Epic, civilization-defining changes are happening at an ever-increasing speed. It’s all heading in a positive direction — even though many people haven’t figured that out yet.
In this radio show, David gives astonishing new insights into what’s really happening right now!
Co-Creator Network Radio Interview
David Wilcock
April 18, 2010
Dr. ROBERT PEASE (RP): Hello everyone and welcome to my show: “Create Your Life By Design.” I’m your host, Robert Pease, and I have a very special guest tonight. I’m very thrilled to have with us tonight: David Wilcock.
And I also want to let you know that we are going to be taking some live-on-air talk so, on the second half of the show [we will] give an opportunity for you to call in at: 512-772-1938.
You can ask David some questions, see what’s going on, and if you’re listening online, of course, all you have to do is click on the Skype button.
So I have a great welcome tonight for David Wilcock, a fascinating gentleman.

He’s a professional lecturer, film maker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy.
He has an upcoming Hollywood film coming out called “Convergence” which unveils the proof that all life on Earth is united in a field of consciousness which affects our minds in fascinating ways.
You can learn more about David on his official Internet site at divinecosmos.com. There are thousands of free pages of scientific and spiritual information about soul growth, ascension, and the evolution of consciousness.
David is also the subject and co-author of the international best seller, “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce”, which explores the remarkable similarities between David and Edgar.
It features many of David’s most inspiring psychic readings, and reveals documented NASA scientific proof of interplanetary climate change, and how it directly impacts our DNA.
He has a new book coming out that he’s been working laboriously on. If you connect with him on his blog, he’ll talk a little bit about that tonight.
He also has an upcoming conference that we’ll discuss a little bit, in Austin, Texas, next weekend April 23 – 25th, which we’ll get him to talk a little more about what that is all about.
So without any further ado, I’d like to welcome David Wilcock to the show. Good evening, David. How are you?

DAVID WILCOCK (DW): I’m doing great. Thanks so much for having me on.
RP: Oh man, you’re more than welcome! It’s great you could come out and be with us here on Sunday night, live on Co-Creator Network.
I’ve just got a thousand things to ask you, but you know what, I’m going to sort of let the ball roll and go for the flow and let you just kind of talk about the stuff you want to talk about.
We’re going to do no interruptions here with any type of commercial break this evening.  
Like I said, the second half of the show, we’re going to invite your fans and people who are interested in your work to call in, and maybe, ask you a few questions. How about that?

DW: This is a maintenance question, but I had a lot of emails of people wanting to know if there’s a way they can access the show after we’ve done it live?
RP: Yes there is. Good maintenance question. After tonight, it’ll go into re-broadcast and archives. Every day this next week it’ll be scheduled on our schedule. If they go to the home page of http://co-creatornetwork.com/  It’ll be scheduled there. It’ll also be in the archive which they can listen to or download and listen to…
DW:  Okay… Great!
RP: They can listen at any time.
DW: Is the archive something they have to subscribe for or can they just get the download as a freebee?
RP: Absolutely; it’s free.
DW: Okay… great.
RP: Co-creator Network is dedicated to just being able to be live on air. It’s a free station; come play, come listen. We have people from all over the world come enjoy this. So yeah, they can just come get this information for free. No problem there.

DW:  Well, that’s a good thing because, you know, when they are free, that means that the reach of whatever I’m going to say is a lot larger.
A lot of people will scoff at something they have to subscribe to, but as we’ve learned with Internet marketing, the trick is to give away 90% of your premium content and then charge for the other 10%.
That’s the only kind of business that’s really thriving anymore in this industry, which is really great. It’s the principal of collective giving and sharing that’s really kind of taken hold. If you don’t follow that, then your business is not going to succeed.
RP: Right. It’s our motto, for sure. The station’s called Co-Creator, and we’re sort of into that concept to begin with just individually on the station.
Then the station itself is to, you know, sort of network and connect with people all over the world, and what can we do to be of service to you, and visa-versa, because it really is the new paradigm for business to survive, for sure.
DW:  Absolutely. Well, let’s go straight down the rabbit-hole and we’ll start from there and then work our way back out into the normal world again.
RP: Okay, I’m ready… let’s dive.

DW: The galaxy is one of the primordial Intelligences that started the universe. There’s a bunch of them, obviously.
They were the original forms of consciousness that separated and decided, “Hey I don’t like the way this is. We’re all One Mind. Everything is so boring. It’s so repetitive and dull.
“Let’s be separated. Let’s go and do our own thing. Let’s decide who we are apart from this Oneness.”
So the galaxy itself is a personality; it’s an Intelligence. This seems to baffle most peoples’ minds, because we’re not used to thinking of stars and planets as actually having intelligence and sentience.

One of the most bizarre scientific findings that I talk about in my work is from Dr. James Spottiswoode.
He examined over 25 years’ worth of laboratory research into ESP and remote viewing. These were ordinary people who were tested for how psychic they were.
He standardized all their scores, and basically, got a standard graph of how psychic people were at any time of day over this 25-year period.
The data showed that we are the most psychic — it actually increases by up to 400% — when we are directly in opposition with the center of the galaxy in our position on Earth.
So our actual position in the galaxy is having this 400% increase in our higher cognition ability. That is a very compelling argument to suggest that, in fact, our consciousness is somehow in a reciprocal relationship with our galactic position.

When you start looking at the fossil record, you encounter some very phenomenal results that not too many people know about.
It goes back to the late 1970s with two University of Chicago palaeontologists named David Raup and James Sepkoski.
They compiled a collection of marine fossils that comprised some 3,300 different genres. And within each of those genres, there’s many, many different species. So this is the most exhaustive fossil record that’s ever been made.
They had a problem with the fossil record when they started to look at it. They thought there had to be some kind of mistake.
This only inspired them to go further and further with it. They kept trying and trying and trying, but the mistake only got more pronounced as they kept looking.
Well, obviously, what’s the “mistake?”
The mistake is that there’s a 26-million-year cycle.
The little critters in the ocean would basically not have any morphological changes in their structure or their behaviour, and then, all of a sudden, after 26-million years, boom! Everything suddenly evolves into a new form of life.
Then more recently you have Dr. Richard Muller and Dr. Robert Rohde. They studied the same body of data and found another cycle.
Raup and Sepkoski’s cycle only goes back 250 million years, and then it stops. This cycle goes all the way back to the beginning of the entire collection – 542 million years ago.
And, if you go that far back, they find an even longer cycle, which is 62 million years in length. [ http://muller.lbl.gov/papers/Rohde-Muller-Nature.pdf ]
So this is where is becomes really, really baffling.

Many scientists have concluded that the orbit of the galaxy is roughly 250 million years long.
If you shave it down just a little bit to 248 million years, then now the 62-million-year cycle is exactly one quarter of the time it takes us to rotate around the galaxy center.
Well, one quarter, of course, is a square. if you chop the circle of our orbit into quarters, and connect the dots, you get a square.
We see this geometry all over the place. This is not just something that appears in terms of the pattern of evolution in the fossil record.
I also make the argument that the 26-million-year cycle is closer to 25, and if that were true, then there’s ten of them for a 250-million-year orbital cycle of the galaxy.
A geometry with ten equally-spaced nodes along the equator is one of the basic forms we’ve identified in our investigation – called the icosahedron.
So what you’re seeing is that four-sided geometry is actually… if you can think about two Egyptian pyramids base-to-base, they actually form what most people would think of as diamond-shaped objects. It’s going to have four corners around the equator.
If you stuck it inside a sphere and then you looked at the points that it would appear on the equator, if you had these pyramids base-to-base that look like a diamond shape, there’re going to be four equally-spaced nodes along the equator.
And so, sure enough, those ten nodes in the icosahedron are kind of up and down. None of them are right on the equator; they’re all about, I forget what the exact number of degrees. I think it’s 30 degrees above and below the equator, roughly speaking. 
As we go through the galaxy, our whole solar system is actually see-sawing up and down. They calculate that it’s about 64 million years long, which is very close to the 62-million-year cycle in the fossil record.
So, that 64-million-year see-sawing has actually been proposed by some scientists as an explanation for why we see this cyclical evolution in the fossil record.
Well, here’s the deal.

We’ve gone in and we’ve found out that Russian scientists, such as Dr. Peter Gariaev, can take the eggs from a salamander, shine a laser through them and redirect that laser light with all the salamander DNA in it, whatever that frequency is, into frog eggs.
The frog eggs actually recombine their DNA… their whole genetic material metamorphoses into salamander DNA.
And what you now have is a salamander that has been transformed out of frog eggs using the raw material in the frog eggs. That species then has no reference-point to a frog whatsoever.
It completely and totally behaves like a salamander in every way. There’s no sign of it ever having been a frog at all. It can breed with other salamanders and they can have babies, and those babies are salamanders.
So what this proposes, really, is we now have a way to argue that the DNA can be retooled from one form into another energetically. What we’re seeing, is of course, that there are these even cycles of time in which this appears to be happening in the galaxy.
So that gives us reason to believe that human life of Earth is not some random accident.

One of the two co-discoverers of the DNA molecule, Dr. Francis Crick, actually conducted a study with Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe, the guy who’s talking about Panspermia Theory.
They basically came to the conclusion that all of this dust that you see around us in the galaxy, if you look at the light signature that it gives off, is very similar, if not identical, to bacteria.
So they said that in the future it will be common knowledge to everyone that life is as plentiful and abundant as any other type of substance in the universe. It’s completely common to see it.
So, when you start to see the geometry that is actually underlying quantum mechanics, that’s another big secret. The same geometry I’m talking about that affects us as we go through the galaxy can also be seen.

Of course, on the Earth, there’s the global grid, which is a hypothetical grid of twelve nodes that was originally discovered by Dr. Ivan T Sanderson in the late 1960s.
He published about it in 1971 in a paper called “The Twelve Devil’s Graveyards Around The World” in Argosy Magazine.
What he found ties in with all this geometry very nicely.
He found that if you look for things like disappearances of ships on the oceans, or airplanes through the air, through all known aviation and marine history, they all clustered into twelve key spots around the world.
What’s weird is that these twelve spots are totally equidistant from each other. They’re all in a precise geometric relationship to one another, and that’s the same geometry I was just telling you about.
In this case, it’s the icosahedron once again.

So you have these ten nodes that show up around the equator, like I was saying with the galaxy. The energy field we’re passing through is causing the fossil record to do its thing.
It also shows up on Earth, and if you go near these points at the wrong time of the year at the wrong alignment, you can actually warp out of physical reality entirely.
So obviously, I’ve been doing a lot of research on this stuff. One of the conclusions I’ve come to is that these geometries literally correspond to gateways between space and time.
And to get more specific about it, there are certain cases that don’t happen very often, and when they do happen, they’re usually misinterpreted as if they were UFO sightings.

There are certain cases where gravitation spontaneously transforms into electromagnetism. Now, the reason why that matters, of course, is that when you get a gravity-gate like that, you are now able to draw electrical energy out of gravity.
So, when you create a machine that actually can duplicate this process of essentially creating a gravitational field, you also create seemingly limitless amounts of free energy at the same time.
It’s actually kind of difficult in some cases to design a machine that can generate free energy that isn’t also going to want to lift off the table at the same time that you make it. [laughs]
RP: Right.
DW: So that is actually… that system is what’s powering the interior of the Earth; it’s what’s powering the sun.
The sun, if it was built on a hydrogen explosion model, would consume all of its fuel within about three years. That’s what some scientists have concluded.
The whole idea of how stable the stars are and how they can keep cranking out all this energy — it completely baffles the mind. There’re a lot of mysteries out there.

