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David Wilcock on Coast to Coast AM: October 6, 2009

David Wilcock on Coast to Coast AM: October 6, 2009 [Note 11/29: Go ahead and read this section as-is, but check back for slight corrections, adjustments and header additions that will be made very shortly.] George Noory (GN): Well, I call him “The Thinker”: David Wilcock, professional author, lecturer, film-maker, musician, researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of matter and energy. He is the subject and co-author of the international best-seller, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.  Some believe he may BE the reincarnated Edgar Cayce. He is also the executive producer of 2012 Enigma; Convergence: The Movie; and the lead vocalist on Wanderer Awakening, a metaphysical musical. I’ve got to get you to sing on Coast to Coast one night, David. [David laughs] We’re going to do this. I’m going to do this. How are you? [laughs] David Wilcock (DW): I thought you said I was “The Thinker”. GN: You are “The Thinker”. DW: You’re going to get me to wear more than one hat here. GN: You’ve got that right. Last time I saw you, we had a great conference. I had a wonderful time. The audience loved you, as they always do. How have you been? DW: It’s been quite an interesting ride, George. It’s a very dynamic year. I think everybody has been going through a lot of changes, and this seems to...

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Hoagland and Wilcock on Coast to Coast

5-15/16-04 AB: From the high desert in the great American southwest, I bid you all good evening, good morning, good afternoon – as the time zone may dictate – all of them covered like a blanket by this program, Coast to Coast AM. I’m Art Bell. It’s the weekend, and I am honored to be with you on a Saturday night going into Sunday morning, and of course tomorrow night as well. I have some shocking and tragic news for you at the top of the program and I’m sure Richard’s gonna have a lot to say about this and will probably fill me in on details I don’t yet have. But what it boils down to is that Dr Eugene Mallove is dead. And it is indeed with great sadness that we report the passing of Gene Mallove who died, no, correction, was killed, on May 14th apparently due to some sort of – we don’t know about this – allegedly, some are saying “some kind of property dispute . It is considered by the police to be a homicide and an investigation is under way now. Gene is survived by his wife Joanne, son Ethan, and daughter Kim. No funeral arrangements are known at this time. Gene Mallove who in 1991, wrote the book “Fire from Ice: ” – now, maybe you know him, if you didn’t...

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Dr. Scott Mandelker with Jeff Rense, Discussing Law of One

  Dr. Scott Mandelker with Jeff Rense   The End of the Line — Sightings on the Radio   Friday, August 26, 2000   Transcribed by David Wilcock — http://ascension2000.com   [Opening theme music]   JR: 21 hours, I thought we should get together again and spend some time tonight. An outstanding program on tap. Scott Enyart is on tonight for the second half of the program to discuss the legal case which has many people talking. Scott Enyart versus the Los Angeles police department, dealing with the RFK Assassination photographs. That coming up in an hour and a half. First up, we are going to talk to Scott Mandelker, whose new book Universal Vision is drawing raves already. We are going to talk to Scott about Walk-Ins and Wanderers, among many other cosmic things, so stay tuned for that as we get going in just a few moments.   [BREAK]   JR: Wasn’t it 1996? It has probably been three or four years. His first book is called “From Elsewhere: Being ET in America,” and that was a very unique book to be sure. That, again, was published in 1995. His newest, Universal Vision, is just out: Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Plan. Welcome back, Scott, hello. I think it has been too long, but you’re here tonight, so let’s get started. SM: It’s been a long time,...

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