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11/17/99: Prophecy: These Changes Need to Happen



[Headlines added 3/18/09]


Monday 10 / 11 / 99 - 7:02 a.m.

D: An incredibly, incredibly long-winded dream here, but it was simple enough in structure that I can remember the whole thing.

Stick the money down, stick the money down. Conventional is faster, and money will get war bucks.

[11/17: This statement is still open to interpretation. I feel that it is possibly talking about the idea that the elite may decide to create a war for financial reasons. Perhaps the situation with Russia and Chechnya could be on example.]

[3/18/09: 9/11 satisfied this prophecy... as many other readings alluded to.] 


D: There was some military element to all of this.

My wife and I planned a strike together against the massive impositions now in place.

[11/17: This seems to be a statement from the "Father-Mother God" that these warlike actions will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly, as we have seen in these readings elsewhere.]


D: Bathroom, water and proper positioning.



Indeed, all that will be respected as new and important for change will have quite a dramatic alteration from that which is seen as being important now.

In this dream, we can see the seeds for this change and how they admit themselves in a variety of different contexts.

[11/17: I seem to have forgotten some crucial dream details below. It is unclear how this dream had to do with the military.]


D: Let's go ahead and dictate the rest of the dream and get that done.

Henry Kissinger wants to have it all to himself, but we have other plans. That is important. You will see what we mean soon enough.

[11/17: A very, very direct statement indeed. Many consider Kissinger to be the real King of the World in the unacknowledged "black government" that is in charge of the media / corporate / political / military hierarchy.]

[3/18/09: Since these readings seem geared to the present, I think 'soon enough' refers to our much more immediate future at this time -- since these readings were basically unreadable and unsearchable on my website since 2005.] 


D: I got wind from someone that there was going to be a concert held at Proctor's Theatre, our small to mid-sized hometown theater in Schenectady, New York. This concert was huge! It was almost as big as a rock concert in terms of the number of people coming in.

So, my mother and brother and I went there, and we were essentially hoping that we would be able to score a ticket.

Now it is important to say that before we got there, we were not exactly sure of what this was going to be. But once we got inside, it essentially became a rock and blues concert.

[11/17: It is important to note here that my father is a rock and blues journalist and concert promoter, and my mother was coming with me. So, the concept of the Heavenly Father / Mother God could be part of what this is about.

And also, we are well aware that the metaphor of musical performance has to do with the spiritual path, and the great work that myself and many others are now involved with as we prepare for Ascension.]


It seemed like we weren't going to get in when we first came to the ticket counter. The person was playing a game as though all tickets were sold out. Somehow I was able to explain to them that it was very important for me to get in anyway. Even though they said that there was so little room left, I still wanted to find a way in. So, they somehow made an adjustment, and let us go in.

[11/17: The metaphor of getting into the performance at the last minute has been used before, and seems to be about those folks who are just barely going to make it to the Ascension.]


D: I am cueing on the words,

A pittance of money.

D: This is important, because last night I had all my reading for the intake for (a client) and I had written that in at some point. We were discussing the impossibly low wages in the current American corporate system - this client was making very little money at their job.



Earthquakes will be seen again to rise.

The more that we look at it on the moment by moment level, the more you can see that the predicted changes are already occurring, and will greatly accelerate themselves in the coming few months and years.

This is still much less than what had been firmly prophesied before, and that is an important point, one that you need to consider.

[11/17: This statement certainly carries weight since the Oct. 11, 1999 date that it has come in. Since that time, Turkey has had another recent earthquake, a 7.2 on the Richter scale!]


D: I still am not quite sure how we got in, but I remember that I was able to bring in something with me that most people were not supposed to have. It was either a pen or a tape recorder. I know that I had something that was not supposed to be there.

[11/17: This could be about my prophetic ability, and the fact that the events can be recorded in advance, before they actually occur, through this trance contact system. It also could be about observing the activities of the elite through this process, revealing things that they would rather not have anyone know.]


D: So I went in with my mother and we sat down. As it continued to pile up, I realized that all of these people from my high school years were flooding in and filling up all of the seats around me.

