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One of the most hard-hitting ‘disclosure’ shows David has ever given… if you haven’t already seen or heard this, prepare to be amazed!





It’s very unusual for a guest to appear two times on Coast in just over one month, but thanks to all of you out there listening and following along with our work, we have the ‘popular demand’ needed to get that kind of exposure! Be sure to let them know that you like what you hear, and would love to have this be a regular event on Coast.

On tomorrow night’s show, we will debut the first song off of Wanderer Awakening, entitled “Listen to You.” Finally, no more hype, no more waiting around, wondering if it’s going to be any good… now you have a chance to listen for yourself!

Here, hot off the presses (literally 11:15 pm Thursday night), is the amazing concept art for the Wanderer Awakening album cover from legendary visual artist Andrew Jones.

Andrew’s art ranges through a full spectrum of the archetypes in the Galactic Mind, and with this art we’ve accomplished quite an amazing envisioning of a sixth-density being such as Ra!

This image is also an excellent envisioning of the “human template” from the Galaxy that forms human life on any planet where it can grow into being!



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Enough chit-chat… this previous show with George is one of the most remarkable shows we’ve ever done, releasing lots of information that has the power to change the world. We hope you enjoy it!

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In case you didn’t hear my show last night, we’ve had another amazing development. One of the top broadcast television networks has contacted Richard Hoagland and wants him to produce a 2012 documentary for prime-time airing. He would like me to be involved prominently — so this will likely be the first mainstream media break we will have gotten!

The network wants to see how much interest is out there, and the way they suggest we do this is by having us all send emails to [email protected]  and tell him how much you’d like to see this 2012 information break out into the mainstream through a major network documentary like this.

There is more than enough doom and gloom out there to have people running for the hills, but almost no one else has put together the view we have of the positive aspects — both from a scientific and spiritual perspective. This is something you can do now to really help propel our society into a full disclosure… in the short time remaining before whatever is going to actually happen!

And now, on with the show…


Coast to Coast AM with David Wilcock
January 4, 2009
Part 1 

George Noory: Tonight we‘re going to dive into the mind of David Wilcock, who some believe is the reincarnated American prophet Edgar Cayce. We‘ll talk with David about the possibility of evidence to support a designed universe, what will happen in 2012, and the human appearance of alien life on Earth. That‘s all next on Coast to Coast AM.

Well, a fascinating night in store for you tonight on Coast to Coast AM. David Wilcock, professional intuitive consultant since 1993, has intensively researched UFOlogy, ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter/energy.

He is the author of the critically-acclaimed trilogy of scientifically researched works known as the “Convergence ” series, which gives definitive support to the idea that a change in matter, energy, and consciousness is now occurring on planet Earth and throughout the solar system. Tonight — David Wilcock.

Well, welcome back, my friend. How are you?

David Wilcock: I‘m doing great. How are you doing, George?

GN: Good, good. Lots of folks had requested you to come back as early into 2009 as possible, David. So I‘m fulfilling my pledge to them, and here you are.

DW: I guess it doesn‘t get earlier than this, huh? This is your first show of the year.

GN: [laughs] Really, really. What‘s new since we last saw each other at one of the conferences?

DW: Well, yeah, that‘s right. You and I were at the Conscious Life Expo last year. We were on that panel about 2012.

GN: Yep.

DW: Since that time, the big thing has been that I‘m working on an album called “Wanderer Awakening ”, which is actually featuring me as a lead singer. 

GN: [laughs] Come on! You‘re kidding me!

DW: No. This is totally for real. 

GN: Are you a good singer?

DW: Actually, yes. The surprising thing is how good of a quality we‘ve actually gotten. 

GN: You‘ve got to get me a clip of this later. Okay?

DW: Yeah, we‘re still in the phase where we‘re doing rough mixes, but we‘ve had a lot of people listen to it and they really, really like how it‘s sounding. We may be able to have something good enough for the next time — because Tom was just telling me that we might be doing a show again in the near future. So maybe that time we‘ll be able to play something.

GN: Just promise me that Tom is not the back-up singer.

DW: [laughs]

GN: Can you promise me that?

DW: That might have been how I got him to get me back on the air, though. 

GN: [laughs] All right, David. Lots to talk with you about. I mean lots to talk with you about. Things are changing on this planet faster than we can keep up with it. 

We were just talking with Mitch Battros about the possibility of Yellowstone going. He‘s not too concerned yet, but we‘re all going to watch the signs and symptoms. Then, later on in the show, I just want to talk with you a little more about Edgar Cayce because I‘m still fascinated with his life and the fact that so many people believe that you could be the reincarnated Edgar Cayce.

But let‘s get into, you know, this vastness of space for just a moment. Here‘s the one thing I get about you wherever I go or the emails I get: people, when they‘re in your lectures — and I‘ve seen them face to face — are in awe. You‘ve got that Richard Hoaglandesque quality about you in front of an audience, and they just sit back, their eyes are open, and they just listen.

DW: Thank you. 

GN: So I guess to start this, when you talk about the vastness of the universe, what do you think about that? What‘s going through your mind?

DW: Well, I think we‘re heading into a period in history where we can no longer turn our backs on the wisdom of ancient and indigenous people, insofar as the cosmic concept that Intelligence is not just something that‘s a function of human life and life-forms on Earth, but that Intelligence is an intrinsic quality of energy, space, and time itself.

And every ancient tradition, including Christianity and all the world religions, essentially come back to a monotheistic concept in the end. They may have pantheism insofar as they see hierarchical structures of life beyond the level that we‘re at now.

I think all philosophies of any lasting impact end up coming back to this idea that there‘s only one Creator, and it‘s basically a dream that the universe is having of duality, separation, space and time. In fact, everything resolves to singularity and there is only identity. And the identity is a One Consciousness.

So then, from there you get into the idea that everything that is manifest, everything that we see around us, is actually part of this dream that we‘re having. If we can remember who we truly are, then we penetrate that veil that makes us think that when we look at another person that we‘re looking at someone else. As we like to say, the catch-phrase is: “There‘s only one of us here ”.

GN: Now, with our narrow eyes, you know, we‘re looking out into the vastness of space, but we see things in the Milky Way Galaxy. 

DW: Right.

GN: Do you believe that this galaxy is a carbon-copy of what‘s out there in the universe? Or are we truly unique here?

DW: Well, the terms you‘re using are a little bit lacking in specificity. But I would say, insofar as the Creator is holographic and fractal, then, yeah, in one sense we are a carbon-copy, insofar as it‘s the same pattern that keeps reiterating. But then, we have all the uniqueness of a particular snowflake as well, because of the richness with which each galaxy [invests the life within it]. 

In this cosmic conception that I‘m working with, each galaxy has a personality and gets to design a curriculum for evolution, including the exact nature of the spiritual archetypes that everybody goes through. There‘s apparently seven archetypes of Body, seven of Mind, and seven of Spirit, and then one that ties them all together called “The Fool ” or “The Seeker of Truth ”. 

These experiences we have are written into the fabric of creation, basically. It‘s like you‘re only going to have 22 experiences, more or less, and then the whole way in which you go through the course of your evolution and destiny has to do with how you navigate these 22 experiences. A lot of people will just keep getting stuck on one or two, and keep repeating that over and over again. 

But you can find the templates of all 22 experiences in the Tarot cards — the 22 Major Arcana — including things like the Tower of Destruction, The Devil, The Moon, The Sun, The Magician. All those various cards, that people have seen so many times, represent the major archetypes of evolution that we go through as souls.

GN: How were they able to depict them? I mean, how did they know about this, those creators, let‘s say, of Tarot cards?

DW: Well, supposedly the Tarot cards go back to 10-11,000 years ago, during the time of Atlantis, when we are told there was an extraterrestrial contact with people at that time. This contact actually formed the core of the “secret material ” that‘s now jealously guarded by groups such as the New World Order and the Illuminati.

There was an actual contact that led to the construction of the Great Pyramid. When you tie in the Cayce story, of course Cayce said that one of his past lives was the Atlantean priest Ra-Ta — who was responsible for liasing with this extraterrestrial group to build the Pyramid.

Then you get into the idea of there being a Hall of Records and so forth. That‘s another Cayce concept, in which [during] that lifetime he had as Ra-Ta, he was working with this extraterrestrial group which was called “Ra, ” and that is the name we get those Egyptian words from.

They gave us a great deal of information, most of which has still remained the provenance of highly secret rituals and societies. Yu don‘t even get to access this stuff until you‘re very high-ranking in those groups. They would protect the secrets under pain of death.

Ultimately, what you‘re dealing with is that the Great Pyramid was built to be a chamber of initiation that would create an ascended state for the person who successfully went through it.

You would go up in there, lie in the sarcophagus, and there would be a healer in there who had a specific tuned crystal. You would go through this experience of facing your own shadow, as if it was projected in front of you like some sort of demonic caricature.

This was such a terrifying experience, and it goes on for so long, that many people were risking death by doing it — because you could actually die of fear from facing this aspect of yourself.

But, if you successfully passed this initiation, then you got out of the Pyramid with these very highly advanced abilities. And so, it became a philosophy of Deism, in which “man becomes god.”

They have kept those rituals and religions very secretive, because they don‘t want the average person to have the knowledge that you can transcend an ordinary human life and have these extraordinary capabilities.

GN: Why don‘t they want to give us these capabilities, David? What is so important to them, to keep their thumbs on us?

DW: Well, if you read the history of what these kind of ascended beings used to be able to do [you’ll find out what the original motivation was.]

According to a book by Phylos the Thibetan called “Dweller on Two Planets ” — which, according to the Edgar Cayce readings, was accurate — Phylos the Tibetan was channeled by some little illiterate boy in the early or late 1800‘s, I believe. He described somebody who went through this initiation successfully, and who turned out to be evil.

Now, imagine this guy having an entire army coming up to chase him down. His power is so vast that he‘s standing on top of a hill, he has thousands of soldiers running towards him, and he just points his finger at them. Just by waving his finger across, they all fall down dead. Then, once the bodies have died, he reanimates them, and gets them all to walk into the river and dispose of themselves.

So this is a very terrifying power. Apparently the ancient mystery schools were afraid that if an average person gained these powers, they would use them for purposes of self-gratification.

Therefore, it was believed that you couldn‘t trust anybody, just anybody, to go through this. What if he passes the initiation? What if he makes it through the Pyramid and is able to do this stuff? Then nobody can go up against him.

GN: Ah… ah.

DW: That‘s the original rationale. Now, of course, the extraterrestrial beings that gave us this technology never intended for us to have such a negative viewpoint of it.

If you think about it from another perspective, all it takes is more than one person who‘s been through this at the same time. The positive is going to be able to nullify the effect of one rogue who happens to go negative.

It‘s since gotten contorted dramatically. That‘s another important point. The initial philosophy that was given to the Egyptians did deal with the concept of the yin-yang, of positive and negative force in the universe, and how those two opposites clash against each other to create spiritual evolution.

Whereas, now our current Illuminati types have kind of distorted that philosophy to the idea that they have to experience the extremes of both positive and negative behaviour in order to be the most spiritually evolved.

So, they will simultaneously be giving large amounts of money to philanthropic organizations and humanitarian relief efforts, while at the same time engaging in very nefarious activity.

GN: Well, I gotta tell, you based on just the things I‘m seeing right now about this control, it wouldn‘t surprise me that they‘d want to keep this a secret from the masses, David. It wouldn‘t surprise me at all.

DW: Well, look at the latest Batman movie, and the incredible power that you see the Joker character has in that movie.

GN: Yeah.

DW: Of course, it‘s a fictional story. He‘s an archetype. He‘s not really a real person. But the Joker is like Bin Laden times a thousand, you know?

The fear was that if you get somebody that has access to these ancient teachings and gains these powers, then what he could do would make the Joker look like a joke by comparison. So, I understand the rationale. 

