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New Video -- Wilcock, David Wolfe and Nick Good Interview!


David discusses health and nutrition in this 90-minute FREE video with pioneer truth crusader David Wolfe and his sergeant-at-arms, Dr. Nick Good! Jump in and join this exciting discussion!


I thank you so much for all your positive feedback about the "Management Notice" I posted last week. It means a lot to me! I'm delighted to finally be in a space where I can get that data to flow in.

I know I've done good work when I myself can read it and see things a different way -- and feel like I got something out of it rather than just re-iterating what I already knew.

I've been through a lot of healing work to feel clear enough to pull in a good reading like the old days, where things were so much simpler -- and I'm very pleased with the results!

The video you are about to see was shot while I was in Hawaii, right before turning around and doing my crop circle tour. The above photograph is one of four incredible formations we got to walk around in during that trip -- which was quite an experience!

Since this video is very different than what I usually discuss, I want to set it up a bit before we dive in.



In the Law of One series, 22 'archetypes' are described in detail. These represent the 22 basic clusters of experience we all have to go through in order to reach a full awakening.

[You can right-click and download a study guide about the archetypes here. And this site has the single best collection of Law of One materials, including all the original sessions and a link to our own Study Guide, which is currently the best overview.]

These 22 archetypes are, if you will, the 'personality' of the Logos -- which is the mind of the Galaxy as a singular consciousness.

Of these 22 archetypes, fully seven of them are associated with the body. In order to truly awaken, your body must run through a similar series of stages of awakening just like the mind (the first seven) and the spirit, which is the last seven.

One additional archetype represents the origin of the quest for enlightenment -- and is known as "the Fool."

The archetypes of the body come after the mind in this system, meaning that you may not even realize the importance of initiating the body until you've already become quite wise -- and gathered a great deal of information.



Back in 1996-2000, I pulled in readings from my Higher Self several times a week. It was, for me, a very valuable form of "higher education."

Even after I started taking clients professionally in July 1998, I still did personal readings for myself routinely. I was consistently guided to help make the best decisions in a variety of situations.

After a while I didn't really feel I needed to do personal readings anymore, as I still tracked my dreams every morning. I knew that dreams were 100-percent secure data -- there was no way my conscious mind could tamper with the data even slightly.


As any good intuitive knows, it is significantly more difficult to screen out conscious-mind influence when trying to pull in data for yourself than it is when doing work for others, or on topics of general interest.

Anyone who tells you their intuitive readings are 100 percent 'source', with not a whisper of conscious mind overlay, is deluding themselves.

I went through extensive coaching on how to recognize when I had influenced the words -- and was very strongly admonished to try to master the discipline of non-interference as much as possible.

Even still, doing this work for yourself is extremely difficult. As soon as your mind thinks it understands what is coming in, and / or tries to track the information just out of interest, you've broken protocol and are no longer getting good data.

At this point you need to immediately stop speaking or writing, and again try to bring yourself to the deepest possible state of trance you can -- even if it takes several minutes to get back there.

Unfortunately, very few people who channel are actually following this protocol. It is extremely, extremely difficult and requires a devoted meditative lifestyle and excellent physical and psychological health.


Of course, with dream data you still have to interpret what comes in, but the more you study the language and practice the discipline of documenting them, the more easy it becomes to figure out what they are telling you.

For any important issue in my life, I will make sure I get at least three strong dream 'pings' before I consider that I understand the message that is being conveyed.

Even then, dreams are multi-dimensional. I have had cases where I've had day after day of dreams -- for weeks -- and found that although I understood them on one level, there was a deeper theme that I had totally missed, but was repeating every day.

This often happens on the biggest stumbling blocks -- the things we consistently have the most significant blind-spots about in our lives.


With intuitive readings, you have to go very, very deep to get personal data about yourself that can be trusted.

For me, it often will come in under heavily encrypted sentences, where they are just too complex and metaphorically symbolic to mentally track at such a slow delivery speed.

Even so, you always have to be your own biggest skeptic.

As a humorous example, almost every day we get letters from people telling us their higher self said they are about to enter into a romantic parternship with me. 

Another unfortunate but frequent situation is people writing in saying they are guided to start some huge civic organization for the greater good -- but it rarely is more than a brief written proposal and a lot of wishful thinking.

You don't need to do anything grandiose to be on your path -- as last week's reading said, the most important key is to awaken to the compassion and forgiveness of self and others that is always available in the Now.



