Thursday, March 8, 2007 – 

In the interest of helping you understand your own dreams, and how they might relate to Ascension, read about the adventure I had this morning…  


At least one black-ops psychic training program teaches that you have a “dream landscape” you enter each night. This landscape is a three-dimensional projection of your own mind… more specifically, all the spiritual issues that you are facing.

That means that when you experience a dream, everything you see, every character you meet, every situation that happens, every piece of the landscape… EVERYTHING is a projection of some part of you. A wall is not just a wall – it is some part of your soul, which now has taken on structure and form. A character is not just a figment of your imagination – he or she is an embodiment of some part of yourself that you need to be presented with, in the interest of your own healing.  

In order to teach trainees to be more psychic, one technique is to attempt to map out your dream landscape… to actually draw where various rooms or locations are, what characters you find in these places, and their relationships to each other.

The tricky part is that you can go through the same part of the dream landscape each night, and see what might appear to be a completely different environment, and completely different characters. Nonetheless, since most of us get stuck in a repeating pattern, sometimes for many years, we may actually be tracing the same circuit through the dream landscape, over and over again.



Let me give a simple example of how this works. Let’s say that right now you’re in some kind of a dysfunctional relationship. Let’s say that you’re not speaking up for yourself when you should be – that you’re allowing yourself to be a pushover.

Your dream landscape may frequently look like scenes from your youth. In this case you will be taken back to some of the earliest examples of where you learned to cave in to others’ pressure, because of the abusive circumstances you were going through.

Some part of your soul was fragmented during that time, and still remains stuck there. So a part of your dream landscape becomes caught in time, and you may keep moving through that one small area again and again. The players will change, but the underlying energy behind it does not. One time you might be in your old school, another time you might be at home, another time you might be on the playground with your friends – but the actual issues there, and what these places represent, might not change.

If the total size of your dream landscape is like a large dinner table, you may literally be stuck in an area of that landscape that is only the size of one dinner napkin, folded in half. The scenery might change from one night to another, but you are still stuck in a repeating pattern, because you repeat the same problems over and over again in your waking life. Using my previous example, you are not valuing yourself highly enough and therefore keep attracting persecutors into your life, allowing you to continually replay the role of the victim.



Let’s say that you finally start learning from your mistakes, and begin to stand up to one of your persecutors. The equivalent in your dream landscape might be that there was a character who you would have a confrontation with, but always back down, and that character was blocking you from a certain doorway.

If you succeed in your waking life and learn to better love that person by not allowing them to manipulate you, then in your dream landscape you may encounter a character that once caused you fear, but now you deal with the situation very calmly and lovingly – and end up passing through the door that it was blocking.

Once you do this, generally there is a tremendous, ecstatic surge of energy – and in future dreams you may begin exploring this new area within yourself. All you’ve really done is move outside the boundary of the dinner napkin, using our previous example, and begun exploring the table in the surrounding area.

Of course there will be many more walls, partitions and characters, because your soul growth work is always continuing – but you have made a major step forward.



Obviously, if you start moving around and covering a lot of distance in your dream landscape, this indicates major spiritual progress. Most people really don’t travel very far in a dream, because obviously the farther you go, the more of your soul you are activating and energizing.

By the same line of reasoning, anything that allows you to travel farther and faster than you can by walking alone – even a set of roller skates or a bicycle – symbolizes some major new spiritual understanding that you have come to. A car is an even more powerful symbol, and short of flying on your own, without gadgets, the ultimate symbols we have are buses, trains, cruise ships or airplanes.

In each case, these are vehicles that transport MULTIPLE individuals at the same time. Each character in your dream space represents some part of yourself, usually a part that has gotten fragmented due to a painful experience – so if they all start coming together and making rapid travel in a short time, you have seriously progressed.



My own experience has differed from what is taught in black-ops training programs. When I was doing readings for clients as a publicly offered service, I would enter into their dream landscapes as if they were my own.

