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To honor the Goddess energy on this Mother’s Day, we bring you the transcript of David’s first appearance on Margaret’s radio show — truly a metaphysical tour-de-force — as well as announcing his second appearance coming up tomorrow!



Margaret Wendt Radio Show



March 13, 2008




Interview with David Wilcock



[NOTE: David again appeared on Margaret’s radio show on Monday May 12, 2008. It is now available for download. Log in to, create a free account, and then click on “Other Radio” and look for David‘s name.]

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Margaret: Hi everybody! Welcome to another night of spiritual truth! We were about twenty minutes into doing an Edgar Cayce show with David Wilcock and this is a really cool thing — we were really getting into the… what would you say, David? Into the…

David: …into the meat of the story of…

Margaret: …of, how or why David would, would, um…

David: …where the connection [with Edgar Cayce] actually is. Where…


David: …is the story.

Margaret: Yeah and I‘m a little shocked and, all of a sudden — this has never happened — the radio just shut down and said “Debug ”.

David: [Laughs]

Margaret: And I said it to David and you didn‘t seem at all shocked.

David: No! [Enthusiastically and with humor] Not at all!

Margaret: And your answer was “Why did this happen ”?

David: Well, again, we‘re…the rabbit hole‘s about to get much deeper here, but my understanding is the battle of Armageddon has been going on for quite some time — and it‘s basically a spiritual battle between what you could call spiritual good guys and spiritual bad guys.

Margaret: Umm hmm.

David: And the spiritual bad guys can‘t actually — except in a very few cases — they cannot actually materialize or do anything that‘s really damaging. What they can do — among other things — is manipulate electronic devices. And they don‘t do it, unless they think it‘s going be a strong enough reason to exert that much effort.

Margaret: And we were talking about Edgar Cayce, my friendship with Hugh Lynn and how Edgar had — I mean, just to catch you back up — we discussed Edgar‘s demons and how hard it was to be Edgar. I mean doing such fabulous work and, to this day, he is still one of the most glorified men in our field, I think. Don‘t you think?

David: Oh yeah!

Margaret: He was a HUGE spiritual figure, very religious, but he also had a problem with alcohol and with infidelity. And he wasn‘t trying to hide that — he was just trying to struggle with it. And he was…he decided to be about a hundred and thirty years old…[T: that‘s what I heard!] and I‘m just kind of recapping.

David: Uh huh.

Margaret: And he didn‘t have radios or television, so he could be some big, fancy psychic and medium making a fortune on TV on The Learning Channel or on NBC. He was just helping people, and for very little money. As I recall he would just go into trance. They‘d send him a letter and he HELPED.

In fact, we‘re the only company I know of today that ever did a documentary at Virginia Beach — we were invited. One of the things they told us to do, if you weren‘t feeling well, was to go out and bury yourself in the sand. Edgar [in his readings] used to tell people to go out and do that.

David: That‘s true.

Margaret: Did you know that?

David: That‘s true, because there‘s a lot of gold in that Virginia sand.

Margaret: Yeah. So we would go out and we would bury ourselves like kids in the sand, just for the fun of it. I mean Joel Martin and my husband and myself and a bunch of us doing this show — it was really quite wonderful!

Then Hugh Lynn passed away, and Maria Mareno [ph] told him NOT to have that surgery. Maria Mareno was actually his father‘s medium-psychic when she was a very young girl from Mexico. And she told Hugh Lynn not to go have those surgeries. He did anyway, and then the rest is history. Hugh Lynn is no longer with us, and has not been with us for what — ten years, maybe…

David: Yeah, more than that.

Margaret: …twelve, thirteen. Last time I saw Hugh Lynn, I was in Cleveland as a reporter. I was reporting for CBS in Cleveland and he had a WONDERFUL group of men on stage talking about EVERYTHING you could imagine.

So now, David — I saw David‘s name at a venue I went to just to meet William Henry. And it said “David Wilcock: Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?” So this is where we were just before this silly computer just stopped working, and I asked him what made him think he was Edgar Cayce?

David: Well — did we lose that previous file or do we not know?

Margaret: Well it says not, but I wouldn‘t trust it. So let‘s just go from there again.

David: Yeah.

Margaret: That was just strange.

David: To cut right to the chase, I was very psychic when I was born. My mother said that she touched the doorknob to leave the apartment just long enough to get the laundry and I‘d immediately wake up and start crying, which freaked her out. But she also had strange UFO dreams before I was born, and felt there was some kind of spiritual purpose for why this child was being born. And I think every mother has that kind of, like, a “Mary ” complex.

Margaret: NO. I didn‘t have it. I have three children. No, I just know I love my children, but there weren‘t any… well, one [radio guest] said she was a Martian — she wrote an article in a UFO magazine, so, if you go to the site, you‘ll see a UFO magazine….

David: [laughs]

Margaret: … ”My Favorite Martian ”. But, no, you had to be a little unusual, because most mothers I know [have not had such an experience]…

David: My mother said she felt like there was a heavy spiritual purpose for why this kid was being born. And then it started to be very odd when she couldn‘t…she couldn‘t leave me.

Another thing that was really strange about me was that as a baby, I was very serene. I didn‘t cry. I‘d just sort of gaze into your eyes and be there with you, you know, but I wouldn‘t freak out and get into hissy fits.

Margaret: Did you kind of like calm people or start healing people or start telling people things that they should know at an early age?

David: Yeah. Yeah, all that stuff eventually happened. I was very telepathic. I knew what people were thinking. I knew what was going to happen before it happened.

Margaret: And then what happened when you grew up and went to regular school, went to college and all kinds of stuff?

David: I went through the regular school system and I was very advanced for my age. I was in a program called Pyramid Program for Gifted Children, because I was about two grades ahead in my reading level — mathematics, science, all that stuff, was off the chart.

Margaret: Well I could tell that in the last show which we just did that we lost. You should‘ve heard that one. I don‘t think anyone would‘ve understood it. Just as well, we lost it.

David: [laughs]

Margaret: At any rate, I was like “What!? ”

David: I try not to…I don‘t want to brag about these things, but I‘m just telling you what I know.

Margaret: Oh no, you‘re not bragging — I NEED to know.

David: I took the SAT test in seventh grade and I scored as well as the average high-school senior would.

