Sunday 9 / 28 / 08

Economic changes are on everyone’s mind. Many are afraid. Don’t be. This is all part of a process we’re going through to heal the planet from negative power groups.



By David Wilcock





This may well be one of the most important pieces I have ever written. 

On Friday, September 19th — just over a week ago now as we publish — I finished Part Two of this extremely time-sensitive article series.

We covered the election, the economy (which has since become everyone’s focus for obvious reasons,) the quickly-collapsing UFO cover-up, crop circles and 2012.

I said, “Good. Now I can stop for a while and get back to working full-time in the recording studio.”

Apparently not.



I woke up the next morning in my bedroom here at the studio and heard a crystal-clear message:

“If you finish this article soon, it will save thousands of lives.”

I don’t know if this is really true or just a way to motivate me.

Considering the reliability I’ve had in the past — including the astonishing synchronicity that arrived on September 1, 2008, which we will discuss — I can’t ignore something like that.

Could you?

I didn’t think so.

I personally don’t believe I have that much of an influence, but what else would I do — just blow it off? Definitely not.



Thousands of lives were lost in 9/11.

And apparently there are still some probable future timelines where the next one will go forward as planned. 

You could think of it as a Neocon-sponsored fundraiser and “October Surprise” voter drive, intended to fulfill their plans for “complete control” of the US, and by extension the world. 

As of Monday, September 22nd — a few days after my warning message about saving thousands of lives — a new article came out from the mainstream media threatening that “Al-Queda is Planning an October Surprise.”

There is endless speculation online, as well as genuine-sounding witness testimony, that the so-called “Al-Queda” group is completely compromised by insider US intelligence agents, if it even exists at all.

These ‘warnings’ actually telegraph the projected (i.e. desired) moves of the New World Order crew in advance.

Shortly before his death to ‘cancer’, Aaron Russo conducted a groundbreaking interview with Alex Jones where he directly points the finger at the Rockefeller-controlled neo-cons.

They were creating a fictional War on Terror — a complete ‘fraud’ intended to exact greater control over the public.




These events and disclosures are ushering in an extremely positive evolution in our society.

To dwell on the negative — the fear and the doom — is to completely miss the point of what’s going on, and actually promote the problem rather than the solution.

The bottom line is that the negative groups are actively being exposed and rooted out, and the recent events have dramatically accelerated the process.

If you fear these negative groups right now, you’re simply not seeing the truth.

You are watching their whole game fall apart before your very eyes.

I have been given prophetic visions of this type of scenario in our history since 1996, for what it’s worth, and am blown away to watch everything as it unfolds.

But fear not, McCain would never try to grab the terror vote, as this next quote reveals — and we know his record for telling the truth:

The deputy communications director for the McCain campaign, Michael Goldfarb, said: “There is no doubt that Al Qaeda is still dangerous and still desires to strike at America and our allies. But Americans will not be intimidated and their votes will not be swayed by terror.”


Translated: “We really hope we can cook up a fake terror attack to sway the voters our way.”

It’s not going to work.

Even if they do somehow manage to steal the election — even if there is an October Surprise and thousands of lives are lost — we ARE going to see the downfall of the New World Order.

No matter what. It’s coming… and a lot sooner than you may have dared to believe. 



All the above was written before the stunning events of this past week took place:

* Major elements of the financial and banking system dropping like flies — Washington Mutual Bank (the largest bank seizure in American history), Wachovia Bank, et cetera, leading to what is now being called “The Greatest American Crisis Since World War II”, eclipsing Vietnam, 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina; 

* The mass American public awakening to the staggering lies they have been told by their own government for so long — as this collapse obviously did not happen overnight;

* Fox News blatantly interrupting a guest revealing McCain’s role in the devastating Keating Five financial scandal, including a producer audibly saying “cut his mike”;  

* The McCain campaign caught red-handed — with documentation — hiring Europeans to write fake Letters to the Editor for local American newspapers to try to steal the election; 



* The blatant refusal of the Republican Party to release McCain’s medical records in any readable fashion, suggesting that an imminent health collapse is being covered up — a collapse that could free up all sorts of possibilities for further government takeover if he wins; 

* McCain meeting privately with Lady de Rothschild this past week, representing the European faction of the Illuminati traditionally opposed  to the Rockefeller faction; 