So before too much longer, my mother ended up moving further down the aisle somehow, and I got surrounded by people from my high school who I knew, like MC, BW, CL, AS, et cetera. The most interesting part was that JW came and sat down right on my lap. LS was also around too, and she might have sat next to me later on.

[11/17: This could be about the many distractions from our past that can come in and cloud our connections with our own Cosmic Mother.]


D: So, I had my time with JW on my lap, and it was pretty exciting -- she looked very beautiful. She did always wear a lot of makeup, I remember that.

Now during all of this, I remember that M, who was one of my RA's while I was a senior in college, was on stage. He was singing "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin, but he conveniently managed to skip all the high-pitched singing parts and only sang through the parts that were easy to do.

[11/17: The idea of a poor musical performance seems to be about those who are making spiritual efforts on the planet, but fall short of their ideals in doing so. This also seems related to the distractions that we have seen in the dream.]


D: In the middle of all this I see Sabrina. There was a part of me that wanted to attract her attention and get her over to me so that I could just acknowledge her presence. But I already had JW on my lap, so she seemed to avoid me, although not in a mean way.

The surprising thing was that she went several rows up from me to JS W, who was this arch enemy and bully who I had in junior high school. She rubbed his cheek and kissed him on the forehead. That was a surprise.

[11/17: Sabrina generally shows up in my dreams as an angelic presence. And therefore, by overly distracting ourselves with the issues from our past, we crowd out our Mother and send our inner angels packing. It is quite interesting that this inner feminine aspect of myself began acknowledging my arch-enemy from that time period when I was not willing to acknowledge that side within myself.]


D: As she passed me and I tried to catch her attention, she went further up and there was someone else in the crowd behind me who she went to see as well. She seemed to be working some sort of video camera photography for this performance.

[11/17: So, the key point seems to be the need to prepare the self for Ascension by staying focused in the present and in being in contact with the Inner Feminine. This feminine side is indeed keeping track of all developments in the global picture, shown here with the video camera.]


D: I then was going to try to get up to dictate this, and I had this brief little vision where I was trying to shave my face with the electric razor that my grandfather gave me recently. Some of the bristles on my neck and face were very, very long, like my shaving had been very inconsistent.

I was trying to take the razor and trim those longer hairs down. At some point while I was trying to do this, the razor itself just got all gummed up and stuck and wouldn't be able to move. I realized that I was going to need to turn it off or leave it where it was, even though I wasn't finished.

[11/17: Other recent readings have used the metaphor of being properly "washed up" in preparation for Ascension. It is important that we realize the imminent finality of our term in the third dimension, and take care of any remaining issues within ourselves before the moment itself arrives.]


D: And then, as I continued to wake up I thought that I had turned on the recorder, but then I knew that it didn't really happen, because I could tell on some level that I wasn't really awake yet. So then I woke up myself for real.

[Note: Brief personal reading content deleted]



The firing of these concerns from their positions means that once you have turned over your control to the police officer who speaks from England, then you never really have to wait again for another opportunity to be usurped by these forces.

And so, we do want you to think about the deliberate misnomer that is created when all those around you are capable of creating change for the simple reason that it is much easier to do so than to allow the hypocrisy to continue.

[11/17: Although the metaphor is veiled, I believe that the reference to the "police officer from England" has to do with the fact that England is the true center of the unacknowledged governing elite behind the scenes.]



In this case, the judge, jury and executioner are one. This must stop. There needs to be more balance, more egalitarian flow between the various parties and / or branches of government.



David, you yourself are aware that the idealized version of government of the American country that was taught to you in your social studies class now has very little bearing on reality of how things are done.

It is money that runs politics.

[tape ends]

D: We are continuing a dictation.



When you stop the flow of capital to those business partners in question, you do then see how it is that the rude processes of governmental control are ceased.

We do understand that the idea of such an economic collapse and systems going boom in the night must seem to be very threatening to you.

The entire [American] colonial market structure will have to be rekindled -- in the face of so much that you now have going away.