My own intuitive contact might not have even been possible without certain key factors in my life:

1. I was totally free of all mind-altering chemicals since September 1992 -- no alcohol, no marijuana, no pharmaceuticals except antibiotics or painkillers in very seldom emergency cases;

2. Since September 1992, I had been writing my dreams down every morning, and working to analyze their meanings;

3. In the struggle to conquer my adult acne, (thankfully never on my face,) I kept increasingly purifying my diet -- which by mid-1995 had become no fried food, no white flour, no refined sugar, no dairy, no eggs and no meat;

4. Routinely journaling my life's experiences in writing, with the intention of understanding why things were happening and what I could do to improve myself (this became a daily practice after the contact started);

5. Reading all five books of the Law of One series, beginning in January 1996, which created the final 'tuning' I needed to receive my own communication once these other factors were in place.

The 'tuning' is a key element -- and in my videos, radio shows and articles, I try to always present information that helps achieve this 'tuning' for everyone who encounters it.

The most bombastic 'haters' are usually just verbalizing the inner conflict they wrestle with from years of cynicism and distrust of the Universe.

Again... I can truly say that if you do the work on yourself, you too will discover that "It's all good."


In the Law of One series, when Ra was asked about diet, they said (paraphrased,) "and to the extent necessary for the health of the physical body, [you can eat] the animal products."

Other channeled books I read and enjoyed had suggested this was not the case -- but it took me a long time to reflect on it and realize that the Law of One series is by far the most trustworthy source to consult on this issue.

Of course, notice the careful wording of the quote. Some people may not need animal products for a healthy body -- but I think this is rare, and in my case I found out that I definitely did.

When I moved in with the founders of the Law of One series in 2003, I dropped my strict dietary ban on animal products. I already had started blending fish in occasionally by the time I had arrived, and was surprised at how much better I felt for 3-4 days after having some.

At L/L Research, I was encouraged to be part of the group and therefore eat what everyone else was eating. I still avoided dairy, eggs, white flour, refined sugar and conventionally-grown produce, but I did re-introduce animal products to my diet.

I mentioned this at the time on my website, but didn't really obsess on it once I had made the change.



I do strongly believe in the value of a great diet, and particularly with the knowledge we now have about Activator X (as discussed in my section of the Pete Peterson video with Project Camelot), it seems that having some degree of animal products in your diet is absolutely essential to optimum health.

Since many people have asked me this, I do now have 'ethical meat' in my diet. The key is to avoid factory farming and cruelty as much as possible, as the sorrow these factory animals go through affects your own level of spiritual evolution -- negatively. 

[As someone pointed out in the comments section, you may live in a developing country and not have any choice. In this case, if you choose to eat meat, you can help the 'vibration' by blessing your food and thanking the animal for its gift to you, as should ideally be done in all cases.]

At present I have been guided to avoid beef altogether, even allegedly organic beef, but have bison products as a substitute, since there are very strict ethics codes for bison ranchers and they are 100-percent free range.

Pork is always a no-no. Most chicken, turkey and duck is out, even that which is allegedly free-range, unless you can find something from a small local cooperative. 

Ostrich, elk and most other wild game is fine. All fish is fine, but wild caught is significantly preferable to farm raised, and sushi is preferable to cooked. Shellfish is not ideal due to potential mercury issues, but it is on the 'ethical' list and I do have it sometimes.

[The above comments have unleashed a firestorm of passionate responses in the comments section -- so I will address them more in an update below.]



Admittedly, the 'raw food' diet David Wolfe advocates is about as extreme as you can get. No animal products and nothing that's even been heated above 105-110 degrees.

While this kind of diet can be highly beneficial for your health as a cleanse and detox, I wouldn't want to present it as if you 'must' eat this way.

In fact, I once had a professional dentist as a client who told me he was treating a variety of people on the raw food diet. After a few years of raw-only dieting, they all started experiencing periodontal decay -- even with excellent dental hygiene.

His conclusion was that there are elements in animal products that we all need for our health -- perhaps bone health in particular.

I am just presenting this as his opinion, but those words have stayed with me over the years.

With that in mind, let's go ahead and watch the new video!



This weekend I'm at the UFO X Fest in the California Bay Area, September 18-19! My big post-conference event is on Monday the 20th, and you can order your tickets at this link right here!

Next month I'm at the Epic Eden Hot Springs Retreat, October 6th through 10th, in a sacred, private location nestled between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.

David Wolfe often shows up, and it's quite an experience! This next video, while a bit long, is a great overview of the community and the vibes you'll get there!

I will be doing a Power Point lecture and hanging out with people at the event -- so it's a great way to be part of a spiritually aware gathering in a camping-style setting!



