The Vegas mass shooting may well be the most horribly botched “inside job” in modern history. Millions of newly-awakened people are getting their first chance to see a JFK, 9/11-style cover-up unfolding in real time.

A meta-analysis of the independent “citizen journalism” on this critical subject reveals that many key elements are missing, despite the unprecedented, massive number of contributors to the narrative. 

A variety of insider reports suggest we are finally closing in on a civilization-defining moment of truth-telling and disclosure that could dramatically improve life on earth as we know it.

Our goal in sharing this with you is to shed light on this tragedy, expose the perpetrators and spread the information far and wide.

You are encouraged to make videos, write articles, borrow ideas (with credit), and contribute to the narrative in whatever way you can.

The best way we can honor the victims of this shocking tragedy is to make a strong push for the full truth to be exposed.

This is not 1963, nor 2001. The mainstream media has become a joke. If “they” won’t give us an honest version of the story, we need to write it ourselves.

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FINAL UPDATE 2nd day, 10/12: Two important new details added to Part Four. This investigation is now page-locked and any new info will be a new article.



Let’s say there was more than one shooter. Let’s say a monstrous cover-up is being perpetrated by the American corporate media.

Would that really surprise you? At this point in our history?

Before we discuss our view of this shocking catastrophe, let’s be clear that our suggestions will not be sudden, arbitrary “conspiracy theories.”

This tragic event, once properly understood and explained, can be seen as a direct continuation of what we have already exposed within our existing body of work for many years now.

All of the puzzle pieces have been meticulously laid out in numerous articles, books, YouTube videos, public lectures and episodes of Wisdom Teachings, my weekly TV show on Gaia.

Perhaps the single most important reference source is our free book Financial Tyranny, now with well over 2.4 million unique views at the time of this writing.



I am only one of millions of people investigating this subject to varying degrees, reaching conclusions not yet considered “accepted” by the mainstream.

If there is a way we can use this tragedy to help free ourselves, so more people haven’t simply died in vain, that is a cause worth fighting for.

You may have a hard time reading this as it goes on. Some of the information could be very triggering, though I will not show any gory photos.

I encourage you to stick with it, as if you were watching a spy thriller. This data might be a key ingredient in helping to make our world a better place.



The JFK assassination in 1963 was almost certainly not the work of a “lone gunman.”

9/11 was almost certainly not just “Arabs with Box Cutters.”

Thanks to the Internet, there are very few people left who subsist themselves only on a diet of “approved” corporate news stories, which can be ridiculous to an extreme.

Four days ago, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who wrote for the NY Times from 1990 to 2005 revealed that the elite corporate media has “no credibility left.”

This interview was rightfully flagged as being of extreme importance by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Here is just a taste of what the ex-NYT journalist Chris Hedges reveals — which includes corporate penetration of universities and scientific research itself:


10/6: The Elites Have No Credibility Left

On Monday, WSWS… interviewed Chris Hedges, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author, lecturer and former New York Times correspondent….

DN: Chris, you worked for the New York Times. When was that, exactly?

CH: From 1990 to 2005….

Since the Times, like all elite institutions, is a hermetically sealed echo chamber, they do not realize how irrelevant they are becoming, or how ridiculous they look.

Thomas Friedman and David Brooks might as well write for the Onion.

I worked overseas. I wasn’t in the newsroom very much, but the paper is a very anxiety-ridden place.

The rules aren’t written on the walls, but everyone knows, even if they do not articulate it, the paper’s unofficial motto:

Do not significantly alienate those upon whom we depend for money and access!….


CH: The commercial broadcast networks, and that includes CNN and MSNBC, are not in the business of journalism. They hardly do any.

Their celebrity correspondents are courtiers to the elite. They speculate about and amplify court gossip, which is all the accusations about Russia, and they repeat what they are told to repeat.

They sacrifice journalism and truth for ratings and profit….

They have no credibility left. The scam has been found out. The global oligarchs are hated and reviled. The elite has no counterargument to our critique.

So they can’t afford to have us around.

As the power elite becomes more frightened, they’re going to use harsher forms of control, including the blunt instrument of censorship and violence.



The New York Times “got personal” when my book The Ascension Mysteries debuted at #11 on the Nielsen ratings last fall, but they refused to put it on their best-seller list, which is supposedly the top 20. 

The entire book is filled with damning expose’s of a shadowy group that is manipulating governments, corporations, militaries and the mainstream media.

We debuted with double the sales of Hillary’s new book Stronger Together, right before the election, which was another surprising detail.

I was glad that the NYT let our first two volumes “slip through” before the fix went in, as it certainly adds credibility to the work as a published author.

In a way, having the NYT so blatantly censor this book was even more honorable and revealing than simply racking up a third title.

Anyone who had already read my book before this happened should have a much easier time understanding the details of this tragic event.



A meta-analysis of the hard data surrounding the Vegas shootings reveals incontrovertible evidence that the mainstream narrative is fatally flawed.

The degree of insider “leaks” that have emerged about this event, and what they ultimately reveal, are far beyond that contained in any one source thus far.

My specialty is in meta-analysis — taking large bodies of complex information, some of which is very obscure, and weaving them into a coherent, single narrative.

The Source Field Investigations has over 1000 academic references. The Synchronicity Key has 684. The Ascension Mysteries has 285. Each is about 500 pages in length.

We haven’t even counted how many references are in Financial Tyranny, but I would imagine there are several hundred.

I have surveyed as much of the independent journalism on this tragic event as possible — now numbering in the hundreds of articles and videos.



Many stunning new things have emerged as a result of doing a meta-analysis of the available research on this tragedy. This is the 9/11 of our decade.

At the same time, a variety of seemingly obvious points are missing entirely in the existing journalism.

A significant amount of context is necessary to understand what is really going on here, how big it is, and what it portends for our immediate future.

If we can look beyond the sadness and grief of these tragic losses, we may find that a peaceful resolution to the woes of the world is much closer than we think.

Before we plunge directly into this discussion, I feel it is important to set up the “Big Picture” so the transition isn’t quite so abrupt, shocking and upsetting.

Any time I write an investigation about an event this significant, I assume that my readers may not have ever heard any of this before.

So here we go.



Understanding and identifying the truth is, in many ways, akin to a psychedelic experience.

You are technically living in the same body, looking at the same four walls around you, but everything you thought you knew has radically changed.

Some of this awakening comes in the form of a “bad trip,” complete with the anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, sweats, anger, sadness and depression.

Your basic sense of everyday reality is betrayed so badly that you will fight these new ideas with everything you have in you.

Eventually, you realize you have been “living on the back of the dragon” your entire life, as the Asians say, and you simply never saw its true form before.

Everyone has to go through this phase as they learn the truth. It is a necessary “rite of passage” as you heal from an entire lifetime of being lied to.

Playing “attack the messenger” is a much, much easier and more psychologically comfortable option than accepting the vomitous truth you are being shown.

For that same reason I try not to be upset by the awesome hatred that about two to five percent of the audience flings at me whenever I write about this stuff.

As I have said for many years now, “if you throw up, you’ll feel better.” The longer we go without doing this, the worse the violence will become.



As this incident continues to be investigated, you will undoubtedly hear the term “False Flag” used to refer to it.

This dates back to the era of the Knights Templar and their pirate ships siphoning vast amounts of gold out of the Caribbean.

Various European empires were plundering the gold for their own use, and shipping it home by the ton.

The Templars had superior marine technology, having been the military-industrial complex of their era — and their flag was the Skull and Bones symbol.

They were very angry after having been overthrown by the Vatican and the French in a devastating attack on Friday the 13th — in October 1307. 



Any ship that was sailing back home to Europe out of the Caribbean was likely loaded with gold and treasure — often in the tons.

The pirates were very clever. They kept stashes of flags and uniforms to correspond with each of the empires that were pulling out the gold.

As soon as they saw a ship approaching through the periscope, and could make out which one it was, they would hoist that empire’s flag — and put on their outfits.

The sailors would believe they were seeing a friendly coming in, and get excited. Only at the last minute did they realize they had been tricked.

The legends of savage slaughter grew so quickly that most of them simply handed over the majority of their treasure in exchange for their lives.

This is where the term “False Flag Operation” originally comes from.

It is defined in this case as a military operation by a government, which disguises itself as another nation, group or entity.

These military operations are often waged against the people of their own country, as a means of seizing greater and greater power.

The Templars also stored their stolen gold, at times, in areas along the coastline. This is where the term “bank” apparently came from.



I have the honor and burden of sharing information from insiders who worked directly with Presidential administrations in the US, such as in the Reagan era.

These are people who were once “on the inside” and then decided to leak information to someone who they felt they could trust — as their conscience grew.

Some insiders have access to dozens of other key people who I have never directly met or spoken to, but who are all passing around information.

I began writing investigative journalism online in 1996, right at the dawn of the internet. This ended up creating a legacy that earned me the trust of interesting individuals.

Since newcomers will invariably shout “What Insiders,” particularly as I cover an event this significant, it is worthwhile to review some of that information.

This is not about ego or bragging. I consider this to be the establishment of a legal case, with our life and safety on the line.

I want to also remind you that we have extensively discussed a vast, international alliance that is opposing this negative group, or “Cabal” as we often call it.

The Alliance includes an ever-increasing majority of the US military and intelligence community, as well as many foreign governments.

Many of the seemingly mysterious headlines in today’s world can be explained as the result of a shadow war between the Cabal and the Alliance.



My first prolonged insider access came in 2004-2005, with a man we are calling Daniel, who worked for Brookhaven National Labs in Montauk Point, Long Island, NY, from 1981 to 1983.

He was well aware of a monstrous force behind government, military and media, as he had directly worked for it and gained a variety of insider secrets.

At one point he was given a line of questioning that suggested he was being evaluated as a possible new member of a neo-Nazi hate group, which he declined to join.

Another major leap forward occurred in 2006 with “Bruce,” who worked directly with both the Reagan and Clinton administrations and knew a great deal more. 

This man had worked extensively at the infamous “Area 51,” though he would usually only provide indirect clues of its exact name or location.

I met Bruce when I spoke at a Richard C. Hoagland conference in Joshua Tree, California — where he sought me out and offered information.

The history of these contacts, and what I learned from them, is in The Ascension Mysteries, which just came out in paperback here in the US.

We are still seeking a French language publisher, incidentally. Leave a comment if you have any ideas. The book is already in multiple languages.



Beginning in 2007, I then met a variety of new insiders through Project Camelot, which began posting full-length interviews at the dawn of YouTube.

This was back when it was nearly impossible to get an account that would allow you to upload videos longer than 11 minutes.

Kerry Cassidy had gotten the coveted Producer’s Account that allowed for videos of any length to appear, thanks to her background as a film producer.

Some of the Camelot videos were getting hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views at the time. There was almost no competition in those days.

My debut interview with Pete Peterson appeared in a Project Camelot video that was uploaded on September 4th, 2009, as one example.

Pete is one of the insiders who has a Cosmic Top Secret clearance, which is allegedly 35 levels of need-to-know above the President of the United States.

Among other things, he was licensed as a nuclear demolition technician and had invented a variety of classified technologies for “Uncle.”

Pete was one of several key insiders who revealed the awesome amount of money that has been siphoned into top-secret “black projects.”

Pete has also been our longest-lasting and most consistent insider source for leaks coming directly from the Alliance.

He recently came forward with astonishing new intel on Cosmic Disclosure and then had everything he owned get seized from his home just weeks later.



As we discussed in the previous article, China is building literally hundreds of “ghost cities”, many of which can house millions of people. 

These cities are truly vast in scope, and for the most part they are just sitting there, almost completely uninhabited.

China is building these cities in an apparent attempt to be ready to handle anticipated overpopulation in their future, requiring mass migrations.

China has been able to pay for these cities with far less money than what the Western elites have already stolen from us since at least the early 1950s.

Insiders revealed a variety of means through which countless trillions of dollars have been siphoned out of our economy.

This includes artificially-inflated budgets for the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Apollo missions, the nuclear arms race, the War on Terror and the F-35 fighter jet.