And the problem is, however, that they have been so protective of these secrets that we don‘t even have the first stages of the knowledge that they have gained.

That includes the obvious fact that there has been a so-called “hidden directorate ” of extraterrestrial intelligence that has been working with humanity ever since we even were born on this planet — in order to steer our evolution in a direction which will promote the highest growth for humanity. 

I don‘t believe that all of the stuff that‘s going on in these secret organizations is negative. I‘ve spoken to many of these whistle-blowers and witnesses myself. And there are a lot of good people in these groups.

In fact, one witness, Henry Deacon, is one of the most high-ranking people I‘ve ever spoken to. He was never exposed to any sort of Luciferian or Illuminati philosophy at all.

GN: Tell us about Henry Deacon, David.

DW: Well, Henry Deacon is a fascinating case. I first found out about him through him being interviewed by Project Camelot, which is Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy. They have a series of videos out on the internet which you can watch, but they never were able to get this guy on video. He was too afraid to speak on camera.

When I started to read his testimony, he was giving them some information that was very highly advanced. This included things that were pieces of testimony I had heard from other witnesses, such as my contact, Daniel, who apparently worked on the Montauk Project.

I had never heard anyone go public with this stuff — and I certainly hadn‘t. And yet this guy had all of those specific data-points, and more, that I knew were already accurate because I‘d heard them from other credible witnesses.

So it took, actually, about two years before I was able to get to speak to Henry Deacon myself.

One of the things I wanted us to be able to talk about tonight, and I wrote the article on my website about, is Deacon‘s testimony regarding things like Stargates. [I also want to discuss] the idea that there are at least 40, 45 different species of human beings that he actually personally met and interacted with, in the course of working in a variety of compartmentalized projects.

To me, this is just so fascinating that it boggles my mind.

GN: And you believe he‘s credible.

DW: I absolutely believe he is. In fact, I spoke with him on the phone for, I don‘t know… I mean, we‘ve probably spoken some 60, 70 hours on the phone. During that time, there was one case where he got called on his cell phone from one of these Black Ops agencies, offering him a job. And he put it on speaker phone!

[DW: Henry’s cell phone naturally was loud and he used it close enough to the phone he had with me that I overheard everything. He didn’t necessarily intend me to hear any of it, and that’s an important point. As it was, the call did not contain any information that definitively proved it was other than a standard civilian contractor job for the military, or a military-oriented corporation.

The most suspicious aspect was how the man offering the job would absolutely refuse to say anything whatsoever about what the work would be… not even the least little thing… despite Henry questioning him repeatedly. And yet the recruiter said this job was allegedly going to involve a complete geographic relocation in mere days — “as soon as possible” — if accepted.] 

I witnessed the entire conversation, and I heard how evasive this guy was. You could tell he was old-school military, the whole way he handled it.

GN: Uh huh.

DW: There was this sort of good-ole-boy energy about the way they were talking. Apparently there‘s only a small number of people who get to a level where, once you‘ve worked in enough compartments of these compartmentalized projects, they basically let you in on everything.

Then you‘re in very high demand, because they will hire you on from one project to another. They know they can trust you. You‘re not going to spill the beans, so to speak. 

The amount of information he‘s given me is quite vast. It‘s more bang for the buck than any other witness I‘ve ever spoken to.

[DW: Given how trained he is in security procedures, he withheld any information that would name specific people or reveal anything that could be potentially damaging to national security. This could be downright exasperating because I felt like he didn’t trust me enough to keep confidentiality.

He never would answer a question about anything other than “sci-fi-sounding stuff that no one will believe anyway, even though it absolutely is the truth.” Hence that is the testimony I was given.

What amazes me is the sheer scope and depth of what there is to know. Unfortunately he didn’t study up and take the classes that were available to learn more about the history of all the various human races visiting us — he focused on the jobs he had to perform and didn’t worry so much about the details.

Nonetheless I have found hundreds of correlations in his testimony to other unpublished pieces of data I’ve located elsewhere… far too many for him to have been concocting stories out of his imagination. Some of those connections have now been disclosed; others have not.] 

GN: And your take on stargate technology? You believe that it exists.

DW: Oh, no doubt about it. You have to realize that the Philadelphia Experiment was a real thing. If you check out some of the history that goes into that, the effect that led to the Philadelphia Experiment was discovered by the Navy when they were using high-intensity electromagnetic arc-welding to make battleships.

Apparently, there‘s a certain point of energy intensity that you reach, just with ordinary electromagnetic energy, where you basically fold space in on itself. It curls over into itself, and you get this sort of wormhole effect.

GN: Mm hm.

DW: They were having tools disappear from the room. A black spot would appear in the room, and then all the power would go off. When they would get the power back on, tools would be missing. They ended up filming this and discovered that when they did the weld at these very high levels of energy, this black hole would appear, and it would suck things into it.

So then they modified that technology into coils they could put around a battleship. According to Colonel Philip Corso, it was not the USS Eldridge. That was a cover story. It was actually a mine-sweeper ship called IX-97.

So that‘s why, when people have investigated the Philadelphia Experiment, and they looked for the crew of the Eldridge, the crew says nothing bad happened. It was never the Eldridge.

IX-97 is the ship this actually did happen to. All they were looking for was optical invisibility. But then, when they turned the juice on, they had very unexpected results, in that the ship actually jumped from one location to another, and then came back. It went from Norfolk Naval Shipyard [to a port in Philadelphia, and snapped back when they turned the power off.]

GN: Which they didn‘t expect. David, we‘re going to talk more with you about that…

DW: Sure.

GN: …when we come right back on Coast to Coast AM.

(By the way, while I was on vacation last week I hit the milestone of 6 years now full-time on Coast to Coast AM. I wanted to thank all of you for supporting the program and keeping it what it is today. We‘ll be back in a moment. David Wilcock our special guest. We‘re going to dive more into his mind on Coast to Coast AM.

And welcome back to Coast to Coast. I‘m George Noory; David Wilcock our special guest tonight.)

David, let‘s go back to the star systems for a moment — the stargate systems. This is going to be one of those fascinating programs, especially as we talk a little bit more about Henry Deacon and things he told you he saw. William Henry always talked about ancient stargate systems. Are they different from these modern ones?

DW: Absolutely and totally different. Yeah.

The ancient stargate system is much more crude, and quite dangerous for you to go through. This is a large subject.

Some of this stuff I heard about from another witness who I call Daniel. That‘s the guy I talk about on my 2012 Enigma video, which was number one on Google on December 1st. So it‘s really gotten popular.

GN: Well, good for you! Congratulations.

DW: Yeah. Thank you. And Daniel… I had an extensive amount of conversation with him. He was the first person to tell me about this ancient stargate system. 

Now, the problem with this kind of stuff is that each of these guys gets different pieces of the puzzle, and not all of them get the same pieces. So you have to take a little bit from one and a little bit from another to put it all together.

According to Daniel‘s testimony, the knowledge that he was given… Well, he worked at Montauk, which was actually called… Phoenix Three was the technical name it was given.

GN: Right.

DW: He said there was an ancient race of beings called “The Ancients ” — a kind of uninteresting name, but that was what they were called.

GN: [laughs]

DW: This is the same race that in the “Stargate ” program they refer to as “The Ancients ”. These guys came to the Earth before people were here, and basically set up the game. This includes, apparently, very large underground cities, and a stargate network which is not just on Earth, but is extended throughout at least our entire galaxy. And possibly many others, as well.

GN: Now these visitors — is this beyond the Sitchin Anunnaki research?

DW: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

GN: Okay.

DW: I mean, when you start talking to the guys who really know what‘s going on, it‘s a lot more than most of the whistle-blowers ever get into.

GN: All right.

DW: I mean, we‘re talking about… The Anunnaki represent one race of ETs. According to Colonel — I‘m sorry, Sergeant — Clifford Stone, there‘s some 57 different varieties of human beings, in one form or another, that have visited us.

GN: Of which the Anunnaki could have been one of them. Right?

DW: Yeah, yeah. The Anunnaki are about 14 feet tall. They wear this kind of reddish-black armour with sort of a gold filigree on it. They wear masks. They don‘t let you see their face.

When they come in and have a meeting with you, they will not sit down. They stand, which is very intimidating. They‘re highly telepathic, so they can read your thoughts. They can get into your mind and make you think things that you wouldn‘t think. 

And they‘re really not very respectful towards human beings. They see us as property. The dealings that we‘ve had with them, on a governmental level, have not been all that favourable to us. 

In fact, the problem is that they chose to work with the Germans during the time that the Nazi party was coming into power. According to Henry Deacon, the original meeting was set up for the Himalayan Mountains. That was where the rendezvous took place with the Anunnaki.

There was some sort of limited agreement to share technology with them, in exchange for assisting them in such things as developing a base in Antarctica, and so forth.

What ended up happening was that, apparently, the deal fell through. Deacon is not clear as to the details. But we do still have a limited partnership with the Anunnaki. But it‘s not… It remains somewhat tense. Let‘s put it that way.

GN: Okay. We‘ll come back to that in a second. Why would the ancient stargate systems… and again, some of those that Henry, for example, talks about — William Henry — why would those ancient stargate systems be dangerous?

DW: Henry Deacon described a process in which you go through a wormhole, which is very similar to what happened to Jodie Foster at the end of the movie “Contact ”.

GN: Right. Okay.

DW: In fact, that whole sequence is totally based on what an ancient stargate is actually like. These ancient stargate systems do not allow anything but biological material to go through. That‘s another thing. When you come out the other side, if you tried to bring something with you that was not a living thing, it would have disintegrated.

GN: Like your craft, for example, if you were sitting in something?

DW: Oh yeah, yeah. That‘s true. So, you know, it‘s funny because according to Daniel‘s testimony, he said that they were sending people through the ancient gate network, and when they‘d go out the other side, their pants would fall down.

GN: [laughs]

DW: …Because the elastic on your pants was an inorganic material, enough so that it wouldn‘t make it through the gate.

GN: That‘s funny.

DW: So they had to give these guys these cotton drawstring pants, or else their pants would fall down!

GN: That‘s funny. [laughs]

DW: So the ancient… One of the things you‘ve got to understand about stargate travel, too, is that it requires a certain degree of spiritual stability that most of us on this planet don‘t have.

[DW: I didn’t explain this very well on the show. Technically what this means is that you have a ‘Zero-Time Reference’ which is formed at the moment of conception. It is the only time that the ‘transient’ or soul body is in direct contact with the physical body. 

Evolution naturally progresses where your transient body and physical body are phase-locked with each other on a given timeline. It is visualized as an expanding cone formed by two lines. The line of your physical body slopes diagonally downward, and the line of your transient body slopes upward. The exact distance between these two lines determines your biological age.

If that phase-lock is shifted or altered, you can get a variety of different health problems which become increasingly serious the more your ZTR is displaced. Some witnesses have called this ‘transdimensional disorder.’ Another highly curious effect is that the ZTR can be deliberately altered and rapid changes in the age of the body can result.

This form of ‘portal’ travel (the term ‘portal’ is much more apt to be used than ‘gate’) requires either a unique medication designed for this purpose — obviously with energetic qualities and not merely a chemical compound– or a level of spiritual development where you can self-regulate and self-stabilize your ZTR.

Due to how undeveloped we are on this planet, most of us do not have this natural stabilizing ability. Thus severe mental health problems, even death, can result from an untrained person running through an ancient gate system.]

So, when Henry Deacon is using the modern gate network… 

First of all, the modern gate network doesn‘t require any travel time. You don‘t feel this experience of going through a wormhole. You‘re not having this visual and kinaesthetic experience of travelling through some sort of other dimension. You literally go from point A to point B instantaneously. They‘ve also worked out the kinks so that you can bring matter with you. It‘s not just life that goes through.

