Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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David on Coast with George Noory, August 10th!


Get ready for a mega-download of exciting new information when David appears on Coast Tuesday, August 10th! Read a brief summary of what we've been up to...


Many of you have written in and said you wanted to know what's going on. So, here's a brief update about how my life has been going lately before I write another, more substantial piece for the show, or soon after it.

[Update Next Morning: This is wholly and solely a personal update. It describes experiences I have had finishing my book and traveling. There is no 'information' about global events; no links, no politics, no insider disclosures.

Although most readers enjoy hearing about my life, and request such details, we have received some amazingly spiteful comments.

Therefore, if you are not interested in what is happening in my own personal life, you are invited to stop reading now.

A one-and-a-half hour reading flowed in this morning -- one of the first I've had in quite some time. It seemed very signficant. It will be converted to MP3 and posted, for free, almost certainly before my show tonight.

There are also plenty of other details to cover once I get back in the swing. Tonight's show will feature some of them. You can visit, find a local affiliate near you, and many of them have "Listen Live" options on their websites.

We will also have transcripts of the show within a fairly rapid time window -- particularly due to the timely and sensitive nature of many things now going on.

So, if the personal stuff interests you, then read on and enjoy!]


Events are unfolding at an incredibly rapid speed. The Winston Churchill disclosure came out this past weekend and was covered by just about every major media outlet in the world -- another very good sign of things to come.

We've had lots of letters asking me when I would update the site again. The invitation to be on Coast was just one of a series of wonderful breakthroughs that have come my way in the last few weeks, so this announcement seemed like a great way to break the 'fast'!

Finally, a lot of things I've been working on for quite some time are coming to fruition -- and it feels great.

To summarize what I've been up to in a short form, it goes like this:

  • I finished the 2012 Enigma manuscript after an incredibly long and difficult process that strained me to the limit;
  • In the process I created something far more advanced than I've ever accomplished in the past, but it took a lot out of me;
  • I took one week to try to mentally relax by doing nothing and sleeping off the exhaustion;
  • I took another week lining up new investors for the CONVERGENCE film, as we are now going into our final phase of "script and budget" that will lead to a director, actors and full financing;
  • I headed to Kauai for a ten-day 'vacation' that ended up involving more work, including videos, radio shows, a conference and an initial rewrite and shortening of the 2012 Enigma manuscript;
  • I misjudged my scheduling and ended up with only one full day to recuperate from a three-hour jet lag before I headed off for our eight-day crop circle tour in England;
  • I remained 100-percent dedicated to being there for my conference participants and not being distracted by any other projects or concerns;
  • I had major jet-lag and fatigue when I got back from the crop circle trip and spent a week just sleeping, eating and playing guitar, feeling a frequent sense of great tiredness -- but I never got sick;
  • During this time several amazing new opportunities emerged, some of which I cannot yet discuss -- Coast being one of them;
  • I am finally remembering my dreams again and sleeping in normal cycles for about the past 3-4 days.

So there you have it -- a short, bulleted list of what has actually been going on that has led me to be less frequent in posting here than I usually would be.

In the future I don't ever anticipate doing something as complex or difficult as 2012 Enigma again -- after all, I've taken all the best data from an entire lifetime of research and put it all together, leaving no stones unturned.

The fatigue I've felt is obviously correlated with the aftermath of such an epic process, which took almost a year of dedicated focus to put together -- and had been almost a single-minded obsession since last October.

Now I'll go into a little more detail about each of these sections, so we can be fully up to date and re-oriented back into the present!



The process of completing 2012 Enigma was quite amazing. By the end, I had what amounted to a 700-page document of raw data that I had put together to go into the book -- which initially was only supposed to be 400 manuscript pages.

Not one page in that source document was wasted. It was all my very best stuff, from every form of research I'd done, consolidated together under one roof.

If I didn't have a super-fast computer, simply doing searches in this document would have collapsed my system -- and even with a top-notch MacBook Pro, I had Word crash on me several times -- so I had to constantly save everything.

Part of what made the book so difficult to work on is that I chose to maintain my presence here on this site, and try to keep writing new articles every week.

I also had conferences that would come along every three or four weeks, requiring time to prepare new lecture content and then, obviously, I had to go and do the conferences themselves.

As you know, some crazy things happened at these events -- including a Divine Cosmos laptop being stolen in Hawaii and my car being smashed into in San Francisco. In both cases the stolen goods were miraculously recovered.

We also had significant trouble with the hotel I spoke at in Austin, where there was no way to open a window in the room and the level of respiratory toxicity required me to prop the door open with an industrial fan.



I took a great deal of time writing up the "cycles of history" and Pyramid Timeline chapters. They ended up ballooning into much larger sections than I had originally planned on -- but in order to tell the story properly, I needed all those details.

They also were extremely complicated. By the time all was said and done, I was nearly 200 pages into the book before the real 'story' actually got started -- where I begin talking about pyramid technology and the secrets of bio-energy.

I had a huge body of data to put together after finishing these sections. I had initially expected I would make it in at the page count, maybe 450, but had no idea that I would weigh in at a whopping 662 pages -- and even then I had to be as brief as possible.


It soon became clear that the oil spill shifted the energetics of the planet -- and allowed a newer, greater vista of information to come in.