I still am deeply involved in working on some wonderful new developments that I cannot discuss due to strict non-disclosure agreements, for which there is no wiggle room -- but the news will be awesome once I can announce it!

I also am deeply involved in fine-tuning the CONVERGENCE movie script with my latest, greatest scientific insights, while simultaneously working through rewrite notes for the 2012 Enigma book -- so there is quite a lot to do right now.

Amidst all of this, I'm still maintaining a once-a-month conference schedule. 

On November 19-21, I'm back in Phoenix for an all-weekend extravaganza with William Henry, as you see featured on every page of this website right now!

I always take December off and have nothing booked for January, but we're planning on Miami in February, and also developing one or more events in Australia in March.

I also will be speaking at the Conscious Life Expo here in Los Angeles in February as well!


I feel very blessed to have built a whole musical around the spiritual awakening I was led through by the Law of One series and my own personal readings, called "Wanderer Awakening."

If you don't feel like reading anything but still want to experience the core of what the Law of One spiritual teachings tell us, this musical has it all packed in there -- very eloquently.

This musical goes through all the highest highs and the lowest lows of the spiritual journey, with a focus on romantic relationships -- and is structured based on the same storytelling principles as a film screenplay.

The songs were co-produced with my partner, nine-time Grammy-winning musician and composer Larry Seyer, who has engineered the finished-product studio tracks for many top recording artists, some of whom went multi-platinum -- and at our last conference he said he feels this is the finest musical work he's ever done.

We have now released Wanderer Awakening Select, a shortened collection of 17 vocal songs from the collection, for 17.99, so you can find out for yourself what so many people have already discovered -- this project has exceptional production value and may well become a beloved part of your favorite music playlists!

To get the full story with all fifty songs, you can buy Wanderer Awakening Gold at 39.99 -- and other packages offer even more music, including the Galactic version which also features a complete remix of the collection as an acoustic 'Unplugged' exploration.

This is a completely self-financed and self-distributed project, so one hundred percent of your investment goes towards helping insure we can continue providing you lots of great free stuff.



It's kind of cool to be vigorously attacked about something besides politics for a change. Quite a refreshing change of pace, in fact.

Obama is over there, and now we're over here. I've managed to completely enrage an entirely new category of people this time. That means we have a teach/learning opportunity coming on here...

Like the political crew, I already know these opinions are very likely not going to change -- so I am writing this for those who have not yet formed a hard-and-fast viewpoint on the topic.

I can be OK with you being vegan, vegetarian, raw or whatever. Last night I had a full meal at Juliano's Planet Raw restaurant on 6th and Broadway in Santa Monica, including a lovely "tortilla soup" that was on special. And I still often order vegan cuisine at various restaurants as well.

My ultimate point is that we can choose to live our lives how we want to, without making other people 'bad' if they choose a different path.

So let's talk about this!


When I quit smoking marijuana, for about the first two years or so, I was a passionate anti-drug crusader. I wouldn't hang out with anyone unless they hardly ever, if ever, used any mind-altering chemicals.

Anyone who signaled to me that they were not "on the Path" got an LRM -- a Long Rambling Monologue -- about the evils of chemical dependency, replete with all my scientific evidence.

This mindset was distinctly the result of having done a "90 and 90" -- 90 meetings in 90 days -- within Alcoholics Anonymous and, to a lesser degree, Narcotics Anonymous.

After 90 days, I no longer had any interest in 'using' -- nor did I have any interest in going to meetings. I had quit cold turkey and never went back to the habit -- and still haven't -- after 18 years.


Though most of the people in these 'rooms' are just trying to stay clean, within the meetings I frequented, there was a clear, obvious and consistent undertone of judgment and condemnation of others.

In a way, you could liken it to an indoctrination -- born of the deep desire of the members to improve their lives by fighting against extremely powerful desires to 'use' that they still had within themselves.

They assumed, by extension, that everyone else had to be as compulsively prone to addiction as they were. No one could 'use' at all without becoming hopelessly lost.

In order to be correct, I had to introduce myself as an 'alcoholic', even though I never even enjoyed getting drunk. One of the meetings I went to would have a handwritten sign on the door that said "DRUNKS ONLY".


One of the things that finally got me to leave was I had to strain my mind to the limit to try to remember stories where I actually did drink alcohol -- and did something foolish or harmful to myself or others.

I probably never drank any significant amount of alcohol more than about 20 times at the most.

There was the time I drank a vodka-and-orange-juice 'screwdriver' and my friend accidentally kicked me in the head as I was crawling around on all fours because I couldn't stand up straight.

There was the night this guy threatened me at a party, almost stuck a lit cigarette into my eye, and I pummeled him in a fistfight before they dragged me off of him. [We later talked it out and he respected me for standing up to him and "beating his ass."]

