Saturday 1 / 17 / 09  [Updated 1/18]

The “Miracle on the Hudson” — the successful splash-landing of US Airways flight 1549 into the Hudson River two days ago — is a very clear meta-message from higher forces, complete with an amazing 3:33!



On Thursday, January 15th, 2009, the “physical” and “metaphysical” worlds grew even closer together. Captain Chelsey B. Sullenberger III pulled off a miracle — landing a “textbook-perfect” water landing of US Airways Flight 1549, a passenger airliner whose engines had been knocked out of commission by a gaggle of geese. 


Capt. Chelsey B. Sullenberger III — Heroic Pilot

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Captain Sullenberger’s actions ‘inspired people around the city, and millions more around the world’.

This is considered “the moment an airline captain pulled off one of the most dramatic escapes in aviation history.” The plane was nearly undamaged except for the engines themselves, and Sullenberger, a former fighter pilot, was able to close off all open spaces on the bottom of the plane before it landed, allowing it to float like a boat on the water. 




Most importantly, Sullenberger saved 155 lives — not to mention the honor of the entire airline travel industry, which otherwise could have suffered a near-fatal loss in passenger confidence worldwide.

One of the most dramatic moments in the history of manned flight. 

What exact moment was it?

In the official Coast Guard video, the plane splashes down at 3:31 pm Eastern time — but it wasn’t until 3:33 pm that every passenger successfully evacuated onto the wings of the plane!

By the end of 3:34 pm, they were starting to be loaded into rescue boats.

On a deeper level, the whole world really needed a miracle right now — in the midst of so much seemingly bad news. Captain Sullenberger — and the deeper spiritual forces that seem to have guided him — delivered the goods. 

The 3:33 that went along with it should be particularly recognizable to you if you are a regular reader of this website… and this is definitely not the first time that such a “bleed-through” between ‘waking’ and ‘dreaming’ realities has occurred on a global level. 



This iconic photograph manifested across websites, television stations, newspaper and magazine headlines all over the world at what was being hailed as a “true miracle”: 




When exactly was this shot taken? Today a Coast Guard video was released that allowed us to look at the same image, but from the back side instead of the front.

Note the time-stamp on the bottom of the video frame in this next picture. This gives us a precise moment when both of these images were taken: 




In case you can’t quite make it out, the time stamp here is at 3:33:30 — just three seconds shy of the even more-impressive 3:33:33!

If you carefully compare these two images, you can see the same three people sitting on the left wing, in the same position — two facing each other with black shirts and one in white. You can also see the same man standing just to their left, wearing a blue shirt. The man standing is in a slightly different position between the timing of the two shots, but not by much. 



The entire miracle focused around 3:33 pm. The plane first splash-landed at 3:31 pm on the Coast Guard footage:




Literally one minute later, by 3:32 pm, many of the passengers have already evacuated onto the wings:




The people all make their way out and form up even lines, with everyone out of the plane, right as we reach 3:33 pm.

Intriguingly, the person shooting the Coast Guard footage first notices the rescue boat less than ten seconds before 3:33 pm, and violently swings the camera over to get a look — notice the timecode:




The camera then goes into almost a blind panic, flailing between shots of the airplane — now with everyone evacuated onto the wings — and the oncoming rescue boat, all during 3:33 pm.

Check the timecode to notice how quickly the camera is moving around, zooming in and out:









The camera work is much smoother prior to 3:33, and substantially calms down again after 3:33. (This footage is linked later on in this article.) 

By the end of 3:34 pm, the rescue boat has arrived, and begins pulling people to safety almost immediately:




Hence, this iconic, history-making “Miracle” reached its pivotal moment at 3:33 pm Eastern Standard Time, January 15th, 2009, according to the official US Coast Guard footage you’ve just reviewed here.



This is not a “mere coincidence”, but part of an ever-increasing pattern in which blatant symbolic messages are coming through — complete with the ‘numerical synchronicity’ we’ve been writing about for years on this website.

These events substantially reinforce our message that the Earth is moving through a mass initiation, intended for our own awakening.

The things we see happening in the world are meant to look scary — that’s what initiation is all about. If we did not have our ‘comfort zone’ disrupted, we would have no impetus to change.

Many people have fallen into severe doom-and-gloom prognostications, complete with endless Internet prophecies of evil government takeovers, epic financial disasters, plagues, famines and catastrophic earth changes.

They feel that the “ship is sinking,” just like the symbolism of the Titanic once prognosticated World War One — and the airline crashes of 9/11 paved the way for seven more years of fear, terror and depression.

The people who write about and believe in these things are very serious about it. They feel the Sky Really Is Falling, and We Really Are Doomed — plagued by random, disastrous upheavals beyond our control.

Nonetheless, if we pay attention we can see plenty of prophetic signs that these events are not random at all.

In fact, they are occurring according to a Divine Plan, and will have a positive outcome for all involved. This is all part of the phenomenon of consciousness expansion that seems to be reaching a focal-point or culmination in 2012.



Let’s look a little deeper as to what this event may symbolize. Before we study the event itself, some context is obviously important. Any message of this type must be considered in terms of its relationship to other events that are occurring in the same timeframe.

This 2007 headline from the Drudge Report illustrates the type of news the average person is wrestling with in their daily reality at this point: 




By 2008, our economic situation fully caught up with the ongoing chaos we’ve already been seeing in the weather patterns: 




Here’s another example of the sarcastic, battle-weary humor with which the apparent futility of our situation is presented to the common person: 




Yes… by most people’s reckoning, the economy is in “free-fall collapse” and is headed towards an epic ‘Crash’ that could destroy society as we know it: 






Now imagine that the following text is not from a real-world article about a real-world event, but is rather from a prophetic dream about society as we know it.

Consider that the plane is a symbol of society — we’re all in it together, trying to go somewhere — and we feel like this structure that holds us together is about to crash (emphasis added):

Vallie Collins described how she tapped out a desperate text to her husband Steve, who was in Tennessee, saying ‘My plane is crashing.’

‘I thought, “OK, I’m not going to see my husband and three children again.”  And I just want them to know at this point, they were the No. 1 thought in my mind,’ she said.

There was no time for the final three words she wanted to include: ‘I love you.’