Margaret: So then you went to a university.

David: I went to a university, and in the second year I found out from my good friend that his college professor worked for NASA through the 1970‘s — and it was common knowledge in the higher echelons that the Roswell crash was real, among others.

Margaret: Oh yeah.

David: They‘ve reverse-engineered technology, which we‘re now using, like Velcro, Teflon, LED lights, computer chips, among other things. And so everything – MUCH — of the technology that we now enjoy, which is making this whole interview possible, is part of a celestial endowment.

Margaret: Yes.

David: And that was the explosive moment that all of us on the path have had where you suddenly realize, “Oh, my gosh — there‘s more to this world than just this physical reality that we‘ve been lied to about for so long ”.

Margaret: So that was in your second year of college?

David: That was my second year of college and it UTTERLY changed everything. I had been sober for six months when that happened; I did have a issue with marijuana for four years. I now have fifteen years of clean time.

I got clean, actually, six months before this disclosure about the UFO thing happened. This was also when I had the beginning of my dream work. I have been writing my dreams down EVERY SINGLE MORNING for fifteen years, and following the guidance. So that‘s been going on since September 1992.

Margaret: And does marijuana deal with…hurt the…I‘ve never touched it myself. But does it hurt the brain? I mean, why do you say “clean ”? That wasn‘t drinking. Most people don‘t think marijuana‘s a big deal. Is it a big deal?

David: I call it “the five leaf lesson ”. It will open your circuits to a point and then it dulls them.

Margaret: What do you mean?

David: It gets you there and then it restricts you from going further. That‘s the problem.

Margaret: So “further ” meaning in your spiritual…

David: Further in your spiritual vibration, in your ability to access the unseen realms.

Margaret: Do anti-depressants and things like that, that they put kids on — do they do the same thing?

David: I‘m sad to say that they do, yes. SSRI — Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors, like Prozac and Zoloft…

Margaret: Yeah, uh huh?

David: …are basically gluing serotonin into the synapses longer than your body wants them to be there.

Margaret: And then what happens?

David: When you start using drugs, as the channeled Law of One material says, it disrupts the mind spectrum. It does have an effect on the subtle body and the junction points between the subtle body and the physical body. And that, in turn, restricts your ability to access higher consciousness.

Margaret: OH! So that‘s why there are…is this sort of a plan to get people walking around like zombies?

David: [Drugs do have a dulling effect on psychic abilities and this is well understood in the top insider circles.] The insiders in our black government are very well aware of what they call “the transient body ”, which is their name for the soul.

It‘s funny that they call it “transient ”, because that word is usually associated with a homeless person.

They are aware of energy fields, which the Russians call “torsion fields ”, and which I also call “the consciousness field ”. And they KNOW that, for example, power lines – RF frequencies will disrupt it and disrupt that frequency balance in your brain. They know that fluoride in the water will disrupt it as well. So, there are definitely usable technologies out there that can further dumb people down.

The diet is very important, because natural, living foods contain something called “microclusters ”, which are these little sacred geometry clusters of atoms and molecules. Those little sacred geometries form sort of an antenna to Spirit. When you‘re eating dead, devitalized food like fast food and so forth, the problem is that it doesn‘t have any microclusters at all.

Margaret: What about the cloned food?

David: Yes — the same kind of stuff.

So, you might very well be nurturing the physical body with vitamins and minerals and fatty acids and proteins — but as far as the energy body goes, you might as well be starving.

Margaret: So they don‘t want us to be very spiritual?

David: NO, NOT AT ALL! Another thing they don‘t want you to do is to get out in the Sun, so they keep telling you, “Oh my God, you‘re going to get skin cancer; you can only go outside if you have suntan lotion on! ”

Margaret: Why wouldn‘t they want us in the Sun?

David: Because the Sun is the best engine we have to revitalize the soul. You go out for, even, fifteen minutes…

Margaret: …and you feel better.

David: YEAH! The rods and cones in the eye are tethered to the endocrine system, so, when you get full-spectrum sunlight hitting your retina, that actually tunes up your endocrine system.

We end up living in these fiberglass and plastic enclosures where we‘re looking at artificial spectrum from the computer and fluorescent light bulbs, and that TOTALLY messes up our endocrine systems.

So you need to get out in the sunlight WITHOUT sunglasses on. I DO recommend sunscreen on your face for the effects of aging; but other than that, just go out there.

Margaret: And you live in Malibu.

David: I do.

Margaret: You‘re out in the Sun all the time.

David: Oh yeah.

Margaret: Yeah. So we‘re doing this show because David — and I have been told this by other people — is [the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce]. But there, again, is the question mark [at the end of the book title.] I don‘t know who put the question mark there, but they believe…

David: Well, that was deliberate.

Margaret: Okay. They believe that David is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. So, I just want to ask the question: “What makes you think that?” Or whoever thinks it…whoever put the question mark there. I don‘t know.

David: Six months after I got sober, as I said, is when I heard about this Roswell crash, and that we had gained technologies from it. That fired me off on a three-year adventure — which has really never stopped, but I say “three years ” because that‘s how long it was before the next major thing happened. It was three years where I was getting a Bachelor‘s in psych and working on my “Ph.D. ” in spirituality.

Margaret: Yeah.

David: And one of the books I read is Ruth Montgomery, actually.

Margaret: I loved her. She was my teacher, actually.

David: Yeah, I remember you saying that. So I read her book “Aliens Amongst Us ”, several others that she wrote, and became familiar with the concept of what she calls “walk-ins ”, which are souls that kind of walk into an existing body and take over [the management of the soul, in a sense].

Now I don‘t think that‘s what happened to me. I think I fall into another category, which is called “Wanderers. ” With Wanderers, you have a soul that‘s not from the normal human stock — and it comes and inhabits a few lifetimes on the planet to try to help us out here.

Margaret: And you believe yours is Edgar?

David: Well I believe that Edgar is part of this wandering in the sense that it‘s a soul that didn‘t need to be at this level of spiritual development. These souls come in and run the risk of karmic entrapment. They come in here not knowing much and not having a whole lot of experience about the way they can be manipulated and deceived in the physical plane.

Margaret: Well… karmic entrapment?

David: You accrue karma.