There was the dreaded college 'fondue party' where I drank too many wine coolers, ate way too much cheese and chocolate, and ended up vomiting on all fours when I got back to the suite. All my hard-drinking New York City suitemates gathered around me laughing and mocking -- while I was as sick as I had ever been in my life.

One time I drank a lot of beer at a high school party, and started making a sloppy pass at a cute girl. An experienced drinker and football star gently convinced me to lie down on the couch. When I opened my eyes, everyone was gone and it was 2AM. My buddy immediately handed me another giant plastic cup of beer from the keg.

At that same party, I dropped my pants straight to my ankles while standing up and peeing, and leaned against the wall for support. Of course when this popular guy I was friends with waltzed in and saw that, it was great fodder for graduation-party stories -- I had "passed out up against a wall with my pants down."


Probably the dumbest, most negative thing I ever did to "support the habit" was steal a pack of Marlboro Red cigarettes from an Adirondack country grocery store when I was 'dry', and didn't have any marijuana left.

Yeah. I know. Big whoop. But that was the worst story I had!

There was a big rotating cylinder filled with loose packs of cigarettes right out in the open, in the middle of a secluded aisle.

I was 16, too young to buy them legally, and was dreading spending the whole week at my grandparents' camp without having anything to alter my consciousness in the event that things got confrontational or emotionally rough.

My grandparents did have booze in the house, but I would get so sick from any attempt to drink the hard stuff -- or even the lighter stuff if I wasn't careful -- that I had absolutely no interest in it.

I never even smoked the Marbs, since I hated cigarettes, was terrified of getting caught, and felt obscenely guilty about shoplifting.


By AA standards, my two-dollar petty crime was a very weak story. I wasn't even 'on' anything when I did it.

I hadn't cheated on a wife, taken advantage of a drunk girl, run out on a pregnancy, yelled at or struck a kid, woken up covered in vomit on the side of a road, totaled a car, broken a bone, smashed up my body, disappeared for days at a time on a bender, lost a job, or even converted needed family food money into booze.

However, if I had raided my grandparents' liquor cabinet... particularly for something gross like Vermouth or Peppermint Schnapps... then at least my Adirondack story would have had some 'bite'. In turn, people would have liked me more -- and given me more support and positive feedback.

So, once everyone had heard the head-kicking, fistfight, fondue, blackout and standing-up stories, it got to the point that I began flirting with the idea of embellishing the Adirondack story -- or even concocting one out of thin air.

I realized this was not the place for me. I had nothing left to process and no desire to ever use again. In support-group parlance, that only meant I was a Dry Drunk.


To put it bluntly, there was a pervasive mindset that anyone who was not in the 'rooms' was in deep, deep trouble. 

They were deluding themselves, spiritually bankrupt and needed to immediately change their ways if they wanted to have any chance at soul evolution.

This philosophy is an extension of what they call "People, Places and Things". In order to stay clean, you are advised to completely avoid the "people, places and things" that are, in any way, associated with your chemical dependency.

This can very easily and quickly extend into a mindset where the entire world now becomes your 'devil'. 

Only those who are totally sober, within the very rooms you frequent, have any chance at redemption.

Your group is now the elect, the special, the different, the 'chosen'.

Each of you have been self-appointed by your personal ambition and ability to actually stay clean -- or at least heavily shame yourselves in front of the others after every new 'relapse', in the 12-step-group version of 'Confession.'


You, as a Member, have been strong enough to awaken from the 'Matrix' (though this film wasn't out back then) and become one of the Good People.

Everyone else is an outsider, engaged in a mass hallucination. They are walking zombies whose lives are being run by chemicals rather than by the heart.

They do not have a Spiritual Path -- which by definition means the person got sober first, before ever even having any idea about spirituality.

Everyone else is invariably going to "Hit Bottom" and have their lives end in "Diseases, Institutions and Death" if they don't Join the Program -- and begin Working the Steps.

The "Twelfth Step" is where you try convince the outsiders (i.e. everyone else in the world) to join the group.

If they are not already in the group, then they are in Denial.

The power of The Addiction is so vast that unless you're in the Program, you are Active -- and therefore another mindless robot within the worldwide Devil the group is wrestling against.


Within this system, your only chance to break through Denial is to "admit that you are powerless over" alcohol and / or drugs, and start going to meetings. This means you have now "surrendered to your Higher Power".

Many people in 'the Program' do not have a clear concept of any intelligent, organizing element in the Universe -- and this leads to them worshipping 'the rooms' as if it were their higher power. 

