The Law of One series is the spiritual foundation of everything we do here. On April 1, 2015, the woman who offered herself as the “instrument” for the Law of One material graduated into larger life.

Perhaps as a final testament to the power of synchronicity, her own witty personality and the reality of life after death, she left her physical body on April Fool’s Day.

Even more intriguingly, the logo for her surviving organization, L/L Research, is a sketch of Don Quixote, the classic “fool” in literature and music theater.



This notice is not intended to share grief and pain, but rather to celebrate the light and life of this highly gifted soul and the work she helped to create.

Since I lived and worked in her house for two years and on her land for another year after that, it is also a very personal story for me.

The Law of One has gotten much more interesting in the last five months, and we are only just starting to share all the details of what is going on.

Carla’s transition has become another facet of this continually-evolving storyline. We are happy that she is finally free of the pain she was suffering from.


Carla Lisbeth Rueckert McCarty, 1943-2015



The Law of One series (1981-84) is arguably the platinum standard by which all other modern channeling must be judged.

Carla Rueckert was the “instrument” for this work — a series of 106 question-and-answer sessions with a Ph.D. physicist, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty as the transcriber.

Carla was completely unconscious as her body spoke the words on behalf of a positive, spiritual presence. She did not remember anything she had said upon awakening.

In her everyday life, she was a devout Christian, attending services and singing in the choir at the local Episcopal church in Anchorage, Kentucky.

The source itself claimed to be an entire planet worth of people like us that had fused into a “social memory complex” and was now in “sixth density”, as opposed to our own 3D reality.



The source named itself as Ra. They explained that they gave positively-oriented esoteric material to the Egyptians that was quickly distorted to the negative.

This was a terrible misunderstanding that bound this group to the earth in service — and inadvertently created what we now call the Illuminati.

Many of the Illuminati symbols we now see, including the All-Seeing Eye, were originally given to us by Ra, and were intended for positive purposes.

The All-Seeing Eye represents the pineal gland or “third eye” that I discuss in The Source Field Investigations and my classic video 2012 Enigma.

There is nothing inherently negative about the pineal gland. It is our body’s own physiological stargate — an organ that opens trans-dimensional portals.

The “priests and peoples of the era” quickly distorted the positive message that Ra had given us, which also included the construction of the Great Pyramid.



Ra began explaining what happened in the very first session of the Law of One, from January 15, 1981. It was in response to the fifth question Don asked.

1.5 Questioner: Could you give me a little more detail about your role with the Egyptians?

Ra: I am Ra. The identity of the vibration Ra is our identity. We as a group, or what you would call a social memory complex, made contact with a race of your planetary kind which you call Egyptians.

Others from our density made contact at the same time in South America, and the so-called “lost cities” were their attempts to contribute to the Law of One.

We spoke to one who heard and understood and was in a position to decree the Law of One.

However, the priests and peoples of that era quickly distorted our message, robbing it of the, shall we say, compassion with which unity is informed by its very nature.

Since it contains all, it cannot abhor [hate] any.

When we were no longer able to have appropriate channels through which to enunciate the Law of One, we removed ourselves from the now hypocritical position which we had allowed ourselves to be placed in.



Dramatic, even astonishing new developments have appeared, just since December 2014, suggesting Ra has returned to help us defeat this “negative elite” or “Cabal.”

My own dreams asked me to personally take on the fight against the Cabal in a very public way since October 2011, earning numerous death threats.

This included writing a full-length, free online book, Financial Tyranny, exposing their deepest secrets, with 1,926,160 unique views and 17,119 Facebook Likes as of this writing.

Financial Tyranny included the seemingly “unimaginable” idea that the same secretive group of Wall Street bankers owned and financed both sides of World Wars I and II.

Their purpose, apparently, was to create a “New World Order” where we would all serve them as mindless, robotic slaves — with a much smaller population.

A year after Financial Tyranny was published, I was invited to star in two different three-hour Russian documentaries based on this same material.

These shows had estimated audiences of 23 million people each, and were very popular throughout all the Russian-speaking countries.

Some people know me predominantly for this work. Some wish I would do more of it, whereas others want me to stop doing it altogether.



We can all look forward to a “Golden Age” of peace and prosperity — a literal transfiguration of what it means to be human — once we get through this change.

This evolutionary leap was precisely spelled out in the Law of One series, as well as a timeline that focused around the year 2012 as the transition point.

The Mayan Calendar end-date was not mentioned. They also said this was only an approximate date, and until “it” actually happened, estimates were meaningless.

Furthermore, we are dealing with a 25,920-year cycle. A five-year ‘error’ would only be 0.01 percent of the entire length of the cycle.

Based on everything that we now know, the “quantum leap” they were referring to has not yet happened. Yet there are incredible signs that we are building up to something profoundly significant.

According to insiders working in classified programs with access to advanced scientific knowledge, such an event may occur in 2017 to 2018, if not before then.

There has been a remarkable convergence of insider data, from people working within highly classified “government” programs, and the Law of One.

We will have more on that a bit later.



The scientific and cosmological model presented in this five-volume series is so vast, and so filled with advanced but verifiable information, that it formed the center of gravity for both of my New York Times best-selling books — The Source Field Investigations and The Synchronicity Key.

A combined total of over 1,700 documented academic references, between the two volumes, fleshes out the Law of One model in extensive, user-friendly detail.

The books are available in 12 different languages, making it far more accessible than anything we have ever written on this site.

There are now over 100 episodes of Wisdom Teachings, a half-hour-a-week TV show, that explore these Law of One concepts even further, presenting a variety of data that is unavailable anywhere else.

A second show recently launched on the same network, entitled Disclosure with David Wilcock, where I am interviewing top scholars in ancient civilizations, UFOs and conspiracy analysis such as Graham Hancock, John Anthony West, Robert Bauval and Andrew Collins.

You can sign up now and watch as much as you want for 99 cents for the first 30 days, with no cancellation fees. New episodes appear every Monday and Thursday.