It was a desperate half-hour before husband Steve was able to learn she had survived.

Fred Berretta was going to sleep when a boom jolted him awake. As it became clear that the flight was going to crash, he leaned forward to pray.

In seat 22-A, Jeff Kolodjay turned to the window to see flames leaping from the engine, just as the floor seemed to drop out.

‘There were fire and flames coming out of it (the engine) and I was looking right at it,’ he said.

One seat back, Bill Zuhoski interlocked arms with the passengers seated next to him, as the waters of the Hudson River closed in.

‘For a second, I thought I was just going to die right there in the plane,’ he said. ‘I was going to drown to death.’

He clambered up on top of one of the seats. But less than a minute after the plane hit the water, passengers started moving toward the exits.

‘It was just controlled chaos,’ said Dave Sanderson. ‘People started running up the aisle. People were getting shoved out of the way.’

‘There was a mixed emotion of yelling and crying,’ Alberto Panero said.

‘But then a couple people just kind of took charge and calmed everyone.’

As the plane hurtled towards the river, the parents of a girl, three, and nine-month-old boy braced themselves for landing.

Their father Martin Sosa said: ‘It’s good to be alive today. It’s hard to believe we just survived that.’



Is it “merely a coincidence” that this combination Titanic and 9/11-style disaster occurred just five days before the official end of the Bush Regime and the inauguration of a new — and hopefully much better — president? 

And that it wasn’t a disaster at all — but a miraculous, one-in-a-million rescue of a large group of people who thought they were doomed? 

It was only recently that I wrote “An Epic Synchronicity in World History” in David’s Blog. The “epic synchronicity” I referred to was the fact that Obama’s election victory was announced precisely as he hit 333 electoral votes. 

McCain’s entire concession speech occurred with the “333” prominently displayed on the screen the entire time:




Now we have everyone clear out of this plane at precisely 3:33 pm. To me, this is no accident. And it supports my earlier contentions — backed up with solid research evidence from a whistleblower who has demonstrated consistent accuracy — that Obama is not in the hands of the power elite.

The inauguration is a mere five days after this “reverse 9/11” miracle occurred — and only one day after Martin Luther King Day, commemorating a great leader for peace.



There is an overwhelming amount of Rove-esque smear material against Obama online — most of it appearing to be written by independent bloggers with no direct political affiliations. As a result, I continue to get a routine stream of colorful hate mail from people who are outraged that I support our new President-elect. 

I do not wish to be in the position of defending Obama, as I’m not there in his administration to have any direct effect over the choices and decisions that are being made. He hasn’t even taken office yet, but most alternative-media bloggers have already pronounced a death sentence over his impending presidency. 

Every new name that is added to any cabinet or administrative position immediately attracts a new wave of venom, as every unsavory detail about this person is unveiled and spun as if to make them into Evil Incarnate.

Yet, if Obama were to hire only people with no prior ‘inside’ experience, his administration would never be able to stay afloat. Just like Captain Sullenberger had to close off the bottom of the plane before he landed, Obama needed to hire people who knew how to do these jobs.

Otherwise, the waters would quickly close around all of our necks; the mythical Titanic — a symbol of Western decadence and largesse — would again sink as the economy quickly plummeted into the cold, dark sea; and Obama would have the shortest presidency in American history.

Israel’s ridiculous and inexcusable violence against the Palestinians recently should be another clear sign that they are well aware they will not be able to continue such reckless behavior once Obama assumes the presidency.

At the same time, if he were to move to condemn them before he’s even inaugurated, the entire process could be jeopardized. This is precisely why Israel acted when they did. The negativity is being exposed before our very eyes if we bother to look. 

I absolutely support the Jewish people as well as all others. Some of my best friends have been Jewish. Israel is a country, run by a small group of people who have proven themselves to be very troublesome.

It is not anti-Semitic to recognize when the leadership of a country has gone rogue, and I do believe we will see some strong changes once Obama takes office. 



Though there are many levels to why I support Obama’s presidency as a progressive movement in our society, some of which are obvious to the majority of people in the world, one clear and obvious personal example I draw upon is my intuitive data.

This data has proven itself to be highly reliable and trustworthy ever since I started documenting my dreams on a daily basis in September 1992. If I did not believe in my own data, and stand behind my results, then I would obviously be a fraud and an opportunist.

For the bulk of the audience I am writing for, it would be much easier to hate Obama than to encourage him. I have had far more negative than positive letters on this subject and they can be quite crude and mean-spirited. Here is the most recent example, which actually is funny: 

I can picture you standing in front of a mirror, singing and masturbating to yourself. You have such a big ego, you know it too…

Jumping on the Obama bandwagon because it was a wise career move was unforgivable enough, now your ego is taking over. What I‘m trying to say is, you‘re a sellout. What‘s next, Pepsi commercials?


Here’s another humorous example if you still want more: 

sad to see how you are wasting your life on poppycock and garbage.

are you INSANE and need mental health help NOW!

and, paaaaa-leeezzz.

don’t give me your lists of accomplishments and all your ridiculous attempts of making your life seem important.

i wonder. why is it that YOU and just a ‘few others’ seem to have ‘all the answers’ and the rest of us ‘poor folk’ are all left out in the cold?

GOD is MUCH BIGGER than you even realize. and i’m sorry to say…..He is shaking his head at you and SCREAMING……’david, come ON, now. listen to MY WORDS. because this road you are now walking down is full of lies and deceit’.

as in the bible, as God has said……’it is appointed but ONCE for every man to die.’

read the BIBLE, David.

oh, you poor blind, little man. GET HELP


Good stuff! Thank you guys for sharing your opinions. It’s interesting that Jesus taught love and forgiveness of others, and yet most of the hate-mail I receive uses a select interpretation of Jesus’ teachings as a foundation to unleash a torrent of hate.

I never reply to these letters but they are always good for a few laughs. I can’t dislike these people because I know I am not the person they think they’re writing to. 



Regardless of the regular stream of these types of letters — almost all of which work in the anti-Obama angle — my intuitive data has been solid. My job is to convey what I am being shown, and do my best to understand and explain it rather than just saying “take my word for it.”