Many times I heard people say, "the only Higher Power I know is these rooms... The rooms have changed my life... Without these rooms I would be lost."

The vast majority of every meeting involves 'sharing', where members can take as long as they want to talk about basically whatever they want, as long as it focuses on the addiction in some way.

Many people's 'sharing' invariably features lamentations about how terribly deluded everyone is if they are Not In the Program.


Again, I stopped going after 90 days. I had no further desire to 'use' and I was starting to wish I had better drinking stories to share with The Rooms.

When I realized I was becoming tempted to make things up, or embellish existing stories to add 'sizzle' -- I've always had a passion for creative writing and theatrics -- I saw this was not where I needed to be.

I also felt that any successful treatment plan should not cultivate an ongoing dependency on something else -- in this case The Rooms.

Furthermore, it seemed like almost everyone in 'the rooms' was heavily addicted to caffeine (the invariable three-gallon coffeepot) and refined sugar (the inevitable donuts and cookies) -- and a substantial number of them couldn't even make it through a whole meeting without a smoking break.

I found myself consistently coaching people on the scientific proof that there was, indeed, a Higher Power -- and as a psych major, I could see there was a significant OCD everyone had about Being In The Program.

Nonetheless, I did still feel that if someone was actively using marijuana, alcohol or other drugs, they were creating grievous chemical imbalances that affected how their mind would function -- and I felt compelled to let them know my opinion.



I had all my evidence right on hand. The use of mind-altering chemicals ultimately bankrupts your ability to ever feel happy because you deplete your serotonin and endorphins -- and without them you are biologically incapable of feeling positive emotions for any sustained length of time.

Even use in moderation, sporadically, will create a distinctly measurable reduction in your ability to feel good about your life and the things that happen to you. 

That's also why they recommend a 90 and 90 for 12-step groups. It's going to take you three months before you will feel any type of sustainable happiness, because you're just too serotonin-starved to have those emotions.

I was ready and willing to preach to someone about this even if all they did is make an offhand comment about 'weed'. As a result, I became socially isolated from many thinking and feeling people.

In time, I was guided through a series of experiences that taught me not to criticize and judge others for their behavior and their choices.

When I then extended into a vegan diet, I became just as passionate about that issue.



In order to be a vegan for seven years, I had to endure all manner of humiliating experiences.

My grandparents got on my case every single time I had dinner with them about why I was 'not eating'.

I did all the research, talked to naturopaths, nutritionists and what have you, followed all the best guidelines to a tee, and tried to optimize my diet as much as possible.

My housemate and I would heckle and debase each other if either of us contemplated going off the diet -- as it takes a lot of structure and discipline to maintain a practice like this.

I had a canvas wallet, non-leather shoes, and never touched animal products of any kind.

I was constantly weak -- to the point that I could barely stand up at work for long periods of time. I had a private meeting with my supervisor where he accused me of being an anorexic and wanted me to use a company-paid counseling program.

I actually had people tell me the circles under my eyes were so dark, my skin so pale and my face so gaunt, that I looked like I had "just stumbled out of Auschwitz."

I remember when a woman I worked with at a teen halfway house told me she had been vegetarian and had gone back on meat.

To her face I was polite, but I literally spent days obsessing on it after she told me that.



As a variety of the comments below will illustrate, some vegans are not into it just for the health benefits. It becomes a passion that runs much deeper than that.

Everyone else who is not part of your insider group is now a Vicious Animal Killer.

The 'outsiders' are deluding themselves, spiritually bankrupt and need to immediately change their ways if they want to have any chance at soul evolution.

Only those who are totally "cruelty-free", within the very groups you frequent, have any chance at redemption.

Your group is now the elect, the special, the different, the 'chosen'.

Each of you have been self-appointed by your personal ambition and ability to actually go off of animal products.

You have been strong enough to awaken from the 'Matrix' (though this film wasn't out back then) and become one of the Good People.

Everyone else is an outsider, engaged in a mass hallucination. They are walking zombies whose lives are being run by killing animals rather than by the heart.

They do not have a Spiritual Path -- which by definition means they stopped eating animals first, before ever even having any idea about spirituality.

If they are not already doing this diet, then they are in Denial.

Unless you are on this diet, you are another mindless robot within the worldwide Devil the group is wrestling against.


What really awakened me from this mindset was the work of Dr. Cleve Backster, who I often cite at my conferences. You can order his book "Primary Perception" and read all the evidence for yourself.

Backster became famous in the 1960s and 70s after discovering that plants had remarkably human-like variations in their electrical activity, moment to moment.