The ancient gate system was designed so that you couldn‘t bring something through that would harm the life on the planet you go to. Basically, the intention was for these various human civilizations on various planets to be able to interact with each other in a peaceful way. And, to some degree, the “Stargate SG-1 ” television program and “Stargate Atlantis ” has continued to emphasize that level, for which the gate system was intended.

But, again, they have to give you a medication in order to stabilize your health to be able to use the gate. The problem that happened to Henry Deacon was that he left his job very suddenly, and he went off this medication cold turkey. He now has some pretty substantial health complications that have made it impossible for him to take another job like that.

GN: Was he a traveler?

DW: Yeah. He would basically jump over to a base on Mars. They had existing human habitations on Mars that were very ancient. We are now told from Henry that there are some 240,000 ‘personnel’  on Mars…

Of which only 10,000 are people that were born on Earth.

GN: I‘m beginning to realize why at conferences people sit in your lectures with their eyes open! Because this is fascinating stuff, David.

DW: [laughs] Well, the problem, too, is that they take care of you. They treat you well when you get into these higher-level compartments of the Black Ops.

[DW: In answer to one critic, there is obviously no actual “BLACKOP” designation for a project. This is merely a commonly-used term to describe highly secretive and highly compartmentalized projects, which are more likely to be run by corporate contractors rather than anything in direct government or military circles.]

And so, none of these guys want to come forward. So we‘re very, very fortunate that Henry Deacon even exists. Because, honestly, these guys keep to themselves, and they don‘t want to come forward because, you know…

I mean, imagine… There are bases all over the world in which you show up to work at this base, you go into what appears to be an ordinary-looking room, the doors close behind you, and instead of just taking a trip on an elevator, you‘re now going to a whole other base on another planet.

You can jump-gate over to various large spaceships that we‘ve built which orbit, in some cases, deep space. Even outside the solar system. And so, they have all this technology already in existence. It‘s mind-blowing when you start to realize how little most of us know.

[DW: Shows like The Outer Limits and Stargate SG-1 are designed to deliberately reveal a fair percentage of the truth as protection, while introducing many other distortions. This way, when whistleblowers come forward, skeptics (and we have many who can be very demeaning — our moderators let one through in the comments section below as an example) will just say, “Oh, you’re just a Stargate fan”.

This “fictional disclosure” is positive in the sense that it protects the truth from people who are not ready to hear it, while gradually making it obvious to the common person, through so much repetition, that there is probably much more going on than they have been told.]

GN: At any point, David, did any of them — and we‘re going to come back to all this as we talk throughout the night here — but did any of them ever talk about, as we started, this vast super-intelligence in the universe? The Divine Creation here?

DW: Yeah. They have a pretty good idea that there‘s something going on, that there‘s an intelligent Source throughout the cosmos. In fact, Daniel, one of my witnesses, the Montauk guy, basically was describing research that they did into DNA.

They discovered that every person‘s DNA has a very specific energetic signature. And they were able to create a device that would allow you to listen for those signatures of energy, on a very precise level.

What shocked them — to the point that they were actually quite terrified at first — was that when they turned this device out into space, they found DNA harmonics everywhere. And I mean everywhere.  They had no idea at the time that the universe was so teeming with life. 

They since have discovered that, basically, life will form just about anywhere that it possibly can. Anywhere that you have atoms and molecules, they‘re going to form into little critters. And if those little critters can get some water, and some sunlight, and some atmosphere to protect them, then they‘re going to start growing — and they‘re going to become plants, and animals, and insects, and birds, and everything, leading right up to human life. (At least in this galaxy.)

GN: I was going to say… Can we assume that whatever life is out there on other planets, however vast out they may be, that the life is going to look somewhat similar to what‘s here on this planet?

DW: That‘s the big secret. That is the main thing I was hoping to achieve in tonight‘s show. I want to break this stranglehold that we have, intellectually and creatively, around the idea that so-called “aliens ” — and I don‘t use that word most of the time — are these malevolent, scary-looking creatures.

Now, don‘t forget. I was at Dr. Steven Greer‘s Disclosure Project conference at the National Press Club on May 10, 2001.

Everybody came forward on May 9, 2001. That‘s the video you can watch on, and websites like that. 

There was another event called the “Closed Executive Summary Briefing for VIPs and Members of Congress ”.  And that was on May 10th.

I had just been on Art‘s show for the first time. That was before you were there, George.

GN: Right.

DW: That‘s how I got to be called a VIP. I also donated $150.00 to the company. So, just based on those two things, I was able to get into this congressional briefing. And Sgt. Clifford Stone spoke there. I have to say that the things he said in the closed briefing were vastly more interesting and provocative than what he said in the one from the day before that you can watch on Youtube.

[DW: Here is a rather good-quality link to that original footage.]

GN: He talked about the fact that the ETs were all pretty human-like.

DW: Yeah, he did.

He said that there‘s 57 different varieties. And they actually tongue-in-cheek called them the Heinz 57.

GN: [laughs] Well, you never know. Maybe that‘s where they got the name.

DW: [laughs] Yeah. There‘s no way to know. But what we do know is that when Sgt. Stone gave his testimony (in the closed briefing), he literally broke down crying at the point that he described walking up to a crashed extraterrestrial ship and seeing the ET lying there in a damaged state.

He completely lost it on stage. He had to walk off the podium for a minute. He was crying. And then he had to come back on, composing himself. During the whole rest of his talk, he had tears in his eyes. And this was not some sort of acting. I mean, there was no reason for him to do this unless it was a real thing he was recalling.

GN: Why was he crying? Because he was just so awestruck?

DW: Yeah. There‘s something about these people who actually know the truth. The rest of us here, we‘re sitting around in cyber-space and on the internet, speculating…

GN: Speculating. Yeah.

DW:  …about whether any of this stuff is real. And yet, here you have people that are walking up to a crashed disc and looking into the eyes of a wounded or dying alien. I mean, you can‘t even imagine what that‘s actually like if you‘re actually there. There‘s no more doubt in your mind at that point that we‘re not alone in the cosmos.

And in the course of Sgt. Clifford Stone‘s work, he was given briefing documents which gave very precise descriptions of all 57 varieties of ETs, so that if he came up to a crashed extraterrestrial wreckage, he would know who he was dealing with when he got there, and what kind of characteristics they had.

[DW: Here is a link to the 52-minute videotaped testimony of Sgt. Stone with Project Camelot, which goes into a variety of interesting data points.]



GN: Now when you‘re talking about 57 varieties…

DW: Right.

GN: What does that include, for example?

DW: Well, the difference between Sgt. Stone and Henry Deacon is that Sgt. Stone read about these guys in a book and had some limited interaction with some of them. Henry Deacon, in the course of going over to this base on Mars via the jump-room system, this Stargate technology, he was actually working with them — sitting down with them in the same room and having meetings about various projects they were developing in concert with our Black Ops guys here.

So what we know from Henry Deacon is really the most substantial information. We know that the heights range from (as short as) a foot-and-a-half tall. And this is not a foot-and-a-half tall, looking like a little person that we would see on Earth. This is a foot-and-a-half tall, proportional human body to what our bodies look like. They go all the way up to 15 feet tall. 

Every type of skin colour you can imagine has been seen. In fact, Sgt. Stone refers to a group called the Orange. [See the above Camelot video for this testimony.] And there‘s other testimonies that refer to an Orange group.

Alpha Centauri, which is the closest star to us — it‘s a three-star system — has two different types of human civilizations on the planets around it, according to Henry Deacon. There‘s a desert planet, which has people that are about five-feet tall. They look like your typical Meso-American people, like Latinos.

GN: Okay.

DW: But then there‘s two other planets which have more lush, tropical vegetation. And I know this is going to probably strain credulity to the breaking point, but apparently these people photosynthesize light through their skin, and thus have a dark green skin color.

GN: Almost plant-like, then.

DW: Yeah. They actually do seem to be some sort of human/vegetable hybrid. Apparently, he said, you only ever meet women from this planet; he never met a single man from this planet.

The women are extremely beautiful. They look like Greek or Mediterranean women on Earth. They have long black hair, penetrating dark eyes, and other than the green skin, they look like super-model women on Earth. Same height, same proportions, you know. 

The other thing about these people is that they‘re almost all telepathic. They can use their mouths to speak, but most of them don‘t. They‘re apparently quite well versed in a variety of languages, but they primarily use telepathy as their means of communication.

I mean, I know so much about this, you can just ask me anything. There‘s so much to know.

GN: Now, what about the alien Grays, though, that we hear so much about? Are they robots, as I suspect?

DW: Yeah. There‘s various testimonies which are credible, talking about programmable life forms or PLFs. And apparently, according to Dr. Steven Greer in his most recent book “Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge, ”  based on testimony from credible whistle-blowers, he says that our own Black Ops guys have been given the technology to build PLFs themselves.

And what you are essentially dealing with there is where you can grow a life-form that has a limited consciousness but is not really a sovereign being in its own right. It‘s more like a programmable robot.

Some of the ‘Grays’ fall into that category. When you‘re looking at a ‘Gray‘s’ physiology, in some cases what you seem to be looking at is a neonate, which is basically the foetal stage of a human life-form, then grown to adulthood, but maintaining the proportions of the foetus.

That‘s why you get such a thin body and such a large head. That head obviously couldn‘t pass through a human birth canal. So these are beings that are grown. They‘re no longer being born naturally.

Another thing people don‘t realize is that the eyes on these beings — the reason why they‘re black — is because that‘s actually a lens that pops over the eyeball. If you take the lens off, you do have a more human-like eye underneath. The only thing is that it has very severe conjunctivitis, as we would think of it. The whites of the eyes are totally, totally bloodshot.

GN: Okay. But why the lens? What‘s the necessity for that?

DW: Well, first of all, it protects their eyes, because their eyes are very sensitive to light. And it apparently has super-advanced technology in it which allows you to have kind of like a virtual reality interactive system…

GN: Hmm.

DW: …that works with various hand-held devices you can hold on to. So you have sort of like a heads-up display. And you just pop this contact lens onto your eye. You get ultra violet light protection, it protects the sensitivity of your eye, and it also acts as an interface.

GN: Website still

DW: That‘s correct.

GN: David, when we come back, let‘s talk about these 57 varieties of… I guess we can‘t call them human, but human-like creatures, throughout the universe.

DW: Henry calls them people.

GN: All right. We‘ll talk about them, and what they believe in, in terms of that Divine Creator. We‘ll be back.




Part 2

GN: And of course our special guest tonight, David Wilcock. We‘ll open up the phone lines next hour with David. We‘ll be back. We‘ll talk more with him about life throughout the universe on Coast to Coast AM.

Just your opinion, David. These fifty-seven species throughout the universe, are they all believers in a God, let‘s say?

DW:  Well, just to clarify your question, I didn‘t say universe — I said galaxy.

GN: You did say galaxy. 

DW: Right.

GN: Okay. And why do we make that distinction, then?

DW: Well, because it seems that this particular galaxy has designed human beings exclusively to evolve within it. To get back to your original question, yes. Most of these people have essentially a very similar set of beliefs, because apparently as you progress farther along in human evolution, the nature of the universe is no longer veiled.

In fact, we already have enough scientific information now to essentially transcend the boundaries of religion and move into a unified cosmic conception where we can all agree on some basic principles. This would include the idea that the fundamental energy that makes all matter, as we know it, is conscious, and has an awareness that is essentially unified.

This seems to be what all of these various beings understand. Henry, the witness who‘s interacted with them, says they‘re much more enjoyable to spend time with than people on Earth here, [George laughs] because they have a much higher sense of morality, and compassion, and balance, as people.

GN: All  of them?

DW: Well, not all of them. I mean, the Annunaki, as I said, have a terrifying appearance, and they‘re hostile. Some of the Gray-type species can be very withdrawn and clinical in the way that they approach a so-called conversation, which is really more like a telepathic exchange.