Again, there is literally enough money there to build entire civilizations that could comfortably house millions of people — as China is now doing.

The question we must ask ourselves is “Where did all the money go?” It’s not just buried somewhere under a coastline.



Peterson has revealed that “we” already have used this money to build some 235 different underground cities — which can house up to 65,000 people each.

A vast, underground bullet-train system of “sub-shuttles” provides transportation between these different locations at high rates of speed.

This was intended to provide them with a Paradise-type of existence even if the surface of the earth was completely destroyed… in a nuclear war they had instigated.

Other insiders reveal the “hidden infrastructure” built by the military-industrial complex may be far greater than just these 235 different locations.



This may not seem relevant right now, but it is important to point out that Las Vegas is, in many ways, the capital city of the black-ops world.

The infamous Nellis Air Force Base is merely 13 miles away from the Las Vegas strip, as this article on reveals.

Furthermore, says Nellis is “one of the largest and busiest air bases in the country,” with six different wings instead of the usual one.

There are countless insider reports about an extensive underground build-out at Nellis, with many different classified programs going on.

And then we have Area 51.

Though you cannot get “Area 51” to appear on a map search, other related businesses are just over an hour’s driving distance away from Vegas.




A commenter pointed out that what we really needed to look for was Groom Lake. That adds the driving distance to about three hours, but it is still close by:




Multiple whistleblowers have revealed that the casinos themselves are intimately involved with the military-industrial complex, if not directly owned by them in many cases.

A virtual monopoly exists on construction and real estate in Vegas, which is typically blamed on “the mafia” — and that may be one aspect of it.

Nonetheless, some casinos apparently have elevators that will take you down to sub-shuttles for quick trips to Nellis, Area 51 and elsewhere.

Certain casino employees, such as heads of security, may work their jobs as cover assignments while also moonlighting as black-ops employees.

Dan Burisch was one Camelot whistleblower who admitted to working as a Las Vegas security guard and claimed to have this alternative lifestyle as well.



As we discussed in the previous article, Lockheed Martin is, in many ways, the biggest and most secretive black-ops military defense contractor of all.

This was confirmed again on September 16th, as a high-ranking CIA whistleblower named Kevin Shipp came forward with stunning new intel.

Zero Hedge had a detailed article that only summarized a few of the countless things Kevin Shipp went through in just over a one-hour presentation.

It’s very fast and nearly overwhelming, but if you take your time it is worth it. Many of the things we have been saying for years were cross-validated here.

He indicates that there is a “Shadow Government” which he declares as being a separate entity that controls what he calls the Deep State.

One of the things he goes into in the video, which is not mentioned in this writeup, is the awesome size and power of Lockheed:


9/16: High-Ranking CIA Insider Blows the Whistle on the Shadow Government and Deep State

A CIA whistleblower, Kevin Shipp, has emerged from the wolves’ den to expose the deep state and the shadow government, which he calls two entirely separate entities.

“The shadow government controls the deep state and manipulates our elected government behind the scenes,” Shipp warned in a recent talk at a conference….

“The top of the shadow government is the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency,” Shipp said.

Shipp expressed that the CIA was created through the Council on Foreign Relations with no Congressional approval, and historically the CFR is also tied into the mainstream media (MSM.)


He elaborated that the CIA was the “central node” of the shadow government and controlled all of other 16 intelligence agencies despite the existence of the DNI (Director of National Intelligence.)

The agency also controls defense and intelligence contractors, can manipulate the president and political decisions, has the power to start wars, torture, initiate coups, and commit false flag attacks, he said….


According to Shipp, the deep state is comprised of the military industrial complex, intelligence contractors, defense contractors, MIC lobbyists, Wall St (offshore accounts), Federal Reserve, IMF/World Bank, Treasury, Foreign lobbyists, and Central Banks.

In the shocking, explosive presentation, Shipp went on to express that there are “over 10,000 secret sites in the U.S.” that formed after 9/11.

There are 1,291 secret government agencies, 1,931 large private corporations and over 4,800,000 Americans that he knows of who have a secrecy clearance. 

[There are also] 854,000 who have Top Secret clearance, explaining they signed their lives away bound by an agreement.



The CIA was publicly exposed for using MK-ULTRA mind-control practices in Congressional hearings in the 1970s.

Now we are seeing a top insider tell us that the CIA is the “central node” controlling defense and intelligence contractors. This was not new information for me.

At the highest levels, the CIA is a control system for what we have been calling the Cabal.

It should be obvious, therefore, to conclude that MK-ULTRA and other similar practices are routinely being used on their employees, as I have also heard.

Almost any Lockheed employee is going to be exposed to a wealth of classified information and intelligence.

These jobs invariably require the employee to submit to various levels of mind control, including hypnotic, chemical and technological systems.

In some cases, employees have “compartments” of their memory that are activated when they work, and are usually inaccessible at other times.

In other cases, an employee will work normally but then end up having their mind wiped, or altered, once a job has been completed.

The recent Hollywood film American Ultra was an astonshingly brazen attempt to make MK-ULTRA seem cool, as if it turns you into a superhero-type figure.




Scopolamine is one example of a publicly-known drug that can seriously tamper with free will and memory:

Psychology Today on Scopolamine-Induced Memory Loss

[Scopolamine] has also been implicated in the large number of cruise ship rapes.

Criminals like it precisely because it causes short-term memory loss: victims can’t identify them or testify against them.

Blocking memory is like wiping away fingerprints.

But don’t be fooled–it’s not that victim has no knowledge of being victimized, it’s that the victim has no idea how such a thing could have happened.

Scopolamine is also known as “Devil’s Breath.” That pretty much says it all.



Classified drugs and technology now exist that work far more effectively than scopolamine.

This will never be made public, as it would then allow “the enemy” to gain the same technology and weaponize it against its users.

In many cases, upon completion of an assignment, people are “blank slated” and have little, if any memory of what they had done before.

“Screen memories” may be implanted to give a false view of what actually happened.

Hypnotic commands can also be inserted and accessed later. People can conduct acts under post-hypnotic suggestion and not even remember doing it.

Trauma is often used in conjunction with hypnosis, such as in the case of creating a programmable assassin.

The traumatized aspect of that person’s psyche can become psychopathic enough to take the lives of others with no feeling of remorse.

Peterson is one of the insiders who revealed this technique was used extensively to create desired “lone gunmen” for high-level assassinations.



With all that being said, Stephen Paddock’s last known job was working for Lockheed Martin between 1985 and 1988:

10/2: Las Vegas Shooter Was Lockheed Martin Employee in 1980s

[Paddock] had a pilots license, and had previously worked for global defense and aeronautics company Lockheed Martin in the 1980s.

“Stephen Paddock worked for a predecessor company of Lockheed Martin from 1985 until 1988,” the company said in a statement.

“We’re cooperating with authorities to answer questions they may have about Mr. Paddock and his time with the company.”



Many news outlets reported that Paddock engaged in abnormal behaviors on a routine basis.

10/6: Paddock Would Lie in Bed, Screaming “Oh My God” Every Night

Investigators believe the shooter may have been in “physical or mental anguish,” a former FBI official who was briefed on the investigation told NBC News.

Another said the shooter displayed “mental health symptoms”.

“[His girlfriend] said he would lie in bed, just moaning and screaming, ‘Oh, my God,'” one of the officials recalled.


This screaming is completely consistent with someone who had been through trauma-based mind control.

Jesse Eisenberg’s character in American Ultra displays all sorts of bizarre behaviors, including vomitous trauma if he ever tries to leave town.

Targeted individuals are rarely ever able to sleep properly. The trauma that occurred to them under narco-hypnosis always remains very close to their conscious awareness.

Let’s not forget that the CIA’s own MK-ULTRA mind control program was publicly disclosed in Congressional hearings in the 1970s.

Officially it was discontinued at that point, but insiders have consistently revealed it has continued unabated ever since.

It is considered the ideal means of assassinating high-profile targets, since the assassins themselves will not even be aware of who ordered it done, or why.



Many insiders have reported that they work classified jobs that are “off the books” for years.

The Cabal makes its money from a variety of unsavory activities, including human trafficking, drug smuggling and illegal arms dealing.

Jobs like these, including “wet work” or assassinations and the smuggling of drugs, arms or humans, can pay ridiculously well, usually in cash.

A few jobs a year — if that — could easily make you into a multi-millionaire. If you have psychopathic characteristics, what would you then do with it?

Las Vegas has legal prostitution, lots of sights and sounds, and plenty of ways to gamble away money you don’t really need.

It would be entirely consistent with insider testimonies I have heard for Paddock to explain away his wealth as him simply being a “professional gambler.”

10/4: Las Vegas Shooter Was Unusually Wealthy
Paddock had two planes, owned multiple homes, and regularly dropped tens of thousands of dollars in Vegas casinos, according to recent reports. His shocking collections of guns and ammunition alone may have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Paddock had two planes, owned multiple homes, and regularly dropped tens of thousands of dollars in Vegas casinos, according to recent reports. His shocking collections of guns and ammunition alone may have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Paddock had two planes, owned multiple homes, and regularly dropped tens of thousands of dollars in Vegas casinos, according to recent reports. His shocking collections of guns and ammunition alone may have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Paddock had two planes, owned multiple homes, and regularly dropped tens of thousands of dollars in Vegas casinos, according to recent reports.

His shocking collections of guns and ammunition alone may have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars….

Paddock also appears to have been quite wealthy, which is unusual for mass shooters….

He owned two planes and was a licensed pilot, and owned homes in four states, according to the Washington Post.


His brother said that Stephen Paddock made some $2 million when the two sold their real estate business a few years ago.

And just before the massacre, he wired $100,000 to his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, in the Philippines, a transaction investigators are still attempting to explain.

NBC News reported that Paddock often gambled at least $10,000 a day in Las Vegas casinos, and sometimes upwards of $30,000 per day.

He reportedly gambled a total of at least $160,000 at Vegas casinos in the weeks before the mass shooting. It’s unclear how much he won or lost over this time span….

“He’s a multimillionaire,” [Paddock’s brother] Eric said, according to New York.

“He helped me become affluent, he made me wealthy.”



Paddock’s now well-documented extreme wealth could have been the result of ongoing pay he was receiving for doing various classified jobs.

If he was a smuggler of sensitive items, he would also need to be a trained assassin… so he could “take care” of anyone if a deal fell through.

Isn’t it interesting, then, that the media revealed Paddock had taken twenty different cruises, on the books — including to destinations in the Middle East?


10/6: Las Vegas Shooter Took 20 Cruises, Some to the Middle East

Investigators… found that [Paddock] took 20 cruises, some of which traveled to the Middle East or Europe.

The cruises included stops in Spain, Italy, Greece, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates, a law enforcement official told CNN.

Marilou Danley, Paddock’s girlfriend, joined him for nine of the cruises.

Other details about the trips, like when they took place and what cruise lines were involved, have not been revealed.

Even though the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack and that Paddock had converted to Islam, investigators have found no evidence to support those assertions.



We now know the shooter worked for the biggest, most notorious military defense contractor in modern history — Lockheed Martin.

As insiders will tell you, once you take on a job like this, you never really get out. Hence the saying, “the only way out is a bullet.”

Paddock supposedly retired in 1988, and only then made money from real estate and thirty years of “professional gambling.”

Yet, he had enough cash to blow thirty thousand dollars a day without even batting an eye.

His behavior shows clear examples of mind-control symptoms. Normal people do not scream “Oh My God” night after night in bed.

His travel easily fits the profile of someone who was covertly working as a smuggler for what we are calling the Cabal.

He would also have been through extensive security training and surveillance, and therefore wouldn’t have dared tell his family anything.

His girlfriend might not have known a thing about his “double life” either. If you are caught saying one word, you will get a “sit-down” — if not far worse.



All of this makes it much easier to believe that Paddock could have worked with several co-conspirators, as the independent research suggests.

In fact, he may have even been promised a safe exit, such as through a special elevator — and possibly believed someone else would take the fall.

Given how crazy these insider stories can get, it is even possible that his alleged suicide could have been a murder.

Someone else may have been there with him, as his room service bill showed, and then killed him and arranged it to look like a suicide once he did his part.