Long before he even became the front-runner against Hillary, I was already getting dreams showing that Obama would have a dramatic effect on our world, leading to a dismantling of the negative elite as we now know it.

Ironically, and perhaps tragically for some, this will apparently come in the form of the fulfillment of the “New World Order” prophecy — a major restructuring of the world economy, as I said in a Project Camelot radio interview last year. 



I am amazed at how many people blatantly worship the negative elite with their fear. If you’ve studied the Law of One series then you know the single greatest gift you can give these guys is the vital energy released by your fear, which is literally the financial and energetic lifeblood that keeps them alive in the metaphysical sense. 

Getting angry at them, or hating them, also strengthens and fortifies their position, playing directly into their agenda.

As long as we hate, fear, loathe and distrust them, we are ensuring they still have a job acting as the projection of our own hatred, fear, loathing and distrust… of ourselves.

Illuminati worshippers have given the objects of their hate and fear a Godlike power over the earth — as if they are a supernatural force stronger than we are, and almost totally unstoppable. They are believed to have nearly limitless power to fashion reality on this planet however they see fit.

Conspiracy fans often get paranoid and believe these groups actually care enough about one person writing things on a website that they would ever take the time, money and energy to actually tap your phone or harass you in any way.

I’ve been writing about this stuff for a decade and have never once been harassed, other than having an obvious phone-tap for 2-3 years after I called the FBI to report a psychic vision of a potential nuclear attack against New York City in 1998.

I found out later on that my prophecy accurately described a well-known and very real threat, and that’s why they bothered me — they wanted to know how I knew. Eventually they gave up. 



Conspiracy fans also tend to think that only the macho steroid-enhanced bravura of a typical action movie will ever cause change to occur in the world. 

They see great doom on the horizon and believe we need to stock up and prepare for the worst… and they bitterly attack me for daring to tell people that we are NOT all hopelessly doomed.

Again… if you see the world going this way, look within. There is a part of yourself that has lived in a prison of fear and anger. It believes it is the only part of you that exists. It will jealously defend its existence and protect its right to dominate your waking thoughts. 

Some call it “The Ego,” and believe you must somehow annihilate your waking self and dissolve into a collective nirvana to achieve enlightenment.



The most common attack-word thrown at me is ‘ego’. 

The basic idea is that feeling positively about yourself, writing articles in first-person tense with stories from your own life’s journey, pursuing greater exposure and offering products so you can afford to keep doing your best to reach people, is a bad thing.

If everything I did were free, then we wouldn’t be able to function and our service would end.

If I didn’t bother to try to spread the word, then many people who might benefit from my work will never hear about it.

And if being ‘humble’ means that I answer every email I receive, there will be no new material for people to email me about.

It’s very easy to pass judgment. It’s much more difficult, but far more rewarding, to forgive and accept those who push your buttons the most, realizing that they wouldn’t upset you if they didn’t remind you of some unhealed aspect within yourself.



Everyone’s issue is the same — the Original Wound, as my readings call it. Put simply, the Original Wound is the core of all other pains we feel in life, and it comes back to this sense that “God Abandoned Me.” 

Within my own life, that Original Wound gets played out over and over again, however much I encourage people not to do so, in the drama of my personal email.

Consciously or subconsciously, wittingly or unwittingly, people see me as a projection of the positive and the negative, the high and the low, the good, bad and the ugly.

If I do what they want, and say things they agree with, then I’m great. If I fail to do what they want, or say things they don’t agree with, then I am a pitiful, disgusting and utterly unworthy creature.

Everyone is told, as lovingly as possible, that even though I see every letter that is written, it is very unlikely I will have time to respond to them — and cannot read the letters that extend much past a single page in length.

I say this with honesty and true humility, accepting that I am not a supernatural being but a man, with many weaknesses, blockages and personal limitations. I do the best I can, and try to maintain a positive focus as much as possible, but I do not wish to martyr myself for my work.



Nonetheless, every day I receive an average of 120 private emails from people invested with hopes and expectations that I will join them, call them, meet them, work with them on their projects, or answer detailed questions.

The email does not stop for weekends, holidays or normal business hours. There are no “off-peak” days where nothing comes in. It is remarkably constant — and for a week after I did Coast, it surged to well over 200 a day, every day. Now it has gone back down to the prior levels once again.

Whether I like it or not, those who write me are playing out a drama that has nothing to do with me. That drama is the classic projection we all do in our own lives — seeking external representations that tell us the Creator still loves us, and we have not been abandoned.

I hope to help you find this love within yourself, and the offerings I make, both freely on this website and in the products I release — including films, MP3s and conferences — are the very best I feel I can contribute.

I feel good about what I do, I like who I am and what I’m doing, and I do not think of that as ‘ego’ at all.

It took me many years to get to this point, and stop listening to the people who kept telling me I had to ignore myself, go broke and halt all my ambitions if I was to ever be an authentic spiritual teacher. 

If you find yourself wanting to attack others because you think they have an ‘ego’, then in Law of One terms it is a good exercise to “See Yourself as a Being of Infinite Worth.” 



My favorite Law of One passage of all time occurs on page 170 of Book 1, when the questioner asks if “transcending the Ego and dissolving into a collective nirvana” is indeed what we need to do to attain enlightenment.

The answer, loosely paraphrased, was: “The primary purpose of an entity is, in this density, to experience all things desired — to then analyze, accept and understand these experiences, and distill the love and wisdom to be found within them. Nothing is to be overcome — that which is not needed falls away.”

Your ‘separate self’, or ‘shadow’ — whatever you choose to call this part of yourself that suffers — believes in the illusion. It feels pain, and believes that pain is real.

It identifies with the body and sees the body as the ultimate reality. It is obsessed with pursuing those things that will enhance the comfort and security of the body. 



“Experience all things desired” means what it sounds like. You’re here to have experiences, choose which way you will travel, and then learn from your experiences: “distilling the love and wisdom found within them.”

This same Law of One passage, when you read the full text, advises against trying to ‘overcome’ anything, as this just makes you subconsciously want it even more.

As long as it doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s free will, if you want to do something, then do it.

If it would interfere with free will, then play out exactly what you wish you could say, or do, in your imagination. Think it all through, and use that as a mental exercise for your own learning.