This variation is called Galvanic Skin Response, or GSR, and is used to administer lie-detector or 'polygraph' tests in humans.

Backster hooked up his polygraph to a plant and was dazzled to find how human-like it was responding.

The biggest shock of his life happened when he got the idea of lighting a match and burning one of the leaves of the plant.

Bear in mind he hadn't actually done it -- he just had decided to do it.

Right then, the plant had an enormous reaction, with the stylus fluctuating so extremely that it was actually hitting the stops that kept it from flying right off the paper.

Were this a human being, you would literally be seeing them screaming and crying, churning in their chair, drenched in sweat -- or at the very least hyperventilating and sweating, with their hearts pounding and a feeling of being light-headed and highly agitated.

He then actually did burn the leaf, and the 'screaming' continued. It did not stop until he actually removed the matches from the room and left the plant alone.



As you can read in the Primary Perception book, from, every living thing is part of this 'family', and they all look out for each other.

Backster hooked up one egg to his polygraph and then boiled other eggs. The electroded egg invariably 'screamed' as each of the others were dropped into the water.

Plants even 'scream' when bacteria die, such as in yogurt -- and if you want to be healthy, everyone knows you have to take 'probiotics,' which actively are killing millions of microbes in your own body in the process.

Bacteria scream at the loss of other bacteria. They scream when plants are burned. They even screamed when Backster planned to crack an egg -- but he hadn't actually done it yet.

In one case, an African violet screamed when Backster picked up Sammy, his sleeping Siamese cat, and startled him.

In another case, plants always screamed when a particular man came into the lab. It turned out he had a job as a lawnmower -- so to the plants he was a Mass Murderer.

These are things that strongly affected how I think.


If I could get by on a meatless diet, I would. In many people's eyes this is the optimum spiritual path you can take through diet.

Again, in my case it was very simple -- I was so weak without it that I seemed to be in real danger. Even one piece of fish would buy me about four days of energy and vitality.

Some people's systems react in other ways -- and do not digest meat easily, if at all. Furthermore, once you've been on a vegan diet for a long time, you have much less intestinal probiotics in your system, and therefore are not equipped to digest other types of food -- you will actually feel sick from it unless you take HCL and / or enzyme supplements.

There are great comments below where different people present their opinions on this obviously charged issue.

Again -- if you can be healthy as a vegan, that's probably the best spiritual path you can take. I would definitely do it if my body could tolerate it, as I could probably accelerate my spiritual abilities even more. 

I had to choose a lifestyle that allowed me to have the health and vitality to do my work for the planet. That was the initial hurdle I crossed.

Then when I found out about Backster's discoveries, I realized that life and death are part of a symbiosis, and without death there could be no life.

I therefore "vote with my wallet" for the more ethical approach -- doing my own part to help change the way things are done here on Earth.



There is lots more to come in the future, so keep coming back!

As my schedule clears I do want to cover the many interesting things that are going on right now -- and I hope to be able to do that in the coming weeks.

Right for now, may you indeed have the best day ever!

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#174 amarres de amor 2016-10-29 11:21
great post and the page is amazing, thanks for sharing.
#173 desiree 2015-10-20 11:00
Does David still think we Shouldn't eat pork. I, think he said that tibetian monks obtained their rainbow bodies on a pork diet, didn't he?

#172 smoky quartz 2014-10-10 23:35
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#171 marie-christine 2012-12-12 21:50
i think the most important think is to keep the most peaceful and joyful state of mind as possible, because food acts like a fixator of energy to the body , whatever we eat , the food fix our presently state of mind inside of our body, we just don't eat only meat or vegetable, we eat what we think, what we feel , or what other people around us feels and thinks,(but i think genetical material is part of the equation,people surrounding little bouddha feel better not eating meat)
#170 marie-christine 2012-12-12 03:34
such a passionate topic, never saw sooo much long history comments, well i don't buy meat because i just feel like i wouldnt use well my money , i eat lot of eggs, but sometimes i feel when my body want to have some meat, then i'll buy frozen meat because i just can"t touch raw meat at all, even organic, i don't jugde anyone for any diet reason or others , the most important diet is the energy that comes out from our thoughts, vegetables can be eaten with hateful thought and the point would have been missed, good apetite;-)
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Este blog é uma representação exata de competências. Eu gosto da sua recomendação. Um grande conceito que reflete os pensamentos do escritor. Consultoria RH
#168 Kara 2011-09-17 23:24
David, you truly are the answer to so many peoples questions, especially mine.