His supposed “suicide note” turned out to be a piece of paper where he was calculating the trajectories of his weapons for maximum effectiveness.

This definitely suggests that he had been through advanced military-type training on the use of firearms.

This is standard fare for people who receive covert training from defense contractors and / or intelligence agencies.

Therefore, if someone in the Shadow Government  wanted to use a programmed individual as the face of a complex operation, Stephen Paddock fits the bill.








In Part One, we discussed compelling evidence that the Las Vegas shooter may have been actively employed as a black-ops covert agent.

The Vegas mass shooting has all the hallmarks of a desperate act orchestrated by the Cabal — an “inside job” that failed miserably, and therefore exposes the entire system.

One intended purpose of this catastrophe could well be as a “weapon of mass distraction” to divert attention and resources from the Cabal’s own impending defeat.

Stunning news of Hollywood mega-mogul Harvey Weinstein being a decades-long sexual offender only emerged days after the shooting, as we will discuss.

The mainstream media has been astonishingly silent in the face of this “once in a lifetime” type of revelation. The system has covered for Harvey’s crimes.

The Weinstein revelations could be the first pebble in an avalanche that will utterly expose and destroy the Cabal’s assets in Hollywood and mainstream media.

We have been leaking intel for years now that such a mass exposure was coming, and the signs of its impending arrival are getting clearer and clearer.

Most people can only focus on one huge news story at a time — and the Vegas shooting is still that story.



Despite his ties to Lockheed, I doubt that Paddock got that deeply involved in the really interesting stuff that goes on at Nellis, Area 51 and elsewhere.

Nellis, Area 51 and other facilities appear to house numerous advanced aircraft that can easily fly outside our atmosphere. 

These ships can even tour the solar system — and beyond.

This technology has been available to the insider community for far longer than we might think.

It is astonishing and upsetting to learn how many secrets are being kept from us.

Some of those secrets — and the technologies to go with them — may finally be on the verge of a public announcement.



Just today (October 10th,) a stunning burst of news appeared on The Huffington Post, which has become very mainstream since Verizon took it over. 

We have said for some time now that when the Cabal is inching very close to its final defeat, they plan on revealing some of what they have been hiding.

This would be in an effort to re-establish legitimacy and provide cover for many other activities that remain concealed.

Blink-182 was one of the top rock bands of the 1990s, and its lead singer, Tom DeLonge, has become an active force pushing for disclosure.

Tomorrow, October 11th, DeLonge’s group is going to have a press conference in what could become the first stage of the disclosure process.

In fact, this written announcement on a mainstream source like The Huffington Post  actually IS the first stage of this process.


10/10: Inside Knowledge About Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Could Lead to World-Changing Technology

The team includes:

a 25-year veteran of the CIA’s Directorate of Operations;

a Lockheed Martin Program Director for Advanced Systems at “Skunk Works”;

a former deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence;

a DoD Senior Intelligence officer who, among other sensitive responsibilities, ran a Pentagon aerospace “threat identification” program focusing on unidentified aerial technologies.


And well-placed and experienced professionals, from Intelligence and high academic positions, are also on board ― please see information on the Team for reference as you read.

What is going on here? Is this the beginning of some sort of trend towards a new openness on the part of the U.S. government?

These people know more than any of us do, so the question of their motivation is fundamental.

It all started with award-winning platinum recording artist and producer Tom DeLonge, whose bands Blink182 and Angels & Airwaves sold over 25 million records in the 1990s.

Tom spent many years studying UFOs, and essentially left his previous lucrative career to devote himself to this pursuit….


Tom was gradually able to establish relationships with flag officers and other highly placed insiders in the aerospace industry, intelligence, the Department of Defense and NASA.

These independent sources provided him with information about the UFO phenomenon and worked with him to develop a plan for the incremental release of this information….

At the meeting, I was given information on background and shown some revelatory documents and data off the record, some of which will eventually be made public….


Following the meeting, I spoke to Stephen Justice (Aerospace Division Director), who recently retired as a Program Director for Advanced Systems at Lockheed Martin after a thirty-one year career in the Skunk Works.

“How dare we think that the physics we have today is all that there is,” he said….



Over the years, insiders revealed to me that our elites have a “Secret Space Program,” or SSP, which is far greater than most of us could ever imagine.

I am not saying we should accuse anyone in DeLonge’s team of holding back. Some disclosure… any disclosure… is better than nothing.

I have also said for many years now that there are plenty of good people in the defense and intelligence communities who want to do the right thing.

If DeLonge wants to bring me on his team — and I know at least two people with direct access to him — I will gladly lend them my support.

At the same time, I would share what I know with the team, which may go much farther than anything they could disclose on their own.

I am sure some of my insiders, including Pete Peterson and Corey Goode, would gladly step up and be of service as well.

A Full Disclosure scenario is an enormous “learning curve” for our existing civilization to take in. It can take years just to become familiar with the basics.

I first started putting the pieces together thanks to the Camelot whistleblower Henry Deacon, who originally came forward to Camelot in September 2006.

As soon as he popped up, I established communications with Camelot to trade insider info and gain access to Deacon, which began in 2007.



Over the course of at least 80 hours of private conversation, I became aware of a vastly greater reality than the one we all took for granted.

I could find no internal contradictions in what Deacon had to say.

Many of the things he said correlated with what I had already gathered from others — and had never published.

It is quite an experience to find someone new who is a genuine part of this world. The secrecy is so vast that you are constantly learning new things.

In many ways, Deacon’s information went much, much farther than any other insiders who were out there.

At the same time, he was extremely introverted and deeply concerned about ever sharing any of this information with anyone.

He led an impoverished life on medical disability and never displayed the slightest hint of seeking fame or fortune.



Deacon was very matter-of-fact in discussing his former work. That life had become very ordinary for him and he often couldn’t understand why I was so interested in all of it.

He was able to cross-validate and provide greater explanations to literally hundreds of different things I had heard from other insiders and never published.

The level of specific details — such as finishing my sentences with very sensitive intel I heard from others and had been sworn to secrecy about — was dazzling.

Occasionally I would leak small parts of his overall worldview based upon mutual agreement.

I remember being surprised to learn that there were equal parts men and women in these space programs, rather than it being some all-male military thing.

He was one of the scientist types who were there for technical jobs, rather than military support.

These people were sworn to secrecy. Many of them were permanently stationed outside Earth. He was lucky enough to be able to come and go.

He was so perfectionistic about his testimony that usually any attempt to share details led him to feel you had gotten some aspect of it incorrect.



Finally, after bringing him to the Project Camelot Zurich conference in 2009, with the cover story of being my “Uncle Mark,” Deacon took to the stage.

The date was July 12, 2009.

At 57 minutes, 51 seconds into NASA astronaut Dr. Brian O’ Leary’s presentation, the crowd was electrified when he suddenly appeared.

Everyone knew who he was by his pseudonym, and the astonishing information he had revealed to us.

Although he shared very little of the “big picture” we had already leaked, he nonetheless put a face to the story and showed himself to be a very real person.

He also held up his Official Passport, which was notably brown, not blue. I personally inspected it and confirmed its authenticity.



Shortly after coming forward, he was threatened and went back into hiding. He has never again wanted to make any public statements whatsoever.

This is not at all the pattern you would see with someone who was inventing a fraud or a hoax.

Other insiders such as “Jacob” and Major Bob Dean confirmed many of the things Deacon shared with me — and extended it even more.

The history of these disclosures is spelled out in the second half of The Ascension Mysteries, and I have been stunned by how well it all fits together.

All of this happened well before Corey Goode stepped forward and began sharing what he knew with me in 2014.

Only then did we have someone from this world who was willing to go on camera regularly. This turned into our weekly Gaia show entitled Cosmic Disclosure.



One of the most intriguing things you find out from guys like this is that there are many ancient ruins to explore… as in very ancient and advanced.

Ever since reading Richard C. Hoagland’s The Monuments of Mars in 1993, I became aware that just within our own solar system, there is a “cosmic junkyard” of many civilizations that have come and gone.

This includes a very obvious humanlike face on Mars, with two different sites of what appear to be symmetrical pyramids immediately nearby.

Our sun has damaging energetic storms that occur over the course of many thousands of years, so the majority of these ruins are underground bases.

The oldest of these civilizations appears to be more than two billion years old — and yet had far greater technology than we do now.

At least four different insiders, including Peterson, independently revealed this mysterious group is called the Ancient Builder Race.

Although NASA has diligently attempted to alter any evidence of this from their photographs, such as through photo manipulation, some evidence made it through.

The entire second half of The Ascension Mysteries  lays out photographic and other empirical forms of evidence supporting this stunning conclusion.

I do believe we will get the truth, despite the murderous opposition faced by all those who dare to expose it — myself included.



The truth should be eminently simple to understand as you begin putting the pieces together.

The ruins are already out there. The photographic evidence alone makes this absolutely undeniable.

Many of these ruins are apparently made out of a glass-like transparent aluminum material, which is much stronger than bullet-proof glass.

Domes of this material can be built on the surface of a moon and then pressurized with an atmosphere, so you can have a comfortable Earthlike climate inside.

Far more questions are raised than most people have answers to. It has taken me many, many years to piece together what actually happened.

Almost any UFO conference you go to will provide evidence that an advanced craft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

This craft and others like it were then “reverse engineered” into workable prototypes, as various whistleblowers have suggested.

This means that the military-industrial complex, or MIC, gained technology allowing them to effortlessly fly around our solar system — and beyond.

The first drips of disclosure from this ocean of secrecy may be about to appear in tomorrow’s officially-sanctioned event.



The Cabal apparently did far more than just identify ancient ruins throughout our solar system.

They created massive money-laundering operations, as discussed in our previous article.

The proceeds were used to build habitable bases on the moon, Mars, the moons of Saturn and elsewhere, according to multiple insiders.

In some cases, elaborate Ancient Builder Race cities built underneath the surfaces of planets and moons could simply be sealed, pressurized and re-occupied.

It seems hard to believe that a community within our own military-industrial complex could have kept a secret this massive.

Nonetheless, the number of different insiders who have told me the same exact things, coupled with the hard data I presented in The Ascension Mysteries, has convinced me that this is the truth.

My video The Antarctic Atlantis, from earlier this year, is a must-see overview of these intriguing facts.



Apart from whatever skeptical quibbling people love to throw around on the Internet, let’s just assume all of this was really true.

After all, we now have the Huffington Post openly reporting that top military personnel are about to start a UFO disclosure process.

I have had direct contact with multiple insiders who experienced this greater reality as an everyday part of their lives — long before meeting Corey Goode.

The truth seems so amazing, and so cool, that it is almost impossible to imagine how such a majestic (ahem), expanded reality could be kept hidden from us.

Yet, the ultimate answer is very simple: Money and Power.

The same insiders who have, in some cases, visited underground or off-planet cities, flown in exotic craft and met up directly with a variety of humanlike ETs have a sad story to tell.

We find out that the world is not run by elected governments. Voting has done very little to turn the tide across many centuries of time.



I have said this many times before, and go into great detail about it in Financial Tyranny, but here we go:

The Roman Empire never really was defeated. The Empire never ended, as Philip K. Dick revealed in his books Valis and Radio Free Albemuth.

Instead, the Empire just transferred its operations to England in early AD, and eventually re-emerged as the British Empire.

The original Roman baths, from as early as circa 100 AD, can still be visited in the city of Bath, England — and I toured them in person a few years ago.

The Vatican had amassed the greatest wealth in the world, long before transferring its operations to England.

The Romans also kept most of the documents in the ancient Library of Alexandria, and only burned tax forms and census documents in the classic fire.

The rest of these precious documents — which apparently include books written by extraterrestrial civilizations — were relocated to the Vatican Library.



The Templars became a powerful breakaway faction after being overthrown by the Pope and the King of France.

They were able to intercept as much as 80 percent of the gold coming out of the Americas, if not more — and became very wealthy and powerful.

They later infiltrated and conquered Britain, as of Henry VIII, and formed an “operating agreement” with the Vatican.