The important part is to process everything you’re going through. Analyze it, study it, forgive yourself and accept yourself, knowing that you are simultaneously a being with apparent flaws and weaknesses, as well as a perfect holographic embodiment of the One Infinite Creator.

By comparison to this path of ‘distilling’ experience, or catalyst  as it is called in the Law of One series, “True Helplessness” is repeating the same experiences over and over again without any new insights being gained.



This Shadow Self also knows it will die if you transcend fear, anger, sorrow and loneliness.

And it’s not going to go quietly into that good night — it’s going to put up one hell of a good fight.



Your Shadow Self wants to believe it is you — that you are your body — and that you are the big star of the show. Everything that everyone says, thinks and does around you is because you are there.

This is one of the reasons why the Shadow Self wishes it could be a “Famous Celebrity,” and we have a major social sickness of people wanting to build up collective icons, only to tear them to pieces the minute they fall short of our impossible expectations.

“I could do better if I were that person,” the shadow thinks. We read tabloids, watch trash TV shows, and say to ourselves, “All that fame and all that money. Now look at her. Now look at him. Pissin’ their life away. What a f-in’ waste. If that ever happened to me, I would never have……..”

Truthfully, everyone who ends up in these positions does the best they can. No one really understands the horrors of being a public figure, or winning the lottery, until they find themselves in that position. 



The shadow self is a narcissist. If that person over there laughs, they are laughing at you. If they get mad, they are mad at you. If they stretch and yawn, it is because they find you boring.

This might sound funny at first, but the more you get to know your own shadow, the more truth you will find in it.



This is the sickness that creates codependency, leading you to destroy your own relationships by assuming everything your partner says, thinks or does is about you.

This terrifies you — and thus you seek constant reassurance. You end up becoming lonely, depressed and needy. No one can stay interested in a person like that for very long. 

You therefore end up creating your worst fears. The more fearful you get, the harder you pull on your partner, and the more your partner pulls away. 

Eventually, they dump you — and thus apparently ‘prove’ your fears were right all along.

In truth, your partner is simply mirroring your Shadow Self back to you.

Until you heal that Shadow Self within, and allow it to die a natural death — freeing you to a mind that is open, relaxed, confident and at peace, without jealousy, fear, anger and sorrow — everyone you meet will soon transform into another Shadow.

You will rebound into one relationship after another, experience True Helplessness, and repeat the same experience with each new person. The particulars will be different, but the overall theme remains the same.  

Until you stop abandoning yourself — and learn to give yourself love, peace and happiness — you will be abandoned.



This is perhaps the single most important spiritual teaching we can grasp, in terms of how it affects our own lives and our ability to love and be loved.

That is precisely why we have chosen this theme as our over-arching musical and spiritual statement in Wanderer Awakening.

The entire album tracks this development from our original state as the Creator, through the fall into materiality, the entire dance of relationship, the total loss of our loved one, and the eventual breakthrough into realizing we are never alone, and rejoining our awareness with the Universe.

We’ve been writing up the final ‘interlude text’ between the songs — in fact, we are just now finishing it up in the last 2-3 days — and that’s why I’m in such a good creative space to be sharing all this ‘ageless wisdom’ with you right now.



Your Shadow Self believes it is the only part of you that is of any value.

The Shadow also is a narcissist. Everything that everyone around you thinks, says and does is the result of you being there in the room. You are always Number One in the world of the Shadow Self. 

The Shadow then goes even farther to believe that It Is  “The World,” and ultimately EVERYTHING and EVERYONE revolves around you.

Not just in your own immediate circles, your friends and family and associates, but EVERYONE. They just don’t know it yet. But they will…

This may seem impossible to fathom, but I literally get multiple emails EVERY DAY from people who are absolutely convinced They Are The Messiah, and the Future of the World Rests Upon Their Shoulders. 

They see me as doing something similar to what they feel they are here to do, and experiencing a level of exposure they feel they deserve. The final step is simply to convince me to believe in them too. 

It’s a romantic notion, and I fell into it myself when I was younger with people I idolized, but it never works. You’re here to save yourself — not to be saved by someone else. Only then can your efforts to help this planet reach their maximum potential. 



Again — your shadow self identifies itself with your body, and believes the body is the sum total of who you are. Furthermore, it is a narcissist, and believes everything and everyone else around it is moving and reacting according to its presence. 

The shadow self seeks Fame and Fortune, believing that if it achieves the best of what the world has to offer in the physical sense, then it has “Won”.

The shadow self is constantly vain, concerned with how it looks, and terribly over-sensitive.

The minute someone pushes a button and tells this part of you that it is ugly, stupid or unworthy, the Original Wound — “God Abandoned Me” — gets triggered.

Rage, spite, venom, hate, jealousy, bitterness, loneliness, depression, sorrow — all these ‘negative emotions’ then result from this illusory aspect of yourself trying to defend its existence. It is literally fighting for its life.

Why? Because your shadow self MUST die in order for you to truly awaken.



The death of your Shadow Self is a symbolic, not a literal death.

Nonetheless, it often comes in the form of losing those things the shadow identifies itself with — such as money, relationships, prestige, health, good looks, youth, et cetera.

If you feel yourself becoming less paranoid, less obsessed, less stressed-out, less anxious, less fearful, less vain, less jealous, less angry, less judgmental, then that shadow self is indeed falling away.

It may screech and holler on the way down, but the cleaner and purer your thoughts become, the less and less it will bother you.

Along the way down, as you go through this remarkable “personality cleanse” we are all being led through as we head into 2012, your Shadow will convince you that “The World As We Know It” is falling into certain doom and catastrophe.

You will read articles about martial law, mega-Earth Changes, economic collapse and the disaster of the week, and believe they are true. You may even write your own.

Your shadow is holding on for dear life. More fear! More anger! More doom! God F-ked Me Over Real Good, and I’m F-king P-ssed Off About It! 

Someone like Obama — how dare he achieve this very thing our Shadow Self thinks it wants? Why Him and Not Me?

And… he’s BLACK!

Attack, attack, attack!



We all have this aspect of ourselves to varying degrees. What we see out in the world with these various Illuminati groups is simply the projection of the unhealed aspects within ourselves.