This is partially in reference to the continuing conversation between David and [a friend of his,] which had its moments yesterday morning.

[11/17: This conversation did get quite intense, almost like an argument. Many people have a very hard time understanding how social collapse can have any beneficial effects, and some of my long-term friends really do not understand it very well.]



Regardless of where I was, there were always the entities or souls who continued to get over on me in the directly physical sense.

There are changes which I have sought to implement for a long period of time, and this does not fundamentally alter the essential nature of the work that has been done. It just means that the proper situations had to be made manifest in order that these circumstances be brought about.

[11/17: It seems that the "I" that is speaking here could either be Archangel Michael or Jesus the Christ.]



And so, when you look at this through the objective lens of true reality, as opposed to needless hardship, you can indeed see what we are doing.

We are working very actively to preserve your planet in order that your own self-defeating materialistic corporate structures do not completely destroy what you have.

You are now realizing that the processes of environmental devastation are so rapidly advancing that it will indeed drive you to extinction yourselves if you were not to have outside help.

And thus, a valiant service is being provided to you by aiding in this process.



We understand and acknowledge that as you, the reader of these words, pause to internalize these messages, you may feel that the pen with which we write is more like a syringe that will pierce the skin and cause extreme pain even as the necessary medicine is going in.

What we want you to see is a different angle -- and let us use this as our example.

The vast, vast majority of entities on your plane are simply not capable of dealing with the truth.

David discovered this yesterday in a very spherical way by having his discussion with [a friend] about this topic.



The simple fact of the matter is that to the vast majority of entities upon your plane, the ideas behind environmental destruction and sociological collapse are so profound and all-encompassing that they cannot allow themselves to think about it. They have to relegate it to some dark corner of the mind in order to overcome its influences.

Now on the other hand, you have to envision what it is like for us in the higher realms.

We can work on both sides of the fence, seeing things from your perspective as well as working on a level that you do not now understand.

We must recognize that when you are talking about problems such as these, you are talking about a situation where there are those who work on the spiritual levels, so to speak, who must aid and assist you in any way possible.

In short, we are your guardians, and our mission and purpose is to make sure that no matter what you do, you will be protected in the grander scheme of things.



Your current economic, political corporate structures are so inherently self-serving and backwards that drastic changes are indeed necessary to occur.

It is similar to a schoolteacher looking at a student's recent final exam paper and declaring a failing grade, with an opportunity for a retake.

The student must then retreat from school to his house, where he can then study the information in greater detail until a deeper level of knowledge is then retained. At this time, he may go back and try the final exam again, hoping to score more appropriately.



Ideally, what we want is for these changes to become as painless for you as possible. However, we know that the realities are different.

We do understand and are not denying the fact that this will cause extreme economic hardship for some, and extreme opportunity for others, also in a negative sense.

What we do want you to be aware of is that there are more people on the planet than Americans. And we are not speaking to those in foreign countries now, but to those in America who represent the vast majority of our readership at this time.

You need to become aware of the fact that these changes will affect you, and they will affect your working poor most dramatically. However, there is an entire continent, namely that of Africa, where there are people starving and dying from AIDS-related illnesses in massive numbers. You are not somehow exclusive from the rest of the world in this manner.

[11/17: I think that this statement, which is buffered by the next paragraph, serves to remind us that we must consider ALL people on this planet as equals to us, and not blind ourselves to the tremendous suffering that is occurring throughout the vast majority of the non-Western world.]



We are not saber-rattling here, merely wanting you to think about these issues from a perspective of clean, unfiltered truth.

The discord that is being sown on the planet right now is far worse in those countries affected by the American-based multinational corporate structure than you could ever imagine.

It is the third-world countries who are being bought and sold like poker chips that are paying the highest price, and whose people are starving and living in desperate conditions.

We do understand that the economic changes that we speak of will cause many great problems, but many great problems exist now, and this is the majority of people whom we are speaking about.



One argument that was raised in David's recent conversation was that the person enjoyed the conveniences of modern society, and did not want to see those conveniences taken away; that life would be a rather dull and boring place if it were not for all of these wonderful niceties that you now have.