The details of this intriguing story can be found in Born in Blood by John Robinson, which is admittedly not the easiest book to read.

Robinson was allowed to read secret Masonic books that could not be removed from the library they were stored in.

From them, he was able to piece together this amazing story.

Shortly after releasing this book, someone appears to have felt that he revealed too much — as he died unexpectedly.




This ancient group still has three main power centers in today’s world, each of which are legally considered nation-states:

Vatican City is considered the spiritual center of the organization.

City of London is used as their financial center.

Washington, DC was, until recently, their primary center of military power.



Each of these cities is marked with a very tall and prominent Egyptian obelisk.



Notice how promimently the obelisk is featured at the Vatican. Do you think maybe this is important to them?



The obelisk in London is called Cleopatra’s Needle and is actually a huge Ancient Egyptian original that was taken out and transported there.



Similarly, the Vatican obelisk is an Egyptian original, brought there by the notorious Caligula in 37 AD.




Some of what we learn about this ancient order is very interesting, and other things are extremely troubling.

Very disappointing information has emerged about pedophilia practices in the Vatican, including “historic” arrests that just occurred in June.

These arrests do seem to be the result of the Alliance quietly rooting out Cabal elements from within the Vatican itself, as insiders have revealed.

Multiple high-profile pedophile arrests and exposures have occurred in the British government, at the highest levels, as well — again thanks to the Alliance.

This included a top TV personality, Jimmy Savile, who raped at least hundreds of victims while enjoying the full protection of the BBC, and elite treatment.

Last fall’s Wikileaks emails were only the latest in a long chain of evidence suggesting this problem is very extreme within US political circles as well.

Amy Berg’s documentary An Open Secret  reveals how severe this problem is in Hollywood, as I outlined in Financial Tyranny.

I covered this Hollywood connection in even greater detail in Endgame Part I, which was my definitive summary of the new Wikileaks disclosures in 2016.

The Harvey Weinstein expose’ is almost certainly the work of the Alliance. The Vegas shooting may have been intended to distract us from this story.

Insiders routinely say these sexual practices are encouraged, if not enforced, to ensure that if anyone steps out of line, they can be blackmailed and defeated.

Any type of abusive culture like this is often generational in nature. Those who were abused as children may end up abusing others as adults.



One of the greatest secrets these insiders reveal is that the world has been manipulated for millennia by this same ancient cult, which predates Rome.

Yes, the Templars were a breakaway faction, and there have been others at various times, but they have worked things out — at least up until recently.

This group has religious beliefs that are unusual and very secretive. Yet, at the same time they routinely engage in multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns.

These campaigns appear within certain video games, television shows, music videos, awards ceremonies and films, among other means.

They openly and flagrantly advertise their philosophies and symbols, which many have interpreted as a mocking gesture to the entire world.

Part of why they have been “hiding out in the open” is that they did plan to formally reveal their presence and create a “New World Order.”

They only intended to do this once humanity had been brought to its knees by orchestrated, negative events, and were demanding rescue and salvation.

Thankfully, this cult is being very successfully exposed and taken down by a vast international alliance, whose operations we have covered extensively.



This ancient cult is obsessed with Egyptian philosophy, religion and iconography — or at least their own interpretation of it.

Therefore, anything Egypt-related provides an almost irresistible temptation for this group to want to be involved in some way. 

This is why we see prominent Egyptian obelisks in each of their three corporate nation-state centers.

Furthermore, this cult believes that the God most of us see as a benevolent Creator is actually a corrupt, evil entity they often call the Demiurge.

This is a concept they inherited directly out of Gnostic scriptures and belief systems, which emerged shortly after the time of Jesus.

The Gnostics and other mystery-school members were tortured and killed by the Church, leading them to conclude it must be evil.

They have a curious religion where they believe Lucifer is a benevolent being who wants to set us free from the prison created by the Demiurge.

The underpinnings of this Gnostic philosophy are found in the Nag Hammadi scrolls, among other sources.

It is very likely that the Vatican Library has far more complete versions of Gnostic documents that have been pieced together from these scrolls.



There may be some people who identify as Gnostics, and believe that the Demiurge is where the real evil resides, whereas “Lucifer” is harmless.

Again, this may sound crazy to you, but if you had spoken to the same people I have had access to, you definitely would realize how serious this is.

The traditional Cabal believed that this formed the basis of a religion that was vastly superior — as it revealed a truth no one else possessed.

The corrupt actions of things like the Roman Catholic hierarchy, with their holy wars, inquisitions and pedophilia, are seen as proof of the evil of the Demiurge.

Each of the Abrahamic religions — Judaism, Christianity and Islam — has its hands dirty in varying ways.

This does not necessarily impugn the teachings of those who these faiths were based upon.

Lucifer is seen as a “bringer of light, wisdom and truth” in the Cabal. They generally do not believe in nor use the term Satan.

Changing the meaning of the word Lucifer, in and of itself, is no crime — as long as you are not hurting people.

[Although this religious belief has been presented to me in various ways, I do not agree with it, at all — though I do know enough to explain it.]

The problem, however, is that some have taken this idea of Luciferianism and extended it into very, very dark directions.



If you grow up believing that you are “God’s Chosen” and everyone else is brainwashed by a corrupt, evil god, you may believe you are part of an Elite.

If you are then taught that the earth, the solar system and indeed the universe are all products of this malevolent Demiurge, that could devalue all life — greatly.

You may come to think that we are all prisoners in a “trap” set out by the Demiurge. This includes the idea of reincarnation.

Killing someone, in that sense, is simply recycling them back into a system controlled by a fallen god.

This group believes the only way to escape this “prison” is to become Illuminated. Hence they refer to themselves as “Illuminati.”

Far from being an ancient, obscure movement that faded out in the 1700s, there is a very prevalent group that still uses this name to refer to themselves.

In order to remove some of the ridicule factor and occult allure, the Alliance has asked us to simply refer to them as the Cabal.

This same international alliance is now working diligently to defeat them.



Now that we have reviewed some of the information we have been presenting all these years, we are ready to delve into the story of this mass shooting.

You may laugh at some of these connections at first. This is often a defense mechanism in the face of very upsetting information.

Again, I do believe the truth will set us free. Despite how ugly some of these conclusions will be, they are well supported by the existing evidence we have presented.







The idea that the Vegas shootings were a “False Flag” attack, conducted by some aspect of the Cabal against the American people, is upsetting enough.

The ugliest truth we have to look at is whether or not this may have been some sort of mass, ritual sacrifice of human beings.

Insiders have revealed that these types of events are far more common than you might think.

The Cabal may deliberately instigate events where many people die, and then try to work their symbols and codes into it.

A simple example would be 9/11, in which the Twin Towers could be interpreted as the twin pillars of Boaz and Jakin, a common element in Cabal iconography.



Similarly, the date 9/11 is also the number 911, which all Americans were taught to call in the event of a major emergency.

In an event of this nature, every detail is meticulously planned — including the dates, times, locations, names of the perpetrators and so forth.

This is considered to be an essential element of getting the “magic” to work — much like using an IP address to access the Internet.

Whether this actually works or not is irrelevant. They love to leave clues behind, much like the serial killers they repeatedly idolize and make movies out of.

The elite feel that if we are too stupid or fearful to see what they are doing, then we have been enslaved by our own free will.

They feel there are “Rules” in the universe that prevent them from doing what they want unless they use this curious method of “hiding it out in the open.”

This system was apparently re-discovered and implemented by Elizabeth’s court astrologer, John Dee. Elizabeth was the successor to Henry VIII.

So let’s begin with something a little easier and then work our way through this.



The first thing we must do in this field of study is analyze the name of the alleged “lone gunman” for any symbolic associations it might have.

We do not come up empty-handed in this case.


According to, here are the word roots of the name Stephen:

masc. proper name, from Latin Stephanus, from Greek Stephanos, from stephanos “Crown, garland.”

Exclusively a monk’s name in Old English, it became common after the Conquest.


Again drawing from, here is the meaning of the word Paddock:

1. a small, usually enclosed field near a stable or barn for pasturing or exercising animals.

2. the enclosure in which horses are saddled and mounted before a race.

3. Australian. any enclosed field or pasture.



The Crown, “Stephen,” is a very prevalent Cabal symbol — associated directly with the Divine Right of Kings and bloodlines of the Elite.



Non-elite people, as in the vast majority of humanity, are seen as little better than cattle.

In their vision of a New World Order, they want to fashion the Earth as a massive slave plantation — a Paddock for the Crown.

“Stephen Paddock” shot precious human beings like animals while they were rounded up in a “small, enclosed field.”

Worst of all, the crowd was illuminated by floodlights as the shooting began and the band fled the stage — making it much easier to hunt people down.

This is one of many clues that suggest the casino owners had directly cooperated in the attacks.

Another was that large, nearly impassable barricades were set up around the event just eight minutes before the shooting began.



The Oxford Dictionary reveals that Mandalay was the former capital of Myanmar from 1857 to 1885.

In the definition, we find out that it is an important religious center — in this case Buddhist.

The etymology of the word Mandalay is given, speculatively, in Wikipedia.

It is believed therein to be an extension of the word Mandala, with an extra Y added at the end.

A mandala is, of course, an organized pattern — in this case geometric in nature — that is believed to have spiritual significance.

The Cabal specializes in organizing mass traumatic events with hidden, mandala-like patterns embedded within them. Hence Mandalay Bay Hotel.

We also find out that the Hindus also have the word Mandara, which indicates a sacred, cone-shaped hill that was used to serve the Gods.

This concept of a Mandara is very similar to the idea of a pyramid — a sacred, symmetrical hill.

The title of the hotel could indeed be part of the message, if we operate on the assumption that each aspect of this attack was deliberately designed.



A sketch map of the event illustrates something that should be very obvious once you look at this as a potentially symbol-infused event.

First of all, the Trilateral Commission’s logo has a similar Y shape in the lines at the very center as we see in the Mandalay Bay Hotel.



Immediately next to the Mandalay is the Luxor — a giant pyramid of mirror-black glass with a glowing capstone, and a Sphinx in front of it:



There is also an obelisk in front of the Sphinx that this sketch does not illustrate.

[Notice also that the Excalibur Hotel is a stylized Masonic square-and-compass symbol.]

This means that every victim of this mass trauma had these structures looming over them as it happened.



Some of the photographs from the tragedy show this.



Notice how the capstone of the pyramid is designed to beam a light up into space.

Then think about images of the All-Seeing Eye on top of the pyramid, as appears on the back of the US dollar bill. This is not an accident.



Two other images from after the event had started show the obelisk more clearly:



Let’s not forget that the Trilateral Commission symbol may encrypt the number 666 within itself — as an homage to Lucifer.



This is admittedly speculation, not provable fact. Nonetheless, the stack of “coincidences” in this event beggars belief.



Although Freemasonry in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing, it is another key aspect of the Cabal’s secret religion.

The Masonic initiations teach people to keep arcane secrets upon pain of death.

The highest level you can attain in conventional Scottish Rite Masonry, before reaching the “King” or Crown level, is the 32nd degree.



It is another strange correlation that the officially sanctioned element of shooting occurred from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay.

It is also interesting to point out that the secret number of the Brotherhood of Death / Skull and Bones Society is 322.

The 32 appears at the beginning of the number 322.




Then notice how this image from the mainstream source Daily Mail draws a pyramid-like shape, complete with a capstone, next to the Luxor pyramid to illustrate the shooting:



Let’s not forget that the tip of the red pyramid they drew is at the 32nd floor.



In numerology you can add and subtract zeroes from numbers to obtain deeper meanings.

Though it may seem like a stretch, the exact timing the shooting began is 10:08.

Drop one zero and you get 108, which is a very important sacred number for the esoteric arts.

It appears extensively in Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as other sources, and is associated with “the basis of all creation.”

Luciferians would therefore believe that 108 is another symbolic number for their patron saint.

Similarly, it took the police exactly 72 minutes, we are told, to break into Paddock’s room on the 32nd floor.



72 is another very important sacred number to the Cabal. The stars in the night sky drift by one degree every 72 years in the precession of the equinoxes.

