Wednesday 11 / 5 / 08

[Updated 11/6] For those with eyes to see, one of the most prominent turning-points in modern history occurred last night, capped with a great synchronicity! Get David’s initial reactions to this surprising victory.



By David Wilcock,



Obama’s Presidential victory represents a watershed moment in human history on many levels. I can’t possibly talk about this without bringing in a discussion about my father, who is one of my true heroes in life — teaching me the communications and leadership skills that have now helped me inspire so many.

Dad came from a conservative Massachusetts family, his father a Ph.D in engineering. When he was just a boy, Dad’s mother made him wear agonizingly preppy clothes — like turquoise V-neck sweaters with cris-crossing black argyle patterns and a white collared Oxford shirt underneath. 

She gave him no choice. It was a ‘uniform’ that completely labeled him as an out-of-touch nerd, putting him at odds with the other students. This contributed to his sense of total isolation, where he literally only had one friend in his entire school.

One day my father missed his bus at the end of school. The only way home was to walk, and before long he was creeping through an area of Massachusetts with searing racial tensions for its time in the 1950s. Things like segregated water fountains were still commonplace.

Dad was absolutely terrified. His thick black-rimmed glasses and ultra-conservative clothing could very well have led to a severe beating or death in that area, and he knew it. This was the most genuinely dangerous moment in his life — up until then.

An African-American man saw Dad — alone, confused and terrified — walking down the street and realized the immediate danger he was in. This man stopped his car, picked up my father off the street and gave him a ride all the way home to safety.


Babatunde Olatunji — World’s Best African Drummer, Friendliest Musician I Ever Met


The whole time he was beaming with love, and treated Dad with great respect and honor — in a way Dad sadly never felt from his own father. This man knew, and made it abundantly clear, that Dad had been in great danger. He was rescuing Dad out of the goodness of his heart and his compassion for others, regardless of color or creed.

Dad never forgot that day, and never forgot the gift that was given to him.



In his early adulthood, my mother mailed Dad all the latest rock and roll albums from the late-60s hippie era while he was stationed at the largest US military base in Vietnam. Dad took the very controversial stance of documenting this musical revolution for our troops in the official military newspaper. For the vast majority of the troops, this was their only source of news and information.




Dad knew he was literally the only print-media voice most of our troops had to hear the truth, so they could feel they were not alone. Now he got to inspire and uplift his fellow soldiers in the midst of a very scary part of town — in much the same way he had been lifted out of such dire circumstances as a boy in Massachusetts.

Disguised in talk of aromatic smoke clouds, tie-dye T-shirts and flowing flaxen locks of hair, Dad’s columns were the ‘field hollers’ revealing, little by little, how the soldiers’ very own generation was creating a sweeping social movement back home — to end the war through the inspiring power of music.

Their very lives were at stake — if not the safety of our entire world.

Rock and roll was the vehicle of change.

Of course, everyone who appreciates rock and roll, or any music with distorted guitar for that matter, owes their gratitude to the original African-American musical form — blues music. Dad always knew this. In fact, country music — the very staple of the reddest states in America, played in almost every anti-Obama rally in the Heartland — is the bluesiest popular style out there.  



My great-grandfather Frederick — Dad’s grandfather — was the central architect and engineer responsible for building the original New York City subway system. He immigrated from England to do the job, sporting a JD in law and a Ph.D. in engineering.

Dr. Frederick Wilcock was the central figure solving the engineering problems, cutting all the legal red tape with each borough in New York, and liaising with the big bankers financing the project, not to mention the huge array of subcontractors. 




My grandfather, who I call Papa, grew up in this fast-paced environment — and the highly unusual situation of having a mother who was a college professor in the early 1900s — until Frederick’s untimely death when Papa, his son, was only 12 years old.

We still do not know if Frederick’s death had anything to do with the world of ‘crony capitalism’ he had gotten so involved with. We have no record of him being a Freemason, for example — just a hardworking new American. There is no doubt, however, that our family name has been completely forgotten in its association with the (ahem) beloved New York City subway system.

I didn’t even hear about this until Papa was on his deathbed, and I felt cheated that this had been kept secret from me under the banner of modest, conservative “family values” where you are never ‘supposed to’ stand out. It was treated as if it were an embarrassment rather than an honor.

As a boy reeling from the loss of his father and pouring himself into his work, Papa went on to enter Harvard at 15 and graduate valedictorian of his class. He finished out his Ph.D. in engineering at the University of Chicago. This intense academic background is undoubtedly a strong part of what has fueled my own relentless drive as you see and hear on this website, my books, radio shows and videos.

For Papa, the real movers and shakers were the inventors. Papa idolized his own father, who had accomplished a tremendous feat from an engineering standpoint.

Papa watched the world he knew become utterly transformed by technology and innovation. It went way beyond simply giving New Yorkers a faster way to get from point A to point B without the use of a horse and buggy.

Names like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford and Albert Einstein carried the greatest symbolic power and appeal, putting a sparkle in everyone’s eyes, making their lives easier year after year. The suburbs blossomed to life with automotive transportation, electric lighting, telephones, radio and television.

When Papa found out that Thomas Edison was moving his entire General Electric behemoth to a then-obscure city in upstate New York named Schenectady, he knew there was nowhere in the world he’d rather be — and he brought his family along with him.



Papa gave my father a toy — and I wish I’d kept it for historical documentation — that featured a simple pen-and-ink outline of Japan on fading cream-colored cardboard.

The map was inside a square paperback book-sized container with a red-painted metallic picture-frame border and a glass top. Little holes were carved out in the cardboard, marking about eight different Japanese cities. The name of each city was spelled out in all-capital Arial font on the cardboard.