I have referred so many people to watch your videos, even people who are in disbelief about ET's. I have re-watched your videos over and over again in order to watch with friends and family ( just so they watch the whole thing) and even they cannot deny the overwhelming evidence about our consciouness and existence.

You are one of the many heros, like Steven Greer I truly think are the people that can help start the human race on a positive note once again.

I am not saying there are not others but thanks to all the others who stood up against the tyranny and join us together on a positive path to coexist. Bless you and thank you, you bring me such joy all I want to do is spread the news.

#167 Luis 2011-02-07 13:01
I have noticed that some of you go pretty deep as to say that eating a totally vegan diet can actually make your bones less dense to a point of some kind of energy body activation.

I am not too experienced in these topics but am very interested as I did experience for about a week the psychic ability of hearing ppls thoughts without me even looking for it, and I actually confirmed it many times.

I heard it as a whisper straight to my head. Since then I’ve been pretty interested in all this type of things. The problem is that I haven’t been able to pinpoint what the cause of it was because many things happened to me during that time which makes it hard for me to know what actually caused it.

The day before it happened for the first time was the first day I tried a meditation technique from a site called azurite press from a lady named ashayane Daine or somethings.

But also I had begun in a dietary change in those days to stop eating anything that wasn’t 100% natural. Another thing was that I usually was high on pot when it happened to me (but that doesn’t take the veracity of it because there where many witnesses to the abilities.)

What is your opinion on what could have been the cause of this? Because It only happened for a week and haven’t been able to do it again ever since.

And I have one more question for David I have seen the 2012 enigma series and I remember you saying something about besides fluoride also some eye drops caused the calcification of the pineal gland.

Can you please tell me what kind of eye drops would that be? I am currently taking tobradex which is a steroid, do you know if that one is ok?

And finally, do you know if a calcified gland can be restored?
Thank you very much.

[Moderator: There is evidence that suggests that a calcified pineal gland can be de-calcified, based on the work of Dr. Weston Price, using vitamin K aka "x factor" ( some essential oils and I would suspect through pranayama (breathing exercises) and drinking clean water... stopping the fluoridation/ca lcification]
#166 ildikum 2010-12-29 18:12
first please excuse my english, i am not i english speacker

about plants: you said that plant reacts ... well i just saw "MYTH BUSTERS" show on DISCOVERY PLANET and the guys put a polygraph (they weer coping the experiments of thr guy you said)on a plant and even if they tried for several times to get a reaction from the plant, well tha plant didin't react

so what to think? that they fake the reasults? that they waren't "spiritual" ?

appreciate an answer

thank you

[Moderator: David said "The plant experiments are all tied in to emotional energy. If you don't have a strongly negative, visceral feeling move through you, the plants won't have that reaction.

Backster's experiment was remarkable because the plant started 'screaming' BEFORE he actually burned it -- merely the THOUGHT of him burning it was enough.

These are living things and getting effects is not automatic -- but that's where we bring in the research of guys like Dr. William Braud.]
#165 totoro 2010-12-07 23:45
I disagree with David Wolfe on chocolate, not because I prefer someone else's food philosophy or research but because my body tells me that chocolate is NOT food.

It's unfortunate that we modern day humans are so disconnected with our own body that we need nutritionists to tell us what to eat what not to eat.

Personally I had to go under a one-week water fast to be able to hear my body again. I used to love chocolate, in fact I still do. Shortly after ending my fast the thought of chocolate was absolutely revolting. The body's natural intelligence simply told me that chocolate is not food and stay away!

If we could all learn to listen to our bodies NOT cravings we would be naturally healthy and nutritionists would be out of business.

[Moderator: Each individual is unique. Chocolate may not be appropriate for some and still appropriate for others. I have water fasted and still found myself attracted to this naturally growing seed. It is a blessing though that you have the intelligence to do what is right for you instead of what someone else tells you.]
#164 Nick 2010-12-05 06:27
My addiction is smoking cigarettes, I have left other addictions for the most part , but still sometimes have the odd fast food, but very very odd.

I consider myself a very spiritual and progressive person seeking the truth on a daily basis and promoting light and love continually.

Basically what I "think" "feel" "intuit" is that anything in moderation will not hamper the greater good.

Basically following your heart and living up to your best and what you think is your best is the right path. Just be happy!

and loving AMAP(as much as possible). :D

I believe I am a wanderer/Indigo etc.., I guess most of us are on this website.
#163 Sherry 2010-11-07 00:56
It may be that some raw dieters get tooth decay because they have not fine-tuned their diet. They may increase the amount of fruit without balancing it, or may not feel the need to brush as often because their mouth and teeth feel cleaner.