The idea of losing the "junk food supply" seemed too overwhelming at that time.

On that topic, we have a few words to say as well.

The most important thing we can do is to sow the seeds of change.

Your frequency increase must be navigated through, and this demands your vigilance and respect.



You do need to be very aware, on the deepest possible levels of your being, that we are not at all kidding you when we say that 75,000 or more years of your time are reaching their point of completion. Indeed, the three major cycles with which humanity has had time to explore materiality in the third dimension are very, very rapidly approaching their close.

It is at this time that if anything is to happen, it must happen.

It is this time which is more important than any other.



We know that you have difficulty understanding how a subconsciously-held agenda can seem to be more important than a consciously held one.

However, you must also keep firmly in mind the idea that the changes that we speak of are the most gentle and the most glorious chiropractic adjustments that we can make to help you through this period of transformation without major incidents.

This series of events will force people to work together in a way that has not been done since the Great Depression.

It will bring about and foster a new sense of community living, and a new understanding of how people can interrelate with each other on a directly local level, instead of the much more federalized and internationalized forms of government that are now seen.



Take a moment to reflect on these concerns, and recognize the degree of power that we do have to cessate those concerns that plague your world at this time. Do not ever forget that we have the capabilities to produce this Utopian realm of majesty on your planet for you.

Or, even more importantly, YOU have the ability to produce this. We are merely the catalysts for your own change.

You will be able to find yourselves walking and interacting in a world that is so much different and so much more enlightened than the one which you are now in that it would literally boggle your mind to conceive of it.



Since we don't want to bore or upset you, we won't continue this particular reading much longer.

The point that we wish to express is the fact that you do need to realize that a great deal of objective thought and subjective analysis has gone into this current design.

It is obviously much less severe than the repertoire that could have been used earlier, with regards to land subsidence and the like.

We will be working on a variety of levels to insure that as little chaos as possible is created.



We cannot guarantee that those weakest elements of American society, in terms of financial income, will not be adversely affected.

But, the more important point is that those who have such great levels of material wealth in the here and now will be forced to make adaptations that are far more serious in their own terms.

There will be a great deal of humility in this new world, as all will learn to understand that their actions need to be reconsidered if they are to be of an appropriate nature for the continued survival of the human species.



We do understand that this can trigger a defensive reaction and lead to confrontations about the validity of this source and its information.

We also want you to see that on the subconscious level, all of you are desperately praying for any possible solution that can change what is going on. And, for many of you it is on the directly conscious level as well.



See this as an important turning point. Your social structures cannot continue as they are now. You may like them as they are, but you cannot like the idea of a planet that is dead.

That is the bottom line. These changes have to happen if any of you were to survive.

If we did not do this for you, then you would indeed believe that God was dead, and did not care about you, when the resultant effects of your continued materialistic structures reap their harvest.



The harvest that we sow is one of positive social change and transformation into the fourth density. We want you to understand this, so that you do not slip or slide but merely remain focused on the goal.

Seek within yourself to end the apocalypses that you have created in your own life.

Seek to overcome self-indulgent habit patterns and destructive Ego-centered behaviors.

Seek to strive ever forward for the promises of a new tomorrow, now made today by their simple manifestations into physical view.



Know and understand that in our heart of hearts, we only want the best for you.

We are prepared to do everything within our power to see to it that your social changes occur as painlessly as possible.

Those who need to experience great collapse of their overinflated wealth will have that opportunity.

Those others on the lower end of the income spectrum will certainly endure periods of hardship.

But, the American economy is one of great bounty, and it has enormous potentials to restructure in order to provide its people with the basic necessities for life, such as food, shelter and water.

And thus, it is not as bad as you might think.



Many of the other countries in the world are already much more capable of handling the loss of technology, as there are more traditional structures still in place that will help them. Yours is a different story, but one that is equally potential of a healing in the end.

We do want to remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine.

Do not lose sight of the big picture when you can only focus upon the immediate negatives of the situations that must be created.

Thank you, and Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.


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