Little capsules with ball bearings inside them would wobble around inside the container like manic little inchworms when you tilted the box. The idea was to roll the toy around and try to get all the capsules to land inside the holes.

At the top left of the map, it said “ATOMIC BOMB” in a typical 1950s electrical-looking italicized font.




Papa’s generation was so happy to end World War II that they did not realize how their infatuation with technology had reached a sickening denouement. This orgy of explosive growth now led to a menacing weapon that could destroy human existence as we knew it. And yet, they were so happy to end the war that little toys like this were made to commemorate the event — and my father had been given one.

The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 proved that the world was a very dangerous place. The US and the Soviet Union were right on the brink of Mutually Assured Destruction via nuclear exchange. All the subliminal nuclear tension of the 1950s — expressed through many different movies of giant creatures created by radiation — had blasted into a high-stakes international poker game that would have dwarfed 9/11 if it had not worked out.




Kennedy’s diplomacy with the Russians singlehandedly saved the world from a very dark and dangerous place. His strength as a leader carried us through the scariest part of town and gave us a safe ride back home.



Kennedy’s assassination in 1963 — followed by his brother Bobby and Martin Luther King — proved there was a menacing force out there, woven into the fabric of government, that was bent on destroying life as we know it. This force was keen on silencing any great leader who came along to oppose its rise to power. 




Dad’s generation, the Baby Boomers, rejected technology, and the veneration of great inventors as great celebrities, in the fallout of the atomic bomb.

The Vietnam War showed that this faceless military-corporate entity would not only kill their most beloved leaders, it would scoop their own friends and classmates — not to mention they themselves — right out of their private young lives, and send them to their likely deaths in an unjust and unnecessary war. 

Music became the new engine of revolutionary social change, replacing the starry-eyed emotions once invoked by the great inventors and bringing the races together like never before. As we rode into the 1970s, the recording industry reached its all-time peak in terms of sales and the diversity and depth of content put out by the major labels.

Music was selling so well that the industry could afford to throw money at lots of different projects, and any reasonably talented band stood a good chance of getting signed. My father worked for General Electric by day to support our family, in and around the Main Plant in Schenectady that Papa had also worked at, and by night he went to rock concerts to continue his documentation of the social revolution that was occurring.

As I’ve said before, Dad brought my brother Michael and me along to many different concerts throughout my childhood, and we were very often the only children at any of these shows. It was very common to get scornful looks from drugged-out teenagers when they saw our backstage passes displayed on our shirts, as we were required to do to get backstage.

I met many of the top recording artists of the 1980s. I learned ‘the secret’ early along, which is that these stars were ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Their ‘stage persona’ usually was not how they were backstage — in many cases they were actually rather boring to be around.

I found that if you addressed them as real people, rather than stars, you might end up speaking to them for an hour as opposed to 30 seconds or less. They were not ‘gods,’ just people — and all they wanted when they were not onstage was to be ‘normal.’



My father interviewed thousands of recording artists through the 1970s and 80s, including all the biggest names. Over time, he kept hearing the same story emerging from the likes of Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan — but no one in the media was talking about it, even in the likes of Rolling Stone magazine.

These real-life “Guitar Heroes” revealed that the very style they knew and loved, and owed their fame to, could be traced back to the work of one single man. Surprisingly, this artist had remained almost totally obscure!

Dad took up the quest to publish this “Grand Unified Field Theory” of rock and roll, from the artists themselves.

The distorted electric guitar style that still predominates in today’s music — and is again selling through the roof with video games such as Guitar Hero and RockBand, the sales of which now eclipse all revenues from recorded music combined — can all be traced back to one historical figure. 

If you haven’t already heard me say this before, the name may come as a surprise. Most people would guess “Jimi Hendrix,” for obvious reasons, but remember… I said this man was “almost totally obscure.” Hendrix certainly is not… but yet all the biggest rock guitarists paid fealty and due respect to this hidden giant.

One of Dad’s favorite stories is of a film he saw where Jimi Hendrix is in the front row of a Buddy Guy concert, thrusting a microphone at Buddy’s guitar magic in wide-eyed fascination as he tried to drink in every drop of what he was witnessing.




Hendrix’s entire playing style, his wild antics and crazy guitar tricks, was a loving emulation of Buddy Guy’s pioneering techniques. Hendrix took it much farther into psychedelia and shockingly innovative new technique than Buddy Guy ever did. Nonetheless, all the biggest “Guitar Heroes” of the 60s and 70s knew Buddy Guy was the pioneer — the original Guitar Hero. 

Dad wanted to restore Buddy’s honor in history as the true pioneer of modern rock and roll guitar, and thus wrote Buddy’s official biography, Damn Right I’ve Got the Blues. 





You can see Buddy Guy’s influence in a DVD featuring remastered tapes from a little-known follow-up to Woodstock that took place on a train. The DVD is called “Festival Express”, and you can see Buddy hanging out with all the biggest names. The Festival Express tour was a financial bust and never reached the power or numbers of Woodstock.

Now let’s rewind a few years prior to that point. As you can see from watching historic 1967 Monterey Pop Festival footage, Jimi Hendrix was a virtual unknown at the beginning of the event. Figures like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez drew huge applause, whereas Hendrix’s name was mentioned with an effete disinterest, greeted by total apathy from the audience. 

Hendrix wouldn’t have been there that summer of 1967 if it hadn’t been for Paul McCartney single-handedly using his leverage to get Jimi on the ticket.

