with David Wilcock

To Everything, There is a Season…

Oct. 21, 2004

After openly offering this service to the general public on a full-time professional basis since July 1999, we have finally reached the “critical mass” that we have been warning about for years now; a point where the degree of exposure becomes too great for David and his professional staff to meet the demand.


Effective immediately (October 21st, 2004), we will not accept any more reading requests until the wait time has been reduced to no more than six months. Currently, we have enough requests waiting to book the entirety of 2005, and we feel it is only fair to you the public to keep that list at a manageable level.

All requests already submitted (by email or postmarked before October 21) will be processed. Please bear with us — it’s a long list and we are quite behind.

For those of you deeply desiring a reading, an immediate solution would be to purchase a general interest reading on CD. “What is My Purpose?” is available now (click here), and we anticipate releasing the next CD of the series sometime in December. New CDs should be produced every few months, so there is indeed something to look forward to!

In some ways these CDs are better than personal readings, because they are loaded with over a full hour of David’s original ambient music to enhance the experience of the words — music that actually brings you closer to what David hears and feels when the reading is coming through.

Most people glide effortlessly into a deep trance within minutes of putting it on – so this is not a CD to drive to, please! (Click here for more info and to order.)

Also, David will be appearing at various speaking engagements around the country, almost on a monthly basis. Before the end of October 2004, we will try to keep his most current upcoming schedule posted on this website, so you may plan to attend if he is in your area. Please be aware his schedule does not usually allow him to give readings at public events.