The Ascension Mysteries has sold 5,465 total units as of a week after its release, making it the 11th most popular book in the world according to actual sales data!

Hillary and her running mate Kaine’s new book, Stronger Together, only sold 2,912 units as of its first week. 

What the…. ?

A top candidate for an imminent American election, with perpetual media coverage and massive marketing dollars, only sold half as many copies as our book?

The Ascension Mysteries sits comfortably at #11, based on real-world sales data from the Nielsen ratings, which appears in the Publisher’s Weekly list.

Why, then, did The Ascension Mysteries not appear anywhere on the New York Times list — particularly since the PW and NYT lists share 12 out of 20 titles?

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Bad dreams about reptilians, new images… and lots more in the Hillary section, which got a huge update once we had good internet service!



The Ascension Mysteries has performed nearly twice as well as our previous book, The Synchronicity Key, did after its first week.

The Synchronicity Key also debuted higher on the New York Times best-seller list than our first book, The Source Field Investigations, had.

This sizable achievement wouldn’t have been possible without your awesome support — and for that I sincerely thank you!

At the same time, for some inexplicable reason, all we have heard from the New York Times best-seller list, for two weeks running, is crickets.

Our publisher called them up to ask what was going on, and their answer was essentially, “Sorry, you didn’t make it.”

This cannot be based on actual sales figures — so what the heck is going on here?



Publishing industry insiders rely on the Nielsen ratings to tell them which titles are the top sellers in the world, based on actual sales numbers.

In order to see the entire Nielsen BookScan database, you have to go through an intensive process including paying fees and a complex, personal registration.

However, the top-selling books in the Nielsen BookScan database appear, along with their accurate sales numbers, on the Publisher’s Weekly best-seller list.

This allows you to see “who’s who in the zoo” without having to pay monthly fees, get an insider’s certification and give up all your personal information.

As you can see below, The Ascension Mysteries came in at an astonishing #11 out of all books in the entire Nielsen database, at 5,465 units:



The link where this data is currently visible is, although it changes every week.

The category you are seeing above is Hardcover Nonfiction — and there we are at #11.

We took a snapshot of our ranking to commemorate this achievement!



I started suspecting trouble when we found out we had not hit the New York Times best-seller list after the first week.

That was last Wednesday, September 7th. I did not make a big stink about it at the time, and instead chose to hold tight.

The Source Field Investigations did not appear on the NYT list until the second week, so this gave us some reason for hope.

At that time, the NYT said they had to calculate the difference between online sales and the other methods they use to create their rankings.

Supposedly, online sales is still a new and mysterious territory for them, and therefore those sales do not count as highly as their other methods.

Nonetheless, since we demolished the numbers for The Synchronicity Key by nearly double, it seemed like we had it in the bag.

I had this gnawing feeling that we weren’t going to get it, though. I was quite disappointed to find out that my intuitive data was accurate in this case.



Now we will look at the same category of Hardcover Nonfiction for the same timeframe, but this time on the New York Times best-seller list.

This list changes weekly, but you can see it in its current form at

Here is the full list for the same time period:




The most astonishing part of this “mystery” is what happens when we compare the titles on the New York Times list with the titles on the Publisher’s Weekly list.

Here are the top 20 books from both lists, with the New York Times on the left and the Nielsen / Publisher’s Weekly rank on the right:


  1. The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo (Both)
  2. Hillbilly Elegy (Both)
  3. Between the World and Me / When Breath Becomes Air
  4. When Breath Becomes Air / Clean House: Exposing Govt Secrets and Lies
  5. Armageddon / Present Over Perfect
  6. Hamilton / In Trump We Trust
  7. The Perfect Horse / Hillary’s America
  8. Grit / Hamilton
  9. White Trash / Armageddon
  10. Crisis of Character / The Perfect Horse
  11. Shoe Dog / The Ascension Mysteries
  12. Being Mortal / Guinness World Records 2017
  13. Trump Revealed / Crisis of Character
  14. The Kingdom of Speech / Trump Revealed
  15. American Heiress / Grit
  16. Hillary’s America / Calming Therapy
  17. In Trump We Trust / Liars
  18. Liars / Art of Coloring
  19. Tribe / White Trash
  20. Powerhouse / Cookin’ It With Kix



As you can see, out of a total of 20 slots, fully 12 of the same books appear on both lists.

