Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Secret Space Program Livestream TONIGHT!


In the last four months, our knowledge about the secret space program has at least quadrupled, thanks to the arrival of new insiders. Now, for the first time ever, you can see David's keynote address at the Conscious Life Expo by livestream video!

[Update Mon. 2/9 Afternoon: We are still waiting for the archived version of the video to be released. More at the end of the article!]

[Update Mon. 2/9 Evening: Apparently the archive is now available for all to see! Hooray!]



Extraterrestrials have been visiting and settling on Earth for millions of years.

Functional portals have existed on earth, both natural and artificial, allowing ETs to visit earth humans at various times. These legends have since become myths of phenomena like "fairy rings."

Our own people have had alliances with various ET groups for millennia -- but up until the 20th century it was only a one-way street. They visited us but would not bring us home.

The Germans were the first to secretly develop space travel capability beginning in the 1930s, thanks in part to a newly-minted alliance with certain ET groups that most would consider highly negative.

Once the Germans found out what kind of neighborhood it was, they wanted to side with the toughest kid on the block for protection.



It was through this early effort that humanity discovered, firsthand, an incredible secret: Our solar system has been repeatedly colonized by ET groups for at least the last 5 million years.

The oldest groups were the most advanced -- and stood at an astonishing 70 feet in height.

This was not only something we were told, it was something we were able to go out and see -- with the technology we had been given.

Our solar system is littered with ruins of these ancient peoples, called names such as The Progenitors.

They primarily built beneath the surface of moons and asteroids for their own protection -- both against enemies and natural cosmic events as well.

There is an astonishing wealth of highly advanced ancient tech everywhere we look. This is one of the great secrets of our time.



More and more people have come to realize that there is indeed a powerful, worldwide group that calls itself the Illuminati.

Arguably, the greatest secret of the Illuminati is that they consider themselves to be the descendants of certain ET human groups that arrived in the fairly recent past.

Originally, their descendants were the giants -- and the knowledge and scholarship on this subject is growing exponentially thanks to the Internet.

The amount of evidence for giant skeletons -- ranging from a 9-foot group to a 12-foot group to a 25-to-30-foot group -- is quite significant.

Much of it has been suppressed in order for this secretive organization to hide its true nature from the public.

However, thanks to a variety of new leaks, we are learning much more.



This has been a very exciting time. Years can go by with no new insiders of any real significance arriving.

I have always held onto a great deal of information that is not public in order to assess who is real and who is just compiling what they have read online or heard from others.

Sadly, there are an ongoing number of people doing this, including in the present -- and some of them can be quite convincing.

However, when someone starts saying exactly the same things we've heard from as many as five other people, independently, and have never published, that catches our attention.

Once new insiders show up who pass the vetting-out process this extensively, we always feel an urgency to get as much intel out of them as possible, as quickly as possible.

So, between feverishly learning visual FX for our upcoming push into video work, and absorbing as much insider info as possible, we have been very busy. Not a minute's time has been wasted.



So here's what is happening. I am going to leak some of the story in front of a large audience at the Conscious Life Expo for my own protection -- and for your enjoyment.

Once this is done, it will be safe to talk about this as the genie will now be about of the bottle.

In the future this material will find its way onto this site, but for now this is how we have decided to release it -- at the keynote address I am giving at the Conscious Life Expo.

You can order livestream tickets and watch the event -- either while it is happening or for the next 10 days after the fact.

If you can't afford this, remember that we have the number-one show on Gaiam TV, with well over 100 episodes now in the can, and you can see any of them you want on a 10-day free trial at wisdomteachings.com.

I hope to get back to more regular posting and "long form" content creation in the near future!



Dramatic new insider testimony, from the highest levels of the classified world, has finally shed light on the greatest mysteries of who we are, where we came from and how we got here.

After 18 years as a public figure on the internet, David Wilcock has built an extraordinary connection of insiders, including those who worked for many years off-planet in the "Secret Space Program."