The book I started writing after the spill, once it really seemed to be looking like an extinction-level event for humanity in many people's eyes, was completely different than what I initially expected it would be.

I do definitely feel that these events have allowed us all to have much greater levels of intuitive access than were possible before -- and I received the benefits in a very direct and obvious way.

I'm not kidding when I say that about the last 150 pages all manifested within less than two weeks -- but they were still of extremely high quality!


So much work had been done structuring the data beforehand that it really became almost like an assembly line towards the end -- but there was still a great deal of time and attention I needed to pay into making it really 'work' as a written document.

The other thing that was truly amazing was how many new discoveries I made while I was so deeply in the throes of the writing process under such a massive deadline.

I truly re-invented everything I thought I knew, and brought it up to a much higher level than I had ever anticipated I would reach -- and that was quite a stunning process.

Each individual moment of discovery, each eye-opening revelation and new insight, all went in to creating something that was of such staggering complexity and beauty.

It was also wonderful to be finally putting together so many little details I'd been holding on to for so many years -- and see them all stitched together to form such a gorgeous work of art at the end.

Best of all, there were many data points I had encountered but never really felt like I properly understood. Now I was seeing how they fit together and what they really meant -- and on a personal and spiritual level this was very, very exciting.


I was originally supposed to have handed in the manuscript as of March 1st, but I simply required a lot more time than that in order to get it perfect.

A work like this cannot be fit into predictable boxes -- it requires a great deal of effort, and you just don't know what it's going to take until you're actually doing it.

I could have completely dropped this website and my conference work to try to speed it along, but that would have created a whole other level of harm just to generate a positive benefit later on.

It was necessary to juggle everything at the same time -- and in some senses I still feel tired! This is really the earliest opportunity I've had to be able to breathe enough to write something new on this site.


As it turns out, the only channeled material I ever referred to in the book was the Edgar Cayce readings.

I never once mentioned that I might have a "vibrational similarity" or reincarnation connection to Edgar Cayce -- this book is about the Earth, and about the galactic-driven changes we're going through as a people -- not about me.

There are elements of my own personal story and quest in this book, but it has more to do with how I pieced together my investigation, scientifically, to lead into the conclusions I set forth in the manuscript.

I had to step away from the conventional timeline of when certain things happened in my life and go more into the story of how the data fits together, and how I found the various pieces.

It's really the story of putting the vision together -- and in that sense it spans many years of time without getting bogged down in the details of how the intervening periods were spent.

As a result there really is not a whole lot about me in the book at all. It feels better that way. The book is really about the data -- and I came out with so many new things that it is truly a quantum leap for me in every way.


I was originally planning on covering the 1950s channeled materials at the end, as well as the Law of One series.

Both of these are very important elements that I cover in my weekend conferences, like the one we have coming up two weeks from now in Chicago -- which has attracted a really nice community of like-minded folks already!

However, I did such a far-reaching job digging up ancient prophecy data, and tying it in with scientific material, that I ultimately concluded that these other data points would be redundant for my first major published book.

Subsequent volumes will definitely go into these things -- but in this round I really felt the need to make a newer, more robust and integrated model, which I definitely did.

In effect, this is a complete and total Disclosure in one package -- on a level that we've simply never had access to before. Everything about ETs and their most advanced technology is explained clearly -- and it could have very, very substantial effects.

I think the lack of material that could be considered more 'dubious' to a newbie will make the book more accessible, and therefore able to reach a greater number of people who might otherwise be turned off, in the beginning, if I had mentioned these elements.

I also avoided 'pushing' a conclusion on the reader, which I realized any of these newer sources would be inclined to do. I set up a very compelling picture, but left it to the reader to decide for themselves what, if anything, will happen during this time.

Nonetheless, if you can truly hold the vision of what the book is saying, then the sky's the limit -- and the implications are quite clear!


I booked the Hawaii trip soon after the manuscript was finished. I had originally been planning to go and see the mountains in Yosemite National Park, but I had a whole community in Hawaii that was welcoming me -- namely David Wolfe's raw-food collective he calls "Noniland."

This is not a retreat center, nor open to the general public. Everyone there works the land, and I ended up staying in an upstairs bedroom in the main house and doing some additional work on the manuscript while I was there.

David was there during the first half of my stay, and we had some great times and great laughs. He and I both are managing very public roles and that gave us a lot of common ground to talk and commiserate about.

David's work is much more focused on products than mine is, and as a result he has a substantially higher income than I do. However, along with that comes substantially greater issues to manage and deal with -- and I'm happy with my life the way it is, as I work hard and am blessed with abundance as a result.

I don't follow a strict raw-food, vegan or vegetarian diet myself, though I was a die-hard vegan for seven years. Nonetheless, while I was there I predominantly ate whatever was being grown on the land.

I had a variety of strangely tasty concoctions made of local superfoods like noni juice -- which has a funky, smelly, spicy flavor that can be quite repellent if you're not accustomed to it or ready for it.

In some ways it was like drinking a fermented, rotting fruit with the essence of dirty socks and a shot of Tabasco in it for good measure -- but after a while you just glug it down and go on with your day.

I could paraprhase the very end of George Orwell's classic '1984' to better emphasize my point:

I gazed up at the enormous fruit. Thirty-seven years it had taken me to learn what kind of smile was hidden beneath the dark and funky smell. O cruel, needless misunderstanding! O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast!

