Finally! After 14 years of running this website and only a handful of videos ever released, you can now see David Wilcock every week — in a new, completely uncensored and unrestricted television show — on Gaiam TV!
[UPDATE next afternoon on synchronicity. Update Saturday 4/13. See below headlines in red!]
Positive changes are happening — for those with eyes to see. Regardless of the increasingly faltering efforts of the negative to throw our planet into chaos, things keep on working out.
I’ve been hearing the same screeching voices of fear ever since the day I got online — back in November 1995 — but hardly any of these doomsday scenarios have ever come true.
Even in cases where disasters have occurred and fatalities have been suffered, society itself has continued forward — and the world is not a place of disaster and pain.
Despite the positive changes, lying is still a very powerful part of the world we live in. So many lies are being told every day that it boggles the mind.
Corporate media was a well-oiled, highly respected and covert lying machine for many years — but it is increasingly breaking down and becoming irrelevant, thanks to the Internet.
The lying must stop. You need to know the truth. Now. Today. This minute. No more lies. No more fear. No more denial. The truth will set you free — and can literally save our planet.
After all these years, I am very grateful to announce Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock, a half-hour-a-week TV show you can enjoy — with a new episode every Monday at 7PM.
No lying. No censorship. No restrictions. No agenda — except to help transform your life, by sharing the strongest wisdom teachings I can provide.
I have already begun releasing some of my best material in this show — material which, up until now, was only accessible at my all-weekend events.
The cost, per month, is significantly less expensive than anything else I offer — at $9.99 — and you start out with a 10-day free trial, with unlimited access to everything.
Every country in the world can access this program.
The image quality is HD — significantly better than YouTube. If you are a Mac user and have trouble installing Silverlight, you can default to Flash.
I turned 40 on March 8th, 2013 — and have now spent the last 33 years developing a far-reaching body of research data. This began with reading “How to Make ESP Work For You” by Harold Sherman, starting in 1980.
Here is an outline I just found in my papers for an oral and written presentation on ESP I delivered in sixth grade — when I was 10 years old, back in January 1984.
My first oral presentation on ESP was delivered in second grade, in 1980, when I was only 7 years old.
The “6-L” was the code for “Sixth grade with Mr. Lee”, and the specific class was Language, as the abbreviation below the date indicates.
I ditched the cursive writing some time in ninth or tenth grade, after realizing that if I wrote quickly, I had trouble reading my own notes.
I’d always hated cursive, but if you didn’t write this way in elementary school, they would fail you.
I continued doing research into ESP and paranormal phenomena every year — including practicing ESP-building exercises.
After all these years, I feel like I’ve finally found a niche where I can share what I’ve learned in a weekly television program.

I have now written, produced and taped the first 15 episodes of my new show, Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock, on Gaiam TV. As of Monday, April 8th, 2013, our show is now live and official!
New episodes will appear every week — so never again will there be long periods where I don’t produce new content!
You can also see me in an hour-long episode of Beyond Belief with George Noory on Gaiam TV, discussing the Rainbow Body. George also has new episodes every week.
This is NOT Coast-to-Coast, but is a completely different show — all filmed with a live studio audience.
If you’ve ever been to a Whole Foods in the United States, there will always be a yoga products section. Many of those products are sold by Gaiam, with their familiar Flower of Life logo.
As you can see in the above image, Gaiam distributes many, many different yoga and fitness DVDs as well as a variety of yoga products — well beyond what is in this display.
Every single yoga and fitness DVD that Gaiam sells at Whole Foods is now available for instant streaming — to all Gaiam TV subscribers.
This constitutes over 50 percent of all the yoga/fitness titles ever released on the market — including names such as Jillian Michaels.
In addition, Gaiam TV has either bought up or directly developed a wealth of thousands of spiritual and metaphysical titles you can’t find anywhere else.
Gaiam TV has exclusive interviews featuring Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, James Van Praagh, Dannion Brinkley, David Wolfe, Don Miguel Ruiz, William Henry, Bruce Lipton and many other top speakers.
