Listen to over 90 minutes of brand-new, FREE radio shows — with Laura Fox at Raw Spirit Festival and William Henry on Revelations Radio! You don’t want to miss either of these!



I am very happy to report that unless there is some sort of major upset, (which is highly unlikely,) I will have a wonderful new announcement to make by the end of October!

Years and years and years of work are finally paying off in ways I had only hoped might happen… if I got really lucky.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the results — but it did involve a great expenditure of time, forcing me to drop everything and work just on this for almost the entire month!

Furthermore, the disclosure articles in mainstream media are becoming ever-increasingly frequent. Whether or not this translates into any immediate results remains to be seen — however, I do think we’re going to see some remarkable changes as we head into next year either way.

Since I’m still decompressing from a major energy output, and feel everyone’s had a good chance to flash their canine teeth in the previous blog, let’s go ahead and keep it simple this time… and talk about stuff we can all agree on.

So let’s get on to unwrapping your free new gifts… and enjoying them!

Both of these radio shows came from an inspired place… and I’m going to recommend you listen to them in reverse order!



Just yesterday, Friday September 24, 2010, I was broadcast live at the Raw Spirit Festival for the first 15 minutes, to open the conference, by Laura Fox! Our show continued for an additional 45 minutes after my opening salutations.

Here’s the link you can right-click on and save as a file on your hard drive to listen to:


I will also be appearing at the Epic Eden Hot Springs Retreat, October 6-10! If you haven’t already seen it, check out the video that gives you an overview of the community at this conference — it’s nice:




On Wednesday, September 15, 2010, the first of a two-part series I did with William Henry aired on his own Revelations Radio program — within UFO legend Whitley Strieber’s superb Unknown Country site!

This gives you a marvelous taste of what we’re going to be discussing at our conference in Tempe, Arizona as of November 19th through the 21st.

The second half of the radio show should be available for MP3 download on this site very soon — and I’ll link to it in the next post as soon as it’s available.

Both halves of this show are excellent, and stand alone — so here’s your first homeopathic dose of truth serum. You might notice a bit of dizziness at first — that’s just the DNA activation / cellular memory decryption process. Nothing to worry about!



We’re still working on finalizing the CONVERGENCE script, and have had challenges on both sides of the fence that formed irreversible obstacles we had to tackle first.

However, we’re just about back on track. I’m preparing to finish my part of the work this weekend, time permitting, and hopefully we’ll have a ‘locked’ draft, ready to shop around, within a month!

The industry slows to a crawl as you head towards Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we may not actually bring in the heavyweights for our “targeted reads” until January — but we’ll see how it goes.

The Miami conference in February is now up on this site as well — and this is the first time in many years I’ve spoken in Florida, so don’t miss it… particularly if you live in the Southeast!

Our hotel is right near Coral Castle, “America’s Stonehenge” — and though we have no official transportation system, we’ll definitely be making a group visit to the site for those who want to go as an ‘elective’ part of the conference.


There are some wonderful products you can experience on this site if / when you decide you want more!

Check out The Science of Peace for an excellent set of three 65-minute-long MP3s. In this series, I give a remarkable ‘download’ on the science of consciousness — with a continuous stream of background music we composed specifically to follow the narrative!

We embargoed this product for two years because originally the content was so similar to what I was going to put into the CONVERGENCE movie that our film attorneys said we shouldn’t release it.

This is still our best lecture-oriented product and if you haven’t gotten yours yet, you will be delightfully surprised when you do!



Synchronicity, visions, mystical experiences. Feeling like an outsider in this world. Wondering why the dreams and visions you see haven’t yet become obvious to everyone…

If these and other things are happening to you, then you may in fact be a Wanderer. Your soul may have originated from a higher plane of existence. There are only about 100 million of us on the planet right now, but we flock to websites like this! 

Until you have an Awakening, and discover who you really are, a lot of needless suffering and misery will likely happen. Once you do realize the truth, and can accept who you are and get confirmation, things get a lot brighter!

I’ve known this about myself for many years — but when it came time to tell the story, I felt a musical journey was the best way to help you explore and uncover this new reality for yourself!



After well over a year of requests, we’ve now released a ‘Select,’ vocal-songs-only version of Wanderer Awakening — an epic journey into the deep emotional work that is required to make contact with your Higher Self!

As I said in the radio show with Laura, until you do this emotional clearing work, you’re not going to be able to make that contact a reality.

It took me years and years to move through my own struggles that were holding me back from achieving my true potential — and now I’ve put the entire story into an epic musical adventure that is deeply personal and inspiring!

Now with the Select version, you can hear seventeen of the best vocal songs off the album (yes, I’m also a lead singer — you’ll be surprised!) for 17.99.


I honestly never imagined it would turn out this good. It is truly one of the finest creative works I’ve ever done in my life.

The Select version stands alone as a great music album — and if you want to hear the full 50-song project, complete with all the spoken-word interludes with musical background that give you the complete story, your initial purchase price is fully credited towards the rest!


Larry Seyer co-produced and co-wrote both Science of Peace and Wanderer Awakening with me, and he works as an engineer on many high-profile projects in the music industry — and has won a total of nine Grammy awards.

Larry also is a highly gifted spiritual teacher in his own right — and you can enjoy his weekly podcasts and other offerings here at Larry’s Corner of the Cosmos.

The engineer is the person who makes the music sound like what you hear in the final mix — and this can have a remarkable effect on the overall quality of any recording. This art of engineering, mixing and mastering is frequently being whittled away in the modern, do-it-yourself era of home studios.

Many, many letters have come in expressing utter amazement at the quality of the music in Wanderer Awakening. We hit off a wide variety of different musical styles on the project, and Larry feels it’s the finest work he’s ever done!

Here’s a video made from one of the songs — which describes the rush of new love our hero experiences early in his journey, once he has stepped into a human form and become a Wanderer:


Until next we meet, may you indeed have the best day ever! Hopefully these new gifts can help that process along!