Two foul-scented tears trickled down the sides of my nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. I had won the victory over myself.

I loved Big Noni.



There was a hurricane on Kauai years ago that blew apart a pure-bred chicken farm -- and these birds now overrun the island with no natural predators. I am literally not kidding when I tell you that chickens are everywhere.

There had to be at least five or six roosters on David's land competing for who could scream the loudest in the morning, and the fun always started at about 4:30 AM -- before the sun even came up.

I cursed the fact that I ran out of my normal silicone swimming earplugs, and could not find any on the island -- but a friend gave me the foam kind and I was finally blessed with sleep.

The danger with foam earplugs is you can't sleep with them for more than a few days before you start getting major physical pain in your ear canals. Thankfully I figured out that if I pulled the one on the left halfway out, most of it went away.

However, there was such heat and humidity that my room became almost uninhabitable in the afternoon -- and even at night I had to sleep with nothing but a sheet over me, if that.

I did get tired of being constantly sweaty, dealing with all the mold issues and never really feeling like I could get cool. I was happy to leave by the time I finally did.

I managed to visit the beach a few times and had some nice vacation-style experiences -- which was what I was really hoping for.

The waves were very powerful, and more than once I got knocked around -- but I was very fortunate that I never got injured despite the terrifyingly severe warning signs posted in front of the beaches we went to.


We also did a group outing to a place David and others called the "Dragon's Breath", which was significantly more dangerous than the hazardous beaches I just mentioned. 

The real initiation was not jumping off a 25-foot cliff -- it was swimming through a very narrow crack in the rocks, into a small, round grotto. 

Inside this little 30-foot wide cave, the water level would rise and fall by up to twenty feet at a time in short bursts -- and it also caused major blasts of water to spew out of the far side with great noise, hence the name Dragon's Breath.

Not everyone did it -- a lot of people were scared of it -- but I got in there with a few others, all guys. I was awed by the power and majesty of it. Only one small hole in the upper area let in any light, and otherwise it was all rock.

I risked head injury by holding on to the rocks on the side with my hand, but it was a lot easier than trying to tread water the entire time. The experience was pretty intense, I must say... up and down, up and down, up and down!

When I crawled out of the water the first time, I didn't have my shoes on. All the others at Noniland had conditioned their feet to walk barefoot, whereas I had not.

I was exhausted from the swim and there was a strong wind. The uneven, super-hot volcanic rocks were very hard to walk on and I completely fell over two different times -- thankfully without any real damage besides bruises and scrapes.


We needed to cross a major crevice in the rocks to get to this area in the first place. This was about a four-foot wide gap between two rock faces of an unknown depth, probably at least 30 feet down, which had rushing ocean waters moving through it -- whose height changed consistently.

It was dangerous enough on the way there, but on the way back it seemed almost impossible to cross it without significant danger to the body -- particularly because the tide was coming in and the water was so intense.

I felt like I might be confident and crazy enough to jump the chasm and make a landing on the wet rocks on the other side without causing serious damage to myself. Two other guys had already done it, but they were regulars on the farm.

However, if I pulled it off (with shoes on), then the others might be more inclined to try it -- and I could have been indirectly responsible for inspiring someone to do something that could have led to a bloody skull fracture, grisly open-broken bone or even death -- not to mention the additional damage to whomever would have jumped in to try to rescue that person.

It was looking pretty grim. Everyone seemed to be observing me to determine what I thought we would do. I was almost crazy enough to try the jump but my health is just too important to play those kinds of stakes.

The prevailing idea that David suggested was to swim around the outside of the crack, back through the water.

The problem was that this would require me to have shoes on when I got out of the water, as otherwise the rocks would tear my feet up and I would almost certainly fall again -- and I didn't know if I would be as lucky the next time.

So, I decided to swim with my shoes on, which everyone said was a bad idea as it would make it very difficult to move forward. Nonetheless, that's what I ended up doing, as I felt it was the best option.

Like everyone predicted, I had to swim very, very hard to get to the edge. By the time I got there I was utterly exhausted. They just about had to haul me up out of the water like a dead weight, but I made it.


My shoes were completely saturated from this weird little stunt.

Unfortunately, there was so much humidity on the island that my shoes did not dry out, and instead took on mold. The smell was too much even from five and a half feet below my nose.

Thus for the last four or five days of my trip, I wore dark-blue slippers for shoes -- as that was all I had.

Since it was Hawaii, no one really gave me a funny look as everyone rocks their own style -- but it was still embarrassing and the slippers were not very good for walking in either, as I found out. Particularly in the rain, which was basically every day.

Thankfully, the day before I left I started a campaign to heal my shoes. I washed them out with scalding hot water and dish soap and then set them out to dry.

The area that had the most sun was also near where several of the beehives had been moved to, so that added a further layer of jeopardy to the whole thing -- but nonetheless, the next day they were ready to wear for the flight home, and in fact looked almost like new!



While I was there on the island, Graham Hancock wrote in and said he felt I should cut all the sections about the cycles of history as well as the Pyramid Timeline.

I really didn't want to do this at first, but I had already been leaning in that direction and made the suggestion. Anything I cut would, of course, be resurrected in another form, so nothing was really lost.