It then goes up to 9.95 per month if you decide that you like it. This provides us with critically-needed funds and your support is greatly appreciated.

The collection of videos on Gaiam TV is ever-increasing and now numbers well over six thousand, including a new “Seeking Truth” section. Subscribers have access to everything!



I appear to have received contact from this same Law of One ET group throughout my life, as have many others who are receptive to their messages.

By the time I read the Law of One material, I’d already lived an entire childhood and adolescence studying and preparing for the information.

I began writing my dreams down at age 19, on September 21, 1992. This was the morning after I finally decided to get sober and go to AA meetings.

We have an unbroken 23-year journal of dreams from almost every morning since then, beginning with a stack of spiral-bound notebooks.

I began writing the dreams into the computer as of mid-November 1996, and broke the journal into two sections a month. On April 1st, 2015 I hit section 440.

Using Jungian concepts as well as data from a variety of other dream-analysis books, I was able to learn their language and understand the messages.

Many astonishing future prophecies came through — including dreams predicting my car would break down the same day it did, and showing me what to do.

There are so many examples of this that it cannot be explained by any “skeptical” view. I learned to trust in the process over the years.



Four years after this daily dreamwork started, it developed into a spoken deep-trance contact as of November 11, 1996.

I had already been hearing distant-sounding chatter in my mind when I would first wake up for years.

I also had extensively studied the protocols of remote viewing. Classified government programs could train people to become 99-percent accurate remote viewers.

In these cases, people could accurately describe the characteristics of a location that neither they nor their guide knew anything about, other than a series of random numbers associated with it — entitled “coordinates.”

I began reading the Law of One material in January 1996 and was studying it for at least two hours a day, every day.

My own contact started eleven months later — right around the time that I finished working my way through the entire series of Law of One books.

This was of invaluable assistance in “tuning” my thoughts, emotions and actions to a level that was at least starting to approach what was presented in the Law of One.



On the night of November 10, 1996, a friend I met online named Joe Mason told me you could write this morning mind-chatter down. 

He said it would carry encrypted information that could be deciphered and prove to be useful.

Joe called it the Dream Voice. The next morning when I woke up, I could hear what sounded like his voice talking. It wasn’t all clear but I could make some of it out.

I started writing it all down, using the remote viewing protocols to the best of my ability. Most of these deal with avoiding any analysis or emotional reactions.

Although much of it was so encrypted as to be almost incomprehensible, a wide variety of amazing things started happening.

There was a line that said “One of our women, Theresa, a sibling, inoperative. The Christian, psychically.”

Just a few days later, Mother Theresa had a heart attack.

Soon after this initial session, I had “tuned” myself enough that far more intelligible sentences started coming through.



This material started to give me remarkably clear and unambiguous future prophecies, as well as a huge amount of spiritual advice, coaching and mentorship.

Unlike many other stories I have read of people claiming to have this ability, it was not all light and love. I was chastised when I did not live up to the teachings.

This included being criticized in later sessions if I interfered with the flow of information and started inserting my own words into what the source wanted to say.

One of the important points my source made in the early days was that with the right training and a pure, loving heart, anyone could receive this type of a contact.

I had already read over 300 books on UFOs and ancient civilizations by the time this happened. Day in and day out, I was a seeker, with very consistent focus.

I was told that this is a skill just like learning to play the piano.

The main reason more people aren’t doing it is that they don’t believe it is possible, and there is very little training available on how to do it properly.

Our thoughts are extremely powerful — far more than most of us realize. Once we harness the awesome potential of the mind and heart, we can achieve incredible feats.

Time is non-linear in the greater spiritual reality around us. Nonetheless, I am still very impressed when the future is predicted accurately.



It is easier and less intrusive for most people to simply write this off as BS and think I am lying or just trying to profit off of this.

However, doing this work full-time instead of a “regular job” caused me to suffer extreme poverty for many years.

I never once took a credit card, fearing unpayable debts. As a result, almost every month I got hit with unexpected 30-dollar bank bouncing fees.

Despite the financial difficulties involved, I was so captivated by the desire to help others, through sharing what I was learning, that I kept on going. 

I had read books on channeling, such as the Jane Roberts volumes featuring Seth, and realized that I was now experiencing a similar phenomenon.

There are at least five full-length books’ worth of this material in the Readings section of this website.

Much of it was posted in 1999 — and there is a variety of prophetic data from that time that is only starting to come true now.



Ultimately I lived with Carla and L/L Research for three years in 2003-2005, and have continued to help promote their material ever since.

This was as close as I could possibly get to the material I knew and loved so well — to actually move in with the people who helped to facilitate its creation.

By the time I had arrived there, I had already been a scholar of the Law of One for seven years, and in contact with my own “higher self” for six years.

Admittedly, it was quite profound to finally meet the people behind the work, after all those years of only dealing with the Law of One as a hyper-complex written text.

Carla often said that people expected some sort of savior or Godlike figure when they met her. I went in with some degree of a similar feeling.

I discovered that Carla was very much a “real person”, with strengths and weaknesses like we all have. And in a way, that was very freeing.

It gives the readers of the Law of One permission to be themselves, and to have that be enough. Each of us is ultimately the Creator, exactly as we are now.

Nonetheless, to me, losing Carla is the spiritual equivalent of losing one of the Beatles.

So bear with me as I gather my thoughts in the wake of this sad and pivotal event in my own life and the lives of Law of One scholars worldwide.



After living at L/L and becoming far more public online, I spent many years trying to act like I had never done any channeling.

I hardly ever even thought about it unless I was on the air with George Noory, who would invariably bring it up every time I was on his show.

Certain people I trusted had told me I should try to build myself up strictly as a scientist and scholar, and ditch the channeling entirely.

This advice became much stronger once I moved out to Los Angeles to begin work on a filmic adaptation of my scientific investigations.

Now I have appeared in almost every episode of Ancient Aliens on History Channel over the last two and a half years.

As is the case for TV in general these days, the pay for being a talking head on the show is surprisingly low.

