David Wilcock on Coast to Coast AM: October 6, 2009

[Note 11/29: Go ahead and read this section as-is, but check back for slight corrections, adjustments and header additions that will be made very shortly.]

George Noory (GN): Well, I call him “The Thinker”: David Wilcock, professional author, lecturer, film-maker, musician, researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of matter and energy.

He is the subject and co-author of the international best-seller, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.  Some believe he may BE the reincarnated Edgar Cayce.

He is also the executive producer of 2012 Enigma; Convergence: The Movie; and the lead vocalist on Wanderer Awakening, a metaphysical musical.

I’ve got to get you to sing on Coast to Coast one night, David. [David laughs] We’re going to do this. I’m going to do this. How are you? [laughs]

David Wilcock (DW): I thought you said I was “The Thinker”.

GN: You are “The Thinker”.

DW: You’re going to get me to wear more than one hat here.

GN: You’ve got that right. Last time I saw you, we had a great conference. I had a wonderful time. The audience loved you, as they always do. How have you been?

DW: It’s been quite an interesting ride, George. It’s a very dynamic year. I think everybody has been going through a lot of changes, and this seems to be a consciousness-field-related effect.


DW: You know, my contention has always been that we’re moving into a zone of energy in the galaxy that has a much higher energetic charge.

I noticed just now you were mentioning on your opening notes something about the Spitzer Telescope, or satellite, that has now seen new rings around Saturn.

GN: Mm-hm. Unbelievable.

DW: They might not have been there before. We’re seeing changes in climate all throughout the solar system. All kinds of new stuff showing up. You can tick off every single planet.

In fact, recently, it was announced that magnetic tornadoes are appearing on Mercury — and they’ve never seen that before.

You just tick down every single planet. Venus is getting much brighter. Mars is experiencing global warming – they’re actually calling it that – you’re seeing cloud formations, ice caps melting.

You go to Jupiter and you’re seeing massive changes — there’s a new red spot forming and things are appearing and disappearing. There’re gigantic storms showing up. The plasma around Jupiter is getting much more highly charged.

On Saturn, now we have the new rings. It’s also had a massive blast of X-rays coming out from around the equator.

Then you go out to Uranus and Neptune, both of which are having substantial increases in storm activity; their brightness is substantially increasing. And, of course, Pluto is actually experiencing a 300 percent increase in its atmospheric pressure due to what they’re calling global warming, even though it’s moving away from the sun.

So that’s kind of the thumbnail of what’s happening on a physical level to the solar system.


DW: Then you have to remember that the energy that’s causing this is totally a consciousness-based energy. That’s the substrate of all matter in the universe.

GN: Now, explain that, David. What do you mean by that — that consciousness could be creating this?

DW: Well, first of all, you have to dismiss with the idea that there is anything other than Mind.

GN: All right.

DW: The biggest mystery in the universe is identity.

The biggest mystery is: What happens when you look in the mirror, and who are you seeing?

That really is the bottom line. Is there a difference between you and me?

I mean, obviously there is an illusion that we’re living in. It says that you’re sitting in a studio, and I’m sitting in my house talking to you on the phone, and everybody else out there is listening — and we’re all different identities.

But, in truth, we have so much information now to suggest that the building-blocks of physical matter as we know it are fundamentally conscious. As we know, in the quantum realm it behaves based on what you expect  it to do.

So when we extrapolate from that and then tie in a variety of ancient prophecy sources, as well as some modern sources from alleged extraterrestrial intelligence – of which I have produced some of those myself with some pretty astonishing results in terms of predicting the future – what we see is a unified model of cosmology in which the entire universe is built from the energy of Mind… and that is the basis of all matter.

There is an extensive scientific case that I can make to establish that premise as valid.

GN: All right. Let’s back that up. And also, David, I want to ask you after this if this strange feeling that so many people are feeling, if this is what you’re feeling as well. But go ahead.

DW: Well, okay. I think the strange feeling is obviously a hyper-dimensional change.


DW: There are very tangible markers we can look at to prove that, in fact, evolution is occurring at a rapid speed in humanity. I recently did a Project Camelot conference called “Awake and Aware” and we have that video on my website for free to watch, divinecosmos.com.

People are really jazzed about this video, because I gave away a lot of stuff that up until now I have only been giving in conferences that people had to pay to see. But we’re so close now to where these things are going to start really happening that I’m starting to open up the records and let this stuff go out, because it’s just too important not to talk about it.

One of the things I found that really fascinates me is this University of Wisconsin anthropologist named John Hawks, who studied human evolution by looking at the actual genetic DNA information available in various fossils and so forth.

From those archives he was able to conclude that in the last 40,000 years, the human species has been undergoing what he refers to as “supercharged evolutionary change”. In particular, in the last 5,000 years we have been speeding up in our evolution so fast that a person from 3,000 BC is more similar to the Neanderthal than they are to us.

In other words, our evolution has quickened so dramatically that there is a substantial difference between people now and people 5,000 years ago – and that’s genetic, measurable, DNA change.

So then you also look at The Flynn Effect, which Richard Hoagland has also talked about. It shows that for at least a century, if not longer, the average IQ of a human being is increasing by three points per decade.

GN: That’s pretty dramatic, isn’t it?

DW: It’s very dramatic, especially when you look at the fact that the IQ scores that are raising the most are in the category of symbolic, abstract thinking, not in terms of literacy. So you can’t argue that this is the result of people reading more newspapers, magazines and websites.

It has more to do with our ability to use intuition, which is really what symbolic abstract thinking is. It’s the intuitive connections that we make spontaneously between disparate things.

[Hawks’ evolution discovery, and Flynn’s findings about human IQ steadily increasing, are directly correlated with this movement into a higher zone of energy in the galaxy. We can measure the energy; we know it’s there. We can meausre it’s effects on the entire solar system.

As we’ve now released in the latest videos, available in the Videos section of divinecosmos.com, we also see evidence in the fossil record that many other waves like this have hit us before. Each time, they rapidly upgrade all life on Earth. They arrive in even intervals of time — 26 and 62 million years, respectively.]


GN: You know, five years ago, David, I probably would have said, “Ahh, I don’t know about all this.” But now I think you’re right on; absolutely right on.

DW: Well, you’ve got to realize that you are on the cutting edge. This audience is part of what will become commonplace later on, but right now we are at the leading edge of this before it becomes common knowledge.

We have been lied to. We have been partitioned from the truth. The people who have tried to get the truth out in many cases have been paid off, intimidated or even killed, and this includes many, many deliberate attempts to suppress science that starts to take us in the right direction.

As point of fact, you can even go back to the 1800s, to the time of Louis Pasteur. If you look at a carton of milk and it says “Pasteurized”…

GN: That’s right. [laughs]

DW: …that’s because Louis Pasteur was the guy who said, “Hey, there’s these little critters and you’ve got to kill them or else it’s going to make your milk go bad.”

So there was a big scientific conspiracy, of which Pasteur was one of the main components, to suppress any evidence of what is called “spontaneous generation”.

What is “spontaneous generation”? That means if you take some basic enzymes that don’t really have any biology in them, put them in a little bottle and then seal it up, little critters start to grow — in a completely hermetically-sealed, sterile environment!

GN: Let’s pick it up more when we come back.

[To finish this thought, life is being spontaneously generated from the Source Field. That is provable based on a variety of hard scientific data points we share in our lectures, to some degree in the free videos, and in our upcoming book 2012 Enigma: Blueprints for a Golden Age.

First, we demonstrate solid, yet controversial evidence of ‘spontaneous generation.’ Then we clearly show how DNA itself arises from a wave in the Source Field. There is very solid laboratory evidence that existing creatures can be transformed, in their embryonic state, from one species to another by nothing more than “wave genetics” — shining a laser into the embryo that has the wave information from the DNA of another species.

Thus, our contention is that this is what is now happening to us. The interplanetary climate change demonstrates the raw energy from the Galaxy that is charging up our entire Solar System, as well as ourselves. This new energy has new wave information that is already reprogramming our DNA, causing us to increase in intelligence and genetic diversity, particularly in the last 5000 years.] 


GN: Welcome back to Coast to Coast. I’m George Noory. David Wilcock with us tonight.

David, tell me about these prophetic dreams, as well, that you’ve been having.

DW: Well, this is one of the things that really has gotten me very excited. Obviously we are aware that there are prophecies of 2012.


Just as a segue into the dream thing, let me say that the Great Pyramid’s timeline has recently come back into my focus. Most people don’t even know it has one. There is a timeline in the Great Pyramid, and it actually does resolve to 2012 as being the most important date in the timeline!

This has been studied by Freemasons, and so forth, going back for well over a century. It involves basically a mathematical code in which each inch — in terms of Egyptian inches, which is slightly different than regular English inch — corresponds to a year in time.

The beginning of the timeline is fixed by an alignment between the Pleiades and the Pole Star [Polaris] as it shines down the descending passage of the pyramid. The Pleiades in that case is directly overhead while the Pole Star shines down. That only happens once in the entire [25,920-year] cycle of precession.

GN: Mm-hm.

DW: The mathematical code tells you messages. A lot of things have come through. It tags the exact birth and crucifixion of Jesus. That’s in there very strongly.

It nails World War I, World War II and lots of things very specifically. It talks in particular about the era we’re in as an era of Universal Reincarnation, where every person who’s been alive on Earth is alive now to see this event.

As you start to head into the King’s Chamber, you go through this little passage where you have to squat down to go through. There’s a big slab of stone up inside once you go through there. A little carving on that stone is called “The Boss” or “The Seal” – it kind of looks like a rising sun – and it is actually the symbol of 2012. It appears exactly when 2012 hits in the timeline.

If you read these books on pyramidology, [such as “Great Pyramid Decoded” by Peter Lemesurier,] they basically tell you that 2012 is when there will be the formation of what they call “a separate and unique form of society based totally on allegiance to the spiritual.”

[Our upcoming ‘2012 Event Horizon’ free YouTube movie will have all the most important details.]


DW: So it’s very interesting to note that you have two different cultures on opposite sides of the Atlantic — the Mayan culture and the Egyptian culture. Both of them have their own highly complex time prophecy systems. Both of them focus on the exact same date in calendar time — and this date is very close by.

