A radio show from Friday the 13th (interestingly enough) features David Wilcock discussing the cycles of history, and why the collapse and defeat of the negative agenda is utterly inevitable. It is a law of nature — like any other.

[Updated: Same night with new images. Next morning: Reader comment and other new info added in for greater clarity. Afternoon: More after new dream data.]



Internet access is very restricted at the place I’m staying in Canada. They advertise it as “not high-speed,” but more to the point, it’s often “not at all!”

I figured a short update was better than none. I have been doing a lot of healing here, and feel very inspired to write — as long as I don’t lose it along the way.

I wouldn’t dare try to write anything large at this point, because with web-based editing, it’s bound to get deleted while in development — in the midst of such bad reception.

I’ve taken lots of pictures of the local scenery, and will upload more of it as time goes on. In the meantime, that’s probably not what you came here for!



Major geopolitical events are happening at an incredible speed. It is becoming increasingly obvious that we are building up to something very significant.

When you consider the possibility that classified technology exists that can boldly manipulate the weather, causing freak problems, the current chaos takes on an even deeper level of potential significance.

Yosemite wildfires. Boulder flash floods. Everything is too hot or too cold. There’s either too much water or nowhere near enough.

Some of this is definitely a natural effect. However, there is a real possibility that technologies exist that could be enhancing these problems as well. For now.

The whole negative-elite objective right now seems to be: “DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO DISTRACT THEM FROM THE NSA DISCLOSURES.”

Syria clearly appeared to be another desperate attempt to sway the headlines away from the ever-increasing NSA disclosures.

It did not work.



The public has finally had enough of sudden, knee-jerk responses to questionable atrocities — which, in turn, get us embroiled in long-term, unwinnable wars.

Wars generate very significant profits. The same “usual suspects” need these wars. It’s their number-one way to raise the money they desperately need to maintain control.

Military strikes kill innocent people. Lives are being lost as these geopolitical chess games play themselves out.

A gas attack is a horrible thing. So is having your body blown apart from an attack with explosives.

To respond to violence by instantly creating more violence, rather than pursuing peaceful means first, is the peak of insanity.

Thankfully, the public saw this as Iraq 2.0, which it was — and nobody bought into it.

Even the manipulated polls couldn’t get better than a 10-percent approval rating.



Kerry’s epic mis-step gave Putin an opportunity to propose a full elimination of the CW arsenal in Syria — and it worked.




If I had actually thought Syria was going to turn into a war, I would have written about it much sooner.

All along, I never felt that this one was going to happen.



Last night, I drove to a place where I could use my phone, and talked to one of my top insiders for over an hour.

This is the same insider who recently said “Every time the Ponzi scheme known as the Federal Reserve Note is about to collapse, they need another mass catastrophe to prop it back up again.”

Last night I said, “Now that Syria fell through, they’re going to have to cook up something else to try to distract the headlines and create fear and trauma — like another mass shooting.”

Little did I realize that it would happen the very next day.




Hypnosis can be used to train people to shoot, and have amnesia about what they did afterwards.

There have been a variety of prominent movies about this — including both versions of The Manchurian Candidate, the film Conspiracy Theory and the satire Zoolander, as notable examples.

As our reader Tony pointed out the next morning in a comment, this entire process was also scientifically proven to work in a shocking TV show by hypnotist Derren Brown:

tony 2013-09-17 06:33–  With reference to hypnosis being used to carry out a staged, pre-planned murder, please watch Derren Brown, a UK hypnotist who did this.

Brown used hypnosis to persuade an ordinary young man to ‘kill’ the actor Stephen Fry on stage.

The man actually carried it out with a fake gun, complete with a very loud explosive sound it made from firing blanks.

He then calmly sat back down after doing it — even as Stephen Fry appears to have died on stage from the gunshot.

Stephen Fry was in on it. This shows the techniques they use — and it is very real.

Here’s the full version [47mins]:



Over and over again, the “lone gunman” doesn’t remember doing the crime. And while he is doing it, he is in a hypnotic state, and therefore seems to be in a silent trance.

Derren Brown’s incredible demonstration proves that he was able to find someone capable of doing this crime, under total amnesia, just by selecting him from an ordinary audience.