McCartney had heard about Hendrix’s incredible guitar talent and was clearly excited about this amazing new musician. The ‘sizzle’ of hearing about a guitarist who set his own instrument on fire — while performing live at the Astoria Theatre in London on March 31, 1967 — may have been part of what attracted McCartney’s attention. Hendrix had to be hospitalized for burns to his hands — that’s how passionately and totally he lost himself in the music that night.

The Monterey Pop Festival crowds’ initial disinterest transformed into instantaneous awe as Hendrix wowed them with his blues-inspired driving rhythms and flashy Buddy Guy-inspired guitar techniques, culminating in an orgiastic, fiery rite of passage as he set his guitar on fire, live on stage. 




In one single defining moment, Hendrix signaled the end of materialism and the worship of technology. The very guitar he made the sweetest music with was not coveted and loved as if it were a part of himself.

Hendrix dispelled the idea that we define ourselves by our gadgets as he ignited his own prized possession, proving it held no further sway over him than any other thought or emotion that coursed through him.

The Technology Generation — its promise and its prison — was symbolically laid to rest with the purifying fires of the Music Generation. Subconsciously, “Hendrix” was synonymous with “Phoenix,” and his ritualistic burning demonstrated how the Music Generation was rising from the ashes of Technology. 

Paul McCartney saw the power of this act to transform — and it ignited the momentum that led to Woodstock being such a revolutionary social event just two years later. 

Even now, this act is symbolically celebrated by all the “air-guitar” antics of the millions of fans playing Guitar Hero and RockBand worldwide. And again — this game has now become more profitable than all other sales of recorded music combined.

Hardly anyone knows how easily it traces back to one man, nearly lost in the pages of history.



Greed and corruption destroyed the music industry once MTV got the corporations more interested in how a singer looked than their level of talent. It became more about celebrity and less about soul.

This was never clearer than with the Milli Vanilli fiasco, where two perfectly buffed-out guys, with feminine faces and long hair, couldn’t even sing their own music. I remember those guys on MTV and how popular they were with their hit, “Girl You Know It’s True,” before the scandal broke. 




The failed economy has led an entire generation to feel like they don’t have to pay for their music. This is actually bad karma, and unfortunately when you do this you are forcing your Higher Self to balance you out by having losses in some other area. I understand why it’s being done, but you are ultimately only answerable to yourself in the higher sense — no one else.

The music industry certainly is not without blame, as formulae took the place of inspiration. If a particular band has a song that’s a hit, you want all their other songs to sound the same so you have a better chance of getting it to work again.

Furthermore, the profits work better if you create a lot of “one-hit wonders” who never make any money because they sign deals for three records before they see any real return. Just keep giving the public something “new” and collecting all the money as you maneuver each glittery new star hugely into the limelight.

Still not satisfied with your investment? You can eventually cash in on the Greek-tragedy boom-and-bust stories of your proteges with VH1 “Behind the Music” documentaries and reunion tours where they play all their old songs again.  




Remember — by meeting these artists in person with my father, I got a stronger view of this system than most people ever do, and the human tolls behind the scenes.

Life on the road is very, very hard, very disorienting, and the next thing you know you’re a has-been. Billy Joel’s “The Entertainer” is a great musical tribute to this system by someone who actually was able to avoid it:

I am the entertainer and I know just where I stand

Another serenader and another longhaired band
Today I am your champion, I may have won your hearts
But I know the game, you’ll forget my name
And I won’t be here in another year
If I don’t stay on the charts

I am the entertainer and I’ve had to pay my price
The things I did not know at first
I learned by doing twice
But still they come to haunt me, still they want their say
So I’ve learned to dance with a hand in my pants
And I rub my neck and I write em a check
And they go their merry way

I am the entertainer, I bring to you my songs
I’d like to spend a day or two but I can’t stay that long
I got to meet expenses ,I got to stay in line
Got to get those fees to the agencies
And I’d love to stay but there’s bills to pay
so I just don’t have the time

I am the entertainer, I’ve come to do my show
You’ve heard my latest record spin on the radio
It took me years to write it, they were the best years of my life
It’s a beautiful song but it ran too long
If you’re gonna have a hit you gotta make it fit
So they cut it down to 3:05

I am the entertainer, the idol of my age
I make all kinds of money when I go on the stage
You see me in the papers, I’ve been in the magazines
But if I go cold, I won’t get sold
I get put in the back in the discount rack
Like another can of beans

I am the entertainer and I know just where I stand
Another serenader and another longhaired band
Today I am your champion,
I may have won your hearts
But I knew the game, you’ll forget my name
I won’t be here in another year
If I don’t stay on the charts



Where is it all heading? No one knows for sure yet. It’s harder than ever to get large numbers of people to hear your music. With Wanderer Awakening,  Larry and I are competing with 300,000-dollar music industry projects, but no one is telling us what to do — everything is coming from the heart, with our own styles blending together.

Despite how diverse this project is, there is a central unifying theme unlike any other rock-music project I’m aware of — and it goes into all my most favorite subjects I write about on this website. The focus is on songs about growing through emotions and relationships, not intellectual word-salads about DNA and sacred geometry. I’m really excited about it despite how draining the work has been.

This is my personal journey in terms of how best to contribute to humanity’s growth and evolution. Things are changing all over — and the results of this election have shocked all the weary, sarcastic people, still living in the shadow of the Kennedy assassination, who worshipped the New World Order with their fear, believing it to be unstoppable.

I feel the spiritual movement — and the intensity of interest that I’m seeing from the audience — has become the next social revolution in our society to rise, like a phoenix, from the ashes of the music industry as it collapsed into an orgy of profit… and suck.