[Furthermore, Western astrology tags the shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius as occurring in 2012 as well — and even mainstream astronomers will not dispute this point. So there are three different prophecy systems that directly point to 2012. We also know 2012 is expected to be the next solar cycle peak.]

Now, as all this relates to my dreams, we haven’t really gotten clear as to what the 2012 date exactly means.

Is it some kind of dimensional shift in which reality as we know it pops into a different thing entirely?

Is it more of a symbolic statement of a period in time in which rapid evolution is occurring?

As I was talking about in the first part of the show, we can prove that [rapid evolution is] happening. We can prove genetically that’s it happening. We can show that the solar system is undergoing very rapid change, which is not normal.

But what does it really mean in terms of when things will happen… and what  will happen?



DW: I’ve been getting this increasingly intense series of dreams, for two years now, which are pointing to the fact that sometime within the next two or three months, most likely, we’re going to be seeing some very, very substantial shifts of society that will be directly paving the way for the fulfillment of these prophecies.

GN: That’s dramatic. Now, these visions that you saw, what speared it? I mean, how did these come to you?

DW: Well, these are the kind of dreams that just leave you reeling, because of the intensity and the importance of what’s being said. I’ll give you an example that happened fairly recently.

I had a dream in which I was basically dealing with, for lack of a better term, the Illuminati, and at first it, seemed like it wasn’t that big of a deal. There was a guy who was trying to steal my wallet and I said: “Give me that back, man. What are you doing?” You know. [both laugh]

Then, all of a sudden, this woman showed up, and I don’t want to name names, but she did kind of look like the actress Judi Dench.

GN: All right.

DW: That doesn’t mean that she’s in the Illuminati or anything, I’m just saying that’s who she looked like in the dream.

But she basically walks up to me and her eyes turn red and are like glowing and beaming this red glow, and basically she was saying, “You think you’ve defeated us, but you haven’t seen anything yet. We’re now really going to pull out the heavy guns. This is it. You’ve pushed it too far. We’ve had it and we’re going to take you out.”

GN: And you could be a representative of the United States.

DW: Oh, yeah — or the world.

GN: Or the world.

DW: You know, humanity in general. [In certain prophetic dreams the individual self’s experiences can be reflective of the whole. However, many interpret apocalyptic dreams as being predictive of real Earth Changes, when in fact they are usually describing upheavals in one’s own life.]

GN: Exactly. 

DW: It’s very difficult to say this in a way that makes sense, but the presence of evil that came when this woman turned, when her eyes turned red, it was absolutely something that just…

I mean, I was absolutely paralyzed with fear, couldn’t breathe, and it seemed as if time had just slowed to infinitely small amounts of time in one moment. It was one of the scariest things that’s ever happened to me in a dream.

So the intensity of this was huge. Then, immediately after that, my perspective shifted out to space and I saw this giant asteroid which they had basically maneuvered into position and it was coming in to hit the Earth and it was going to wipe out life on Earth as we know it.

Now, this does not mean that I’m predicating that an asteroid is coming. It’s a symbol. It’s not a literal prediction that asteroids are coming.

GN: It’s a symbol for something that is coming.

DW: It’s a symbol for an attempt to, shall we say, lighten the load of planetary population by a substantial amount.

GN: Good point.

DW: So what happened, which is just… I mean, it was so astonishing that it actually brought tears to my eyes. And again, it sounds Christian, but this is just one way of many to describe this, but here’s what happened:

All of a sudden there was an apparition of Mother Mary that appeared and it was so huge that her waist was at the cloud-line. This was much, much larger than any skyscraper. It was so colossal in size that you could have been hundreds of miles away and still have seen it.

GN: And let’s preface this, David. I’ve never known you to be outwardly religious. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe you are.

DW: No. I would say that I’m spiritual.

GN: Right.

DW: And I would say that I embrace the underlying truth that religions hold, which is service to others and the importance of one Creator.

GN: Okay.

DW: But no, as far as religions go, I think when you start getting into all these documents being translated and retranslated, and the fact that you have different ET groups that are giving their philosophies to different people, and then how those philosophies get interpreted…

There are some that are close to the truth, some that are farther from the truth, but they all have a grain of familiarity with them once you start understanding and experiencing what the Creator really is because it is something you appreciate in the now.

So anyway, Mother Mary is there. What she does is she reaches out and her hand – I focus in on her hand – and she literally stops the asteroid with her hand. She gets it halfway slowed down at first, and then she seems to let it go for a while, then she brings her hand in again, and the asteroid looks like just a few pieces of gravel in her hand.

Then it basically plops to the ground and it’s completely inert, doesn’t hit the Earth, doesn’t cause any damage, it just kind of plunks down. And it was just like everybody on Earth had this incredible feeling that the most amazing miracle had happened.

Now, I’ve had other dreams in which I was out on the ocean, I’m on a raft – and I’ve been on a raft away from a cruise ship, we were just kind of floating out there – and then I see this tsunami showing up. It’s like two-, three hundred feet tall or more.

And again, I’m not saying this is a literal prophecy. Please don’t misinterpret this because I know people will misinterpret it if I don’t say that.

This is a symbol, because inside a dream every part of the dream is some aspect of your psyche and some aspect of the WORLD’S psyche. That’s why so many people think there are going to be these terrible Earth changes, which may or may not actually happen; they may just be misinterpreting their own intuitive data. 

But anyway, this was foretelling what appeared to be and what would seem to be a very, very ominous and nasty event coming our way as a planet. And I’m basically saying, “Oh, my gosh, I’m going to die” because here I am on this little raft and this wave is coming.

And I basically just hit the deck. I put my face down on the raft and I’m trying to hold my breath in the hopes that maybe I can swim to the top of the water if it washes over me without crashing on me. Then I’m waiting and I’m waiting and I finally can’t hold my breath any longer and I have to take another breath, which I was terrified to do.

I grab another breath and I’m waiting again; then I take yet another breath. And I kind of realized, “Okay, wait a minute. There’s no way that I couldn’t have already had this wave hit me by now. What the heck happened?” I open up my eyes and now the water is gone and the whole world looks completely different.

So what I’m seeing is… and this is just two of many, many dreams.

Before 9/11, I was getting dreams so redundantly -– I was getting dreams of airplane crashes and economic collapse, and those two things paired together, over and over again. But what I can say is that I have had 500 percent more dreams talking about this event that’s coming up in our very near future than I ever had about 9/11.

GN: All right, let’s talk a little bit about this taking of your wallet in the dream.

DW: Right.

GN: How would you tie this in to the current economic calamity we’re in? And also this talk now that is just RAPID; the Arab states are thinking about doing away with the dollar for oil and now the UN wants to do away with the dollar as the currency.

DW: Oh, yeah!

GN: How does this equate with your dream?

DW: There is some astonishing synchronicity between the fact that we had already booked this show last week and then it was today that the announcement was made that the international community is basically wanting to create a basket of currencies to replace the dollar as the global reserve currency.

Now, in the wake of World War Two there was a financial agreement called Bretton Woods, which I’m sure most of your listeners know about. This was where the American economy, given how robust it was and there was nothing else like it, was seen to be that which everyone else would kind of line up behind and use as their global focal-point.

As Catherine Austin Fitts said in your opening there, this has been something that various countries have wanted to do away with for a long time. But we also need to turn the clock back a little further and recognize that it is the creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913, which has led to what we now have as a fiat currency, which means we’re printing money on hot air and it doesn’t have anything backing it anymore.

GN: Right — nothing to back it at all, no gold, nothing.

DW: Right. We’ve taken off of it being tagged to any actual value. This is a big problem, because it creates an opportunity for massive inflation and massive deflation – sudden spasms of global commerce which can lead to severe economic pain – and that actually did happen last October.

One of the things that I found so astonishing is that all of the things that are happening now, and all the things that are starting to happen, have been telegraphed.

In other words, at this point I don’t even really need dreams and intuition to be making these prophecy statements anymore. All I need to do is some trend analysis and blending that with the testimony of multiple people who I’m in contact with who are still working on the inside.

Some of them do work for the Illuminati; some of them do work for Majestic; some of them do work for other black ops agencies.

I am speaking to these people. I don’t agree with everything they think, and I’m certainly willing and able to tell them that, but I have been entrusted with a lot of information.

Unfortunately, the more you get more told, the less you can talk about, but I can say that what we’re… [searching for words]  How do I say this? The insiders are absolutely scared out of their wits right now. There is a state of absolute panic.

GN: Is that why they’re going so fast now?

DW: Yes. Yes. This swine flu thing… And I will say this. I’m putting myself at risk by doing this – I would definitely, definitely, definitely think twice before taking any medication or vaccine associated with the swine flu. If you value your life, think about it before you do it, please.

GN: That’s pretty strong words, David.

DW: If there’s 3.5 billions doses of something that’ve been made to be a certain way, you might not want to be one of those 3.5 billion.

GN: The WHO said today, by the way, that are “some complications”, but not severe.

DW: Well, come on! We already have the testimony of Jane Burgermeister with Baxter Pharmaceuticals putting the actual bird flu into the vaccine and then saying, “Oops, how did that happen?”

GN: Yeah. I want to talk to you more about that when we come back. Give us an overall in just the few minutes we have here before the break then. This overall impression of this prophetic dream that you had is telling you what?

DW: There is a sequence of events that is about to unfold on this planet which will at first appear to be the most horrific economic vomiting we’ve ever seen. It is a sequence of events that is so terrifying that the insiders believe that America is going to collapse into total anarchy, cannibalism, and violence.

That is actually what they believe. I do not believe this, but I’m telling you what I’m hearing.

They are absolutely in a massive panic. It is red alarm, full five-alarm fire, top alert; and it’s not being talked about in the media at all.

But what is really going on is that their grip on control is about to be broken. The Federal Reserve is in the process of being dismantled and that’s why we need to get the dollar out of the global reserve currency system, because that is part and parcel of the breaking of the back of the Federal Reserve.

GN: Do you think – because I’ve got to tie this in, and I think you have too – the slighting of Chicago for the 2016 Olympics, with President Obama pushing for Chicago, do you think that was a message that they wanted to send to him that basically said, “We’re in charge”?

DW: Yeah. It basically says: “Shut your “effing” mouth. Stop what you’re doing. Stop trying to mess with us. We will go to any extent possible.”