It was true that it became an entirely new and different book after about page 200, and it really didn't even require the earlier chapters to be there from that point forward.

So, even though it was difficult, one of the things I did while I was in the blazing heat and humidity of Noniland was to hack out 162 pages of manuscript from the book -- surgically excising everything about those two subjects.

I then did a truly prodigious job in weaving it back together without those elements, as well as adding in new data on two other subjects I had run out of time to talk about in the previous version because I was so focused on the deadline.

The rewrite included new material on the Great Seal of the United States, and the incredible story of the prophecies it represents, as well as a really nice discussion about the Tibetan "Rainbow Body" at the end of the book -- showing documented proof that 'Ascension' into a form of pure light has already happened to some 160 thousand people in recent recorded history.

Both of those elements made the book a lot stronger. I still wanted something that made the point that the Great Pyramid was associated with 2012 and a change in consciousness, and without the Timeline data in place, the Great Seal came into play -- and it really gave the book an entirely new and different flavor that I found compelling and exciting.

The missing pages are, in my opinion, really powerful material, so they will definitely come out as soon as I can do something with them. I'm now awaiting further notes from my publisher in about a week or two, which will then trigger another round of rewrites.

Thankfully I'm in a place now where I will have the time, energy, focus and distance from the project to work on them and do a really great job.



After all this fun and excitement in the heat of Hawaii, I had a flight that left at 8:30 PM the last night. It then dropped me back to Los Angeles at 5:30 AM local time. I didn't get to bed until 7:30, and then basically slept all day.

Then I had to go out the next day to mail packages and visit the bank, all as part of the new CONVERGENCE investor initiative -- and it was quite a lot of work. A nice restaurant dinner capped it all off.

I came home, crashed again, got up the next morning and had to pack and head off for an eleven-hour flight to London for my crop circle event! The flight left at 6:30 PM local time -- and I have never been able to sleep on an airplane.

It was definitely quite a radical shift in perspective, to say the least!


By the time I got to London I was even more exhausted. It was a very sudden transition -- I was on the opposite side of the globe after little more than two days' time.

The plane ride was blissfully uneventful, and I have good strategies for making the time go by. In this case I played hours of Tetris on the in-flight video game system, and had to simply accept that the game would decide to kill me off every time I reached Level 9 by going too fast for my jet-lagged fingers to keep up with.

I tried doing some work on the plane, such as writing a new piece for the site, but my brains were just too scrambled for that.

I got up and walked a lot, took a variety of trips to the bathroom, and enjoyed the various snacks I'd packed for the trip. It really wasn't that bad. The more often you do something like this, the easier it gets.

I was definitely tired when I arrived at Heathrow, and the immigration / customs line seemed to take forever. Kevin Fitzgerald, my travel coordinator, was there with me and we took a sickening taxi-cab ride to the hotel that lasted another 25 minutes or so.

My body didn't know what the heck was going on, but I managed to check in, buy power adapters to run my laptop and go horizontal for the rest of the day in the hotel room.

Once I got a fan in the window everything was fine -- although 'sleep' might not have been the best word for it. There was a church next to the hotel that was running an outdoor event with a DJ who played music at an unavoidably ear-splitting volume. Even with earplugs on, you couldn't miss a single note or lyric.

I felt as if this was exceptionally cruel to endure, given how much I needed sleep, but I eventually assimilated the music into my dream space and managed to actually pass through it while being in a state not unlike normal sleep.

By the time I came to, it was too late to get food anywhere, but I did manage to find bottled water. Then that night I kept waking up every hour or two and wondering why it was dark. It was very difficult to remember any detailed dreams.


To my delight, I discovered that pigeons roosted directly under my window. I was at the corner of two major parapets on the building that afforded them shade and privacy -- a lovely little pigeon nook where everyone could hang out and avoid danger.

They were making love or doing something that made them growl and cluck monotonously every morning. The hotel was totally sold out, so again I had the pleasure of promiscuous birds starting in at about 5AM to distract me from rest.

Thankfully this time I had the silicone earplugs and that helped a lot, but it was far from a perfect or ideal experience.

The second day was supposed to be the first day for everyone else. I was not slated to interact with the group, and instead I basically slept all day once again. You could theoretically go see the sights in town, but in reality it was "Jet Lag Day".

On the third day I did my first lecture, featuring Graham Hancock as a surprise guest from 7 to 9 PM. I did 3 to 5 PM and was very well received. Graham did a great job with his talk, and brought his wife Santha and two of his children as well.

Graham said some extremely complimentary things about my rewritten manuscript to the group -- which included the quietly poignant line that "this book IS the future."


The next morning we all headed into our chartered bus and moved on out to Swindon, where we had our hotel as a base of operations. It was not five stars, but doing the highest-end places would have increased the ticket price even more.

The rooms were almost as small as cruise-ship cabins, apparently more common in Europe than in the United States, but the hotel had a nice charm to it nonetheless -- and everyone had a good time.

The windows were cabled shut, but you could at least open them a crack -- though not enough to jump or fall out the window, which apparently was why they were locked up in the first place.

Kevin announced to everyone on our very first bus trip that we would be "Seeing a New Circle Every Day." I gulped hard, as we had four days and this was not going to be easy!