This means if you align an object, such as a pyramid, with a particular star (other than the North Star,) it will have drifted by one degree at the equinox after exactly 72 years.

We have extensively discussed how the Cabal folows the precession in The Source Field Investigations and early episodes of Wisdom Teachings.



Further “number tricks” were played with the strange picture that everyone was shown of Stephen Paddock as the news hit the world.

The number 13 can be very easily seen on his neck — which may be a tattoo.



13 is so clearly associated with death, black magic and the occult that the fear of the number even has a name: Triskaidekaphobia.

It is possible that he had it removed, or that it had been written on with ink… or it may even have been digitally added to this image. 

Nonetheless, the leaked photos of his supposed dead body — which we will not post here — have no sign of this number on the throat.



The next critical clue is that one of the most famous rock stars of all time died almost simultaneously as the shooting occurred.

Furthermore, Tom Petty’s band was called The Heartbreakers.

This was the most heartbreaking, devastating mass shooting in recorded history — by design.

This was a snapshot from the front page of Drudge Report as these events were unfolding.

The announcement of Tom Petty’s almost simultaneous death, complete with his picture, is right beneath the word Drudge:



So we have a major country-rock concert in which the greatest mass shooting in recorded history takes place.

“Route 91” is only one number short of 9/11. This concert event was the “Route” to the next 9/11. The full title is “Route 91 Harvest.”

Almost simultaneously, one of the greatest rock icons dies, known for his country-style drawl.

“Natural causes,” you might say. “Coincidence.”

Why, then, was “extensive additional testing” required to determine Tom Petty’s cause of death as of October 6th?


10/6: Tom Petty Cause of Death ‘Deferred’ Pending Additional Testing

Tom Petty‘s official cause of death has been “deferred,” and will require extensive additional testing before a true cause of death is known.

Sources close to the investigation tell The Blast Petty’s body was transferred to a local mortuary on Thursday after an examination was completed on Tuesday.

We’re told after the autopsy was completed, “it was clear further tests needed to be done.”

One of those tests will include a toxicology, which doesn’t necessarily mean Petty died from drugs being in his system.


The Cabal has various secret technologies that can invisibly nudge someone into death if they are already on the edge, as Tom undoubtedly was.



Our next key element comes from a post that appeared on the often-anonymous internet forum known as 4Chan.

There do appear to be occasional insiders who would like to become the next Edward Snowden, and 4Chan is a common place for them to come forward.

An insider who had already established a track record of credibility revealed — on 9/11, no less — that an imminent terror plot was being cooked up for Las Vegas.

This story was covered on Squawker, among other sites. We have transcribed the photos of the original 4Chan posts to make them easier to read, and added some capitalizations:


10/2: 4Chan Insider Warned of Vegas Shooting Three Weeks in Advance

3 weeks ago, on 9/11 a mysterious 4chan user who went only by “John” made a series of at the time overlooked posts.

He warned users to stay away from any gatherings of large groups of people in the Vegas or nearby Henderson areas.

[He stated] that he had insider knowledge of what he referred to as a “High Incident Project” that was set to occur soon:


Anonymous ID: LAbFNEtv 9/11/17 5:08:36

look i feel bad for some of you on this website. So I’ll let you in on a little secret.

If you live in las vegas or Henderson stay inside tomorrow. Don’t go anywhere where there are large groups of people.

Also if you see three blacks vans parked next to each other immediately leave the area. You’re welcome



Anonymous ID: LAbFNEtv 9/11/17 5:28:12

It’s called the “High Incident Project”.

They want to make the American public think that places with high security aren’t safe. They are trying to create more regulations.

You will see laws proposed within the next few years to put up more metal detectors and other security devices.

Media and politicians will be saying places with lots of police will need even more police.

I can’t guarantee anything will happen tomorrow but las vegas is on their minds.



The poster was ignored at the time, since nothing seemed to occur on the 12th.

The fact this John wrote “I can’t guarantee anything will happen tomorrow but las vegas is on their minds,” seems almost frightening now that just a few weeks later, the largest mass shooting in American history has occurred at this very location….


Anonymous ID: LAbFNEtv 9/11/17 5:55:53

If their plan is successful, the state of Nevada will pass a law in the future making all casinos have mandatory metal detectors and backscatter machines.

Soon after, a federal law will be passed to put these machines in universities, high schools, federal buildings, you name it.

OSI Systems and Chertoff are the main producers of these machines. Sometime around 2020, OSI and Chertoff will merge into a single company.

After they merge the owners will sell off their stock and make billions in profit.

Mr. Chertoff has been in contact with Sheldon Adelson. Mr. Adelson will become a huge sponsor of these machines and he will be the first to put them in his casinos when the law passes.

This is my last message for now. Don’t expect me to return anytime soon.



The 4Chan leak is absolutely undeniable. No one can go back and erase the fact that this happened.

The leaker warned to look out for a trio of black vans, gave a code name of the High Incident Project, and encouraged people in Las Vegas to avoid large crowds.

He indicated that the greater conspiracy was intended to make us all afraid of mass, public events and other public areas as no longer being safe.

This could easily be seen as part of a greater plan to create a martial law-style police and surveillance state.

Furthermore, the individuals making the body scanners could drastically overcharge the government for them and make millions, if not billions of dollars.



As a frequent air traveler, I invariably say “I want to opt out” to the TSA agents rather than go through the body scanners.

Just this year alone, they have taken three different steps that appear to have deliberately been designed to make the opt-out procedure even worse.

First of all, you now get ignored for as much as 10-15 minutes after you say you want to opt out. Plenty of agents are standing around but no one helps you.

In the meantime, your wallet and other valuables are lying there unguarded in a tub on the other side.

This has happened to me so many times this year, regardless of the airport, that I have to conclude it is by deliberate design.

Second of all, they now force you to move one leg forward by two feet. They then slide their hands all the way up until they touch your pelvic bone.

This almost never used to happen. Your legs would be side-by-side and they only go up until your thighs touch each other. Not anymore.

Similarly, they now also rake the backs of their hands directly across your genitals, and as a man it is enough pressure to definitely squeeze them.

Thirdly, just in the last few weeks, the TSA agent you first ask now gives you a stern, militaristic warning about how you will be touched in genital areas if you choose to have it done.

The Cabal would love it if they could start inflicting these invasive procedures on us as a general rule, as it strips us of our basic dignity.



A year after 9/11, in 2002, British pop sensation Robbie Williams came out with a song that has become very prophetic in the aftermath of this tragedy.

The lyrics for “Me and My Monkey” have him go to the Mandalay Bay Hotel, with a gun, check in at the 33rd floor, and end up in a potential shootout.

Thanks to people who are direct acquaintances of his, I know that Williams is aware of many great truths and is not a part of the Cabal.

Therefore, I feel it would be extremely inappropriate to blame the artist for this connection.

It could simply be that this song was already out there in the collective, and the Cabal then designed an event around it.

Another possibility is that the song was written by someone else and given to him as an artist, which is a very common practice.

10/2: Vegas Shooting Has Chilling Similarities to Robbie Williams Song in 2002

Robbie Williams sang 15 years ago about checking into a room on the 33rd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas while carrying a gun — the floor above where killer Stephen Paddock opened fire.

In his song, Williams sings about travelling alongside a ‘monkey’ to Vegas “with a dream and a gun”.

The lyrics say: “We made tracks to the Mandalay Bay Hotel… We got the elevator, I hit the 33rd floor.

“I’m hoping my monkey don’t point that gun at anyone.

“I watched pay-per-view and polished my shoes and my gun.

“Don’t point that gun at anyone… That’s a bad ass monkey boy and he’s packing a gun… Put your gun down, boy.”



The song describes the 33rd floor as being the top of the hotel — the penthouse — even though in reality it is only about 3/4s of the way up.

It is entirely possible that Paddock was intended to be on the 33rd floor, but they may have had unavoidable bookings that made this impossible.

Once this song was created and published, it made it easy for someone planning such an event in advance to build these details into the shooting.

This is another form of “hiding it out in the open” and engaging in what they call “predictive programming.”



Another 9/11-style cover-up that stinks to high heaven is the massive sell-off of stock that the owners of the hotel performed just before this happened.

Are we again supposed to believe this is all a coincidence, particularly in light of the very specific leak that appeared on 4Chan as of 9/11?

Take a look:

10/8: Insider Trading — Massive MGM Sell-Off Just Before Vegas Mass Shooting Devalues Stock

MGM: Heavy Levels of Insider Selling

As the SEC insider transaction reports below detail, from 9/5/17 to 9/12/17, approximately 6 million shares of MGM were sold by officers and/or directors of the company, totaling approximately $200 million in proceeds to sellers.

Included in this group is the selling of approximately 450,000 shares by MGM CEO and Chairman James Murren (a seller of size since late July) and who appears to have sold more than 85% of all holdings.

We also see that MGM Board member Grounds William Warwick sold 176 million shares of his MGM stock on 9/6/17.


Another symbolic point this author missed, which is visible in the charts at the link, is the prices most of these men sold their stocks at.

Get this.

The first two sales on the chart from officer Robert Baldwin were at $33.33 or $33.13 a share — just one day before 9/11.



If you read the rest of the list, you will find that almost all of this insider trading was done with share prices hovering around 33 dollars.



On that Thursday morning after the Vegas shooting, the New York Times broke a story that would normally have been the only thing on anyone’s mind.

Hollywood mega-mogul Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexually harassing and possibly molesting vulnerable women… for decades.



Had this news broken during a “slow cycle,” it would have become a massive, massive issue — and could have inspired many more to come forward.

However, the Vegas shootings were so traumatic, and the “loose ends” and research leads so epic in scope, it nearly washed this story away completely.



The environment in Hollywood is so repressive and dangerous, behind the scenes, that hardly anyone has dared to speak out about this yet.

10/6: Hollywood’s Loud Silence on the Weinstein Accusations

Early Thursday afternoon—late morning on the West Coast—The New York Times dropped a bombshell investigative report alleging decades of sexual-harassment allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

The story, by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, included testimony from a medley of actresses, film executives, and film staffers close to Weinstein, many of whom accused the Weinstein Company co-chairman of predatory conduct.

“Mr. Weinstein has reached at least eight settlements with women, according to two company officials speaking on the condition of anonymity,” reported the Times….


In the wake of the blockbuster Times exposé, The Daily Beast reached out to dozens of prominent actors, actresses, and filmmakers—who both have and have not worked with Weinstein—only to receive many replies of “no comment” and plenty of radio silence….

For as long as Hollywood has existed, the “casting couch”—wherein film executives and filmmakers prey on powerless ingénues—has been so familiar as to become hackneyed.

In 2013, Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon shared her own story of sexual harassment with me….

Over the years, film bigs ranging from legendary studio head David O. Selznick to Alfred Hitchcock have been accused of sexually assaulting young actresses.

Only in the last decade or so—fearing industry reprisals, no doubt—have actresses begun to speak out, with Charlize Theron, Thandie Newton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Helen Mirren, Zoe Kazan, and others sharing stories of sexual harassment during auditions and on set.



You don’t have to like the current US President one bit to analyze this next fact objectively.

The mainstream media captured footage of a private “hot mic” conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush in which Trump talked like a womanizer.

Endless rounds of attacks were lobbed at him from the media about this — even though he hadn’t actually done anything.

Now we have one of the top Hollywood media moguls, who has progressively worse tales of sexual assault coming out against him — and not a word was spoken.


10/6: Late Night Talk Shows Did Not Touch Harvey Weinstein Scandal

One might think that after one of the biggest names in Hollywood — someone who’s made a name for himself working alongside progressive and feminist causes — was shockingly revealed as having covered up decades of sexual abuse, America’s late-night hosts would have a field day. 

Instead, Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah, Conan O’Brien, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert came up … dry.

The only mention of Harvey Weinstein on all of the late-night shows combined came on “The Daily Show,” during a segment on Cam Newton.

The “joke,” featured above, was literally nothing more than Noah pretending to be Cam Newton and saying to reporters at a press conference, “Look, Harvey Weinstein!” 


As we head into Part Four, we will finally get to the good stuff: major insider revelations concerning the possibility of a stunning announcement that will expose the Cabal.