Getting back to the core premise that I said was the rabbit-hole here: we’re getting back to the idea that the galaxy is actually a sentient being. DNA is plentiful throughout the galaxy – hence the bacteria-like dust you see everywhere.
That evolution on Earth is occurring according to a patterned process which would then imply that the human being, the human design, is certainly not the result of a bunch of stupid random mutations that happened once in a universe on this planet.
They are, in fact, very abundant. Human life is the common thread that links the galaxy together.

That’s what is said in the Law of One, which is a source of revealed teachings that came out in the early ’80s. I refer to it very highly and lovingly, because of how well it correlates with a lot of real scientific data that I’ve found.
Actually there’s a surprising percentage throughout the entire universe of galaxies that actually design the human body pretty much like ours – as the vehicle through which everyone who incarnates on the planets around stars will have.
The Law of One has actually correlated very well with a variety of insider testimonies I’ve gathered on a firsthand basis.
I’ve had a lot of people who have given me information, and one of the ways in which I can assess that information is by comparing it to the body of what other credible people have said before.
When I start finding people who have a lot of connections and they keep saying the same stuff, and then they also give new information, which, unbeknownst to them, correlates with what’s in this Law of One material, I find a narrative through-line.

The Law of One material is hyper-complex. There’s untold numbers of very specific data-points to remember over the course of five books to read.
Time and time again, everything that’s said in there has [been] proven accurate through actual whistleblower testimony… the people that are getting their hands dirty in this stuff.
And so the Law of One does say that our galaxy is a personality; it does have a consciousness, and it expresses its consciousness in the form of the human body.

It has set up a series of archetypes – or, essentially, patterns of evolution in consciousness — and these archetypes represent experiences that all of us have to go through as we evolve. [ http://www.lawofone.info/ ]
Interestingly enough, this archetypal pattern is written into almost every Hollywood movie that you’ve ever seen; every television show that you’ve ever seen. It all uses this archetypal pattern.
Joseph Campbell did a lot of research into it. He called it “the Hero’s Journey.” So the Hero’s Journey represents a series of experiences that we have that involves our evolution of consciousness.
So, our galaxy’s pattern of evolution of consciousness involves a hero, a character, which could be male or female, who starts out with some flaws, some personal weaknesses.
That’s very important when you write a screenplay that your hero has flaws that you identify easily in the beginning.
Then the course of any movie or any television plot is going to involve the hero having to come up against those flaws and solve those flaws.
Ultimately, he must either be destroyed by them or resolve them as a result of some sort of quest he is drawn into, which is a very deeply primal need that will be satisfied in the quest.

So, in a romantic comedy, it’s going to be a love interest. In an action movie, it usually is some sort of vengeance where there’s been some sort of wrong that’s been done and they want to seek to right the wrong.
In a fantasy, it can be a quest for truth, it can be a quest for spiritual consciousness.
It doesn’t really matter what the quest is. What matters is that the quest is some sort of deeply primal need that would be satisfied.
Then the bulk of the story is this progressive series of initiations that the hero has to go through in order to pursue this goal with the quest.
There will also be a nemesis character in the quest, which actually represents the hero’s ego when it’s distorted into its most grotesque form.
So if you have these flaws that are basically tearing you apart and holding you down, the hero character is going to experience a nemesis. It’s going to experience a villain in which those flaws are now exaggerated even further into their most disgusting extreme.
The hero then has to clash with this nemesis and that clash is what most of the struggles are about.
Usually in action films and so forth, the villain is actually a person. Sometimes in romantic comedies the nemesis is distilled into the hero himself or herself.
Or you can also have the love interest be the nemesis and be the quest at the same time, in what they call a “shape-shifter” role – where they will actually shape-shift between those different archetypes.

So the nemesis is the projection of the shadow. It’s all the unhealed stuff that we haven’t dealt with.
We clash with the nemesis in order to heal ourselves in order to decide within our own being whether what we are is this person, this villain, or not.
The villain basically shows us, “Wow do you really want to go this way? Do you really want to be this kind of person?”
Ultimately, in most of the stories, we achieve triumph. We defeat the villain, and in so doing, in the purest archetypal sense, we then achieve illumination.
This, of course, has been grossly distorted by people calling themselves “Illuminati” — those who have been illuminated.
But in the purest sense, this revealing of truth is a direct conduit to the personality and the intelligence of the galaxy.

When you tap into the intelligence of the galaxy, you’re tapping into mysticism. You’re tapping into Omniscient Intelligence. You’re tapping into what many people call Ageless Wisdom, or Direct Knowing.
At that point, when you’re into Direct Knowing, you have questions that you may have been pondering for quite some time – you have problems in your life, whatever, and they will be almost be effortlessly answered.

You begin to have a direct linkage to what we call your Higher Self, which is an aspect of yourself that actually exists far in the future in terms of linear time.
But, since time doesn’t really have any fundamental nature, in truth, it’s only another construct that we use to experience our linear existence. Time actually can be bent. It can be navigated around and it doesn’t have to be linear.
So this part of yourself that exists in the future is actually travelling back in time, and it’s giving you all these signposts to evolve.
It’s giving you dreams; it’s giving you synchronicity; it’s getting you to meet certain people at the right time, the right place.
You end up being guided through a progressive continuum of experiences that, ultimately, lead to becoming that person that is your Higher Self.

So if you think about it like the folds of an accordion, the goal of the Higher Self is to see that each of these pleated folds on your time-line are met.
Like an accordion, it could be stretched out really long where there’s a lot of linear time in between each one of these growth points that you reach.
Or, it could be compressed, it could be folded up, so that you actually experience these personality shifts much faster than you would otherwise.
Now, the goal of the Higher Self, of course, is to compress the amount of actual time required to get to that point where the Higher Self is – and this can actually be done.
Linear time in terms of the progression of how you get to that Higher Self is not fixed. It can happen faster, or it can happen slower, and if it happens faster, you really benefit from that, because you have to suffer a lot less.

One of the key points of the curriculum that this galaxy, this Galactic Mind, has set up for us is that we have to learn through karma.
When we do nice things for other people, nice things happen to us as if by magic. And when we do things that infringe on other peoples’ Free Will, our own freedom will summarily be infringed upon as well.
So, all of this continuum of experience that we are being led through in this Hero’s Journey is now coming to a head. It doesn’t continue on and on and on.

If you go back and look at the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson, here’s a man who is a credible Ph.D. – I believe a psychiatrist.
He went into the Middle East where there’s a lot of commonality, belief in reincarnation, and because the people believe in reincarnation, they didn’t stifle the memories in their children.
And he interviewed over 4,000 cases of children who had stunning recognition of who they were in another lifetime.
There was a little girl who was able to remember the names of 24 different people that she knew in the previous life, and all kinds of specific detail about who they were, and what kind of relationships they had to each other, and so forth.
And it turned out that, although she’d never met any of these people in this life, every one, every single name she gave was correct down to the letter. The relationships were correct down to the letter.
Dr. Ian Stevenson also looked at the faces and compared them to the faces of the people that these children remembered being, and the face matches were astonishing.
There’s also another doctor, Jim Tucker, who has picked up where Dr. Ian Stevenson left off.  
He’s actually used forensic analysis, facial recognition software, to compare these reincarnation cases, and finds that, even in the case of police software that would be used to recognize somebody’s face, these cases match up.
So it could actually be that if you go and commit a crime in your future lifetime, somebody from your past life could be arrested for the crime.
Your face is so similar from one lifetime to another that if you committed a crime in your past life, your facial recognition could associate you with that crime in this life. That’s how close it is.

And, of course, as you know I have a stunning recognition face with Edgar Cayce. A lot of the things between his life and mine really line up very nicely. I don’t really dwell on it. I don’t spend most of my time even thinking about it.
I find that people who are overly invested in their personality will actually be distracted from the quest for truth.
One of the biggest traps that people fall into is, as Cayce readings often talk about, the addiction to praise.
I do get a lot of email of people telling me how much they appreciate my work. Honestly, I’ve actually had a lot more success now that I’ve gotten some administrative support and I’m not reading all my emails on an hourly, hourly basis like I used to.
RP: I understand that part. It’s amazing, right?
DW: Yeah.
RP: The amount of emails alone… you can spend your whole day.
If you’re trying to write a new book or do any work, absolutely, that you’re called to do, just dealing with all the technology support that’s needed to really be able to connect with your audience can be very…
You know, it just takes time. It’s good that you’ve got administrative support.
DW: Absolutely.

RP: I just want to also intermit here for a second about the DNA process.
DW: Sure.
RP: We’re talking about how much we’re shifting our consciousness. You’ve talked often about the fact that we’ve gained more systems of information and knowledge in the last few years than we have in the history of what we’ve got recorded.
The evolutionary process is much more evolved today than it was 5,000 years ago. Folks then were more connected to Neanderthals than they are to present modern man or woman.
This DNA shifting that’s going on, is this part of the resource information that is coming out, where we’re getting to access about 2012, and what we call the “Sacred Tree”, the center of the galaxy…
The information that’s coming out, is it shifting our DNA so that we’re actually becoming more conscious simply because of the alignment of the planetary systems in the galaxy?
DW: That’s where the argument ends up going.

I looked at one of my emails the other day and it was this girlfriend of a guy who was really into my work. She was quite nasty, and basically said there was nothing scientific in my presentation.
There’s a video I put out called “2012 Enigma” that has a lot of material that is kind of questionable in its accuracy, because you can’t really prove it’s true.
But what I’m doing now…
RP: [laughing]. Yet, yet. Yeah it takes time. The proof is in the pudding, right? The proof is in the pudding, and the pudding has to be made first.
DW: So because of all these naysayers… I had no idea. You’ve got to understand, I edited together “2012 Enigma” in about a month of work. It really didn’t take that long.
I had to learn the video software and everything, and I got it out there… never thinking that it would become the defining standard by which all my other work was judged.
I actually considered “2012 Enigma” to basically be disposable material. It was material that was interesting, but it couldn’t really be proven and it didn’t impact any of the stuff that I normally talked about in my conferences.
Therefore I would just release it and let it go out there, because it didn’t actually infringe on most the stuff that I thought was the really jazzy data that I had.

So now, we’re within probably one week of releasing our new video called “2012 Event Horizon”, in which all of the stuff that you just mentioned about DNA is going to be discussed.
It’s going to be out there in video form, so people can watch it and understand.
This is not something that we channelled. This is not something that comes out of the Bible. This is not something that comes of Zoroastrian or Chaldean, or Egyptian, or whatever other prophecies you want to look at.
Even though you can find it all in those sources, and it’s all very easily correlated with one another, which is part of what I’m doing in my book, you don’t need that stuff. All you need to do is to look at the fossil record.

For example, you mentioned the work of Dr. John Hawks, an anthropologist who studied the DNA from various samples that were available to him.
He saw that certain markers, certain genetic markers, most of which he was able to trace, were related to disease resistance and how effectively we thwart various microbial threats.
From that he was able to find these little sequences on the DNA and see how various viruses were taking over people and killing them in history, going back more than 5,000 years.
What he found was, as you said, that the people from 3,000 BC — about 5,000 years ago — are genetically more similar to Neanderthals than they are to modern humans.
We actually have undergone such a remarkable DNA genetic shift that he’s estimating that there’s been a 100-times increase in the amount of genetic change in that time.
RP: It’s phenomenal numbers at this point. And it’s happening…
DW: It’s unbelievable.