It’s just like that woman in the dream: “Oh, you think that you’re in control? Wait a minute. Let me show you what I can do. I can knock out 3.5 billion people on your planet. I can do this. I can do that.”

Well, first of all, I don’t think that’s going to work. I don’t think that we’re going to see a massive die-off of the planet’s population.

But these guys firmly believe – and I’ve talked to people that’ve tried to explain this to me and tried to make me buy into it – they firmly believe that they are saving the world by getting rid of a lot of people. They think that without this happening, that if they were to release the free energy technologies and if they were to tell us about UFOs and extraterrestrials, which they plan on doing, that it would be a disaster, because then you’d have the breeding go way up.

However, what we actually do know is that when a society is allowed to develop, they in fact have a much reduced birth rate. In fact, if you’re below 2.2, you don’t have sustainable population growth.

GN: That’s true.

DW: You get negative population growth. And that’s what’s actually happening in countries like the U.S. and Japan.

GN: Yes. It’s happening primarily in those countries that have more of an educated population, isn’t it?

DW: You’re absolutely correct. The reason why people have so many kids is because of grinding poverty, lawlessness, and despair. It’s a security plan, so that, as you get elderly, that you’re going to have at least one of your kids survive and be able to take care of you.

If you’re in a society where your basic needs are met and you’re not having to worry about getting your head blown off if you walk out to go to the bathroom, then you’re not going to be in such a need to have 15 children. That’s just a simple scientific fact.

I will point out something else, and that is, that when you talk to people who are at the very, very highest level where there’s no compartmentalization… And these people are not speaking to guys like Dr. Greer, as far as I’m aware. They don’t want to come forward and they’re not going to come forward with me, either.

But there is a level at which you can find out that we have hundreds and hundreds of interstellar spacecraft, we have many different bases on many different satellites [i.e. planets and moons], and there is way more than enough space to move everybody to somewhere else if conditions on the Earth became overpopulated. Then it becomes a question of… racism.

GN: Who goes?

DW: Yeah. Who goes? The point of fact is that they have room for everybody, but they see some of these races as filthy and they don’t like these people. They think of themselves as gods and that these other people are not. It’s preposterous.

Again, there is a “Management” in place, that’s what I call it, which is higher intelligence; much, much higher than even most of the ETs visiting us. Management, basically, is letting us play these games in the sandbox, but they won’t allow these guys to do any of the big stuff.

That’s what Mother Mary represented in my dream. There are forces that are much more powerful that will stop these genocidal plans and that will ensure that what we go through as a planet is a smooth transition.

The thing that excites me so much is how fast some of these changes are going to happen. I didn’t think we would really see the big stuff until 2012, but now I’m being convinced that that’s not the case.

GN: David, when we come back, we’ll talk about the swine flu and also what you believe will be UFO Disclosure. That’s all next with David Wilcock on Coast to Coast am.



GN: And welcome back. We’ve got David Wilcock and, of course, we’ve got you as well. We’ll take phone calls with David next hour.

David, let’s talk a little bit about Disclosure. You truly believe, like Steve Bassett, it will happen? 

DW: I think it’s inevitable. I think that you can’t hold the truth down forever.

What happens is, as a certain critical mass of people become aware of what’s really going on, it’s a fait accompli, meaning it forces itself to happen just by the course of events that will naturally unfold.

Now, what seems to be the case is that the Powers That Be at the highest levels do plan on telling us and they do plan on revealing everything, but as I said, they feel that, if they did it before there was a massive population reduction, that it would be catastrophic for the Earth.

GN: Out of control.

DW: Now, the thing I will tell you is that the Disclosure thing is not so nebulous.

We have one source, in particular, who has now heard from three different highly-placed sources in the intelligence community that he’s in contact with – these are people who don’t know each other and are not speaking to each other, but they do speak to him – and they all have independently told him that a formal government Disclosure is being planned before the end of the year.

They all had the exact same date for when this would happen, which I cannot say what it is. They all had the basic sequence of events that would happen. They’re all saying that the television time has already been booked internationally for a two-hour special. 

GN: And now… when you say you “can’t” say the date? Or you won’t say the date?

DW: If I said the date, I could potentially be hurt, [laughs] so I’m not going to say what the date is.

GN: All right. But you know the date.

DW: I know the date.

GN: All right.

DW: It’s before Christmas but after where we are now and it’s definitely… As I said, the television time has been booked.

If this does happen, it’s not just going to be something where we are told that this is true. It’s going to be, “Hey, this is true and let me introduce you to several different members of these other human species who are out there who, incidentally, look very similar to us with only minor differences.”

GN: And “here they are”? [laughs]

DW: Yes. And here they are. They can speak telepathically but they can also use the primitive-dialup-modem kind of speaking through their mouth.

GN: Let me preface this. I’m going to say that it’s highly doubtful, but [David laughs] what are the possibilities that you are a tool of the Illuminati? You know too much, David.

DW: It’s possible. It’s always possible. I’m not going to be so arrogant as to expect that people would think that I couldn’t have been manipulated.

What I will say, though, is that if you look at my website, and you look at the consistency of the positive message that I’ve been putting out there, and you look at how I’ve been recording my dreams for 17 years…

GN: Well that’s why I said it’s highly doubtful, but it is a possibility.

DW: You know, I think the bottom line is this: I’ve finally grabbed a lot of attention.

As we know, you’re going to be on this Syfy special. Richard Hoagland is going to be on it, I’m going to be on it. It’s called 2012: Startling New Secrets.

We now have an actual air time. It’s going to be Sunday, November the 8th at 9pm Eastern time, a two-hour special on Syfy. We’re all going to be involved in it and it’s going to give a lot of this kind of information about 2012 that I’ve been sharing on the show.

I apparently am one of the most present people in the documentary in terms of how much time I get. So I’m attracting attention.

I also have a major book contract with Penguin, one of the biggest publishers…

GN: They’re huge.

DW: Yeah, to write the book 2012 Enigma. The president of Dutton Books, who is also the editor and publisher of Eckhart Tolle, was the one who contacted me; his name is Brian Tart.

He actually feels that my work is on par with Eckhart’s and that it deserves to be as popular as Eckhart’s.

GN: That’s pretty dramatic, David.

DW: So yeah, the assets of that company are going to be going into this. I also can now announce that the person I’m doing my film Convergence with is the same guy who wrote the movie Contact, whose name is Jim Hart.

So this is an A-plus Hollywood screenwriter and, I’m telling you, if we can get this film made – and I think we will – it is going to be the most mind-blowing Disclosure film, on par with Close Encounters or Matrix or anything like that, that you’ve ever seen. It’s going to be totally incredible.

GN: You’ve been plugging away at this for a long, long time.

DW: Absolutely. I’ve definitely come up through the trenches. I spent years and years in abject poverty.

Finally I have some financial stability now and I thank everybody out there who goes to conferences and orders products because, you know, this is what keeps us going.

And I just want to say that we are able to have very spontaneous change happen. 9/11 DID HAPPEN, okay? It did happen.

You’re sitting there one day and it’s September 10th, then all of a sudden, the whole world is upside-down. So, very major, very unusual, and very outrageous things can occur – it doesn’t always have to be negative.

It seems to be impossible to believe that a Disclosure could actually happen. That the President of the United States would get on television for two hours, sit you down and basically tell you: “Okay. Look, human beings didn’t just evolve on Earth. We don’t know if we were here first, or they were here first or what, but here’s several of my closest friends from other planets to introduce themselves to you.”

GN: [laughs] And they come rolling out. It’s probably Cheney in costume. [David laughs]

DW: He doesn’t need a costume.

GN: You really think that’s going to happen? Like that?

DW: Well, I’m not going to stake my whole reputation on it, but look, it all lines up. When the negative side is about to be defeated, they get really stupid. Think about Napoleon’s Waterloo or think about Hitler and Stalingrad.

What ends up happening is they make dumb moves; they do things too fast without planning it through and this is what they’re doing with the swine flu thing. You know, it’s like, “Well, we ran out of time if this Disclosure’s going to happen.”

I mean, I just want you to grok [Ed. note: fictional word meaning “comprehend” from Robert A. Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land] the fact that, if the truth comes out, it is bigger than the foundation of Islam; it is bigger than the foundation of Christianity, because at the time, those events only reached several hundred thousand people.

This would be the biggest event in human history; the most spontaneous shift that humanity has ever seen. Everything that’s being talked about on the nightly news right now would pale to insignificance.

Guys like you and me are going to be having the phone ringing off the hook. They’re going to want us on every show. That’s not the focal point, but the point is, everything is going to change in such a dramatic way.

Everybody listening to this has probably had that experience where they first started to get over the tipping-point and realize, “Hey, maybe this stuff is true.” Well, imagine what would happen if the planet is told, and imagine how bad that would be for the controllers because what they’re seeing is the loss of their ability to be seen – basically by themselves – as the gods of the Earth.

GN: All right, well let’s go through a scenario here, David.

DW: Okay.

GN: That all the masses are still here. I want you to tell us, in your own mind of course, if Disclosure occurs when we’re all on this planet still – nothing’s happened to the masses – what happens to us? How do we react?

Explain what happens to economies, to world governments, to religions. Just go through it from the announcement stage.

DW: It’s so vast and there’s so many probability vortexes it’s hard to really nail it down, but I will say that it’s going to rock the foundations of the world. I would say that we will have some very dramatic economic changes which probably are not negative.

There will probably be a fair number of people who will be so stunned that they won’t want to go to work for a while, but I don’t think that’s going to be a long-term problem. I think that’s one of the things the planetary elite is the most concerned about is that the people would just stop working.

But I do think that it’s going to be such a massive change that any movie that has been made before this happens, any television show that was written before this happens, any magazine, any website that was written before this happens will become irrelevant on some levels.

GN: All outdated.

DW: Because everything that we ever say, everything that we ever think, will be completely based on this.

If we know that there are other humans out there and that we’re not the only game in town, and we suddenly realize that aliens are not these scary horrible insect-like creatures, but they’re people like us, it means our family is a lot bigger than we think.

I think in many ways it would reaffirm faith and world religions because now you realize that every ancient religion has reports of people who look like us, who can do very amazing stuff, and come here and basically teach us how to live more virtuous lives.

GN: Well, David, what if they don’t look like us? What if we look like them?