They worked together for a few sessions, but the man never knew what he was being trained for.

Bearing that in mind, consider these four clues that appeared in news items that emerged right as the story was breaking:



Here is the first clue — a story from 2004 where the shooter discharged his weapon and then could not remember doing it afterwards.

Shooter Did Not Remember Firing Weapon in Previous Incident

SEATTLE – The man identified by Washington D.C. police as a suspect in this morning’s shooting at a U.S. Navy Yard was arrested in Seattle in 2004 after an incident that he later described to police as an anger-fueled “blackout.”

Seattle Police say Aaron Alexis was arrested June 3rd 2004, a few days after shooting out the tires of a car parked in a driveway next to a home where he was staying in the Beacon Hill neighborhood….

Detectives say Alexis told them he believed he was being “mocked” by the construction workers and that they had “disrespected him.”  He also told detectives he had an anger-fueled “blackout” and didn’t remember firing his gun until well after the incident was over.



The second big clue — showing that this was a rushed, botched job by whomever ordered it — was that the shooter seemed oddly “out of it”, and said nothing, as he committed these atrocities.

Gunman Was “Silent Shooter”

“He was a tall man, appeared to have dark skin, looked like he was in some kind of uniform and he had a rifle,” Durham told NBC.

“And he aimed at us and shot but missed, thank God.”

One of Durham’s co-workers, Todd Brundivge, said the gunman had acted with a chilling detachment.

“No words. He raised the gun and started firing,” he told NBC. “He said nothing.”….

The shootings sent the US capital into a state of maximum alert, with the immediate vicinity surrounding the Navy Yard locked down for several blocks in all directions.

Residents of the neighborhood were told to stay inside while authorities set up checkpoints at various intersections as the sky buzzed with with helicopters overhead.

Several schools were placed on lockdown while at the US Senate business was adjourned out of an “abundance of caution.”



With post-hypnotic suggestion, the subject may well hear the voice of the hypnotist telling him what to do, once certain pre-programmed “triggers” are activated.

Schizophrenics also suffer these symptoms, so this is not proof — but it does add weight to the investigation. 

In the Derren Brown documentary, the trigger was associated with white polka dots on a deep indigo background, coupled with a brief verbal command.

In the final shooting event, the man saw a woman sit down in front of him with a blue dress with white polka dots. Then the verbal command was given.

The man then actually stood up and shot Stephen Fry — right in front of an auditorium full of witnesses — with what he thought was a real gun.

People going through MK-ULTRA hypnosis techniques are also deliberately kept from getting enough sleep, as this makes them far more suggestible.

Notice it says here that the shooter was being “treated” since August as well. Hypnotic commands could have been layered in at this time.

Gunman “Hearing Voices”

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. law enforcement officials are telling The Associated Press that the Navy contractor identified as the gunman in the mass shootings at the Washington Navy Yard had been suffering a host of serious mental issues, including paranoia and a sleep disorder.

He also had been hearing voices in his head, the officials said.

Aaron Alexis, 34, had been treated since August by the Veterans Administration for his mental problems, the officials said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the criminal investigation in the case was continuing.

The Navy had not declared him mentally unfit, which would have rescinded a security clearance that Alexis had from his earlier time in the Navy Reserves.



Many personnel who gain a security clearance end up going through at least some degree of hypnotic programming.

Even after many years, at least three of my insiders quickly start falling asleep, can barely even talk, and may actually pass out completely if I ask them about certain very sensitive topics.

I have had to learn how to work around this “hypnotic barrier” in certain cases, such as by frequently changing the subject as I gain information.

With a security clearance like this, there was every opportunity for hypnosis to have been administered to the shooter.

Gunman Had Security Clearance

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Aaron Alexis, the 34-year-old suspect in Monday’s shooting rampage at the Washington Navy Yard, had “secret” clearance and was assigned to start working there as a civilian contractor with a military-issued ID card, his firm’s chief executive told Reuters.

“He did have a secret clearance. And he did have a CAC (common access card),” said Thomas Hoshko, CEO of The Experts Inc, which was helping service the Navy Marine Corps Intranet as a subcontractor for HP Enterprise Services, part of Hewlett-Packard Co.