RP: They’re measuring it annually now. They’re actually measuring IQs and systems of information within children…
DW: Yeah. That’s the Flynn Effect. That’s right.
You can look at peoples’ IQ scores, and every decade or so, they have to readjust what the average IQ is.
You have to make everybody less smart by 3 points, because otherwise, everybody is getting so smart that 100 IQ is no longer average. That’s what it’s supposed to be; 100 is supposed to be the standard deviation.
That means you’re going to have X number of people that are going to have an IQ of 90, and 80, and 70. That actually represents a lot of the developmentally disabled population, because they have to skew the curve.
You know, I worked for two years in that population. I worked with people who were around 70 IQ, 60 IQ.
There’s also a category of Severe/Profound that go down around 50 or 40. At that point they’re typically nonverbal and non-ambulatory, meaning they don’t walk.

RP: The research is showing… the research is shifting us. The research is showing the value of the information that you say.
A lot of the information that you report has yet been validated scientifically, simply because we have so many systems of information.
We’re getting so much information, so much faster than we’re actually able to organize the information, to be able to analyze it out and say, “Here’s what it means.” You know, it’s coming…
DW: Right, my friend, but that’s also the trap. People think this is being caused by that flood of information. But it’s actually occurring in non-literate cultures as well. I just want to make that clear.
They’re actually finding non-literate cultures are also having these IQ spikes. The most significant increases in human performance are not in literacy — they’re in symbolic, abstract thinking… creativity… which is not related to literacy at all.
RP: Absolutely. That’s why I brought that up. I wanted to add that on about the abstract thinking.

David, I don’t want to run out of time here. There’re a million things to talk about and this is a fascinating part of it.
I know that our listeners are out there wondering, wanting to know what your information or your take is on what is going on with European Space Agency.
The ESA is planning to announce that Phobos has an ET base.
There is Disclosure going on. You’ve been talking about how we’re going to be getting more Disclosure as more information is going to be revealed.
And here it is – here’s something new popping up. So would you like to talk about that for a minute, because it’s fascinating!
DW: Yeah, I’ve really, really had my nose to the grindstone on this book. I’ve made so many phenomenal breakthroughs and discoveries.
It’s literally made everything else I’ve discussed before obsolete. I’m over halfway finished with the book now, and it’s going phenomenally well.
It would have taken basically an act of God to get me not to keep working on it, and that’s actually what happened.

RP: You’re talking about the book “2012 Enigma”?
DW: Yeah! [laughs]
RP: [laughing]. I saw your blog. It’s, like, “Woe is me; oh my God, what I’m going through on this”. I appreciate it.
DW: I know. I must admit I am as close to being overwhelmed as you can be, but I’m functional. I’m still doing it.
In fact, I was even guided to learn guitar by my Higher Self, and I’ve never… I’m a jazz drummer.
I’m pretty much virtuoso. I can play really flashy, amazing drum solos, but I never got into any other instruments besides Native American flute, which I’m also really good at.

I was guided to play guitar, right around the time last year that I wrote “Disclosure Endgame”.
So I was alternating between working on the book and learning guitar, and I really picked up guitar amazingly fast.
I was able to do all the major, minor, dominant 7ths, diminished 7th chords — all that stuff. I nailed them, like, within a month and could play them pretty easily.
But I’ve had to completely drop the guitar because I’m now past my deadline. I was supposed to have the book done by March 1st, so I’m not even playing guitar at all. I’m just working on this book all the time.

But then these emails start coming in and people are… I mean, everybody was emailing me and saying, “Richard Hoagland, Richard Hoagland, Richard Hoagland”, like what’s going on?
It turns out that he now has been contacted by more than one scientist from European Space Agency. They sent a little space probe called MARSIS around the moon, Phobos, and they did it in a 360-degree orbit, kind of like a sphere.
They traced it out in multiple loops and basically shot this high-powered beam at it, which is similar to ground-penetrating radar.
They now have a complete three-dimensional, computer-animated diagram that you can zoom in and out of and look at. You see what’s on the outside of Phobos and what’s on the inside of Phobos.
What they see on the inside is basically cubical rooms that, in some cases, are a quarter of a mile in diameter, and in other cases, are up to a half-mile in diameter.
It is absolutely, unequivocally, 125-million-percent artificial inside. The really juicy part is that they are now ready to announce this to the world.

Given the fact that Hoagland has been a very staunch supporter of the Obama administration, he has pointed out a lot of things that most people are not looking at.
I have not been ashamed to point out the positive aspects of the Obama administration. Other than Hoagland and me, show me one other person who’s got any type of metaphysical or abstract knowledge like this who’s doing that… I don’t see any at all!
An incredible number of people have been taken in by the New World Order’s anti-Obama propaganda, which is being churned out in relentless amounts in both mainstream and alternative conspiracy media. Untold millions of dollars are being spent on this.
Almost everyone who researches these things seems to have fallen for it, even in spite of increasingly obvious evidence that Obama is not doing what the oil industry, the bankers and the military-industrial complex want.
Well, that’s not true, that’s not true. There are a few people doing intuitive readings.
There’s Mike Quinsey, who channels SaLuSa [SaLuSa Sirian Update]; there’s Blossom Goodchild; there’s Messages from Matthew by Suzanne Ward.
All three of them have over time aligned with things that I’ve said or corroborated things that I’ve said. So it’s not 100 percent unequivocal thumbs-down across the Internet. There are a few examples.

The point is this: I had dreams well before he ever won the election… this goes back to February 2008… showing me that he was working for the positive.
Some of the raw material on the “2012 Enigma” video was deleted because the microphone was overloading, and it sounds like I’m talking in a kazoo.
In those sections, I was describing dreams that I had about Obama, where he takes on these big bankers. In the dream they were actually portrayed as these gigantic hogs that were, literally, like 25 feet long, demonic and terrifying.
I was actually working with Obama to repatriate this food that the pigs were guarding and get it out to the people.
Actually, in the dream it was chicken breasts. There was an opportunity to feed many people, but these hogs were jealously guarding the food. It was terrifying. But we did it together.
[This food represents spiritual enlightenment – the meat of a flying bird. This change would occur by people learning more about UFOs, for example.]

So I’ve been out there and I cannot tell you… I have taken so many hate mails and so much viciousness over simply expressing an opinion that’s different than what most people think. 
Finally… FINALLY [laughs] as of this week, I have been vindicated. Obama has blatantly put out an email that says that he will not tolerate any more bank bail-outs.
He wants to go directly for the jugular of Wall Street. He’s now saying that nothing has been changed. Without saying it in so many words, he’s basically saying that they lied to him and betrayed him, which is true.
He was lied to. He didn’t realize what these bail-outs were really going to do.
He didn’t realize that all they really were doing was facilitating more theft and perpetuating the problem. Now he’s going right after them.

At the same time, the SEC goes after Goldman Sachs. If you’ve read “Rolling Stone”, if you’ve done your homework, you know what’s going on.
All these funky terms that people use, you know, like Big Brother, or the Banker Bastards, or the Illuminati, or the New World Order, or the Shadow Establishment — whatever you want to call them — there’s a name you can put on that.
The name is Goldman Sachs.
The article by Matt Taibbi from “Rolling Stone” very effectively points out that Goldman Sachs has been behind every major boom-and-bust cycle in this perverted collusion they have with the Federal Reserve bankers.
It’s all basically the same guys manipulating the economy like a marionette. [http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/;kw=[3351,11459]]

And so, when I see Obama make this announcement by email, and he goes after Goldman Sachs via the SEC on the same day, I was thrilled.
And then on the front page of the Drudge Report, the only thing the Republican smear campaign can do is whine about the fact that Obama is “abusing power”.
They pointed out the mysterious correlation between the SEC filing and his little letter about wanting to seek reform at the same time.
That’s all they’ve got left. They just whine and say, “Oh well, he’s abusing his power”.
Well, I don’t think anybody’s got a bleeding heart for Wall Street right now. I don’t think anybody is going to be too sorry to see Goldman Sachs or the Federal Reserve get taken down.
RP: We’re energetically sympathetic to the shift and the change. People who are even on the other side of that coin have been pillaged by the banking system in this country.
DW: Absolutely.
RP: They’ve lost their constituency also.
DW: The only people who are going to defend this system anymore are the people that still profit off of it.

The system is so disproportionately organized. In the 1950s, you could have a guy that had a job, and his wife could stay at home and actually raise their children instead of putting them in daycare. That all went down the toilet.
And then when Kennedy got shot, basically the message was, “Don’t f…in go there. Don’t come after us, don’t question anything.
“We’re going to tell you that it was one stray bullet that went zig – zig – zig in all these different directions. Don’t question the truth. Don’t look at the man behind the curtain.”
Same thing with 9/11. The idea was supposed to be, “If you question us, we’re going to take you down.”
So actually, the group that’s behind all this does have some exotic technology which includes energetic mechanisms, some of which are based on the HAARP, some of which are based on satellite technology.
There’re some other things they have as well, which I would not want to talk about, but…
RP: Just a second, David’s talking about the HAARP. You can go look it up on the websites and learn more about the technology that the governments are using to do the testing on the tectonic plates on the planet. Very interesting stuff.

DW: If you go back to Richard Hoagland and you look at this geometry that appears in the Earth, one of the most basic ones is the tetrahedron. It’s a three-sided pyramid, a pyramid with a triangular base. 
You see it in planets. Nodes appear… little points of geometric alignment on a planet that are 19.5 degrees above or below the equator, depending on whether the tetrahedron is top or bottom to the North or South Pole.
Those nodes appear on gas planets as giant cyclones. The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is right on 19.5; the Great Dark Spot on Neptune is at 19.5.
Sunspots don’t go below 19.5 or above 19.5 on the sun. There are cloud bands at 19.5 on Saturn. All the gas planets do it.
If you look at a solid planet, you get volcanoes. The Hawaiian Island chain is on 19.5 on Earth. That’s a huge volcano.
If you look over on Mars, you got Olympus Mons, a mountain that’s three times the height of Mount Everest; it’s enormous. It’s all a volcano.
So volcanoes are related to this mysterious geometry.

As I said earlier, if you look at these 12 points on the grid, there are warps through space and time. Gravitation turns into electromagnetism. You also get a time-warping effect, and they all occur according to these geometric points.
If you have a technology that can focalize gravitational waves, and focalize the time field – which actually is a field – then you have the opportunity to agitate the Earth’s energy and actually create earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, et cetera.
So there has been a war going on behind the scenes involving the use of earthquake and other types of weaponry for some time because there’re both sides having it.
The Russians have it. The Japanese Yakuza have it. There’s evidence that China may now have it. Definitely the US has a form of it as well, although the Russians seem to have a far more sophisticated version of it.
There was a hurricane that was flying over Florida at one point, in which the cloud pattern had a perfect number 2 shape – the actual number 2 in Arial bold font – rotating inside the eye of the hurricane.
I believe it was Hurricane Wilma, and I have that data-point somewhere, but it’s absolutely perfect.
Then it actually made it onto the front page of the Drudge Report and everything at the time. The video is still actually available on that website as well. When we transcribe this, I’ll dig up that data-point, so you can see it in the transcript.
RP: That would be great, because you know what, as our hour comes to an end tonight, I’m going to invite you back to join me.
You come back and play with me again and come talk to me and spend some time on my show and let’s go over some more of these key points, and the fascinating stuff that you have to talk about.
DW: Sure!