* McCain later saying he was meeting with “financial advisors” during the time he was with Lady de Rothschild — again suggesting that both negative groups are terrified of an Obama win, because he is not in their pocket and will actively work to bring them down;

* McCain suspending his campaign to go save the economy in Washington — and thereby trying to postpone his debate AND Palin’s debate — directly  after meeting with Lady de Rothschild, clearly suggesting this maneuver was the product of a joint Rothschild Illuminati / Rockefeller New World Order operation — and an act of sheer desperation;

* McCain blowing off his scheduled interview with David Letterman, citing an urgent and immediate need to return to Washington, only to then tape an interview with Katie Couric — and Letterman got the live video feed of McCain with Couric and broadcasted it on his show, humiliating McCain in the process

* McCain then being shunned by fellow Republicans when he got to the bitterly contentious meeting in Washington the next day, with McCain saying almost nothing;

* The later revelation that McCain hadn’t even showed up in the Senate since April, and had done virtually no senate work in over a year;

* The terrible backfiring of McCain’s plan to postpone his debate with Obama, with 70.7 percent of people in an MSNBC poll strongly disagreeing with his idea and considering it a cheap political stunt; 

* The 700-billion-dollar attempted ambush of American taxpayers — complete with the unprecedented, yelling-match meeting featuring both Obama and McCain with Bush and his advisors — a meeting which went down in flames, leading to Paulson getting down on his knees in front of Nancy Pelosi, and arousing unprecedented public anger; 




* The moves over the weekend towards carrying through the bailout, which could create unprecedented social upheaval and mobilization for change — despite plans to alter the bailout in a way that is more favorable to the people;



* McCain’s flip-flop back into the debate at the last minute, wherein he appeared visibly furious at Obama, refusing to even look at him — so that even the most propagandized media had to declare it a ‘tie,’ while most polls called it a clear win for Obama. McCain then said, “I was a little disappointed the media called it a tie but I think that means, when they call it a tie, that means we win. ”

* Sarah Palin’s astonishingly poor performance in her interview with Katie Couric that made George W. Bush seem highly skilled by comparison, leading to Newt Gingrich, other prominent Republicans, the New York Times and the number-one conservative columnist in the country demanding she step down; 



* Bush’s incredible betrayal of Israel, where his administration openly revealed Israel wanted to attack Iran and was trying to force America to support their plan.


You may have missed this last point, about Israel being betrayed by Bush, because it was only briefly mentioned in the American media.

Nonetheless, it confirms the accuracy of the source we’ve been citing in this article series on multiple fronts, as the Israeli pressure to bomb Iran has been repeatedly discussed there for well over a year now. 

Since Israel has extensive blackmail material against the Bush Administration and can very seriously hurt them, the Neo-cons would never pull something like this unless they had an even GREATER fear of the American public than of betraying the Israelis.

Stop and think.

If you’re afraid of these guys right now you’re buying right into their plans, and you’re not grasping the truth.

We are watching the “controlled demolition” of the New World Order in progress. I believe it will occur with a lot less pain than most people believe, overall. 



All of the above points you’ve just read strongly suggest that our central hypothesis is correct.

Never in the entire history of ‘crop circles’ has one near-future date been flagged with such redundancy.

That date was August 16th, 2008.

As you will read in the next section, there is extensive documentation to show that the US and Israel had a strong military presence in Georgia, up until very recently. 

Georgia is in a juicy little spot, above the Caspian Sea and east of the Black Sea, putting it within easy reach of Iraq, Iran and the key oil-producing areas of the Middle East.

It has obvious tactical importance in this “Grand Chessboard,” as Brezinski called it.

[Richard Hoagland and I both believe Obama brought him in to “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer,” and in no way does this mean he’s going to do what they say.

Kennedy certainly didn’t, and most people can see Obama shares the same ideals.]

There is no doubt that the US and Israel financed, trained and and influenced Georgia to attack South Ossetia on 8/8/8.

Most people have no idea what the real geo-strategic importance of this was.

A little-known fact in the propaganda-soaked Western media is that Georgia struck first — despite the accusations of Russia launching an unprovoked attack.

When Georgia starts blowing the hell out of the capital of South Ossetia with missiles, you’d better believe they started the fight.

Russia was merely protecting her allies.

Georgia’s attack against South Ossetia was expected to trigger a great deal of fear — causing everyone to think World War III was coming — but not enough real action to be a problem.

Israel then planned on flying their fighter jets and bombers out of Georgia to attack Iran in the resulting confusion.