DW:  Well, it becomes six-of-one, half-a-dozen of the other. Once you get into the science that I’m going to talk about on the television show on Syfy, and in the movie, and in the book 2012 Enigma, you’re going to see that the galaxy itself is responsible for writing the code of DNA and the human design is a galactic intelligent design.

GN: I think you’re absolutely right. As a matter of fact I was telling Seth Shostak from SETI many months ago, and then many years ago locally when I was talking with him, that the primordial soup in the universe is the same all over the place.

DW:  Absolutely. There’s so much evidence that supports this and that’s going to become the dominant thing that everybody’s going to look at.

GN: There are dogs, there are raccoons, there are people, there are similar creatures on other planetary systems.

DW: I mean, think about it: everybody’s going to have pants; everybody’s going to have socks, underwear; everybody’s going to have shirts, probably button-down shirts. There’s going to be a lot of similarities.

They’re going to have musical instruments – brass, woodwinds, drums, guitars. These things become obvious.

In fact, things like musical instruments and things like clothing may be part of the Mind of the galaxy. It’s like we naturally tap in, just like animals instinctively know what the predators are; even if they’ve never seen one before, they automatically crouch when the predator bird flies overhead. They just know.

GN: If they disclose, one of the questions I would ask – if they invited me there, let’s say – is: How did you get here? What form of propulsion system did you use?

Because if they have now developed an incredible propulsion system – and we know they did, whether they bend space and time – the point is that they’ve now created free energy. They’ve been able to tap into it.

And so my follow-up question will be: When do we start using it? When do we get free electricity, free fuel to heat? When do we get this? What will they say then?

DW: It’s bursting out at the edges already. There’s a technology invented by Paul Pantone called GEET, [spells] G-E-E-T.

GN: Yes. We had Paul on the show.

DW: Oh, you did? Okay, I didn’t know about that.

GN: When he got out of jail, yeah.

DW: Yeah. I mean, you can run an engine on 80 percent water, 20 percent gas, with very, very little modification. The fact is that free energy technologies have existed for a long time. There are actually other guys who have invented 100 percent water/hydrogen engines that don’t need any gas.

We have plenty of technologies. I’m personally aware of free energy inventors who have devised systems that don’t even have moving parts – they just sit there and they work.

The fact is the only reason why this stuff hasn’t gotten out there is because the faction that’s on the American side, the so-called New World Order Rockefeller side, has been actively going around killing everybody who tries to get this out there and/or buying them off and/or threatening them and making them shut up.

GN: Did you hear that the head of part of the financial wing of the Rockefeller group killed himself a few weeks ago?

DW: Yes. This is the kind of thing… Yes, it’s a very good point, George. Thank you for mentioning that.

GN: It’s a bizarre story and there’s been no follow-up anywhere, David.

DW: Well look, again, all this stuff is happening because we’re right on the verge of them having a major defeat. I’m aware of three completely different scenarios in which Disclosure could happen at a major, major level.

Even in your opening announcements, you were talking about the Rendlesham Forest sighting and how the UK is now putting it right on the front page of their magazines and stuff, that, “Hey, Rendlesham might have been a tourist from an extraterrestrial civilization just stopping by to pay us a visit.”

So, they’re doing as much as they can to get people ready so that, when the truth is revealed, society will basically hold together.

Now, I think if Obama were to make this announcement on national television and it goes all over the world and if he introduces us to these other people…

GN: Well, why do you think it’ll be just him? Why not done on the level of the United Nations with all leaders?

DW: It could be. Yeah, it’s a horse race. It’s going to be somebody, and at this point I think I think it’s really a question of who wins, who gets to break the story first.

I’ve heard of three completely separate ways in which Disclosure could happen, and one of them I really can’t say anything about at all because I’d be getting in major trouble. But let’s say that…

GN: David… David, you’re already in major trouble. [David laughs] You’ve said too much already.

DW: It’s funny because I had one of these very high-ranking witnesses staying in my house over the last two weeks and we were talking about this stuff in the house and then my housekeeper was there and she flushed the toilet in the upstairs guest bedroom, which hadn’t been used in a while, and water just started pouring out of the kitchen ceiling, just pouring out. And it turns out that the entire… it’s an iron pipe about four inches wide that comes out from the toilet.

GN: It broke. It cracked.

DW: It busted open like a banana. Now, iron doesn’t do that.

GN: Welcome to home ownership, David.

DW: But… Well, if it was a message, somebody saying, “Stop the leaks”, you know, “Don’t leak the crap”, so to speak.

GN: Well, it could be “a coincidence”. Of course, you know I don’t believe in that.

DW: Well yeah… it was a funny coincidence. You know, the universe has a sense of humor.

But, no. I will say without getting into any hot water here that one of the ways this might happen would be from industry, a very large industry that would realize that if they were able to build these things that they could have a massive, massive, massive profit boom. They may be wanting to do a Disclosure just for the sake of how it would benefit them financially.

You also have to consider the fact that Benjamin Fulford, the former East-West editor for Forbes Magazine, came in contact with a group in Japan that claims to be part of an opposition force. I have been in contact with Fulford and I’ve actually spoken now to at least one of the people that is responsible for telling him the things that he heard.

GN: What do you mean “opposition force”? To the Illuminati?

DW: Opposition to the Illuminati / New World Order agenda.

GN: Well, that’s pretty risky on their part, don’t you think?

DW: Well, yes and no. I mean, they have a great deal of assets of their own. They have a very substantial militia, so to speak, and the ability economically and politically to effect great change.

GN: But I always thought, David, which people with unlimited resources — all of them end up the same way, that this becomes a game of power, of manipulating the human race. So I would question what their motives are because I would think that they’d be in line with the Illuminati.

DW: Well, that’s like saying that if a kid goes out trick-or-treating, that every person who gives them Halloween candy, there’s going to be needles or LSD or PCP in the candy.

GN: No, no, no-no-no-no-no. I’m saying that there’s an evolution of wealth and when people get to the point where they earn so much money that they don’t become – how should I say? – loving of humanity. I think they become evil.

DW: I would concur that in many cases that is the case, but I would also say that there are exceptions to everything and any type of broad-stroke generality like that is fraught with logical errors. I think that there’s always going to be exceptions.

You know, most of the rest of the world really doesn’t want this genocidal, crazed initiative to take place. A lot of the other countries… because these Illuminati / New World Order countries, the old white European monopoly, has stopped creating things of value. It’s all based on just, “Hey, let’s run the printing press”.

So, what’s happening is that countries like China, India and in South America, they’re actually creating value, they’re creating commodities, and in so doing, they’ve now gained a dramatic economic advantage. They don’t have the same type of genocidal aspirations that people from these European countries at the highest levels do. It’s just a different mentality.

I think that especially if you look at the Asian mindset, there is a difference in the Asian mindset which is much more collective in its focus. They look at what’s going to benefit the collective more than just the individual.

GN: Well now you know why we call David Wilcock “The Thinker”. We’ll be back with more on Coast to Coast AM, including his thoughts on why he believes this DNA is the same everywhere throughout the universe. I’m George Noory. Back in a moment on Coast to Coast AM.


GN: David, give us your take, first of all, on DNA, before we take it out into the universe.


DW: Well, DNA has been proven to be a conduit for a nonphysical energy. This is a very important point.

If you look at the Einstein model of space and time, what we realize is that as you move through space, you also move through time. Space is not just this empty thing.

If you go really fast through space up to light speed, you’re also going through time in a way that changes your perception, so that you might only think it’s a week, but on Earth it’s been a thousand years.

That shows on a fundamental level that space is not just this empty thing; there’s something in there.

Well it goes a lot further than that because, as I’ve said before, the Russians, specifically Dr. Peter Gariaev, did an experiment where he takes a piece of DNA, sticks it in a little test-tube where it can absorb light – and you can measure the light that it absorbs.

In fact, DNA will take all the stray photons in the area and spiral them through the molecule. It’s like a light absorber. It actually has a vortex-type of effect that pulls in all the surrounding light into itself.

Then the thing is that you can take the DNA out of the tube and the light will continue to spiral as if the DNA were still there for up to 30 days. Even if you blast it with liquid nitrogen, it comes back within about six to eight minutes and shows up again.

So, what is this force that’s holding the light in place when the DNA isn’t even there anymore?

If you’re sitting there right now listening to the show and during the commercial break you got up and went to the bathroom and then you came back, this is saying that some part of your DNA is still there in the chair and it will on a very subtle level be changing the way that the light is moving through the room.

It’s a very substantial discovery and what it ultimately shows us is that our physical body has an energetic pair that is very similar to… it has the same structures in place, and that is actually more of who we really are than the physical body.

The physical body is like a projection of the spirit and the spirit is, in fact, a holographic duplicate of the physical body, but that is actually where most of your thought processes are taking place. Anything involving real thinking or the higher intellect is happening in the energy body.

That’s why when the energy in the solar system is amping up, as we showed you that it is, it simultaneously is amping up human intelligence. Human intelligence is based on an energy pattern. When the frequency, when the vibration of that energy increases, so will your thoughts move faster, so will you appear to become more intelligent.

DNA, again, is a conduit for this energy of the soul, and there is an energetic pair to it that’s what we have as an “astral body”, as some call it.

GN: So, you believe that this DNA travels throughout the universe – it’s everywhere – which then means that similarities may abound.

DW: Oh, yeah. I mean, one of the guys that founded the DNA molecule, Dr. Francis Crick, took a look at all the dust in the galaxy and found that 99.9 percent of all the dust he could find had the light signature of bacteria in space; so it’s no different. That means that most of the stuff that’s out there is actually living stuff.

It also means that we now have an explanation for why bacteria have been found growing inside nuclear reactors, inside volcanoes, miles below the surface of the ocean. Everywhere you look, you find bacteria and that’s because life is just going to form wherever and however it can. It’s an intelligent pattern. Matter is built to make life.

The scientists that are finding this call it “The Goldilocks Principle” and they explain that all over the universe, the conditions are just right for life to occur, like the Earth and elsewhere.

GN: Let’s talk a little bit about what you believe is happening in the universe and the solar system as well. You believe that there’s going to be some kind of galactic wave or energy field coming in.

Is it going to blast us? Is it going to knock out communications, David? What’s going to happen?

