I had hoped to get my current article released this weekend… but I’ve had to move ahead the release date to the 15th, to correspond with Wanderer Awakening!



I performed a major audit of all the readings I’d published online, and found remarkable prophecies that tie in directly to our present moment. Many of them came true, but the really interesting part is the ones that HAVEN’T come true, YET.

This article is seen as so important by my Higher Self that I’ve had multiple dreams giving me feedback, shaping the content, et cetera. I’ve also been working so intensely on it that one night I was up until 6AM.

I thought this would be a week-end piece, but it just didn’t pan out that way. I’m having a lot of fun doing it, but I also have to pace myself and avoid another health collapse, as is often the case when I get this wrapped up in something.



My article was spurred on by the incredibly blatant attempts by the Republican / Neocon / New World Order faction to incite a public uprising and revolution. They literally only lost power eleven weeks ago, and they’re already trying to steal it back.

I already pointed out the “Fox Nation” poster, which clearly and unambiguously implies states breaking away from the Union to form their own “Fox Nation”:  



Now they’ve taken it even farther into the bizarre with multiple “Tea Party” events they’ve financed and staged around the country. Obviously, the Boston Tea Party led directly to the American colonists overthrowing their government, so they’re not one for subtlety.

The tagline even reads “Revolution is Brewing”:




Obama’s administration is taking undeniable steps to dismantle the machinery for global dictatorship that the Neocon / New World Order faction was building. On the first day he took office, Obama’s very first action was to order a review for the shutdown of secret gulags — torture prisons such as Guatanamo.

Just days ago, this accomplishment was made, as this article reveals:




I am only pointing out one of a staggering number of examples. The upcoming article will feature many more of them. Here is another random example that just came out today — the declassifying of a quarter MILLION pages of records from the Reagan era.

The media isn’t talking about it as a major issue, but who knows what we might find in those archives: 


President Barack Obama is ordering the release of nearly a quarter of a million pages of records from the Reagan White House that were kept from the public during a lengthy review by President George W. Bush.

The Reagan documents – which include presidential briefing papers, speechwriting research materials and declassified foreign policy records — are expected to be released Monday.



The conspiracy crowd has been lulled into thinking that Obama’s administration is merely continuing the policies of the New World Order. If this were true, then why are the Neocons attempting to overthrow his government?

The desperation they feel can easily be seen in another piece of news this week, where Karl Rove blatantly accuses the vice-president of lying: 




Right now the New World Order faction is doing everything it possibly can to deflect the blame from themselves and in the direction of the new administration. I have found I can barely even discuss this with frequent readers of the conspiracy sites, as they have already made up their minds.

People are onto this scam, as this next video reveals. FOX had to embarrassingly refute the idea, publicly, that they were coordinating this movement behind the scenes. Given their track record up until now, you can safely assume that when they do something like this, the opposite is true: 



The research I have uncovered will prove, beyond any shadow of doubt, that hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested into flooding your favorite conspiracy websites with propaganda, written from directly within the Pentagon’s psy-ops department. And we’ll even hear from a Dutch whistleblower who publicly admitted to taking one of these jobs, and spells out exactly what she did for them. 

Furthermore, I am stunned by the treasures I found in my readings, published online a decade ago, that spell out precisely what is going on. We are in the worst of it right now — and these economic changes are already well on their way to creating a grand awakening.

This blatant, open-air attempt at starting a revolution should be clear evidence, for those who can still maintain objective thought in the midst of massive propaganda infiltrating the alternative media, that the New World Order is on the brink of defeat.

Out of money and out of time, with their entire legal machinery for global dictatorship being ripped apart, this is their Endgame. And they require public participation to succeed.

If you want to see how close they are to defeat, check out this video, in which the Danish mainstream media is openly airing undeniable proof that the World Trade Center buildings were brought down by explosives: 



I am doing my part to expose them, and help you relax into the knowingness that better times are ahead.

Comedy has become perhaps the single best way this group is being defeated as the truth comes out. First, this edgy news bulletin from Rachel Maddow clearly shows what a (synchronistically) poor choice of words “Tea Party” was.

Just about everyone in the youth culture knows that “Tea Bagging” is where a guy dips his testicles into your mouth like a tea bag into a mug — typically after you’ve passed out from drinking and your mouth hangs open. 

Amazingly, some of the organizers of these Tea Party rallies have used the phrase “Tea Bag” to indicate a protest — even as ridiculous as “Tea Bag Obama”. Rachel’s got the footage — and can barely hold it together as she presents it:


This bit from Jon Stewart is particularly entertaining: 



You can continue being paranoid and sounding the alarm if you like… but the worst is over. Ten years ago my prophecies spelled out the whole thing… and it’s about to get a LOT more interesting.

See you on Wednesday!