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Your letters are telling us this information is not only vitally needed right now, there also is nothing else quite like it online… in terms of giving real, practical reasons to trust that all is well on Earth, while simultaneously throwing light on the shadow.  

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—–Original Message—–
From: Janet
Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 7:54 PM
To: David Wilcock
Subject: energy bumps

Hiya David,

Wow! What a fine job you have done on your blog!  It is full of intrigue, mass deception, loss, hope, and love all rolled into one.  You really have been sticking to your resolutions.  One of these days you are just going to have to tell me where you are getting all this energy to write so much in a single day — and how in the world you actually have time to work on a film as well as doing the music scores!  Please do tell me your secret here!

Oh God, I can so TOTALLY relate to the basic story line of the Illuminati and the deceptive tactics they play as well as the story of the hero-villan Matrix twins.  You have no idea.  Do you remember the woman I was telling you about that was harassing [name] and me? Well, she is still at it. 

In your blog, you talk a lot about how the Illuminati try to play the “conquer and divide” tactic as well as the “confusion and fear” tactic to go about getting what they want.  Needless to say, I can see this very clearly in my mind’s eye, AS WELL AS a natural resistance – call it a sort of built-in failsafe – that prevents these tactics from doing complete damage… once they are discovered. 

I guess my question to you is this (and this centers around a trust issue I have going on – don’t you just love these trust issues?!)  Even if you know what is happening and you can see it, and you bring it to the attention of others, what do you do in a scenario where no one wants to do anything different, despite knowing the info?  

Oh, and before I forget, you do know that there are cycles in the market and that this one was predicted for 2/27/07, don’t you?  Let me point you to information on the 8.6 year cycle (which is also Pi x 1000 days).  Take a look at Martin Armstrong’s  Go down to the section entitled “The Economic Confidence Model in 2.15-year intervals”.  You will see February 27, 2007 clearly in there.  Thought you might find this interesting.

All good things in time,



——Original Message—–
From: Chris
Sent: Monday, February 26, 2007 5:42 PM
To: David Wilcock
Subject: Re: Finally Done for Today…

Hey David—

Seems to me that this connection you’re elaborating on is THE missing piece among just about every serious fringe researcher online right now.  I just don’t see the 2012 connection being taken seriously, including by that most rigorous intuitive intellect I respect so well.

So it’s nice to find you bringing this to light right now.  Just yesterday I had a conversation with a spiritual friend here at my Quaker church, in which I told him that I’m not involving myself in the kind of charity/activist projects I normally would at this time, because I feel led to listen, watch and wait at this time in history, to see what emerges in the next handful of years. 

After I said so, I realized that I had authentically voiced something that I normally have kept strictly to myself, for fear of being seen as a passive loafer or something.  Further, I realized that waiting intentionally in this manner is hard work! 

When I make room in my life for not being busy, and allow myself to just be present with the emerging events, I then get the added pleasure of feeling the entirety of what that Beingness really means. In my own case, it means grounding great amounts of collective existential anxiety in a conscious manner, and volunteering in my own small way as a kind of “human transformer” at the level of my own free awareness.  It’s a real job, this intentional waiting.

Anyway, I hope Svali’s okay.  So glad I had a chance to talk to her when I did [on Greg Szymanski’s radio show that day].

Also, glad to hear the script is in its finishing stages.  Very exciting.




—–Original Message—–
From: oviluminus8
Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2007 6:57 PM
To: Divine Cosmos Discussion Group
Subject: David’s Blog: Mon, Feb. 26

Hello everyone, and hello David.  I am an extreme lurker and I RARELY post, but read, learn, and grow behind the scenes every day.  First off, thank you all for these great discussions regarding the Law of One and David’s work.  I found David’s site around 1999-2000.  At the time I was around a sophomore in high school.  Ever since then I’ve been studying/learning/practicing the Law of One, but never really read all five books completely from start to finish up until the past couple of months. 

After finishing all five books I felt like I had completed something important, which I had started 7-8 years ago.  It felt kind of sad that I didn’t have any more Ra material to read!  Isn’t that funny?  Anyways, I am so glad that David has started a daily blog.  I missed reading his updates on the old site.  I still fondly remember looking at that cool, so familiar site through my teenage newbie eyes. LOL.

“This site is dedicated to You, the One Infinite Creator, now in Your temporary human form”, or something along those lines.  Ahhhh, the memories…

Anyways, back to the Feb 26 update.  I must say, David, I think that was the single best article I’ve read in my years of online reading… EVER.  It is SO DENSE in information that going through the entire article, including the links, could take about a month — and the quality of the article is GREAT! 

To those of you who haven’t read it yet I highly recommend it.  Also, David, it’s good that in PART II, it begins to build up in the hope department, and what each individual can do.  I must say, David, your writing is in a league of it’s own. 

Much light and love to everyone… Back into lurking mode!  🙂


—–Original Message—–
From: Chris
Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 6:40 PM
To: Divine Cosmos Discussion Group
Subject: Endgame of the NWO — Part 2: The Plunge

[ Note:  Still listening to “The Rover” over here…. ]

Following on your pithy analysis from yesterday, David, today you examine in more detail the corresponding synchronicities at play informing your analysis. You also underscore the fact that complexity theory renders individual fear about the potential for systemic collapse obsolete, precisely because complexity theory renders systemic collapse itself obsolete. 



How?  Because any individual can be a catalyst for [r-]evolutionary change in the instant of systemic change. 

You also summarize current events as denoting not the collapse of the world, as some might like us to fear, but merely as the collapse of the media elite who might wish to govern the world into a new order that they control. 

Fortunately, the pre-post-modernist biases informing such a mass-colonial worldview of a global will-to-power do not appear to register the times for what they are. The strange attractor that 2012 could, in actuality, be, may wind up fractally realizing itself in every single individual, comprising our collective body at the moment its emergence takes place. 