GN: What about the reptilians that we hear so much about?

DW: Well, here‘s the funny thing. I have not personally spoken to any witness who has interacted with a reptilian species. According to Henry Deacon, they do not exist. Or if they do exist, he was never exposed to them in the course of his work.

However, I will say that my original Black Ops contact way, way back in 1993, when I first heard about all this stuff, was a physics professor who taught at the college of a friend of mine.

This professor said that in the higher echelons of NASA, it‘s considered common knowledge that the Roswell crash happened, that UFO‘s are real. ETs are visiting us regularly, we gained their technology, and we reverse-engineered it into computer chips and all these other things we use now, like fibre optics, Teflon, and LED lights.

One of the things he said was that there‘s three types of being they found in the ship, overall — the tallest of which looks almost the same as a human on Earth.

There might be some variances in the color of the irises. You get like a really deep blue that you don‘t get on earth. Or you get a violet colour. Some of them seem to have pupils that are more like a diamond in shape, rather than a circle like ours. The teeth can be different. That‘s why sometimes they‘ll need to use snap-in dentures if they want to pass for a regular human being here on Earth.

But, anyway, he was saying that the shortest of the three had a head that looked like a Gray, but that it was actually a helmet. When you removed the helmet, that underneath was what he referred to as a “monstrosity. ” That would lead me to believe that it was a reptilian face.

We don‘t have any, again, confirmation that that‘s what they looked like. But that would make sense. So, the only testimony from Deacon that seems to be relevant here is, he did say that there are certain activities we do that are bad for the time/space continuum, including nuclear missile testing, where you‘re actually firing off a nuclear weapon underground or something.

What this apparently does is to break this thing called “the quarantine, ” which is a very high intensity shield around the Earth that stops some of these bad guys from getting in. And so, when we mess around with these technologies, some of these groups can get in for short periods of time.

These groups appear to be the ones that are causing some of the unpleasant things to happen to people, like abductions. And they may be reptilian. I don‘t personally have the knowledge to know one way or the other.

GN: All right, but of the fifty-seven varieties, then, in our galaxy, we could, though, be talking about how many potential civilizations out there?

DW: Oh, this is just a drop in the ocean. The fifty-seven varieties are only the ones that are actually visiting us. And there are probably millions of different varieties in this galaxy alone.

GN: Okay, okay.

DW: But they‘re all basically going to be human. They‘re going to have differences in the height, and the skin color, and some superficial physiological differences, but overall everybody in this galaxy is human.

Again, the galaxy itself is an intelligent super-being that designed human life according to its template. 

This also ties into the 2012 question and why… I don‘t mean to insult any of your other guests, but most of the people that are speaking about this subject are severely off base in terms of: Why are we having Earth changes? Why are we seeing the exposure of the New World Order? Why are all these very terrifying things happening right now?

The purpose is not that we‘re working up to some sort of giant disaster. However, I will say that many of the people in the Black Ops community do believe that this is where we are going.

I just saw that movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still, ” the new one, recently. At the end of the movie, we‘re allowed to live. Of course, that‘s the Hollywood formula — you can‘t just destroy the Earth. But, we‘re allowed to live with one caveat, which is that nobody‘s machines run anymore. All the electromagnetic energy stops running.

This is, in fact, what some of the Black Ops people have seen will happen in our future. The basic harmonics of energy will change in some way that makes electrical equipment, as we now know it, non-functional. Now, this is a very controversial area we‘re getting into.

It appears that the galaxy is causing us to shift in frequency, on a very intrinsic level. And this gets back to the idea that we are multi-dimensional beings.

When you have an out-of-body experience, it‘s not like you‘re projecting out of body so much as that you are entering into another aspect of your being that coexists with your body. It may appear to be located in  your body, insofar as your subjective perception leaves your body and goes somewhere else.

Believe me when I say that we have a hierarchy of bodies that are off doing their own things in various locations. What happens, according to these sources from what I hear, is that 2012 is like a stargate effect that will happen throughout the entire solar system. It essentially pushes us into a higher energetic frequency, which will give us the abilities that many of these visitors already have.

So that appears to be why they‘re gathered at this time. Henry Deacon is well aware of it. Daniel is well aware of it.

Henry Deacon‘s 2012 testimony I find very fascinating. I don‘t want to just ramble here. If you have a specific question, just stop me.

GN: No, no. Go ahead with that. And then I want to get into Sergeant Clifford Stone again, because the things he has talked about fascinate me. But 2012 is always high on the list here, David.

DW: Okay. Well, one of the things Henry Deacon said about 2012 is that they have concluded – “they ” meaning the Black Ops community — that this is basically an irreversible event. It‘s literally like there‘s this tidal wave coming towards us in the galaxy — a tidal wave of energy. And there‘s nothing we can do about it.

It‘s going to hit us. It‘s going to hit us around the end of 2012.  We‘re already breaching the boundary of this energy now.

I have a lot of different information that we could go into, if we had more time, to describe in fact that the entire solar system is experiencing climate change, just like the Earth. On your website we listed some of the most recent data-points, including the fact that the sun‘s magnetic field has shrunk by 25% in just the last few years.

GN: It‘s huge!

DW: Oh yeah! And between 1997 and 2000, there was a 300% increase in the amount of dust coming into the solar system from the galaxy, which, again, suggests that we‘re moving into an area where there‘s more stuff — more energy, more dust.

A solar flare recently, in 2005, hit the earth in 15 minutes, and the estimates were that it was supposed to take two or three hours to get here.

GN: Uh huh.

DW: All the ways in which they were trying to predict sun-storms, and be able to protect the satellites by turning them out of the way, do not work anymore. You only have 15 minutes to react now. And that‘s a whole change of state in the energy of the solar system.

So, it‘s very important for people to remember that what we‘re doing right now is covering Black Ops testimony, which I understand cannot be proven. However, I have hundreds and hundreds of little tidbits of scientific data that help to back up these things.

So 2012, according to Henry Deacon again, is an actual rift in space and time. It literally represents a fundamental harmonic change in the way that time functions — so that basically our perception of time, and even the way that clocks would run, will change on an intrinsic level.

[DW: When the vibrational speed of atoms and molecules increases, it would affect the unwinding of a spring or the oscillation of a quartz crystal — thus changing how the clock measures time. This idea of “local variance” of time is one of the most difficult new physics principles to understand. I took a good stab at it in the end of this article in my recent 2012 series.

And more importantly, when we get into the wider picture of what‘s going on, we have testimony from the 1950s in which people were contacted by UFO‘s, brought onboard the ships and given various messages, which then extended into telepathic communication.

This includes books by George Hunt Williamson such as “Road in the Sky. ”




“Road in the Sky ” is the description of a stargate. And in this book, which was originally published in 1958 — it was one of his later books, actually — he described messages from the extraterrestrials saying that there was going to be interplanetary climate change, describing that the planets would appear to be changing.





GN: Jeez.

DW: [And interplanetary climate change] is what we‘re now seeing.

GN: That was 50 years ago!

DW: 50 years ago! And these guys, these extraterrestrials, are saying that this would fulfill all the ancient prophecies about the coming of a Golden Age on Earth.





So they‘re not doom and gloom at all. They‘re saying that we‘re actually heading into a dimensional shift. And I find it fascinating. If they tell you that the solar system‘s going to be doing this before it happens, and then you see the proof, why would you be willing to discount what they say about what it‘s going to do? 

This gets back to the idea that there is a loving Creator that has created these human life forms on all the different planets. If we are having a natural cycle that‘s changing the whole solar system and the Earth, it seems really disingenuous to think that the whole purpose of all this is to vomit us off the surface of the Earth.

It makes a lot more sense to think that this is some sort of Grand Design, just like the channeling from 50 years ago was saying. The purpose is to promote our evolution, and get us to the next level, in which the kind of qualities that we attributed to people like the Master Jesus are no longer in the realm of supernatural, but are very ordinary.

Things like levitation, telekinesis and time travel become something everybody can do without even having to exert themselves.

GN: I think, as we move into 2012, David, a lot of the things you‘ve talked about are going to become more and more evident — if they haven‘t already — for a lot of people.

DW: Well, let me just add one little thing, which I use when skeptics attack me on this point. And that is: If you get into the greater body of scientific material that I‘ve put together, (of which, again, we don‘t have the time to go into in one show,) there is enough ground-breaking information — scientific in nature — that if this information were to be accepted on a large level within our society, it almost is  the de facto equivalent of the fulfillment of the 2012 prophecy.

That gets back to this thing where you have to wonder: Is it possible that these prophecies are metaphorical in nature? That we‘re here, basically, to solve our own problems…and once we do, we will be welcomed into this greater community of people in the galaxy.

By the time they get done sharing their technologies with us, and the way in which our society will have changed once that happens, that would be the de-facto fulfillment of those prophecies.

There are records from Mr. X — one of the original witnesses from Project Camelot, who recently died in a very suspicious way, I might add. He was getting ready to come forward on a much larger level, and may have actually come on Coast. All of a sudden he had a problem that looks suspect in terms of why he died. This was only a month ago. 

Mr. X‘s testimony included the fact that he saw documents saying the ET‘s basically told our government, “Hey, you can cover up the truth. You can say whatever you want. But when it comes to the end of 2012, we‘re going to show up in massive numbers, and there isn‘t a darn thing you can do about it. ”

GN: Michael Salla, Dr. Michael Salla, who‘s been on this program before…you know him… backs up a lot of things you‘ve been saying, especially these 57 potential different races that are out there in our galaxy.

DW: Oh, yeah. Look. I‘m trying to do my part to help start a new trend in UFOlogy, which is, “Let‘s look into human extraterrestrials. ”  Because that‘s where we‘ve gotta be looking.

The military-industrial complex is cranking out a bunch of disinformation, in the forms of very scary movies, to make us think that aliens are these banana-headed creatures with fangs and a terrifying appearance.

People would be a lot less freaked out about UFOs and extraterrestrials if they found out that there‘s a bunch of people  out there — who are very nice people, who look like us, who can talk to us, and would be very nice to us if we could sit down in a room together.

They‘re just waiting for us to sort out our problems on the Earth, because they can‘t interfere with our free will. If people don‘t want to know that they exist, they can‘t just show up and say, “Here we are! ”

GN: Whether they‘re a foot tall or fifteen feet tall.

DW: Exactly.

Another thing I‘m really fascinated by is Obama winning the election, simply because there‘s only one type of human being on Earth that doesn‘t appear to have been seeded here by extraterrestrial races.

In other words, most of the human beings on this planet are not local. There‘s a single blue-eyed ancestor that all human beings can be traced back to.

The white person did not exist on Earth prior to about 10 or 11 thousand years ago. [This was published in a recent scientific study, attributing it to a genetic mutation.] We are here because of this exchange with an off-world species in the times of Atlantis. That‘s when we started to have the first interbreeding occurring that lead to blue-eyed, white-skinned people.

GN: Fascinating.

DW: The only people that actually seem to have been generated by the Earth‘s own evolution are black people. Those are the only racial types we have on Earth that you don‘t see in people that come from other planets. And that makes them very special.

[DW: We have been barraged with emails asking for more detail on this point. Suffice it to say that we have no proof other than Deacon’s testimony at this point. There certainly may be some African races that DID get seeded here. Some people strongly believe that. 

Nonetheless, it appears that the Earth’s natural evolution created at least one variety of black people, and everyone else is most likely a transplant. Hence the studies of human evolution trace back to five key areas where different races essentially ‘started up’ simultaneously, and this is considered a great mystery. 

The Aborigines may be the closest we have to the ‘pure’ natural Earth human form, without any historic intermixing. The Earth is capable of supporting multiple forms of human life, and none of this should be seen to promote one race or demote another.