Location, location, location — Georgia was the best piece of real estate for Israel to launch their attack on Iran from.

It is well known that this would trigger a ‘domino effect’ that could have extremely negative consequences, including gas prices rising to 10-12 dollars a gallon.

Even worse, Iran would very likely pick off America’s entire naval fleet with advanced Russian missiles in retaliation.

Battleships and destroyers have become completely obsolete ‘sitting ducks’ in the face of the incredibly effective non-nuclear ordinance that Iran now possesses.

Nuclear war could then be a very real threat — if not practically inevitable. 

Think about it. If Iran blew up everything American in the Persian Gulf in retaliation — which they have said they will do — it would be an even greater disaster than Pearl Harbor or 9/11.

The resulting economic and political shocks could easily create martial law, currency collapse, food rationing and all other sorts of terrible events. 

There is extensive evidence that Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were both known in advance and allowed to occur… if not actually planned and influenced by the US.

It is very likely that the US and Israel knew Iran would take out the US naval fleet, and planned on going through with the attack anyway.

Pearl Harbor triggered a much greater war than 9/11, and that could easily happen again — and this time with toys we didn’t have until the very end of World War II. 



Whether you believe in a higher-level ‘Divine’ influence or not, there is no doubt that positive forces intervened to throw off this terrifying future timeline.

Russia had a swift and enormous response that caught the New World Order completely off guard — completely eliminating their threat in a mere eight days.

Israel’s fighter jets and bombers were completely destroyed.

The US and Israelis, complete with their top-level spooks, fled Georgia without even considering following proper “exfiltration” protocols.

There was no time. They left behind military hardware, code-breaking equipment and entire trucks full of compromising secret documents.

The historical importance of this event cannot be underestimated.



In the 1700s, Adam Weishaupt’s entire “Bavarian Illuminati” was brought down.

One man, Jacob Lanze, was struck dead by lightning and found with compromising paperwork in his suit jacket (emphasis added):

The documents that Lanze was carrying had important information about the Order of the Illuminati, and its plans of not only destroying the French Government through riots and Revolutions, but also all of the Governments of the World as well!  -Fourth Reich of the Rich, Des Griffin, pg. 45.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but once the public realizes that ETs do exist, it becomes easy to see how this “lightning strike” that killed Lanze could have been deliberately engineered. 




For what purpose? Quite simply, the death of Jacob Lanze effectively destroyed the plans of the Illuminati to dominate the world with a single blow.

The Bavarian government found the papers, attacked and destroyed the Order, throwing them into chaos.

If ETs were responsible for generating the lightning bolt that hit Lanze, they conducted this ‘surgical strike’ in such a way as to maximize the benefit while minimizing loss of life.

Using a seemingly natural event also insured that humanity’s free will would not be betrayed by revealing those responsible.

My own experience has proven that we do live in a highly stage-managed reality, carefully contrived to insure that we will always have equal opportunity to see the positive or the negative in our lives.

And that’s not the only example.



William Morgan published Masonic secrets in 1826 and was assassinated.

These documents, and the ensuing scandal, nearly destroyed the Masonic Order in the US, causing 40,000 of 50,000 members to quit, and virtually all lodges in the North to disband.

This event will be explored in detail in later sections of this article. 




In this case there may or may not have been any ‘higher intervention’ involved in bringing this about.

The simple fact is that most people do not support these negative plans and concepts, and when exposed to them, they naturally organize to root them out. 

I cite this example because even in 1826, the Masonic Order had a near-complete stranglehold over the American media, police system and government.

Nonetheless, the groups hemorrhaged from within. Their own members rebelled, turning their backs and betraying the Order. 



There is ample evidence that the ‘insiders’ in our modern secret groups, such as the Rockefeller NWO, the Rothschild Illuminati, et cetera, are dead sick of what they’ve had to go through, and they want out.

I’ve spoken to some of them myself, including Svali, the Illuminati whistleblower who said there would be a ‘mass exodus’ out of this group if the members thought they could leave without being killed.

Hence you’re seeing more and more whistleblowers who are brave enough to reveal their stories — but this is just the beginning. 

At the right time, and with the right social prompting, you will see massive numbers of people suddenly break out of these groups and come clean.

This is exactly what happened during the William Morgan Masonic scandal.

This is all the more reason why the Internet conspiracy community should drop this ridiculous notion that Illuminati members are inhuman reptilian shape-shifter creatures.