Margaret: So Edgar accrued karma because…

David: Absolutely he did.

Margaret: …because of the drinking and the mistresses, or what?

David: Well you have to look beyond one lifetime and go back through the series of Edgar‘s incarnations. [Humorously:] First of all, he was allegedly created for the entity who was his soul mate to procreate with. That was how he was born.

And, then, if you go back to Atlantis, he was Ra-Ta — the priest who allegedly built the Great Pyramid with the aid of other people and other forces, and was responsible for the migration of the Atlanteans into Egypt.

Margaret: So is that a good thing?

David: Well it was a good thing up to a point, except that he ended up having problems with women and sexuality where we wanted multiple partners, and went against his own teachings of monogamy.

Margaret: Oh, he and Spitzer in New York!

David and Margaret: [laughter]

David: So he ended up violating his own code of ethics. It doesn‘t mean it‘s an absolute code of ethics, necessarily, but if you‘re going out spiritually teaching and you contradict your own teaching, there‘s a karmic penalty to pay. This led to him having to take on a series of reincarnations — and one of the main issues that would always be infidelity.

He also had other incarnations in which further karma was accrued — most notably in his recent past two lifetimes in a row, where he was a man called John Bainbridge. He [enjoyed that life so much the first time he] allegedly reincarnated as his own grandson — both times existing as a riverboat gambler, a womanizer and an alcoholic.

Now those were the last two lifetimes he had before he came in as Edgar; that‘s right in the readings.

Margaret: Now you‘re finding all this information out [about your connection to Edgar] by looking through astrology, looking at the charts. Earlier, we lost the part where you said your moon is his moon. You said you‘re going to send me that article.

David: Right. [The astrology case was] not how it happened. [That came later.] I certainly became aware of Edgar Cayce when I started to read about esoteric metaphysics.

Margaret: Where‘d you find out all this information about his reincarnations, his past lifetimes?

David: I hung out with somebody who was a really close friend of Gladys Davis Turner, who was his secretary and soulmate.

Margaret: Yeah, yeah, yeah — for many, many years.

David: So when I lived with this guy for the better part of nine months — which is kind of like an incubation birth phase, you know — he regaled me with every single story about Edgar that Gladys had ever relayed to him over the course of, like, a fifteen-to-seventeen-year friendship.

So, he had all the inside stuff, all the stuff you don‘t get in the books and the stuff you do get in the books. And he had like 70% of all the Edgar Cayce books, of which there are about 600.

Margaret: Yeah.

David: So he was very knowledgeable — and every night we would talk about some aspect of the Cayce saga. In that time, I basically learned everything. By that point I‘d moved to Virginia Beach. I was already doing psychic readings.

[My connection to the so-called “Higher Self” that gave the readings] had broken through [in November 1996,] three years after I started doing all this research. And now [in November 1997,] everyone in Virginia Beach is seeing me as the spitting image of Edgar Cayce when he was my age.

I had developed quite an established trust in my Higher Self over the past year, based on numerous prophecies that had come true and guidance that was unerringly accurate and beneficial. I finally got up the gusto to say, “Well, tell me the answer! ”

The answer came back in the affirmative that I was, in fact, Edgar Cayce reincarnated — or at least the strongest similarity to him that you‘re going to get, as what we would think of as reincarnation. I literally went and I almost threw up. I was hugging the porcelain in the bathroom.

Margaret: Why? Because you‘d be the only one since his death? You‘d be the first once since his death?

David: Like I said, I‘m probably what you could call the highest-quality Xerox copy.

Anyway, I‘m literally just about vomiting, because I‘m saying “Okay, Edgar Cayce said he was going to return [in a form similar to his past life as the Atlantean priest Ra-Ta] in 1998.”

This was the tail end of 1997. The same reading said he was going to be ‘A’ liberator of the world — not THE liberator, but ‘A’ liberator.

So, all of a sudden, I‘ve gone from having a year’s worth of experience with this channeling — which I thought was totally private, that I‘d never have to publicize — to [the realization that] “Oh my God, I have THIS label attached to me now — and I am going to be everybody‘s laughing stock for the rest of my life! ”

Margaret: Because people are…do they laugh now when they read that you are reincarnated from Edgar Cayce?

David: Only until I open my mouth and start talking.

Margaret: And then they back off?

David: Then they say “WOW, there‘s something here — there‘s sizzle here; there‘s a story here!” I‘ve developed myself to be a good public speaker. I don‘t use a lot of verbal pauses when I‘m talking and I‘m fluent. I also have a lot of esoteric knowledge — I mean, you can ask me anything and it‘s like consulting an encyclopedia.

Margaret: I‘ve found that out already. I‘m just trying to think of [what to ask you] if I were speaking for the audience — and I hope I am. So how old are you?

David: Thirty-five. I just turned 35 last Saturday.

Margaret: So you‘re 35. And do you have photos of Edgar when he was 35?

David: OH YEAH. When you go to the website, you can see the picture. It‘s so shocking that some people have a really negative response — because it breaks down your resistance. You just say “Holy Christ! ”




Margaret: So you can make a pretty good case for reincarnation. For all those people who don‘t believe in reincarnation, can‘t they just say, “Oh, you kind of look like someone, because everybody has a twin ”? Have you heard that old saying, “Everybody has a twin in the world ”?

David: Suffice it to say that I‘ve been in contact with the top reincarnation researcher of the 60‘s and 70‘s, as well as one of the top reincarnation researchers of, arguably, the late 90‘s into the present — and both of them, upon seeing my photograph, said this was THE strongest facial similarity they‘d ever seen in a reincarnation case. PERIOD.

Margaret: Okay. Tell me some of the things you can do that Edgar can do. Give me your strong similarities. Then I want to know if you‘re collect…are you a womanizer? [Laughs]

David: Uh, okay. Let me start with the easier question. No, I‘m not a womanizer.

Margaret: [laughing] Then you cleaned up that karma. Well, okay!

David: In fact, I‘ve only had, what — three girlfriends in my whole life, and I never cheated on anyone. I‘ve never had infidelity.

Margaret: But does that count if you have a girlfriend and you cheat, or do you have to be married and cheat? Maybe you have to wait to get married to get that karma.

