Friday 6 / 5 / 09

The events of this past week weave an incredible tale of quantum consciousness shift. The old way is groaning and crumbling into ruin as the long-prophesied changes finally are becoming visible to everyone.




President Obama’s address in Cairo this week, focusing on healing ties between the West and the one billion Muslims on Earth, represents an incredible shift in global politics and human consciousness as we now know it. It may well be the most important act he has performed in his life thus far (emphasis added):

“I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world, ” he said.

“One based upon mutual interest and mutual respect; and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles – principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings. ”


In case you missed the scope of what was accomplished by this address, here is a good summary (emphasis added):

No wonder extremist leaders were nervous ahead of Barack Obama‘s landmark address in Cairo, frantically firing off warnings to Muslims not to fall for his words.

For years the likes of Osama bin Laden have claimed to speak on behalf of oppressed Muslim communities as they perverted the message of Islam and exploited the conflicts in the Middle East to stoke fear and violence.

But Mr Obama took them on, not with threats to “smoke them out ” or warnings that “you are with us or against us ”, but with eloquence, authority, a deep grasp of Muslim history and an understanding of Muslim grievances.

Opening with a broad smile and the Muslim greeting of “Assalum Alaykum ” (peace be upon you), Mr Obama drew on his family ties to Islam (mentioning his middle name Hussein) and his respect for Islamic civilisation to present himself as a credible interlocutor eager to end the “cycle of suspicion and discord ”.

Rarely, if ever, has an American leader drawn so much applause from an audience in the Muslim world, or dared to quote the Koran so often (the only glitch in Mr Obama‘s speech, and it was minor, was to refer to the Muslim headscarf, which he defended, as a hajib, rather than a hijab). The audience, selected by the US to include friends and foes of America,  gave Mr Obama a standing ovation.

Throughout the speech his message was the US was neither weak nor looking to appease its enemies but would act with fairness and on the basis of mutual respect.

Yes, the US has made mistakes, he said, acknowledging it had played a role in the 1953 coup in Iran that overthrew a democratically elected government. But he insisted that “we must not be prisoners ” of the past.

If there was a magic list of words his audience wanted to hear, he delivered it. He spoke of the pain of colonialism, the suffering of Palestinians under occupation (their situation was “intolerable ”), and the need for Israel to stop expanding settlements.

He underlined the US‘s resolve to withdraw from Iraq and, eventually Afghanistan, without leaving “military bases ”, countering deeply held suspicions in the region. And he highlighted a continued commitment to “democracy ” and the rule of law, even as he warned that no country should impose its model of governance on another…

Mr Obama called for a joint effort to create a world where extremists no longer threatened Americans, US troops returned home, Israelis and Palestinians lived in secure states of their own, and nuclear energy was used only for peaceful purposes.

It is an ambitious vision that would transform the Middle East…


In this historic address, Obama confronted our New World Order opponents more directly than ever before — calling them out by name, minus only the word ‘new’ (emphasis added):

Conservative critics seized on a passage in which he said: “Given our interdependence, any world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will inevitably fail.

So whatever we think of the past, we must not be prisoners of it. Our problems must be dealt with through partnership; progress must be shared.”

Clearly, such a statement flies directly in the face of what the New World Order represents — empire, colonialism and elevating the needs of the ‘elite’ few at the expense of the many. Recognizing our interdependence is not only a good idea, it is a necessity if we are to move forward as a planet.

If you haven’t yet seen the speech, and are interested, here’s a video of it. I initially balked at the time it would take but the video starts almost immediately and kept my interest the entire time.




In “The Science of Peace,” exclusively available for download on this website, I make a comprehensive case for a ‘consciousness field’ that unifies us all. Specifically I refer to what we now call the Meditation Effect, in which a group of 7000 people meditating together were able to reduce worldwide acts of terrorism, hostility and fatalities by an incredible 72 percent.

Now imagine what happens when one BILLION people — one out of every six people on the Earth — are validated, respected, loved and supported… by the leader of the same country that as little as six months ago painted their entire civilization as the ultimate source of evil on earth.

The standing ovation was not just in that auditorium in Cairo — that emotional tone reverberated throughout a substantial percentage of the world’s population. 



Even for those who will steadfastly believe this must all be a ‘trick’ or a ‘setup,’ one cannot deny the literally irreversible quantum effect  that such an event has on our collective consciousness. 

Just as in any personal spiritual breakthrough or work with a great healer or counselor, I have consistently observed that these consciousness shifts take about two weeks for the initial effects to precipitate into our lives in more obvious ways. The ‘hologram’ does not respond instantaneously, but it also doesn’t take a whole lot of time.

Once the ‘critical mass’ is reached in the quantum field and the shift appears, very substantial changes can happen very rapidly… hence the term ‘quantum leap.’



The 1969 Woodstock music festival was a sizable gathering of human beings that created an incredible shift in consciousness — which is still remembered today in glowing terms.

This was not just a bunch of people getting drunk and high and listening to great music. It was a consciousness-raising gathering whose effects directly contributed to ending the Vietnam War. One might also argue that Woodstock helped create the climate where deep corruption in the government could be recognized and exposed through the Watergate scandal.