My other two shows help make up for that, but when attackers say I am making lots of money from doing this work, they are mistaken. No one in this field is.

I think most of our audience understands that, but the attackers continue to recycle the same tropes we have seen online for the last 20 years.

The sad irony is that many of the strongest “haters” are actually paid government trolls who make more money than the people they are attacking.

In one of his earlier jobs, our new insider Luke helped set up the facilities in which these paid stooges would do their work infiltrating comments sections and forums.



In later years I have done less and less channeling as my life got ever-increasingly complicated and stressful, including serious death threats from the Cabal.

I experienced extremely vicious “trolling” ever since going public online in 1996, and it became increasingly difficult to bear as the volume kept going up.

Although this is only about one percent of the audience, when a few million people are following your work it becomes a non-stop onslaught of negativity.

I have always felt it is important to preserve the integrity and clarity of my intuitive work above all else, whether I am actively doing it or not.

If I am not in a very clear, refined and pure psychological space, it is not appropriate to attempt channeling. Negative influences can disrupt the work very easily.

In some ways I long for the far simpler and more peaceful days when no one knew who I was, I was in daily contact with cosmic beings, and was breathlessly inspired about the marvels of this living Cosmos.

Much of my life in the last decade seems to have gone by in a flash, working tirelessly, 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, with hardly any breaks or vacations.

As is the case for almost everyone these days, life is still a struggle. You fight to pay the rent each month and hope you’re going to make it.

Jim from L/L had just started needing to mow lawns in order to pay the bills when I arrived there in 2003.

I contributed 601 a month in rent and 25 percent gross of all my online profits, and also pitched in with cooking, cleaning and other chores to help them out.



I finally had to protect myself from seeing any and all hateful online messages as of August 2013. This was an isolating but necessary experience.

I have since had to spend a great deal of time healing from the damage the preceding 18 years of battle had caused me.

Carla’s transition has added additional melancholy energy to the strange ups and downs of the times we are living in these days.

However, considering she had a severe degenerative condition that weakened her over many years, I am glad that her pain has finally ended.

Jim would always write about every new health challenge in a very positive light, as if Carla’s healing was right around the corner.

At times this made it even harder to read, since her steady decline was increasingly obvious with each new development, particularly in the last year and a half.

The details are not important, other than to say that reading of how much she was suffering was a truly heartbreaking experience.

The group had asked that I not publicize this process, for their own peace and privacy, so it was something I lived and dealt with alone.

A dream told me she was about to go. I emailed Jim and said “Tell Carla I love her very much.” A few hours later she was gone.



So yeah… death threats, having buddies actually die, and taking on the most negative group on earth can definitely bum you out.

It also appears that at least one group of Alliance people from the military got identified and killed because of my overzealous leaking of too much intel too fast.

At the same time, there are plenty of positives we can focus on. It’s all about the discipline of seeing the silver lining. That’s what Carla was always about.

I did manage to work through enough healing to begin pulling in new intuitive readings as of October 2014 — coming from a deeper level than ever before.

Most of this material still needs to be transcribed, and is sitting there in digital MP3 files on the SD card in my recorder.

We did publish the first of these new readings in “Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal,” from October 27th, 2014.

The best thing I can aspire to in this work is to be a clear messenger — meaning that I pass along what I am being given without screwing it up.

Remarkable new insiders appeared almost at the exact same time I published the new reading. The story has since gotten vastly more interesting.

Part of why I am spelling this all out is that our work is changing dramatically. This article is partly intended to help usher in our next phase.



A new insider, who we have been calling Luke, sent his first contact letter to Benjamin Fulford and me, simultaneously, on October 13, 2014.

The subject heading was “Ben/David: I worked at the Federal Reserve W/Black Sun Order Members, Have been involved in the SSP w/ET “AI” issue.”

I wrote him back briefly after reading it. I found out that “SSP” meant Secret Space Program.

After my initial October 13th reply, Luke got distracted and didn’t write me back until the day after “Cosmic Perspective” was published — October 28th.

The beginning of his response letter was as follows:

“Hello David, Sorry I haven’t returned your email. I have been quite wrapped up in my post surgery physical therapy, doctors appointments and some issues related to this recent release of information. I am sure you can relate.”



In the same letter, he sent me a series of links to material he had already published in discussion forums. This was when I really “got it.”

I was amazed by the quality and depth of the information, leaking things I had heard privately but never shared. The “rabbit hole” suddenly got very, very deep.

So, less than 24 hours after I came forward and published new channeling after a very long absence, I suddenly found myself thrown into a stunning new adventure.

All of the insider info I had gathered over the preceding 22 years had come together — brilliantly and unexpectedly.

Knowledge and information I had kept very quiet was suddenly flooding back into my mind as each new topic of discussion arose.

This one guy knew almost as much as all the others had told me combined.

Like anyone who talks about this stuff online, he has already had some very strong detractors. I can personally vouch for the authenticity of his information.

At the time, he had absolutely no intention of ever coming forward. I would never have broken his confidentiality, since I have always protected the free will of others.



I learned many, many new things in addition to hundreds of refinements and enhancements of things I already knew.

Dozens of completely frustrating areas, where I had hit “brick walls” with other insiders, like “What the heck are we actually DOING out there,” became clear.

On multiple occasions I was able to finish his sentences, or drop code names of things that had never been published online — causing him extreme fascination.

Similarly, he said so many things I had already heard privately, but had never published, that I knew he was almost certainly telling me the truth.

The idea that all these different people could have been lying to me, over 22 years of time, was far more preposterous than the idea that they were telling the truth.

My goal has been to gather and compile as much of this new information as possible before going fully public with it — but we’re almost there, and the leaks have already begun.

We have already had people co-opting this information and mixing it with their own ideas that have nothing to do with what’s really going on.

I had warned that this would happen as soon as we started releasing it last year. It sure didn’t take very long!

The Law of One is indeed the focal-point for all of this information. Everything keeps coming back around to validate what was said even more.