In this case the landscape would give me symbols and metaphors from my own life, so I would understand what I was seeing, but there was obviously a blending going on between the two of us. And, as I have so often said, I didn’t say, “Oh, there’s my client and that’s the issue she’s going through” – I literally experienced her issues firsthand, as if they were my own.

I do therefore believe that in waking life, we attract people into the storyline who are projections, in some form, of ourselves. Similarly, even though the characters you encounter in dreams are projections of you as well, that does NOT necessarily mean that they are only holograms created from your own mind.



One of my most poignant experiences when I was doing lucid dreaming / out of body work was when I found myself seated at a giant table in a lucid dream, with many people around me, all talking noisily. I was sitting next to a woman who I treated like my wife, though in waking life I had no idea who she was. (Later I would realize that she looked the same as Edgar Cayce’s wife in her younger years.)

She was quite insistent on having me go see her mother and try to resolve some strong differences we had, because her mother was very old and wouldn’t be around much longer. In the meantime I thought I was in control of the dream, and the last thing I wanted was to get wrapped up in some odd agenda… I wanted to be steering the ship.

So, I actually looked up towards the ceiling and said, “OK guys, this is getting REALLY CHEEZY.” Right as I said that, everyone in the entire cafeteria froze, coming to a dead stop. There was no noise, no movement, except for one guy who was sitting opposite me, who I hadn’t even noticed before.

This guy was very angry at me, and let me know. “You always think everyone is just some projection of your mind,” he said. “Get off your high horse and stop thinking you’re the only one in this universe. These are real people, real situations, we’re trying to help you work them out, and all you can do is sit there and say that it’s cheesy, and you would rather go run and play like a child. Get it together and start treating these people with the respect they deserve. It’s not all about you. It never is.”

That had quite a powerful impact on me. I started to understand some other dreams I would have where I became lucid. In these cases I would begin levitating large objects, having fun, making them orbit each other, et cetera – and crowds of people would gather around me, talk to me, and be fascinated.

However, as soon as I tried to tell them that I was having a lucid dream or out of body experience, that none of this was real and that they were just a projection of my mind, something strange would happen – they would suddenly ‘switch off,’ as if they couldn’t see me, didn’t know I was there, and didn’t remember whatever had just been happening. They would wander off and do something else.

Once I got the big discourse on dreams from the man sitting at the table in the restaurant – namely that I was not the only one – I finally understood what was going on. I was giving “Ascension demonstrations” to real people who were in the astral plane – in time-space – and as long as I didn’t break the illusion for them, I would continue to interact with them. However, it was important that they not be told they were in this place – they honestly believed they were living on Earth in a normal, everyday reality.



In this morning’s dream I was supposed to be taking a ride on a glorious, luxurious vehicle that alternated between a cruise ship and a train. I kept thinking I had a little more time to go do something before I boarded. It was supposed to be 9:30 when we all got on, and I was stretching it out as long as I could. I finally realized that I had to make the commitment and get on board, as I was the last person who was roaming around, and they needed me to be there. So, I made the decision and committed, once and for all, to the rest of the journey.

This seems to mirror my decision to stop running away from this website and continue to put up new content each day. The hits to the site have already gone way up as a result of this, and we are now in a time where things are changing very rapidly. Many positives are unfolding and developing and you have to really be vigilant to stay on top of it.



I really do believe that we are heading into a non-destructive but extremely powerful change in 2012. When people think doom, gloom and apocalypse, they are missing the point. My life is replete with examples of synchronicity and connection to the Higher Self, and the guidance I have received has always been reliable and beneficial. I had dreams and readings seven and a half years ago that predicted exactly where I would be now, and what I would be doing – and in some of those same readings it was talking about what would be happening five years AFTER this time – namely this Ascension as well.

Now that I’m releasing the information about interplanetary climate change, and bringing it to a whole new level, the deeper levels of “proof” for what we are all experiencing will be emerging. I can’t do this all in one day and don’t want to try, but I also realized that I need to make this information public. I might put it together in a more concise and readable way in the 2012 book, with bonuses you’re not going to get on this site, but the bulk of all the information needs to be shared.