Let’s make no mistake — the Illuminati / New World Order did an incredible job for many, many years. When they controlled the media, hardly anyone knew they were there.

Those who did find out — as I did when I was a freshman in college, back in spring of 1992 — felt like they were one of the only ones in the world who Knew The Truth. 

I still see the Shadow Self of various people writing me as if they’re one of the only ones who is aware of what is going on. This, despite the fact that UFO / metaphysics and conspiracy theories are probably THE most prevalent written content on the Internet once you veer away from the conventional corporate media sources.

Look no further than to the immense popularity of the flawed but informative documentary “Zeitgeist”, which is now routinely in the top-five Most Viewed list on Google every day.

Attention all Shadow Selves: Everyone is figuring out what’s going on. You can relax. These groups cannot do damage once they have been exposed.

NONE of these grandiose, disastrous plans you read about ever come to pass. I’ve heard about them since 1992, and it’s always said to be right around the corner — FEAR! FEAR! FEAR! — but then nothing happens. 

Nothing more than the bare minimum we need to continue our collective awakening, that is.

Secrecy is absolutely vital to their success, and for that reason the battle has been lost for quite some time. We’re just seeing a ‘long tail’ before it gets to the point of being Truly Mainstream, but that day is much closer than you think.



As long as the average person is totally wrapped up in the Shadow Self, and doesn’t even realize they have an identity that is free of pain, sorrow, loneliness, depression and fear, the Illuminati / negative elite will have a job. 

They have done a good job. A very good job. But they are not gods, and they are far from perfect.

Once we let go of the shadow within ourselves, and see that it is a false god, and we need not be so vain, then surprisingly the shadow in the world will disappear as well.

More and more people in the world are seeing through the lies of their own Shadow Self and allowing it to die — naturally falling away, to be replaced with a positive attitude and a faith that “God Loves Me” — and the world is changing as a result.

So again, if you stop fearing and hating the negative elite, they won’t have a job to do anymore — and they will crumble into dust in the searing light of Truth.

They will no longer be a threat — and history will be dramatically rewritten in light of the stunning revelations that are already becoming common knowledge, completely bypassing the controlled media along the way.



The truth is much different than the illusion. And the truth is that the Illuminati has been primarily based in Germany, France, Britain and to a lesser degree other European countries, with a major stronghold in America that has not been able to consistently hold the power of office.

The Neo-Con / Republican / NWO faction is essentially the Republican / Neo-Con aspect of the US, a faction of Britain and the prevailing leadership of Israel — and that’s about it.

Most other countries and / or regions in the world are NOT loyal to either of these groups, and that includes Russia, China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, Canada, Africa and South America. 

Certainly, both groups have bribed, blackmailed and assassinated leaders in these other countries to try to get their way, but the people are waking up — and these old games aren’t working anymore. More and more countries are turning a corner and healing from within.

The game required a compliant, controlled media in order to work. And even corporate media is breaking away from their shackles and taking on these groups like never before.

Once the Bush Administration is completely out of office, largely neutered from its ability to do further harm, we can expect a remarkable increase in the speed of mainstream public disclosure of these nefarious activities. 



I want to put this on the record BEFORE it happens so no one can accuse me of changing my story. We are not at the end of the game in the financial sense. There will be a major global restructuring of the financial system as we know it.

The difference, ironically, is that the very groups who thought they were stage-managing the whole thing, and could control it, are simply not strong enough to wield a majority influence in how it will be run.

The Illuminati faction needed Hillary to be President if they wanted to have a chance to influence things — and with Obama at the helm there is no way to insure their goals will be met, as he can still veto and offset their plans.

Threatening him with death — like they did by putting a black president into the hit television series “24” and then having him assassinated — obviously will not scare him into doing their bidding.

The Neocon / NWO faction needed McCain to be President if they wanted to fulfill their agenda — and that very bitter war was lost in a glaring and spectacular fashion, largely thanks to McCain’s stunningly bad ‘maverick’ decision of picking Sarah Palin as his running-mate. 



The dream I had predicting this worldwide financial reorganization was very, very substantial. There is nothing wrong with countries coming together for a common good — but many people are going to be very, very upset as this happens.

They will believe that their deepest, darkest fears are coming true and Martial Law and “FEMA Camps” will soon follow.

And they will write me, screaming with rage that I still am saying everything is fine. Now I’m definitely One Of Them, and How Much Are They Paying You, David?

I can’t say I’m looking forward to this one bit. I’d rather put this prophecy out now rather than wait until it’s already happened. 

If you’re reading this article after it happened, this is why you were referred here in an email or by a friend of yours.

Notice the date. It was before Obama ever took office. And everything is going to be fine.



Bear in mind… the PLANS for Martial Law, Gun Confiscation and FEMA Camps absolutely do exist. They are real. Whistleblowers can talk about them and be accurate in saying these events have been planned.

That doesn’t change the fact that we live in a stage-managed illusion — a reality that convincingly appears to be random and haphazard.

Events like this dramatic airplane rescue help to balance the negativity, and show us that we will survive this dizzying ‘crash’ — as if by a miracle. 

I didn’t need an event like this emergency plane landing to make the point… but now that it has happened, it should be increasingly obvious to you that this was no accident. 

I don’t even know HOW you’d go about trying to explain away all these things as coincidences. I had to laugh when I saw it all happen at 3:33. It was just so perfect. 

And you haven’t even seen the full scope of the synchronicity yet — so don’t give up now! You don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle yet.

Hang in there and keep reading… if you’re not already starting to understand how this Shadow Self works, and why things are the way they are on the planet, you just might get it. 

And you might even realize that you are Love, and the world will give you as much love as you give yourself.



I do believe that Obama is good for America and for the world. If there was ever going to be disclosure of the negative elite and of the reality of the ET presence, this is our guy.

Love him or hate him, we are well-advised to use this new leadership as an opportunity to create the future we want to see. If we mobilize as a society and insist upon disclosure, we can actually create the very reality we seek. 

My dreams have also stated that Obama’s candidacy and victory would dramatically heal the scars of the Civil War and the very real history of slavery in America. I believe it has already done so.

When I see black people out in public there is a sense of camaraderie and understanding that I never felt as strongly in the past as I do now… and these are random strangers who do not know who I am. 