Alexis, of Forth Worth, Texas, is suspected of opening fire at the Naval Sea Systems Command building in the Washington Navy Yard in a shooting that left 13 people dead, including the shooter.

Asked when Alexis was supposed to start work, Hoshko said in a telephone interview: “That’s what I got to find out, if he was supposed to start today … It’s not clear to me.”

Hoshko said he was unaware of any issues with misconduct involving Alexis or any possible grievance that could have led to the shooting.



Five months ago, well-known actress Roseanne Barr spoke on the groundbreaking Russia Today program with Abby Martin about MKULTRA.

It is quite astonishing — even surreal — to see such a famous person speak out about such a controversial topic — from a clearly very informed and confident position.

She also mentions that many people in Hollywood are very well aware that this is going on, but are afraid to talk about it.

Full 13-Minute RT Show with Roseanne and Abby Martin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLTsdC0lasc

Short 5-Minute Version Focusing on MKULTRA and Hollywood: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-GuRN8QNlk



I do not want to put in any explicit pictures from the recent Miley Cyrus debacle, as I find the whole thing to be unfortunate and traumatic — as almost everyone online did.

This appeared to be another example of mass, ritual abuse of the Western world, through trauma.

This occurred simultaneously with the mass atrocity that started the Syria war drums beating very loudly.



Miley was Disney’s biggest child star in at least a decade, if not longer. As she has gotten older, they have struggled to “monetize” her as an adult performer.

Once she got the short haircut, more people seemed ready to accept her as an adult. A great deal of marketing money has been spent on tabloid media about her since then.

She went out there on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards with a Disney-like character on her chest.

The character looked like a rabbit, clearly on drugs, winking one eye and sticking its tongue out.

Miley has been increasingly featured in tabloid media as doing drugs herself. Yet this is her handlers sending her out there in this costume.

The rabbit could be a close correlate with Mickey Mouse. It was obviously a cartoon character with eyes made to look like it was very intoxicated.



Her hair was clearly done up to look like devil horns. The winking and tongue-sticking-out performance was not spontaneous or improvised.

This signature gesture was written right into the bodice she was wearing.

None of this was by accident.



Miley’s hyper-sexual dance involved giant teddy bears — a clear and sickening nod to pedophilia and the “Pedo Bear” internet meme.

Furthermore, the tallest teddy bear had a robotic, Battlestar Galactica Cylon-type visor on. This could be used to suggest that Miley was under hypnotic influence.

Pictures of Miley from before and after this performance show very dilated pupils, which happens to the body under hypnosis.

Then, in an immediate follow-up music video where she appears totally naked, she seems to have gotten a familar-looking new tattoo on her finger:




Look… this is very, very upsetting. People were extremely traumatized by what they saw. I didn’t like it at all. I do not like seeing children being abused and I weep for Miley and others like her.

I think it is important that we examine it, however, as Roseanne Barr also recently did. If we refuse to look, we turn our backs on the victims — who need our help.

The Cabal wants you to be so freaked out by all of this that you shake with fear, grow depressed, feel weary and can’t bear to look at the possibility that it was staged and deliberate.

This event was so traumatizing that it literally got twelve times more traffic than all Syria news stories, combined:

Americans 12 Times More Interested in Miley Cyrus Than Syria

That Miley Cyrus captures more attention than escalating war in Syria is, by now, conventional wisdom.

But an exhaustive survey of news sources now reveals exactly how much attention Miley steals.

Americans viewed twelve times as many pages about Miley Cyrus as they did about Syria — even though the news sources published 2.4 Syria articles for every one about Miley.



Miley’s own father, Billy Ray Cyrus, revealed that there was major trouble going on with his daughter.

Yet, because of how effective and murderous the Cabal has been, there was nothing he could do about it at the time.

Billy Ray Cyrus: Family is Under Attack by Satan

Billy Ray didn’t place all the blame on those currently in Miley’s life. There are also evil forces at work, he claimed.

“Somewhere along this journey, both mine and Miley’s faith has been shaken,” he said. “That saddens me the most.”

His family, Billy Ray argued, is now being ruined by Satan.

“No doubt,” he insisted. “There’s no doubt about it.”