If this is actually true, it could well be the moment we’ve all been waiting for.







There are enough fascinating reports of multiple shooters, in hotels and on the ground, to write another article, which I will do in an update.

This has already gotten quite long, and I want to end it on a positive note.

The Cabal versus Alliance war may well be in its final stages — complete with the first wave of the disclosure plan being rolled out as early as tomorrow.

As of October 9th, Benjamin Fulford — a former East-West bureau chief for Forbes magazine — reported some interesting new intel.

Although many of his leaks prove incorrect, some of them dovetail almost perfectly with things I hear from my own insiders.

A variety of insiders who had broken off contact with him reconnected to share the news in the aftermath of this stunning and horrific attack.


10/9: Fulford Insiders Reveal Major Alliance Counter-Attack Coming After Vegas Shooting

Pentagon sources explain that, “After the Las Vegas massacre and an Israeli ambush that killed 4 U.S. special forces troops in Niger, [White House Chief of Staff General John] Kelly summoned the Joint Chiefs of Staff and combatant commanders to the White House on October 5 to bring all hands on deck to back Trump against the NFL, Antifa, the deep state, and the cabal.”

The source continued by noting, “Even NSA boss Admiral Mike Rogers and Pacific Commander-in-Chief Admiral Harry Harris were invited, as Trump said cryptically that this is ‘the calm before the storm.’”

The “storm” would take place in the form of mass arrests, the issuance of a new currency, and the launch of a global currency reset, the source said.


“‘Calm before the storm’ means the swamp is about to be cleaned out and they are all scared sh#tless, so we better take a picture,” a CIA source confirmed.

The mass killing operation in Las Vegas and the accompanying corporate media BS storm about a single, now-dead killer being responsible was a fatal mistake by the Khazarian mafia, many sources agree.

The Internet is full of videos showing that multiple shooters were involved, and calls for comprehensive revenge are being made.

By promoting this obvious lie, the FBI, nominally in charge of the Las Vegas investigation, has made itself a target of the U.S. military and other agencies.



Fulford’s intel, in this case, correlates very nicely with a Snowden-type insider on 4Chan who was going by the nickname MegaAnon.

After proving his reliability, and taking a leave of absence for his own safety, he came back only to discover that his chosen name had been banned entirely.

What he shared in the aftermath of this devastating event is very exciting, if true — and there is a great deal of evidence to suggest it may be.

One important piece of 4Chan jargon to understand is the term LARP.

This means Live Action Role Play, and refers to people who pose as fake insiders and “role play” by making up a story to gain attention.

These forums consider that there is nothing worse you could possibly do than to be a LARPer. No one is hated more on these boards than LARPers.

Much of this text has been captured in graphic form and is not as easy to read.

The Galactic Connection website created a text-version archive of the originals, which I will present with extra paragraph spacings for readability.



Here are some of the highlights of what MegaAnon had to say. Let’s hope this is really true. It does not at all appear to be a LARP.

Since this is long and complex, I have given you the juiciest parts and added some highlights where relevant.

Much of what we will read seems to be a response to Trump making a mysterious statement about “the calm before the storm.”



10/7: Trump’s Odd and Ominous “Calm Before the Storm” Comment, Not Really Explained

To recap: On Thursday night, the White House press pool was unexpectedly called to witness a photo op with President Trump, various military officials, and their spouses, who were attending a dinner.

As cameras were rolling, Trump said, “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm. Could be, the calm. The calm before the storm.”

As reporters shouted questions, he said, “We have the world’s great military people in this room, I will tell you that. And uh, we’re gonna have a great evening.”

Then, when asked what he meant by “storm,” he ominously answered, “You’ll find out.”

And when asked about the matter again on Friday, Trump again said, “You’ll find out.”



My internal feeling is that we are looking at the disclosures of a high-ranking CIA employee who is working for the Alliance.

Many different aspects of the US government and intelligence apparatus have varying degrees of Alliance and Cabal-loyal personnel at this point.

Without further ado, let’s hear what MegaAnon has to say.

You don’t have to be a Trump supporter to be excited about the Cabal finally being exposed on a massive scale — if this is indeed true.

Again, this all fits very nicely with intel chatter I have been hearing from others for some time.

The insider was obviously emboldened by Trump’s mysterious comments, and rushed to post that same day.


MegaAnon Reveals Major Disclosure Announcements Pending — Vegas Shooting Threw Them Off (Text Version)

Anonymous ID:DnCchw/y Fri 06 Oct 2017 01:34:30 No.144216421 ViewReport

As you now realize… (((They))) lost.

America (and really, the entire world) won. It’s gonna get ugly but, look alive.

This will be your happening and you’ll never give a single f– about North Korea, again.


Anonymous ID:DnCchw/y Fri 06 Oct 2017 01:30:54 No.144215979 ViewReport

MegaAnon here. Trump went hard in his presser today so I’m going to drop a few HUGE BREADCRUMBS.

[This is] the first time I’ve really felt I need to tread lightly with info…

So please, for f—s sake friends, pay attention to EVERY word I’m TYPING…. [DW: See original link for additional details]


6. Tonight, [Trump] publicly confirmed what candidly, we’ve ALL been working towards, for the last 11 months.

Everyone always asks me what I “do”. Well, there’s a lot of us and EXACTLY what we do.

We are going to show you what WAS intended for Las Vegas, HOW EXTREME it was supposed to be, WHO coordinated it and WHY THEY DID.

Trump isn’t blowing a lid on Vegas when referring to “the storm”.

Trump’s promised “storm” will prove that Vegas was supposed to be no different than 27 classified pages outlining what really happened on 9/11.



Anonymous (ID: tAoTzJUn) 10/06/17(Fri)13:16:04 No.144269535▶>>144270383

Stick with me though, I’m going to tell you exactly what I know.

I’ve been on the ground, have accessed the suspect’s room, etc.

I came home from Vegas Wednesday afternoon but I got back tonight for another 4-day stint….


Anonymous (ID: tAoTzJUn) 10/06/17(Fri)13:48:27 No.144271921▶>>144273248

3. If this looks like a complete cluster f–k between LVMPD and agency, then ding, ding! You’re right… IT IS!

Why?! For the slow in the back, let me simplify… mass and scale.

As much as the digital world benefits these goons, they’ve also realized exactly how much it hinders them.

You no longer need the MSM, a few press conferences or the “authorities” to air, broadcast, publicize information and reports.

You only need access to the internet.

Know what’s ultimately responsible for the 9/11 botch as opposed to other agency coordinated attacks?! Internet access.

The mass ability of we, the people, to access exorbitant information in real time, download, upload, archive and store that info then, DISTRIBUTE ON OUR OWN.


Example: Take all of those initial witness accounts and live interviews of people within the first 6 hours of 9/11.

They reported additional explosions on random floors, flashes of lights, conflicting reports of what they were being told by first responders in terms of events/secured evacuation routes, unrelated fires on unimpacted floors, etc.

Remember that? Remember the live CNN interview on WTC 7 collapsing, aired an hour and 23 minutes before it actually did?!

See, the MSM thought that by internally deleting the footage and never re-airing or commenting on it publicly again, they were saved.

They underestimated the capability of the average person, to download, privately store, re-upload and mass distribute INFORMATION once it’s hit the internet.

That’s where we are today! (((THEY))) can’t keep up with us.

As technology, availability and accessibility to everything from the internet, mass info distribution platforms like social media, video streaming applications, public board forums like 4Chan, etc. these people LITERALLY have been floundering in their desperate attempts to keep up.

Over the last 2 decades, they’ve realized they CANNOT “dot every single i” or “cross every single t”. Continued below…


Anonymous (ID: vy3Y5hFc) 10/06/17(Fri)15:34:53 No.144280649

The [coming] “storm” Trump’s refered to isn’t Vegas itself.

I confirm 100% that a MUCH larger event was planned/thwarted by (((them))).

[It] was done to DIVERT TRUMP AWAY FROM declassifying/ releasing “the storm”.

[This “storm” is] a series of classified info that admin will disclose publicly on 3 different but HUGE, socially controversial topics.

(((They’ve))) already delayed this TWICE.

I’m not saying they f— with the weather – think what you will BUT, they DID exploit the hurricanes/devastation to their advantage, by wrapping him in so much red tape re: resource distro/allocation, services/duty assembly/deployment, etc.

Hence the “storm” reference was a “f— you” to McCabe, Kelly, Tillerson, Pompeo, McCain, Ryan, McConnell, Pelosi, Schumer, etc….

While the MSM distracted concerned public/Trump, it kept in him check as they geared up for Vegas. It’s a “miracle” it didn’t work.


Anonymous (ID: vy3Y5hFc) 10/06/17(Fri)16:13:16 No.144284358▶>>144284702 >>144285031 >>144285208 >>144286053 >>144289607

I will confirm that the 3 disclosures have been discussed and vetted thoroughly, for the last several months, here.

Ok, fine… and while “pizza” is on the menu, it’s not one of the 3 pending releases. Not in the way you want it to be.

It will be discussed and Hollywood specifically will take a MASSIVE HIT in the very near future.

Harvey was the first low-hanging takedown, so just imagine how high-level this will go.

But I assure you, while Hillary, the Clinton campaign/staff, Obama admin, establishment (both parties) and DNC as related to election fraud, etc. will eventually fall for epic crimes, you’ll never see Hillary in an orange jumpsuit for actual pizza.


Anonymous (ID: vy3Y5hFc) 10/06/17(Fri)16:23:53 No.144285418

The MSM and public will only be given a few hours of notice on the day of each series of Presidential addresses, and will NOT be given details or talking points in advance….


Anonymous (ID: vy3Y5hFc) 10/06/17(Fri)16:35:50 No.144287016▶>>144287696 >>144287771 >>144288850

The goal is that when it’s all said and done, there will be no room for question, when it comes to the people.

He won’t have to disclose shit like 9/11, OKC, Vegas, Voter Fraud, Russia hacks or collusion, elections rigging, etc. specifically.

When he’s done, it will be a literal “mic drop” on the world’s stage.

No one ever again will have the ability to question who’s responsible for, involved coordinating, etc. ANYTHING that has ever happened and been considered a “conspiracy theory”, ever again.

When he’s done, the entire world will just KNOW IT ALL. It really is THAT all-encompassing.

Like Trump says, “you’ll see”. It just has to happen. We cannot be derailed. Ever again.


[from another poster: Can you give us any indication on timing of when these disclosures will occur? Within days? Weeks? Months? Years?]

Anonymous (ID: vy3Y5hFc) 10/06/17(Fri)16:51:57 No.144289068

Soon, but I won’t pin myself to anything more than that because I literally can’t.

2.5 weeks ago, I’d have said within 72 hours about this if I didn’t know better. You’d then, would’ve called me a larp, and rightfully so, no?!

I would’ve been wrong thanks to what we now call, a “Vegas attack”. 8 weeks ago, I would’ve said it would happen within the week, with 100% certainty.

I’d have bet my entire career on it and doxxed myself to prove my credibility… but alas, I’ve drudged through this “swamp” long enough to know that “timeframes” mean nothing.

Scheduled dates on a POTUS’s calendar mean nothing. Literally ever.

It is a full on hourly, daily, weekly race to the finish… truth or corruption wins -whoever gets there first….


Anonymous (ID: vy3Y5hFc) 10/06/17(Fri)17:15:59 No.144291647▶>>144292168 >>144292334 >>144292723 >>144294763 >>144296223

How about before doubting me, you first roll up your sleeves and dig into the formatting and protocol of a Presidential Address.

Then, maybe you could slap your thinking cap on and ask yourself, “How else would a President formally address the entire American public at once, live and completely unedited, unfiltered and uncut, by the MSM and their corporate networks?”

Let me do half the homework for the slow in the back (you).

When the President of the United States formally announces he will be making an official Presidential Address to the American public, the networks have to cover and broadcast it, unedited, unfiltered, uncut and IN FULL, from the time he starts until he’s left the podium.

No broadcasting breaks, no side commentary, no commercials. Complete network silence when he speaks.