There are undoubtedly other planets in our Galaxy with African-type people on them. What we do know from Henry Deacon is that not one of the species visiting Earth at this time have these characteristics, whereas every other racial type on Earth IS represented amongst the visitors.] 

GN: Well, and I was going to ask you, of all these varieties, these 57 varieties in the galaxy, why are we so different? Why do we have all these different varieties on this planet? I mean, are there some planets that have four, five, six different varieties of humans? Or just one?

DW: Well, here‘s the deal on that score. We are told that we are very, very unique in the sense of the sheer amount of racial diversity on this planet. This is from multiple witness testimonies, and from various other sources I‘ve used, including the “Law of One ” material.

GN: It is fascinating when you think about it, David.

DW: Yeah. The average planet…

GN: We‘ve got a planet here with different races of human beings scattered all over the planet.

DW: Right. And if you look at our own evolutionary record, and what we‘ve gotten from anthropology, there‘s five different major seeds of human civilization that all basically occurred at the same time, independent of each other. 

[In each area,] these people looked different, and they have different basic biological characteristics.

There‘s no real genetic linkage that ties them together of having the same racial distinction before. It‘s like there‘s five different groups that all showed up at once.

GN: Science will say that environment and climate is what did this, over, you know, thousands and thousands of years. Do you accept that at all? I guess not!

DW: You can‘t explain why climate, for example, would lead to physiological differences such that Asian people have very different-looking upper eyelids, and the whole structure of the skull is different in shape.

And you have African people who have much larger noses, much larger lips. The conventional explanation is that white peoples‘ noses are taller because it‘s colder weather, and the [extra bloodflow in the longer nasal passages] warms the air up on the way in.

GN: Uh huh, uh huh.

DW: Black peoples‘ noses are flatter because the air is hotter and they don‘t need to warm it up. That‘s very, very hypothetical. There‘s no real science to back that up. It‘s just a supposition.

GN: Let‘s talk about Clifford Stone when we come back, Sergeant Clifford Stone.

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GN: David, Sergeant Clifford Stone. Now, he was in the Army, if I recall, and this craft that he stumbled across, the crashed craft with the occupant — was that in Vietnam?

DW: That seems to be what I remember hearing. Yeah.

GN: That‘s what I think, too. And there was also a case where he apparently helped it get away from the military, I heard.

DW: Right.

GN: It‘s a fascinating encounter. Everyone I‘ve talked to about him believes that he‘s credible, as well as you believe Henry Deacon is.

DW: Yeah. He‘s one of our strongest witnesses, in terms of the scope of what he‘s brought to the table, and the amount of credibility that he‘s demonstrated.

Another point. During the break somebody sent me an email and said I was a fast-talking charlatan, and that I just made up all this stuff.

You know, people can think that if they want to. The point is that I didn‘t make this up. This is the result of multiple intersecting witness testimonies, each of whom independently and privately has said similar things before I ever went public with them. And you just start connecting all the dots. 

Most people, when they can‘t accept something new — something that might push their comfort zone — their step is usually to just ridicule it.

In the case of Clifford Stone, he had me sold when he broke down crying on that stage. I mean, you cannot fake something like that. He almost couldn‘t continue talking. And he actually took a very long and dramatic pause to compose himself before he could keep on giving his testimony. I‘ve never seen anything like that.

GN: Do we know what he‘s doing now? Is he fully retired?

DW: Well, you just reminded me of what I wanted to say. If he was some sort of charlatan, then why is he not trying to push himself on you guys, pitching shows? Why is he not making any money?

He‘s got a hard time paying his bills. His son was killed under suspicious circumstances. This is not the kind of stuff to suggest that these are people out there looking to make a fast buck.

GN: He‘s never been on with me, and I don‘t think he‘s been on with Art.

DW: He was  on with Art, but it was in the late ‘90s. I remember hearing that show. It was very powerful stuff he was saying.

GN: So, that was, what? At least ten years ago?

DW: Oh yeah. Yeah. It might have even been 11 years ago.

GN: My gosh. All right.

DW: But, you know, it‘s not very often. The other thing with Henry Deacon is, Henry Deacon is just about broke. I mean, I actually sent him some money because he was in such financial distress. And he‘s never profited from anything he‘s said.

He has never tried to come forward in anything that‘s recorded on audio or video. He‘s paranoid about that. These are not people that are sitting around trying to concoct ways to sell books, CDs and videos, you know?

GN: I‘m concerned, as you are, that something‘s happening to our sun. 

DW: Oh, absolutely.

GN: What is the reason? Is it merely a cycle? Or is there something else here?

DW: Something is absolutely happening to the sun.

Let me just start by saying that people seem to divide into two camps.

One camp is this whole Planet X idea: the idea that there‘s some sort of a rogue planet that is coming in closer, and is thereby causing a change in state of the energy of the sun.

I just want to start out on that point by saying that the sun contains 99.86 percent of all the matter in the solar system. Now think about what that means. That means that there‘s 0.14 percent left, which accounts for all the comets, all the asteroids, all the gas, all the dust, and all the planets.

So, even if the planet was larger than Jupiter, it‘s gonna be like .01 percent of all the mass in the solar system, if that. The idea that a planet could cause the sun to change energy as much as we’re seeing now is basically like saying you could pull a car in neutral with a refrigerator magnet on the end of a crane!

GN: Ha, ha, ha, ha.

DW: It doesn‘t make any sense at all.

What does make sense… and this is where the Russians have been. You‘ve got to understand, the Russians were also contacted by these so-called people, as we can call them — these people from other worlds. They were also informed as to what‘s going to be happening around 2012. So they‘re keyed in on what‘s happening too. 

The Russians were keyed into interplanetary climate change. They‘ve actually been studying it ever since they could put probes out. What the Russians openly say… and this originally came from a paper by Dr. Alexey Dmitriev called “Planetophysical State of the Earth and Life ” in November 1997. 

He gave a list of very specific points of climate change that were being demonstrated in the sun and throughout the solar system. I then, with Richard Hoagland, elaborated on this much more in 2004, doing a lot more research and bringing it into NASA.




Dmitriev and his colleagues’ conclusion is that the only thing that could cause this much energy change is actually moving into a zone in the galaxy where the energy itself is completely different.

Again, this is what those channelings from George Hunt Williamson, going back to 1958 in “Road in the Sky, ” said it was – that we‘re moving into a cosmic cloud of energy, which would have a much higher charge, and would change the basic energy patterns of space, time and electromagnetism as we know it.

GN: Now, what do you think is going to happen to all of us?

DW: Well, it appears that we are here in a great spiritual laboratory. The Earth is intended to be a school. It‘s intended to teach us to love one another. And we are given a finite period of time in which we learn that lesson. 

For those people who don‘t want to learn the lesson of love, they will, at the end of this cycle, reincarnate on other planets in which they will be able to continue that curriculum. 

However, the hope is the majority of people, if not everyone [will make it.] This is totally dependent upon us, and how well we can learn to love each other and spread a message of peace and fellowship.

Hopefully, just about everybody will be able to move into this realm that the Earth is moving into after the shift, which is much more Utopian. This is a reality in which, as I said, all these ascended abilities like levitation, telekinesis, time travel, mind reading, and so forth, are very commonplace.

Now, that‘s the nature of the universe. It‘s going to promote evolution. If you believe in reincarnation, then why would you just keep on reincarnating over and over again, and learning the same lessons, and trying to grow spiritually?

Well, okay. Grow where?  What‘s the point?

You can‘t tell me that it‘s as simple as just that when you die, if you figure it all out, that you will suddenly reunite with the Creator. There‘s obviously levels of being, such as angelic, that are higher than what it is to be human. It‘s obviously our destiny, when you really sit back and think about it, to eventually attain those levels. Some of us faster than others.

So what appears to be happening is that we have a multi-dimensional being. We have levels of our being that already exist in these higher realms.

This is a stargate effect. It‘s not a death. It‘s a reversible change. In other words, when you go through a stargate, your body basically dematerializes, but then it rematerializes at the other end.

Same thing with, like, the Bermuda Triangle, which is a natural stargate.

So, this is like a natural stargate of the entire planet. Allegedly your body does transmute into what we could think of as a light body. However, if the planet‘s energy were to crank back down, your physical body would reconstitute.

GN: Absolutely.

DW: So, it‘s very difficult for people to understand this, because all of these technologies, like stargates and wormhole travel, have been suppressed. They‘re kept in very highly classified projects. 

The only thing people like you and me, George, get to do is look at fascinating reports of things like the Bermuda Triangle, where planes are flying through the air and suddenly disappear. There‘s no flotsam or oil spills on the surface of the ocean, and we have to wonder what happened to them.

Then you can explore that deeper and see that the Earth has actually got this thing called a global grid, which is a geometric series of lines. All these ancient earth-works, like Pyramids and Stonehenge, were built on this grid to harness this energy, which is basically what we call torsion fields.

It is the energy of consciousness. It is the energy of biology.

You can build pyramids. The Russians have done this. They‘ve built pyramids and been able to purify water, cure cancer, and stop people from having negative effects from LSD. The pyramid technology is an amazing thing.

When we start to understand what it can do, we realize that the fact that they exist all over the planet in ancient history shows that the ancients had a much more advanced technology and an understanding of technology than we do. We‘re only now even beginning to learn the torsion field technology. 

As Richard [Hoagland] has said from one of his contacts, our “friends ” in the Black Ops — and I put friends in quotation marks — have said they would rather lose an American city to a nuclear attack than give up the secrets of the consciousness field, and make it open and public.

That‘s how serious they are about not letting us know the extent of power that we have.

Honestly, getting back to the Great Experiment idea, people can meditate and substantially change the way that everyone else on the planet feels, thinks and behaves. That‘s the point of my movie, Convergence,  which hopefully will be out by the end of the year if we can get financed. We‘re very close to that goal now.

The idea here is that we all have a power within ourselves that is much vaster than we take for granted. And that power can take everyone‘s emotional state and either rise it or lower it, sort of like a temperature.

When the temperature goes up, everyone gets sort of unhappy. They get irritable. And then there‘s a lot more war and violence on the planet.

When the temperature goes down, people relax. They‘re much nicer to each other. They‘re much happier. And just a small group of people meditating can actually lower that temperature.

Another thing I wanted to point out is the idea of “Wanderers. ” We did another show on this before, George, if you remember.

GN: Yes.

DW: I went through the questionnaire. There‘s literally some 100-million people, so we‘re told in these intuitive sources, who have volunteered to be human — but they did originate on other planets. And they don‘t remember who they are.

They‘re people like you and me, who are very interested in all this esoteric material. They know that something‘s wrong with the Earth, and they feel like they have some responsibility to change things here — but they don‘t really understand it.

Oftentimes they get trapped into messianic delusions. They feel as if  they are singularly responsible to change the planet — and that‘s a misnomer. 

There‘s a big team effort going on here, and everybody‘s role is important. We‘re all basically here [to help out in our own ways]. I do believe this is true.

This is why we are doing a two-CD-length metaphysical musical on [the subject of Wanderers].

I just wanted to say I did talk to Larry, [my partner on this project,] and we are going to have at least one song that‘s in a final-mix state, ready for you to play the next time I‘m on the air.

GN: All right.

DW: So we can use that. You can judge for yourself whether my singing is any good or not!

GN: [laughs]

DW: I don‘t know. This is such a broad topic. I just want to leave it to you to ask me some questions.

GN: David, let‘s just also take a few moments for you to explain the Edgar Cayce story again — why so many people believe that, if there is reincarnation, that you may be Edgar Cayce.

DW: Well, as you know, Edgar Cayce performed fourteen thousand documented medical readings in the early twentieth century. These were cases where all he was given was somebody‘s name and address, and he was able to diagnose their medical ailments and prescribe treatment, as well as indicate how their medical condition was part of a larger spiritual imbalance they had.