I don't believe in promising what I can't deliver -- so now the pressure was really on. Every night I stayed up past a normal bedtime to insure that this promise actually was realized with solid map coordinates and travel instructions.

In my next post I'll get into the amazing story of what we went through on this trip -- as we did indeed see a lot of great stuff, and managed to visit an authentic, non-manmade formation each of the four days we were there, thanks to my real-time research.



After seeing all the sights, we made our way back to the Ibis Hotel in Earls Court, London. Although nothing was scheduled for me to do, I offered everyone to join me on a final group outing to the Blue Elephant Thai restaurant that was within a fair walking distance nearby.

The majority of the group came along, except for a few who had to catch early flights. The food was fantastic and everyone shared their stuff with me, so I had a really incredible banquet -- and got to try a little of everything.

Unfortunately, the restaurant gave us one single bill for our entire table, which was 50 feet long with people on both sides. I ended up being the master bookkeeper who did all the calculations, with my neighbor as my accountant doing the final tallies. In the end it all worked out fine and we had a decent tip.

There was great camaraderie and positive energy -- we definitely got what we had come for. In addition to seeing four different formations, we visited Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury and Salisbury Cathedral -- which was positively bursting with strange Illuminati-type symbols inside. More on that later!


I had to get up early the next morning to fly out of there. Thankfully this time I did not forget anything or leave anything behind, as I had done when I left the Ibis Hotel in a rush the first time. The hotel staff had recovered my lost shampoo, but my handy travel hairdryer and conditioner never came back.

The flight was harder this time in some ways, but there were some very cool events that happened as well.

I was traveling with Kevin and when we got to Heathrow, we found out that our gate wouldn't even be announced until 10:15 -- and it was still 9:45 after we got through security.

The whole idea is that you are bombarded with commercial goods and restaurants, and that's where everyone spends most of their time before their flight.

We already knew we both had gotten stuck with middle seats. For me this is a major no, given how much I fly. I need the aisle or I invariably seem to get squashed beyond all fair and reasonable levels, including the invariable seat-back-in-the-face.

Whether I got on the aisle or not would be determined by how fast we could materialize at our gate after it opened. All we had said when we first checked in was we thought we were going to be sitting together, but we were not!

They said they'd do their best but we had to check in at the gate to confirm. It was only after this that I realized I hadn't said the aisle was far more important than who I was sitting next to.


We had to find that gate. Time was of the essence.

There were almost 50 different gates, and no way to know which one it would be. Obviously there was quite a walk to get through all the corridors.

I knew I needed help. I turned within and tried to psychically determine which gate it would be.

I followed all the protocols I co-opted from Harold Sherman's ESP book, my research into remote viewing, the Seth books and the Law of One. I got to a very clear space, and the number that came back was '36.'

In that moment, I opened my eyes, and said to Kevin very confidently, "It's Gate 36. That's where we have to go. That's where our flight takes off from."

Then, hedging a bit as I became more conscious, I said, "If it's not 36 it's going to be right around that same area."



By about 10 AM, I had gotten my food and water and said we should head out.

Doubts were creeping in by this point. We did start heading towards Gate 36, but it was a huge walk. By the time we were in the mid-20s, it was already 10:16.

Heathrow did not offer ANY screens that told you where all the flights were, or what gates they would be flying out of.

All you got was a screen that told you what flights were departing from the gates that would appear AFTER the one you were already passing.


Our gate was supposed to open at 10:15, but at 10:16 I did not see any mention of our flight on these monitors!

I started to panic. I did not want to grind through eleven and a half hours of airline purgatory.

I said to Kevin that we should stop at one of the other gates and ask them to check their computer for which gate our flight was leaving from.

After all, if we went all the way to 36 and I was wrong, it could easily take us another 12 minutes to get to the right gate.

By then it might have been too late to claim a seat that would be other than eleven and a half hours of classically English "quiet desperation."

"You need to trust," Kevin said. "It's Gate 36. That's where we're going. That's where our flight is leaving."


Now I had to laugh. I only had a one-in-fifty chance of guessing the right number. This type of psychic work -- where you have to get a number exactly right, with no margin of error -- is some of the most difficult there is.

Sometimes my psychic hits were dead-on, but sometimes I was wrong. I did the best I could on this one with the protocols, but there was just no way to be sure.

Now Kevin had the confidence -- but it was all on data that I had generated out of my own mind less than a half hour earlier!

Nonetheless, I decided to go with it and 'trust', as Kevin had said.

We kept walking and I cleared my mind of fear and worry. It never even occurred to me that I might fail, and have to sit in a terrible seat for eleven and a half hours.

Somehow, Kevin's approach just felt right -- so I stayed confident.



As we walked up to Gate 36, it was now 10:20 AM. They had literally JUST opened the gate for the next flight. There in big letters were two truly delicious words: The Angels. 


It was the right airline. The right flight number. It was our flight! Gate 36 was RIGHT!


I got so excited by this very practical and useful psychic hit that I literally jumped up and down and gave Kevin a high five! We both yelled with amazement and relief. We now had the very first crack at getting the seats we really both needed to be comfortable!