The ultimate point we take away from the Law of One model is that the universe is alive. There is a singular mega-identity that formed all that we see, including ourselves.

We are ultimately holograms of a far greater intelligence that created the universe. Separation is an illusion created for the purpose of the Creator knowing Itself.

We stumble about in ignorance, fear and pain, all of which is ultimately caused by our lack of knowledge of the truth.

Consciousness interconnects all things. If we do not perceive ourselves as truly being one with everything and everyone, we are still living in “the illusion.”

It can take many, many lifetimes, through multiple dimensional levels or “densities,” to fully shake off the amnesia and remember who and what we really are.



The Law of One teaches us that we live in a reality where we must choose a path — service to others (positive) or service to self (negative).

Or, if you are clever enough to find door number 3, you can just decide to go live in Uruguay, or a small militarized base in Brazil.

[Kidding… just kidding.]

The level we currently live in, “Third Density,” is then followed by fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh — the so-called “true color” densities of green, blue, indigo and violet — before returning to “intelligent infinity” once more.

These colors are not physical colors, but represent vibrational frequencies that actually create habitable planes of existence that overlap with our own.



Each density has its own three-dimensional space. Multiple densities can co-exist in the same 3D space. We are only now able to perceive three of them.

Our own universe of physical matter, including the Earth and all that we see on it, is only at the “yellow” level. We can also see red and orange as mineral/ elemental (1D) and plant-animal life (2D).

Sentient human life exists in third density. We can interact with second-density beings but they do not have the degree of self-awareness and intelligence that we do.

The higher densities are all around us — and as we increase in “vibration”, we become capable of seeing and living in them as well.

Here is a passage from the Law of One that illustrates this phenomenon in regards to the Earth:

62.29  You must see the Earth, as you call it, as being seven Earths.

There is red, orange, yellow, and there will soon be a completed green color vibratory locus for fourth-density entities which they will call Earth.



Our earth is now very, very close to its own “graduation” into fourth density — an event the Law of One series referred to as Harvest.

Before I ever found the Law of One material, for years I had been having remarkable dreams about some sort of mega-event happening on Earth within my lifetime.

This was always phrased as a profound spiritual metamorphosis, changing who and what we are in an instant — very much like the Biblical concept of “Rapture.”

This was also invariably associated with some sort of spectacular, unexpected light phenomenon that seemed to emanate from the sun.

These repeating visions led to me researching the subject of “Ascension,” and eventually discovering that many different ancient cultures predicted that an event like this would happen.

I first learned of this worldwide prophecy while reading Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock after its epic release in 1995.



These cultures were invariably given these prophecies by “the Gods,” who appear to be ETs with advanced scientific knowledge.

According to the Law of One, this was done by a unified group of benevolent ETs they called the Confederation:

6.24 Questioner: Do any of the UFOs that are presently reported come from other planets here at this time, or do you have this knowledge?

Ra: I am one of the members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator.

There are approximately fifty-three civilizations, comprising approximately five hundred planetary consciousness complexes in this Confederation.

This Confederation contains those from your own planet who have attained dimensions beyond your third.

It contains planetary entities within your solar system, and it contains planetary entities from other galaxies.

It is a true Confederation in that its members are not alike, but allied in service according to the Law of One.



By the time I started reading the Law of One material, I already had done a lot of research — and was amazed at the depth of new information it provided on this topic.

If something like this “Golden Age” is indeed about to happen — and I do believe it is — then nothing else could possibly be more important for us to focus on.

All of the efforts of the “Confederation” — a group of ETs who serve and protect our planet — are geared towards ensuring that as many of us as possible are ready for this Graduation when it finally occurs.



The Law of One clearly spells out that channeling is very easily tainted. Without proper training and discipline, negative entities can manipulate the words.

For this same reason, it is very important that we exercise discernment at all times, and throw away anything that doesn’t agree with what we feel is right.

The Law of One series refers to the negative group as the Orion Confederacy. Space program people call them the Draco, though other groups are part of it as well. 

The Draco do have several outposts on planets around some of the stars in Orion, which are right nearby us — hence the Law of One’s classification.

One of my favorite quotes Carla used to say is “It is very, very easy to do channeling. It is very, very difficult to do channeling well.”

Here is where this pivotal discussion began in the Law of One series:

12.15 Questioner: Is it possible for an entity here on Earth to be so confused as to call both the Confederation and the Orion group in [an] alternating way, one, then the other, [inaudible] back to [inaudible]?

Ra: I am Ra. It is entirely possible for the untuned channel, as you call that service, to receive both positive and negative communications.

If the entity at the base of its confusion is oriented towards service to others, the entity will begin to receive messages of doom.

If the entity at the base of the complex of beingness is oriented towards service to self, the crusaders, who in this case, do not find it necessary to lie, will simply begin to give the philosophy they are here to give.

Many of your so-called contacts among your people have been confused and self-destructive because the channels were oriented towards service to others but, in the desire for proof, were open to the lying information of the crusaders who then were able to neutralize the effectiveness of the channel.



Wait a minute. You’re saying that wanting proof opens up the possibility of negative influence?

Yes. Absolutely. Don Elkins was frequently criticized by Ra for asking too many “transient” questions.

For a source of this caliber, the only thing they really care about is reaching us at the deepest spiritual level, where we are One.

This means that the main thing they want to discuss is the Law of One, and the philosophy of how we can achieve that understanding.

These teachings are ageless and timeless. Therefore, the same answers will be just as valuable in 10,000 years as they are today.

Once you start wanting to get into all the details of cosmic battles and warring ET factions, you quickly open yourself up to negative influence.

In fact, if you focus too much on this type of information rather than just spiritual growth philosophy, the positive beings are required to let a negaitve entity take over.

Once this happens, the negative entity will “masquerade as positive” while putting out as much “fear porn” as possible. Prophecies then fail, discrediting the channel.



New students of the Law of One invariably want to know why these positive ETs don’t just show up, kick ass, take names and kick-start the Golden Age.