Through combining multiple, interlinking testimonials, combined with the groundbreaking history revealed in the Law of One series, it is now possible for the first time to reconstruct the settlement of our solar system.

Learn the epic and incredible story arc that ultimately led to Earth being colonized by extraterrestrial beings -- and the massive wars that wiped out all but a small number of their descendants, who lived on as 12 to 13-foot giants until as recently as the 1700s.

Scientific evidence will be presented as often as possible -- including remarkable NASA photographs suggesting where the ruins of these lost civilizations may still be found.



[Livestream archived video available for 10 days after event]



If you are fairly local to the Los Angeles area, we are also having a post-conference event on Monday night.

Even more of the fascinating body of information we have gathered will be shared at this event -- regarding the ever-controversial subject of Ascension, and whether it will be spontaneous or gradual.

This new insider testimony has very significantly increased the case for the spontaneous ascension model. This is something I will be having far more to say about in the near future.

This event is not part of the Livestream "virtual conference" program.

Here is the description of the post-conference for those who are in the area. We will also be presenting more of this material at the upcoming New Living Expo in San Mateo, California -- near San Francisco -- in late April.



What if there is a plan and purpose for your life? What if that plan and purpose is much more vast, supernatural and fantastic than anything ever seen or heard in mainstream, consensus reality?

What if our world is a vast, spiritual illusion, inviting you to penetrate its mysteries and evolve into an entirely new and higher form of life?

This is not speculation, nor superstition. Join double New York Times best-selling author David Wilcock (divinecosmos.com) on a spellbinding journey of the mind and heart. Learn your true potential – and unmask the villains who have been working for thousands of years to keep you ignorant and terrified.

Over 30 ancient prophecies from around the world revealed that this time in our history is the culmination of a 25,920-year cycle. The events we are seeing on earth are all part of a structured, marvelous process whose purpose is to springboard us into the next level of human evolution.

Quantum “threshold” effects could fundamentally change the nature of reality as we know it – and the mystery begins and ends with you. Simply exposing yourself to this “living information” can be enough to  propel you into the truth of who and what you are.





I have to leave right now if I'm going to make it there in time for the George Noory panel starting at 11:30, which is always mobbed. Much more is on the way soon... and we thank you for your support!



This event had record-breaking attendance even for the Conscious Life Expo. It was all pretty mind-blowing.

When I was walking in before the talk started, the line just for my talk literally stretched back through five hallways. I have never seen anything like it.

How they even self-organized well enough to form a line that long, I have no idea -- but it really did happen.

I called for them to let people in at about 7:57, and almost everyone was in by 8:11, when I first grabbed the mic and started talking -- which was remarkably fast.

We had so many people in the room that they actually lined the walls and floors in a horseshoe shape in addition to filling every available seat in the room.

I feel very happy with the quality that I delivered -- and the video has plenty of audience reaction shots, giving it a very nice professional vibe.



This talk was received incredibly well and has created a huge buzz at the Expo. Many people are waiting to see the archived version of the video.

Before the event started, a Livestream pass -- to watch it in real time as it was happening -- could be purchased.

Now, we are waiting for the AV crew to finish post-producing an archived version of the video.

I don't think they ever expected this much demand, so they are all a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I apologize for that. They are working as fast as they can.

Once the video is up, you will be able to watch it whenever you want, within the 10-day period, if you have already purchased it or if you buy it now.

Since there has been confusion around this, we will probably make another new post once we know it is up there and available for you to watch.

The visuals and videos were sensational enough that many people are waiting to grab it once it comes out.

We are sorry about the delay. I thought the archive would be viewable as soon as the event was over, but it does take time to process and upload it.



Not surprisingly, when I came in here to post this update, the hit counter again had a set of repeating digits in it. This is the classic "calling card" of synchronicity that has happened so many times here.

It always just occurs, without any conscious effort... but after all this time it still impresses me:



In the meantime I have to finish production work on tonight's talk on Ascension. This one is not going to be Livestreamed or made available in the video archive but it will still be great.