I walked up to the woman at the desk and told her what had happened: "I know this is going to sound hard to believe, but I tried to guess psychically what gate we were flying out of. Otherwise we would both have to sit in terrible seats. I guessed Gate 36 before it was ever even 10AM, and by God, here it is -- Gate 36!!"


"Then what are the winning lottery numbers?" she responded.

I laughed. "It doesn't work that way." Obviously, guessing a departure gate is a much less random future event than picking numbers -- and there are spiritual rules in place.

"You can't use the gift for material gains -- at least not on that kind of a level. Those are the rules."

We both smiled it off and Kevin and I continued to be buzzed by the 'psychic hit' -- as the results were very obvious!

Then to our further delight, the staff person we spoke to at check-in had given us bulkhead seats, directly behind business class -- probably the most legroom of any seats on the entire plane!

Furthermore, my seat was already slotted to be on the aisle, with Kevin next to me!

Even if I hadn't psychically guessed Gate 36, we still would have been taken care of by the Universe anyway! It was a noble feeling of being protected by the hidden hand of Synchronicity.


No one else was at the gate except staff. We got our boarding passes and then went through another layer of security. I told the guard our story, and his response was almost word-for-word identical.

He blurted it out just as quickly as the lady before him:

"So what are the winning lottery numbers?" he asked.

"Is that what it's all about? Money? My gosh," I responded. "This is a lot more interesting than just making a buck -- or a pound. And besides, if I actually did know the numbers, why should you be the one I would choose to give them to? How would I know you were the right person for me to invest in?"

We both laughed, but it was a valid point -- the problem with "The Secret" is that the more you ask for, the more you have to be willing to give. He didn't answer me -- he knew he would have spent it on himself, and that was as far as he had thought it through.

I was quite happy with the gift of another 15 minutes where not a soul appeared in our gate besides us, and we had the place to ourselves. It was truly magical!

Eventually everyone piled in, and our flight was delayed by another hour.

It actually got really claustrophobic. We were crammed in with a huge extended family who loudly spoke to each other in a foreign language with seemingly no regard for anyone else around them.

This was the worst part of the whole trip. However, the fact that we staked out our spot at the very beginning, and picked a really good one, made it more bearable.



This flight really went pretty smoothly, but the in-flight video game controller didn't work and I couldn't play Tetris. I did a little Bejeweled 2 on my Iphone and some Brick Breaker Revolution 3D, but that didn't do it for me either.

I watched "Iron Man 2" but gave up on any other movies after that, because it was very difficult to make out the dialogue in my earbuds over the hiss of the plane, and you couldn't pause or rewind the movie.

I then got back on the computer and spent some time reviewing my 2012 Enigma manuscript. I had a backup battery that allowed me to run the computer through my entire trip if I wanted to and it worked like a charm.

Unfortunately I had not planned on bringing consumable food with me, and I was forced to eat what the plane served. Though I do not do dairy, I was forced to eat a cheese quiche-pizza thing they served because I was far too hungry not to.

It gummed me up inside and I did break out from it afterwards, as expected -- but I fought back with enzyme pills that made it more bearable.

Customs was a breeze going back into the States. I got back to the car without a problem and had a nice, uneventful drive home.

I collapsed into bed without even taking a shower first to wash off the scum of the plane and the stink on my hair, which ruined my pillowcase.

I slept for the equivalent of three nights' sleep within the first 24 hours.


After I got home, I went through a whole week of very intense jet-lag, worse than I've ever had before. No matter how much I slept, I still felt like I could barely stay awake. It was 'inconvenient' to say the least.

I was given the 'assignment' to learn guitar and become proficient at it last December in multiple dreams. I plunged myself into it beginning in mid-January before abandoning it in March, once the deadline became my total focus.

I had managed to build necessary calluses on my fingertips, so the strings didn't feel like little steel razor-blades, but now I basically had to start all over again.

I had brought a Yamaha nylon-string collapsible guitar with me to Hawaii and the UK, and I did manage to play it a little, but basically hadn't done much with it -- and it doesn't really do much for calluses since it's only nylon.

I did get a valuable guitar lesson at Noniland and was able to fight my way through the complex changes of "Hotel California" by the Eagles without that many mistakes -- but hadn't really done much since then.

Once I got home, my body and mind were so exhausted that all I could bring myself to do was sleep and practice guitar.

Thankfully, I again discovered that I could pick new things up very quickly. I have been making remarkably fast progress compared to how I thought it might actually go.


Despite a cumulative time of only three months where I've been actively practicing, starting with no prior experience, I'm now doing fairly decent-sounding blues solos, complete with string bends and other effects. 

I also have a good array of strum patterns, and am getting my chord changes where most of them are fast enough to play music convincingly. I'm not limiting myself to major and minor -- I'm already doing the sevenths, minor sevenths, dominant sevenths, et cetera.

Every time I practice I get more 'muscle memory' and discover new things I can do that I hadn't thought of before. It's really quite a lot of fun, and honestly much easier than I anticipated it would be once you get the basics down!

I had a really hard time with the barre chords, where you have to cover all six strings with your index finger and make sure they all ring out properly. It takes a great deal of hand strength to get this down, and you just can't do it in the beginning.

Thankfully, I've been working on it every day and I now have no problem doing it on the electric and can get it to work on the acoustic, though not necessarily with 100-percent consistency yet.