Miley dominated the headlines by an astonishing degree, even though 32 percent of Americans believed that the Biblical “Battle of Armageddon” was about to begin in Syria:

32% of Americans Believe Syria Conflict is Battle of Armageddon


In order to make sense out of this, first you have to understand the strategies and mentality of an extreme sociopath. 

Then you have to see that there is actually a decent-sized group of these people operating in the world today, from extreme positions of power.

Then you have to feel safe enough to look at this information without feeling overwhelmed, sick, terrified and disgusted.

You are not alone. Many people are looking at this. Some of them have the power to utterly and absolutely stop it.



I have incredibly detailed “intel”, from insiders who have proven their credentials repeatedly, that an international alliance is about to take down the Cabal.

As Fulford recently leaked, as many as 30,000 top people may be about to be arrested.


The question on every aware person’s lips, of course, is “When are all these criminals going to be rounded up and put in jail?”

One Pentagon source says that an initial list of 12,000 people to be arrested has been increased to close to 30,000 and that the arrests will be announced soon. However, believe it when you see it.



The mass arrests were telegraphed by the Alliance in the conclusion of this year’s top movie, Ironman 3. 

This entire movie was essentially written as an entertaining “delivery vehicle” for truth the public needs to know — thinly disguised as fiction.

At the end of Ironman 3, the Vice President, who looked like a brown-haired Dick Cheney, was arrested for hiring an actor to pose as a Bin Laden-type “terrorist”.

The movie revealed that the Vice President was staging real atrocities and blaming them on this alleged terrorist — to manipulate the American people.

The highly suspect Boston bombing happened very soon after the release of Ironman 3 — further crumbling the edifice of lies.

The film was first released overseas, so controlled American media couldn’t ruin the buzz and declare it a “disaster” that no one wants to see.

If you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend you watch my new, free 50-minute video, which ends with me revealing this stunning connection:

David Wilcock on Cycles of History, Imminent Mass Arrests and The Defeat of the Bad Guys



The possible combined one-two punch of Miley and Syria was not sufficient to start the “Battle of Armageddon” in the Middle East.

Five days after the peace deal had clearly succeeded, we had a mass shooting — in Washington DC — by a member of the US military.

Mass shootings can only be done so many times before people start getting very, very suspicious.



One CIA old-timer I spoke with told me that they would have the hypnotized assassin come into the office, right after doing a job like this.

They showed him the headlines of what had just happened. What he had just done. “My god, that’s horrible,” he would exclaim.

Then, after he left the room, everyone started laughing — since he was the one who did it, and he had no idea.

This is very, very sick stuff. It seems impossible to believe that sociopaths exist — but they do.

These “false flag” methods are considered to be necessary evils — since the opposing factions these groups are fighting against are using the same tactics.

This insider has long since regretted being a part of such a sinister cabal — and, like many others, is helping expose the truth, so justice can be served.


If you are feeling tired, sick, overwhelmed, frustrated, and angry — including angry at me for mentioning this — then you are experiencing precisely what has allowed this strategy to work for so long.

Cabal-dominated media outlets shout down anyone who suggests that foul play could be involved.

We are told it is “too soon” to think about such things, and the people who believe this might be a planned event are lunatic “conspiracy theorists.”



We have seen a vast uptick in the use of this strategy. The Batman shooting, the Norway shooting, the Sikh temple massacre, the Sandy Hook school shooting, the Boston Bombing, and now this… among others.

Invariably, these stories have very suspicious elements to them.

I don’t like to point them out — but I also don’t like seeing people killed. When is it “too soon” to move to protect the lives of others?

The chances are that the Cabal is going to try to do as many of these as possible — now that their defeat seems imminent.

Therefore, if we say and do nothing, and say it is “too soon” to look at this, we may be knowingly turning our backs on the victims of the next mass murder.



The reason why people disassociate — the psychological term for “blanking out” — when thinking about these things is it’s just too painful.

One big key: if you immediately turn on the TV when something like this happens, you will be utterly inundated with “fear porn.”

The images of the atrocities repeat, over and over again, along with the programming that tells you what to think — and who to be angry at.

This, in turn, shapes the political discourse that then follows.

The idea of a Global Nemesis that would actually do something like this seems utterly overwhelming.

Yet, in The Synchronicity Key, I explain — in great detail — how this is allowed to happen by an intelligent universe.

