer of 2012 -- months before the Maya Calendar end-date, which is mirrored in many other ancient prophecy systems.

It is probably a good thing that the show was ended a year early. I sense that the higher-level ET forces managing the planet, for the positive, had something to do with this show not succeeding.

Had it been given the two years it apparently was planned for, there could have been far more fear and doom generated around the whole concept of Ascension.

Instead, by the time "The Event" was actually explained, only slightly over a million people were still watching.

One brief burst of character dialogue is not enough to sway people on such a huge issue -- particularly when there are so many other pieces of evidence out there to the contrary.


Sophia and Dempsey's "do-si-do" character changes seemed ridiculous and out of place. It did not fit with the logic of the characters at all, and looked like a blatant, ham-handed attempt to manipulate the audience.

The viewership continued plummeting -- because people don't like to be made fools of.

Dempsey's games with draining people's life force were never really explained at all. The scroll he gave the hero was never explained or read. [Someone wrote in and said the scroll could be translated. If you have that information, please send it in and we will use it.]

And the title and theme statemnt of the entire show -- "The Event" -- got squashed down into a single burst of dialogue from one character at the very end.

Something happened. Something critical. They dropped the ball for an astonishing three months, mid-season, to change the game. The timetables have shifted. Summer 2012 would have been far too late to deliver the final message the show was built to produce.

Whatever real "Event" this show was meant to be preparing and disinforming the public for -- namely a true, open, honest meeting with ETs, and a message about human evolution -- appears to be coming our way before the summer of 2012.

'V' was canceled. "The Event" was canceled. All the big alien invasion movies are appearing this summer. Therefore, it may well be that the Powers that Were are preparing for something very big to happen -- sooner rather than later.



I have always said that Disclosure will not be possible until we see a dismantling of the Old World Order and their financial infrastructure, at least to some degree, first.

There are lots of new details to this story. I don't think any of them will impact fast enough to make it matter whether I talk about it in this article or in subsequent updates.

However, in summary let me say that the danger signals within the insider world -- for their own defeat -- are now at full red-alert. Even people who don't usually hear anything like this are now being told that the panic button has been hit.

I actually have had dreams warning me not to get too specific right now, as it could hurt my sources and possibly damage some of the plans that are in place to have this all turn out positively.



Let's look at what we do know, just from what "The Event" finally turned into. There is a clear, concerted effort to disinform the public about the meaning of the positive 2012 prophecies.

Project Camelot's first insider, "Mr. X", revealed that he saw documents dating back to the 1950s in which ETs told our governments that they would appear worldwide, on a massive level, in 2012 -- and there was nothing our 'leaders' could do about it.

This appearance would include giving everyone information on a mass human evoution -- what is going to happen and how to be ready for it. Those who went through with the process would be able to work with the ETs throughout the galaxy.

What we have just seen happen with "The Event" strongly suggests that Mr. X was right. And don't forget that he died of a sudden, massive stroke right before he was about to reveal his true identity and produce a lot more documentation and testimony.



The cool part is that this 'war' does not need to remain fictional. Propaganda in the form of television shows is one thing, but it's all fiction.

Here at Divine Cosmos, we deal in facts. And the facts are that come August 18th, we've got a new weapon in the arsenal of Truth that will effortlessly defeat many, many attempts to mislead, disinform and terrorize the public.

It is vitally important that you support this initiative by pre-ordering your own copy. So far only about 1 in 20 of our readers are doing so, and I am concerned that we may not reach our goal of 15,000 pre-orders in time.

I will now show you why this is so important. If we hit that critical watermark, we become a much more serious force in the media.

Efforts are already underway to smear and disinform the public about the contents of our book. We need to make it a strong enough political force that these negative reviews -- with no information to back them up -- do not dissuade people from reading it.

This is information everyone needs to know -- and I have humbled myself by taking multiple volumes' worth of information and presenting it all in one single, stunning masterpiece.



Our book was covered by CNBC -- obviously a division of NBC, who also produced "The Event" -- and the heading is the words "APOCALYPSE 2012 -- PROFITING FROM DOOMSDAY", surrounded in flames.


Of course, our Source Field book decisively rejects these end-of-the-world concepts as lacking credence. Abundant scientific and historical evidence is provided to reveal that there will be a positive outcome.

Nonetheless, here's what CNBC wrote about us:

If you happened to search’s [AMZN  195.81    0.74  (+0.38%)   ] bestsellers recently for “2012,” most of the top hits would have been guide books of various sorts – how to visit Disney World, how to ace the GMAT, etc.

The number one book, however, was by a little-known author and won’t even be published until August: “The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies” by David Wilcock.