Although this is exactly what has started happening lately, a great deal of negativity has been allowed to occur along the way.

What very few of us realize is that the balance between negative and positive events is very precisely managed here on earth by an overseer group called the Guardians.

16.6 Questioner: Then this… balancing prevents the Guardians from reducing their positive polarization by totally eliminating the Orion contact through shielding. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is partially correct. In effect, the balancing allows an equal amount of positive and negative influx, this balanced by the mind/body/spirit distortions of the social complex.

Thus in your particular planetary sphere, less negative, as you would call it, information or stimulus is necessary than positive due to the somewhat negative orientation of your social complex distortion.

16.7 Questioner: In this way, total free will is balanced so that the individual may have an equal opportunity to choose service to others or service to self. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

16.8 Questioner: This is a profound revelation, I believe, in the Law of Free Will. Thank you.



Although much philosophy was presented, Ra did allow a great deal of technical information through — phrased in the highest Law of One context possible.

The scientific portion of the Law of One material, and the discussion of the Ascension event, was only a sub-set of a much greater collection of information.

Remarkably detailed information was given about the extraterrestrial life surrounding us — both positive and negative — and the war being fought between them.

We are the main target within this war. Both sides are trying to steer us into a direction they see as being more favorable.

Once that aspect is introduced, and we get into the notion of why the negative is allowed to do what it does, we are back on track with useful wisdom teachings.

Most importantly, the negative will not be allowed to win this war — but they certainly can do damage.



All of the negativity is permitted to occur as it helps usher in a collective awakening. We are seeing this happen right in front of our eyes.

Just last week, as a vicious case of poison oak had started destroying my neck, I started up conversation with two drunk people on a hiking trail.

Both of them started talking about the Illuminati at the same time after I brought it up. They both wanted me to listen to them and were overtalking each other.

I tried to explain that I not only knew what they were talking about, but I knew a lot more. Neither of them could stop long enough to listen.

The irony was that in their intoxicated state, neither of them made it possible for the other one to be heard. It was all quite comical.

I did my best to try to listen to both monologues at the same time. Chemtrails, Federal Reserve, the Constitution — it was all there.

A similar event happened on a shuttle bus at the Denver International Airport the last time I flew in to do my shows, but in this case there was no overtalking.

A teenage kid was going on loudly, at great length, about the Illuminati. Everyone was listening to him. No one ridiculed him, though they did laugh at times.

These are just two of many events showing me that this formerly-obscure and secret information is becoming ever-increasingly mainstream.



The main thing that hardly any Illuminati scholars realize is that this same group has extensively colonized our solar system. That’s where all of our money has gone.

Since the 1930s, our governments have been ever-increasingly involved with a far-ranging cast of ET characters.

Preparing for an eventual disclosure of the truth, they have been leaking information and disinformation in movies and TV shows all along.

I have been astonished, many hundreds of times, to find out that deeply-placed insiders in UFO and space-related “black projects” have firsthand knowledge of a remarkable number of specifics from the Law of One series.

In fact, I recently found out that the group behind the secret space program, i.e. the “Cabal”, military-industrial complex or “Illuminati,” is very well aware of how accurate the Law of One really is. 



Luke identified another very high-level insider we have named Harry. They have information that overlaps as well as unique things the other one does not know. 

Recently Harry was threatened with death if he continued talking to me, so our connection has effectively dried out. Luke is still talking.

Harry revealed that there has been an ongoing effort, ever since the 1990s, to disinform the public about the Law of One material.

They want to make it appear to be negative and threatening. Certain books and websites have been put out to confuse and terrify the public.

They also apparently have rigged search engines to make it much harder to find anything substantial about the material.

In order to help counteract that influence, I will tell you that you can order the books at the Law of One group’s website,

You can read the entire series for free and search for keywords at This is now my go-to place for any needed references.

The Space Program also asks people to read the first volume of the Law of One as a sort of entrance exam, since it is so precisely descriptive of the truth.

If people’s imagination is not expansive enough to take it in or understand it, they are not invited to proceed any further in the program.



One of many astonishing connections between the Law of One data and what I was hearing from insiders who worked in UFO-related “black projects” concerns extraterrestrial life.

The Law of One series explains that if a fifth-density entity appears before us, it will take on a “thoughtform” that is geared to look like what we are familiar with — a conventional human form.

However, fourth-density entities will be human-like (hominid) in appearance, but can appear as a blend between a human form and any of the various forms of life we see in the animal kingdom here on earth.

That means you could see beings that evolved into humanlike form out of various types of insects, fish, mammals, birds or reptiles.

Most often, this means you will have beings with two arms and two legs but a head that looks similar to an insect, fish, mammal, bird or reptile.

This phenomenon is well known and widely experienced within the space program. There are countless numbers of humanlike ETs out there for us to meet.

Years before I ever heard about what ET life actually looked like from insiders, this prophecy was already waiting to be discovered in the Law of One series.



This phenomenon is due to the fact that evolution is intelligently scripted, not random, and follows similar patterns throughout our own and neighboring galaxies.

Although this may sound impossible to believe for most people, the scientific evidence is extremely voluminous — available on my shows and in both books.

Our galaxy’s goal is to produce intelligent life in a hominid form. This is how consciousness experiences apparent separation and individuality for its own growth.

Depending upon the planet, these intelligent hominids can evolve out of any of the types of “second density” life we already see here on earth.

Most of the ETs that people are meeting with in the space program are “fourth density,” which is very similar to our own third density in its matter state:

90.5 Questioner: You stated previously that fifth-density entities bear a resemblance to those of us in third density on planet Earth but fourth density does not.

Could you describe the fourth-density entities and tell me why they do not resemble us?

Ra: I am Ra. The description must be bated under the Law of Confusion.

The cause for a variety of so-called physical vehicles is the remaining variety of heritages from second-density physical vehicular forms.

The process of what you call physical evolution continues to hold sway into fourth density.