Why, people ask? Why would any loving God allow this to be done? 

We are given free will on Earth — at least to a large degree.

These plans will only continue succeeding until we are strong enough to face the darkness — both on a global level and within ourselves.

Once we can identify it, and know that it’s there, we can begin taking concrete steps to heal it.

Our collective free will says ENOUGH.



This latest event gets the public afraid of the military — and reinforces the idea that the military could be a threat to the executive branch in DC.

The public has unfortunately grown disillusioned, and has lost track of the true role — and spirit — of the military in a free, functioning society.

The military is our Honorable Protector. They risk their lives to do the jobs most of us would never dream of being brave enough to tackle.

The US Constitution gives us the right to “alter or abolish” the existing government if it violates its core principles — including our right to privacy.

Our military is the Honorable Protector of the US Constitution.

Each soldier must swear to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, before God, on pain of death — and their eternal soul.

For many who serve, that matters.

One of the most convenient shadow games created by the Cabal is the very false belief that “they’re all in on it” — and no one can be trusted to help us.



The timing of the DC shooting is extremely convenient — in light of the mass arrests that are now in the final planning stages.

The insider chatter on this event is getting stronger and stronger.

An ever-increasing number of independent sources are saying the same thing.

Not all the details match exactly. Some of them, admittedly, would strain credulity and ignite a firestorm of controversy.

At this point, I do not want to compromise operational security by leaking anything of significance. If even half of these rumors are true, then it is great news.

Even in cases where others are already leaking the same exact things I’m hearing, I feel the wisest move to make at this point is to “watch and wait.”

There is a lot that can be done without leaking anything that isn’t already extremely public, however.

That is where I will be turning my efforts as I move into the next in-depth investigative work — which will be quite substantial.



I had a dream the day BEFORE the Syria mess started that told me not to worry about it. 

I was riding around on a tricycle with John Lennon and Yoko Ono — like the kid in The Shining, who ultimately escaped from his very psychotic and evil father.




John, Yoko and I were on the run from a military dictator-type character who looked very much like Saddam Hussein.

No matter how much he screamed at us, waved his fists around, et cetera, we always stayed ahead of him.



The whole scene was being shown in fast-forward motion, with the Benny Hill theme music playing as we went around.



In case you are too young to catch this reference, the Benny Hill show is a British comedy that had skits where he would run around at high speed, chasing half-naked girls, with very silly music playing.



First he would chase them, and then he would get caught, such as by the men they were involved with.

Now he would be on the run from an angry mob. The comically-enhanced speed of the action made it look like an old silent film.

Given that he is not exactly thin or attractive, by most women’s standards, the whole thing was quite absurd — which made it even more hilarious.




As Lennon and I were riding along, we were also navigating through a vast collection of military surplus hardware. Much of it was formerly classified.

As we went around, I realized that there were incredible treasures that we could go back and recover once the dictator was out of the picture.

This could easily include free energy, anti-gravity, teleportation, re-fitting automobiles to run on water, and miraculous healing technologies, among others.

The Syria story began dominating the headlines the very next day. 



Please don’t misunderstand me — since some readers inevitably do.

This dream was not, in any way, making fun of the people who lost their lives.

It was expressing that our governments simply cannot play the same old games.

Heart-wrenching catastrophes are no longer seducing the mass public into supporting tyranny and violence.

And for that, I am very grateful — as that means the cycles of history no longer need to keep producing new disasters.



Here is the “raw data” from this morning’s dream. This was what inspired me to write this update.

In some of the oldest writings on this site, going back to the Articles section, I describe how a man tried to recruit me into the Cabal at a UFO conference in 1996.

I never took the bait — even though he offered to give me much more classified info than I had leaked to him at the time, at an informal round table dinner meeting.

He had worked for several different defense contractors. Now he showed up in the dream as having printed counterfeit US dollars on a printer, and was using them to buy real goods.

Once again, this suggested that we will very soon find out, on a mass level, that the US Federal Reserve Note is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

The insider “leaks” I am hearing, by the way, do say that the dollar will be rescued — and only a minimal revaluation, no more than 10 percent, will be needed.




  • I found myself in Banff
  • I was hanging out with various people in small groups and enjoying it
  • Over time, I became aware that there was some weird stuff going on
  • Part of it involved drugs and drug use
  • There also seemed to be a drug dealing and financial corruption aspect


  • Eventually this led me to a group of seemingly discarded boxes
  • They were in this Canadian wilderness area, but fairly concealed
  • I felt like it was my responsibility to go through those boxes and recycle them
  • They had a lot of paper in them


  • Someone in our group, or at least someone we were aware of, had been stashing them there
  • This guy actually looked like the man who first tried to recruit me into the Cabal
  • This was the elderly, mysterious insider I met at the UFO conference back in 1996
  • He worked for various military defense contractors and was “very inside”
  • These were his boxes


  • I was shocked after pulling away the useless boxes on top and opening the ones underneath them
  • What I found inside was counterfeit American dollars — in staggering numbers of uncut sheets
  • They were literally being printed off of a printer, and were obviously not real
  • However, there were also receipts, such as for computer equipment
  • These receipts showed that this fake, printed money was being used to buy real things
  • I was shocked to discover this


  • Very soon after I discovered this, the contractor showed up — and caught me in the act
  • He demanded that I give him back the boxes
  • He didn’t want me looking through them
  • Nonetheless, this was such a big thing that I really didn’t know what to do
  • I woke up before knowing what to do



At the time I had this dream, it did occur to me that the boxes of American currency were similar to Federal Reserve bond boxes — as we published in the Financial Tyranny investigation.

After I already thought this article was completely finished, a new Neil Keenan / Michael Henry Dunn / Jean Haines update came in that had to be included here.

Neil recently had a very significant meeting with top-level Cabal insiders, which I was aware of. His new update reveals what happened at the meeting.

Neil is now preparing to release the contents of the “Book of Redemption” — which names everyone who has been stealing from the Global Collateral Accounts all along.

In case you are new to this, much of the world’s gold was stolen by the Federal Reserve banking families and used to underwrite a “secondary market”.

In this “secondary market,” people make vastly more money than you can possibly make in the legitimate economy. The rich get much, much richer.

To show that Neil is serious, and he has the goods, the new update features two pictures of the book itself.



As I said in Fulford’s forum, although Neil can be abrasive and almost comically over-the-top with his accent, it took someone this tough to take a stand.

That’s why he was given the access that he has had to this information. Even after multiple threats to his life, and failed assassination attempts, he is still fighting.

You can read the latest update here:

Keenan Goes Into the Lion’s Den, Reveals Financial Doomsday Weapon Against the Cabal


Neil has concluded the Cabal is not near to defeat, though they claim to be — and may not be near to any significant arrest either.

That, I will say, is very different from what I’ve heard. Some of the leaked data I have gotten is very specific — and astonishing.

Even what we are seeing now, in public, is simply unprecedented in any known history. Disclosure is happening at an incredible, ever-increasing speed.

The efforts made to stop disclosure from happening are increasingly bombastic, outrageous, grandiose and therefore desperate.

Ultimately, I do feel we will be OK, and there is no need to panic. We can minimize the loss of life by being willing to face uncomfortable truths — and take a stand.

The effort to bring down the Cabal is reaching critical mass, and justice will be served — very soon.



The exposure and collapse of the negative elite that we are now seeing is pre-programmed into the laws of nature.

That was the epic ‘reveal’ for me as I put the finishing touches on The Synchronicity Key.



The real “meat” of the book was written after the Mayan Calendar end-date came and went, seemingly without incident.

Something wonderful IS happening. It’s just far more complex, and mysterious, and subtle, and all-encompassing, than I had ever realized or expected.

Instead of a sudden, thunderous, single moment of change, we are being led through a co-creative process.

We are co-creating this change as it comes into being. By staying positive, not giving into fear, and helping spread the truth, we are part of the solution.








I spoke about the core of this knowledge — the pre-programmed cycles of history and their triumphant conclusion — on a radio show that came out on Friday the 13th, this month.

The show is called The Awakening Zone — and I do feel I created something that lived up to the name.

You can listen to it by clicking on the following link:

9/13/13 Radio Interview with David Wilcock



I share on a variety of subjects in this show — and already the buzz is spreading about it. 

I always do my best, every time I take to the airwaves.

Given the times that we’re in, and the amount of information there is to know right now, I feel very blessed to have the freedom to speak.



