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For a low annual fee of only $72, you can now gain unlimited access to David’s new MP3 archive of readings, public appearances, radio shows, music and personal weblogs! *


Like life itself, this archive is an evolving artform, and as of December 2005 we are still just getting started – so new content will be appearing regularly and will grow considerably as we leap forward.

Already there are well over 20 readings available – readings that have immediate applicability to the stumbling blocks and issues that you face every day. These readings can quickly relax you into a psychedelic, womb-like paradise state… where you see the “big picture” of your life and its issues, discover and refine your true purpose, and reflect on how you can improve yourself, and your interactions with others, today.

David will, of course, continue writing free books and articles, but this archive will get lots of TLC since it is now the main way that you can help us fund our operations and be part of the family. Due to a ridiculously high level of demand, individual client readings are no longer available, but everyone who hears one of these MP3s swears that the source was addressing them personally and directly!

Everyone agrees that there is just no comparison between seeing a reading on paper and listening to one as it is actually being composed, moment by moment, by the Source. We do attest, on our honor, that we have NOT applied any digital effects to increase the delivery speed of the words. The readings come through with such dazzling fluency that it often sounds as if David is animatedly reading out of a prepared text that was already written in advance!

Nine-time Grammy award winning recording engineer Larry Seyer ( has directly worked with David to create the highest-quality recording and encoding environment for these files to be created. Put in simple terms, this means that you can expect great-sounding MP3s, a half-hour long or more, that weigh in at a nimble 5-6MB per file – lightning-fast downloads on broadband and manageable enough on dialup to load up while you read other great articles on this site, or elsewhere.

Sign up is simple… click on the PayPal link, choose a username, enter your information and you will be issued a password. Then, you can log in anywhere on Divine Cosmos to gain access to a very secret, very cool password-protected area of this site that contains all of David’s readings. 🙂

All of these readings are in common MP3 format, so you can download them to your IPOD or other portable media device… or listen to them on your computer… or burn them onto CD’s for listening elsewhere.

Once you sign up, you have access to this special download area for one year from the date you joined. Whatever David creates for the next year will be yours for the taking, and you can even sign up for automatic notification of any new updates. After your paid subscription has expired (one year from the date you joined), you will be sent an email asking if you want to renew your subscription.

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