For me, the barre chords are all about making sure that top finger joint is smashed down hard enough against the fretboard, and making sure the finger is sloped on a 45-degree angle and the thumb is right behind it on the neck for the right pressure.

Of course, to play most interesting songs I have to get to the point where I can freely pop between 'open' chords and barre chords, but at the rate things are going it shouldn't take that long.


In the last 4 days or so, I took a temporary sidetrack to focus in on soloing before I get back into the chord changes.

I've written music on keyboards before, and mastered scales enough to play the melodies I hear, and now that I've got some patterns down on the guitar neck, and a few techniques -- plus the calluses and finger strength to do them -- it's starting to happen!

The two tools I'm using the most in my learning process is, first, David Taub's "Next Level Guitar" website, which features very comprehensive lessons and instructions.

Secondly, I'm working with Griff Hamlin's "Playing Through the Blues," which focuses on teaching you how to play blues solos -- as they are the essential core of all rock music playing.

Most importantly, I'm having FUN! It's nice to diversify and do different things, challenge yourself, push beyond your own limits and commit to something that can give you a whole new way to express yourself.

I had always avoided guitar because EVERYBODY plays guitar, but that's almost like avoiding computers. Why NOT play guitar, particularly because it's so easy to get the basics down with a little practice?


So, this is how I ended up not posting for the last two weeks or so. It's been pretty crazy.

There are LOTS of very interesting things going on that I'm tracking, and will talk about tomorrow night. For now I've at least given you a brief travelogue of my recent experiences.

I'm looking forward to doing the Chicago conference and am taking a little break from any other events until the next one comes up in Tempe, Arizona in November, where I will be doing a full weekend with William Henry.

I'm really looking forward to that, as we will get much more into the long-standing hidden teachings of the "Founding Fathers" as it relates to their own secret legends of Ascension.

Once you realize that the highest insider levels felt they knew exactly what was going to be happening to us, the story becomes a lot more compelling.

I cover some of Henry's data in my talks, but he has a wonderfully rich amount of slides and information that make, in my opinion, an undeniably strong case.

There have been some wonderful opportunities that came in since I got back from England as well. This includes new insiders giving new information, existing insiders giving me a wealth of new stuff, offers for high-profile television work that hopefully will bear fruit, and other intriguing things as well.

It is very, very rewarding to finally feel like all the hard work I've done over the years is coming full circle. And learning an instrument helps me feel like I can now bring music fully back into the circle of my life.

So, we'll see you tomorrow night!

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A simple -Thank You- for actually putting up this website is all I want you to know.

Comments (195)   

#195 Sunne Hund 2010-10-27 17:03
Hi Guys

I'm not really good in translating Russian web-sites. Check out these ones for Buddhism teachings not released in the west:

I like the Padmasambhava Prophecy about Sogyal Rinpoche and it sounds like it could be myself

Take care
#194 Sunne Hund 2010-10-26 14:56
Hi David

I just wanted to show you the follwing part from a secret teaching given by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. It actually would contain 21 practices, but I only provide the 20th. I got it from a Russian Web-Site and it is google translated.

As you said you are really good in not thinking. However, I think not thinking while driving car is really dangerous for people or are you not breathing deep and slowly because that is much better than the best sex I've ever had ;-)

Twentieth semzin
This is called semzin semzinom unity: seeing the true nature of the dual displays, a practitioner overcomes the illusion of duality and gets the experience of non-duality or unity. In particular, when practitioners anuyogu or some other level of the inner tantras connected yab-yum or visualize the deity of yab-yum, the primary method of practice is the feeling of bliss experienced in the inherent unity with a sense of Shunyata.

This is known as the inalienability detong (bde stong); de (bde) - a feeling of bliss, Tong (stong) - empty: detong - the unity of bliss and Shunyata (emptiness). The unity of bliss and Shunyata is one of the main skilled in the practice of internal tantras and, in particular, anuyogi.

Feeling a virgin (bde-ba) or bliss - is a way. This feeling is very easily achievable and not just for people but for all living beings, including for animals. If we discover the true state of nature, or essence of the feelings of bliss, then it really can be by feeling there is something concrete, something that we really feel.

But despite the fact that our perceptions so specific, addressing them with full attention, we still can not determine their exact location and cumee find their limits, so it turns out that we can not explain them. This means that Shunyata can survive through the feeling for the essence of sensation is Shunyata 17.

Hence, it is true that a feeling of bliss can be a means of detection Shunyata, and, thus, this feeling may be through the implementation. This is the basic meaning of the principle detong.

This semzinu we can understand the principle anuyogi. His Niamey - a lack of thought and feeling Shunyata inherent in bliss, which becomes stable for violation of the continuous flow of thoughts. That is why the text says about devachenpo, or the great pleasure; pleasure of the skilful lover is negligible in comparison with those experienced by the practitioners of these methods.

When a Western man sees a statue or other artwork such as yab-yum, he often feels the impact of taboo, which argues that the merger - especially intimate thing, and therefore experiencing shock or disgust, as OT pornography.

However, that express similar paintings or sculptures, no pornography and no one should be shocked: for all of us - yab and yum, and you will not find a single person, who was not at the same time, yab and yum.