Today's fruits are higher in sugars than their wild counterparts. Since I have been following the raw food movement, I do not get the idea that bad teeth are an inevitable result. Like any other eating system, balance is the key.

For myself, I have not switched to raw as of yet, but I like the simplicity and non-violence of it. I think it would be a higher vibrational way of eating if once can achieve it.
#162 Sherry 2010-11-07 00:47
It is very good to see the synthesis of knowledge from you David and David Wolfe. I have been enlightened by both of the communities you represent to me and have wondered how they could and would intersect because I knew they had inside my psyche. This is a good step.

I agree that any new knowledge or personal growth step should not become something we judge others by, as in veganism or belief in the existence of extra-terrestri al life. We can all be taught by each other, but we have to ultimately be led by our inner source of knowledge.

Others can help us get in touch with that and help open doors, but we have to process it all for ourselves and follow that tug on our hearts and minds for ourselves. And we need to respect that process in others.

Thanks for the video. It helped me get the perspective I was needing today.
#161 Padma Bear 2010-10-18 23:28
Hi guys

Everybody interested in Rainbow Bodies should read the book 'The Crystal and the Way of Light - Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen' by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

I'm sorry some of the information provided by David Wilcock on Coast to Coast might have been misleading...

Furthermore, I can recommend the book 'Rainbow Painting' by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. It's contains an image by him with a mind-to-mind energy encoding on it.

In addition all the books by Sarah Harding are amazing.

In addition I would like to thank David Wilcock for recommending the Ra - Law of on Material. It really help understanding myself A'shayane Deane's material better.

Take care

btw: Swiss Psychiatrists have no understanding of Tibetan Buddhists and prescribe Zyprexa because they are to slow or I talk too fast :-))

The 'Vajra wave' in the book 'Yantra Yoga' by Namkhai Norbu helps to reduce the ill-effects of Zyprexa and it won't burn the brain as badly as it should :-)
#160 Maru 2010-10-02 18:11
For the past several years I've experienced increased synchronicity. All 3 of these people have greatly influenced my life at different periods.

First was Graham Hancock. I heard him talking on Coast to Coast years ago about his book Supernatural. Upon finding out about Ayahuasca and it's healing powers, I immediately sought it out. I had planned a trip to Peru, but before I did that, decided to search for it locally. Luckily, I found a place here that offers it and that began a very positive journey.

During the Ayahuasca ceremony, I asked to be guided for health and happiness. Shortly after that, I came upon David Wolfe's work and decided to give it a try.

WOW! By following David Wolfe's advice, I transformed everything! I felt better than I could ever remember! I *LITERALLY* woke up just happy to be alive, and I had *never* experienced anything that profound before!

About a year after that I heard David Wilcock on Coast to Coast and began to read his online books and research his material - and to now see all three of these people from separate fields coming together and collaborating is a very amazing synchronicity in my own life and leads me to believe I am on the proper path.

Kudos to Graham Hancock, David Wolfe and David Wilcock for bringing love, light, happiness and enlightenment to those who choose to listen and learn.
#159 Lindsay 2010-10-02 09:10
The whole issue of plants being conscious is a really interesting one. Maybe there really is no difference between chopping a head of lettuce and chopping the head of a live animal. This is a very good read on the subject: ..
#158 Inge 2010-09-29 20:48
What I've learned is that it doesn't matter what you eat. What matters is that you thank your food for feeding you. This goes for meat and for vegetables etc.

All food can be power food if you are really gratefull. Thank you vegetable/meat out loud for growing. Thank it for the fact that it is there to feed you.

The whole universe is in a predatory state, so thanking whatever you eat is a gesture to infinity!
#157 Bruce Fisher 2010-09-24 21:55
Great interview with Wolfe and Good. I can improve my diet even more now. You mentioned the 'factor x', but since you did that original interview I have found no source for the variety based on fish (rather than butter/plants).

Any info on where to obtain that would be helpful. Thanks for bringing this dietary info to us in a way that is integrated to the spirit.

[Moderator: At David's conferences we usually vend skate liver oil liquid and capsules from greenpasture.or g.]
#156 tomas 2010-09-24 09:38
Faerie: "It really makes me laugh that some vegans or veggies believe that if someone failed to feel healthy on that diet its because they didn't "do it" properly..."

So, sun yogi "suffered" from the same as those vegans or veggies you refer to? Wow! Times, they are a changing!!
#155 Charlotte SG 2010-09-24 05:42
Hey David. I just thought about listening to a new radio interview with you.
Now I just woke up (had been sick and asleep all day) and I see that you have just did one with Laura Fox @BTR!

I'm listening
Charlotte, Cologne

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