It feels good to be "back in the saddle." I haven't done an event in a while -- not since October in Sedona -- and I really enjoyed this one.

The new information is coming in fast and furious, and it's always exciting to take what I get and work it into public talks like this. I hope you enjoy it!



I just wrote and posted the above. Then I went back to re-read it -- and once again the hit counter had triple digits.

This was a controversial one -- ending in 666. In sacred numerology this is the number of the masculine.

The idea of 666 being an "Antichrist" number stems from the idea that our current problems stem from the patriarchal, male-dominated society we live in.

It is not that the masculine must be defeated -- it is that it must be integrated with the feminine in order to re-introduce balance.




Here is the email we just got from the streaming service:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: SFTS
Date: Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 5:08 PM
Subject: David Wilcock VOD
To: David Wilcock

Hi David,

The VODs of all of the streamed sessions are now up on streamingforthesoul.tv.   The way to get to them is:
1.  Log in to streamingforthesoul.tv
2.  After log in, customer is on the player page.
3.  Click on the "Archives" button which is located above the Chat Box to the right of the player. 
4.  A list of VODs will be displayed.   Scroll to find the David Wilcock VOD.
I apologize for the confusion and I'll put a VOD page up on the site asap with directions how to find them.   Also - the way to purchase the VOD is now through the Archives.
If a person purchased the live stream of your session on Saturday night, there will be a green button on your Archive that reads: "Click to play."  If they did not or have not purchased it, the green button will read:  "Click to Purchase" and they'll be directed through the PayWall.
I will get a page up with clear instructions for people as soon as possible.  If you like, when it's posted, I can send you the link to the page.

Hits: 213,908
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I just listened to the whole album! So beautiful and full of harmony, shining brightly as a Beacon of Light for all humanity!

Comments (169)   

#169 Forhad Ehsan 2017-03-14 06:56
Finely Tuned !
#168 Ian MacLeod 2015-11-29 20:57
Quoting James Milligan:
Joshua Tree

Is this along the Garlock cutoff, from say the Iron Mountain area toward Jawbone Canyon/Randsbur g, ending before you get to the Lancaster/Palmd ale area? Just asking as I used to live in the City of Ridgecrest, and spent some time out in that desert when I could. I've been feeling... called, maybe? It's a beautiful if stark sort of place, and along the cutoff there's reportedly been a lot of UFO activity. For anyone who doesn't know, Ridgecrest starts just outside the main gate of China Lake Naval Weapons Center - or whatever they call it now.
#167 makoaboa 2015-03-17 15:54
Hello there- Please talk about Chemtrails for we are all in the process of being systematically poisoned. Why is this continuing and not being addressed by the insiders or by David himself. If there is something on this in your writings or Wisdom Teachings please direct me to it.
#166 Brie 2015-03-11 15:29
Hey what do you all think of the maneuvers of Judge Roy Boehner. The Eccentric Lawman Rides Again! LOL C'mon now it's funny... Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and 47 senators are now buying rounds of drinks!
Sending you pics… both Beaners deploy with logistical support, maneuverability and uncommon resemblances.


#165 Andrew 2015-03-07 01:45
"The good are getting better and the bad are getting worse."

Hearing that on the radio show, I had to come here and ask: Has anyone in/around the Pacific Northwest (Fraser Valley, Vancouver, etc) noticed the sudden onset of chemtrails on March 3rd lasting for 4 days straight? Not trying to spread negativity about it but it's practically an aquarium of dust here right now and it's making me question the whole "geoengineering " bullcrap.

I've never seen it this bad and I'm assuming something big is happening -- or about to.
#164 mec 2015-02-25 23:26
I guess they dont want you to see the reality of our universe..I tried posting that planetary nebulae vid from stevenchrist twice and it got dissed just like the closure your getting on aliens(demons)d eceivers need believers.

your in a SOUL LURE CYST STEM.."a lie conjured up for profit" quoting satan from jupiter ascending.