I came into this life with a scientific perspective. I began researching ESP when I was seven years old, reading adult-level books on ESP, performing experiments. By the time I was in high school, I was starting to experiment with lucid dreaming.

By the time I was in college, I started documenting my dreams every morning, beginning in September 1992. I‘ve continued to do that right through to the present. That‘s a 16-year history of daily dream work. Cayce, incidentally, was told that he should do that, but he only did it for one or two years, and then he stopped.

So, it comes to 1996 and I‘m in Richard Hoagland‘s discussion forum. I meet this man named Joe Mason, who has a website, And he tells me about a technique he‘s using called “the Dream Voice. ”

He says when you wake up in the morning and you can still remember your dream, listen to the apparent imagination that‘s just blowing around in your mind. This will sometimes sound like voices talking. You think it‘s just your mind chattering away, and you‘re daydreaming — that’s what some people call it.

Just pay very special attention to what it says, and write it all down. Don‘t analyze any of it. Don‘t try to make any sense out of it. Just write it down, no matter how crazy it sounds.

The very next morning I woke up and I thought I heard his voice, like we were on the phone talking. I just started writing down what it said. A lot of it sounded really crazy, but I didn‘t bother to try to make any sense out of it.

I got all the way done, and went back and read it. I realized, “Oh my god! This is actually some kind of intelligent information coming through! ” I really didn‘t have any background to be able to explain this, except the idea that I was channeling some sort of higher intelligence.

It became very clear that this intelligence did pack a gun, and the gun could shoot me if I wasn‘t careful. I was warned not to pass people on the road, and that there would be consequences if I didn‘t behave myself in how I was driving.

I continued to drive aggressively. And the source ended up predicting the exact day and the exact time that I would have a car crash — right down to the size of the ticket that the officer wrote me.

So, I became aware that this was a source that was basically responsible for my spiritual evolution — including planning out bad karma and executing  the bad karma. Therefore, if I have a car crash, that‘s not just a random event. That‘s something that was programmed.

GN: Right.

DW: This source developed trust with me over the course of about two years, a year and a half, something like that. And then I go to Virginia Beach, and everybody starts saying, “Oh my God! You look just like Edgar Cayce! ”

I didn‘t want to take this in at all. I thought people claiming they were somebody else in another lifetime was hubris to the extreme. I did not like that at all. And yet, when I looked at pictures of him when he was my age, I was absolutely stunned, because it‘s basically like looking in the mirror when I see his picture.

What‘s even worse is that I asked my source, and the source told me, “Yes, you are. And, oh by the way, you have this important mission on the planet, and you‘re going to have to tell everybody who you are. ”

I literally just about ran to the bathroom and threw up.

GN: Ha, ha, ha, ha.

DW: It got even worse a few months later when I looked at my astrology and compared it to Edgar‘s astrology. I found that you can‘t get a bigger match in terms of sun over sun, moon over moon, Mercury over Mercury, Venus over Venus, Mars over Mars.

The charts are astonishing because all the inner planets and the moon are in exactly the same position in the two birthdays.

GN: And the picture comparisons, with the younger version of Edgar Cayce and you, are pretty close too.

DW: It‘s stunning. It is stunning. There‘s superficial differences, in terms of the shape of the nose and the shape of the earlobe, but it‘s an astonishing likeness.




GN: David, we‘ll take calls when we come back in just a few moments. It‘s wide open. But what can we do to prepare ourselves if all this is happening?

DW: The most important thing is really, really simple. The Earth is a school. The school is to teach love. If you are barely more loving towards other people than manipulative and controlling towards them, you are good to go — to stay with the Earth, go to the Golden Age, and be part of this whole thing.

Nobody‘s asking you to be perfect. You could be 49% evil, but if you are 51% good, you‘re fine! You‘ve got your boarding passes. Everything‘s cool.

So, all we‘re really here for is to learn love. If you don‘t want to learn that lesson, if you‘re still confused, and you‘re manipulating all the people you know and then saying you love them, then maybe what will happen is that you‘ll spend a few hundred years hanging out as a light being, and you will naturally choose where you‘re going to go next at the end of that period of time.

From that perspective, you‘ll know  what you need to work on. And you‘ll volunteer to go to another planet and keep on doing this level of education. 

But if you can be loving enough to just be more interested in helping people rather than hurting them, then you‘re going to be participating in this mass awakening, which will lead to the Earth being transformed into what we can think of as a Utopian paradise.

GN: If you want to follow the work of David Wilcock, just go to his website. There‘s a direct link at Coast to Coast AM dot com. But for those of you who just want to remember it, it is We‘ll be back in a moment. We shall open up the phone lines. We‘ll give you a chance to chat with him now.


Part 3

GN: Okay. Our special guest David Wilcock. Back with him in a moment on Coast to Coast AM. 

And welcome back to Coast to Coast. I‘m George Noory; David Wilcock our guest.

David, before we go to these vast calls we‘ve got rolling in for you, you‘ve talked about the music CD that you‘re working on. Any more, other, print work that you‘re working on?

DW: I have a 2012 book, which is in progress and is going to summarize a lot of the scientific information that I‘ve been putting together on this subject. That should be coming out, hopefully, this year. It really is just a question of just sitting down and doing it.

I‘m also working on another free video like 2012 Enigma. I‘m not sure of the title yet, but I‘ve actually assembled a volunteer visual effects team of 3D animators. We‘re going to take a lot of the stuff that I‘ve discovered scientifically and make a really, really slick video.

The Zeitgeist movie is one example. It‘s consistently in the top 5…

GN: Huge!

DW: …most viewed on Google every day.

GN: Yep.

DW: And so, content is king. If you have good production value, you can really make a shake-up in the world‘s consciousness. That‘s what we‘re trying to do here.

GN: All right. To the phones we go. Let‘s go west of the Rockies in Tacoma, Washington.

Cora Lee, hi.

Caller:  Hello there! This has been a fascinating evening.

GN: David‘s on. Go ahead.

DW: Yes, Cora Lee.

Caller:  OK. Umm, have you ever been hypnotized? Like, you know, Edgar used to go into hypnotic…

GN: All right… past-life regression, I guess.

Caller: Correct. Or, you know, just to get information. Like, he would go into trance and then he would have somebody write down everything that was coming to him.


Caller: Have you… have you experienced that?

DW: Yeah. There was a man who was running the ARE [ed. note: Association for Research and Enlightenment] group in New York. His name is Skip Weatherford.

Skip is a hypno-therapist by trade, and he did hypnotize me. Some very wild things happened when he did, including the fact that when my hands touched my crystals, this bolt of electricity shot out of the wall. It was about 5 inches long.

And when we actually did the channel… what turned into a channeling, I basically started to speak on behalf of my higher self. Since he was already telepathic and psychic himself, he was able to actually have a telepathic dialogue with my source, where he was asking questions without speaking them out loud, and getting them answered.

He said it was one of the most amazing things that‘s ever happened to him. So the answer is yes. Yes.

Caller:  Thank you.

DW: My pleasure.

GN: All right. Next up, first-time caller. Let‘s go to Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Hello, Julia.

Caller:  Hello. How are you tonight?

GN: Good. We‘re great, thanks.

Caller:  [muffled]  I‘d just like to…

GN: We can barely hear you, Julia. You sound like you‘re in a tin can.

Caller: Well I have a cold. [muffled] Can you hear me?

GN: Uh, a little bit better. Go ahead with your question, then I‘ll put you on hold so you can hear the answer.

Caller: Yes, sir. Do you not literally have Mr. Cayce‘s birth date? I know you said your chart is very similar, but not his birth date. Right?

DW: Not the exact day of birth. No.

Caller: OK. Well, thank you very much.

GN: How close, David?

DW: Ah, I think he‘s like the 18th… so it‘s ten days away.

GN: Well, that‘s pretty close!

DW: Yeah. What you have to look at is the position of the moon and the planets. And my birthday is as close as you can possibly get to his [regarding the similarity of these actual positions].

GN: Are you… psychic? I mean, you pick up some things. I mean, you‘re pretty intuitive.

DW: Well, people seem to think that I have this sort of on-line Google access to unlimited intelligence in my waking self. That‘s not really true. When I used to do readings for people, which…

I‘ll pre-empt some of the calls that are going to happen here by saying I retired from that in 2005 and they are not available anymore!

When I was doing readings… I had a total of 500 clients. They would have a reading on a given day, and that morning I would dream for them. So that was one level of data that was outside my conscious mind. The dream would have stunning connections to their life.

I would tell them the dream when they first called me, and we would always find amazing stuff. Then I would induce a trance state, which takes about 3 or 4 minutes to do. It‘s a form of self-hypnosis that I run on myself.

Then I go into a state where my mind kind of harmonizes with my higher self, and I‘m very, very conscious of what‘s happening while it‘s happening. I try to get out of the way and just let it happen. But then when it‘s over, you have to work really hard to remember anything that happened. It‘s like waking up out of a dream.

So, in that sense, there are ways in which I can access information where I am much more intuitive than I am normally.

I do have a healthy psychic ability in my waking life, but it‘s relatively sporadic and unpredictable. I‘ll just get things on people, and they can be accurate. But if you really want to actually get information, you have to do the work — go into the right state of consciousness and bring it in.

GN: All right. Next up, let‘s go to our international line. We‘ve got Jean in Alberta, Canada. Hey Jean, good morning.

Caller: Yeah, good morning. Umm, David, it seems like the Illuminati and the Bilderberg Group… I guess these people have been in business for quite some time. [clears throat] Excuse me, I have a cold. Umm, they seem to have a… Are they connected with some dark aliens that might assist them?

DW: Oh, absolutely! What we are dealing with, as far as the New World Order and the Illuminati are concerned, is a planetary control which is being directed by intelligences that are not Earth-born.

Essentially, when you get to the higher levels of cover-up, and the highest levels of the Illuminati, they are working with something that some people call the Hidden Directorate. 

Most of the people in the galaxy are positive, but there‘s a small number of people out there who are on the negative path. You can get all the way up to the fifth dimensional frequency or the fifth density, as it is called, and still be negative. 

When you get to sixth density, you very quickly have to go positive. But, there are 4D and 5D negative beings. And they‘ve built up a great set of tools to be able to take control of planets.

Here is the really important distinction. I had a very powerful dream again about this just three weeks ago. The only way that these negative beings can do what they do and have it succeed for them… in other words, generate spiritual evolution for them… is if they can enslave people by their own free will. The people are aware that they are being enslaved, and they still choose the enslavement.

The reason why the Illuminati agenda is falling apart left and right on this planet, why they‘re not able to do any of the things they want to do… They‘re not herding people off into containment camps. There‘s all sorts of paranoid stuff out there which never actually comes true. Everybody thinks, “Oh, but it hasn‘t come true yet. ”

Well, come on. We‘ve been hearing this stuff for twenty years. It never happens!

[DW: As one example, Daniel told me the Rodney King riots were deliberately provoked. The planners actually thought they could garner enough public support to round up all the black people and put them into detention camps. This is another example of the fantasies they concoct that will simply never happen, because the common people are nowhere near as racist and mean-spirited as they assume.] 

So, the point is, there‘s not enough people to hold the guns on Earth to support the agenda of these guys. America is a highly armed country, so even if they tried, they would go up against very stiff resistance.

The point is that we, as a planet, are rejecting, and have rejected, the enslavement that is being offered to us. And therefore you are witnessing – and it will get much more dramatic in the near future – the complete decay and falling apart of this Illuminati agenda, which I find very exciting.

GN: And it may be about time, right?

DW: It is totally time! It‘s no longer even a secret. The new DaVinci Code movie is going to be all about the Illuminati. That‘s the big word that they put on the screen in the trailer.

That movie is going to try to tell you that the Illuminati are the good guys. I read that book, Angels and Demons, and it‘s all this spin-control to try to make it look like the shiny, happy, Wal-Mart version of the Illuminati, or something.