And those who respond in this way, unable to understand the meaning of works of art. After all, such statues are created precisely because they carry meaning. In addition to the expression of the indivisibility and non-duality of opposites, these works illustrate the principle detong.
#193 Padma Bear 2010-10-21 17:24
I recommend reading the following books for people on the conquest to a rainbow body available from

- Dzogchen Teachings by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu
- The Crystal and the Way of Light by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu
- Yantra Yoga by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu
- All books by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
- All books by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche
- All books by Sarah Harding
- The Lotus-Born by Yeshe Tsogyal
- The Lady of the Lotusborn translated by Padmakara Translation Group
- Chöd in the Ganden Tradition: The Oral Instructions of Kyabje Zong Rinpoche
- The Practices of the Six Yogas of Naropa by Glenn Mullin

I know David likes to get people into public view. However, I teach in secrecy and that is the most public any would get of myself.

btw: check out the ascension handbook by tony stubs for removing the thingles or kundalini activation. Be warned that it might get people closer to a lunatic asylum that they like.
#192 Brenda 2010-09-03 12:18
David, just want you to know that I truly appreciate all your very thorough research and the information you provide.

You were the first person I saw on youtube that has started my journey to waking up!

Ive been inspired to also start trying to get the word out and I so appreciate your eternally positive message.
#191 donny_black 2010-09-03 09:38
It takes ages.
#190 78cdubb 2010-09-03 00:11
Instead of having to chase what this guy writes on OTHER people's blogs, I have a great idea. How about he give his own readers a bit of what was promised a MONTH ago. I don't think I am the only on person who feels this way judging from many of the comments.
#189 tomas 2010-09-02 14:21
This is a very nice presentation by mexican researcher Jaime Maussan. It is 13 youtube parts but it is worth watching to the last message at the end.

Enjoy. By the way... it is not a hard task to find and read DW's last comment.
#188 tallulahaz 2010-09-02 09:39
Lance Jones,
Here is link attempt for Ben Fulford's subscription column (approx. $10. per yr).

David's is the 5th comment and lengthy...start ing w/ "Hang in there Ben"
#187 Thomas poels 2010-09-02 09:21
Here is davids latest posting on Benjamin fulfords blog, it's the 5th blog posting down from the top!
This is what his post was about! Quite spicy!
#186 Brian 2010-09-02 03:12

Leslie Kean was also on MSNBC that week:

Lance Jones,

David's post is 5th from the top, can't miss it:
#185 acs 2010-09-02 02:29
Hacked information may confirm what David's insiders say about the military having off planet ships and operations:

“I found a list of fleet-to-fleet transfers, and a list of ship names. I looked them up. They were not U.S. Navy ships. What I saw made me believe they have some kind of spaceship, off-planet.”
#184 Will 2010-09-02 00:28
Anybody see the woman on Colbert talking about the Chicago UFO incident and calling for disclosure? Check it out.
#183 Lance Jones 2010-09-01 11:21
Can somebody post a link to the blog david posted on a ben fulford blog? I couldnt find it.
#182 acs 2010-09-01 02:09
Did you guys see this? Pretty cool!!
#181 paul 2010-09-01 01:21
where's the transcript! :-)
#180 happymom 2010-08-31 12:00
Anybody know about this?

saw this on projectcamelot.
#179 Kathie 2010-08-31 06:43
Has anyone found where the mp3 that David mentioned in this thread located?

to quote David
"A one-and-a-half hour reading flowed in this morning -- one of the first I've had in quite some time. It seemed very significant. It will be converted to MP3 and posted, for free, almost certainly before my show tonight."

Thanks for posting it when you find it.

[Moderator: Will be posted soon on the blog.]
#178 kiwisteve 2010-08-30 14:53
Are you ok David? no news for weeks now, i know your busy but mate... we're hangin out for an update.Gettin quite frustrating actually.

[Moderator: See previous moderator response.]
#177 Pablo Moncho 2010-08-30 11:36
Hi David I just wanted to share with you the lyrics of one of my favorite songs of all times, Dream Operator, by David Byrne.

When you were little
You dreamed you were big
You must have been something
A real tiny kid

You wish you were me
I wish I was you
Now don't you wake up
The dream will come true

Every dream has a name
And names tell your story
This song is your dream
You're the dream operator

It's bigger than life
You know it's all me
My face is a book
But it's not what it seems

Three angels above
The whole human race
They dream us to life
They dream me a face

And every dream tells it all
And this dream is your story
You dreamed me a heart
You're the dream operator

Shake-it-up dream
Hi-di-ho dream
Fix-it-up dream
Look at me dream
I've been waiting so long
Now I am your dream

Hard to forget
Hard to go on
When you fall asleep
You're out on your own

Let go of your life
Grab on to my hand
Here in the clouds
Where we'll understand

And you dreamed it all
And this is your story
Do you know who you are?
You're the dream operator

And you dreamed it all
And this is your story
Do you know who you are?
You're the dream operator
#176 Pablo Moncho 2010-08-30 08:31
How's David? I'm sure he is well, but I still have to hear it from you guys!! I'm just one more anxious fan awaiting a new post. When can we expect the radio transcript or MP3 for the August 10 interview? Peace and Light, Pablo.

[Moderator: David is fine. Working as fast as he can to fulfill all his responsibilitie s including the new blog post.]

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