Here they are:

  • The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo
  • Hillbilly Elegy
  • When Breath Becomes Air
  • Armageddon
  • Hamilton
  • In Trump We Trust
  • The Perfect Horse
  • Hillary’s America
  • Grit
  • White Trash
  • Crisis of Character
  • Liars


Additionally, Shoe Dog shares the same slot on the NYT as The Ascension Mysteries did in the Nielsen ratings, #11, but appears at #24 on Publisher’s Weekly. 



Next, let’s take a look at the 12th through 20th slots on the Publisher’s Weekly list.

Pay particular attention to the total number of sales in the last week for each of these titles:



Although The Ascension Mysteries came in at 5,386 total units by the first week alone, it was beaten on the NYT list by:

Crisis of Character at 4,746 units

Grit at 3,918 units

Liars at 3,861 units

White Trash at 3,643 units


Grit came in at #8 on the New York Times best-seller list. White Trash came in at #9, and Crisis of Character rounded it out at #10.

The lowest-ranking book among these four on the New York Times best-seller list was Liars, at #18.

If 3,861 units can get you a #18 ranking, then why did The Ascension Mysteries get nothing at all after 5,386 units — fully 1,525 more books?

How did we beat #8 on the New York Times best-seller list, Grit, by 1,468 units, and still not appear anywhere whatsoever on the entire list?

If these lists were in any way related to voting, where actual sales figures count as votes, then this would appear to be a rigged election.



The Ascension Mysteries exposes hardcore government conspiracies, including mass-media manipulation and indoctrination.

We have heard directly from multiple insiders that a wide variety of “forbidden” intel appears throughout the book, and particularly in the second half.

It would be easy to assume that “someone on the inside” — i.e. the Cabal — made damn sure The Ascension Mysteries would never appear on the NYT list.

The NYT does not publish how they determine who gets on their list. Their techniques are mysterious and their answers are vague.

Within the “fine print” of how they determine what goes on the list, we see the following:

The sales venues for print books include independent book retailers; national, regional and local chains; online and multimedia entertainment retailers; university, gift, supermarket and dis­count department stores; and newsstands.


It is therefore possible that this is not the result of any conspiracy, but is just a function of their not “weighing” online sales anywhere near as heavily.

At the same time, the total secrecy in which the ranking system takes place allows for the possibility that “edits” could be made.



We have a raft of great radio shows coming up for you to enjoy this week.

Those shows will expose many new listeners to the book, and get them interested in ordering a copy.

It will also be great for you to hear if you are a fan of this work, as all of these interviews thus far have been excellent.

Additionally, we have two different major public figures who are on the verge of stepping forward to help us out.

I will refrain from naming either of them until they take decisive action, but if they do both help out, we could still hit the list.

Again, the reason why this is important is not about making money — it is about the credibility that a New York Times best-seller ranking confers.



Hillary and her running mate Kaine’s book came out just a week after The Ascension Mysteries did.

As of right now, Hillary’s book has 106 reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of two stars.

As of this same moment, The Ascension Mysteries has 234 customer reviews — over twice as many — with an average rating of five stars.





We published this article in the mountainous wilderness of Canada, on my annual September trip.

I wasn’t able to see it online after publishing it, since internet access here is highly restricted. The page wouldn’t load.

Now this morning, very early, it’s fine — and I realized the numbers were hard to see.

Both books have gotten more reviews just since last night, and particularly Hillary’s — after its failure became a top story on Drudge Report.

That is exactly the type of publicity Hillary doesn’t want.

The book went from 108 to 173 reviews, and its ranking dropped from two stars to an abysmal one and a half:




Here is the 235th review that just came in since we first published this article last night.

This is a totally random sample and just happens to have been the most recent one as of right now.

It is from Jason Parsley on September 15, 2016, entitled “A Meticulously Researched Book of Good Info:”


The Ascension Mysteries is one of the most anticipated releases of 2016. I couldn’t wait for this book to come out and David delivered!

The first half shows the reader David’s personal struggles to find his truth. This is an inspiring section that humanizes this great researcher and thinker. I got a lot out of this section as it adds to Wilcock’s credibility and it offers a blueprint for redemption and spiritual growth.

The second half of the book is an excellent overview and update. Old fans will be more than pleased as it ties together many data points David has hinted at in his updates and interviews.

New fans will be blown away by David’s rigorous research and credible reporting. Wilcock provides us with an excellent updated history of the solar system and a good survey of our current situation.

I got a lot out of the book on multiple levels. (FIVE STARS)



The Ascension Mysteries debuted with 5,386 sales, whereas Stronger Together only had 2,912 sales on its release.

Stronger Together is supposed to be the definitive collection of policies for how a top Presidential candidate will run the country if she wins.