This same protocol and procedure was initiated around radio broadcasted Presidential addresses.

It was legally protected so that station owners couldn’t take advantage of the big crowds they knew would be tuning in, by selling and cutting to ads in the middle of the President’s speeches.


Anonymous (ID: vy3Y5hFc) 10/06/17(Fri)17:35:26 No.144293569

I know it sounds ridiculous but that’s simply because I’m trying to convey the broadness and scope of what will be publicly disclosed.

My only point is that after it’s all over, no one will be able to turn away from the truth.

The masses will never again be able to claim with 100% certainty that 9/11 DIDN’T have inside, US-sponsored and funded, department/agency coordination, allocated resources and assistance.

No one will EVER be able to NOT believe that our own f–ing agencies and departments and former admins. didn’t play a huge role in shit like JFK, OKC, 9/11, ISIS, Pizza, Vegas, etc.


They won’t be able to turn a blind eye to what they consider “conspiracy theories” today, simply because the MSM told them to.

The only thing that everyone will be able to agree on when it’s all said and done is that we’ve all been horrifically lied to on incomprehensible levels.

Nothing we’ve been led to perceive as our “reality” for generations — since the very f–ing day GHB was sworn into the admin as Director of the CIA — has been the whole truth and nothing but.

No one will be able to use ignorance as an excuse anymore.

The people think they’re in charge?! Haha, well now Trump is going to give it to them.

He’s going to give us all the f–ing transparency we can handle and when he does?! That’s when you’ll truly see what “we, the people” are made of.

You’ll have people who can’t handle it, begging to give the truth BACK to the admin.


I want to make sure I’m being clear here, too…

When I use terms like “disclose”, “reality”, etc. I am in NO WAY IMPLYING Trump is disclosing any of that stuff y’all bring up like “aliens”, “Antarctica”, etc.

Not saying I don’t personally believe in some of it, but that’s not the “storm” that’s coming. Just to clarify…

[from another poster: Well that’s just it, isn’t it? Meganon said that Trump is preparing for 3 disclosures.

Ok, so if thats the case then what can he say that will ultimately reveal any conspiracy theory ever created?

It has to be pretty damn huge. What could that entail?]

Anonymous (ID: vy3Y5hFc) 10/06/17(Fri)17:49:05 No.144294885

For f—s sakes /pol/. You f–ing suck. 3 different disclosures…

A 3 letter (federal) agency
A 3 letter (central) department
And 3 letter (federally sanctioned) economic org.


[DW: It seems obvious that he is talking here about the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Reserve.]

Once you’re given the truth, the credibility and validity of all 3 will be erased for the last almost 60 years.

If you’re not picking up what I’m laying down, then I don’t know what else to tell you.



Although this is only speculation, it is interesting to point out that the very next day after Trump made his cryptic remarks and these comments appeared, a fire broke out at the Fed.

Here is a Zero Hedge article on it right after it happened.

10/7: Fire Breaks Out on the Roof of the NY Fed

Dozens of firefighters are fighting a blaze which broke out on the top of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, NBC New York reports.

The fire broke out sometime before 8:40 p.m. on the roof of the 14-story building at 33 Liberty St. in Lower Manhattan….

Contrary to recurring rumors that the fire was created from excess money creation, the FDNY said that a generator on the roof of the building caused the fire in a chimney, although the severity of the damage to the building is not known.


It is possible that these disclosures were taken seriously enough to lead to an emergency bonfire of incriminating documents right on the roof of the building.



At this point anything is possible. MegaAnon built excessive credibility on 4Chan and the expanded version of his writings clearly sounds like a person who is telling the truth.

After vetting out insiders for more than two decades, there are multiple ways to identify the real ones from the fakes.

MegaAnon has multiple, interconnecting clues that show he is definitely real. That means, to me, that he believes what he is saying is true.

That also suggests something much bigger is behind it — namely the Alliance.

His brief comments on “Aliens and Antarctica” definitely show his Alliance group is aware of the work we have been doing here.

I actually think it adds credibility rather than detracts from it that he does not agree anything is coming up around these subjects.

His group appears to be working on one very important piece, and other groups are tackling it in other ways.



With an anticipated disclosure announcement occurring tomorrow afternoon, we are seeing things heating up very dramatically.

We do know that the Las Vegas shootings appear to be a “false flag” operation that was horribly botched.

The shooter did apparently fire at nearby fuel tanks in his first salvo, hoping for a Hollywood-style mass explosion.

That may be one aspect of what MegaAnon was referring to as a “much bigger event” that was planned. Thankfully, it did not work.

There is much more to this story, including countless eyewitness reports of as many as seven different shooters.

If Trump really is planning a “Drop the Mic Moment,” it is logical to see that the Vegas shootings could have been intended to throw it off.

By boldly investigating the facts surrounding this case, you can become part of the solution we all want to see.

Spread the word — and let’s hope the details these insiders are risking their lives to share with us will actually come to pass. 



Thanks to our army of Internet sleuths out there, a user calling himself MindBodySpiritComplx revealed another example of “predictive programming.”

I never watched the movie Mars Attacks?,  considering it hateful propaganda against all extraterrestrial life, but if I had, I would undoubtedly have noticed this.

The finale of the movie has a scene where a UFO attacks a crowd — attending a concert in the exact location of the Vegas shootings.

This is another very clear sign of the Cabal doing their usual dirty tricks. Check it out:


#9 MindBodySpiritComplx 2017-10-11 04:13

Las Vegas Shooting foretold by Mars Attacks Movie?

Mars Attacks (1996) now in hindsight looks like it foretold the Las Vegas Shooting in a fever dream version of events.

There is the scene of the Martians attacking the crowd pretty much in the location of the LV shooting (Luxor pyramid hotel in background).

There is the Country music connection: the victims were attending a country music concert – in the movie the Martians can only be defeated by blaring a country singer’s (Slim Whitman) music at them.

And finally there were those utterly bizarre headlines quoting the shooter’s brother Eric Hudson Paddock of Orlando, Florida (wrongly) as saying in an NBC News interview: “Mars just fell into the earth,” “We’re completely dumbfounded.”



More at this link:…/pg1


This article is growing faster in views than almost anything we’ve ever done. I thank you for spreading the word before we get hacked again.

Let’s all pray and meditate for the positive outcome we desire!

We are observing a fight to the death between the Alliance and the Cabal.

You may not like various aspects of the Alliance, and I get that… but let’s be glad that someone is stepping up and doing this.

I am doing my part. Thank you for doing yours!



This article has taken off like wildfire, amassing over 70,000 unique views in just over ten hours — after being published in the middle of the night.

I popped in after a few hours of sleep to proofread, and when I did, the hit counter was at 30,800.

It wasn’t a huge “number synchronicity,” just with three repeating zeroes, but I did document it for possible future publication:



After an extended second cycle of sleep, from having worked non-stop on this for three days, I woke up and checked it again around 9:45 AM.

I made one very minor proofreading edit, hit Publish and what waited for me was a hit counter of 72224 — and it was also content number 1220:



Those are strong affirmations that something very positive is heading our way. It is a consistent phenomenon when I write articles. I don’t have to “work” for it. These patterns simply appear.

The most recent one had to be even more precision-calibrated than usual since the hit counter is flying up so fast.

The window for this to have worked by seemingly “random chance” had to be fractions of a second. So I am impressed.



I just uploaded the above, read a bit and then realized I needed to add in this link, where the Las Vegas sheriff confirmed there had to be multiple shooters.

After popping that link in and hitting Publish, I discovered that the time on the server was 12:12:08, even though my local time was 10:12 and I had no way of knowing that this would happen:



The article itself was written on 10/10, though I again did not think of that or plan it in advance.

Very cool… I uploaded the above, came back to the article, and after refreshing it, there was a 777, in the form of 77731.

The hit counter again was moving really fast, so this was a very precise moment.



Many brave souls have been fighting the Cabal behind the scenes while those they are fighting for wonder if they even exist, or are doing a good job.

I am very enthused by finding independent insider sources who are now saying the same sorts of things we’ve been hearing for years now.

I have no idea how much action we will get off of this Tom DeLonge press conference, but this is quite an intriguing moment we’ve found ourselves in.



I had an important telephone meeting scheduled for noon. Somewhere around 12:20 or so, I decided to check the hit counter on the article.

Right then — boom — it was at 94,333. Given that I was distracted and in the middle of a conversation, this one really impressed me:



Immediately after our call ended at 12:50, I came back here to upload this. There were now three 9s in the hit counter — 97995:



The main headline of Drudge Report is revealing that the Weinstein Hollywood scandal is turning into a wildfire, now engulfing top actor Ben Affleck:



Let’s not forget that Affleck starred in Batman Vs. Superman, arguably one of the most blatantly Luciferian films we’ve ever seen.

Both Superman and Batman are analogized as “Fallen Angels,” whereas Jesse Eisenberg’s character is a Demiurge-styled Jesus figure.

The symbolism is so blatant and in-your-face that you really don’t have to be a scholar to figure it out — and the film did very poorly at the box office.

The Drudge-linked article also reveals that Weinstein is already being implicated in far worse crimes, including forced oral sex.



The positive sentiment from Wonder Woman is now being used to promote the upcoming Justice League film, which will probably have more propaganda.

Also of key interest is that Weinstein’s company produced the film Regression.



This film features what appear to be very compelling and disturbing scenes where a satanic cult is involved in ritually abusing Emma Watson and others.

Let’s not forget that Emma starred prominently in the Harry Potter series as Hermione Granger, and those films are filled to the bursting-point with this symbolism.



The movie ends up shocking the viewer with an epic twist that reveals it was all a big fake, invented by Emma’s character.

Then it cuts to a “real world” statement at the end that this so-called “Satanic Panic” was fabricated:


Wikipedia on Weinstein film Regression

The film ends with a statement that many cases like this were reported before the satanic abuse hysteria faded.



As it turns out, there are multiple films in the Weinstein canon that appear to have varying degrees of Cabal propaganda in them.

This is by no means an exclusive list, and I didn’t even bother to include most of the Quentin Tarantino films in this.

Some people see the Tarantino films like Pulp Fiction as a guilty pleasure, but if you go back, watch them and think Cabal, it should be very obvious. 

Here is the list I compiled just from a relatively quick search. Click on the links to read descriptions and most of them should be self-evident:


Weinstein Films

February 9, 2007

Hannibal Rising

March 23, 2007


June 22, 2007


August 31, 2007


November 21, 2007

The Mist

August 28, 2009

Halloween II

February 22, 2013

Dark Skies

February 7, 2014

Vampire Academy

August 15, 2014

The Giver

August 22, 2014

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

March 13, 2015


February 5, 2016


January 20, 2017

The Founder

March 30, 2018

Mary Magdalene


List of Miramax films (Pre-Weinstein Group)

[Includes the Tarantino canon]

May 11, 1994

The Crow

October 14, 1994

Pulp Fiction



The film The Founder is about Ray Kroc, who founded McDonald’s.

In it, they talk about Mc Donald’s restaurants being the “new church.”

They also speak very admirably about Kroc defrauding the McDonald’s family out of more than 100 million dollars.

The Giver is a film featuring a society that has already entered into a totalitarian New World Order akin to the Cabal’s greatest hopes.

Eva features a young girl who “teasingly calls [the lead character] a pervert when he admits that he was watching her.”

Many of Weinstein’s films do not feature any propaganda, so I don’t know how involved in all of this he really is. I see him as “the muscle”.

Others are far more devout and hardly ever allow a movie to come out without a very strong Cabal message in it.

Weinstein may have been “leaned on” to release certain films. He certainly is comfortable with green-lighting many others that have no propaganda.

Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess… but we definitely may be living in interesting times.



I added the above on the Weinstein films, checked it to make sure it looked right, and another synchronicity number emerged — 102220:



And then again after posting this and checking it — 102777:



Look alive, my friend. We have waited our whole lives for this and things are moving very fast.

By stepping up and fearlessly doing your part to spread the news, you are directly helping ensure we get through this with minimal losses of life.