That’s part of why my upcoming conference in Phoenix is so timely, and why I used the Bird of Fire in the promotional poster I made up for it. We will probably be videotaping this event and if it comes out well, who knows… it may be our next free video:




If I’m right, then the spiritual movement is now taking hold in politics as well — and that’s precisely why this election is so important. 



I can’t help but see how my great-grandfather and grandfather were children of the Industrial Age, my father the Age of Music, and now I, like many others, am helping usher in the Aquarian Age.

For me, it all started when I woke up floating over my own body at age 5. I was aware there was more to me than just a body — I had this other aspect of myself that was very real, but most people did not understand.

As a child, ESP came very easily — I never had to work for it and I was very surprised that other people didn’t have it and didn’t even believe it existed. 

I had a few experiences with synchronicity while growing up, but it wasn’t until high school that it really kicked in.

“333” has been a part of my life ever since I first saw these digits staring back at me from the microwave clock, under highly unique circumstances, when I was 16 years old.

I had walked home after school with the strange and disquieting sense that our houses, standing in stately rows, were walling us off from each other in our own little worlds.




All the little trash cans lined up single-file in front of all the orderly little houses suddenly took on a sinister feeling to me.

In this strange trance state I fell into, I felt like the houses and the garbage cans were ultimately the same thing — little boxes walling us away from each other, hiding a festering, rotting disease of consciousness — the pain of separation.

I now call it the “Box Bug-Out,” and if you’ve ever had it you know exactly what I mean.  



This is what I put together before I got blasted with the 333, though it took time for it all to become fully conscious:

We live in boxes. Work in boxes. Drive in boxes. Eat out of boxes. Drink from cans out of boxes. And we are entertained by dancing lights from colored glass boxes when we come home at night.

We sleep in a box-shaped bed, in a box-shaped room, only to get up the next day, shower down in a box-shaped stall, and go do it all again.

We park our gas-powered box as close to the next big box as possible — the store, the office, the house — getting as little exercise as possible.

What was inside all those boxes? Garbage, just like the orderly little trash boxes I saw lined up outside that day.




The boxes contained toxic fast food; toxic television “programming” from faceless puppetmasters feeding us spiritually deadened media; vinyls, plastics and toxic chemicals in our homes; walls humming with debilitating electrical currents; festering molds and lingering, deadly cigarette smoke odors papered over with box-shaped plug-in air fresheners and the like.

It’s enough to make you squeal “Boxed INNNN!!!” like Mickey Mouse, flip on your back and flop your arms and legs around like a little crawly insect turned upside down. How do you get out of your box when it’s all around you? 




OK… not everyone does this upon being initiated into the Box Bug-Out, but if you were my friend Baner, and under the influence of mind-altering substances at the time, it was very good for a laugh.  


THE 333

As I had this initial insight about the boxes, before sharing it with any of my friends — and a very strong sense I was here to do something about it — the pale blue digits on the microwave clock said “333”.

At this same moment, I felt a pineal-gland “kundalini blast” that practically sent me up over my own head in terms of how much I felt like I was rising on a surge of energy. It was as if a huge gong had gone off inside me. My head was throbbing from the intensity and I had no idea what was going on, or why these numbers were so important.

Jimi Hendrix symbolically burned the ‘boxes’ down — but destroying property and dropping out of society is definitely not the way. It’s much better to transform society from within, come out of our boxes… gathering in huge lines to vote, and assemble… and do something  to change the “Matrix”. 

I’ve since had many thousands of “numericals,” under very impressive circumstances. When Larry and I were working on our Wanderer Awakening project, I checked the stats on our October 14th article — you know, the one about the 2000-mile wide UFO that didn’t show up that day — right before I had to leave the studio to go back to LA.

To my amazement we’d had precisely 23,333 visits to that October 14th page as of that exact moment.  You can’t possibly plan something like this… and this is the first time I’ve ever mentioned it publicly.

“Larry, you’ve got to take a screen capture of this immediately or no one’s ever going to believe us.” That’s exactly what he did:




Later that same afternoon, I checked my answering machine while I was at the airport in Phoenix, Arizona. I was delighted to get what appeared to be the call we were waiting for — that we were about to have a pivotal meeting that could directly lead to our CONVERGENCE film being financed. (It has since been delayed a bit by the market events, though we expect it to only be a matter of time.)

Directly after I heard this voicemail from my co-producer Billy Blake, I checked email. To my further surprise, I then realized I had exactly 3333 letters in my Deleted Items folder! I was stunned — but not enough to fail to take a picture of it! And I was actually in Phoenix, of all places!

Just like with the previous example, the exact dates and times can be seen, proving this all happened in one day: 




Thousands and thousands of people have written in with the same stories — and I was blown away recently when the stock market went 777 points down on the Monday after the 700-billion-dollar bailout was passed, much to the consternation of the public: 




Even with all that said, I could hardly believe my eyes last night. The synchronicities were amazing. 



Larry and I finished writing the lyrics for our last song as we now head towards the completion of our mammoth 25-song Wanderer Awakening project. This is a crucial song, as it represents the pivotal turning-point in the spiritual journey where you stop blaming everyone else, and realize how you have created your own problems.

Of course, to really nail this in a very small number of words, without being preachy or religious, giving it a singable melody and a hook… was not easy. This has been the most ‘negotiated’ song of the entire project, going through at least two major rewrites!

We were finalizing a brand-new-and-improved bridge section, but Larry didn’t like my ideas for the final four-syllable phrase at the end. I struggled with it for several minutes — an eternity in songwriting time.