This astonishingly bleak performance led The Week to dub Hillary’s new book as “a certifiable flop by publishing industry standards.”

You can see the article at




Never in my wildest imagination would I have believed that something like this would happen.

Hillary is getting wall-to-wall mainstream media coverage, whereas The Ascension Mysteries and its writer does not exist in that world whatsoever — obviously.

Hillary has millions of dollars of campaign cash behind her to market this book — and yet we sold almost twice as many copies upon release.

Stronger Together debuted with 2,912 units sold and we came in with 5,386.

Had we sold a mere 438 additional books in the first week, we would have literally doubled the performance of Stronger Together.



This entire election has become nothing less than a surrealistic acid trip — and these numbers only make it even more outrageous.

Hillary’s running mate, Kaine, happens to have a last name almost identical to that of Cain.

In the Bible, Eve has two children — Cain and Abel — and Cain ends up murdering his brother.



In Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal, now with over 425,000 unique views, we reveal how this group believes Cain was Eve’s child with Lucifer.

[I consider this article to be “required reading”, particularly if you have read The Ascension Mysteries. It goes into critical details that are not in the book.]

Click here to go directly to the “Bloodline of Cain” section of this investigation, which I wrote in October 2014.



Eve was tempted by the “serpent” in the garden. Instead of being a snake, this was believed to be an extraterrestrial.

Biting the apple was actually a sexual metaphor.


Scene from the movie “Noah” — intercutting an apple that “breathes” on the vine with serpent symbolism.



This story was given a very in-your-face treatment in the recent Hollywood film Noah, which was very different from the account most people are familiar with.



The insider “Bruce,” who greatly helped me with intel in The Ascension Mysteries, was the first to reveal the secrets of the Cain bloodline to me.

At some point I suddenly thought of a recent election… and he laughed and acknowledged me as I made the connection.



Cabal members are taught in their religion to believe they are all descendants of the bloodline of Cain, and therefore are gods among the rest of us.



So then why, out of all the people Hillary could have picked for her VP running mate, did she choose a man with the name Kaine?



Stronger Together. Teaming up with Kaine. Hmmm. Is this merely a coincidence?



Knowing what I know, and having written a very popular short book about it, I must admit I laughed out loud when I heard the name of her VP pick.



None of this makes sense until you understand a very basic and intrinsic point: This is a religion, and they take it very seriously.

I do support religious freedom, as long as you do not use your beliefs as a weapon that makes you feel entitled to harm others.

This creepy and unfamiliar Cabal religion may be responsible for the following “joke” that was found in the Wikileaks cache of leaked Hillary emails:

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05764911 Date: 07/31/2015

With fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch . . .



This is not exactly the kind of thing most people would just randomly joke about — and yet there it is on Wikileaks.

The Cabal does indeed have a giant statue of the owl-headed god Moloch at Bohemian Grove.

Moloch is an ancient Carthaginian god that appeared to be a giant human with an elongated skull, wearing an owl-like mask, as I discuss in Wisdom Teachings.

The Carthaginians routinely sacrificed human infants to this and other extraterrestrial “gods” such as Baal, who walked among them at that time in history.

The Romans defeated the Carthaginians in the Punic Wars, and insiders believe they absorbed the religions and gods of Carthage as well.

The Cabal still enacts “mock” human sacrifices to Moloch in the “Cremation of Care” ritual to this day.




Yeeikes! Wow. This got dark pretty fast. Now you have a better idea of the challenge the international Alliance has in bringing out full disclosure.

Luciferians have a playful, carefree attitude when they talk about their religion to others. It is very serious and it is also something they laugh about. 

They do not think they are doing anything negative or evil. That is another important point.

They actually believe they are “saving” us from a corrupt god that restricts knowledge, freedom and sexuality.

Nonetheless, their practices and ceremonies can get very dark, as Stanley Kubrick accurately revealed in Eyes Wide Shut.



All of us have had experiences of “coincidence” or synchronicity, showing us a Higher Power exists in the universe.

No matter how dark this stuff may seem, there is an extremely benevolent and positive force in the universe that is protecting us.

The more you learn about this stuff, the more your faith is tested. It can take years to have this new intel fully “seat” in you — where you return to a positive perspective.

The Ascension Mysteries has the subtitle Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil for a reason.

This is not just a story in a book. It is the story of all of us, and of what we are really facing here on earth.

Great leaders like Jesus were right on the money about the practices we need to adopt in order to serve the greatest good and enjoy spiritual protection.