If so, our experience of 3-dimensional fear may not have any way to compete with the experience of 4th-dimensional love we are collectively realizing. This is simply because the higher order of reality we are moving into may inherently expose the unreality of fear to every person who is remotely available [i.e. those who are above 50 -percent interested in serving others rather than controlling them] so they can experience this qualitative shift in the felt moral fabric of reality itself.

The upshot for me:  If Reality proves itself in the moment of its emergence on such a mass scale, an effortless self-release of its own unreal shadow may be simply inevitable.

Still, we got 5 years to find out, and there are a lot of irons on the fire to keep our eyes on….

Accordingly — and in the interest of further potential discussion here — my own lay-observations of other related cultural synchronicities pointing to the lame attempts by the media-elite to prepare for a mass crash, before reality strikes, include the past 7 years of entropic programming on the boob tube. This includes “reality television” in all of its lame versions (especially “Survivor”), as well as “The Sopranos”, which endeared “The Family” to a near-Leave it To Beaver level, while making violence seem oh so user-friendly and sexy to the average home viewer.

Well, my own intake of such mediated drivel was rendered obsolete with one dream I had about 6 months ago, which I’d like to share here (as Robert Plant belts out the final chorus to this personal favorite of a 70’s-flavored anthem for our collective future….).

Dream:  I am standing alone outside one night looking at a sky full of stars.  Soon, the black stellar canopy brightens before my eyes, to reveal a layered canopy of benign ET ships, which I understand in the dream cover the planet, numbering in the millions, possibly billions.  


Copyright © 2000, James Neff. All Rights Reserved.

I am very happy to see them in that moment. 


As I feel a simple emotion of gratitude, I then feel and see a collective shower of light beams from some ships overhead, focusing directly into and through my own heart. 


Copyright © 2000, James Neff. All Rights Reserved.

As I receive this shower of living energy, I am bathed in a violet aura of indescribable love. 

I understand that I am to simply receive and release this ongoing influx into the planetary core, and surround the planet and humanity with it as an effortless extension of my simple human love.

I understand that by simply being here and being present to the revealed reality of this benign ET presence above, I can act as a focal point for their living light of love, and share that at a planetary level.

[end of dream]

Without knowing one way or another what’s in store for me, or the collective, at the macro level in coming years, I have to wonder if 2012 will evince the kind of capacity for global love that my dream depicts. 

Heh…well, if that’s anything close to the flavor of where things are presently heading for Ma Earth, then I have to hand it to our [Illuminati] brethren working so hard behind the wings in the meantime:  they sure have tried hard to keep water from being wet.

[ “If we can just– if we can just– if we can just join hands….” ]




—–Original Message—–
From: javier
Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 2:47 PM
To: Divine Cosmos Discussion Group
Subject: Re: Regarding the Svali material ….

Normally I get angry or worried when I listen to this kind of stuff, which is something that I’ve wanted to work on.

This time, however, her words evoked compassion from me.  I’m not sure I can look at these people with great anger again. 

You know how sometimes you will have a strong dislike for someone (you may even say you hate the person) and then you find out they were abused as a child, or something to that effect, and your perspective on them totally changes?

That is how I feel about these people now.  Most of them have probably gone through hell, and either they don’t realize there is a better way or they are too afraid to try and change. 

I’m very thankful to David for bringing this to my attention, because now I can say that I love them (despite their behavior) and mean it. 

[DW: The protocol for handling a “greeting” from a negatively-inclined source is to send love and light to the attacker, while also having the healthy boundary to reject his service as not being useful to you on your path. “I love you, and I do not accept what you are offering me. I wish you well on your path.”]

In particular, I will send light and love to those in the group that desire to change, and are looking for the courage to do so.

I found it very ironic how they look at all the rest of us as easily brainwashed sheep, and then voluntarily submit themselves to “programming” that is much more severe than people merely watching TV will ever experience.  Theirs is a cult mentality to the extreme.



Svali also mentioned how programming sometimes entails the fragmentation of the subject’s personality.  This comment really clarified to me why people living in a 3d planet that is predominantly negative find it almost impossible to polarize to the positive.  After all, the service to others path is one of integration… and how can you possibly integrate when you are constantly being abused? 

Like heavily abused children, your mind would fragment in order to cope and survive.  You would most probably develop great hatred for others and most importantly you would hate yourself.  Can you imagine living in a whole society composed of egomaniacs and borderline psychotics?  David describes this as a “Hellraiser” scenario, and that appears to me as very, very accurate.


Lastly it also struck me that they are very good at shooting themselves in the foot.  According to Svali they have, for example, gotten into the business of making new-agish and the occult more popular, thinking this will make their “revealing” easier to accomplish.

The vast majority of people that enter New Age or occult practices of one form or another are well-meaning people. That, in the end, will increase the vibration of the planet.  Imagine how many Wanderers, [alleged ET souls volunteering to be human and forgetting their soul’s true identity] for example, have awakened thanks to the greater popularity of these practices? 

Even if they were really 1% of the Western world’s population, we still outnumber them easily.  It’s like they are so arrogant and ignorant in their own way that they fail to realize how strong the positive polarity is.  In the end, their actions are to our benefit.

We need to have compassion for them.  Those of them that don’t polarize enough in the negative to ascend will suffer greatly thanks to the karma they have created. Those that do ascend will find their fate is not the glorious one they expected.  They will go thru a hell we can’t even imagine. [New graduates into 4d negative are at the bottom of the pecking order, and are abused and terrified by everyone.]

Do not accept what they offer, but love them nevertheless.  I not only understand that now, but can actually practice it. 

Thanks for your blog, David.  🙂