The fact is that some of these guys are good people, and some of them are very negative. I do not agree with what they are doing with this planet. Therefore, I don‘t have a problem talking about them and exposing the agenda, because I don‘t support the agenda.

I don‘t support genocide. I don‘t support depopulation. I don‘t believe that the way we teach people to spiritually grow is by oppressing and enslaving them. So I have philosophical differences with them.

On some levels we think alike. They do have a spiritual philosophy which is essentially trying to transcend religion. I also think religion has been an accessory in which people worship the way that individual guys try to access the Creator, and make it as if that‘s the only way.

I don‘t think any of us should ever have our fingers pointing and saying, “This is the way to go, and if you don‘t follow this then you‘re going to hell. ”  That just doesn‘t make any sense.

Anyway, I don‘t want to keep talking, but let‘s have…

GN: Well, that‘s also one of the biggest problems, I think, on this planet. People don‘t listen, David, to other people. Instead, they completely negate their views.

And it‘s one of the things I love about this program, that so many different people come on with different views. For example, 2012 — but at least they get to put ‘em on.

DW: Well, yeah. And George, I want to just thank you for the undying amount of work you do on behalf of humanity. It‘s a very valiant service. You‘re up there night after night on the air. And you‘re doing a great job. There‘s a lot of people rooting for you. I just want to thank you for that.

GN: Well, thank you. Let‘s go to Nancy in Florence, New Jersey. You‘re on with David Wilcock. Hi, Nancy.

Caller: Hi. Hi, George. Hi, David.  Um… I have a really good feeling about you, David. [laughing]

DW: Well, thank you.

Caller: My question is this:  I‘ve followed the Bible for 31 years, and I‘ve been a Christian. I‘m just trying to figure out how this all fits in with Revelation and all the things that are pre-told in Revelation that‘s going to happen. And, what‘s going on in Israel right now.

Umm… and, then, my other question is:  What about all the people that have died previous to the 2012 event?

DW: OK. I‘ll answer your questions by answering the second question first, because it‘s a lot easier to answer.

Caller: OK.

DW: Thank you, Nancy. The second question, about what happens to people who have already died. The answer is this: when you are in between lifetimes, you do exist in the astral plane.

As of 2012, there is going to be a very profound hyper-dimensional merging of the astral plane with the physical reality that we now live in. This is unprecedented. It‘s changing the basic energy frequency of matter as we know it.

However, prior to this point where everything blends together… and this is just my understanding, there is no way to prove this. Prior to this point where everything blends together, if you are in the astral plane in the after-life, you‘re basically just waiting for 2012 like everybody else is. It‘s just that you‘re waiting for it on the other side. And, then those two sides are going to blend together once this event happens.

Getting back to your first question, that‘s a very far-reaching subject. Obviously I don‘t have time to go into a whole lot of detail. All I can say is I do support the idea of a historical Jesus. I do support the idea that this historical Jesus did go through an ascension process. In fact, there is extensive information to support the idea that he completed his own spiritual initiation using the Great Pyramid.

The Edgar Cayce readings did support the special books that were written. I forget what it‘s called, off the top of my head… The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ is what it is called. It says in this channeled book that Jesus basically, in his three missing years, went to India and then went to Egypt.

He fulfilled his initiation in the Great Pyramid, and used that technology to get his whole miracle abilities on line — which, again, anybody could do if they used the pyramid — and [if] they succeeded.

So, insofar as your question relates to Revelation, I would just point you in the direction of the fact that there are multiple books in the Bible – not just Revelation – that talk about this, including Isaiah, Daniel, and Ezekiel. There is a fairly consistent line of prophecy.

Even in the book of Revelation itself, you have to understand that there is a very clear juxtaposition being given between Babylon and The New Jerusalem, between the Whore of Babylon and the Virgin Mary. The book of Revelation is a metaphorical, encoded teaching, which has multiple levels of symbolism and meaning.

The Cayce readings said it contains the full nature of our progress through all of the chakras, which is our spiritual evolution, back into full awakening with God-consciousness… or the Creator.

So, what I‘m trying to say is that there are some very fascinating prophecies in Revelation that have come true.

When they talk about locusts with the heads of men, and that they sting the Earth, and the stingers hurt men for seven months… that appears to be a primitive description of jet airplanes. The people‘s head inside the jet is what John was seeing. He calls them locusts because he didn‘t know what an airplane was, obviously. So he gave it a very simple description.

There does appear to be prophecy information in there. Everybody gets hung up on all the Earth changes, the doom and gloom and catastrophe. What my source and other sources have been saying is that we‘re already seeing the worst of these changes now.

There is  going to be some kind of pole shift on the Earth… don‘t get me wrong. But human beings, as we now know them, won‘t be here when it happens. In fact, it‘s only very recently that I figured out that maybe some  people will actually stick around.

It appears that the only ones who do, and stay in the energy frequency that the Earth is now, are like your Illuminati types and your New World Order types who are hanging out in underground bases. They‘re the ones who end up kind of having to stay with the Earth in the cataclysms.

[DW: In a very real sense, by engaging in practices that serve the self at the expense of manipulating and controlling others, and being part of such a highly-orchestrated planetary control mechanism, they have accrued sufficient karmic ‘load’ to choose a reality in which they experience and survive through cataclysm on Earth.] 

But everyone else, even people who are not positive, but are just confused… almost everybody on the planet… goes into this new energy condition, which is already basically like an ascension as it is.

This is my understanding, and you can take it or leave it. I‘m not trying to force this on anybody. I‘m just saying that this is what I‘ve been told. So, there you have it.

GN: David, this fast blast in from Bill in Wichita. This is because I‘ve talked about this on the show before…


GN: He says, “Is it true that Tom and George stiffed you on a lunch bill back in Santa Clara several years ago? ” [laughs]

DW: [laughing] Yes. That is true!

GN: I think we just forgot to pick it up or something, and walked out on you.

DW: Well, we still haven‘t had that lunch, but some time we will, you guys.

GN: I think we‘ll blame Tom for this one.

DW: [laughs]

GN: Let‘s go to Larry in Tampa, Florida. You‘re on with us. Hey, Larry.

Caller: Hey, George, hey.

GN: How are ya?

Caller: Um, I got a question. The guest, David, was talking earlier about the electromagnetic energy from the welding on the ship.

DW: That‘s correct.

Caller: About the black hole and stuff.

DW: Correct.

Caller: What‘s going to happen when the electromagnetic energy gets wound up when they kick on that Hadron Collider over in CERN?

DW: Well, Henry Deacon has worked on things like this before. It is a valid question. However, my understanding is that the amount of energy that‘s being concentrated into a very small area is still not as high as the amount of actual amperage and voltage flux that was going through this high-intensity arc welding.

Caller: Oh, OK.

DW: Another thing that‘s important to remember is that, you know, there is all these doom and gloom things that have come out about… “Oh, if they let CERN happen, then it‘s gonna create this wormhole. It‘s gonna spread and engulf the Earth, and the solar system, and destroy the galaxy. ”

And that‘s not true at all. The universe has a very amazing capacity to correct rips in the fabric of space and time. So they stay relatively contained.

In fact, one of the other things that I haven‘t said on this show… it‘s a very important point…is that the extraterrestrial beings have very, very highly advanced technology. They have been doing their job for many, many years to protect us from all sorts of potential catastrophes that could have happened, including nuclear exchange.

Multiple witnesses have said that they have de-activated nuclear missiles, even while they‘re in flight. They‘ve actually zapped them and they‘ve become inert.

GN: That‘s amazing. Hey, we‘ll be back with final phone calls with David Wilcock on Coast to Coast AM.

Well, on our next Coast to Coast program astrologer Michael St. Clair joins us, discussing visions of the future, including time-travel, John Titor, gold as currency, and other Earth changes as well. So, make sure you‘re part of that Coast to Coast show.

And, welcome back to Coast to Coast. I‘m George Noory; David Wilcock with us. We‘ll take your final calls as well.

David, when you do your research — and you do extensive research — where do you go to start? Is it the internet? I mean, you go into areas that not a lot of people go.

DW: Well, one of the things you have to have is a great deal of patience. I just continue to consume media on a daily basis. And, sometimes you literally just have to wait for new things to show up.

On your website at, you guys link to a lot of interesting science items. Sometimes I go there and I look for things. And there‘s other websites that bring out some of this stuff.

Another thing I try to do is use Google almost like divination. In other words, you have to always be open to immediately grabbing and using something when you find it, even if you didn‘t expect to find it.

So, I may be in the process of researching one topic on a search engine, and then when I read the article that I find, it tells me something else. That triggers another wave of research that goes in a different direction.

I used to print all this stuff out into books. And I actually have a 9-foot-tall stack of books that I printed off the internet from the research I‘ve done. I stopped printing the books as of about 2005, but I‘ve probably generated that much or more research data since then.

Now what I do is I save all the links in my daily journal where I write my dreams down, so I can go back and find everything that way.

But, yeah. I‘ve managed to put together an extraordinary amount of different pieces of information. All I know is that it‘s kind of like solving a maze by being at the end and then going back to the beginning… tracing your way back through.

I have a pretty clear concept of where we are and what‘s going on. When I find various pieces, I see how they fit. And, sometimes, if a piece of data really blows me away, I will allow it to change my mind. And I will work it in. I don‘t just stay rigid. I try to be fluid, because real science is going with the data.

So that‘s what I try to do.

GN: Are you going to be at the Conscious Life Expo in February this year?

DW: Absolutely.

GN: OK…so I‘ll see you then.

DW: I‘ve got about four or five different events there. So it‘s going to be like last year. Two panels…

GN: Richard will be there. You‘ll be there. So many other people will be there, as well. And, I‘ll be there.

DW: Yeah, yeah.  I‘m looking forward to it. And, this time, maybe you can buy me  lunch!

GN: [laughing] Unless I do my soft shuffle and go out the door… Let‘s go to… uh…

DW: That‘s true! You‘ve got all those women coming after you, and you‘ve got to fend ‘em off somehow. So, I understand.

GN: (crosstalk) Well, I‘m single. John…  I am single. Let‘s go to New York. Thanks, David.

John, you are on with us. Go ahead, John.

Caller: Hello, George. Hello, David.

DW: Hi.

GN: Hi.

Caller: OK. You definitely, definitely have a very wild imagination. If you were twenty or thirty years older, Gene Roddenberry would have loved ya. He would have hired ya in a second.

But, what I want to say to you is: If you really believe that aliens are actually among us at this time, people have to get physicals. Let‘s say the doctors…you got to get a blood test. It could be… just… How could I put this? Morticians… you have to be embalmed. You have to have certain…

They would pick it up. The doctors don‘t work for the government. There would be red flags, people would just expose this immediately. You know, autopsies! Millions of autopsies a year… How come the doctors are not putting up the red flag and showing what‘s going on here, that aliens actually walk among us?

DW: Well, thank you for the question. I understand that from your perspective you think that this may just be my imagination.

I am working from the perspective of knowing that this stuff is true, because of how intense all these witness testimonies have correlated with things that I‘m not even sharing.

Now, what I can tell you is that if I were to answer your question as truthfully as I‘m capable of, I would be violating the security of some of these people who are on the planet. I do know more about this than I can talk about.

But, to answer your question up to the level of what I can say without getting in trouble and jeopardizing these people, I will say that there are some places where they are.

They like to keep to themselves. They do have some doctors who are aware of what‘s going on. These generally are small towns. They have integrated with people in these towns. Most people are not aware of who they are.

They don‘t like being in groups. They don‘t even like having more than a one-on-one conversation.

As I said before on the website, some of them require snap-in dentures to make their teeth look more like ours. They may have teeth that are wider than ours, in some cases.