Only when the ways of wisdom have begun to refine the power of what you may loosely call thought is the form of the physical complex manifestation more nearly under the direction of the consciousness.



As this excerpt goes on, Dr. Elkins tries to find out why these fifth-density entities look more similar to us than those from the fourth.

The answer is that they can project themselves into whatever form they choose, and therefore appear in a way that gives us the greatest comfort:

90.6 Questioner: Well, If the population of this planet presently looks similar to the fifth-density entities I was wondering why this is?

If I understand you correctly the process of evolution would normally be the third density resembling that from which it evolved in second density [the ape] and then refining in fourth and then again in fifth, becoming what the population of this planet looks like on third….

Ra: I am Ra. Your query is based upon a misconception. Do you wish us to comment or do you wish to re-question?

90.7 Questioner: Please comment on my misconception if that is possible.

Ra: I am Ra. In fifth density the manifestation of the physical complex is more and more under the control of the conscious mind complex.

Therefore, the fifth-density entity may dissolve one manifestation and create another.

Consequently, the choice of a fifth-density entity or complex of entities wishing to communicate with your peoples would choose to resemble your peoples’ physical-complex, chemical, yellow-ray vehicles.



As our quote goes on into the next question, Don starts asking for specifics about how many others are out there who look just like us.

90.8 Questioner: I see. Very roughly, if you were to move a third-density entity from some other planet to this planet, roughly what percentage of all of those within the knowledge of Ra would look enough like those entities of Earth so that they would go unnoticed in a crowd?

Ra: I am Ra. Perhaps five percent.

90.9 Questioner: Then there is an extreme variation in the form of the physical vehicle in third density in the universe. I assume this is also true of fourth density. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is so.

We remind you that it is a great theoretical distance between demanding that the creatures of an infinite creation be unnoticeably similar to oneself and observing those signs which may be called human which denote the third-density characteristics of self-consciousness.

[This includes] the grouping into pairs, societal groups, and races, and the further characteristic means of using self-consciousness to refine and search for the meaning of the milieu.


90.10 Questioner: Well, within Ra’s knowledge of third-density physical forms, what percentage would be similar enough to this planet’s physical form that we would assume the entity to be human even though they were a bit different? This would have to be very rough because of my definition being very rough.

Ra: I am Ra. This percentage is still small; perhaps thirteen to fifteen percent due to the capabilities of various second-density life forms to carry out each necessary function for third-density work.

Thusly to be observed would be behavior indicating self-consciousness and purposeful interaction with a sentient ambiance about the entity rather than those characteristics which familiarly connote to your peoples the humanity of your third-density form.



Skipping ahead now from question 11 to question 12, we are told that our own local planetary system [Logos] and several others nearby chose the ape body as the template for conscious soul evolution, instead of other types of second-density forms that then reached a hominid appearance.

It is up to each star, or Logos, as to which second-density creature it will “invest” with sentience, and upgrade into the hominid, third and fourth-density form.

The source then speculates as to why the ape body may have been chosen for this locally:

90.12 Questioner: Was there a reason for choosing the forms that have evolved upon this planet and, if so, what was it?

Ra: I am Ra. We are not entirely sure why our Logos and several neighboring Logoi of approximately the same space/time of flowering chose the bipedal, erect form of the second-density apes to invest.

It has been our supposition, which we share with you as long as you are aware that this is mere opinion, that our Logos was interested in, shall we say, further intensifying the veiling process by offering to the third-density form the near complete probability for the development of speech taking complete precedence over concept communication or telepathy.

We also have the supposition that the so-called opposable thumb was looked upon as an excellent means of intensifying the veiling process so that rather than rediscovering the powers of the mind the third-density entity would, by the form of its physical manifestation, be drawn to the making, holding, and using of physical tools.



This is all pretty mind-blowing stuff — and it took nearly twenty years of scholarship for me to discover how accurate it really is for people in the space program.

The Law of One also has many, many points of “direct contact” with the Edgar Cayce Readings of the early 20th century, which is arguably the most documented and validated intuitive work in modern history.

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) went into a deep, unconscious trance state and spoke with seeming ominiscience when he performed “psychic readings.”

Over 14,000 of these readings are on record, where he was able to diagnose people’s medical problems and prescribe treatments with nothing more than a name and address.

Like Carla, Cayce was unaware of anything that he had said when he woke up — but the work was extremely effective.

There was a strong focus on the power and presence of Christ, but with interesting twists — including the notion of reincarnation and Atlantis.

Cayce often wrestled greatly with whether his work was genuinely positive or not. What kept him “in the game” was the fact that it was helping people.



Cayce died in 1945 and the contact of the higher forces was temporarily shut off — but only for about seven years.

It resurfaced again in 1952, and ultimately paved the way for the Law of One material, after 20 years of highly focused scholarship by Dr. Don Elkins into the field of UFOs and metaphysics.

Don had come across the impressive work of Wilbert B. Smith in the 1950s. Smith was a Canadian engineer who had access to classified information about UFOs.

Smith performed the only official, government-sanctioned study into the “global grid” / vortex phenomenon, known as Project Magnet.

Smith was also lucky enough to get a piece of wreckage from a crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft. It was super-lightweight but extremely strong and could not be bent or burned.

Smith was given access to Canadian government files about what was going on — including the reality of the Roswell crash.

Much of these documents can be found on Grant Cameron’s impressive website,, in the Wilbert B. Smith section.



Beginning in 1952, certain ordinary people were contacted by UFOs and the intelligences behind them, and messages began coming through. 

Back in those days, many contactees were literally being picked up and “taken for a ride” by UFOs in their own backyards — including George Adamski and George Van Tassel.

As we now know, very similar contacts were occurring during the same time in Italy in “The Friendship Case,” where additional fertile ground had been found.

The third of the “three Georges” in Law of One history, George Hunt Williamson, wrote a book about the UFO contacts surrounding Smith and certain others.

The ETs used Morse code, broadcast over ham radio, to communicate messages to people who they felt were of the right “vibration” to listen to them.