RP: I want you to share all that, so we’re going to create a new friendship and a relationship. I’m going to see you in Austin, by the way, next week, and I’m going to be up there for your conference, so I’m really looking forward to it.
DW: That sounds great.
RP: On that note, I would like for you to talk a minute, if you will please, about the April 23-25, 2010 Austin Convergence that’s happening at the Hyatt Regency. Is it actually happening inside the hotel?
DW: Yeah, yeah. It’s a gorgeous hotel right in Austin.
All the things I’m talking about right now is just like one little peek under the curtain. The conference goes into much more detail.

Ultimately what we’re dealing with here is a spontaneous energetic transformation in which all the DNA stuff we’ve been talking about is just the prelude to what could literally amount to some sort of profound and sudden evolution of the human species.
It is essentially more like a light-body or an ascension, where the activities that we now associate with Jesus and with great masters and yogis become just as ordinary as breathing and talking.
That’s the world that we seem to be heading into.
I mentioned the “nemesis” a while back. The nemesis character does play out on an archetypical level on the world stage, as these New World Order, Illuminati types — so now we’re seeing them being taken down.

We’re seeing the potential for Disclosure really happening, because you’ve got Buzz Aldrin out there saying there’s a monolith on the moon Phobos around Mars.
Now he’s on Air Force One with Obama. And Obama, when he has a Space Summit on the 15th, says he wants to go to an asteroid and then to Mars.
Well, Phobos is about the size of an asteroid. So it’s all linking up very, very nicely.

Then we see the Iceland volcano going off, which makes air travel over Europe basically impossible. It’s causing 200 million dollars of damage a day just to the airline industry, not to mention all other forms of commerce.
Look at the toys that these guys have. Look at the fact that they’ve used massive earthquakes in Chile and in Haiti in the past to stop major events from happening that were dismantling their financial architecture.
[Now we find out that Halliburton worked on the cement casings of the oil rig just 20 hours before it exploded. Once again, it appears they’re willing to sabotage their own property, and security, just to threaten the world to stop coming after them.
The oil company was British Petroleum, and this is indeed a war between rivalling factions in America and Europe. Despite these despicable acts, they are only causing more damage – they will still be brought down either way.]
It really does seem that what we’re heading into Disclosure, and they’re doing whatever they can with these earthquake weapons to try to stop it.

Now, if the earthquake weapons and the weather weapons don’t work, there is obviously the opportunity for them to try to use actually fake UFOs, to fake an invasion.
I don’t know if that’s ever actually going to happen. There’re a lot of counter-measures that could attack their assets if it did happen.
One of the most important things to remember is that these big flying triangles they have are actually big balloons… they’re not even real. They’re not even really ships. They do have particle beams on them.
The important part I want anybody who’s in the intelligence services of foreign governments to hear is this. I could be getting myself in trouble saying this, but let’s go for it.
These things can be shot down very easily. They’re extremely, extremely weak.
They’re only meant to scare people. They don’t have any real power.
It’s just a thin balloon-like material. If you shoot one rocket-propelled grenade into it, it will blow up. The whole thing explodes and it’s done. They’re basically white elephants.
So, if they ever try that, don’t think it’s an alien invasion; it’s not. They will be vanquished much easier than we think, with actually pretty conventional weapons.
So I don’t think…
RP: But you know what, they’re going to deny that they’re aliens anyway, even if they’re not. [David laughs]
Even if they were, the governments are all going to say, “No, it’s all weather balloons; they all look like aluminum silver, don’t worry about it”. So people are not going to… we’ve bought into the information.

DW: Look… ESA is coming out and saying, “Hey, we’re going to do this. We’re going to go public. We’re going to say that the interior of Phobos is all a bunch of rooms, and there’s furniture and all kinds of stuff in there.”
They’re going to do it. We’re not going to have to wait around. This is being done by Obama. NASA is compromised by the Rockefeller faction by the New World Order; ESA is not.
So we’re finally on the threshold and it’s so amazing to see all this amazing Disclosure stuff happen, and all this amazing taking-down of the New World Order stuff happening simultaneously.
I am sitting talking to you on the radio today, Sunday, April 18, 2010. Every damn thing that I’ve been telling people is going to happen is happening right now. It’s amazing.
So I’m happy to take some time away from my book and let everybody know, “I told you so.” [laughs]

RP: [Laughter] Listen, on the “I told you so” note, we have Judy from Florida on line. You want to take a couple of calls for a second here?
DW: Sure, that’s fine. If you have extra time, I can go a little longer. That’s fine.
RP: Oh good, let’s have a little extra time here because we’re going to still need to talk a little bit more about the Convergence [conference] next week. I want to get into that.
I’ve also got some points I want to bring up about NASA also.
So Judy, are you with us?
JUDY: Yes I am.
RP: You have some questions for David?
JUDY: Yeah, in your article you said that on the dream level, they’re preparing you to do things in your life in a different phase.
I was wondering if you could elaborate what you feel your work is preparing you to go into a different phase with?
DW: Well, that’s a deliciously unpleasant question. Wouldn’t you like to know? [laughs]
RP: [laughs]
JUDY: Yeah, I would.

DW: I can’t really go into detail because if I did, I would look like an egomaniac.
RP: Oh, come on David. Come on, we don’t see you as an egomaniac. We’re all friends here. Let’s do it.
DW: All right. All right. I will give you something very controversial that I have never said before.
Everybody knows that I had a dream about Michael Jackson’s death about three weeks before he died.
The dream was extremely precise. In the dream he was in tears, and he died in my arms – from a heart attack.
In the dream the reason why he died was because he was so terrified of being as public as he was.
We were walking around a giant outdoor concert and there was a big commercial that showed up on the screen.
The commercial was basically showing diagrams of his nose and his plastic surgery. He just started totally freaking out and going into a panic attack.
The thing that was so sad about his death was that after he literally died in my arms, there was this giant gathering.

The gathering had many of the top luminaries in the African-American community, people that are big names, like Reverend Al Sharpton, guys like that. It wasn’t clear whether Obama was a part of this or not.
Basically what had happened was that the negative, financially corrupt forces in the world had decided to give up their control and power – obviously not willingly. They were now preparing to formally hand it over to this new group.
Michael Jackson’s family members were actually part of that new group. Obviously, it’s all analogizing to Obama as well.
So, bottom line here is that there was this massive transfer of power.
Everybody was saying, “It’s such a shame that Michael died when he did. If he lived just a little bit longer, he would have been able to see this massive change in society that’s he’s been working and hoping for all along.”

Now, I get this dream three weeks before he died, but here’s the detail that I omitted. Michael told me, “You’re going to go through the same things I went through. I hope you can handle it better than me.”
By context, it was clear this publicity increase in my own life would come about as this massive transfer of power took place in society.
I’ve had many, many dreams in which I have a highly significant level of publicity in the world.
The best way I deal with it most of the time is ignoring it, because it’s not really going to affect what I do day-by-day very much, other than to just distract me.

But the other thing that was so fascinating was a synchronicity. I was on the phone, on Internet telephone, with Henry Deacon, the top Camelot witness who actually worked with extraterrestrial humans who look just like us – at a base on Mars.
I definitely believe he’s for real. I’ve interrogated him for over 80 hours. I know what I’m talking about here.
We were on the phone that day, and we had had an amazing conversation. As soon as I got off the phone, I found out that Michael Jackson died.
He called me back on the phone, and said it was astonishing that Michael Jackson had died, and yet none of his videos were on the top of Google Video.
He felt it was almost like there was some kind of cover-up; they don’t want his videos to be seen, even though that’s got to be what people are watching.
And then he’s looking at the videos and he goes, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!”
I said, “What’s that?”
And he said, “Did you look at the videos?”
I had just told him the dream, in which Michael Jackson said, “You’re going to be as well known as me. That’s what’s going to happen to you. Hopefully, you’ll do better than I’ve done, because I admit it; I’ve had a lot of trouble with it.”
So then Henry goes, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.”
“What’s that?”
“Did you actually look at what’s on the top video list?”
“No, not really.”
“Go take a look.”
2012 Enigma was the number two on Google’s most viewed at the moment that Michael Jackson died – and for a few hours after he died. And I have proof; I took screen shots.
Then I said, “Oh my God, I don’t want to publish this. People are going to eat me alive. I don’t want to make any prophecy in public about the idea that I might become pretty well known.” I guess it’s the right time.
RP: It’s part of the deal.
We’re going to move on to the next question. Did he help you out, Judy? Did you get a little more information about where he’s going?
JUDY: [silence]
RP: I guess she did!

We’ve got Mason from Minnesota on. Hi, Mason, are you there?
MASON: Hi, I’m there.
RP: Hi. You’ve got a question for David?
MASON: Yeah, there was a data-point in his most recent blog article that I wanted to ask him a little more about.
RP: Well, he’s here… so ask away.
MASON: All right. But the point was on [silence for a few seconds] … ascension. Now, I was kind of curious about what that… like, what more information he had, and if you could go into a bit more detail about that?
RP: Could you repeat that question again? Because there was a kind of a little blackout moment there.
MASON: Okay. He says in his blog that, towards the end of the road, we get to choose whether or not we want to ascend or whether or not we want to stay on the current plane of existence.
I’d like to know if he can go into a bit more detail.
RP: David?
DW: Okay. Yeah, we can do that.

The thing is, nobody really knows what this thing is going to turn into until it actually happens. We really don’t know.
All we know is that worldwide ancient prophecies – and I mean every ancient tradition – had this encoded mystery about a 25,920-year cycle called the Precession of the Equinoxes, which is this slow wobble in the Earth’s axis.
They all describe this cycle. They all describe the coming of great Earth changes at the end of the cycle, and that after that we go into a Golden Age.
And this was worked on by two historians, Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend. Graham Hancock popularized all that, made it so public.
So, Hamlet’s Mill is the name of the book [by Santillana and Dechend]; it’s still out there.
Everybody talks about this precessional cycle.

Well, in the book 2012 Enigma I’m working on right now for Penguin, I have now traced multiple threads that show ancient prophecies all converging on the year 2012 to 2014… in that window.
In Hinduism it’s about 2014, based on some dates in the Mahabharata. But it’s all basically right around the same time.
So the question is: What the heck is going to happen? What is the Golden Age? What are we going to get?
Some of the oldest prophecies actually are from Zoroastrianism. This is some of the new data that I’m going to go into in the Austin Convergence conference.

There’s really, really fascinating stuff in Zoroastrian prophecy. It’s not the typical Judeo-Christian Biblical apocalypse at all.
There’s a prototypical civilization that actually started in what’s now Siberia. They moved from there because there was the coming of the Great Ice Age 12,000 years ago that forced them to leave their land; there was an Earth-shift.
The remnants of that culture are now what we call the Aryan race. And this is, again, going back to Nazi Germany; they knew about this and they blew it all out of proportion.
But the Aryan strain of human being actually is in India. That’s one of the two offshoots.
So all the Hindu stuff in the Mahabharata and all those texts is derived from the ancient Aryans that came from Siberia and then migrated away from there.
Now those ancient Aryans, according to some of the very highly-placed insiders I know, did have portal technology – meaning stargate technology. They had very advanced stuff.
They were in contact with extraterrestrial races, and in some sense, there has been a continuance of this technology and this lineage throughout other offshoots.