Finally it dawned on me — we would tie in the same exact tag-line given by the Higher Self singing in the second song on the album: “You’re One With Me.”

Larry immediately loved it. Sold… to the man in the green shirt for 100 dollars! That was it!

Right then and there, I felt something funny. A shift in the energies of the planet. Huge.

“Gosh, I haven’t even been looking at the election!” That’s how wrapped up we had both gotten in the creative process.

I rushed over and hit Huffington Post, reminding Larry that these results were being updated “by the second” thanks to the Internet.

As Larry just informed me, I had forgotten that he snapped a picture of me at the exact moment  that I saw these results… and we are not in the habit of taking many pictures, if any!

Here it is, capturing this pivotal moment in my own life history, and that of the world… “I remember when…”

And this was it!!




We finished the writing the last four words of the last song left to write, in the ENTIRE PROJECT, at the exact moment that the race was decided! Obama was now President-Elect of the United States of America!



I’ve been working on this article all day, adding graphics and text as I go. I just got to the sentence about Obama being elected President above — discussing synchronicity on my computer — when I reloaded the window where I do this writing.

And it happened again!

Exactly 2777 people had seen the article in just the few hours since it was posted… and at the exact same time, precisely 111 people were logged in to our Divine Cosmos subscription / discussion forum archives: 




To most people this might seem crazy, but none of this was planned. It’s too weird for that anyway. It just happens — and you have to pay attention or else you can miss it!

Once you DO decide to listen, you’ll be surprised how much it starts happening. That’s been my reality ever since the first 333, nearly 20 years ago now. 



We rushed into the living room and turned on the TV to see more. After all, as Gene Roddenberry once said, “It’s not real until you see it on TV.”

I had already seen the results on Huffington Post, but it hadn’t even percolated through to CNN yet!

Was it real, or just another Internet superstition?

Ugh… waiting, waiting…

In fact, CNN waited another 20 seconds after we turned it on to announce the results.

We realized, right away, that this meant the very last words of Wanderer Awakening — finishing the vocal music portion of the project — were written at the exact second Obama’s victory was made known to the world!

It was stunning. We both wanted him to win very much, knowing what was at stake… for everyone.

Larry, in a jovial mood, camera still in hand, went and created a joke for us to enjoy on the keyboard! I was puzzled at first, wondering what he was going for, but then busted out laughing: “We’ve gotta take a picture of this!”




Subconsciously it was his Higher Self rebelling at the Republican / Neocon / New World order sentiment that the same musical revolution we saw in Woodstock could not be played in today’s world. You can’t have a Black Man Be President. A guitar hero perhaps, but not the Leader of the Free World.

Guess what — it was happening. In real time! Just as I had been shown ever since February.

In the same video we shot the 2012 Enigma out of, I gave a detailed testimony of two different dreams I had about Obama. Even though the audio is badly distorted in this part of the video, I’m going to resurrect this section for historical purposes, now that this election has been decided.

I don’t think there was ever a doubt, on the higher level, that Obama would win this election. It’s too important as we head into the last four years before 2012 — and there are more and more signs every week that something really is going to happen. 

I never could be 100-percent sure that Obama would actually win, but I did have a very clear psychic sense, from the very first day I saw her, that Sarah Palin would not hold Vice-Presidential office or remain a public figure for very long.

At first I thought it meant she would be dropped from the ticket before the election, and the insider chatter showed that this was strongly being considered. The only reason why this did not happen is because of her performance at the one and only Vice Presidential debate.



You may also remember my story of hearing, on September 1st, 2008, to go look in Book Three of the Law of One series, page 99. I read the passage, and it described a cycle that repeats in your life every 18 days since you were born.

The first nine days were where you had the strongest spiritual energy to do your work, and the last nine days was where it was more apt to wane.

That’s all there was on pages 99 and 100 before the session ended — so the message had to relate to that cycle somehow.

Two days later, after getting the same message again, I finally looked up where I was in the cycle. To my amazement, there had been precisely 720 cycles of 18 days — 360 (the circle) times two, i.e. the infinity loop — since I was born, to September 1st, 2008 — the first time I heard the message to read Book Three, Page 99!

This was also the very day I had finalized the vision of the CONVERGENCE script with a close friend. I KNEW I’d nailed it, and this vision would more or less be the film everyone would eventually see.

This stunning event also made me realize that something very powerful was going on, and I needed to pay more attention.

Even though I wasn’t sure how people would take it, I decided it was too important for me not to publicize the synchronicity between the infinity-loop image I’d put into a graphic for Richard C. Hoagland’s Enterprise Mission website and the crop formation that appeared the very next day in Milk Hill, England.

Here are the two images, as I’ve been discussing in the 2012 Politics article series:





Of course, this formation looked like an 8, and came down on 8/8/8 — which in Gematrian / Biblical numerology is the number of the Christ Consciousness. 

Here’s the exact screen that allowed me to discover this amazing 720 synchronicity, by simply calculating the number of days since my birth and dividing them by 18.

I looked it up two nights after the original message had come in, hence the division wasn’t exact — it came out to 720.1111 days. I hadn’t bothered to look it up the first time, but when I got the message equally strongly two nights later, I chose to listen.

I then calculated how many days it had been since September 1st, when the message first came in, and that’s when I saw that it was exactly 720: 




Importantly, September 1st was also was the very day that Sarah Palin announced her daughter was pregnant, in direct response to the firestorm of criticism that erupted out of nowhere when McCain chose her as the Vice Presidential nominee, going against the wisdom of his own party.