I will spend some additional time addressing, as much as I feel I need to, the many questions and colorful confrontations about our current change in government that I receive in my email.

I have no interest in getting into all the specifics, and have no plans to do so. Nonetheless, there is an overview that needs to be spoken about here.

The negative side is extremely clever. Though I’m not going to name names or point fingers, it is utterly obvious that a fair percentage of the ‘alternative conspiracy media’ articles attacking Obama are being written by the insiders themselves.

If you really think about it, how hard is it to tell a lie? In these groups, that’s often the only thing they know how to do. It’s so automatic that the whole philosophy is never even questioned. It’s simply something you do, and if you get caught you tell even more lies to get out of it. 

No one is going to buy their stories if they are released in obviously controlled media outlets like Fox News. That game has clearly run its course for all but a small percentage of the public.

Here’s what you need to do: fabricate or hire a team of angry, below-the-belt “lone internet gunmen” who ooze sarcastic confidence and demeaning spite, get their lying articles published on the top alternative news sites, and suddenly people start believing your propaganda again.



Hate is comfortable — like an old pair of shoes that you know will fit your feet, even if they don’t look that good anymore.

Hate is nice and easy, because you don’t have to look at yourself — you get to take all the negativity you feel inside and focus it on someone else, believing that you are in a war with that person. 

The logic then follows that if you somehow defeat or humiliate the object of your hatred — just as my own attackers like to think they are doing — then everything will magically improve.

Think about it. If you can accept that there is even a chance that Obama is not under the control of the elite — as top-level whistleblowers from directly within the White House have repeatedly stated — then the “loyal opposition” is going to do everything humanly possible to make him literally into the Antichrist — “Worse Than Hitler.”

If you ARE writing these articles and getting paid for it, don’t be surprised if you get betrayed and end up in a 50-gallon drum at the bottom of the sea if you decide to “come clean” about your job down the road, though.

That’s on page 65 of the contract you never fully bothered to read when they waved a few thousand dollars in your face.



The curious thing is that these negative groups DO work on an honor principle, and they vastly prefer to do something to you that you gave them PERMISSION to do.

Very few people ever get assassinated, and those who do are, in the vast majority of cases, simply meeting an end they agreed to by legal signed contract.

From a spiritual standpoint, this is the only way the elite can maintain the spiritual and magical power they need to do work on the negative path.

They actually LOSE power by attempting to hurt or enslave those who reject their ‘service.’



In order for this to work, you reject their service without hating or fearing them. Instead, you can love them as an aspect of yourself, as the Creator — albeit quite confused. 

You can then reflect upon your own confusion, your own Shadow Self, and realize that they’re simply at a stage where they believe the Shadow Self is all there is, and have turned it into an elaborate, advanced secret worldwide cult. 

A cult that is now crumbling apart before our very eyes.

If you stay on the positive path, and do your best to love and help others, you will enjoy ‘spiritual protection’ that insures you will never receive more experience than you can use for your own growth and development as a spiritual being.

Translated: Live in love, and your experiences will continue to show you greater and greater love in return.



People who get really wrapped up in reading about the Illuminati and the New World Order lose track of the fact that this is all a giant illusion, staged for the purpose of teaching us to love.

Every person — even if they ARE in these groups — is a reflection of ourselves.

Every person, no matter how confused, will return home.

And any hate for any person — no matter how convinced you are that it is justified — is a clear statement that you have not yet understood the meaning of all existence.



Ageless wisdom teachings aside, there are 3D, practical considerations worth discussing here.

There is a major drive to sign a petition, good only through this weekend, to encourage Obama’s administration to investigate the UFO subject.

Rather than taking your time to send hate-mail and complain about how terrible you think Obama might be, I encourage you to take action on this for everyone’s best sake.

It’s almost beyond imagination to conceive of a post-disclosure world, but it would be a very interesting phenomenon indeed.

Here’s the letter I received that goes into more detail about it: 

As you may already know the Obama team has set up a citizen briefing book which allows us to submit issues of concern and vote on them. The ones which receive the most votes will be on their top priority list!

I started a UFO disclosure post on Obama’s website yesterday under the alias of truth seeker….it was a plea for Obama to release all classified UFO documents that our govt. has been covering up for over 60 years!

Please post an update on your website immediately encouraging all your readers to go to and VOTE for all the UFO / ET Disclosure posts.  There are MANY topics about UFO‘s and they are receiving MANY votes.  We need MANY MORE though.

As you see from the above link, in one day‘s time my post has received 30 comments and 3000 points!! And this is just one of MANY UFO posts.

Please go and vote on this one and others like it (just type UFO into the search on the left) to help release the strangle hold our govt. has on super advanced reverse-engineered technologies which are required to address the many crises our world now faces…….

This is the single greatest and most important issue in human history. Thanks for the support and all that you do! I realize that this change is not going to be magical: we need to ACT ourselves to bring ascension about.



So if you do feel paranoia, and feel the need to take action, this is a great way to get involved.

Others choose to see that the world is moving in a direction of increasing positivity, and the best way we can help is not activism, or joining the Peace Corps.

It is to seek the heart of the self, recognize that you are the Light, you are the Love, you are the One Infinite Creator, and then radiate that realization of Oneness to those around you.

In so doing, you energetically contribute to the healing of our world in a far more substantial manner than an entire lifetime of good works could ever accomplish. This is the essence of the Law of One philosophy.

This major synchronistic gesture of the miracle plane landing, and its obvious symbolism, definitely helps underline my point about the Divine presence that is at work staging this illusion, regardless of how convincing it may appear.

If you haven’t read earlier David’s Blog entires on synchronicity, such as those I’ve linked to here, I highly suggest you do. Otherwise you may miss the greater context and redundancy that we are seeing in these events.



Where was I when I first found out what happened? Office Max, as it turns out.

Larry Seyer and I were shopping for two new office chairs when we saw that a commercial airliner had crash-landed into the Hudson River. 

The footage was on some of the TVs they were selling. There was no audio and it was submerged at that point, surrounded by boats. We feared the worst, as the sound was down on the TVs and we couldn’t hear anything.