Some of them require contact lenses. Some of them require foundational makeup to change the color of their skin, to make it look a little more like us. Some of them have to wear wigs.

Most of them have five fingers on their hands. Some have six, but I don‘t think the six-finger people are here.
This is not very many people. It‘s pretty brazen for people to actually walk among us who are not from Earth. So, those numbers are not very high.

It‘s much more likely that they would be existing in bases that are undersea, or under the land, working in concert with our government, or off-planet. But, there are a small group of them here.

I certainly hope that if they were ever to be brought out into the open, that people would react in a non-racist or xenophobic way and be able to accept them, because we are all ultimately children of one Creator. That‘s about all I can say without getting myself in trouble.

GN: OK, thanks, David. And, thank you, John. Next up, let‘s go west of the Rockies…Mitch in Phoenix. Hey, Mitch, go ahead.

Caller: Hey, man! I tell you, I listen to you religiously every single night. And I have listened to you since before you were on the air when Art was on. And I just love your show, man.

GN: Thank you, Mitch. We appreciate your support.

Caller: The information that… that the people receive from your program is one-of-a-kind. And, I wanted to share something with you.

I have a degree in theology, and I‘ve determined that the word BIBLE, if you think about it, is a one-of-a-kind word. It stands alone. Nothing else is even close to the spelling of it. And I was wondering… You‘ve probably heard this before, but do you know what the word BIBLE stands for?

GN: No, I don‘t. How about you, David?

DW: No. Actually, I know that it means ‘Book’. I think BIBLIO is the Latin root of the word, and it means book.

Caller:  Well, if you think about it, B-I-B-L-E stands for “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. ”

DW: Oh, yeah! I‘ve heard that one before…that‘s a good euphemism. Yeah. [laughs]

Caller: You know, if you think about it all the different stories and examples that it gives in the Bible, it‘s pretty close. It‘s pretty close.

Well, listen, you guys. I want to thank you for letting me on and I wish you all the luck in the world. And, I believe what you‘re saying, David. I really do. I‘m from an extremely small town. I was raised as a kid in a very small town, and I believe what you just said is 100% true.

I‘m not going to get into it with you. That‘s another story altogether. But I‘m personally definitely a believer in them. And, I want you guys to have a good year.

GN: All right, Mitch. Thanks.

DW: Thank you very much, Mitch. That‘s a great little anecdote, there. I appreciate it.

GN: East of the Rockies, James in Twin Valley, Minnesota. You‘re on with David on Coast to Coast. Hey, James.

Caller: Hello. A pleasure speaking with you both, George and David.

Just a couple of quick points: You made a statement about the African and Caucasian noses which was wrong according to basic Darwinianism, but I won‘t get into that very much because a former caller made a point which actually got me curious.

What exactly do you mean by…when you say fourth and fifth dimensional beings? Is this according to string theory or e-branes or quantum physics?

And going back to that … the CERN Hadron Collider will be basically duplicating collisions that happen in every millisecond in our upper atmosphere.

But, back to the fifth dimensional beings, what exactly do you mean by that? Thanks.

DW: OK. That‘s a good question. Now, I want you to just bear in mind here that there was a case where I was on an airplane flight going to a conference, and I sat next to a man who was a Ph.D. Quantum Chromodynamics specialist — whose degree was from M.I.T.

He was as knowledgeable as any quantum physicist is on these subjects. And he couldn‘t get his jaw off the floor, because every single time he brought up some kind of scientific data to try to shoot me down, I had a response that he couldn‘t ignore.

In fact, his own professor, Dr. Richard Feynman, conducted an experiment where he rotated a barrel in a vacuum, and then stuck a little metal bar on a string inside the barrel. Since it‘s a vacuum, you‘re not supposed to have any movement of the bar, because there‘s no air to move the energy between the barrel and the string.

GN: Mm hmm.

DW: But, in fact, the bar does spin! This…again… is just one of many, many points suggesting that our entire basis of quantum mechanics is fundamentally flawed. We have excluded the idea of a fluid-like substrate that matter, time, and space are emanating from.

You kind of get it in Einstein‘s theory with the space/time “fabric. ” But even that is relatively flawed.

So, what I am trying to say here is that physical matter, as we know it, is actually what you could think of as a geometric frequency that precipitates out of this fluid-like ether. It is almost like how rock-candy forms when you stick a string in a solution of sugar water. [In the case of physical matter,] the crystals form as a result of vibration.

What [most] quantum physicists don‘t understand when you‘re looking at Super String Theory is that [it is all based on] modular functions, originally derived from the work of Srinivasa Ramanujan — an Indian physicist of the early 20th century.  

Nobody‘s been able to understand what he came up with. They‘ve loosely taken his research… which he claimed he channeled,  by the way, from the goddess Namakkal, who came to him in dreams!

They took [Ramanujan’s modular functions, which all focus on the importance of the number eight,] and added on two extra dimensions for symmetry. That‘s how you get your ten-dimensional or eleven-dimensional systems.

The actual modular functions themselves are all based on eight. The Cayce readings, as well as The Law of One material and my readings, all say that the universe is fundamentally based on vibration — and it‘s an octave, which is the number eight.

So you have eight dimensions, eight frequencies, which is what all the super-string math is based on.

What we‘re being told by these ETs is that each of these dimensions represents frequencies in which the matter we now see can be up-leveled to that higher frequency. It‘s no longer visible to us here, but it becomes visible up there.

These are sustainable planes of existence. They‘re not down at the Planck‘s constant level of size. They actually are planes that co-exist with our own [and that you can live in when you’re at that frequency].

So, that‘s a very short answer to some definite geek-speak I could go into on quantum mechanics, but we just don‘t have the time.

GN: OK. Great! Let‘s go next to Virginia… we go. Cornelius. Hey, Cornelius, go ahead.

Caller: Yes. This is Cornelius. I‘m calling from Alexandria, Louisiana.

GN: Sure thing.

Caller: And I was watching the History Channel and they had a special on Nostradamus, and Edgar Cayce tonight.

They‘re going to have Armageddon Week  all next week. [laughter]

I was just wondering if you were going to participate on there? And I wanted to say y‘all to have a happy new year and everything. And, today is my birthday.

GN: Well, happy birthday, Cornelius.

DW: Happy birthday, Cornelius.

It‘s funny but… I don‘t know if Richard wants me to say this out loud, but he‘s talked about this thing that he calls the “internet ghetto.” We‘re trying to break out of the internet ghetto.

That basically means that we get mainstream enough that people are actually talking about it outside of just, you know, “Well yeah, this is that spooky show you hear at night on AM radio. ” You know, we‘re trying to get these things out into the open.

So far, the mainstream media has not given me that platform. This is, again, why I want to applaud George, and Tom Danheiser, and Lisa Lyon, and the wonderful staff here, for giving us many people that have so much to share on this platform. It‘s a wonderful thing.

So, no, I have yet to break into television, but there‘s some signs on the horizon that that‘s happening, which I can‘t really talk about. It may be this year. Probably, no doubt, by next year, once the movie comes out.

I‘m not really attached to that. You know, it doesn‘t matter how people get the information. The point is that they get it. And the traditional media is kind of becoming a third wheel, anyway, because of the internet. So, I‘m not worried about it.

GN: Absolutely. Next stop; let‘s go back to the phones. We‘ll go to Omaha now. First-time caller, hi there!

Caller: Hey. How‘s it going?

GN: It‘s going great, thanks.

Caller: Well, good to hear. I just want to say that you guys have both changed my life in the best way possible, first off. So…

DW: I appreciate that.

Caller: And, uh, I have just a question I wanted to… In your, you know, research that you‘ve done, has anxiety epidemic, bi-polar, and uh, just those things… general panic attacks. Has any of that linked up with any of your research?

DW: Oh, absolutely! You have to understand that we are supposed  to be scared. That is one stage of the awakening that you go through. That‘s what happening.

We have been living in a consensus reality, which is completely backwards from how things really work. And it‘s being enforced by people who desire to manipulate, enslave, and control us.

So what‘s happening is that we‘re going through a process in which now, more than ever… I mean, almost everybody listening to this show; George, you‘re probably included in this. I‘m included in this. We have gotten kicked in the crotch financially as a result of what happened with the economy in the last six months! I know I have.

So, everybody is having these things happen. Economics is probably the greatest source of anxiety that people go through. If you have a certain amount of money to pay your bills and then it‘s not there anymore, that‘s pretty terrifying.

What I do want to point out is that, before 2012, I think you‘re going to see a lot of things shifting in the direction of what will become much greater prosperity. The reason why we have so many economic problems now is nothing more than deeply institutionalized corporate and Illuminati greed, in which money is being siphoned away.

A natural economy keeps on growing. You don‘t have economic collapse. That‘s an artifact of the greed that has permeated the system. So, even before 2012, we‘re in a field effect which is changing consciousness fundamentally. And it‘s leading to a grand awakening, which is in progress now.

So the anxiety that you‘re feeling can turn into a process where you turn within and discover that if it doesn‘t kill you, it only makes you stronger.

You‘re still alive. Your needs are being provided for. The universe always finds a way to get you what you need. And, the more that you can rely on that trust in your higher good, the more your life will naturally reflect that back to you. That‘s the greatest essence of spiritual truth right there…

GN: Absolutely.

DW: …that you create your own reality.

GN: Vancouver, British Columbia. Hello there, Mary. You‘re on the air with us. How are ya?

Caller: Hi, fine thanks.

GN: Hey, I‘m going to be there in February, by the way. You‘ve got to come by this event that‘s going to be…

Caller: I know. I really, really, really want to. But we‘ll see what happens.


Caller: Um, I want to ask about the Annunaki, to recognize them. Like, I did hear that you said that they have the red and black outfits. Right?

DW: That‘s correct.

Caller:  But, would they kind of remind you of like a little tin soldier kind of outfit?

DW: Yeah, sort of. I haven‘t actually been able to see a picture, and I haven‘t been able to work with Henry Deacon enough to get a sketch of what it looks like. What I can tell you is that from what he‘s described it as, it kind of looks like battle armor that you‘d see in a video game — except that it is very light and thin. 

It makes them look almost like something you‘d see from a heavy metal concert or some weird movie. So, yeah. Tin soldier… you could kind of say that. Yeah.

GN: I would love to get you and Zahi Hawass and Zecharia Sitchin all in a room together, David.

DW: Well, that‘s interesting because at the Conscious Life Expo, I‘m speaking directly after Sitchin in the same room! So that‘s going to be cool.

GN: [laughs] That‘s great! You know, he can‘t stay up too late on the program, but maybe we can do some kind of pre-recorded program with him.

DW: You might be able to get him on. Are you going to be there for a panel, or anything?

GN: I‘m sure I am. They‘re going to be using me quite extensively all weekend.

DW: Yeah, well, use your leverage and get him on that panel. That would be fantastic!

GN: It sure would. David, thanks again.

DW: My pleasure!

GN: Good luck with everything you‘re doing. And, as soon as you get the music, let me know how it turns out. OK?

DW: Absolutely, George. I look forward to it.

GN: All right, my friend.

[George Noory signs off with program credits and information.]





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So, we are now working out exactly what the film will have in it, content-wise. Once we know that, we can quickly move forward. The coordinator has a rich history of Hollywood work as a compositor, tying digital and filmic elements together and getting it all to look right. We’re going to start professional from the very beginning, so we save time and don’t make mistakes that could easily be avoided.

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The year 2012 is now only three years away. Even if you’re not sure if any of this is true, it’s always a good idea to be kind and considerate towards others, as in esoteric philosophy “there is only one of us here,” and the way you treat others is therefore a direct reflection of how you treat yourself. 

Once you begin living by this principle, and seeking to serve the highest good in each and every situtation that comes your way, you can trust that more and more miracles, synchronicities and Divine blessings will flow into your life. This is a law of Karma that we often forget — it’s mandatory!