But when you go back to the Zoroastrian tradition, they actually describe the coming of a great energy wave that shines through pretty much the whole Earth at once.
Now, one of the things the Zoroastrian prophecy says is very controversial. Those people who are the “righteous”… and you can take that for whatever you want it to mean … will not be affected by it.
They say you definitely feel it, but it’s as if it moves around you. It’s like you’re in the middle of an electrical shower, or something, but you don’t actually feel anything negative.
And it actually does say this – I’m not going to cover up the truth. It does say that the “wicked” are “consumed” by it.

Now, this is really interesting because then when you go into the Hindu tradition, they describe what they call the “Samavartaka Fire.”
Now, remember, the Hindu tradition comes directly out of the Zoroastrian pedigree, the Aryan pedigree… it’s all the same stuff. In fact, in Zoroastrianism the King’s name is Yuma; in Hinduism his name is Yima.
They all talk about the same events, the same stuff. It all traces back to these original archaic texts from 12,000 years ago that they both inherited in either of these two religious strains.
So, in Zoroastrianism, I think they call it the “Purifying Fire.” In Hinduism they call it “Samavartaka” and they basically say the same thing.
They say that it’s the massive light-storm that comes at the end of the Age, and they describe it as if there are electrical properties it seems to have. And there’re multiple references in the Mahabharata to the Samavartaka.
In the other tradition that I had, which was W. Raymond Drake’s Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient East – it’s a book that I had – he called it the “Somvarta Fire.” But that was only a mistranslation.
Now that I’ve found the right name, which is Samavartaka [spells it]… you can do Google searches on that with sacred-texts.com, and you’ll find a whole bunch of references to it.

It seems to also be mirrored in Judeo-Christian prophecy when it says “As the Light shineth from the East unto the West, so too shall the coming of the Son of Man be.”
Well, what the heck does that mean… the Light shining from the East to the West? It’s the Samavartaka Fire – it’s this purifying light.
Now, I believe that when these things are being spoken about that they are metaphorical in nature. I do not believe that the “wicked” are literally “consumed” by it.
But what it does seem happens is that when this light-storm arrives, the people who pass through it, as in these prophecies, no longer are able to see people who have gone into a different plane of existence.
That’s why it appears that they’ve been “consumed”, because they no longer appear to you – you don’t see them anymore.
Now, that’s one potential outcome.

These ancient prophecies are literally saying that the sun gives off some sort of energetic effect.
This is not a cataclysm, by the way, because in Zoroastrianism, they don’t say that it destroys the Earth. They just say that there’s this massive light-change that happens.
So, what does that really mean? It could be that we pop onto different timelines and that we’re in different planes.
The people who are still here on Earth, in our own current plane of existence, think that a small number of people, relatively speaking, have disappeared.
They don’t know what’s happened, but they’re now in a different reality in which there’s going to be UFO Disclosure; they’re going to have Star Trek kinds of things happening to them.
But then there’s other people, when this Samavartaka Fire comes along, who will actually be energetically transformed into a different plane. They all notice each other and they appear to be on the Earth, too, but it’s a different frequency.
So that’s the spontaneous argument.

There are actually also some really enigmatic passages in the Law of One series that suggest this is going to happen. They call it the Three-way Split.
They basically say negative people, like the truly negative, like black magic Illuminati types, go off to what they call Fourth Density Negative.
They have now graduated into the next higher plane of existence that’s based on the use of occult black magic as a pecking-order, basically.
The problem is that no matter how crafty you think you are here on Earth, once you graduate to 4-D Negative, you’re at the bottom of the totem pole.
Everybody else is going to be basically feasting on YOU, so it’s not a good place to be. It’s kind of like being stuck in the horror movie, Hellraiser.
Then you have Fourth Density Positive, which is where the Earth will ultimately go into.
According to the Law of One, it takes about 100 to 700 of our years of time to transition into that reality. This could be a lot of longer in terms of the Earth’s measurement of time, as they think of it, once this change happens.
Then you also have the middle-of-the-road people who are not really Service to Others enough to be Fourth Density Positive, and they’re not really Service to Self enough to be Fourth Density Negative.
They’re basically confused; they oscillate between positive and negative.
Those folks – and it’s taken me long time to kind of put this together – apparently experience an unbroken continuity. They don’t notice, really, that anything’s happened.
Fourth Density Positive people seem to have noticed that they all disappear, but then the people that are in the middle of the road would think that everybody else has disappeared.
There’s a lot of Bible quotes that say this, and that was the conventional model.

Now, I have a whistleblower who came forward who gave me an alternate scenario that he claims was explained to him by extraterrestrials that he had encountered in the line of his work.
The problem that we’ve had with this particular guy is that I caught him in what appears to be a distortion.
In other words, we haven’t published the testimony yet. We went back and looked at it and there was one thing that he said to me that I was able to blatantly point out was false… and he broke off all contact with us once I did that. 
The problem is that some of the evidence that he gave us was so compelling and so irrefutable… undeniable photographic evidence that he worked in one of these programs. It could not have been photoshopped.
I’m convinced that he’s not a hoax, but it’s possible that he may have been assigned to give us disinformation. It’s possible that he knowingly did it to protect himself so that his story could be debunked.
I don’t know why he did it, but he definitely gave us at least one thing that was not true, so all this data has to have a question mark over it.
That being said, some of it was very compelling, and it correlated very nicely with other things that I knew.

His understanding, based on what he was told, was that this shift would affect everyone. There would be an open formal Disclosure… UFOs are known to be real…
Extraterrestrials begin interacting with us, and that they would basically be here to coach people that wanted to go through this ascension process.
It wouldn’t happen all at once, but there would be a series of steps you could take that would lead to you being able to make this transformation.
So that’s kind of a more interesting view because what he also says is that everybody else who goes through this change still ends up in a Star Trek kind of reality anyway.
They still have access to amazing technology, they can go travel the galaxy [and] they meet other humans. It’s just that they don’t go into this higher plane of existence. So that’s possible, and I really don’t know which one is true.
The ancient prophecies do seem to all suggest that it’s a spontaneous shift, and depending on what vibrational frequency you’re at, will determine what reality you encounter from that point forward.

So the short and sweet answer is: There’s more than one way to look at it, but no matter which way it goes, it’s going to be pretty awesome.
It’s going to be incredible. And there’s so much data to back up these views… that’s why I’m writing this book.
So that’s kind of the long-winded answer to the question, but I know that’s on a lot of people’s minds, so I thought I’d go into some detail on it.
RP: I appreciate it. Thank you, Mason, for the question.
I have a question for you David… in comparison to all this stuff to do with ascension being called by every name.
I mean, from Rapture from the Judeo-Christian point of view, all the way to the Bhagavad-Gita and every other aspect that we have talking about this enlightenment phase that we’re going through… where do you…

Do you apply any of the Zecharia Sitchin into your schematic when he talks about the 12th Planet or his whole series on The Epic of Gilgamesh and his work in translating the cuneiform?
Our past connection to alien technology, alien cloning, the metaphors of “all the gods” being aliens… blah, blah, blah…
His premise that the aliens have never left, they’re still here: Tag… we’re it!
Plus, a few other races are working with us to help us to go through this transformational process into this New Age or the New Earth.
What is your take on the Sitchin work? Are you familiar with his work?

DW: Yes, of course. I’ve had more than one knowledgeable insider tell me that Sitchin knows a lot more than what’s in the books.
Basically he has to kind of reverse-engineer some of the things that he knows from first-hand testimony from people he’s spoken to, that he has to kind of go back to the Sumerian text and figure out where it is.
I met him very briefly at the Conscious Life Expo because he spoke. He’s actually been there two years in a row now.
So I don’t really know. I mean, there’s no way to prove that he has inside information, but his books are fascinating.
The body of insiders I’m in contact with has substantially increased. It now includes some folks who have given me very precise information on these so-called Anunnaki or Nephilim that Zecharia Sitchin writes about in his books.
It does appear that we have a group that has done some genetic tinkering of humanity. It appears that they got here about 500,000 years ago. They took indigenous ape-men on Earth and modified those ape-men with their own DNA.
There was a long period of time in which these modified humans were used for slave labor. They were made to be sterile so they could only be genetically bred; they could not breed with each other.
It also seems that there was a rebellion that took place about 200,000 years ago. I don’t know if this is in Sitchin’s books or not. This is more what I’ve heard from the insiders.
RP: Yeah. It is. It’s in his books.
DW: Okay. About 200,000 years ago, when we got tinkered with by one of the two main brothers in the Annunaki, we were modified to become able to reproduce. At that point you basically have sort of the early genesis of humanity.

Now, another thing about these Annunaki guys is that they do have a more reptilian lineage in terms of how they evolved into being human.
They don’t have scaly faces, but according to a very well-placed insider, Bob Dean, the skin on their faces looks like the belly of a lizard. It’s kind of like many small, little circles.
They are not from one planet. This is one of the ways in which Sitchin got it wrong, according to the insiders. They are from multiple places of origin.
It appears that the humans who have originated from this type of genetic stock formed an alliance.

There are two basic castes – a leader caste and a worker caste. The worker caste is about 8 feet tall, roughly. The leader caste is about 15 feet tall. They’re more powerful.
They have very, very long lifespans. They have traveled the galaxy; they’ve pilfered a variety of technologies.
They have time travel. They can extend their lives. They have some pretty unique gender characteristics. It’s not just male/ female gender… there’s varying gradations, apparently.
They are still apparently working with some of the power groups here on Earth and they have not really lost control.

In fact, one could argue that if you look at the correlations between this data and what’s in the Law of One, these are the Service to Self guys.
These are the guys that are mining the Earth for fear. They basically set up the Earth as a fear-farm. So you’re actually dealing with a frequency war.
RP: Well, they have done an excellent job! [laughs]
DW: Oh yes!
RP: They have done an excellent job because the fear factor on this planet… You know, God created us and we created the universe and all the fear that goes with it.
It’s an amazing possibility with them. I could see that they’re doing that, for sure.
DW: There’s a lot of truth in it.

RP: What about the Grays, and the Whites, and the other parts of them? You know, the other…
You know, I had a vision once about trying to explain to me the different types of aliens around us.
And what was shown to me… it was almost like, well, you’ve got the aliens that want to harvest us, much like what we want to do with the whales.
And then you’ve got the aliens that are the tourists that are watching the whales and the only reason they don’t kill the whales is because Greenpeace is there, which is a third group of aliens that are blocking the harvesters.
It’s almost a balance between the aliens who want to kill the whales don’t kill the sort of Greenpeace aliens because the tourists are there watching and they’re neutralizing the entire event. [David laughs]
And I sort of love that because, you know, we get into these topics of all the different alien technology keeps being introduced to the planet.
There must be some sort of balance, yes, because there are so many [laughs] that come through these gates.
DW: Oh yeah.
RP: That means we’re even lucky that we’re on the planet, to tell you the truth. [laughs]

DW: I mean, that’s… Up until that statement about so many intruders coming through the gates, and being lucky we’re even on the planet, I would have agreed with you, but that statement is incorrect.
You have to understand that you’ve got various levels of dimensional frequency, basically, or what they call density in the Law of One series, densities of energy.
Negative beings can start to just barely make it into Sixth Density, but almost as soon as they do they dissolve back into the background energy of the universe if they don’t go positive.
The universe is a positive entity. The universe is ultimately a loving, kind, generous Being.
What we don’t get here is how, like the balance of nature in which animals kill each other to survive… that’s not a bad thing.
We are conditioned in a sanitized world to think of death as this bad thing.
There is a soul that‘s much greater than the physical body, and birth and death and reincarnation is all part of the cycle.
We’re not meant to keep reincarnating over and over again. We’re meant to learn our lessons and go to a higher plane. So, a higher plane of Fourth Density can either be negative or positive, just like Fifth.
But then, when you get up to Sixth, it goes to Unity. Those beings are so much more powerful than even a being in Fifth Density that everybody below Sixth Density is like a child playing in the sandbox.
And there is a Free Will principle. These higher beings will allow us to muddy up the sandbox up to a point, but they will not allow us to actually destroy the Earth.