According to Williamson’s debut book The Saucers Speak, twelve different groups were contacted this way by the ETs.

All but one of them, apparently, were identified and intimidated into silence by government stooges intent on keeping UFO secrecy alive and well.

Smith and Williamson first wrote about what happened in 1956, and it caused a sensation. Smith’s identity was hidden in the original book but later came forward in 1958 at a Canadian UFO conference.



As Smith’s research continued, he found various channels around the US and Canada who were all saying the same things.

This information validated what he was hearing in government documents — and gave him far more information than his “need to know” basis allowed for.

In this case, usable technical gadgets were also created — including a torsion-field generating “Caduceus coil” and a torsion-field detector.

Furthermore, a great deal of philosophical information was conveyed, including prophecies of a massive shift in our solar system.

I wrote all of this up in detail, including an extensive PDF file with scans of some of the original materials, in 1950s ETs Prepare Us for Golden Age.

I also have entire TV show episodes where I delve into this material on Wisdom Teachings.



Carla and Don got together in the 1960s. Thanks to Smith’s work, Don knew channeling was the best, if not the only way to get accurate information about ETs.

Carla eventually decided to play along and learn how to channel in the mid-1960s.

She was able to get “tuned” to the loving consciousness of the ETs by reading the results of the channeling Smith had identified.

This produced a wealth of material throughout the 1970s.

Their contact was upgraded to a much higher level only a couple of weeks after Jim McCarty moved in to help them in December 1980.

Although many people have successfully contacted 4D and 5D beings, true 6D work like the Law of One series is exceedingly rare and precious.



I started doing my own readings in November 1996. By October 1997, they had convinced me to move to Virginia Beach, the home of the Edgar Cayce group.

The same night I arrived there, people started recognizing me as the spitting image of Edgar Cayce when he was my same age.

This created quite a sensation, since I looked almost identical and was doing very similar work.



Furthermore, we were only three months away from 1998, when Cayce’s own readings had predicted that he would return to Virginia Beach.

I asked my readings if this was true and was told the answer was yes. By this point I’d had over a year of trust built up with them, and it was very upsetting to hear.

I did not want to reveal myself as a reincarnation of someone else. Yet I was told it would be a “spiritual felony” if I refused.

Even worse, my readings urged me to contact Cayce’s organization, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, which I eventually did in May 1998.

The senior staff excitedly photocopied and distributed my astrological chart combined with Cayce’s, which showed many astonishing overlaps.

In fact, I was born on the single best year, month, day and hour in a 127-year period after Cayce’s death to have a precise alignment with his astrology.

Several of my closest family members and friends were also precise reincarnations of Cayce’s associates.

I wrote this all up here, in the inaugural article for this site: Intro to the Wilcock / Cayce / Ra Connection.



I was not treated very respectfully by the organization for making this claim. I was told that “someone comes in here every week thinking they’re Cayce.”

I did meet his surviving son, Edgar Evans Cayce. He admittedly had a very hard time accepting that this might have happened.

He refused to look me in the eye, at all, throughout our entire conversation. He hunched forward and kept his hand over his eyes the whole time.

He bombarded me with questions and then refused to let me answer them. As soon as I started to answer, and he saw I had a good answer, he’d just ask another.

However, he did tell me that I had a far, far better case than anyone else he had ever met who was claiming to be Cayce’s reincarnation.

Only the highest levels of the A.R.E. had a problem with this. Everyone at the middle and lower levels who found out about it was thrilled, as were others I met.

The only offer I was given by the higher levels of the A.R.E. was to volunteer to sell candy bars at all 12 showings of Man of La Mancha, their play that was about to debut.

I didn’t find out until years later that L/L Research had chosen a stylized illustration of Don Quixote as their logo.



The A.R.E. leadership wanted to “gently introduce” me to the public by putting me out there as this seemingly anonymous snack-food vendor.

The idea was to “see if people recognize” the similarity I had with Edgar Cayce. And indeed a variety of them did.

As I went through showing after showing, I was feeling increasingly disrespected and denigrated. Cutting and humiliating statements were being made.

This always felt the most uncomfortable when I was at the candy bar table during the showings themselves.



Chris Van Cleave played Don Quixote, the main character with lots of singing parts, and he was really great.

The above photo is a younger version of how he looked at the time.

Chris Van Cleave Bio Page



At one point a young adult character in the play had half of his fake mustache fall off during the live show, in front of a packed audience.

Chris took his harmless stage sword and put it near the actor’s face, saying he will “shave the rest of that ‘stache clean off”, working it beautifully into his existing lines.

This was a great source of entertainment for everyone there and got huge laughs.

Later, when Chris had to move out of his house very suddenly, I put in a full day of back-breaking labor to help him out.

Other guys broke a huge sweat lifting the heaviest stuff and had to quit early. I managed to put in about 12 hours in one day.

Chris asked me why I did it. I told him “I just love your work, man, and I want to repay you somehow.”

I joked that I might have screwed him over somehow in a past life. Once you get into the Cayce stuff you find out hardly any relationship is “new,” and there is always karma.



Some people might think I made this all up, so to help settle the score, I did some research.

Virginia Beach Sun Announcement of Man of La Mancha 12-Performance Run

Van Cleave will soon be seen as Don Quixote in “Man of La Mancha” for a 12-performance run at the ARE beginning May 29.


6/9/98: Virginian Pilot Review of “Man of La Mancha”

The Association for Research and Enlightenment production of “Man of La Mancha” is one of the better sung amateur theatricals of the sort that display scenery of crudely cartooned rock walls and lighting that bisects featured players head to foot with sharp lines of shadow.

Whether one chooses to ignore details of staging is probably a matter of one’s willingness to suspend disbelief.

After all, the effort put forth by earnest volunteers may be more important than the easy legibility of the words “Harley-Davidson” on vests worn by 16th century peasants.