It is unclear whether things would have been different if McCain hadn’t made a “maverick” decision against the wisdom of his Neocon associates — but the fact that he did make this choice counts as one of many astonishing events that swayed the election, perhaps by a higher influence acting on behalf of the greater good. 

It is also undeniably significant that Obama’s grandmother, who essentially raised him, died of natural causes the day before the election. Out of any single day in her entire life  when she could have passed on, that was the one.

I have a very strong sense that on a higher level she chose this time to help divert the last-minute attack ads from the news cycle — and further remind voters that he is a thinking, feeling being like the rest of us and not a terrorist monster.

In my own life, I knew very well what this 720 synchronicity meant. It was a powerful symbol. My birthday, March 8, 1973, was holographically calibrated to the exact day  when the election machine of the New World Order made the first major gaffe in its final, inevitable collapse from power. 



So now I was with Larry after his humorous subconscious “don’t play these notes” joke. I’d already realized that I had sensed the exact moment where the election was declared a success for Obama.

I had also somehow managed to finish writing the final vocal lyrics for the album — “You’re One With Me” — at that same exact moment. 

We rushed back into the other room as McCain delivered his concession speech. Again, it was being delivered in Phoenix… no accident there! In just over two and a half weeks from now I’ll be in the same city, delivering a framework for how we can evolve our world into a more compassionate, unified whole.

This was it. Everything was over. The fall of the Neocon, New World Order, Republican mindset — which throws labels at people and judges them out of raw, xenophobic fear, stirring it up in the public to make your opponent appear to be the Devil himself.




Obama’s victory was the final achievement of the dream started by Jimi Hendrix, who rejected materialism and vanity by sacrificing his guitar. 

Hendrix, and the musicians of his time, created a social movement that is still reverberating in the living rooms of millions of “Guitar Heroes” around the world — a rejection of war, fear and materialism and an embrace of peace, trust and goodness. 

Nothing could have prepared me for the final stroke, but there it was. McCain’s final speech, conceding the election — and the whole New World Order / Neocon mindset — to this new generation. 

Here’s the kicker. Exactly 333 electoral votes for Obama stared at us across the screen as this historic event took place: 





This may be arguably the best, most prominent “numerical synchronicity” in modern history.

On CNN, at least, it remained at 333 through almost the entire victory speech of Obama. I haven’t yet found an image of it, but I’m sure we will: 




I am stunned and honored. You wanted proof of a Divine hand in the world? You got it. You wanted proof my prophecies about this election were correct? You got it.






Incidentally, my published call of October 26th as the bottom of the markets has also proven to be true, at least for now. I did not say it would never go lower — my critics hurled that one at me too, and that’s just silly — but I am being told that things are going to get a lot more interesting, and it’s all headed in a positive direction. 

In a very pivotal, richly detailed dream I had the morning of the election, a man symbolizing the New World Order elite, on multiple levels, tried to pull a gun on me. He literally shot me but nothing happened — I was completely unhurt!

He seemed to realize this was his last chance, and now he was giving up. He turned the gun towards himself. I knew what he wanted me to do. He couldn’t finish himself off, even though he knew it had to happen. It had to be someone else — and that someone was me.

I reached out, and with the tip of one of my drumsticks I touched the trigger. I shot him three times into the face, at point-blank range. And it definitely hit, especially the second and third shots.

There was blood, but not a whole lot. He basically looked the same, except for some blood around the mouth and neck.

He was clearly dazed. He turned and staggered away from me — but I knew he was going to die very soon, probably within seconds. In the meantime I knew the old building I had been living in was about to be demolished, and I had to get out of there while there was still time.

There is a lot more detail than this which I am still analyzing. It certainly appears as if Obama’s victory is being hailed as the final return of the same karma that the New World Order elites created by assassinating Martin Luther King, the Kennedys and others.

This scenario may indicate more economic queasiness ahead, and I will continue updating you as new data and analysis becomes available. This was obviously a direct dream metaphor of the “controlled demolition of the New World Order” phrase I’ve used in recent articles.



Another dream gave a much more positive spin on this message. This dream happened on Halloween morning.

I met with Dan Burisch, who told me there had been an epic, enormous shift in the “timelines” that he was seeing through the Cube.

Our future had, in fact, become totally different as a result of the revolutionary changes that were about to take place.

This was going to cause everyone to be fairly disoriented for a while, as this is what happens when your timelines shift — according to “Henry Deacon”‘s testimony.

Dan was also telling me that this Halloween was thus a celebration of the releasing of all the darkness and shadow that has hung over us for so long. By dressing up in costumes and celebrating the night, we would be able to step into the new day.

The disorientation would only last for a few days, not more than a week or two. That was the sense I got. 

Not surprisingly, I got a spontaneous message from Marcia McDowell after this dream. I told her what happened, and as it turns out, Dan DID view the future very recently with a variant of the Looking Glass technology. And, just as my dream said, he DID see that we are now on a far more positive timeline.

There is a lot more to the new Dan Burisch story that will be revealed when they are ready for it. I am hoping that at some point I can have a video interview with him so we can talk about the amazing complementarity between what he knows and what I’ve been teaching from the Law of One series.



I just got back from lunch after writing all the above, (everything up to the McCain video link — the rest was written later this evening) and there’s already more to the story!

You may remember reading me write a prophecy I received about there being a Democratic victory by a margin of “about 17,” more or less. I didn’t know whether it was percentage of popular vote, number of electoral votes or exactly what.

This prophecy was the very first thing I wrote into my second-to-most-recent article. Here’s the introduction from the original source article, 2012 Politics Radio Show — Part 1 of 2! (emphasis added):


The morning after I watched the third and final Presidential debate, I was quite relieved to get a dream telling me that it was all over. Even with all the dirty tricks that stole the last two elections in place, the overwhelming likelihood is for a substantial defeat of the Neocons.

I was told that a factor of 17 may be involved, or something close to it.

Unfortunately, it was unclear whether it meant 17 percent more states flipping that way, 17 percent of the popular vote (more unlikely but possible once you get rid of fake polls, like this joke from the Associated Press that assumed 44 percent of all voters would be Evangelical Christians) or 17 electoral votes.

Of course, such number-specific prophecies should not be taken very seriously, as things can easily change between now and then. Nonetheless, that‘s where the future was oriented as of late last week, and even the manipulated Zogby polls were showing a double-digit lead as of Monday.

By no means should you sit home and fail to vote on the 4th if you live in the US. We still need to create this future!


There you have it. This was not an easy thing for me to do, and I admittedly hedged by saying “number-specific prophecies should not be taken very seriously,” but let’s not forget… on September 1st, I heard a message to open Book Three of the Law of One series to page 99, and it spoke about an 18-day cycle. When I checked that very day against the day I was born, exactly 720 cycles of 18 days had gone by!

720 geometrically defines two circles, and just a few weeks before I’d had a stunning event where two circles appeared in the crops after I’d put that same form into some art I did the night before!

Even better, while working on that art, I got the strong idea to put up a specific shape online, announce in advance that it might be a sign of good faith from the Circlemakers if they reproduced it, and then see if a crop formation would show up that fit the bill.

So, given those types of events, I was willing to put myself at risk by making this bold statement. Of course, all my skeptics and attackers who quite literally despise Obama would have completely ripped me apart if it didn’t happen, but I put it out there anyway.



The first inkling that I might be on to something with that prophecy was sent into me by one listener.

He said that with Obama at 338 electoral votes above the 270 needed to win, he’s now got 19 percent more electoral votes than he needed to win the race. However, this figure might further change as the votes are tallied.

We now know that Obama did not win the popular vote by a 17-percent margin — at least not within the corrupted vote-stealing system we’re presented with. We always knew he would need enough of a landslide to overtake all the tampering, and I was confident he’d make it. 

The first thing I did when I got back was to check the Drudge Report, and there it was: a headline saying the Democrats are ahead by 17!




I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but this really tripped me out. I put that number out there very boldly, and now it came back precisely.

Not 15. Not 21. Not 18. Not 16… but 17!

It might change yet, but the point was very clearly made. I had no idea how these things would turn out, and obviously could not have planned something like this. 

Here’s the article Drudge linked to about it:

In the House, Democrats captured GOP-held seats in the Northeast, South and West, adding at least 17 seats to the 30 they took from Republicans in 2006. Fewer than 10 races remained undecided. Going into Tuesday’s election, Democrats controlled the House 235-199 with one vacancy.

“Tonight, the American people have called for a new direction. They have called for change in America,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.



As I said before, I’m not going to be responding to the occasional negative attack and smear letters some folks send me. Someone wrote me another anti-Obama attack before they’d even started reading this article!

I’m reading the same things you’re reading. Most of it is Republican propaganda. The rest of it is not being seen in the proper context, in my opinion. 

What are you really asking for? This is as good as anyone could have expected with the conditions in the American electorate the way they are.

Obama did not pander to the far left, or the anti-government conspiracy theorists. He’s working the center — the good guys and the bad guys, the trustworthy folks and the old guard, and will work to change our world for the positive.

It’s sad that more people who write me don’t see that. The majority of the American public, and the rest of the world, certainly does. Those who are obsessed with conspiracy will continue to have those dark pockets of the Internet where they can go to seethe in their contempt for any and all aspects of government.

Don’t expect them to change anytime soon. They will gladly continue publishing every bit of propaganda and hate that is fed to them. 

The trick is not to hate. It is to transform fear with love, transform violence with understanding, tyranny with freedom.

As I reveal in The Science of Peace and CONVERGENCE, the purest and strongest point of power we have to effect these changes is a positive attitude.

By rejecting the ominous messages of fear and doom that will increasingly continue to be fed to us as we move forward, and realizing that this Perfect Plan we’re all going through will continue working out for the highest good of all involved, we can make a responsible decision.

We can move into Love.

Just as the entire Earth is now doing.



As I just said, my recent dream messages are very, very strong. I am now being told repeatedly that we are indeed looking at the “controlled demolition of the New World Order” happening in real time.

This is NOT going to be subtle or arbitrary. I assure you of that.

The key can be found in this line from President-elect Obama’s acceptance speech (emphasis added): 

“And to all those watching tonight from beyond our shores, from parliaments and palaces to those who are huddled around radios in the forgotten corners of our world — our stories are singular, but our destiny is shared, and a new dawn of American leadership is at hand.

To those who would tear this world down — we will defeat you.

To those who seek peace and security — we support you.

And to all those who have wondered if Americas beacon still burns as bright — tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from our the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity, and unyielding hope.”

– President-Elect Barack Obama

In addition to the evidence I’ve already laid out in other articles, yet another sign that President-elect Obama is NOT in the hands of the power elite could be found in this little tidbit from the New York Times:

In the last days on the trail, he is finishing “Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the C.I.A., Afghanistan and Bin Laden, ” and taking an occasional glance at US Weekly. He reads at least two newspapers a day, vigilantly checks his BlackBerry for updates on early voting tallies and browses briefing books.