They are human beings like us, often caught up in something they were born into and couldn’t get out even if they wanted to. All that is changing now. 



Georgia, sweet Georgia.

We can expect a wonderful  new wealth of insider testimonies and revelations in the weeks and months ahead.

I believe we have reached a historic moment at least as important as the downfall of the Illuminati in the 1700s or the Masons in the 1800s. Here’s why:

The Russia-Georgia war ended on August 16th, 2008.

An incredible wealth of documents — just as good or better as what brought down the Bavarian Illuminati in the 1700s and the Masonic Order in the 1800s — were captured. 

This exact date — August 16th — was flagged in at least seven different crop formations in the months leading up to the event itself. 

In case you still buy into the myth that Russia is the big bad guy, this article clearly states that they wish to normalize relations with the US after Bush leaves office:

Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) — Russia is intent on mending ties with the U.S. once President George W. Bush leaves the office on Jan. 20, prompting unprecedented interest in this year’s presidential campaign, its UN ambassador said in an interview. 



Even if someone tries to insinuate that the “crop circles” are fakes, how in the world could any faker have known the exact day this war would end — not to mention the incredible importance of the documents that would be found?

The Bush Administration is already preparing for the worst by betraying Israel’s entire plan to “bomb bomb Iran”, thereby trying to ensure they not get blamed for supporting Israel when the documents come out.

Bear in mind that this type of information would never  be released into the mainstream media unless there was absolutely no alternative.

You simply do not betray your allies, when you’ve been planning this joint operation for years, unless you truly are in an ‘endgame’ situation. 

Read this mainstream media excerpt for more of the astonishing detail:

Israel gave serious thought this spring to launching a military strike on Iran’s nuclear sites but was told by President George W Bush that he would not support it and did not expect to revise that view for the rest of his presidency, senior European diplomatic sources have told the Guardian…

Bush’s decision to refuse to offer any support for a strike on Iran appeared to be based on two factors, the sources said.

One was US concern over Iran’s likely retaliation, which would probably include a wave of attacks on US military and other personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as on shipping in the Persian Gulf.

The other was US anxiety that Israel would not succeed in disabling Iran’s nuclear facilities in a single assault even with the use of dozens of aircraft.

It could not mount a series of attacks over several days without risking full-scale war. So the benefits would not outweigh the costs…

Bush’s refusal to support an attack, and the strong suggestion he would not change his mind, is likely to end speculation that Washington might be preparing an “October surprise” before the US presidential election.

Some analysts have argued that Bush would back an Israeli attack in an effort to help John McCain’s campaign by creating an eve-of-poll security crisis.

Others have said that in the case of an Obama victory, the vice-president, Dick Cheney, the main White House hawk, would want to cripple Iran’s nuclear programme in the dying weeks of Bush’s term.


It is utterly amazing that you are reading these words — as they appeared from directly within the mainstream media!

They openly discuss “October Surprise” plans to steal the election for McCain by provoking a war. No one used to talk like this in the media before.

Once you get to the point where your typical plans are being openly discussed in the media, you are far less likely to ever get such dirty tricks to work again — there is simply no way to fool the people anymore.

The truth is exploding out. They must  release it, because if there is any truth to the insider disclosures about Russia capturing these documents, the whole story is about to break open anyway.

They may very well have to allow the election to go to its rightful winner, which will very likely be Obama, as any attempt to rig the election will lead to their immediate downfall anyhow. 

Let’s stay on target here, and again ask the key question:

How could the crop circle makers have known the exact date where this Russia-Georgia war ended, and reliable insider sources say these crucial documents were then captured?



The events and disclosures of this past week are astonishing evidence that the Rockefeller cabal is on its last legs.

They are taking evasive maneuvers to prepare for the explosion that will result when these documents captured out of Georgia on August 16th are revealed. 

Even if the insider disclosures are wrong, and there are no documents (which is very unlikely,) the formations still targeted the exact day that this geo-political disaster for the US and Israel ended.

Symbolically it represented the end of the US as a ‘superpower,’ since it could not protect its own ally.

The shocking near-overnight collapse of the US financial system was the follow-up punch that provided sufficient motivation to mobilize the public and destroy the New World Order. So don’t sweat it. This is a good thing.

Nonetheless, Israel may still try to attack Iran anyway, as this New York Daily News article speculates.