DW: Well, that may occur. But to make it a clearer point here, I would propose that this is something that has been well underway for some time. It’s not like we’re waiting for something that isn’t already happening.

You look at the massive, exponential progression of human civilization over the course of the last several hundred years, and how Benjamin Franklin basically was the guy who invented the closed stove, just to have burners and not be cooking over an open fire.

So we’re only talking about a few hundred years ago that we were basically cooking over open fire, and we didn’t have electricity, and we didn’t have machines that made it easier to do all the basic things that we do, like washing our clothes, and refrigerating our food, and having electric lights so we can read at night, and being able to talk over the Internet and over the telephone. This is all brand new stuff, relatively speaking.

The threat is whether we have evolved to a level as a species where we can handle these toys without destroying the planet.

The galactic wave, specifically, seems to be part of an intelligent design that energetically pushes us to the next level and it really is a question for everyone of whether you’re harmonizing with the change or not.

Now, I can go into science and physics and tell you very specifically about how we can measure these waves, where they are and what they are, so I’ll do that just a bit because that was the essence of your question.

GN: Sure.

DW: If you look at other galaxies… There was a scientist, Dr. William Tifft, who did what’s called a red-shift study. And red-shift is really nothing more than a frequency of microwave vibration.

What he found was that, even though red-shift is supposed to indicate distance in conventional astrophysics, he saw that there were multiple layers of red-shift within single galaxies, where the values of the microwave frequency get much more intense at the center of the galaxy, and that in even intervals, in layers that are concentric circles, they get less and less intense by mathematically precise values as you go towards the outside.

He demonstrated that those galactic fields are out there; he proved that they exist. And we have hundreds and hundreds of galaxies that have been observed – mostly by college students working on their PhD, because the mainstream is just stuffing this down – but it proves that these galaxies have these striated layers of vibration in them.

Then I turn you to the work of Dr. Harold Aspden [spells name], who basically has rewritten science and physics by using the original Maxwell electrical equations that everybody believes is true; nobody disputes it. Now, the Maxwell equations, he basically postulates a sort of an ether, this idea of a non-seen energy field that underlies electromagnetism, but is not electromagnetic.

What Aspden was able to do was to retool the Maxwell equations, shuffle them around in ways that are plausible and he tells you exactly how he does it, and he found that this ether has different levels of frequency and that they would have certain microwave signatures that we would be able to measure.

Well, he was absolutely astonished because when he looked at Tifft’s data, he found that the galaxies are giving off exactly the same microwave frequencies that he mathematically discovered by monkeying around with Maxwell’s equations.

That is an astonishing discovery; putting those two things together. It’s something I found in the year 2000.

It’s hard to explain, but it is the smoking gun that shows that there are galactic energy fields, that they do refer to, for lack of a better term, “planes of existence”, because these different frequencies of this ether basically represent different levels of reality.

So as this energy comes into the solar system, what is it doing? We can see what it’s doing. It’s making the planets get hotter and brighter and more magnetic. There’s a lot more dust coming into the solar system. The sun’s magnetic field has shrunk by 25 percent from all the outside pressure.

One of these insiders has told me that they’re actually out there with some of these spaceships that they have – this is our guys, now, this is not ETs – that they’ve gone out there and they’ve looked at this wave coming in. They basically are seeing a time window of 2012 to 2107 in which they believe there’s going to be some very dramatic changes on the Earth, which they think are basically unavoidable and will be, for lack of a better term, cataclysmic.

Now, again, this is not what I have been shown. This is not what I think is going to be happening. I think that these changes are more intended to break the shell that we’ve built around our hearts.

The idea of Armageddon and Apocalypse is something that startles us into attention, so that we get back on track with what being human is really about. We are a projection of the Creator, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and there’s only one of us here, ultimately.

So, if you really get down to what the highest-level ETs are saying, the ones that are right before the level where they basically start to reunify with the universe and no longer deal with anything other than the One Infinite Mind, they’re pretty unified in their perspective.

The source that I consistently draw on the most, of course, is The Law of One. I’ve talked about this before; I have extensive data on it on my website, divinecosmos.com.

What I can tell you is that this data really rocked my socks off because I found it in 1996. It was allegedly channeled. Usually I don’t put any credence on channeling. I think most of it out there is largely people’s conscious mind with maybe a little bit of real stuff to just spice it up.

But this source is different than that. This source actually leaked a whole bunch of stuff that we didn’t know in 1981, but now with the benefit of time, has been proven scientifically correct. So almost everything that I talk about in terms of galactic energy fields, and the change of the Earth, and 2012, and all that stuff, was in these books in 1981.

And all these whistleblowers keep coming forward. They tell us, for example, Sgt. Clifford Stone saying that of the ETs that are visiting us and crashing their ships, that we’ve found 57 different varieties and they all basically look human.

Well, that also was in The Law of One back in 1981. They said there’s 53 basic civilizations visiting us, and there’s also six more that are negative, that happen to be visiting us; and that’s right around the same number.

So when you start combining all these things together, I’m left with the conclusion that we actually are being given accurate information. The Law of One is one example where ETs actually did get a nice clear station and were able to speak for a few years and tell us what they really think and what’s really going on.

What they’re saying is that our planet is being “managed”. They said there was a quarantine around the planet, and we now know from whistleblowers that that is true.

In fact, it’s a very difficult problem because the Van Allen Belts basically have an impenetrable shield that prevents things from getting in and prevents things from going out. You need very advanced exotic technology to be able to get through this quarantine.

Apparently that quarantine was put in by high-level ETs to basically stop bad guys from being able to get in here. The Law of One series basically says that, on certain occasions, there are random windows where they can get in temporarily, and those random windows are only allowed to occur because we as a species, as human beings, have a certain degree of negativity in our own minds, and that invites a certain degree of negativity to come in.

Also, they explain that the Earth changes are a projection of our own collective psyche, that when we are sick in ourselves, the planet has to mirror our sickness by showing us volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tidal waves, etc.

GN: See, I always thought, David, that this was possibly the planet’s way of curing its own ills.

DW: Yeah. If there’s too many people on the planet, I think the planet will take care of it on its own. We certainly don’t need people like the Illuminati or the New World Order trying to do it for the planet.

GN: That’s true.

DW: But on the other hand, as I’ve said before, I think that if there is going to be cataclysmic activity, it may very well be that we will not be experiencing the same frequency as where that cataclysm occurs. I think some people might.

Now bear in mind, there are vast, vast facilities underground. Ever since the U.S. government started to hear about this around World War Two, and other governments as well, there has been a massive, massive subterranean construction project in place.

Multiple bases with all sorts of what they call sub-shuttle systems that connect them together. There are off-planet bases as well, on the Moon, on Mars, and elsewhere. And they are preparing for this big thing to happen.

GN: According to Richard Sauder these are thousands of feet deep as well.

DW: Oh, yeah. They’re so far down that, if you’re on an elevator going top speed, you can jump and you’ll actually hover in the air because of how fast you’re moving down. They’re miles and miles down, in some cases, and they’re absolutely enormous.

In fact, in many cases, they found old bases that other ETs had put here long ago that they were able to break into and basically refurbish. That’s also what’s happened, apparently, with Mars and with the Moon and other places too is that there’s stuff everywhere.

If you start getting into the idea that humans are pretty common in the galaxy… In fact, The Law of One series tells us there are 67 million planets in the galaxy with people on them like us, at various times – right now, in our current present time – and that’s a staggering number.

Of course, many of these planets are probably somewhat primitive; they’re at various stages of evolution, but there’re still going to be a relatively substantial number that get past the crisis-point that we’re in now, are able to achieve interstellar travel…

And beyond interstellar travel, they’re able to achieve wormhole travel, meaning that they can use traversable wormholes and basically travel through space without having to actually make any distance; they’d just go from one place to another.

GN: Like the movie Contact.

DW: Exactly. So, what we’re seeing now is a convergence of all these different threads of information that I’ve been collecting for so long, and finally some of these insiders are actually sitting down and talking to me, sometimes in person, sometimes over other methods, and I have learned so much. [laughs] So much more that I know now than I’m allowed to talk about.

But everything you can imagine is out there. Every type of human you can imagine is out there, good, bad, and indifferent. There are artifacts everywhere. It’s just staggering how stupid we are compared to what there really is.

Our guys have found so many pieces of technology that they’ve either just burned, or buried, or dumped into the ocean, or locked up in warehouses, and any one of them could be the “Rosetta Stone” that would completely change this planet if they were investigated. But there’s so much redundancy that they just can’t even spend the time to look at this stuff.

There are so many different compartments within the cover-up and each of these compartments are working on technologies on their own, in many cases without access to other programs working on the same stuff. It’s really quite laughable, but there is a level at which everybody has… and this is the people on our planet, now.

GN: Right.

DW: Now bear in mind, it gets smaller and smaller. We’re literally talking about there’s probably only about 90 people who know most of what’s going on, and then there’s a subset within those people of maybe 15 to 25, and they’re the ones who really know what’s going on. 

But they’re only the managers on Earth working with many other people who have since moved off-planet and are involved in ships that are in space, bases on other planets and bases under the ground.

There’s tons and tons of people that are working in these other programs, many tens of thousands of people that are no longer in any type of conventional society as we would think of it, but were born here and are working in these other programs And they’re working with other human beings.

GN: When remote viewer Ingo Swann said he saw structures on the Moon, what do you think he saw, David? Do you think he saw alien or do you think he saw ours?

DW: Well, they could be ours from people of our future who were able to time-travel and then went back in time and built things back then.

The funny thing is that when you get into this technology I’m talking about, some of the bases that our guys are working on are actually in the future. They actually travel to the future to do their job and then they come back to what we would think of as the present.

Like, for example, Henry Deacon actually went and looked for where he was working on Mars on the Mars map and found that the base wasn’t there where he knew that it would be; he knew what it should have looked like and it wasn’t there.

Well, other insiders I’ve talked to have now validated everything that Henry Deacon is saying as true, and there’s even more than what he said is true.

Of course, the Henry Deacon testimony is something I’ve written about extensively. I’ve had more contact with him than anybody else. I’ve actually spent some 80 hours in conversation with him now. He’s told me a lot of stuff that I haven’t said, but a lot of his testimony has been put out there.