David: Well I haven‘t been in a legal-contract marriage…

Margaret: [laughing]

David: …but even just being in the course of a monogamous relationship, I never, I never went behind anybody‘s back. I never, I never…

Margaret: And that‘s considered bad karma if you‘re dating and you cheat?

David: I would say that if you have a mutual understanding that you‘re in a monogamous partnership, and then you go behind somebody‘s back without communicating about it…

Margaret: That‘s bad.

David: …you‘re accruing karma, yeah.

Margaret: Okay, good. That‘s good; I believe that, too.

David: I think if you have an open relationship with an understanding that you both want to see other people, then, in that context, you‘re not violating free will.

Margaret: Good — because so many people go, “Well, we weren‘t married, so it doesn‘t matter ”…

David: [laughs]

Margaret: …and I‘m like “well, you know, it kind of does ”.

David: You know, the binding is in the soul, and the marriage should only be an external representation of the bonds formed.

Margaret: Exactly. Yeah, yeah, okay, so you don‘t have that issue, and you‘ve already put away your marijuana. So you‘ve taken care of those two.

David: Yeah I‘ve got fifteen years of sobriety.

Margaret: Okay so what‘s with sobriety? [Laughs]

David: I did do the meetings. I did AA. I did NA.

Margaret: FOR MARIJUANA? [Incredulously]

David: YEAH! I mean I wanted it BAD. When I quit, it was REALLY difficult.

Margaret: REALLY?

David: OH MY GOD!

Margaret: I mean I know big executives who smoke it. 
David: Well, I mean, in California, now all you‘ve got to get is your little thousand-dollar medical card and you‘re good to go. It‘s not even that big of a deal anymore.

Margaret: I don‘t want it because I don‘t want to lose control, ever. I don‘t want to be silly; I don‘t know what it does, and I don‘t want to know what it does. But I‘ve looked at people who smoked it and some of them are [laughs] prosecuting people!

David: Hey I‘m not standing here telling you how to live your life. If you want to do it it‘s…

Margaret: What I‘m saying is…

David: …I‘m not saying you‘re doing it. But I‘m saying…

Margaret: I‘m just saying I find it very strange when people who are in high places — who could actually put other people in jail for doing it…

David: [laughs]

Margaret: …are DOING it!

David: That is ironic, isn‘t it?

Margaret: YEAH. And I‘m going, “Hey, that‘s not really cool ”.

David: I had a friend in high school who was a Congressional page. He found out from working in Washington that EVERYBODY‘S smoking weed! All the Congressmen, all the Senators, everybody!

Margaret: You see that‘s really scary to me, because I don‘t know why they need it. I just don‘t get it. But you had to go into AA for that or something?

David: I didn‘t have to, but I did do the 90 meetings in 90 days, because to use druggie parlance, I was Jonesin‘. I needed a fix. I was REALLY hungry for another hit.

Margaret: Oh my god, you‘re normal! You just said you were “Jonesin‘ ”!

David: [laughs]

Margaret: You‘re so brilliant. I thought, “Does he know any regular slang ”?

David: [laughs]

Margaret: Okay, so you had a Jones.

David: I was Jonesin‘ hard!

Actually, one of the first things that happened when I was getting clean was I met this woman from Hungary who was EXTREMELY hot. She had a 54-year-old husband and wanted to have me as her toy-boy — but I wouldn‘t go for it. I was basically terrified of this guy chasing after me, but I also just didn‘t want to rat out someone else‘s marriage. You know, I just couldn‘t get down with that.

Margaret: Well that would‘ve been accruing bad karma.

David: Oh absolutely.

Margaret: Yeah.

David: I was well aware of karma. My mother told me when I was a little kid, every time you do something good for somebody, it‘s like you‘re putting a brick on the wall of this building that you‘re making. Every time you do something bad, you‘re pulling your bricks away.

Margaret: So your goal is to really keep a clean — not only your body — but your mind, spirit and soul. You‘re trying to keep it all clean.

David: I would say that, since I‘m on the spiritual path, my goal IS TO EVOLVE, in body, mind and spirit.

Margaret: Uh hmm.

David: And so, I definitely pursue, with a great deal of intensity , whatever I feel is going to further my advancement.

Margaret: So you stick to integrity.

David: Yeah — and that advancement basically revolves around planetary service.

Margaret: Planetary service. Okay, so, what do you do for planetary service? I mean, I know Edgar went into trance every day. He healed people, gave great recipes and great medical diagnoses. Then [his readings would dictate various healing] concoctions and people got healed.

You just can‘t doubt that. I don‘t care what kind of atheist or non-believer says. If you read any Edgar Cayce, anything about Edgar Cayce, you will see there‘s very little you can find wrong with that.

David: He was absolutely, ABSOLUTELY dedicated — unselfishly and single-mindedly — to serving others.

Margaret: So if you want to make fun of something, don‘t even go there, because you will be so knocked on your behind when you read those books. You can call him anything you want, but you can‘t call him a fraud. He was anything but.

David: Sure. I actually started doing clients professionally in July 1998. I‘d already written my first book by then, which was published on a website called It was called “Convergence ”, and that‘s actually what the name of my movie is now.

The last three years I‘ve been working on a movie, because I realized the only way you‘re REALLY going to break through this wall of collective social denial about these things is to get it out there in the broadcast and film media.

That‘s the next big step that needs to happen to get this out of the realm of just, “Oh, wow, look at this website!” Or, “Look at that book in the bookstore! ”

Margaret: Who are some of the big names that say you are, indeed, Edgar Cayce?

David: Uri Geller wrote, on his own volition…

Margaret: Uri‘s a good friend of mine.

David: Yeah. He wrote, on his own volition on his website , “David Wilcock IS Edgar Cayce ”.

Margaret: Uri wrote that?

David: Yep, he did. And we didn‘t even ask him for that. Once we found it, we went and asked him, “Hey can we use this?” And he said ‘Yes!‘ ”

Margaret: I did a documentary on Uri. He was a very good friend of my husband… very good friends.

David: Off the record, almost every [metaphysical speaker] I meet at the conferences comes up and talks to me about this.

Margaret: And why…

David: I‘m not naming names because it‘s confidential.

Margaret: …but why do they say it? Why do they say it?

David: Like I said, you got the facial similarity, you have this astonishing…

Margaret: Besides that.