I immediately realized this could be seen as the next 9/11 — and either consciously or subconsciously seen as a symbol of the overall “crash” of the economy.

Just after we’d had enough time to think, with regret, about the new wave of panic and fear this could create in the public, we saw footage of people being rescued, and text suggesting that everyone had survived, with no life-threatening injuries.

I immediately saw that a great symbolic gesture had been given — but it wasn’t until today, when I watched the footage and saw the 3:33, that the full extent of it hit me. Naturally, I was very excited, and rushed to write this piece even though I have urgent deadlines in other areas I am struggling to fulfill. 


Let’s look at the hero’s name for a bit and see just how deeply the synchronicity goes.

The first name carries some interesting clues. According to, the name Chelsey “originally derives from the Old English for chalk wharf, applied descriptively to the neighbourhood of Chelsea in London.”

If you stopped there, you might not get it… as more specifically, the chalk wharf being discussed is none other than the River Thames — England’s most important river, running right through the heart of London:

The origin of the “Chelsea” name is disputed. Spellings such as Chelcheya and Chelchythe are amongst many which appear on old documents. However, it is likely that it means “Chalk Wharf” as traces of chalk can now be seen at low tide in the River Thames.


It is interesting that the man who pulled off a river landing directly alongside New York City — one of the most stunning moments in the history of manned flight — has a first name that is synonymous with a river directly alongside London. 

As a brief update, one of the commenters below said that the media has gotten the pilot’s name wrong, and it is actually ‘Chesley.’ Remember — with synchronicity, you take what actually is being said. The name that is being used in the media IS the message — even if there was an apparent ‘mistake’ in the spelling. 



Now let’s take a look at the second half of his last name — Sullenberger.

This online German-English translator says that in German, the word “Berger” means sheep dog.

The word “Berg” means mountain — as in iceberg — likely implying the terrain German sheep dogs would work, since you cannot easily raise vegetables on mountain land, but you can  raise livestock there. says that “Berger is a relatively common last name. It means mountaineer in Dutch and German, and shepherd in French.”

So, we have some very potent metaphors here: the shepherd who works on the mountain. 

Please note I am in no way suggesting Capt. Chelsey Sullenberger is a Messianic / Christ figure — but it is very interesting that his name has these connotations. 

Many esoteric teachings assert that we are living in a time where the Christ Consciousness is awakening in many people. With terms like “miracle” being widely used to describe Sullenberger’s actions, it is indeed interesting that his last name contains a reference to the “shepherd on the mountain.”

Without the guidance of this careful shepherd, the 155 people on board the plane would have died. The shepherd’s job is to lead them all home safely — and he succeeded. 



What about the first half of his name — sullen?

Sullen derives from the same words as solemn,  and the original root word is alone. 

Perhaps not surprisingly, Captain ‘Sullen’-berger has so far refused any public appearances — he is indeed a loner. 

Once we drill down a little deeper, the particular word ‘sullen’ has specific meanings, as indicated here from 

1. showing irritation or ill humor by a gloomy silence or reserve.
2. persistently and silently ill-humored; morose.
3. indicative of gloomy ill humor.
4. gloomy or dismal, as weather or a sound.
5. sluggish, as a stream.
6. Obsolete. malignant, as planets or influences.


Therefore, the first half of Sullenberger’s last name could easily refer to the attitude that the average person has taken on in these difficult times: irritation, ill humor, gloomy silence and reserved.

It is as if they have been under a “malignant planet” in astrological terms, drawing off of the obsolete version of the word.



A name analysis therefore reflects what we actually do see happening:

By his miraculous landing in the river next to the central city of the modern-day world (Chelsey), Sullenberger’s ‘miracle’ has provided leadership — to ‘shepherd’ (Berger)  an irritated, gloomy and morose (Sullen)  world into a remembrance of the Divine that weaves through their lives.



Now that it is Sunday and I am updating this piece, there are interesting new angles to explore.

I was already seeing that this Miracle of Aviation  was not only like the reverse 9/11, it was also like the reverse of the Titanic.

It never even occurred to me, until I got this letter, to explore whether there was any connection between Captain Sullenberger and Captain Smith of the Titanic.

Did this soul reincarnate, having the opportunity to repeat the same experience, but with a remarkably different outcome? 

Michael North believes this is the case. And I will share his letter with you as he deserves credit for coming up with this idea. We can assume that the “Michael” he speaks about here is his own Inner Voice — something we all have the potential to access.

I’ve worked up a simple comparison shot as well. The likeness is not exact, but there’s enough there to make it interesting. 



Here’s how Michael’s letter read when I first saw it: 

So, like, it seemed impossible to me that this was “an accident” when that plane landed safely in the Hudson River in NYC. Too many things went right.

So I asked Michael and they said immediately that he was Edward J. Smith, Captain of the Titanic. No pictures of the pilot were out yet.

Now we learn that the pilot is a safety expert, is an accident investigator for the NTSB, is on the Air Line Pilots’ Union Board as the safety expert, and runs a safety consulting company out here where he lives and works at UC Berkeley on safety issues.

So here is the pilot:

Now here are some pictures of him as Captain Edward John “E.J.” Smith. We are lucky this time that the facial features are so alike — but check out the eyes.

He is on the right here:


He landed that plane within a mile of the dock where he would have berthed the Titanic.

It was between the two main ferry terminals for the NY to NJ service, right in front of the Harbormaster and NYPD and NYFD fireboats.

He went as far as 25 blocks in the water without flopping it.

This is what we were talking about when we said anything is possible during the nexus — and some things will seem almost impossible to believe.

Welcome back, Captain Smith! Nicely done.

Michael North



Even if this is not an actual case of reincarnation, it is nonetheless intriguing to meditate on the ‘vibrational similarity’ between these two men, and between these two events. 

Is it possible that a soul could specifically return to fulfill a mission? To repeat something he couldn’t solve the first time, and become a worldwide hero this time? 

To re-program the mass consciousness of humanity with new information?

Could this soul set out to do this mission from before it was ever born?

To deliberately choose its parents, and influence their decisions, to give him a name that would hold subconscious power in the minds of humanity — spelling out the exact nature of the mission he came to fulfill?