And again, there’s hundreds of different human species that our guys are interacting with out there. It only is 57 that happen to have crashed on Earth and are showing enough interest in us to actually be zipping around.

GN: What do you think of the theories of Ed Grimsley?

DW: Please explain.

GN: Ed believes that there is a war going on and he claims to see them with night-vision goggles.

DW: That’s absolutely true. Infrared and ultraviolet will allow you to see things that are just outside the range of our physical senses and there is definitely a war going on.

In fact, one of the groups is the so-called Anunnaki which are basically… they appear to be reptilian humanoids. And again, this is probably going to make a lot of people laugh but, some of the species that evolve on some planets do appear to evolve through a reptilian lineage. It does seem that most of those species tend to be more inclined to dominate and control rather than to be cooperative and service-to-others oriented.

GN: Well, and as David Icke has always said, some of those probably are here. Some of our families, our very elite families, have a lineage from the reptilians.

DW: Well… [sighs] Boy, I don’t know how much I can say here. I didn’t believe any of this stuff and I don’t even like talking about this because I didn’t want to believe that reptilians existed.

Now, Henry was always saying that he did meet the Anunnaki and they’re very tall, they’re like 14, 15 feet tall, but they wear masks.

GN: Let’s pick that up… Why do they wear masks? Because they’re reptilian! Let’s talk about that and take phone calls next.

Okay, let’s get some of your thoughts, David, on what people can do to enhance their own intuitive abilities.

DW: Well, I think this is a very important question because as we’re going through these changes as a planet, we’re also seeing that there is a need to be prepared for potential disruptions to our continuity of life. I’m not saying there’s going to be catastrophes. That’s one of the areas in which I differ with probably a lot of people who study this.

But I do feel that there are going to be a lot of localized problems. I mean, if you were in Hurricane Katrina, for example, you very much had a local problem. So I do think it’s good to have your stored food and to have some of your money in a solid asset like gold or silver.

I think it’s important, though, to be able to have conscious contact with your intuitive ability, because that’s how I’ve been able to get to where I am; I use that guidance consistently.

So, as point of fact, the most important thing to remember is that your mind is the universal Mind. You do have access to this universal consciousness within your conscious mind. Your conscious mind is not something separated from the universal Mind.

But in order to allow the universal Mind to be the predominant force that is thinking, you have to quiet down the mind that is created by your body and that’s best done by seeking for the quiet point in yourself through meditation. So mediation is and always will be the central bottom line of how best to approach this intuitive faculty.

Now, there are a lot of methods that you can use if you’re getting started, various forms of divination such as cards that you can use, you know, Tarot cards.

You can basically read the cards by charging them up with energy. You hold each card and you look at it and you study its meaning, and then that card will carry your energy signature so that later on, when you ask your subconscious a question, you can pick the card that feels right to you and it will be the one that you pick because it has the charge on it.

Another trick that you can use is bibliomancy, particularly if you have a book that is loaded with inspirational material. You can hold the book between your hands and ask a question and then, with your eyes closed, open up to a particular page, and even put your finger on a particular spot, and then just see what’s there when you read it. You may have some very surprising things happen when you do that.

My personal favorite of all the various forms of divination is dreams. I think that we, as a general rule, are wasting a tremendous amount of useful information.

In fact, I propose that every dream you have is like a treasure chest filled with wonder from your higher self. If you can go in and remember your dreams, then the key is to write them down, document them, and study them with the understanding that every symbol, every character, every situation, every environment, is yourself.

So that’s why I tell people when you have dreams where there’s tidal waves or volcanoes or earthquakes, don’t believe that that means the Earth is going to have those things happen. It means that you yourself are going to be having a major disruption.

Now, all of the ancient mystery school teachings and all the ancient wisdom teachings and religions all agree that in order to get to a greater point of intuitive access, you basically end up transcending what you would call the ego, or the personality-self. This means that a part of yourself is very identified with the body; it wants to seek the comfort of the body, the security of the body, and as a result it is predominantly materialistic in its focus – and that’s okay. We all have to have some of that.

But as you can expand your perspective and take in a more universal vision of what it really means to be yourself and what it really means to be alive, you’ll see that ultimately all the things I’m telling you are true, that there are many, many, many intelligent species in the universe because the universe is built of Mind, and consciousness is the underlying substrate for why anything exists.

So that’s the great mystery, and when you can resonate with that mystery by approaching that still point within yourself, using things like cards or your own dreams, or any of a variety of means…

Synchronicity is another one that you can pay attention to. People are starting to notice more and more, like they’ll see 3:33 on the clock or 11:11 and it will happen right when they were thinking about something important.

GN: Absolutely.

DW: People ask me all the time: “Well, what does this mean?” The answer is always the same.

Basically what you want to do when you see one of those is ask yourself, “What was I thinking right before this happened?” and that will be the answer. It’s going to flag whatever you were thinking and tell you that that was an important thought that you’re on the right track with.

These are just a few of the things I do have in my weekend workshops that I do… a whole dream-sharing circle that we’re now doing on Sunday. What I do is I have people from the audience actually give me their dreams and then I basically crack them down.

Actually, I’d love to do a show like that on here at some point, George, where we just have people call in with their dreams and I’ll just crack them down and analyze them.

GN: That would be interesting.

DW: Yeah. It’s very useful.

GN: Okay, let’s go to the calls now, David. We’ll go west of the Rockies, Kingman, Arizona. Sage is there with us. Hey Sage, you’re on with David Wilcock.

SAGE: Hello George, hello David, how are you guys this morning?

DW: Very well, thank you.

SAGE: My question is: I had read a book by Barbara Hand Clow, and towards the end of the book, she was talking about what you had just said earlier, about us being under quarantine, about our planet being under quarantine?

DW: Mm-hm.

SAGE: And she was talking to the effect that coming up to 2012, depending on events that take place here on our planet, that the quarantine could possibly be lifted.

DW: Yeah. You have to understand that there absolutely is going to be a shift, at which time there will be much more galactic diplomacy than there is now.

I do think, though, that it’s also important to point out that, as the Earth moves into what the Law of One and other sources refer to as “Fourth Density”, there is going to be a prolonged period in which the planet is positive in nature, exclusively, and it will not permit those of negative orientation to be here.

Now, it’s my understanding that the reason why they’re kept out is because there are going to be people who are basically fighting on the front lines to make sure they don’t get in.

Whether that means the quarantine will still be in place or not, I don’t know. I think it’s different than the quarantine, though, because the quarantine basically keeps everybody out. So I think this is going to be more like a battle that’s going to be fought to basically stop these guys from getting in.

SAGE: Okay. And I also had another question and it kind of pertains to a lady that was on recently about intent.

DW: Okay.

SAGE: I‘ve been reading a lot of books by Sylvia Browne that we can create with our minds and our thoughts.

DW: Yeah. Actually, Sylvia Browne is published by the same guy that’s publishing me, Brian Tart, Dutton Books. So you’re saying “create with our intent”. Now is there a particular question in regards to that? Would you like me to just talk about that subject some?

SAGE: As far as like, you know, protecting ourselves from viruses and just negative… negative, um… Sorry, I’m a little nervous. [laughs]

GN: That’s okay. Go ahead, David.

DW: That’s quite all right. Yeah, it’s a very interesting point, actually, because we fundamentally learn that viruses are frequency-based. Most of the viruses have a geometric structure and that geometry can translate into a wave function.

There’s a Russian scientist named Vlail Kaznacheyev – say that three times fast – and he basically found that he could take hermetically-sealed cells that were healthy and then zap them with energy, just on a light-wave, from cells that were diseased, and the healthy cells in the hermetically-sealed container would acquire the disease.

Now there is something that stops that from happening to us because otherwise, we’d be getting every virus there was. The shield is basically the energy body, and what keeps that shield working perfectly and fully intact is when your mind is in harmony with the Universal Mind, which means that you’re in a state of uplifting gratitude for your life and for other people, and you’re in a state of peace and tranquility.

It’s when we allow ourselves to get stuck in stress and anger that we lose that protective shield and we become susceptible to illness and to dis-ease, so to speak.

So, intent is very important. Intent is the underlying essence of health and of how we actually experience reality. The more that we focus on a particular outcome, the more that is the outcome that we will meet with in our daily life.

GN: David, before the break we were talking about reptilians…

DW: Yeah. I didn’t want to drop that thread. Thank you for bringing that back.

It’s very important to point out that I do not believe that these world elites are shape-shifting reptilian creatures. I didn’t get to say that at the end of the last break. 

However, what I will say is that it has also been explained to me by some of these insiders that all of us on Earth, everyone, has some of this reptilian genetics in our DNA. Because basically the Anunnaki reverse-engineered the existing humans on this planet and upgraded them with their own DNA to some degree, and there are some problems that I can’t go into details about with the physical human body that are actually directly attributed to the reptilian genetics that we have.

Now, what I can say on top of that is that these reptilians seem to think that, because they tinkered with our DNA and then other ETs have come in and given us various pieces of their DNA as well, they think that they have somehow designed us and that they are, therefore, the gods of us. What they don’t realize is the galaxy designed the DNA; the galaxy is still evolving us.

One of the most interesting things I heard from these insiders in regards to the Anunnaki is that these Anunnaki are actually extremely terrified of us because we have the potential to be much more powerful than they are as psychics, and this is something that’s starting to happen.

They do appear to be the secret group that is basically manipulating the Illuminati on Earth. You’ve got to remember, no matter how high-ranking anybody is on Earth, they are under the boot of others who are extraterrestrial in nature, basically. And those extraterrestrials, in turn, are under the boot of even higher-level negative extraterrestrials.

Then, of course, all of those are just like children in the sandbox who can totally be stopped by what I call “Management”; the higher positive forces out there that are much more vast in their potential. These are the kind of guys that can basically move an entire solar system around just like we would roll a marble down the table.

GN: [laughs]

DW: [laughs] So you have to understand that the protective forces – or what I call “Management” – Management will not allow the planet to be destroyed. They will not allow the planet to fall into the negative. They are protecting us as we go though this evolutionary process.

The game is this: They are here to ensure that the planet has an even balance between whether you want to seek the positive or whether you want to seek the negative, so that, at any point, wherever you choose to put your focus is what you will see.