That is why it is important that their plans be exposed as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

The crop formations have clearly pinpointed August 16th as being of extreme historical importance.

The only leverage the skeptics still have at this point is that we haven’t given links and references where you can check this for yourself. All that changes from here on out.

Given the incredible context that we’ve just seen to the story, understanding this ‘crop circle’ phenomenon is essential to what we are now being shown… so let’s get down to business.



As one final note before we begin, I acknowledge that this article, and the entire Divine Cosmos website, can be easily blown off by skeptics as ‘unscientific’ and ‘hocus-pocus,’ which they love to do, if they don’t bother to study it in any detail.

If you’re really into this website but your parent, spouse or friend thinks you’re nuts, that’s OK. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but we’re going to focus on the hard data.

We incriminate people based on witness testimony, and as you are about to see, we have well over eleven hundred years  worth of crop circle documentation from firsthand witnesses!

Once the UFO cover-up breaks down — as Part One revealed is already well underway — this and other paranormal subjects will no longer be ‘fringe.’

Quite suddenly, they will become the subject of intense scrutiny and analysis.



We also want to make it absolutely clear, to any would-be skeptics, that we did NOT arbitrarily try to back-date any crop formations to the August 16th date after the fact.

This time-encoded prophecy was documented on multiple pages of the Crop Circle Connector website since at least early July.

Several different crop formations flagged the same date, as you will see.

I myself did not know the amazing history of the crop circle phenomenon until I dug in and did the hard work, but now it’s all here for you to enjoy!

As this is very time-sensitive material, I expect to have Part Four out within no more than 24-36 hours from now, so stay tuned!



This needs to be said in order to answer at least five emails a day I’m getting about October 14th.

Channeling is a beautiful thing when done well. It brings inspiration and loving consciousness to a world greatly in need.

It also empowers us to make our own changes rather than stepping in to rescue us as if we were incapable of self-help. 

I watched these crop circle prophecies about August 16th unfolding in June and July but did not publish.

Part of it was that I was quite busy, but I also expected people would read into it too much and think that something grandiose and blatant would happen on that very day.

Then, of course, the skeptics would rush in and declare the whole thing a ‘hoax’ when nothing seemed to happen.

I realized that as soon as I mentioned the prophecy date, someone would immediately start a rumor that a massive UFO sighting would occur that day.

The crop formations would be hailed as the “Blueprints to Contact” and lots of people would get excited about it.

Then, when it didn’t happen, everyone would be disappointed, the person who started the rumor would issue an embarrassing retraction, and be discredited.

This is all about to happen again, as it has every year since I got online in 1996. This time the day of disappointment will be October 15th.

I do feel sorry for the person who channeled this, and for all the people who believe it, as no matter how badly you might want this to happen, it’s not going to.

At least not right now.

Due to the Law of Free Will that the ETs allegedly must follow, it is my understanding that a “mass sighting” will not happen until we as a planet have invited it.

A prophecy is circulating the Net that a massive UFO will appear for three days on October 14th and wipe out the New World Order, a group that the prophet says would otherwise take over the planet.

I guarantee you that nothing unusual will be seen in the skies that day, because we are not at the point where we as a planet have reached a consensus about whether we want it to happen or not.

I hate to speak so bluntly, but we’re dealing with very serious issues here.

Internet chain letters and back-slapping love-ins within UFO circles are not enough to create such a consensus. That is unlikely to change anytime soon.

We need to reach those people who sit and vegetate in front of the TV, blindly believing everything the top five corporations feed them with the trust of little children.




If you put a UFO in front of them, without any front-loading from the media, they would either worship it — and those who predicted its arrival — as Gods, and / or scourge them as devils.

It creates an irreversible infringement upon our free will as a planet.

I don’t mind the letters. This is an opportunity for you to understand what a privilege it is to have this knowledge.

Not everyone is ready for it yet, and that puts you in a unique position where you can have an active and beneficial effect in helping this planet evolve.

The truth of the extraterrestrial presence, and how it works with us, is a lot more interesting and beneficial for everyone on Earth than the idea of ETs coming in for a massive ‘bailout’ of our corrupt political system on October 14th.

You have to use your mind and solve a mystery with lots of different clues.

I felt like a detective and enjoyed the thrill of discovery as I put all this together. I have since been dazzled to see it unfolding so perfectly.

With that said, we will continue with your intelligence briefing into the secret history of crop circles, and their relevance to our immediate present and future.