David: …astrology similarity…

Margaret: Okay.

David: …All the inner planets are in the same positions at the time of both people‘s birth.

Margaret: And, by the way, for all you astrologers, from our last show here‘s David‘s birthday: 3-8-73. He was born in Schenectady, New York at 11:16 PM.

David: That‘s right… and that‘s all you need to know.

Margaret: And then you can look at that chart for the astrologers.

David: And you can compare it on what‘s called a “comparison chart ” or a “bi-wheel ” against Edgar Cayce, and PREPARE TO BE SURPRISED [laughs].

Margaret: Because it‘s absolute. Like a carbon copy.

David: It‘s a shocking chart, which is unprecedented in the field of reincarnation research. There is no other example of two charts that mesh together so strongly.

In fact, for a 127-year period after Edgar Cayce’s death, my birthday is the exact time where you get the strongest alignment to his birth planets. I mean, there‘s no other time I could have been born to take better advantage of that alignment.

Margaret: Okay, so, let‘s say you‘re Edgar Cayce. What are you supposed to do, besides keeping your integrity, not doing drugs, and …

David: Well, okay, if I may speak as if I were Edgar Cayce…

Margaret: Please, please.

David: …which is one way we can think of this.

In the last time around, I basically tried to prove that reincarnation was true. That‘s why there were a lot of [Cayce] readings about reincarnation. I tried to prove “the eternal validity of the soul,” to use Seth‘s [“Seth Speaks ”] quote. I tried to prove sickness and health arose from the spiritual body precipitating into the physical, and that mind is the builder.

I tried to go through a wide variety of esoteric concepts to, basically, turn people onto the fact that there‘s an unknowable reality — unknowable only to the ego. However, when you expand into your Higher Self, or your greater beingness, you can know a LOT more.

Now look at what happened: a whole lot of nothing. I mean, granted, you can say that health food, to a large degree, was popularized by Edgar Cayce‘s readings; holistic healing, to some degree; some of the homeopathy techniques; certainly many of the alternative remedies.

You could also argue that the reincarnation case was softened up to a great degree by Cayce, later followed by people like Paramahansa Yogananda.

Margaret: Yeah, but they were doing that in India in China…

David: Yeah, yeah — and, of course, before Cayce, you still had Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner and people like that.

Margaret: Yeah.

David: But, certainly, Cayce was a MAJOR influence on spiritual thought. In fact, if you rate people’s influence by the number of different books that have been published about them or their work, Cayce is ahead of Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the Seventh Day Adventists; he‘s ahead of Joseph Smith, the guy who founded the Mormons.

There‘s been more books written about Cayce than any other spiritual pioneer in the 20th century. There‘s a college paper thesis done on that.

Margaret: Don‘t you think it was just his karma to be that famous? I mean, it‘s like Marilyn Monroe, it‘s her karma to be Marilyn Monroe.

David: As we said in the previous discussion, Cayce had a number of HIGHLY prominent incarnations on the planet, including, apparently, being the author of the Book of Luke in the Bible.

Margaret: OH! You didn‘t say that! He was? He was the author of the Book of Luke in the Bible?

David: Yeah, yeah. He was Lucius of Cyrene, and he hung around with Jesus. He was a wannabe. He basically was following Jesus around, wanting to hang out, and because he had eye-witness testimony, he was able to write the Book of Luke.

Margaret: So then, when…

David: So…

Margaret: I‘m sorry. When he was Edgar Cayce, then he wanted to make rise the dead, just like Christ did, huh?

David: YEAH. You could argue that Cayce‘s readings definitely had a resurrection component, in so far as people that were written off for dead were able to be rescued.

Margaret: Yeah. Rescued by Cayce — so that would, that sort of goes hand in hand.

David: The Cayce readings are very controversial because they do ascribe these rather lofty past lives to him. That‘s the first self-serving thing you see most spiritual-type people do. They say, “Wow I was Cleopatra; I was one of the Apostles! ”

Margaret: And were they?

David: Like I was saying (in our deleted program,) when you have a famous personality in our history, they form sort of a template for other souls to fit into — like an archetype. That means that many people will reincarnate with similar personality characteristics.

So, in that sense, YEAH, there are a wide variety of people that would fit into, for example, the various twelve Apostles around Jesus, because those are the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Margaret: Yeah.

David: And they do fit archetypically so…

Margaret: The Knights of the Round Table.

David: OH YEAH, it‘s all there.

Margaret: It‘s all there. It‘s the same thing, folks, but…

David: That doesn‘t mean Jesus was a fraud. It does mean that there was a lot of calibration to make sure his incarnation would have a lot in common with these Astrological signs.

Margaret: Do you think you‘re the only one right now who is closest to Edgar Cayce as we can find, or is there somebody else out there?

David: It‘s possible. There could be somebody who — I don‘t know how old he would be now — I mean, if he was born in 1998, he would be, like, what, ten?

Margaret: Uh huh.

David: There could VERY well be somebody born in 1998, you know, who fulfills that aspect of Cayce‘s future incarnation prophecy.

[The Cayce Readings said “the priest would return in 1998,” referring to Ra-Ta. It is unclear whether this means Edgar’s next incarnation would be born in 1998 or not. Another valid interpretation, given the context, was that the soul potentials of Ra-Ta re-awakened in David in 1998, when his first CONVERGENCE book, reconstructing the Atlantean science behind the pyramids, was published online.]

Ra-Ta the priest was his Atlantean lifetime where he allegedly co-designed the Great Pyramid with a prior incarnation of Jesus. That‘s all in the Cayce readings. Thothhermes Trismestigus was his business partner, so to speak, on the pyramid, and that was allegedly one of Jesus‘ past lives.

Margaret: But those pyramids weren‘t built by men; they were built by UFO people.

David: They were, yeah. Ra-Ta and his cohorts were essentially liaising with a higher…

Margaret: Star people. Star people.

David: …extraterrestrial life form called “Ra ”, yeah.

Margaret: They were Ra — that‘s a life form. They were basically… some people would call them Martians, aliens or star people. Am I right?

David: More or less. When you start looking at the fact that consciousness itself is a field throughout the universe, it‘s very limiting when you say there‘s only life on this planet.

Margaret: Oh yeah. Can you imagine any man, any of us, any civilization we know today that could build those things? NO.

David: DEFINITELY NOT. There‘s no crane that‘s strong enough to lift even a single block of the pyramid.

Margaret: And they‘re perfect in their measurement.

David: The only way you could move the blocks is with gravity-nullification technology, which is a technology that we don‘t have in the open, acknowledged world. It may be in the black-ops, but certainly not in anything we have out in the open.

Margaret: People still don‘t believe in the Moses thing, where they‘re squishing clay with their feet and, uh…

David: Right. Parting the Red Sea, and if he dropped his staff, he could turn it into a snake. That kind of stuff yeah.

Margaret: That‘s like, okay, “Moses was a movie, folks ”. They did not put those big pyramids together and have them all be so perfect. It just aggravates me that [people so easily believe there’s a simple, skeptical explanation for these things.]

But, anyway, go ahead and finish. So you don‘t… there may be another Edgar Cayce-ish person out there.

David: I would NEVER try and say I‘m the exclusive, one and only. NO WAY…

Margaret: Well was he….

David: …because soul doesn‘t work that way, in my understanding.

Margaret: In your understanding, there are bits of the soul that spread out like particles [into parallel incarnations?]

David: We are addicted to this concept of individuality , and it‘s not really true. As soon as you start going into the next density above the Earth‘s density (the one we‘re in now), which is called “Fourth Density ”, you start having social memory complexes form. This is basically where you have group souls that begin to think and behave as one entity.

Then as you go higher and higher, you get to the point where you have, ultimately, the entire Universe as one being. It all re-coalesces at the end of this grand cycle of creation.

Margaret: Where does God come in?

David: God IS the Universe! God is everywhere, everywhen, every person, the Light, the Love, the One Infinite Creator; It is everything there is.

Margaret: So when I think of a separate God, the idea that God is different, apart from all of us…

David: If you define God as some entity outside yourself, then you‘ve missed the point! [Laughs] Because the point is that you are!

You can look into the face of the mirror and see the Creator. You can look into the faces of others and see the Creator. And you can look at all the environment around you and see the Creator.

Margaret: [Somewhat incredulous:] So when people pray, they‘re just praying to themselves? 

David: They‘re praying to an aspect of themselves that‘s further ahead in linear time, as we would measure it, which is moving back in time to help them with their spiritual evolution.

Margaret: So do you believe in angels and all this stuff?

David: Absolutely.

Margaret: So who are the angels then? Where are they?

David: They could be entities anywhere in fourth, fifth, or sixth densities. Usually those in 7D don‘t really mess with us, and that‘s the last gateway you have before you go back to Oneness, which is the octave the eighth density.

So, basically, angelics could be anywhere between 4-D through 6-D. And 4-D is where you learn unconditional love; 5-D is where you learn wisdom; and 6-D is where you — in very simple terms — fuse love and wisdom and begin to become aware of timelessness.

In 7-D you have an awareness of what‘s called “Foreverness”, or “Timelessness ”, and then in 8-D you go back to what‘s called “Intelligent Infinity ”.

Margaret: What are we?

David: We are in 3-D, in which the lesson of this density is to choose whether we‘re going to serve ourselves or serve others.

Margaret: It‘s better to serve others?

David: Well it‘s better to serve others AND be able to not get railroaded in the process! [Laughs]

Margaret: Rather than to only serve ourselves.

So people like me – I‘m not Edgar Cayce, but could there be more of me? And if so, WHY? Why would they want more of me?

David: Well if by saying that you‘re not Edgar Cayce, you’re implying that you‘re somehow lesser, then you‘ve missed the point. In the One Infinite Creation, we are all One. There is no greater than or less than. Every soul is precious beyond measure.

Margaret: Well, I tell ya – okay, let‘s put it this way then. Let‘s just take, for pretend, there‘s, like, five street people on the streets of LA…

David: Right.

Margaret: …and they‘ve just given up. Why do we need fifteen more of each of those people? I mean…

David: Because those souls will ultimately be as purified as any other great master, great teacher, at any point in our ENTIRE evolution of the Universe.

Margaret: Alright. And why do we need fifteen more Hitlers?

David: Hitler is another example of a soul that chose the negative path of domination, manipulation and control over others for the benefit of the self.

Those souls will eventually either dissolve into the background energy of the Universe and basically just feed the Universe with their residual energy, or they flip over to the positive path somewhere, usually between 5-D and 6-D. They basically realize the error in their ways and have sort of a Prodigal Son homecoming, turning around their whole lives.

Margaret: So, so — and I‘m really trying to understand this — it goes past you just being the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. Then, if you are — and you‘re obviously teaching — you‘re this high-minded child (I mean “child ”, you‘re 35,) you‘re as old as my…

David: Well I look young. I look like I‘m in my early 20‘s.

Margaret: Yeah, all right. So you‘re this really brilliant young man, and you have all this knowledge, which is a LOT of knowledge for your age — I mean, you REALLY do. You‘ve got it piled and stacked in there — like jam-packed in there, I can tell.

And we‘re all just hearing this. I mean we‘re all kind of used, as I said, to the OLD way of reincarnation. You die, you go though the tunnel. I mean, PERSONALLY, I would like to NEVER be reincarnated again — EVER! I would NEVER like to come to this world again, EVER!

David: Yeah. Once you‘ve learned the game, once you‘ve learned the point, you realize that this is all a big virtual reality machine, whose purpose is to teach you that when you preserve people‘s free will, you move forward, and when you infringe on people‘s free will, you get smacked down…

Margaret: So that‘s why…

David: …Once you‘ve learned that, why would you want to do it again?

Margaret: Now that‘s why I‘m asking. Why would there be fifteen more of me? I don‘t LIKE it here particularly! [Laughs] I mean I don‘t want to leave, or die, or commit suicide. I don‘t mean that. But I mean…

David: Well, the DISLIKE of the incarnative experience IS one of the fundamental things that happens when you start to awaken to what the game is.

Margaret: It‘s, like, I‘m not exactly charmed with this place. I…

David: …And I don‘t in any way call it a “game ” to diminish its value or importance. I call it a “game ” because the fact of the matter is that it‘s like cause and effect. There‘s a domino effect where, if you do something self-serving, you set off those dominoes. Then, later on, this karma blows up in your face — and you wonder, “Why did that happen?”

If you don‘t see the other dominoes falling, that eventually leads you to having a car crash, or something, then, if you don‘t get it.

Margaret: So it‘s not a bad thing to feel that way. Everyone asks me, “Are you crazy ”? I‘m, like, “No, I just don‘t want to come back. ” They‘re all, “Oh I want to come back.” And I‘m, like, “WHY?” I don‘t get it. Why? So I‘m always odd man out.

David: We are in a very unique period in our history because we are not only at the end of a 26,000 year cycle — we‘re at the end of three of them. And this is basically the end of 3rd density on Earth, meaning that the Earth itself is moving into a higher frequency.

We either have the option to kind of vibe in on unconditional love and stay in the Earth‘s frequency, or we can continue to resist love and attempt to continue to control people and, in so doing, we‘re going to SHATTERED by it. We‘re going to be shattered by the vibrational increase.

That‘s what‘s happening. It‘s happening to social institutions. It‘s happening to people on a personal level and you can either basically get in gear…

Margaret: Okay, dumb it down a bit and tell me about the personal level looks like, because you‘re pretty darn smart. Dumb it down just a little.

David: The personal level essentially boils down to the fact that the Original Thought of the Universe is love. That was how the Universe was created. Love is actually the closest we can come in a word to describing the essence of how universal energy vibrates and functions.

Love could be defined in physics as the tendency for bodies to draw together. Love is an attractive force. It‘s a force that basically causes things to coalesce and move together. So, when two people fall in love, it moves them closer and closer together until, ultimately, they MAKE love, which is the ultimate sharing between two people.

So love is actually a generative / operative / energetic force that the Universe is constructed from. Therefore the Universe DOES have a bias towards love.

The fundamental nature of how karma works on personal level is that when we move towards love, which is loving yourself and loving others, [more and more love and positive manifestation is returned to you.]

It‘s important that you not exclude yourself from your love, or else you‘re still not getting the point. That‘s what Cayce‘s problem was — he sacrificed love for himself at the expense of loving others.

You have to balance both the love of self and the love of others to be the most expedient on your path. When you can do that, what will happen is that more and more, your reality will speak back to you of love. You will feel loved, and you will have greater success and greater potential.

Margaret: The more you love yourself?

David: YES — self and others. That being said, you also will, on a higher level, choose initiation for yourself. Initiation represents experiences that basically have the equivalent of reaching into the lottery and pulling out those little lottery tickets that are blowing around inside you — [revealing hidden negative tendencies you never realized you had.]

Your higher self can then say, “Oh, look what I found here! It turns out that you‘re actually very selfish if you‘re being confronted about your mother. It turns out that you actually have a great deal of difficulty with being alone. It turns out that you have a real issue with driving too fast on the highway and passing people.” Et cetera, et cetera.

So your Higher Self says, “Hey, I want to maximize as much evolution as I‘m going to get out of this lifetime, especially because we‘re at the end of the cycle. So let me deliberately contrive all these events that are going to push your buttons, to see if we can heal them while we’ve still got time.”

Margaret: So in other words, try and love your mother, [learn to be happy being alone, and] slow down, right?

David: [laughs] EXACTLY! Whatever‘s right in front of your face, right now, IS your spiritual issue… and you should deal with it if you want to move through these things as fast as possible.

Margaret: Before we wind up — you‘re really interesting. You have some really great answers. What about all the loneliness that‘s going on right now? That‘s all I hear: I‘m lonely…I‘m lonely… I‘m lonely.

David: The central issue underneath everyone‘s spiritual problem is what I call the “Original Wound. ” It came to me from the readings. It is the ILLUSION that God has abandoned us.

Margaret: Hmm.

David: EVERY other human problem that we‘re ever going to face, or psychological issue, or addictive behavior, stems out of that Original Wound.

Margaret: Uh huh.

David: So every single time you‘re finding yourself in some sort of state that is unpleasant — whether it‘s that you feel lonely, or that you‘re having a drug addiction, or alcohol problem, or ANYTHING — go back and recognize HOW your experiences have made you feel as if God has just sort of turned His, Her or Its back and walked away. 

You may feel as if God has left you out here in the jungle to hack though by yourself with a machete, with nothing but your willpower and your true grit.

In the deeper truth, this reality nurtures you. It supports you. It will bring to you the resources and the people that you need, when you need it, for your higher evolution.

So, if you‘re going through a loneliness period, it may be to help burn out the co-dependency, which is something SO many people have a problem with. We end up identifying God as being the other person rather than within.

Margaret: Uh huh.

David: And if you see the other person as your God, and you become dependent on them for your sense of well-being, your higher self will very likely create situations where you‘re going to end up alone for a prolonged period of time. This allows you to heal it by basically dealing with the silence.

And you don‘t want to be a noise addict. You don‘t want to surround yourself with radios and TVs all the time. You want to actually get into the silence, get into the grief, get into the weeping, lie in bed and grieve until you‘ve gotten through it.

When you are honest enough with yourself to admit, “Hey, I‘m really in pain, and it really f-ing hurts and I don‘t like it at all… ”

Margaret: Uh huh.

David: …you can go to that space, stay in that space and cry it out of yourself. 

Then, a funny thing happens: you end up finding the trap door at the bottom of the bottomless pit. Suddenly, it‘s not so dark. There‘s a new dawn.

You suddenly say, “Wait a minute! — Look at all these things happening to me that I just don‘t even think about, because I‘ve been so busy focusing on the negative.”

In the left hand, you have Death. In the right hand, you have Life. Both of them are totally real. You can totally prove that either one of them exists , by choosing what you focus on.

Margaret: Wow! Wow, you‘re the first person in a long time that‘s kept me quiet!

David: [laughs]

Margaret: [laughs] I just like listening. That‘s pretty…

David: Once I get going in broadband mode, that‘s what happens! [more laughter]

Margaret: Well, wow, that was pretty good. We‘ve gone through; actually, we‘ve gone through an hour and a half, because our first one just kind of went away on us.

David: [laughs]

Margaret: But I don‘t want to lose this one. Believe me folks, that was and is still a very strange incident, and it‘s just as well. I actually like this show a lot better.

David: Well we got my pineal gland fully fired up for this one.

Margaret: Well yeah…

David: Now I’m functioning at the higher frequency, whereas the first time I was kind of like, “Yep, gotta do this radio show.”

Margaret: No. I mean you never have to do it. I love one of my guests (Rick Rumrell). He always says he does it because it‘s his way of serving God. That‘s kind of cool.

David: Oh yeah! But I‘m just saying that, I mean, I‘m [very busy right now.] The whole time we‘ve been talking, I‘ve been rendering out this video called “2012 Enigma ” that I‘m putting out free on the web. It has all this really amazing information in it. I‘ve just been working my tail off. I‘m tirelessly dedicated to serving the planet and I just…

Margaret: You ARE!

David: …I never spare any effort in my dedication to it…

Margaret: No, I can tell.

David: …including my diet, exercise, sobriety. I don‘t drink coffee; I don‘t smoke; I don‘t do ANYTHING like that.

Margaret: Well, let, me tell you — I don‘t think you‘re going to be reincarnating anytime soon. [Laughs]

David: Well, I’ve got the exit ramp in mind, and there‘s two ways to get out of here. There‘s what you could call the “field goal ” or the “touchdown ”, and I‘m going for the touchdown. You know I want to graduate as highly as possible…

Margaret: Oh man, me too. I mean the thought of coming back… it‘s like, “OH NO! ”

David: Well, just the fact that you‘ve associated with Jess Stearn and Ruth Montgomery and Hugh Lynn Cayce…

Margaret: They thought they found me — I didn‘t find them.

David: Well on a higher level, your Higher Self is scripting and directing all these little ballet dances of the chess pieces on the chessboard…

Margaret: Oh I love…

David: …so that the right people get to meet each other.

Margaret: …I‘m so honored that Ruth Montgomery called. I mean, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross called me during the last interview!

David: Oh that‘s great!

Margaret: I just have the best teachers, truly the best. I‘ve had the best men. I mean, my husband, my son…

David: I don‘t think it‘s a violation to suppose, in my mind, that you are most likely an angelic or an ET soul that‘s volunteered to be human, which you certainly didn‘t need to be…

Margaret: [laughs]

David: …and we‘re tired of the game. We come from a realm where the average everyday existence is a hundred times more powerful than the best orgasmic experience with another person you‘ll ever have in your life.

Margaret: Exactly.

David: And that‘s just STANDARD function.

Margaret: [laughs]

David: And then we come down here, and the body is not physiologically wired for ecstasy.

In order to have ecstatic experiences, we need chemicals to secrete, and we only have a limited supply. That means we‘re only going to be able to experience ecstatic consciousness in short bursts.

Even the ‘samadhi’ these masters try to get to when they‘re meditating is still a relatively steady state of consciousness. That’s why the Zen saying is: “After enlightenment, you chop wood and carry water ”, right?

Margaret: Yeah, yeah.

David: Same thing!

Margaret: I‘m like, “whatever ”, folks.

David: So I look for consistency and stability in my life, rather than these wild, mind-blowing experiences all the time.

Margaret: Yeah, yeah; it‘s like, okay, why‘s that supposed to be so terrific? [Laughs]

David: So we come in from these higher realms, where it‘s like being on the ultimate psychedelic acid trip all the time…

Margaret: That‘s what I said! I don‘t need drugs! [Laughs]

David: [laughs]

Margaret: I‘m already out of control! You know…

David: But down here, even the realm that the Earth is moving into — which we haven‘t shifted over into yet… that gets into the whole 2012 thing…

Margaret: Yeah.

David: …even that place is a hundred TIMES — not a hundred percent, but a hundred TIMES, which is ten thousand percent — MORE harmonious than what life is like here now.

Margaret: You know this is really a trip.

David: This is where you learn by getting your face shoved in it.

Margaret: Oh!

David: And it‘s one after another. As I‘ve said, your Higher Self is very aggressive in trying to ladle on as much initiation as possible to make sure you‘re going to make the highest amount of growth possible.

So YES, you‘re going to be shaken and stirred. You‘re going to be challenged to your core — but you‘re never going be given more than you can handle.

Margaret: That‘s what they say.

David: However I also paraphrase Edgar Cayce by saying “If you‘re not on your knees right now, you‘re not paying attention ”.

Margaret: That‘s true. Boy, just watch it. That‘s all I can say — when you think you‘re dancing as fast as you can, watch out, for oh, how the mighty fall. So that‘s what I can tell you. I‘ve watched that happen a million times.

David: Well, ultimately, all that‘s falling away is the illusion that has kept you embodied in this separated notion of self.

Margaret: Yeah, and I watch people do it all the time — and I‘m, like, “Okay, quit dancing so fast! ” You‘re going to see; you‘re going to get dizzy; you‘re going to spin and fizzle right out. But, you know, I‘m not the intellectual like you are. I just kind of say it in everyday terms, like, “whatever ”, you know? [Laughs]

David: Well…

Margaret: I‘ve enjoyed, I‘ve really enjoyed this conversation and I hope you join us again.

David: Sure. It would be my pleasure.

Margaret: I mean it was great! As I said, you are one of the few people who kept me quiet. I actually listened and learned. That was a good thing. That‘s very good. I‘ve taken my lesson well.

David: Well, you have had an initiation today.

Margaret: [Laughs] Thank you, David. Thank you very much! And, listen, would you tell the people your website so you can, uh…

David: My website is

Margaret: …uh huh.

David: …The movie I‘m doing, which will be out next year, is called “Convergence ” and it should be a theatrical release, if everything goes well.

Margaret: Oh great.

David: So there‘s a lot of sizzle out there. There‘s the “2012 Enigma ” video, which I‘ve just done that you can get to. I just put up a page with a bunch of conferences, AND a fantastic cruise coming up in November on the Mexican Riviera.

There are all sorts of things on the website that are free. There‘s audio downloads. There are, as I‘ve said, there are two videos — lots of stuff to check out.

Margaret: Alright, well that‘s great, and thank you so much. If you‘ll hold on the line just a second, I‘m going to say goodnight to everybody… and then I want to talk to you for just a second.

David: It‘s been an honor.

Margaret: Okay thanks, David.



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