Aliens are made up to scare you and keep you far away from the truth and your spirit! If you new we had a glass dome over our head(vatican version of genesis) and that WE ARE the center of the universe,you might have a little different outlook on your spirit,rather than we are an insignifiCANT little ball in the middle of nowhere.
#163 Uncle Alice 2015-02-25 21:12
Here's another book recommendation which is intended for those of us outsiders who seriously study the question of the others, and strive for the cutting edge of our best human research. This book is for those who have made a serious course of study and wish to consider the implications, going into the future.

If you haven't had a chance or the time to get past the huge amount of nonsense associated with this field of study, my prior post and this suggested search might offer to some folks some pointed and direct suggestion.

Again, this is offered for many as a starting point.:

AD - After Disclosure. Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel
#162 GoodETxSG 2015-02-25 16:38
Wednesday February 25, 2015
Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): David Wilcock, James Sanders

Filmmaker, author and researcher, David Wilcock, will discuss ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of matter and energy. David will also share scientific and spiritual information about soul growth, ascension, and the evolution of consciousness.

First Hour: Investigative journalist and retired police investigator who specialized in crash scene and forensic investigations, James Sanders, will discuss the latest on missing flight MH-370, as well as the new book about it, "Someone is Hiding Something."

#161 mec 2015-02-25 12:55
Try this again...some real truth you wont get here
This is another good one..if they post it
steven christians channel is lordstevenchris t...there is some truth here,but just like everything you here you have to think twice...like why he calls himself that?..they couldnt remove his knowledge but they could add something... im guessing.I also question his chemtrail reason cause if the sun is like a windup toy thats gonna stop...no trails are gonna help the ice from falling.
#160 jensingr 2015-02-25 03:20
@ryan #154
1. the link you provided is laughable. I learned how video breasts are made to look real there. The levitation pic shown is not even from the movie. The reason the "actual footage" looks raw and not like a slicked out expensive production is because it ISN'T a slicked out expensive production with all the bells and whistles for your entertainment. It is raw footage from a camera set up in a psychiatrist's office. The reason it gets fuzzy is because when the ET's come through from 4D it affects the camera purposely as they do not want footage taken of their abductees or ship. If you think Dr. Tyler looks like that and is wheel chair bound as a joke, you are sadly mistaken. She went thru hell and her husband was murdered and her child taken.
#159 jensingr 2015-02-25 03:17
2. Their was no hype about this movie because it probably was not supposed to be made. If you think the people who are literally stretched almost into another dimension during their hypnotized state while they are reliving their terrifying experience is CGI, you are wrong. The sound of their bones breaking was real because no one can be bent like that. I have many friends in the movie industry that can attest to the legitimacy of this footage. Many shill websites will pop up to debunk anything UFO related. Don't fall for it. Sumerian is the language of choice for the Annunaki, they don't care if you don't understand it! However, they did speak some English to get their point across to Dr. Tyler about taking her daughter. This is a true story that happened in Nome Alaska - a very isolated town that you can only get to by plane with thousands of UFO sightings. Perfect pickings for negative ET experiments and horribly sad.
#158 Jay 2015-02-25 01:34
I am a big fan of Davids but I do think quite honestly that he is been played by a bunch of "insiders" who are feeding him the idea that Russia and the anti cabal group are going to save the day and we just have to sit back and wait for the arrests and changes to occur and then a new fair financial sharing system will be implemented by the "good guys".
Basically this story is as far as I can tell is a problem-reactio n-solution scam to sell us a new fair anti-corruption world system which is really just a one world govt and one world currency made to look like our saviors in white horses taking down the old corrupt system, when we will end up with a more centralized worse system than the current one.
The real solution I feel is individual sovereign beings working together in groups (safety in numbers) to dissolve all debt, and free ourselves, and circumvent our current corrupt system in numbers and by educating ourselves to set us free.
#157 flinstone 2015-02-24 15:18
Check this out:
Part 14 of Wes Penre's papers is out, explaining everything what and why! So if you want to understand more of the things David tells, check it out!!
Really awesome!
#156 Fred 2015-02-24 13:02
Iraq shoots down two British planes supplying ISIL

#155 Insider 2015-02-24 06:02
how can people who are broke able to access online and even own a Visa or FIAT money own by the cabal ?