In order to keep that balance, they have to make sure that things never get too awful on the planet and that’s why they would stop a nuclear war. They would stop any attempt for mass genocide. They would stop a worldwide economic collapse.

None of these grandiose doom and gloom prognostications will happen because we are here to have a spiritual experience and these higher-level ETs will ensure that that experience can proceed unmolested.

GN: All right, let’s go to Aaron in Chesterfield, Indiana. Aaron, go ahead.

AARON: Namasté, everybody. How are you doing?

DW: Very well, Aaron, thank you.

AARON: Great. Okay. This is a dream I had about eight months ago. It’s probably the most prolific dream I’ve ever had. So…

DW: If you can just give us a summary, because we don’t have time for a long dream, but I’d be happy to help you understand it.

AARON: Okay. Pretty much I’m looking out the back of my window and I see a 200-foot-tall devil. And, you know, it’s pretty much like a train wreck; you can’t stop looking at it.

So as I’m watching him walk down the interstate I hear a thump, thump, there is a larger demon walking my way and it’s saying the name “Jesus Christ” in the most truly blasphemous way I’ve ever heard anything said. So it notices me and then it says, you know, “Jesus Christ” again and just throws it arms through the window.

I run back to the back of my room and I open the closet and there’s two of my best friends that I’ve been talking with the most about all this conspiracy theory stuff. But the weird part about it is about a month ago (I’ve moved to a house right now) and I look outside and I notice that I am exactly as far away from the interstate as the devil was in my dream, walking down it.

DW: [laughs]

GN: What do you think, David?

DW: Okay. A 200-foot-tall devil in the dream; you said it was associated with a train wreck and that he was speaking about Jesus Christ in a blasphemous way. You said that he noticed you, said it again, and throws his arms through your window. Then you’re at the back of your room, you open the closet and there’s two friends who you’ve been talking with about conspiracy stuff.

Now, I would propose that since these friends are people that you talk about conspiracy stuff with… Remember the central premise is that every dream is some function of yourself, so these friends of yours symbolize the part of yourself that has dwelled on the negativity by focusing on the conspiracies.

So therefore what you’re seeing with this 200-foot-tall devil is actually the thought-form that has been created within your psyche of all the doom and all the fear that you’ve been focusing on. These things create thought-forms which you then have to face in your dreams.

So basically the idea is that if you have a terrifying apparition appear like this in a dream, don’t run away from it.

As you said, now you’ve moved to a new place. Your dream clearly prophesied the future because now you’re noticing that you’re as far away from the interstate as where this devil was.

So what that’s saying is you now have an opportunity to face this fear that’s been created within yourself, symbolized by the devil, to decide on a fundamental level: Do you believe the Universe is a place of chaos and disaster and pain and fear? Or do you choose to believe that the Universe is a place of love and abundance and positive growth?

If these prophecies that I’ve been getting in my dreams come true, which I do believe they will, then what we’re going to be seeing is an overthrow of all these negative forces that have been in control for so long. We’re going to see the breakdown of the Federal Reserve, the breakdown of some of the most corrupt elements of our society. These things are inevitably going to happen and this is only a matter of time.

In fact, I’m going to be putting out a long, free, mp3 download on my website, divinecosmos.com“>divinecosmos.com , where I will be going into these dreams in more detail because I’m realizing I didn’t cover everything in this show. So that will be available; you can download that.

But again, the point is: let’s focus on the positive, because the Management ensures that we can have either option come true for us if we choose to focus on it.

GN: All right. Let’s go to Detroit, Michigan. Leshan … sorry for the Tigers tonight, huh?

LESHAN: Oh, yeah, yeah. That was horrible. [laughs]

GN: I know. I’m bummed out, but congratulations to Minnesota.

LESHAN: Yes, yes. So, George, how are you doing?

GN: Good, Leshan. Go ahead. We’ve got a couple of minutes.

LESHAN: Okay. I wanted to speak about the reptilians. I spoke to you a couple months ago also, George, when Melinda was on the show.

GN: Yeah.

LESHAN: But I wanted to speak about the reptilians. Now, David did you say that you…? What are your feelings about that? You’re not sure if they actually exist?

DW: No. I’ve been given information now that confirms that the Anunnaki are a reptilian humanoid species. 

LESHAN: Yeah, yeah, because I had an experience with one a few years ago. I had an experience, and we had gone down to a meeting down in Atlanta, Georgia, to see this guy who knew about them and had experiences with them. When he gave their physical description, how they look in the physical, I said to my friend, “Are you listening to this? Are you hearing this?” And he said, “Yes.”

But I had an experience. I was asleep and I felt this strange presence and I woke up all of a sudden. This man… he was very tall. He was strong like steel.

DW: Oh, yeah.

LESHAN: I mean just like steel, David.

DW: Oh, I know. They weigh a lot more than we do, very solid.

LESHAN: Oh, my god! He was thin and tall and he had this long, blonde, beautiful hair down to his buttocks. His hands were around my throat. Okay? So I grabbed him.

DW: Wow.

LESHAN: I grabbed him and I was trying to physically fight him and pull him off of me, and I got so tired. Then I just let go and I said…

You know, we all have a higher presence, we all have a Higher Self. I agree with everything that you said about intent and about spirituality. You know, if you call to that presence, you will get assistance, because I didn’t know what else to do.

GN: Yeah, that’s the way to do it. You have to get that assistance. Back with final calls.

Welcome back we’re with David Wilcock. We’ll take your calls as well. David, when you and Richard talk about hyper-dimensional physics… hyper-dimensional. Explain that. Give me the definition.

DW: Well, actually, the way that I interpret hyper-dimensional is that time is not just a one-dimensional line like in the conventional Einstein model, but time, in order to actually function properly within physics, needs three dimensions of its own to move around in.

So the basic idea can be traced back through various forms of physics in which, like for example, Kaluza-Klein theory shows that in order to unify gravity and electromagnetism as a unified field, which is what all physicists believe there must be, you need at least five dimensions to do that. So it’s a conventionally accepted fact in science that there are in fact higher dimensions out there besides the length, width, and height that we see.

Now, the problem with this model is that, of course, no matter where you go, no matter what right turn you make, you’re still going to be in length, width, or height. So what does this really mean? There’s obviously no extra dimensions… it’s a mathematical construct.

But what we do actually have is a parallel universe that co-exists with our own which exists all through space, all through the universe. This parallel universe, when you flip over there, time as we think of it becomes three dimensional. So this is how time-travel is accomplished.

If you go into a realm where moving through space over there is like moving through time for us, that means you can travel a distance over there and over here you’ve actually time-traveled. So that’s where this kind of gets really strange.

But the bottom line is that there is energy that we’re exchanging with this parallel universe all the time, and that’s the basis of all quantum mechanics. It’s a fluid-like energy.

The Pyramids actually are built as funnels to harness that fluid-like energy that’s going into all physical matter; they concentrate it and they put it into a tight beam.

That’s why the Russians have discovered that, when people are put inside these pyramids, they have really remarkable healings; cancer, diabetes, all these diseases go away. It stops water from freezing when it goes below 32 degrees Fahrenheit; the ice is not able to form. There’s all sorts of very strange things that happen when you begin concentrating hyper-dimensional energy.

And, of course, the planets have these various geometric upwellings, such as the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, Richard’s infamous 19.5 – and that’s very real. The planets do have this geometric hyper-dimensional influx of energy which actually appears as mountains and shield volcanoes on solid planets and vortexes on gas planets.

GN: Okay. Now to the calls. Alexandria, Louisiana; here’s Cornelius again, a name I don’t forget.

CORNELIUS: [laughs] George, you’re something else. I’ve got to tell you, your call screeners are the greatest, Gina and Tommy. Now, Mr. Wilcock, I’ve got something for you, I just… And you have a biblical name: David.

DW: That means “beloved.” Yes.

CORNELIUS: Yeah. And I don’t know, you know. I know you believe in one God, I know you believe that. I‘m a little bit different, like I said, and George knows me from… you know. I just believe like, you know, the devil’s going to take over and bad things are just going to happen, and there’s nothing…

We can do certain things about it but there are certain things that’s just going to happen. I don’t know if the Rapture’s going to happen.

DW: Are you reading… I mean, do you read the Bible?


DW: Okay. Have you read Revelations?

CORNELIUS: Yes, sir.

DW: So, you understand what it talks about with the idea of a new Heaven and new Earth and that all the negativity in the beginning turns into the New Jerusalem towards the end.

CORNELIUS: Okay, yeah, that’s what I’m saying. But we’re going to go through trying times and stuff like that.

GN: Oh, yeah.

DW: You’re phrasing it as if it’s a future event, as if we’re not doing that now. [laughs]

GN: Well, do you think we’re in the Apocalypse now, David?

DW: Absolutely. I think that what’s happening right now is the fulfillment of the biblical prophecy. In fact, if you actually go into the Law of One, what the Law of One says is that the battle of Armageddon is this battle between positive and negative ETs that’s actually been fought since before Christianity came on the scene.

They actually are saying the battle of Armageddon has been fought for 2300 years now, because in terms of a 75,000-year cycle, we’re really only…

Jesus kind of showed up at the last minute to try to get everybody back on track and focusing on a monotheistic vision rather than pantheism and polytheism where you have the angelic beings seen as God rather than just as aspects of one infinite Creator.

GN: Okay. Let’s go to Washington, State of. We go to Tom. Hey, Tom, go ahead.

TOM: Hi George, Dave. I’m something of an aviation enthusiast and I’ve had 40 minute-and-a-half or so, average, visitations by what I consider to be alien flight crew asking tourist-type questions, so I can confirm your statements about alien tourism.

DW: You’re saying this was while you were in a plane? An airplane?

TOM: No. This is while I’m in my workshop at home.

DW: Wow. Okay.

TOM: They’re interested in what I’m doing in the way of building home-built airplanes in the yard and large scale-models in the shop.

DW: So you’re saying this is a full, waking, manifestation of a being in front of you.

TOM: Yeah. I’ve had 40 of these. They come in groups of four and they ask the same dumb tourist questions over and over, so I know it’s different guys even though I can’t tell them apart.

DW: How about that! Are you scared when this happens, or do you just relax?

TOM: I was initially, but I took the viewpoint that I could use this for intelligence work to gather as much information that might be valuable to humanity as I could.

DW: What does it seem that they want?