From a consciousness-science perspective, Obama’s historic address this week could well be the Muslim equivalent of what Woodstock was for the West — exactly 40 years later.

It is important to remember that fully one-third of the population of Iran is in their teens and 20s. If the ‘hearts and minds’ of the youth culture can be successfully inspired, substantial changes can occur.

The Meiji Restoration in late-1800s Japan was fueled and directed entirely by the youth culture. It completely burst Japan out of medieval feudalism — tribes of warring lords and strict patriarchy — into modern democracy, technological advancement and human rights at an unheard-of speed.

Japan went from a backwater island country to one of the most formidable industrial and economic powers on Earth in record time.



Small groups of people moving into a state of peace and love can cause such incredible shifts because our thoughts are not as private as we think — and again, the world Muslim population is not exactly a small group of people.

If 7000 people, brought to a state of inspiration, can reduce terrorism by 72 percent, what could 1,000,000,000 do? 



Our minds are ‘online’ in ways we do not currently understand in the mainstream. As I say in Science of Peace, when the solution to a hidden-figure puzzle is shown to a large population of people on television, people in completely separate areas, who never saw the broadcast, will now solve the test much faster.

Ideas, creativity and insight float into our minds from a ‘field’ that we all share, just like the air we breathe. The so-called “Hundredth Monkey Effect” is only one of many examples from the animal kingdom.

In that case, once a ‘critical mass’ of 100 monkeys learned how to wash sweet potatoes dropped to them from helicopters — allowing the food to be edible for the first time — suddenly all the monkey populations on every island being studied, including the mainland, adopted the behavior. Once the ‘critical mass’ was reached, the shift happened literally overnight.



Clearly our thoughts interact with a Field — and this is one of the great secrets that has incredible scientific support, but has not yet reached the level of mainstream acceptance and awareness. Thoughts, ideas and concepts are not private — they are shared amongst us all.

The same is true for our emotional state. Everyone oscillates between certain times when they are angry, frustrated, fearful and nervous, and other times when they are calm, peaceful, tranquil and relaxed. We believe our emotions to be private phenomena, created solely within our own minds.

The repeated demonstration of the Meditation Effect in large cities, over the past 30+ years, clearly shows that our emotions are not an individual phenomenon at all. Small groups of people, holding a higher ‘frequency’ of peace and meditation, have a profound healing effect on their entire city — and beyond.



I can now confirm that thanks to your overwhelming grassroots display of support as investors, we were able to sign one of Hollywood’s top screenwriters to do a “page-one rewrite” of our film CONVERGENCE. I have toiled in the vineyards for four and a half years on this epic project, which reveals science just like what I’ve shared with you here… and much more.

We embargoed The Science of Peace for two years because of its similarity to the material we had planned on revealing in the first CONVERGENCE movie. This is what I feel we most need to know as a planet, and I’m doing my part to see that it gets out there.

Our writer only realized the awesome scope of the data I have compiled after we signed him and he dug into the core material I then gave him and his writing partner. In a mere two days, he returned to me with Post-It-Notes blooming like a garden of daisies out of the manuscript.

He shook his head and smiled in disbelief as he revealed that the awesomeness of this data caused his commitment level to skyrocket from a casual interest into a full-blown life commitment. We will get much more of his time than he had originally planned on using. Other films he has written have had arguably legendary  effects on our society already, and CONVERGENCE will receive nothing less than his very best attention. 

The resulting work this marvelous shift created has led to my two-week absence from this site — but the results will be well worth the sacrifice.



Very little of the material that blew him away was in the original script I had co-authored with Catherine Ann Jones, because we were going to work up to these fantastic points sequentially.

As a result of his influence, the most mind-blowing scientific facts, and their deepest implications, will now decisively make it into the first film. As he said, “Hit ’em with the best you’ve got and worry about how to make the sequels interesting afterwards.”

I must admit that this new perspective thrills me greatly. This will likely be the only film in the series that will make it out prior to the end of the year 2012, even under the most ambitious production schedules — and that’s obviously important.

I, of course, have a key role in shaping the new story for CONVERGENCE, and I am stunned at what we are set to put on screen, with a writer of this caliber. If our film does half as well as my own dreams and intuition have suggested, then many more people will be able to comprehend the significance of events like what just happened with Obama’s speech.

The more of these pieces you put together, the more you realize that we really are in an age of mass awakening. The negative planetary elite are crumbling apart more and more every day in the light of Truth. They still have the potential to do damage, though, and by pointing it out as soon as it happens, we further minimize the effectiveness and repeatability of such actions. 

And that will take us into Part Two, which I will definitely not wait more than a few more days to release at the most… barring additional creative mind-gasms. Keep coming back!



For those who can watch the clip, Jon Stewart offered some levity as he exposed how the ‘extremists’ of the right wing, here in America, reacted with disgust and horror at Obama’s speech. The bogeyman they spent untold billions of dollars in propaganda money building up is being deconstructed right in front of them, so their natural response is to screech and holler:



Thank you for your continuing support, and we’ll be back with the rest very soon!