At 528 pages, the tome will be anything but light reading. And it will be the latest of hundreds of books, videos, conferences and related products tied to predictions about 2012.

The 2012-ers have pulled together archaeology about Mesoamerica, New Age spirituality, UFO stories about extraterrestrials, and left-field understandings about science to produce a prophecy that something Really Big will happen on December 21, 2012.

It's a confusing hodgepodge of ideas and predictions — so we've simplified matters. Read our FAQ — everything you need to know about Apocalypse 2012.


What’s special about the predictions about 2012?

Daniel Wojcik is a professor at the University of Oregon and the author of “The End of the World As We Know It: Faith, Fatalism, and Apocalypse in America.”

He’s been tracking the 2012-er phenomenon for a while. He says it shares qualities found in End Times predictions through the ages, but is very much the unique product of the Internet age where out-of-mainstream ideas can easily find an audience.

“The 2012 phenomenon is something new on a grand scale, as an eclectic and countercultural apocalyptic, in contrast to Christian evangelical apocalypticism,” he said.

“And while 2012 is similar to Y2K fears, it is distinctive, much more of a millennial smorgasbord, a kaleidoscopic array of ancient and new prophecy beliefs.”

Plus, he said, it’s fun.

“I sense that a lot of people who are interested in 2012 are just plain interested because it is entertaining and weird, a new and alternative apocalyptic angle, and the ideas are so X-File, esoteric, and all over the map of belief, that you can find whatever you want in it, and then add your own doomsday ingredients to the millennial stew,” he said.

“There is not only good old doomsday fear here, but also the hope of worldly transformation.”

The article goes on to shame Jose Arguelles for dying before he got to see the 2012 prophecies he discussed come true. No one contacted us to ask questions or get more information about what Source Field actually says.

The assumption is made that by discussing other 2012 concepts, we get covered under the same umbrella -- but this is decidedly not the case.



We do need your support to keep hope alive. This book is, I believe, the single most effective tool we have to give people a scientific education about these events that are about to happen.

For less than 20 bucks you can vote to stop the disinformation, lies and slander. You have my sincerest appreciation for doing so! If you've already ordered by now, thank you so much for your help!


My higher self asked me to disclose how others could achieve the same contact I first achieved in 1996 -- and though I questioned the wisdom of this at first, I've now done it with the Access Your Higher Self video.

Not a ten thousand-dollar elite course, but an affordable, well-produced video series with over seven total hours of footage to explore when you include the bonus material.

This is another key way you can help us out.

Lastly, our primary source of income is conferences, and we have quite a lineup. I will write more about it after tonight's event. We have Boston coming up, London England, a smaller and less expensive event in Holland, Tempe in November and the Rocky Mountains trip in Canada -- which I am very much looking forward to.

I'm breaking my articles up into smaller pieces so I can update more often even if I get hit with unexpected schedule complications.

Right now I have to dash out the door to do Ancient Origins with Michael Tellinger -- but we'll talk soon!

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You are appreciated, I look forward to reading your new book.
#312 Chris 2012-01-03 21:56
Are we going to make the transformation to our Astral body during Ascension, or are we still going to be living in human form?
#311 Mildred 2011-10-15 04:32
It is clear to me that you haven't read any spiritual books on the creation and excistence of all by Dr Rudolf Steiner, or from Kryon, the Magnetic Master. It would open everyones eyes as to the purpose of it all.

The proof of these teachings are in life all around us. There is no conjecture necessary as to what's happening and why.
#310 Amber 2011-10-05 10:40
#309 Rob 2011-09-20 17:59
I always believed in the existence of UFOs and ETs - this post just confirms my beliefs. I just ordered your book and I'm really looking forward to reading it :-*
#308 John 2011-08-21 21:43
While your conjectures seem very plausible and even benevolent in nature, I merely see this as another in a long line of "2012ers", making statements about this and that. Too many guru types out there and so many more to come with little or no common sense in seeing what this entire (belief system) has done and continues to do to our society. 2012 shall pass into another year just as this year and the many more to come.
#307 george wesley thompson 2011-08-04 09:32
Your a intelligent being --

There is no teacher better than experience --

My best to your task at hand --

I too know - and - can not explain how I know things that only embarrass me if I try to relay -- 3 times the unusual and the truth has confronted me and none seemed to believe me --
#306 Tejasvi 2011-07-19 07:37
Wow! Another "sample" of HAARP in the clouds.

I am starting to believe this more and more.

Keep up the great work David. You are supported by many!

Much Love and Light,
#305 Tomas 2011-07-14 05:15
Aaron said: "Which producer are you referring to?
The Official NBC site for The Event lists three producers, Evan Katz, Steve Stark and Jeffrey Reiner, all of whom have a long list of credits on IMDB."