I still haven’t seen the disclosure event yet, but here is Corey Goode’s official statement on what he just saw:


What was unsaid is that such individuals have worked in classified aerospace projects where these very space-time technologies have been successfully developed, and are operational in secret space programs, as insiders including former aerospace engineer, William Tompkins, have been revealing.

Last year, DeLonge met with Tompkins, who recently passed away on August 21, 2017.

After hearing some of Tompkins’ testimony about an alleged US Navy Secret Space Program, DeLonge got up and left the meeting which was also attended by former McDonnel Douglas scientist, Dr. Robert Wood, who has played an important role in verifying Tompkins’ information.

Thus it appears that DeLonge couldn’t believe that his team of government and military insiders would have been denied knowledge of such a Navy run space program if it was genuine.

Nevertheless, evidence continues to grow that both the Navy and US Air Force have their own separate aerospace programs using space-time technologies.


[FURTHER UPDATE: This was actually written by Michael Salla here:]


It almost gets silly after a while. I added Corey Goode’s statement, came back to proofread it, and there it was: 111203.



I see this as a powerful sign that the higher forces have our backs.

I posted this in and then there was another one:



Pete Peterson has been giving all sorts of “Big Hints” lately, without specifics, that something very major is right on the brink of happening.

This could involve a currency reset, among other things, he said. That fits in with what MegaAnon had to say.

Things are moving so fast that I may need to do more updates, so keep checking back.



Comments #121 and 122 from ‘Michael’ revealed another very intense example of “predictive programming” in a Hollywood film:


#121 Michael 2017-10-12 08:15

Another disturbing point, I don’t know if anyone brought it up yet, is the song at the intro of the movie The Hangover, entitled ‘Thirteen’, by the band Danzig, from their album entitled ‘6:66 Satan’s Child’.

In the opening of the movie, just as the camera pans over the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Vegas, you hear the lyrics “Got a number 13 tattooed on my neck”!…


#122 Michael 2017-10-12 08:23

Just to say again, on the youtube link of The Hangover into it occurs at 1:11 (!):


Michael is correct. Three scenes of the film are displayed as we hear the lyrics “Got a number 13 tattooed on my neck” in a gravelly voice.

The first scene pans across the Mandalay Bay Hotel, right at the floor numbers where the shooting took place, as you can see below.

You can see the Masonic square-shaped Excalibur Hotel below the word Jeffrey.

Furthemrore, to the right we see an obelisk-styled imitation Eiffel Tower building:



We then cut to a building that has the Roman architecture, with the two Masonic pillars very tall and prominent.

We see winged angels with trumpets, which could indicate the “Fallen Angels” in the Cabal’s system of beliefs.

In the foreground is a chimera — a part-animal, part-winged creature.

This again suggests Baphomet and / or Lucifer is being implied:



Then right after the lyrics play out, we see the same obelisk / Eiffel Tower much more closely:



The scene after this has a man in stone with his arms extended in a Jesus-like pose, possibly indicative of their view of the Demiurge.

This idea is bolstered by the fact that it then immediately cuts to scenes of the seedy side of Vegas, with “Live Nude Girls” and so forth.

The implication, from a Cabal point of view, is that the restrictive sexual taboos of the Demiurge led to the creation of this Sin City.

It is possible that Stephen Paddock was a fan of The Hangover and had 13 tattooed on his neck, either temporarily and permanently, because of this scene.

Nonetheless, this is another significant point that further adds weight to the idea of this being a staged event littered with “predictive programming.”



Another potentially significant point is that Baxter Dmitriy of YourNewsWire claims to have been contacted by LAPD insiders regarding Hugh Hefner’s death.

I have read enough other articles from Dmitriy that he does not jump out as a purveyor of “fake news.” He does appear to be a legitimate journalist.

He has built enough credibility that it is entirely possible for an insider of this caliber to have approached him with intel for him to leak.

The story seems more likely to be true in the aftermath of the Weinstein allegations, the Vegas “mass distraction” shooting and multiple insider suggestions that a major Cabal expose’ is imminent.

We have shortened it to get to the point, and as usual you can click on the link to read the rest:


9/29: LAPD Insider Source Says ‘Pedophile’ Hugh Hefner Was Murdered

Police have reportedly launched a murder inquiry into the death of Hugh Hefner, with insiders believing it is “extremely likely” the Playboy founder was silenced before he could name Hollywood elite pedophiles as part of a plea deal. 

Hugh Hefner was found dead in suspicious circumstances on Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles, just days before he was set to be arrested on child sex charges, according to a Los Angeles police source.

Hefner had been dealing with police on a daily basis for the past three weeks, trying to work out a plea deal, after an investigation, launched in 2009 after a lawsuit was filed against Hefner, suddenly “went hot.”

The 2009 case went nowhere. We just couldn’t prove anything. There was plenty of circumstantial evidence, but ultimately it just boiled down to her word versus his,” the LAPD source says.


The 2009 case was launched by Sheri Allred, a Los Angeles native, who alleged that Hugh Hefner raped her when she was 5 years old.

But in August this year, the case was re-opened after “a significant number of similar complaints were filed.

“After questioning Mr Hefner we understood that he had mountains of incriminating personal information about a powerful group of Hollywood pedophiles.

We are talking about dead girls on altars, women being caged and tortured for years, Hollywood execs filming each other performing the vilest acts for blackmail, as the most evil acts are always done on the most innocent.


We were building up to one of the biggest pedophile raids in history, certainly the biggest in this city in my lifetime.

“We were working out a plea deal with him, so we could get our hands on the physical evidence and really go after the pedophiles, but then we found him dead.


Let me beat any skeptics to the punch by saying that the Sheri Allred letter has undeniable signs that she suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, if you read the link.

That doesn’t mean the abuse didn’t happen. In fact, abuse of this nature can be “schizophrenogenic,” as in it actually causes the problem to occur.

It seems the police didn’t take her seriously until “a significant number of similar complaints were filed,” as was said.



The craziest part of the story is that Hugh Hefner had a spinoff magazine called Sugar and Spice that provably published kiddie porn in 1975.

Brooke Shields posed for 12 naked pictures at age 10 in 1975, and was paid 450 dollars for them. Lawsuits to restrict their sale went nowhere for many years.

This article in The Guardian confirms the photo shoot:


10/2/09: Brooke Shields Pictured Nude In Hefner Publication at 10 Years of Age

It shows a 10-year-old Shields, oiled and glistening, naked and made-up, posing in a marble bathtub with a seductive danger that belies her years….

The original picture, for which Shields was paid $450, was taken by fashion photographer Garry Gross in 1975 for a Playboy publication titled Sugar and Spice.

It was one of a dozen images of Shields designed, according to Gross, to reveal the not-so-latent sexuality of the prepubescent child.



Hugh Hefner would have been a staggeringly high-level whistleblower to come forward with information of this nature. It is quite possible he was murdered.

However, the more the Cabal does these sorts of things, the faster they will inspire the Alliance to take decisive action.

We are putting this article to rest for now and will continue with further information in later updates.

I was specifically advised NOT to cover any eyewitnesses to multiple shooters by name here, as they could easily be targeted out of spite if I do.

There is so much good journalism out there about the inaccuracies of this event that you should have no trouble digging up plenty more data.

Thank you again for spreading the word.

This is by far the fastest-growing article we have ever written, getting numbers that greatly exceed the majority of today’s mainstream media. 



“Baxter Dmitriy” unfortunately may be skillful, high-volume disinformation. I do deeply apologize for not having done more research on this one first. 

I feel terribly for including that in amidst such otherwise meticulous research. It may still be true, and the timing of these events is very interesting to say the least. 

I have definitely seen articles under the Baxter Dmitriy name in the past that appeared to be credible and had links to outside sources.

However, after doing some further checking, I just caught him in an obvious lie that needs to be explained.

A website with too many articles that have sensational alleged quotes with no external sources whatsoever raises huge red flags.

The site called Neon Nettle is constantly being updated, on a daily basis, with headlines and content that all sound amazing… but have NO sources or links to the key quotes.

Unfortunately I have seen many people get sucked in by it, because they are hearing what they want to hear. Often it involves alleged statements by major celebrities.

I decided to do a brief cross-comparative analysis between headlines on the obviously fake Neon Nettle and headlines by Baxter Dmitriy on YourNewsWire.

Guess what?



“Jay Greenberg” on Neon Nettle wrote almost exactly the same fake article on Robert Downey Jr. as “Baxter Dmitriy” on YourNewsWire.

The alleged fake quotes from RDJ were nearly identical. Yet, these articles did not source each other. Why? They are worded only slightly differently.

If they linked to each other, the scam would be too obvious. I have included just the beginning of each one so you can start to see what is happening:

10/12: Robert Downey Jr.: Las Vegas Shooting Was “Illuminati Blood Sacrifice” (“Jay Greenberg”)

Movie star Robert Downey Jr. has spoken out to reveal that the Las Vegas shooting was a “Satanic blood sacrifice to please occult interests” of “the Illuminati”.

The Iron Man star claims the social and political elite is now living in fear of Donald Trump’s attempts to drain the swamp, including his strong campaign to take down the pedophile rings that have infested the United States.

10/12: Robert Downey Jr.: Las Vegas Shooting Was “Satanic Blood Sacrifice” (“Baxter Dmitriy”)

The Las Vegas shooting was a “Satanic blood sacrifice to please occult interests“, according to Robert Downey Jr.,

who claims the establishment elite are now living in fear of President Donald Trump’s attempts to drain the swamp, including his strong campaign to arrest pedophiles.


The articles go on to have the same alleged quotes from RDJ, almost word for word.

Neon Nettle posts dozens of these sorts of things, with really big names allegedly saying what we’ve always hoped they would.

Too many of the same type of articles, with no one else speaking up about it and no quote to an interview, video or outside article, means it’s probably not true.

The term “Neon Nettle” is also an inside joke. A nettle will hurt you if you touch it. Neon is associated with bright signs that draw you in to a destination.



I did notice in reading these articles that they do drop in truthful information.

The people reading them are indeed getting an education in the ugly side of what is going on here.

The Baxter Dmitriy article I quoted from did point out that Hefner had a magazine that featured a naked 10-year-old Brooke Shields in it, as an example.

That was critical new intel I didn’t have before, at a time where it really matters.

The alleged Robert Downey Jr. article points out various false flags, including JFK, MLK, the US Liberty and 9/11, and gives ideas of what may have really happened.

So let’s be clear: this may be the Alliance trying to saturate the internet with articles that inform and enrage the public even if they are not strictly correct.

It could also be the Cabal, trying to drown us in an ocean of disinformation so no one knows what to believe anymore.

These could be “honey traps” that then allow someone else to come in and do the work I just did.

I caught it quickly and I again am deeply sorry for not having checked it before. These sites pump out TONS of content and that makes the name seem familiar.



Despite this one link at the end being of strongly questionable validity, the overall phenomenon that is happening is very, very real.

The number of Harvey Weinstein victims is racking up so fast I can barely keep track of it.

The insiders we have linked to on 4Chan do not at all appear to be passing along disinformation. They spend years establishing credibility in some cases.

The 4Chan leak on 9/11 accurately predicted the Vegas shootings in advance.

The 4Chan leak on the apparent, planned Trump speech blasting the Cabal had dozens of key elements I look for in validating an insider.

The shootings were real. They stink to high heaven. The Weinstein thing was not a brief headline that disappeared in the trauma. It has caught on like wildfire.

We have said for years now that the Cabal would attempt a “Partial Disclosure” of UFOs when they are very close to defeat, for mass distraction.

That now appears to be happening.

So as warriors of Truth, we all have to be extremely careful right now and exercise discernment like never before.



One final interesting note is that when I popped in here to check on the hit counter before bed last night, synchronicity struck again at 187333.

The whole thing is so bizarre that I literally laughed out loud, and took a picture of it:



Let’s all do our part to continue the momentum forward… and create the tangible change our planet needs for our survival as a species.



I have a very busy weekend and won’t be able to do something like this again for at least a few days.

For those who are still checking back, Reddit has a thread showing where MegAnon is continuing to provide leaks:

Also, Vigilant Citizen finally released a long-awaited update after all of these events took place. There are some new insights here on Weinstein: