Join David in a two-and-a-half-hour epic journey through time and space — covering Flight 370, interplanetary climate change, hidden world pyramids, the holographic universe, ghosts, the defeat of the Cabal and the blending of realities!

UPDATED Same evening, 9:38 pm: A very interesting synchronicity happened by the LAX airport after we published this article! See in red below. Additional update next morning.



Our epic Flight 370 article came out a month ago yesterday. I had intended to finish the next part much earlier than this, but it’s been a wild month!



Bryan Singer, a major Hollywood director who did the first and second X-Men films, has been slammed with pedophilia charges.

This event has already started triggering an avalanche of disclosure.

Until we face the problems in our world head-on, we cannot hope to ever change them.

I went through and watched all of Bryan Singer’s movies to see if they promote a Cabal agenda — and the answer became quite obvious.



“Apt Pupil” is such a Nazi-worshipping movie it was hard to watch. The degree to which the kid in the movie embraces Nazism makes it a true horror film.



Filmmaking comes from a place of passion about the subject material — and it is common for the director to emotionally identify with the content.

The teenager played by Brad Renfro discovers that a Nazi war criminal, played by Ian McKellen, is living near his home under an assumed name.

The kid singlehandedly blackmails the Nazi into revealing all sorts of details — including what it felt like to murder people in the gas chambers.

The more the boy hears, the more he wants to hear — and he becomes increasingly obsessed with the details.



The boy’s fantasy sequences led to the now-infamous shower scenes where molestation of the child actors was alleged.

“Apt Pupil” Shower Scene Controversy

In 1995, The Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer decided to buy the rights (reportedly for only $1), once they’d lapsed and been returned to [Stephen] King, in an effort to finally bring the story to the screen.

He had infinitely more luck than his predecessors and the film was released in 1998 to mixed, but predominantly positive reviews.

Despite this, rumours about Singer’s purported predilection for the young actors who were reported to have been asked to strip for the locker room shower scene were rife.

A lawsuit from the extras involved was filed but was unsuccessful, quashing Singer’s legal troubles. It was enough to leave a lasting impression and a nasty taste with some viewers….

[The movie] presents a fascinating look at the fragile psychology of a borderline sociopathic teen who happens to choose the most startlingly inappropriate mentor possible….

[Lead teenage actor Brad] Renfro is a more-than-adequate foil, proving once again what a tragedy it is that he passed away at only 25.

Compared to River Phoenix while he was alive, he followed that comparison to the letter and suffered a similarly self destructive end….



In light of the new accusations of death threats, we have to wonder if Brad Renfro really committed suicide or if he may have been murdered — as a warning to others.

This is precisely what we are hearing in the new round of allegations. Singer claimed to be part of something he called “The Group.”

This group controls Hollywood, thereby controlling public information and belief — and anyone who stands up to them is threatened with murder.

Or, as in the case of Corey Haim, the abuse Renfro endured may have been so intense that he self-annihilated in a death spiral of drug abuse.




Ian McKellen also appears in Singer’s next film — The X-Men — and again is involved with Nazis, this time as their child victim rather than participant.



The scene of the young “Magneto” being pulled away from his parents as they are hauled into the concentration camp is very intense.



Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine character in X-Men was also given his metallic skeleton by Nazis — a theme that repeats in each film.



[A commenter pointed out that the creepy, Nazi-looking soldiers who do this to him in the first film turn out to be working out of Canada in the second film.

There is also a strange scene where Magneto looks at Wolverine’s dog tags in the second film and then touches his concentration camp tattoo thoughtfully.]



Every single scene of “Valkyrie”, start to finish, has people dressed up in Nazi uniforms — and there is Nazi regalia everywhere.

The film crew spent every day surrounded by elaborate, highly authentic Nazi paraphernalia and military uniforms during the shoot.



And “Valkyrie” generously rewrites history, making people think everyone who stood up to Hitler in Germany was shot to death in a quick and dirty kangaroo court.



The reality is that key players in the plot to assassinate Hitler escaped, and managed to get to the United States and leak valuable intel that won the war.

Some of this information is still classified, but it is public knowledge that some of these insiders did escape.

The only hint that “Valkyrie” didn’t tell us the truth comes at the very end of the credits, where a disclaimer says characters were combined and events edited for dramatic purposes.

Please bear in mind that the actors should not be punished for the behavior of their bosses.

Most of them have no idea of the greater agenda of the people they are working for — and are just taking the best jobs that become available.



This shocking disclosure was followed by the Don Sterling scandal, where the owner of the LA Clippers basketball team was caught saying racist things to his female mistress V. Stiviano.

Don asked her not to publish photographs of herself with black men or bring them to LA Clippers games — even though she is half-black and half-Latina.

Shortly after Don Sterling’s wife sued her to reclaim the expensive assets he had given her, the nine-minute recording of their conversation leaked online.

The story has gotten weirder and weirder, including claims that Stiviano tried to extort Sterling by threatening to release even more.



It is important to remember that in addition to being a billionaire who owns a highly successful basketball team, Sterling is also a real-estate tycoon.

In the leaked audio, Sterling never says why he is so concerned about having images of Stiviano with black people go public.

Most people assume this was simply due to jealousy, even though he clearly tells her she can have sex with whomever she wants.

What if Sterling is involved with the same Hollywood-controlling cabal that was exposed in the Bryan Singer lawsuit?

If “The Group” does embrace a Nazi mindset, it is quite logical that Sterling would face extreme racism on an ongoing basis from working with them.

Perhaps the question we should be asking is “Does Sterling have powerful friends that are highly racist?”


[Cabal “Better Living Through Fear” Ad Modified by David Wilcock,]



One major faction of the Cabal embraces Nazism wholeheartedly — according to multiple whistleblowers we have interviewed and written about for many years now.

It is increasingly obvious that a mega-event involving the exposure and defeat of this Cabal is underway — but it never seems to happen as rapidly as we hope it will.



Nonetheless, we can step back and look at the progress that has been made. The Snowden revelations are just the beginning of exposing what there is to know.

This is a good thing, not a bad thing. We do have to move through fear to learn the truth, but the positive benefits are well worth it.

There are so many interconnecting threads of information going on right now that a radio show was the best way to present an overview, given my schedule.



In the midst of a very busy three weeks, with a major Ancient Aliens taping, the New Living Expo, eight episodes of Wisdom Teachings and four pilot episodes of my new show Whistleblower, I made time to do a radio show with Jimmy Church.

This ended up being a two-and-a-half-hour extravaganza. Jimmy Church has the prime-time spot on Art Bell’s Dark Matter Radio Network.

We had a great conversation before the show started and started out talking “guitar geekspeak” for a few minutes before getting to the main attraction.

If you want to “hit the ground running,” you can dive in at 29:27 to avoid the opening news at the beginning of the show.

The rest of the show lasts for two and a half hours, and you won’t be able to tear yourself away from it — so be prepared!

I follow up on Part 1 of the Flight 370 article, which I haven’t had time to finish, and cover many other fascinating subjects as well.





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I wrote and posted this piece on the morning of May 7th, 2014, right before flying out of Denver Airport to return to LAX.

In light of the major synchronicity that happened as I left the airport, I was compelled to go back, look at seemingly insignificant details of the trip, and see what the meta-message might be.

I am going to share all the data in case you might see something I missed. Synchronicity can be like detective work in many ways, as we look for symbolic meanings.



I never go through the body scanners. The TSA agent who gave me the pat-down in Denver said, “You look just like that comedian.”

“David Spade?” I asked. “No,” he replied. “The other guy. A lot funnier than him!”

“I don’t know,” I replied. “I’m on Ancient Aliens. Maybe you recognize me from there.”

He may have known who I was all along and was just being polite. He immediately said “you’re David Wilcock.”

Then, after I acknowledged it was true, he said, “I know they threatened your life in 2011. Thank you for still doing what you do. It’s incredible work.”



I thanked him and we got talking about the body scanners. I mentioned that I do not trust the government when they tell us they are safe.

He then admitted that he has had ulcerative IBS since he started working around the body scanners. He understood why I always took the pat-down instead.

Inside myself, I thought, “If you know your job is killing you, then why are you still doing it?”

I didn’t dishonor him by saying it out loud.

I thought about the gargoyles and weird symbols that stare at you as you walk through the Denver airport.

They hide it right out in the open.




My flight was scheduled to land at LAX at 4PM — but we arrived 15 minutes early.

No explanation for this early arrival was given, though it felt like the pilot was flying faster than usual.

We had some unusually gut-wrenching turbulence at two different points on the way back home.

I was actually off of the plane by 3:45 — and had my bags by 4:10 PM. [LAX is notoriously slow for baggage claim.]

My ride didn’t expect me to be that early, and deliberately left with just enough time to make it. She walked the dog first to ensure she would be OK for the whole trip.

Traffic was heavy, so I didn’t get picked up until some time after 4:30.



In the meantime I was on the phone with Gaiam discussing the main artwork that will be used for my upcoming new show, Whistleblower.

My main suggestion was that we didn’t want to go with a predominantly gray theme, as the Whistleblowers give us a message of hope.

I recommended bold purple and indigo notes against a black background to emphasize the “higher vibrations” this show will be helping to usher in.

I had a difficult time with the connection on this phone call. I was juggling between the noise in baggage claim and the noise by the road.

I finally stuck with baggage claim because out by the road I was constantly breathing diesel exhaust and cigarette smoke, no matter where I stood.

This picture is similar to what it looked like where I was standing, though I don’t think this is in United’s Terminal 7.



I also ended up talking to two girls who had recognized me from Gaiam TV on my flight, smiling and waving. They had both come in to see a concert.

The three bands were Puscifer, a project from the lead singer of Tool, A Perfect Circle and Failure.

The show is on Saturday, May 10th at the Greek Theatre, and tickets are still available.

One of them was from Missouri, was in her mid-30s, and had never left her home state before.

I helped them figure out how to get to Dollar Rent-A-Car. The shuttle bus hadn’t shown up after well over 20 minutes and they were very anxious.

“Don’t worry. Once you have a reservation, you’ll get the car. They wouldn’t rent it to someone else unless you came in really late tonight.”



Eventually I got picked up, loaded my bags in the car and we were off. 

We were heading down the 1 before it merged with Lincoln Boulevard. The airport was to our left.

This was when things started to get very strange.



As we were driving along, I noticed a variety of men with cameras, in suits, along the right side of the road, on a grassy hill next to the curb. We were in the far right lane.

They almost all had large telescoping lenses, four or five inches wide at the end and a foot and a half long.

All of them had their cameras held up, and were aiming at the same area intently as if they were already taking pictures.

I didn’t know what was going on, but I saw about 15 to 20 different people all pointing their cameras in the exact same direction.

This next image is fairly close to what I saw, except that they were wearing suits and not as densely packed together.



I thought it must be some sort of film they were shooting, but it seemed strange that they were using photo cameras instead of professional film gear.

It was also strange to see how they were dressed, as film crews would never wear business suits — not any I have ever seen.

I then saw two or three more photographers as we headed down the road. They were also aiming their cameras intently at something in the sky over LAX.

It was at this time that I got a brilliant idea: “I’d better take a look and see what all the fuss is about!”

I turned around, saw an incoming plane in the distance, and in a few seconds I realized what was going on.



What I saw when I turned to look behind me was a blue-and-white plane coming in for a landing, about 300 feet above the ground in the distance.

I could see that we were timed perfectly enough that the plane would pass right by us as it landed.

It still didn’t register for the first two or three seconds what this plane might be — and why everyone was so interested.

“Wait a minute,” I thought to myself. “Air Force One — the President’s plane — has those exact same markings. White on top, blue on the bottom.”

This quickly led me to think, “Am I seeing Air Force One land right in front of me? Wouldn’t THAT be interesting!”

In another two or three seconds the plane was now close enough that I could make a definite, positive ID on it as Air Force One.

I told my friend driving, “That’s Air Force One, right there behind us. It’s landing right now! Talk about a synchronicity!”

We had just enough time to pull over as it was about 50 feet above the ground behind us, maybe less.



Hector Gomez, one of those cameramen out there, has already posted pictures of this event. This is what he captured, from a similar angle to where we were.



Although this second shot is not from this same landing, as it came in closer, this is fairly similar to what it looked like from where I was seeing it land on the road.

The plane looked absolutely huge compared to other planes I have seen. That was the biggest surprise of all.

I am sure there are international flights on planes this big, but it’s not the type you normally see flying into LAX most of the time.



I also saw the plane glide by on the runway — and this is what it looked like from where we were now parked. It continued moving past where we were, as it hadn’t come to a complete stop.




This was totally unplanned — at least by any conscious forces. My ticket had been booked on April 23rd with no knowledge of what was going to happen.