Now, the unfortunate reality is that the negative has been so amazingly crafty that they did manage to blow up a planet in the solar system. That’s where the Asteroid Belt is now.
And they were crafty enough that they were able to blow a hole in the atmosphere of Mars that the higher beings could not repair fast enough.
And thus, Mars was not able to finish its cycle. Everybody on Mars had to be transported to the Earth and go through reincarnation.
So actually, according to the Law of One, about 50 percent of all people living on the Earth now had formerly lived on Mars.
They blew a hole out of their atmosphere. There was a mass cataclysm that was caused by this. Everybody basically suffocated to death from the lack of oxygen and the concomitant climate change that resulted.

So these beings actually took genetic samples of everybody on Mars before this happened. They always do that – it’s like backing up the hard drive.
They were able to use that DNA and remodel it to make the Martian being more comfortable on Earth. 
That transfer happened 75,000 years ago, according to the Law of One series.
Some of my insiders who know about the Anunnaki have said the Anunnaki guys were actually quite pissed off. 75,000 years ago these other ETs came in and messed around with the humans they’d been tinkering with on Earth.
These guys think they’re the creators of human beings, but 75,000 years ago we got a major upgrade.

One of the things that the upgrade gave us is the pineal gland, which is this stargate inside your brain. Everybody has one, and that’s the thing that they can’t defend against.
In fact, the same insider told me that if your pineal gland was even 20 percent active to its full capabilities, you could literally zoom around the universe, fly wherever you want, just by your consciousness alone.
Once our pineal gland switches on, basically these Anunnaki guys have to close up shop and leave town. There’s nothing they can do.

One of the interesting things is even though time travel is real, those are only probable realities… they’re like membranes.
The only thing that really is real is when we collapse the wave function of all these different probable realities into the present – which we’re actually living through by our human experience.
Even though these guys can time-travel, they can see possible realities, they don’t know which one is going to happen until we actually hit 2012 as a collective consciousness, experiencing it as a linear effect.
Up until then, they just represent layers of time in which one is stronger, one is weaker, but they don’t know.
Once we hit that nexus, all these layers of time consolidate into a singularity. Then whatever was in the past, whatever’s in the present, whatever’s in the future, it all goes out the window.

You can play around up until then, but once we actually hit the 2012 node point as a planet, irreversible changes happen.
The other timelines are extinct, and you’re now in a new timeline based only on where we got to once we get there.
That’s why – and I’m literally not kidding when I say this – it is possible that when we hit 2012, the asteroids in the Asteroid Belt will reconsolidate into a planet. The hole in Mars’ atmosphere closes up and that reconsolidates into a planet.
Atlantis doesn’t sink, and all these cataclysms that happened before actually don’t happen. The past is just an option of what were the most likely events that might happen – based on what did happen up until then.
But remember, the past and the future get cancelled out in the singularity of 2012.
That’s what the science tells us; it’s what the black ops guys tell us.
It’s what these negative beings are afraid of. They see that the probability window is really strong. They know that once it hits, the other timelines are no longer accessible to them.
I don’t know if I’ve ever actually explained that before!
RP: I’m glad that you did. That’s why I have you on the show, my friend.

We have Ken from Oklahoma, if you’re still on the line. Forgive us for taking our time here. Are you on line with us? [silence] Did we lose Ken? [silence]
Okay, we’ve got somebody else coming online here. We get to talking, David, and then I look down and I see somebody’s been waiting online to talk to you, and it’s like, Okay, let me interrupt for a second and bring them on.
DW: Sure, it’s always nice to add some spice to the mixture.
RP: Absolutely. And that’s fascinating information while he brings on somebody else. Hopefully they won’t have to wait long for this.

The information that came out a few years ago about us sending up probes originally to Mars to do some information work, to look…
They were going to set up our Rovers that we were going to do up there. Then one of the satellites actually got blown out of the sky… the Phobos colony.
And then, of course, there was a moment where the photographs were released accidentally by the Russians, I think…
I can’t remember now, I don’t think it was NASA. And then as soon as they were out, they pulled them back off.
And then that’s when NASA decided… the government, whoever… decided that they would no longer give free rein to the photographic essays that were coming out of our satellites.
Do you have information what that colony is all about that’s on Mars? And whose colony it is? Is it ours? Is it theirs? Who does it belong to?

DW: Okay. Some of this stuff I really can’t answer because the answers are classified beyond the level that I’d be comfortable disclosing… because I’d betray some sources.
To be totally and perfectly honest with you, I don’t actually know if Phobos is being used right now as a base or not. My guess is that the answer is yes.
My guess is that there are people in it now and that it is still active. [Others pointed out to me, after the fact, that Henry Deacon is on the record saying that it is still being used as a transfer station for certain people.]
I do know from more than one highly credible source… and again these guys have absolutely, positively identified their bona fides


Just as an aside that’s kind of interesting, I got relatively annoyed by an email that came in this morning from an associate who is in touch with a particular intelligence service in a particular foreign country. I won’t say who or where.
This intelligence service had come to the conclusion through their own spying, apparently, on at least one of the sources that I have cited, that the guy is a liar and that therefore I’m basically disinformation.
Look… all I can say is, I try to back up everything I get from my whistleblowers with real testimony.
So if those folks are listening tonight, I can honestly say to you that these guys have shown me bona fides that are absolutely irrefutable.
I am talking about documents. I’m talking about photographs. I’m talking about things that are not fake, that could not have been created out of some kind of hate campaign to discredit me.

And when you start hearing the same people talking about the same things over and over again… I think this particular intelligence service might be disappointed by the fact that they have been kept out of the loop on a lot of stuff.
Although they do understand some of what’s going on, they certainly are not aware of the extent to which we’re in contact with multiple human cultures.
They don’t appear to know about the portals. They don’t appear to know about the fact that there are a variety of inhabited moons, in our solar system alone, that have been hollowed out to varying degrees and there are bases inside of them.
It’s pretty common, almost like as a defensive measure. If you have your base on the surface of a planet or a moon, you’re more likely to get attacked by somebody, but if you go underground, then you’ve got all that protection around you.

So, yeah, I would guesstimate that Phobos is still being actively used. I don’t really know.
RP: Yeah.
DW: But yeah, you’re right. The Russians tried to send a probe to Phobos and it got shot at. This suggests that there were some people inside that shot them down.
It’s also possible that there’s an AI system that just naturally defends the time vault that’s in there, basically meant for us to find.
And that’s why Buzz Aldrin keeps telling us, “We’ve got to go to Phobos, we’ve got to go to Phobos.” And he’s even got a little model of Phobos that he’s now carrying around that he uses on all of his appearances.
This is what my White House contact just told me the other day.
So, yeah. This is definitely moving towards Disclosure. I mean, that’s the bottom line.
RP: Moving towards Disclosure…

All right, we have another call going on here… Psi of New York, are you with us?
PSI: Hi … [inaudible]
RP: Hi, you have a question for David?
PSI: Yes, this is more in regards to kind of spirituality. I was wondering if you can give us, or me, advice for strengthening our connection with our Higher Self?
The only reason why I ask… recently I was kind of, I was basically attacked and assaulted by a few, six girls basically.
I was hit in the head with a hammer and what-not. I was able to come [out] of that situation really positive and still have the same love and respect for the person who did it to me.
I’ve been going through this whole journey of awakening for less than a year now, and I know that if I wasn’t going through this journey, I wouldn’t have come out of this incident with such a positive kind of mood, whatever you can say.
My question is what is his advice for us, to kind of strengthen our connection with our Higher Selves?
DW: Yeah, that’s a great question.

Let’s look at this idea that you were assaulted and hit in the head with a hammer.
If you look at the books of Michael Newton, Dr. Michael Newton, who did “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls”, there’s an unbelievable amount of connection between what he says there and what’s in the Law of One.
He was hypnotically regressing people to between lifetimes and got an amazingly detailed mapping of the landscape of what happens to us when we die.
People who have never spoken to each other and have no idea what the other ones say, all basically know the same stuff — they go through the same things, with remarkable, remarkable redundancy.
The only problem is that he doesn’t really have any scientifically exacting method by which he can test this stuff. You can’t exactly say that he’s scientifically proved that we have this afterlife, but there’s very compelling evidence to suggest that it’s there.
He does say that each of us, in one of the last stages before we’re born, go through and pick a series of events that will happen in our lives on schedule that represent potential exit ramps.
In the event that we haven’t progressed as far as we wanted to in our spiritual development, in the event that we get off track, we will be able to die.
That allows us to have another incarnation where we can, hopefully, get better in touch with our Higher Selves, get more on track with what we’re really here for, what’s our major spiritual purpose for, and basically do it all again.
So, in many, many cases, those events will involve bodily injury, assault, car crashes, major conflicts with very negative people in our lives that seem to almost completely destroy us.
It’s stuff that’s really hard to get through. It doesn’t always mean you’re going to get physically damaged in the body, but it could.
But these represent times that you could die. And, although it sounds pretty harsh, you got to understand, the Higher Self is totally willing to use the physical body as a vehicle of learning. And we do learn from very damaging events, sometimes.

So, in many cases we will choose to have injuries, and choose to have car accidents, and choose to have very highly destructive people come into our lives and cause problems for us.
We know what we’re going to get from that initiation process – the journey of initiation that those people guide us through.
So when that happens to us, we do have an opportunity to experience the conclusion of the Hero’s Journey. As I said before, this is when the villain is vanquished and we go into an illumination; we go into some sort of direct cosmic connection.
So, many, many people get a shamanic wounding. They get a shamanic initiation where there’s some sort of very traumatic experience.
And if you get through it, and if you can have a forgiving and positive attitude in the aftermath of it, you now have the opportunity to experience much more synchronicity, much more mystical connection to your Higher Self.

I actually had one happen to me in high school. I did this pass-out technique where you hyperventilate. I did experience another lifetime which apparently was in Sumer, and went through a whole life review of a 24-year-long lifespan while I was unconscious.
Then when I came to, I had dislocated my pinky toe and I was in terrible pain.
I was told in a reading many years later that if they hadn’t brought me to that other lifetime, I would have seen my body lying there and I might have been tempted to go through with the death process – but I chose not to.
They brought me into a past life. I needed to stay here, so I stayed and I learned from it because it was a very powerful experience.
At the end of that lifetime I saw my face. My eyes looked the same, but I had African features in my nose and mouth. And I thought, “Wow that’s different than my face,” and that’s what snapped me out of it and made me realize something’s going on.