[Moderator: And what about the millions who can't even access the internet? Who can't get a clean drink of water?]
#154 Ryan 2015-02-23 21:15
Quoting jensingr:
If you have any doubts that negative ET's exist and have abducted people for their own purposes, you need to watch "The Fourth Kind". The true story of Dr. Tyler a psychiatrist who hypnotizes people who are waking up at 3:00am and know something is wrong.

Jensingr, The Fourth Kind is NOT real. The scenes purporting to be "actual footage" are staged. I recently watched this film and was immediately sceptical of the "actual footage." It seemed acted, especially the supposed interview with Abigail Tyler, so I googled. Quite a number of articles exist stating the movie to be entirely fictional.

Here's a link to read. Pay particular attention to the section in italics further down the page:

The Fourth Kind is a Hoax."
#153 Linda Thompson 2015-02-23 19:44
Ben Fulford's new blog of today ( 2/23/15 ) :


With respect to any political pressure being put on Japan , here's a website wherein I have noticed several quakes of 6.0 or over last week, one right after the other, so to speak....you can "pan" to the right, to see Japan's recent quakes, as well as America's, etc., worldwide :
The red dots indicate quakes within the past 60 mins. ; those orange ones are within the past 24 hours ; and the yellow ones are of older quakes. You can hover your mouse over the dots to find out details of that quake. If you leave the site up, you can "Refresh" it each time you wish, and see "What's New." BTW , there have been a lot of quakes in
Greece, Turkey, Italy, etc., last week.
#152 J 2015-02-23 16:06
Yes, we need to be AWARE of the negative, but then we MUST continue to keep our thoughts positive.

According to Bashar, the Illuminati don't have as much power as we think they do, but by continuing to focus on them we inadvertently FUEL their power...that's the "joke" so to speak and they know it.

So do whatever it takes to raise your vibration...pla y, laugh, love!!

Honestly, I also need to remind myself to practice what I preach!
#151 Fred 2015-02-23 13:31
Benjamin Fulford - February 23, 2015: CIA put under lockdown by Pentagon to stop nuclear terror but, cabal resistance pockets still remain
#150 El Científico Juan 2015-02-23 11:18
Benjamin Fulford (February 24, 2015): CIA put under lockdown by Pentagon to stop nuclear terror but, cabal resistance pockets still remain

Full Report

.../benjamin-fulford-february- 24-2015-cia.html

You might enjoy:
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David Wilcock Explains Cycles of History on NEW Radio Show!

  A radio show from Friday the 13th (interestingly enough) features David Wilcock discussing the cycles of history, and why the collapse and defeat of the negative agenda is utterly inevitable....

September 16, 2013, 11:44 pm     Hits: 300,790

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Wanderer Awakening

Image Are you a Wanderer?

Find out by listening to this amazing, inspiring four-part musical adventure that could be your story!

David has teamed up with nine-time Grammy award winner Larry Seyer (www.larryseyer.com) to bring you this amazing, inspiring four-part musical adventure!

The Science of Peace

ImageIs there a "consciousness field" of "radiant mind energy" that we all share? Could this be causing the changes we are now witnessing on the Earth and throughout the solar system? Does it have any effect on DNA, including complete species transformation?

Is this 'Mind Field' the ultimate answer to solving financial collapse, terrorism, violent crime and all manner of Earth Changes, leading to a true Science of Peace? ... Yes.

Conference Meditations

ImageWould you like to experience one of David's guided meditations without attending a conference?

In this 1.3 hour live recording, David guides you through three separate, individual meditations ranging in length from 19 minutes to over 33 minutes.

The Source Field Investigations

Image The Source Field Investigations

The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies

Based on a hugely popular Internet documentary, this exploration of historic signs and symbolism determines what the future holds for humanity come 2012.

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