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  • SPACESHIP is becoming more and more cinematic as I work on it each day. I didn't realize it would take this long, but this may be the biggest, best thing I've done yet! I hope to have it out tomorrow (Saturday) or Sunday. Will need to recover before the livestream!
  • Some people thought I said SPACESHIP was coming out on Sunday. It's better than that! You're getting 2 scoops of awesome: 1. SPACESHIP when ready (hopefully early this week) 2. Livestream next Sunday I am playing around with new motion graphics and it is gorgeous.
  • OK, here it is... I am definitely going to do a live video next Sunday. It's simply been too long! In the meantime, I have been spending enormous time putting together a badass hovercar video. The title is SPACESHIP. You will be VERY HAPPY.
  • The book is very close to release now. The full version will include all relevant data from 96, 97, 98 and 99. In the meantime, since this "software" has been used many times, I highly recommend we implement it: https://t.co/VR0KTJfGph https://t.co/SwnelJUivA
  • This was so odd, random and utterly hilarious that I had to post it before getting back to the book deadline. The squirrels heard me laugh, after months, and immediately began mirroring the behavior! https://t.co/2pUI8KWnFu

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