So, connecting with your Higher Self is a very involved discussion. I do have an extended workshop on Sunday that is dedicated to understanding the language of your dreams.
The important point here is that the Higher Self has to preserve free will, so it will use symbolism to talk to you. It will always use symbolism.
It almost never gives you a straight-ahead literal message. It’s only when you get really advanced that you can get truly reliable, truly unbiased, straight-ahead messages.
Most of the messages you get come in symbolism, so, like in Native American tradition, you’ve got different totem animals and certain animals mean certain things.

So, if something’s happening to you and you have encoded that synchronicity – meaning that you know what these animals mean and you expect that certain animals will have certain meanings – then a certain animal will show up at a certain point.
And if you decide to take it seriously, if you decide to imbue it with meaning, then you can say, “Wow, there’s the eagle and that symbolizes far-sight and far-vision, so therefore whatever I was just thinking is showing me that I have far-sight and far-vision.”
But again, it preserves your free will, because you don’t have to take it. You don’t have to take the synchronicity as being a message. So a lot of people get synchronicity and they get 4:44 or 3:33 on the clock or 12:12 or 11:11.
They see it on license plates, they see it on sports scores, they see it on clocks that they’re walking through. Let’s say the clocks are all in a department store and they’re on a different time than your time. You look by and it says 11:11.
It could be anything. It could be the odometer on your car lining up in digits, whatever.

The point always is pretty much the same. Whenever you see those things, the message is related to whatever you were thinking right before it shows up.
So when you get a synchronicity like that, it’s telling you you’re on the right track, whatever you were just thinking is the right thought, keep going in that direction.
So I can actually gauge how well I’m doing, how much in alignment I am with my Higher Self by how much synchronicity I get.
If I don’t get at least two or three synchronicities a day, every day, then I know that I’m out of alignment and I need to tighten up and figure out why I’m not getting them.
As long as I’m in alignment, they will show up in spontaneous, unexpected, miraculous ways, where literally you wake up and you look at the clock and bang, right as you wake up it’s 11:11 or whatever, 3:33, something like that.
I mean, there’s so many different ways it can happen.

Dreams again, are symbolic language and the important point, which I will go into much more detail about at the conference in the dream-sharing workshop, is that every character in the dream is yourself.
You don’t ever get a dream about somebody else or some thing else. These dream prophesies people have, like the Earth changes, and they say, “Oh my God, it was a tidal wave and everybody died.”
[David makes sound of wrong-answer TV game show buzzer] BZZT!…  It’s not about the Earth, it’s about you.
If you have a dream in which the Earth appears to be destroyed, it doesn’t mean that’s really going to happen.
What it does mean is that your own psyche is going through a phenomenal change, which could also involve a lot of upheaval.
So when somebody has a dream about a massive Earth change, it usually means that they’re about to go through, or are going through, or have gone through some sort of massive upheaval in their own life of some kind.

So other than that, connecting with the Higher Self really does get down to a discipline of consciousness.
We are normally ruled by the ego-mind, which is a mind that is very concerned with the physical body.
It’s concerned with how people see us. It’s concerned whether we have the right weight, whether we look good, whether we sound good, with how we feel about what people think about us.
It has to do with wanting the body to be comfortable, wanting to have enough money that we can get the things the body wants.
We want to eat the food that we like, even if it makes us overweight. Wanting to go on trips that we can’t really afford, wanting to buy things we can’t really afford.

All of these things, drug addictions, chemical dependencies — that’s a really a big one because that makes your body feel pleasure.
Your chemicals in your brain get secreted by drugs, alcohol, marijuana, whatever, and you’re basically inducing pleasure.
You decide your normal state of mind isn’t enough, so instead of trying to find a way to feel better, you basically have a chemical crutch that you can use to get that way.
Now, you know, everybody does it to some degree, nobody’s exempt from this process. You can use food as an addiction, you can eat chocolate. You can eat really nice steak, whatever, it doesn’t matter. I mean, the point is, different people do different things.
But there is a constant distraction by that egoic mind. It’s constantly thinking about itself. It’s constantly thinking about the identity, the personality, the “I am” that you are.

But there’s a greater I AM, which comes in the binding of the mind through meditation. That’s why meditation is so important.
In meditation, the ego is going to fight like crazy. It’s going to fight for its own survival.
This is the one thing that people always tell me. “Oh, I try to meditate and all I can think about is all this junk in my life”. I would laugh when they’d say that, because the junk in your life is the ego fighting against its own “death.”
But in the process of what it tells you in your meditation, it’s all the things that you actually need to work on and heal before you can get to a nice state of clear mind.

So if you try to meditate and you’re thinking about this person in your life who’s really abusive and it’s annoying you, guess what? You want to process that, you want to go into that, rather than fight against it.
Go into the thought, explore the thought. Explore it in great detail while you’re trying to meditate.
Explore what this person is saying to you, how mean they might be, what’s really the most loving and forgiving response which, remember it’s not just about loving and forgiving other people, it’s about loving and forgiving yourself.
That may very well mean loving yourself enough to get away and forgiving yourself for getting away.
You may know that other person’s going to be very disappointed and very angry with you, and basically think you’re the Devil for cutting them off from what they want.
But that might be what you have to do.

A lot of people, that’s almost a standard that is you get in contact with your Higher Self that you’re going to have to weed out some toxicity in your life.
It could be habits, it could be addictions. That’s why drug recovery is often associated with a spiritual path – co-dependency recovery.
When you get into these kinds of toxic relationships with people, it’s called co-dependency, you’re co-dependent on each other. There’s basically this complementary neurosis between the two people.
Jung called it a complementary neurotic structure. There’s typically an aggressor and a victim. One person will be the victim and the other person will be the aggressor.
Now, more often than not, the people that listen to my stuff are going to be the victims in these relationships. They’re going to get together with somebody who’s basically not really sensitive to spiritual thought, and will basically be the aggressor.

I took all those kinds of insights that I have into the human condition into relationships, into how to heal relationships, and I put it into a musical.
That’s “Wanderer Awakening”, 50 different songs that I wrote with Larry Seyer, my multiple-Grammy-winning friend and colleague, with whom we did this album together.
Those songs are also… some of the best ones are performed at the conference. You also heard one of them at the beginning of the show here a little bit.
So, I’ve tried to get this information out in a variety of ways. There are resources available.
Also many of the articles in David’s Blog go into how to contact the Higher Self.
I did want to go into an extended answer to that question because that really is the core, most important question anybody could be asking me right now.

RP: And another reason why people should sign up and come to this extraordinary conference that’s happening in Austin, Texas this coming weekend.
DW: It is mind-blowing.
RP: It’s mind-blowing. We really wanted to extend, you know, an offering to you tonight, have you on the show for a couple hours.
I’m glad it worked out that you were able to stay with me, because this will give an idea of what they’re going to get a chance to see.
I’m really glad you brought up that it’s not just 16 hours of lecture, only — there is a lot of music. You’re going to be singing.
DW: Yeah.
RP: Larry’s going to be there. You’ve got music and back-up vocals, and it’s going to be a celebration as much as the rest of it.
DW: Totally. Thank you for saying that. Let me point out one other thing that’s really important.

We actually have this spontaneously, basically channelled music that goes along with the group meditations that I do.
Larry is on guitar, my mother is on keyboards, and they’re accompanying me while I am doing a reading that brings people into a direct consciousness of their Higher Self, in the now.
Now bear in mind, my screenwriter for my film “Convergence” is this guy who wrote the movie “Contact”, Jim Hart.
Although he is spiritually based, he also has kind of a mainstream approach, and he’s never really had mystical experiences.
He came with me on my Canadian Rockies Tour. I did a group guided-meditation and he had totally wild, psychedelic hallucinations during the meditation. They were so profound; he said he’d never had anything like that happen before to him.
That wasn’t with the music. Not only do we have the music, but then we’ve gone a level beyond that.

I’m bringing out my colleague, Andrew Jones, who’s the guy who did the album cover for “Wanderer Awakening”.
He’s a brilliant visionary artist, kind of like in the tradition of guys like H. R. Giger or Alex Grey.
Andrew has an animated particle system which goes through all these things that basically have three-dimensional depth, projected onto a screen, which he is able to control in real time.
What you see on the screen actually synchronizes with what I’m saying in the guided meditation, and with what the music is doing.
It’s all totally improvised, totally spontaneous. You get visuals, music, you get the meditation.
You get spontaneous moment-to-moment creation, telepathically linking everybody in the audience because they’re creating it as it happens – what they see on screen.
By having visuals, it goes all the way back to the ancient technology that the Knight Templars got from Egypt.
They used to build cathedrals where the stained glass windows in the cathedrals actually used geometric patterns and mandalas to induce this state of higher consciousness.
Then they used Gregorian chant, which is the sacred sounds that propel you sonically into those realms that you’re also seeing visually.

So we’re basically using the ancient technology, but we’re taking it a step further.
Instead of a static image, we’re using dynamic sacred geometry images that are gorgeous, gorgeous, three-dimensional visuals that you watch and see as a mandala while we’re doing the meditation, while the music is happening.
We’ve done it three times now. The last time I did it with just Andrew, because we didn’t have the spontaneous music there. We just had Andrew with pre-programmed music.
It was so amazing. Everybody was talking about it.
In fact, the guy who promoted the Conscious Life Expo came up to me afterwards and said,
My God, everybody that saw your thing is coming up and telling me it’s as if you’ve now created an evolution in the whole nature of what it means to give a conference.
“People are completely cutting the cords to the balloon. The balloon is sailing right up into the cosmos here!”
You’re not even on Earth anymore. You’re in some other reality that’s visual, it’s musical and it’s cosmic energy that you’re actually participating in as it happens.
So that’s the thing that I think I don’t promote well enough on my website. I don’t really know how else to describe it.

RP: I think you’re going to do a little video, you know, maybe shoot some of the stuff you’re doing this weekend that’s coming up.
DW: Well we do have a video record of what we did at the Conscious Life Expo. I have not released it.
We had some audio problems in the music getting started, which was a little bit embarrassing, it didn’t last very long. But that is available and in the future I may release it.
I’m a little bit concerned about maybe spoiling the surprise, because I think if you see it on video and you get to watch it a bunch of times, then you know what to expect.
But if you haven’t seen it, the quality is so much higher than people expect. It’s really…

RP: Well the bottom line, when we go to any type of fabulous conference, you’re getting like-minded people together who are having a spiritual experience here on the planet, and it’s about love and it’s about forgiveness.
It’s about the Law of the One, you know, that we are connected.
DW: Absolutely.
RP: We are interconnected. That experience is never going to be replaced by anything that we’re going to see later in the filming of it.
That’s going to give us an idea of it, but you know, I really want to invite people out this next weekend to come have this experience.
The wonderful thing, David, is that I don’t know how well you know Austin, Texas, but Austin, and Larry lives in Austin. I look forward to meeting him.
DW: Yeah.
RP: Your 9-Grammy-Award-winning engineer, musical complement person with you, who’s an incredible guy himself.
DW: Yeah.
RP: What’s extraordinary about this is Austin’s a great city. It’s a fun place to be, it’s very inexpensive to stay in.
You can find some really nice motels, small hotels, besides the one you’re at and hang out, come there for the weekend, really enjoy it. Do the conference, and you meet a lot of people that you would have probably never got to meet if you hadn’t had this experience.
So that’s what is offered by this, musically, channelling the work that you’re doing, the service that you are in to help and support all of us in the ascension process is a valuable, worthwhile experience.
And I got to tell you, the price is really cheap. [laughs]
DW: Many other conferences charge more. Nassim Haramein, who is well worth every penny, charges $375 for the weekend. Other ones are like $425. So we’ve really knocked it down.
There’s always going to be people that don’t want to pay for anything, and they think everything should be free.
We’ve got Los Angeles coming up near the end of June. We’re doing Chicago in the third weekend of August, most likely. We’re firming that up right now.
We’re going to be doing Tempe, Arizona in November, during the same weekend that used to be the Secrets Conference that was run by Chet Snow.
He’s not doing it anymore. Those conference tickets were over $400. We’re charging the same price as any other weekend event we do.
This is the first time I’ve ever announced this… it’s going to be with William Henry. It’s going to be William Henry and me, back-to-back.
He’s really amazing. I’m really glad to be working with him. That’s going to be awesome.

