Saturday 6 / 28 / 08

A rare event — a private reading conducted for long-term friends of David — turned into a reading we’ve now posted FREE for you to check out!



We’ve been developing our next article and it should be ready soon. In the meantime, I had dinner Thursday night with two friends of mine. It’s been a long, long time since I did a reading with someone else in the room, or with someone else in mind who it would be directed towards, yet that’s what ended up happening.

The pressure around the CONVERGENCE film has lessened to a large degree since I finished a first draft of the script two weeks ago. We also have two very promising leads on financing, such that we will very likely be fully funded and entering production by mid-September at the latest. 

Both of these things have caused me to feel a substantial sense of relaxation. I’ve also worked through a great deal of personal healing issues and am feeling clearer, more refined and more positive than ever before in my life. All of this factored in to create the perfect sacred space for a reading to flow through. I myself didn’t expect this to happen, but yet there it was.

Please note that my having done this reading does not at all indicate I am going back into taking clients. If I didn’t spell this out in writing I’m sure many, many people would ask me.

The amount of demand that would be generated in the first day would take at least a year to work through at the speed I used to require, and that’s no longer feasible as my schedule has gotten vastly more complicated since we started working on CONVERGENCE. 

Instead of paying for a reading, you get to enjoy one that will likely feel very personal, as it speaks directly to the core within each of us. 



The reading itself is about 45 minutes, and this afternoon I put a 17-minute intro at the beginning. This reading was conducted for a woman who is now partnered with a long-term associate of Divine Cosmos.

The woman in question has two small children and was happily ensconced in a Fundamentalist Christian perspective for many years. Over time, the cracks and faults started to show, but she still felt compelled to stay involved.

As a result of personal events and upheavals the reading touches on briefly, she awakened out of this mainstream religious perspective to a greater reality. Her awakening included spontaneous, uncontrollable visions of light and conscious contact with an apparition appearing to be Jesus.

As I say in the intro, we deleted certain parts of the reading that were personal, but the vast majority of it was preserved. This reading uses the word “God” frequently as it is a part of her own language basis for the One Infinite Creator, yet it is not biased in favor of Christianity — it maintains an open perspective.

You can download and listen to the entire reading for free from this following link:




Please note that this is still copywritten material and if you would like to use it in something you are working on, send us a written permission request.  



Don’t forget that we have a vibrant online discussion forum where you can network with many other like-minded people who are studying this material. No subscription fee is required to join — just an identity validation.

I appreciate all your letters, but I am truly incapable of answering all your questions — and everybody seems to have at least one. That’s why the discussion forum is a great outlet, and I do monitor the traffic there, though I am not one of the moderators.

Together, we have strength in numbers. 2012 is not just another random ‘fake’ event trumpeted by starry-eyed New Agers. The more you familiarize yourself with our material, the more you’ll see that a very compelling case can be made.

So, rather than getting spooked by the latest socio-political news or events, remember that this is all part of a perfect plan. 

Now more than ever, we have a chance to make great strides in our spiritual development. The stakes may appear to be rising, but that’s all the more reason not to feed the fear. This reading can help remind you of these principles and move you into trust. Download it now and hear for yourself!

We are honored to have your continued support and encouragement, and we thank you for listening! Do yourself — and your spirit — a favor, make an hour to peel yourself away from the drama of daily life, and enjoy!