Both sides of this battle ultimately involve ETs of a sort — and various groups on earth are in contact with each side of the conflict.

The choices we make every day — whether to be of service to self or service to others — determine how the global game plays out.



In The Ascension Mysteries, I trace the full history of this extraterrestrial “refugee group,” which may actually have a 500,000-year history in our solar system.

They believe they are the descendants of a group that originated on and around the moons of Saturn — and an exploded planet that is now the Asteroid Belt.

As weird as this sounds, multiple insiders independently confirmed the same story. Ascension Mysteries has the data and images of ET ruins to help prove it.

I will be discussing how all of this ties into the election in three imminently-emerging radio shows — so stay tuned for that!



We have two marvelous aces up our sleeve here, and therefore it is much too early to declare a post-mortem on The Ascension Mysteries for the NYT list.

If either of these guys step up, it seems very likely that we will make it.

The information in the book has the power to dramatically change the world. That is why it is almost entirely receiving five-star reviews.

I thank you again for your support. If you haven’t gotten your hardcover copy yet, please do so.

If you do have a copy and haven’t written an Amazon review yet — which is approximately 5,200 of you out there! — then please do so now.

The Cabal is sure to sweep in with a raft of one-star reviews that try to tell you it is terrible — yet the real people reading it have almost all given it five stars.



I was repeatedly asked by my Higher Self, such as in dreams, to share the personal data that appears in the first half.

This was NOT something that I wanted to do. I bare my soul and share data that is much more private and personal than most people would ever reveal. 

It was very painful to write that section and I even had panic attacks as I was doing it.

Later I would go back and read it with fresh eyes and be able to see it from a vantage point apart from my own experience.

The reason this material was included is that it very poignantly illustrates how the Ascension process actually works in someone’s own life.

It also was intended to reveal that even someone whose life seems completely damaged beyond repair can still turn around and make significant contributions.

The vast majority of the reviewers get it — and a very small number stop reading before the second half and write mud-slinging reviews.

This, again, is why it is important that legitimate reviews from people who “get it,” and read both halves considerately, appear and have a voice.



Regardless of what happens from here on out, there are much bigger things in store for us than a number on a list.

Disclosure is on the way, and with it will come great surprises for everyone.

Those who have been investigating and exposing the truth will find themselves getting lots of unexpected attention from the newly-informed mainstream.

Our insider data suggests that we are finally going to see many of the changes we have been hoping for soon enough.

There is much more to say about all of this, including an analysis of the top films of 2016.

The Alliance has shown its hand in the biggest sci-fi blockbusters of the year like never before.

We will have much more to say on this — very likely through a video — in the not-too-distant future.

Some of that footage was filmed today in one of the most beautiful mountain views in the world, here in Banff, Canada — so stay tuned!



I just woke up with quite the wild dream after writing the original article. The time was 5:16 AM. 

I was helping a dedicated warrior fight a long-term battle against a negative force. At times I became him and at other times he was someone else.

We were never clear — I was never clear — whether what we were fighting was real. Everything appeared to be controlled by a giant serpent.

However, at the very end he was proven shockingly correct. While he was off fighting this battle, he managed to slay this serpent-like dragon.

What he brought back was not in the form of a serpent, however. I saw the bodies of three different types of negative ETs that he had taken out.

They looked somewhat like store-packaged forms of turkeys, including the color and shape. They were also wrapped that way, but these were no turkeys.

The dream ended as we were going to have to figure out how to dispose of the bodies. It was very intense and nasty and I woke up with a start.

It was quite a shock to see him suddenly come back and there they were, fully real and physically dead, right in front of me.

This was obviously related to the contents of the new book and events that we are told are already occurring right now in our present.

I felt that this was one I was intended to share with you, so there you have it. Hopefully the next round will be… more pleasant!




Patterns of repeating digits are often used to convey messages that someone “from above” is guiding us in the work we are doing.

Without any effort, I see patterns of numbers appear when I post updates to these articles.

It just happened again after I alerted everyone on Facebook to the fact that I just made a major update to this entire article.

When I went in there, this was what I saw:



I see this as yet another of so many great examples that we have documented on this site. It is a “Good Job” from the universe!



By the way, I will be speaking at the One Love festival — a sort of Burning Man without the burning — as of the weekend of October 4th in Ojai, CA, north of LA.

I enjoy doing events that mix music and public speaking together, as it creates quite the festive vibe and has great opportunities for people watching and networking.

Don’t miss it!



Lastly, don’t forget to visit our new website,, and enter your email address in for Ascension updates!

Thanks so much!