There are ‘channeled’ works going back to the early 1950s that PREDICTED interplanetary climate change precisely, said that it was related to our moving into a new zone of energy in the galaxy, and that it would trigger the process I call Ascension.



After years and years of research and study, Dr. Scott Mandelker and I were finally able to put together a model, last Spring at the IONS center in San Francisco, that satisfied and explained ALL apparent paradoxes in the Law of One series about Ascension. So now I feel that I found a model of what is going to happen that unifies all the different sources of data I have come across, including the Law of One – and have all the documentation to support it.

It appears that some time between 2011 and 2013, most likely, the interplanetary climate change we are already seeing will reach a critical mass. The sun then releases a burst of energy, like the flash bulb going off in a camera. This was given in the Bible in the phrase, “As the light shineth from the East unto the West, so too shall the coming of the Son of Man be,” and in Hindu scriptures it is described as the “Somvarta fire at the end of an Age.”

This spontaneous release has the effect of triggering the entire planet into a higher energy density – literally a hyper-dimensional shift. It is a painless process that we all move through – we all experience this at the same time.

Sadly, the intense amount of literature and information on vortexes, and our ability to pass through them unharmed, has been held back in a variety of top-secret programs. Most people do not realize that you can literally enter a vortex, dematerialize from our waking reality, experience things in the alternate reality and then RETURN here, and bring your body back with you.

This is precisely the type of energy shift that will happen across the entire planet once this happens – not just in one isolated area, with the help of natural or artificial technologies that most of us have no idea about.

Humanity as a whole moves through this vortex. It is not a painful process – I compare it to the energetic equivalent of suddenly jumping into cold water.



By further analyzing the Law of One model, we can expect that most of us will probably ‘reload the Matrix’ right away, and not even realize that anything has changed. The world will appear to continue along as if nothing had happened. Nonetheless, we will all be in an energy plane – the same place I visit in my lucid dreams – and safe from the cataclysmic activity that will be happening on the physical Earth.

Even though we took our bodies with us, and could re-materialize them by passing back down to the ‘density’ we came from, we are literally indestructible in this ‘energy’ plane. Furthermore, we also have very advanced new abilities – we just have to be aware of their existence, and start trying to use them, before we will have any experiences like that.

It appears that in many of my lucid dreams, I am traveling forward in time, to a point AFTER this has happened all across the planet – and I am giving these demonstrations of Ascended abilities to people who otherwise would not realize that it could happen. It was important for them to continue believing that nothing was different with the Earth, at least at that stage – so I was not allowed to tell them that I was dreaming and that this was all happening in the ‘astral plane’.



Some of us have the opportunity to NOT fall back into the “Matrix” when this event happens. You will initially see a projection of your Higher Self – something of great Divine significance to you – and will be invited to go along. You may not want to do it, you may hem and haw, but like in my dream this morning, there’s only a finite amount of time to make a decision.

If you do choose to participate, then you do not simply find yourself stuck in the mass, collective dream of “the Matrix” after 2012 – which could include things like economic collapse and Earth Changes, depending on what people are EXPECTING will happen. In that realm their thoughts will be creating reality more than ever before.

Others, who DO participate in Ascension right away, will be able to return into this “Matrix” and explain to people what happened, while also demonstrating their new abilities.

It does sound like science fiction, but the more you realize how little we truly know about this Universe, and the more data stacks up and all says the same thing (which I will continue exploring as we go on), the more likely it is that there is some truth to it.

Then, the real issue becomes you – your spiritual growth – and how effectively you can prepare for this change, by educating your rational mind so that it understands the process, while also nourishing your soul as well.



We are just days away from launching a new offering on this site that will be of unprecedented assistance in sorting these things out – unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. We’re still working out the kinks right now, but I expect we’ll have it available before too much longer. We will be experiencing about one or two days of down-time here once we get the new server going, and we thought it would already be happening – so it could be today or tomorrow that the gap begins.

See you around!