Could everything he worked for have led up to this moment, to help create the defining moment between the Era of Fear and the Era of Awakening?

A mere five days before the inauguration of the first black President in American history?



The sinking of the Titanic was an epic signal in the mass subconscious of humanity that our bloated, materialistic, opulent ways were not sustainable.

Now 9/11, and the economic troubles we are seeing, have reflected that fact.

We have seen our fear, identified it within ourselves, and healed. Thus, the world we know is changing… and the same players now have different roles to fulfill. 

Captain Sullenberger’s landing is the energetic equivalent of the healing of the Titanic disaster. It is also a reflection of the healing within ourselves, the mass public. 

Again, he should not be worshipped or seen as anything different than the rest of us. The important part here is that we all have a job to do. We may never know what it is, but when it happens we will do it spontaneously. 



Now, at last, here is the raw footage of the video itself. Scroll ahead to a minute and 40 seconds into the video to see the action begin:


CNN has a video montage of footage from the moment the plane splash-landed, revealing that the iconic shot was taken just after everyone made it out onto the wings safely.

The key moment occurs directly before the rescue boat arrives, further confirming that this pivotal moment happened in the two-minute window of 3:33 through 3:34 pm Eastern time.

You can watch the CNN video here.


If you watch through the entire video, another curious synchronicity occurs near the end that is worth mentioning. 

Three rescue boats show up, and arrange into a perfect triangle shape around the downed airplane, framed perfectly for the camera at shore. The camera operator gets all three boats perfectly in frame as they drift down the river with the boat. 

At the same time that this alignment takes place in the water, there is also a perfect alignment between the plane in the water and another plane on dry land. In this way there is a definite ‘Phoenix’ symbolism you can read from all of this:




Again, this may not seem like much, but the triangle is the most important shape in sacred geometry — the underlying template the Universe is built upon. It also redundantly expresses the same ‘3’ concept that we got with the exact clock timing of when all the survivors made their way out onto the wings. 

I was delighted to see all these correspondences, and regardless of how deeply the average person understands the symbolism, this certainly had a positive, calming effect on everyone.

This ‘miracle’ sends out a major message that we are not alone and abandoned in this world — that there is still a Higher Power guiding over our lives, and steering us into a smooth landing through all the upheavals we now see occurring all around us.



If you want to choose fear that’s certainly your decision. Nonetheless the evidence continues to mount that we live in a highly structured reality, and the reason we are here is to learn love.

We will be protected through all the upheaval and chaos, and there will always be an even balance between seemingly negative and seemingly positive events. In truth, all experience promotes growth, and there is only one of us here.  

One last example of another “bleed-through” came to me in a recent email: 

A talking head comes to a realization about the banking industry live on TV, and just as he makes his revelatory statement, 111 is flashed up on the screen.

The 111 happens at 3:03:

I haven’t watched this one yet, but you may want to check it out! 



There’s lots of synchronicity and wonder out in the world if you choose to look for it, and I’m happy to do my part by continuing to make myself available in public, despite the violent hatred and spite my work arouses in some people, and the uncomfortably fervent pursuit it triggers in others.

I have never wanted to be seen as special or put on a pedestal, though I do certainly wish to see this material get out to as many people as are interested. I feel there is a great need for a positive perspective on world events right now. So as always, conferences are your best chance to see me speak in person and be part of the shared group experience that results.

For starters, I will be speaking at the Conscious Life Expo on the weekend of February 13-15th, giving my most cutting-edge, unpublished 2012 material in breathtaking Power Point presentations — and I would love to see you there. Click on my picture once you hit this link for more information:




I will be speaking in at least the following events, if not others (I may be asked to do the UFO Panel on Saturday like I did last year, though it’s already quite full). Here are the confirmed events and where you can find them on the Conscious Life Expo website, so you can buy tickets (which may well sell out in advance) and plan your schedule:



Every year, the International UFO Congress features a veritable Who’s Who list of the movers and shakers in UFOlogy — and I am honored to have been offered the grand finale keynote address of the entire conference, from 3:45 to 5:45 pm on the final Saturday.




There will be an awards ceremony after I speak, but I am the keynote speaker — the last person to actually take the stage and offer a presentation, finalizing this entire nine-day tour-de-force.

I have been so busy that we haven’t yet finalized my description text for the event, but the material I present will again be my most hard-hitting 2012 data.

This two-hour presentation will be somewhat similar to my final Monday workshop at the Conscious Life Expo, albeit 33 percent shorter — but like a snowflake, no two presentations I give are ever alike.

I make sure to re-arrange the pieces enough that even if you attend all my events, each one is unique — and since I go with the energy of the moment, including the nature of the crowd and what interests them, I do not often know what I will be saying in between slides until it actually happens! 



There will be other events as well, but I am still being careful about not taking on too much of this work — specifically since I have been juggling Wanderer Awakening, my studio music album, and CONVERGENCE, my Hollywood film.

One thing we will definitely be doing is my first full-length solo event, which we be entirely produced by Divine Cosmos staff and held somewhere near the airport in New York City, perhaps in April or May.

If you would like to come see me speak from another country, this is probably the way to go. I will not have to compete with anyone else on the schedule — particularly since I have such a large volume of material to convey.

I therefore will be able to offer many more hours of content over the course of a single weekend than you will ever get at any other event. All proceeds will go directly to Divine Cosmos to help us further our goals of spreading the truth as widely and effectively as possible.  



We are now expecting Wanderer Awakening to be released some time prior to April 15th — our lovely Tax Day in America. We have gotten the initial proofs for our cover art, and they are quite stunning and memorable. Once we finalize our deal, I will reveal who this mystery artist is, and it will be obvious why he was our guy.

As for CONVERGENCE, our main prospecitve investor appears to be very close to achieving his long-term goals. There have been challenges that have delayed his goals, related to the economic upheavals we are now going through, but he has survived each ‘negative greeting’ admirably and is still on track.

Once he finalizes this deal, he has indicated his full interest in financing our film, and we can expect swift movement into production. So this is a very exciting time!

I thank you for your ongoing support, as without you none of this would be possible. I do work my tail off, and my whole body is sore from writing all this in one sitting, but I’m happy to do it — because your letters and words of encouragement show that you really appreciate the effort.