And for all the people who think Obama and Brezinski are joined at the hip, read this review by Robert Steele from the Amazon comments section on this same book:

Both Admiral Stansfield Turner and Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski come in for criticism here. Turner for gutting the CIA, Brzezinski for telling Pakistan it could go nuclear (page 51) in return for help against the Soviets in Afghanistan.


Furthermore, do you really think Obama is a “pawn of the New World Order” when he’s reading a book with explosive truths in it like this next one — from the same comment? The New York Times, by telling us he’s reading this book, also reveals that he now knows the following information — which he will be in a position to use as President:

However, the book also provides the first documentation I have seen that Bin Laden was “noticed” by the CIA in 1985 (page 146), and that Bin Laden opened his US office in 1986. It was also about this time that the Russians “got it” on the radical Islamic threat, told the US, and got blown off.

Bob Gates and George Shultz were wrong to doubt the Soviets when they laid out Soviet plans to leave Afghanistan and Soviet concern about both the future of Afghanistan and the emerging threat from Islamic terrorism.



The people who are filled with hate and fear don’t want to look at the facts I present. They scathingly rip at me for my intuitive guidance that Obama is working for the good of humanity. They believe they are on the cutting edge of conspiracy scholarship.

They will say that they are working for the highest good by being eternally vigilant against any and all threats, regardless of how credible they may be, and calling attention to them.

Again, I’ve been researching these things since my college class “Contemporary Social Issues” in 1992. I spend at least an hour or two, every day, keeping up on all the latest conspiracy news. And I have a reliable Higher Self contact that has built up a trusting relationship with me, and many others, over the last 16 years.

That being said, you have to keep a very strong stomach, and a positive attitude, to get through this negative conspiracy material. It seethes with so much hatred that it is very, very easy for it to sway your mind into a dark, sarcastic place, where you are the victim of everyone and everything around you and there seems to be no hope in sight, short of gigantic UFOs to whisk us all away.

The truth is that things are changing. Transforming. Renewing. The reason why you know about these conspiracies is that they are on their last legs.

The insiders love to infiltrate the gullible ranks of the conspiracy media. The more relentless, scornful and insulting the writing sounds, the more likely it’s not what you think it is. 

Honestly, I wish more of these authors could see what is going on — but in many cases they appear to be projecting intense personal dissatisfaction within themselves onto the world.

When you hear people saying the world is about to die, generally there is some shadow part of themselves that is about to be transformed… and it’s fighting all the way down.

You don’t have to listen.



Tomorrow I go back home just long enough to prepare for my cruise, which starts on Saturday… so there is a lot to do. Now I can really enjoy this cruise and take a true vacation for once!

Either before I go, or maybe once I’m on the ship, I’ll post an audio blog and get into more detail about these new prophetic dreams I’m getting.

Now that we’ve reached this critical node-point in the timelines, the next stage of the future is opening up to me and getting more specific.




As always, thank you so much for your support! Without you we couldn’t afford to do this… and we are honored and privileged to continue serving you. 

It’s now 10:20 pm and I’ve been working on this straight through since 6:01 am. I’m really looking forward to having my shower now. We actually diverted any work on the music today, in my last day before I return to LA, just so I could focus on this!

Now that I’ve finished this article, I can actually get back to feeling grateful about what has transpired.

This is the fulfillment of the very essence of what my family has worked for over so many years — and I am delighted by how the apparently private language of synchronicity we’ve all been sharing together is now going totally “mainstream.”

We really are seeing the blending together of the worlds!

Just like this election finally did happen — and did work out as we expected — so too will December 21, 2012 not remain a hypothetical. We will cross the line, and we will find out exactly what all the hype we’ve been hearing, from so many different sources, is all about!

I look forward to that day. And there’s much, much more work to do between now and then.

I will continue to be a very busy man. 



Larry and I have driven around from place to place, seemingly at random. His wife was sick yesterday and we took an extra detour to get her something nice. The choices we made and the places we went seemed to be nothing more than what we wanted, and liked, at that moment. 

We headed off for breakfast today — the last trip before I leave — and as we drove back, I noticed we were cruising into a potential ‘numerical’ on Larry’s odometer — and FOUR digits in a row, no less.

I tried to stay cool. It could flip over at any time. I’m used to these things happening by myself, the alignments landing exactly at the moment I get home, but I did not expect this would happen with Larry being the one driving.

The tension mounted as we got closer to the house. We stopped in the road for the guys trimming trees. Very close now.

I couldn’t believe it. While we were just about within eyeshot of Larry’s house, the odometer flipped!

We snapped a photograph of it in the garage, as again you’d probably never believe us otherwise. Four-digit odometer synchs are really unusual events, and what’s even better is that this involved 8s, just like the 8/8/8 formation that’s been at the center of all this. 

Here’s the picture so you can see for yourself:




In order for this to happen, many different decisions we made had to be calibrated in advance. The fact that it happened on my very last day here, right before I’m about to leave for the airport, matches perfectly with the 23333 that showed up the LAST time I was heading back to LA. 

We’re getting tons of reports of people having this happen in their own lives, especially after reading all this! You can see these emerge on license plates, sports timers on television, clocks (even those that are not properly set), books, et cetera. 

It reminds me of the fact that without any planning or forethought, in my co-authored book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, the title page for Part Three: The Science of Ascension “just so happened” to fall on page 333. You don’t see it on the page because it’s a title page, but you can see it in any copy by counting.

These events are very real, and I’m delighted to bring you yet another angle to this intriguing storyline! I am going to enjoy having some time off (hopefully) but will pop in at least once in the coming week. For those who asked, we will document the trip with photographs and some video.

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement — we do appreciate it.


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