Here are two more vacation pics. The first one was taken in the bathroom at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw the five-petaled Masonic / Rosicrucian “rose” pattern carved right into the wood of the toilet stalls.

I grabbed my camera and did a “selfie” in front of the mirror — right after a guy had gone in and started using it… and quite loudly, I might add.

I had already planned on taking the picture, but then when he dashed in, it made the moment all the more… substantial.



Then, the next day, I upgraded my choice of subject a bit — as I celebrated making it all the way up to #8 on the New York Times best-seller list!




Lastly, I will re-post one of a few comments I added in on Benjamin Fulford’s blog today, slightly re-edited for clarity:

Here’s the thing. Once this formerly-secret information all comes out in the open, there is no way the old guard can continue to play these games.

If they think otherwise, they are sorely mistaken — and probably far too influenced by the inner teachings of their secret religion.

The shift is so inevitable, and will be so huge, that my dreams are encouraging me to help people realize that many people in these groups have been held against their will. 

This is occurring even at major governmental levels.



If we want to learn the lesson these great cycles are built to teach us, as I spell out in the new book, we need to remember that we are all part of the same living identity that made the universe.



And therefore, all souls are worthy of love and respect, even if they have committed crimes.



The key here is that we would be well-advised to practice “love with boundaries.”

We can feel love for them and also, imperatively, prevent them from doing any further harm.

I have been able to gain insights into what life growing up in the Cabal would be like — and it’s not fun nor pretty.

Nonetheless, it would be wonderful if these people could be free.

Humanity will be overwhelmed as their stories start coming out, for many of them are far worse than what anyone wants to hear.

It will get intense. It will be amazing. Disclosure will happen within a very finite timeframe as this all crumbles. We will realize we are not alone.



All the episodes I’ve done on Gaiam TV are pre-made and ready for this to happen.

There’s nothing else like it, even in my books.

We are now heading into the first of the “Strange Physics” episode series, which is some of the most provocative and important stuff I’ve done yet.

Tonight’s show was just the first round. There are at least five more coming after that in this series — before I go back and do even more.

Supporting this vital work not only keeps me alive, it is very educational.

You can see a new half-hour show every Monday for less than ten bucks a month, and during the first 10 days, you can watch all pre-existing episodes for free:


Check it out! This is the most powerful and vital way for you to help ensure we can keep tackling these vital issues to the best of our ability.

And thanks for keeping up the good fight.

– David



In the process of updating this article, I hit two different “numerical synchronicities”, where the hit counter was at a repeating number of digits right as I posted.

Due to the speed that these articles spread, the timing involved in this happening needs to be down to fractions of a second, in most cases — but it is not conscious. 

The first one happened when it was at 444 hits:



The second one came in at 777 hits. Also notice that the previous update was made at a time that ended in exactly 5 minutes and 55 seconds:



The number of revisions, in both cases, was harmonic. 18 has many divisors, as does 24.

These numbers are the building blocks of the cycles I write about in The Synchronicity Key.



There is a great deal of other information I could keep adding in here, now that I know the connection is stable — but this seems like a good time to stop for now. 

I came back for one final pass about 12 hours after I finished the initial draft — and the hit counter had gone above 11,000. LOL… it’s actually 3:33 pm right now, and I didn’t plan that either!

Right as I visited this page for my final review, there were exactly 222 Facebook Likes.




Synchronicity is not something that is only happening to me and a few others on the Internet.

It is happening to all of us — whether we realize it or not.

The key is to understand why.

I don’t have to struggle, or exert any effort, to catch these events. It just works.

Similarly, the negative will keep fighting for control, but their plans will crumble.

Synchronicity is being used, on a mass scale, to intelligently coordinate the downfall of the elite. 

In some cases, key events occur without the people even having conscious knowledge of what they were doing — or why it was significant.



All of this is ultimately being staged for you — and there is only one of us here.

Yet, on a personal level, you have a choice.

You can stay in apathy, and believe that life is out to get you and things really suck right now.

Or, you can realize that we are on the threshold of the most spectacular, mass spiritual awakening in human history.

You make the choice every day — every moment.

When you feel love, peace, acceptance and forgiveness of others, you are part of the solution.