If my ride hadn’t deliberately ignored the obvious signs that she would be late by walking the dog first, this never would have been timed so perfectly.

I realized that the reason why my flight arrived early was for airport security — to get more of us out of there before Air Force One had landed.

The plane itself was enormous! No photo I have ever seen actually conveyed the sheer bigness of the plane. I likened it to a “flying hotel.”

Here is an image of the original printout of my three-part trip from United when I first booked it on April 23rd, to prove I’m not making this up.




I wanted to find further proof that this really did happen today. We noticed a sign posting traffic warnings as we headed up Lincoln, but I didn’t make the connection.

It wasn’t until I looked it up back at the house, after dinner, that I realized Obama was on the plane and this was a big visit he was making to Los Angeles.



The traffic warnings were for the exact time after when we were driving — as his motorcade was going to block traffic considerably.

Roadblocks were set up in areas we never saw from where we were driving, but I did notice a police presence.

President Obama Arrives in Air Force One Just Before 5PM on May 7th

President Obama arrived at LAX just before 5 p.m. on Wednesday for a two-day visit to Southern California and traffic delays were expected.

“Obama Jam” Caused in LA Traffic on May 7-8, 2014
Official White House Schedule for Plane Landing
The President arrives Los Angeles, CA
Local Event Time:
5:00 PM PDT
Los Angeles International Airport
Open to pre-credentialed media



Bear in mind that the title of my most recent book is The Synchronicity Key.

The whole book is based on the concept that “meaningful coincidences” are not happening by accident, but by deliberate design.

The radio show I just posted talks extensively about disclosure. I stated that ET humans have visited every US President in his office for the last 100 years.

Additionally, this article I wrote to accompany the show is all about the exposure and defeat of the Cabal.

The very first thing I saw in my home town, other than the airport, was the President of the United States coming in for a landing.

All the men with cameras reminded me of the type of hubbub you would expect in the event of a massive UFO sighting — a large object in the sky.



I know that many, if not most of the people who read “truth journalism” absolutely despise Obama.

Yet, insiders have consistently told me he is doing the best he can against a murderous cabal that has threatened his entire family with torture and death if he goes against them.

Remember — the game is for elected leaders to take all the blame, while the real powers never run for office — and manipulate the financial system and media.

Right-wingers often say Obama is a “puppet,” but the logical extension of that is “If he ever tried to oppose these people, they would torture and kill his entire family.”

I knew a similar fate could happen to me at any time for exposing the truth, which is the main reason why I never have had children and never plan to.



Given the powerful nature of what is happening in the world right now, I couldn’t help but see this event as being significant.

If nothing else, it seemed to strongly underline what so many other dreams and real-world data points have been saying.

If you remember, my last post detailed a dream from March 17th, where the Cabal was operating out of a flimsy old house that was about to collapse.



Right as the house started collapsing in the dream, my entire bedroom started shaking violently in real life — and it was an earthquake.

This was a powerful message… and I have definitely not forgotten it.

What I did not say is that immediately after hanging up the phone with my top insider, after a very poignant discussion about these subjects later that same week, the whole room shook again.

This was a second aftershock earthquake that happened later in the week. We had been discussing events that could lead to the destruction of the Cabal.

Seeing Air Force One land in my home town, right beside me, right after I landed in my own plane, only made the message even stronger:

“Get ready. This is really going to happen. You are going to see the Cabal crumble… and Disclosure will occur.”



Ah, the magic of synchronicity. Those who want to see it will often find it. Those who don’t want to see it will never be convinced.

Banks of repeating numbers have appeared in unique ways for many years now. It started back when I was first researching UFOs and metaphysics.

I would often be engrossed in a book for an hour or two, non-stop, only to look up spontaneously and check the time — and it would be 3:33 or 11:11.

This morning I logged in to do one final proofreading, and when I looked at the “Decloaking Lucifer” article I wrote that predicted what would be happening, there was another synchronicity.



If you can see it in the above, the hit counter is at 177773 — a bank of four 7s in a row.

I took a picture of it and then clicked over to the homepage — and it was still there:



It is clear that the Cabal is never going to surrender willingly. The future of our planet requires us to stand up and do our part to stop them.

That awakening is finally starting to happen on a mass level. I see these synchronicities as excellent portents of a positive future.

This is an invigorating journey and I am glad you are here with us to witness history in the making — and participate!