Excellent question.
#304 Lauren the blue one 2011-07-14 02:27
David, I wish to thank you personally for the most epic birthday present ever. I have my copy pre-ordered, and I am very excited.
#303 Christian 2011-07-11 21:03
Nevermind I see holland has already happend lol. shame.
#302 Christian 2011-07-11 20:47
Interesting view on the event.
I also had noticed some things you mentioned. It felt so rushed at the end. And the changeover of sophia was so ridicilous it made me laugh hard.( which is always good!)

Wondering when you'll come here to holland.
I'll be interested to see your conference.
Hope it won't cost too much though.. im in social security(or however you say this in english.. I get little money from government)
#301 Leandro 2011-07-10 11:53
David and team, thank you a lot. I am following your work for two years now, you're changing completely my point of view.

Once again thank you for all the help and for the good work. I am recommending your book for friends and I'm pre-ordering one more to help you out.

May you Feel all the love and affection that you awaken in me.
#300 Cian 2011-07-04 23:39
I don't agree with the majority of "alien" movies and TV shows, in recent years, being portrayed as "negative / fear driven" propaganda; nor all of the example cited, about being "taken over".

Super 8, for example, has nothing to do with an alien invasion; in fact, if anything, it makes "Government" look bad. The same for District 9.(For those that have yet to see either, I won't post any spoilers.)

As for The Event, and even V; not all of the aliens are "evil" or wholly self-serving. There are those who actively defend humans from the other aliens, and who value what Humanity has to offer; to the point of having loving, intimate personal relations, with humans, and even conceiving hybrid children.

Another example... In the Men in Black movies, the majority of aliens are shown to be co-existing with Humans; only a tiny portion of them are "bad". Additionally, it is shown that "Earth" has diplomatic relations with other galactic civilizations.

IMO, it really isn't so cut and dry as many try to make it seem. Which is either born out of sheer ignorance, a misunderstandin g / misinformation on their part, or is an attempt to dramatize something to support their own agenda.

I very much hope that people start to use their own discernment, learn how to verify and confirm, and not take any piece of information, regardless of the source, as being "truth"... Because even with good intentions, it's all too common to see misinformation being spread these days; which only adds to the confusion and fear.
#299 Asaki 2011-07-03 11:28
I had so much high hopes for this show. I still loved it but was upset and confused about the sudden changes.
#298 Fuser 2011-07-02 22:16
we've been bombarded with so much BS that is hard for most people to see what's going on..
i moved to Argentina last december and i'm wondering if there is gonna be a Spanish edition as well.. or other lenguages.
#297 Luciano 2011-06-28 03:19
I just finished watching "The Event", and it´s really sad that some people wants to give us the impression that all ET´s are bad beings.

I also saw on the NatigeoTv the so called "Alien Ivasion" that was an unhappy conception, totaly misunderstood.

Just stop for one second to wonder with yourself: "If the ETs realy want to attack us for real having all this technology to travel at realy high speed coming from long distances, having the power even to time travel, mind control, etc...they would had done it a long ago folks.

The universe it´s like a huge city, all you have to do is not turn at the wrong alley

God Bless
#296 Nate 2011-06-27 14:11
David, I am wondering about Planet X and Comet Elenin... and Nancy Lieder, etc.
You dont talk about these two (or the same?) yet it is a big buzz online right now. Would you mind talking about this some?
Thank you. I look forward to your book.
#295 Harry M. 2011-06-27 04:42
I enjoyed reading your take on the TV program “The Event” compared to what is happening in the world today. At the same time we seemed to have lost these Sci-Fi programs as well (“V” and Stargate Universe).
These programs were all cancelled abruptly as you stated, but you made no statement about what they where replacing them with, such as the awfully stupid program “falling Skies”. Note! The same old tired story of spider types aliens trying to enslave earthlings by attaching mind control organisms (Sic). (Something preteen kids would write or maybe something better)

So! David on your next article could you; please go into why they are replacing Sci-Fi programs that were pretty good and original with this kind of junk. Please!

Real quick! Did you pickup on the fact that “Steven Spielberg” is the Executive Producer of “falling Skies”? And a very large amount of the Sci-Fi movies here lately, is being produced by him. (Note; the new Transformers and a lot more) Check it out, or do you know if Steven Spielberg could be a member of the Bohemian Grove group?

I hope you will address some of the above and I will be pre-ordering your new book very soon.
#294 April 2011-06-27 03:11
Bernie Sanders, VT senator, is would like people to sign his letter asking the President to require the wealthiest of Americans to pay their fair share of taxes:

Not trying to push some political agenda here - just think people need to unite to save programs like Medicare and Social Security. We've paid into these programs for years. Now TPTB want to eliminate them.

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