The incongruity of gold wedding rings and other jewelry sported by destitute victims of the Spanish Inquisition likewise may bother some viewers more than it bothers others.…



The weirdness and ever-increasing discomfort I was feeling from the A.R.E. reached a peak during this time.

I believe the peak of it was when I was paternalistically told I should “get a job” while working there for free to help them sell refreshments for profit.

I also started hearing back-talk and gossip about me, where the “consensus” was that I was not “pure enough” as a person to be “useful” to them as Cayce’s reincarnation.

They didn’t like that I supported the Law of One and the Seth readings, which were “not of Christ.”

They were even more upset by the fact that I was a recovered marijuana smoker — 100 percent sober — and occasionally used cuss words when I spoke.

This was apparently “dirty laundry” that they did not want associated with the Cayce legacy. I was a loose cannon and could not be trusted.

Nonetheless, I do not dislike the organization, and am proud of them for having preserved and upheld the Cayce legacy all these years.

Sadly, they have adopted a policy of neither confirming nor denying my connection to Cayce — no publicity whatsoever — ever since 1998.

Any effort I have ever made to be involved in any A.R.E. function has been scuttled by the main management, even if a regional center wanted to host me.



I did fulfill my commitment to do all of the shows out of a sense of honor, and went to the triumphant after-party, but after that I hardly ever went back again.

This 12-show process meant that the story of Don Quixote, and the songs of Man of La Mancha, were inextricably woven in with my own strange reincarnation story.

Every time Chris sang these lyrics they seemed to touch me at the deepest level:


Oh, I am I, Don Quixote, the Lord of La Mancha
Destroyer of evil am I
I will march to the sound of the trumpets of glory
Forever to conquer or die

Hear me heathens and wizards and serpents of sin
All your dastardly doings are past
For a holy endeavor is now to begin
And virtue shall triumph at last


I honestly didn’t think a whole lot about this connection when I saw the L/L Research logo.

However, when Carla passed away on April Fool’s Day, I couldn’t help but feel like this was a profound synchronicity linking our lives and work together even more.



Unlike the A.R.E., which could not accept me for who and what I was, I found a home at L/L Research with Carla, Jim and the others.

I will forever be grateful to them for opening their home and their lives to me in such an intimate fashion.

I had spent five years in Virginia and another three in Kentucky, and would have stayed there if I hadn’t been pulled to Los Angeles to work in film and TV.

Even after I moved out to a house near Carla’s farmland, to give her volunteers a base of operations, I continued putting in one full day of labor on the land per week.

I was sad to leave the area. I liked living in the country. Nonetheless, in the fullness of time I am happy where I am, as it has allowed many other things to blossom.

I feel both a sense of profound sadness as well as deep relief that Carla has finally transitioned and her suffering is over. 

I also am relieved that this article has finally reached a satisfying conclusion.

It’s a good setup for the transcript of my most recent appearance on George Noory, which propels us into the next part of our story.

I will try to get that out soon — while also editing together the video of my interview with Luke after a certain, very familiar group of avian ETs asked him to come forward publicly.




There is a special link you need to use to watch Disclosure (on Thursdays) and Wisdom Teachings (on Mondays) for 99 cents in the first month. Here it is:


I thought my other links defaulted to the offer now, but apparently not yet. This one definitely works. I just tested it myself. I also replaced every link in the article I could find.

Furthermore, I had originally intended to get this entire article written the day after Carla passed on, but I just wasn’t fast enough.

Even with the poison oak raging (it has since gotten much less severe,) I took my dog for a walk and went on a new and very beautiful trail I was guided to go to.

Right as I pulled into the parking spot, I was dazzled. There was a perfect four-digit alignment in the car’s odometer and a three-digit alignment in the clock at the same time.

I rushed for the phone to photograph it. I did catch it, but unfortunately not precisely at 5:55 — only one minute later. Argh! Here it is:




To me, this was another sign from Carla — or the forces working through her — that I was on the right track, that “all is well,” and that we are loved so very much.

There is a hidden order to the seeming randomness of our lives. Once we learn how to listen, seemingly miraculous things begin happening more and more.

These things have been happening to me so long, for so many years, that it just completely defeats skepticism. I did not plan this — it just happened.

This was equally as powerful as the moment I asked if the beings Luke was in contact with were indeed Ra. I was simply told “Go outside now.”

There was a huge rainbow in the valley. I photographed it and filmed it. This was mind-blowing and almost brought me to tears. We will save that story for later.

There is much more to come. Thank you again for your support and well wishes. I do very much appreciate hearing them.



As of 2:59 pm, I just got off the phone with my mother, partly for Easter and also for her to congratulate me about writing this post.

She knows as well as anyone the horrible grief, threats and bullying I have been through. She said “in this article David is back!”

I hit Refresh on this article as soon as we hung up to see where the hit counter was at. Boom. Surprise, surprise… 11,333!

The timing for this to have worked was extremely precise. Just seconds later it had already gone up to 11,345, but here it is:



I should remember the organizers of the two conferences I am speaking at as well.

New Living Expo is coming up on April 24-26th in the San Francisco area. Contact in the Desert is happening in Joshua Tree on May 29-31st.

These are two of the biggest, best conferences out there — truly remarkable opportunities to meet people, network and hear great speakers.



Some people have been asking where we can find out more about this new insider’s story. It has already created a wildfire in the UFO community.

So far the article that sticks out the most is by my friend and colleague Dr. Michael Salla, and contains links with far more follow-up details:

Bear in mind that according to Luke’s own experience, other alleged whistleblowers mentioned in the above article are passing disinformation.

Also, just as we finished this article, Luke / GoodETxSG finished his own brand-new website that will be the new home of all the material:


I will, of course, try to get all of this out in my own way, on my own time — but the “learning curve” is extreme even for those who are very interested.

We do have over five hours of video footage “in the can” and I am in the process of preparing it for YouTube distribution.

Both of us are getting inundated with interview requests about all of this but we’ve got to get the video and Noory transcript out before anything else.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and are a whiz with Adobe After Effects and the top plug-ins, let us know.