I have the Crop Circle Tour going on in July, end of July, for eight days, actually, in London. We’re going to be actually trying to remote influence what circles come down.
We’re going to do an experiment where we’re going to actually get on the Internet and have people submit design ideas that they would like and vote on them.
Then we’re going to decide which one… we’ll vote as a group which one we think we want, which one we like the most among the people that are at the conference.
And then what we’re going to try to do is do group meditations where we try to actualize that design into a crop circle.
We’re not going to tell anybody which one we chose, we’re just going to see. We’ll post it somewhere. I’m not actually sure how we’re going to do this so that it’s scientific, because we don’t want somebody to hoax the circle.
But we’re going to try to find a way to basically put out a request, maybe we’ll film it at the conference so we’ll have documentation.
RP: Absolutely.
DW: Film which one wins, and then not go online until after we see whether it shows up or not.
If nothing shows up we’ll show the film anyway. But hopefully it’ll work and we’ll be able to show that the circle-makers listened to us and made a circle based on what we wanted.
Other than that, I think the only other thing I’ve got…
RP: There’s a lot. You’ve got a lot of stuff coming up, my friend!

DW: Yeah, I got a cruise in the Greek Isles in October, which is going to be really awesome. That’s where people really get to know me more, because usually there’s only about 30 people on these kinds of things.
I actually get the chance to really talk to people and spend some time with people.
You know, I try to do enough of these conferences so that if people want to get to me, they can. I’m very, very busy, of course.

As far as the film is concerned, Jim Hart has all these contacts with funds that want to make movies that are not part of the studio system. They have millions and millions of dollars on the table.
I was delighted recently to find out that we’re not going to have trouble getting the film financed.
We will be able to get this film made and that’s very exciting. I’m really not at liberty to say anything about the script, except that I co-designed it with him. I was able to work out the story with him.
If we actually get this movie made, buckle your seatbelt, dude!
Close Encounters”, all these other movies that people really love — this is going to be right up there in the best-of-the-best category of films on this spirituality and metaphysics. It’s going to be so awesome.
RP: I’m very excited…
DW: A lot of things are going on. A lot of things are going on.

RP: Well, David, I really want to thank so much for joining me. We started out for an hour and ended up with two.
DW:  Yep.
RP: It was wonderful. [David laughs] You know, it’s our first encounter of the close kind.
I will be seeing you next week in Austin at the Convergence, looking forward to it. I invite you back onto my show in the near future. I want to thank you again for joining me tonight.
DW: Well it’s my pleasure, and thank you. It’s been a real honor to be here, and I feel like we did some good work.
RP:  Got some good work done! Thank you again, David.
DW: [laughs]
RP: [laughs] Have a good night, bye-bye.

Well everybody, that was David Wilcock. We had an incredible two hours. You’ll be able to hear the rebroadcast throughout the entire week.
You’ll also get the archive in the download here at cocreatornetwork.com. We look forward to you giving some feedback. You can always email me at [email protected].
I want to thank you all for joining us this wonderful Sunday evening. See you all next week at Austin at the Convergence! We’ll be talking a little bit more about that.
To learn more about David you can go to www.divinecosmos.com.
This is me wishing you a wonderful day, a wonderful week, and a wonderful life.
[Many thanks to the tireless and often under-appreciated work of our Transcription Team, who generated this work, and many others for Divine Cosmos and Project Camelot both. If you would like to volunteer your services as a transcriber, please let us know!]


Our next big event is going to be in sunny Los Angeles, from June 25th to June 27th at the Westin Hotel — right near LAX Airport, making it very easy to get to. Click here to order your tickets today!

This is going to feature a lot of new information. By the end of June, I will be all finished with the 2012 book and will have even more time to restructure the 16 hours of talks, illustrated with many hundreds of fascinating Power Point slides, and even some videos.

The Conference Schedule we used to post, and refer people to, is no longer relevant — just as it wasn’t in Austin either, as I said in a previous post.

We are now getting folks who want to go to mulitple events once they realize how much they like it. I do my part and make sure that each one is a totally unique and precious jewel in its own right!

Of course, there is inevitably going to be some repetition, but everyone who goes to these events says they keep learning more and more, and getting more and more out of it, each time.

The community that formed in Austin was so solid that I often had to talk over the crowd and insist that everyone sit back down so we wouldn’t start more than 10 minutes late. I paid back all that time, and more, on the other end.


As for the eight-day crop circle tour from July 24th to 31st, we still have seats available — and I have decided that I am not going to do any other events while I’m in Europe, as things with the film will be reaching ‘critical mass’ at this time and it is very hard to get away. So if you want to see me in Europe this year, this is it!

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We embargoed the release of The Science of Peace for two years because our CONVERGENCE entertainment lawyers were afraid it would give away too much of what was in the movie.

We’ve since changed the movie outline, but Science of Peace is still an amazingly hard-hitting, world-transforming download of information. If you know someone who is a skeptic but maintains an open mind, this is an utterly fantastic way to initiate them into this knowledge, as it focuses on the scientific proof that consciousness is an energy field.

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I wrote two new songs for this extended set, a short and a long version of what I called “The Journey”, which features orchestral instruments and ambient sound textures, telling a spiritual story of growth, change and transformation. Larry also put in a variety of new solo guitar tracks over the original performances in the original series, making it truly stand on its own as a musical work.

Then, for those who insist they can hear more out of high-defnition audio, we have an HD version for 99.99 that has all the above, but is encoded at 320K instead of 128 — preserving the full spectrum of sounds from the original. Check it out!



When I wrote “The Journey,” I was trying to find a way to describe the entire spiritual journey in a single piece of music. Many people had been asking me to take my insights into healing and transforming our personal relationships, which are very powerful, and to make a product out of that knowledge.

I know in my own life, I’ve suffered more in the context of relationships than in any other area — by a longshot. The things I learned from these experiences were paid for in blood, sweat and tears. I would find myself in situations so awful that I could hardly believe how I got myself into this mess in the first place.




I do believe that many of us go through untold amounts of needless suffering from never being able to truly love ourselves. We think we do, but then we get into relationships and find out that we’ve fallen into dangerous, toxic patterns. It often seems we are powerless to stop it from happening.

Some of the best music I’ve ever heard, and continue to listen to, involves songs that explore these psychological issues we all must face. This is really the most difficult and ultimately the most rewarding challenge we are faced with as a human being.

I could have done a “How Not to Get Ruined By Relationships” lecture series, but I felt that if I put it into musical form, it could potentially reach a much, much deeper level.

Every relationship goes through a series of phases — some of which are really beautiful and some of which are grindingly awful. It’s all part of a cycle that we’ve been given by the Universe, and it is inevitable that we will experience these patterns.

All the wishing and hoping won’t stop the misery from happening until you gain critical levels of realization within yourself first.


Since Larry has produced excellent-sounding music in almost every genre imaginable, we use a wide variety of different musical styles to tell the story. Some of them in the beginning sound like modern Broadway musicals.

Some are rebellious, crotch-grabbing hard rock. Many invoke the very best timeless classics of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, but we also break convention and create things that are totally new and amazingly fresh.

It’s frustrating when people write in after seeing one video and think they know what each of these 50 different songs sound like — because many of the songs aren’t even available except in the full product!

Almost an entire year of unceasing effort went into the creation of this music — thus representing a significantly larger investment of time and energy than anything else I’ve ever done, except the upcoming 2012 book.


Getting my assistant’s laptop stolen in Hawaii, and having my car smashed into in San Francisco this past weekend, (more on this in future updates,) was a good reminder that the New World Order types see us as a significant threat to their power structure.




We do get an ongoing amount of savage attacks, both online and in private emails, from seemingly ‘real’ people. They have precision-targeted this musical series, horribly attacked me in private emails about it, and have tried to create a public consensus on various UFO forums that it isn’t very good.

As many people have written in and reported with delight, the truth is exactly the opposite — when you hear it from the beginning, as intended, it is extremely powerful and deeply moving.


The other thing I think most people don’t grasp is that 25 of the songs are narrations that tell this story — which begins with the One Infinite Creator itself. That’s ultimately our Main Character. Then it down-shifts into a collective ET consciousness, which remains un-named but is all patterned off of Ra in the Law of One series.

From there, we track the story of a being within Ra who seeks to become human on Earth — a Wanderer — knowing he will forget everything he knew in the higher realms. He is well aware of the dangers involved — and two different songs are dedicated to his decision of whether or not he is brave enough to take on this quest.




Once he does incarnate, we quickly skip ahead to a time in his adult life where he is feeling extremely lonely and depressed. This Wanderer has definitely not Awakened.

Then, of course, he meets The One… and the story runs through the highs and lows, the joys and disasters, of that entire process. Along the way, I share with you the very best of the realizations I’ve come to about relationships, and how to heal yourself and move into a much higher level of functioning.

It’s a story that has the potential to heal you in very deep and powerful ways — releasing long-held traumas that have restricted your growth and healing in many areas.

You certainly don’t need this musical to do it, but until this healing is done, the same disasters will befall you in relationships with others over and over again, like a repeating cycle.

For me, talking about it wasn’t enough. Making a full-blown, two-and-a-half-hour musical to walk you through this healing process, and sharing a lot of deeply personal information along the way, was much more powerful.


Larry has recorded many top-selling artists in the music industry, and won nine Grammy awards. I went through comprehensive vocal training that substantially improved the quality of my singing, which already was quite good.

This brought me up to a level where Larry was willing to stake his professional reputation on how great the music sounds!

If you are musically inclined, you’ll notice that each song has a rich and luscious chordal, melodic and harmonic structure. One of the things that really sets apart the best “timeless classics” from the rest is the use of lush background vocals — and many of these songs have them.

If this were to have been released on LPs, it would require four full-length albums — eight sides — to tell the story, making it truly a mega-album.

Everyone has songs in this series that they really love, and we perform some of the best of them at our weekend conferences. Thanks to digital technology, you can create a playlist of your favorite songs once you know the story.




Again, the core four-part Wanderer Awakening musical, two and a half hours in length, can be purchased for 39.99.

Like with Science of Peace, at the 59.99 level you get all the interlude songs mixed without any vocals, sometimes with new instrument tracks and different mixes that allow them to truly stand on their own as unique, independent pieces of music. And at the 99.99 level, it’s all available in high-definition audio format!


Of course, the most powerful tool we have available to us is networking. Things are really heating up on the planet. More and more people are being forced to look at things they never thought were true before.

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