TOM: Curiosity… they’re nuts about airplanes. They’re space cadets, literally.

DW: How about that.

TOM: Secondly, I’ve had five abductions and I’ve been to the Moon in a “captain’s mast”-type affair; and I won’t go into that, because there isn’t time. But I’ve asked them what they know about God, and God seems to be evolving races towards pure energy, which coincides with what you’ve been saying about the alien races. So I can confirm that.

DW: Absolutely.

TOM: And my last question to you is this: I’ve had a gorgeous female hybrid take a sexual sample from me and I’m 69 years old; and they’ve asked me to be an ambassador. And I want to know why would they do that?

DW: Well, a lot of people have experienced contact, which includes sexual encounters. In fact, if you look in reports of demonology, you’ll see frequent references to incubus and succubus experiences people have, which seem to be historical legends of the same thing.

Now, it does seem that there are some ETs that are basically backing up the hard drive, if you will, so that in the very, very, very unlikely chance that there was some major problem with the planet that they were not able to avert, that they would still have everyone’s unique DNA signatures on file so that they could in fact re-populate humanity on other planets.

But again, it’s like taking the absolute precautions when you really don’t need to because they are watching this planet very carefully. They will stop a nuclear attack, they will stop a world economic collapse, they will stop things that would really damage human life.

People are being contacted and most of the people who seem to be giving genetic samples – though it may terrify them and some of them may be very upset about it – it does appear that in most cases, and I will say “most cases”, that they on some level agreed to this before they were born.

So, if anybody out there is having this happen, recognize again that what the Anunnaki and other types like that are afraid of the most is your own potential. They like it if you’re angry at them. They like it if you’re afraid of them.

What they don’t like is when you have the strength to stand before them and say, “No. You’re not allowed to do this”, but you don’t hate them either. You’re able to have the shield of loving consciousness that protects you from the negativity.

GN: What do you think of Zecharia Sitchin’s theories?

DW: Well, Zecharia Sitchin is on the right track. In fact, it seems that he has been given a lot more of his information than just by research, and there’s a lot of that that I can’t talk about. But suffice it to say that he’s kind of taken an abstracted view of what’s really going on.

The Anunnaki are not all one race, they’re not all from one location. You cannot explain all the various ETs coming here [as being] the Anunnaki, but there are definitely elements of truth in what he’s said and there is a great deal of this stuff that can be found in the Sumerian scriptures.

GN: All right. Next up we go to Table Rock, Nebraska. Hello, Stu. You’re on with David Wilcock.

STU: Hey, George, good morning. I wanted to bring you guys back around to what you were talking about a little bit earlier with the Illuminati and the opposition to them. You guys were going to come back on it and you never did.

DW: Is there a specific question you’d like on that vein?

STU: I’d like an update. I heard a little bit about it with the reporter who was giving out warnings and that was the last I ever heard of it. I’d like to know if there’s anything new; what all you can say.

DW: Well, I appreciate that question because that actually is what I feel is the most important thing for us to be talking about at this time.

Because, again, what I’m being shown in multiple dreams – and I’m talking 20, 30 or more dreams which I’m in the process of putting together and I’m going to have that free mp3 on my website which you can listen to and download within the next couple days.

The point is this: it appears that these guys are on the brink of a substantial defeat. I would like to point out once again that because of this ridiculous fiat paper money scheme that’s been going on…

GN: For years!

DW: …for years and years and years.

The wealth that has been created by humanity has been realized in many wonderful things. There’s hundreds and hundreds of spaceships that we’ve built that are not NASA, much more advanced than that stuff.

There are bases, some of which are built in conjunction with other people, meaning not from here. There’s lot and lots of stuff out there.

These guys have basically created so much wealth for themselves that it’s on the order of the thousands of trillions of dollars that they claim as their assets. And again, this is all just bubble money.

It’s ridiculous, but that’s the kind of money we’re talking about. We’re talking about THOUSANDS of trillions of dollars.

When you start thinking in those terms and then you realize what will happen if there is a substantial reduction or defeat, for example, in the derivatives market which is where a lot of these paper games are being created, it could literally mean that the average person’s assets become worth a heck of a lot more than they are now. Once we get these technologies out there, it will lead to the average person being able to live like a millionaire.

Again, once you start to take all the goods and services and make them produced by robotics and by free energy… The whole economy is based on scarcity and on the lack of energy, so once we have limitless energy, we can green the deserts, we can create much more food, we have the ability to allow a lot more people to live comfortably on the planet, we can create more water from desalinating ocean water. There’s lot of things we can do.

So I really do feel that we are in the darkest moment, and I was thinking the turning-point was going to be in 2012. Now I’m being told the turning point will happen in advance of 2012.

There will be some very inspiring things going on prior to that time and we can all look forward to a really amazing future because this is where this galactic energy is taking us. It’s a managed process.

The reason why we were given prophecies like the Book of Revelation in the Bible, which does say that this all works out for the positive – that’s what the new Jerusalem, the new Heaven and new Earth is. It’s showing us: “Okay, look, we know what’s going to happen. It’s not a prophecy that we gave you just to tell you everything’s going to be destroyed. That would be ridiculous. It’s a prophecy that tells you that it’s going to be positive.”

Most of the other prophecies outside the Bible really do focus on the Golden Age aspect of this. They show us that it’s going to be a world that is so much greater than what we have now that we would be brought to tears if we even tried to imagine what that world was going to be like.

The glimmerings are there. Everybody’s waking up to the Illuminati / New World Order scheme. That’s why they’re scared. They’re doing end-game maneuvers; they’re getting really stupid.

It seems that they have three major plans of how to reduce population.

Number one: economic collapse leading to anarchy and violence.

Number two: swine flu and vaccines that would actually be lethal.

Number three: some sort of conflagration or war. Perhaps Israel and Iran is the latest one seems to be going on that would then lead to some sort of large amounts of death.

Again, I think all of these plans will be stopped. I think that when you start getting desperate like this and start making these kind of things try to happen people get smart to you, they figure out what you’re doing.

It’s very possible that there will be Disclosure sooner, rather than later, and if that happens, then the whole bubble pops and the game is over and we could be in a very, very different world than where we are now.

GN: Fascinating observations, David. Orange, California. We go west of the Rockies. Max, you’re on with David Wilcock.

MAX: Hey guys. Hey, that’s really beautiful, your last little talk there, David.

DW: I appreciate that. Thank you.

MAX: No, I mean it IS. You almost brought a tear to my eyes, but I’m too old and kind of jaded.

DW: Oh, I could get you if I had more time, believe me. [George laughs]

MAX: No, you got me, man. I’m looking at your website as long as my browser doesn’t keep crashing. Just a basic one for you: I mean, I don’t get it – why Afghanistan? Russia was there forever, the United States. Why there and in Iraq, too, other than oil and opium? I really just don’t get it.

DW: Well, why would it have to be other than oil and opium?

MAX: [laughs]

DW: Isn’t that enough? I mean, that’s where the money…

MAX: It’s a lot. Yeah. [laughs]

DW: No, the bottom line is that the Middle East has been not only a theater of operations because of petroleum, but because it also is the Biblical Armageddon site.

These guys in the Illuminati have a very curious “fun house mirror” inversion of Christianity in the so-called Luciferian tradition, and they actually take the Bible very literally on some levels. But then they see themselves as basically the opposition to it and feel that it’s created a lot of negativity; that basically Christianity suppressed science and suppressed freedom of thought and speech and therefore they see themselves as opposing that constriction.

Now, I don’t agree that religion is a constricting force and I think everybody has the right to believe how they want and you can choose whatever you like. All that being said, the Middle East is where they feel that the battle of Armageddon must be realized in order to sort of jump start the Golden Age. So, in some sense, they want to be where the action is and they want to have the troops there and keep control over this as it happens.

GN: We’ve got time for one or two more, David. Let’s go to Radiah in the city of New York. Hi there, Radiah.

RADIAH: Hi. It’s [pronounced] ‘Radeeyah.’

GN: Close…

RADIAH: Close, close… don’t butcher my name. David, you mentioned that the Management wouldn’t allow the Powers That Be to run amok and to destroy the world and to create genocide because they want all the human beings on the planet to have a spiritual experience. Is that correct?

DW: Well, I can see what you’re setting me up for and the point is they do allow a lot of things to happen, but there is a limit as to how far they will allow it to go.

RADIAH: Exactly. Right, because there’s genocide going on, halfway across the world.

DW: I’m aware of that. Yeah.

RADIAH: Darfur and all these other places. People are dying of AIDS. You know what I’m saying? So it’s like, is this spiritual enlightenment and happiness for the whole planet or certain groups of people?

Because I think that everyone deserves the same, you know, the same plan. So how is it that they can not allow certain things but allow other things to partake on the planet? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

DW: Yeah. I mean, you’ve delivered the big groin kick that many people are not equipped to handle when they’re talking about spirituality and defend this position in a way that’s going to make sense. It’s the basic bottom-line question everybody asks. Somebody always asks: “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

It’s important to keep in mind that this is the End of the Age and the prophecies did speak about the fact that it would be very difficult. If you lose your life at this time in the planet’s history, that’s probably the last time you’re going to be here. You’re probably not going to reincarnate, you’re probably not going to come back in the physical sense again.

So there is a lot of tumultuous stuff going on. There are places that you can be born where you will have some very difficult experiences.

I would point you to the works of Michael Newton who wrote Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls. What he did is to hypnotically regress people to the state they were in between lifetimes and what we find over and over again is that you know before you ever come here what the major experiences are that you will go through.

There are many people who are very strong, and very compassionate, and very loving who will choose extremely difficult situations for themselves when they come into this planet, including situations where they will die hideous deaths of torture and starvation.

The reason why some people choose that is because they’re already very spiritually strong and those experiences can, in many cases, build your strength. If you’re in a situation where people are dying…

For example, if you look at the history of Edgar Cayce and his past lives, there was a lifetime where he was essentially a very narcissistic, gambling, womanizer, alcoholic type. At the end of his life he was in a situation where there was a famine – it was a great disaster – and he gave food that he could have eaten to a starving child.

In that one selfless act he was able to erase that entire lifetime of karma that he had created for himself.

GN: David, once again, great job. David’s website: divinecosmos.com. Look for his work all over the map.