There really is nothing else like it out there — and that’s what makes it so exciting to be involved. I think of it as “the Netflix of body, mind and spirit healing videos.”
We also have a wealth of full-length spiritual films that have been licensed and custom-picked for their uplifting and inspiring content.
Gaiam TV has over 70 in-house staff at their headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, who are dedicated to making each Gaiam TV show the best it can be.
It’s terrific to have a division of labor, where different people are doing the jobs I used to have to do entirely by myself — or with a very small crew of staff.
There are so many Gaiam TV staff cubicles and rooms that it took me a while to figure out how to navigate between the meeting area, the main bathroom and the production studio.
I’m thrilled with how it has turned out so far. I’m running a Power Point presentation in each show, sometimes with over 70 slides in a single half-hour episode, and it all mixes together very nicely.
We’re now regularly using three camera angles — a wide shot, a tight shot, and a shot that focuses in on my video monitor so I can point at it and have it all be visible in the full screen.
I thought I would hate looking at myself for a half-hour at a time, but I’m moving so quickly that the thoughtforms and the slides keep it very engaging.
A gifted Gaiam TV staff member designed a visually rich opening sequence to the show, and ended it with Native American totems — including the crow as a wisdom-giver and the cry of the wolf.
This is all set to a classic piece of music I co-wrote with Larry Seyer on our first-ever product, The Science of Peace — three 70-minute MP3s of groundbreaking scientific material set to a constant stream of original background music.
The initial filming has all happened in the last two and a half months, and has kept me busy.
I did not see the opening of our new TV show until it was finished — and too late to change anything even if I had wanted to.
I laughed and said, “Well, not everyone is going to like the crow and the wolf,” but since some of the material we cover is about the downfall of the Cabal, it does have its place.
I began doing intuitive readings on November 10, 1996 — and wrote them down in this notebook, which up until then was just for recording my dreams.
I’d been documenting my dreams since September 23, 1992 — but it wasn’t until I spoke with Joe Mason, who later developed, that I learned about the “Dream Voice” technique.
I began practicing this technique the very next morning after we spoke — since I’d already noticed the “still, small voice” when I first woke up in the morning.
Part of why I’ve had a big gap in posting on this website is I finished up a three-and-a-half-year development process on The Synchronicity Key, which is now a fully road-worthy sequel to The Source Field Investigations.
I actually now think of it as more like a prequel — and may end up recommending that new readers start with this first before reading Source Field.
I’ve never worked as hard in my entire life as I have in the last four months — signing and producing a show with Gaiam TV, running conferences, and finishing an incredibly data-rich 500-page book all at the same time.
I sent in the manuscript last Wednesday, did Kerry Cassidy’s Awake and Aware 2013 conference on time travel this past weekend, and have been sleeping a lot ever since!
At the very, very end of the book-writing process, I decided to include some of my readings — as there were multiple prophecies of 9/11 that I’d put out on the Internet before the event actually happened.
I’ve now traced them all back, complete with archived, clickable links that are independently time-calibrated for proof.
Along the way, I found dozens of astonishing time-bending prophecies that referred to the moment I’m in now, the people I am interacting with, and the things I’m doing.
Much of this is personal, and has had an incredibly positive effect on me — and I also found what appeared to be a prophecy of this show as well.
Only 20 days after I started pulling in readings — just as the reception was starting to improve — I got what appeared to be a very clear prophecy of this show.
What makes this so interesting is that I only decided to accept this deal after doing a show with Art Bell’s successor, George Noory, and being impressed with the production value of Gaiam TV.
So we have a TV show with Art Bell’s successor. We have this show being done with the company that sells yoga products at Whole Foods.
Once I checked with the owner of the company, I found out that this prophecy came in just as Gaiam was getting started — in 1996.
It clearly said, “Homeopathic TV. Think of Art Bell doing Yoga. Maybe something will come of it — maybe some other time.”
Homeopathic medicine is considered “fringe” — even though it was widely used prior to the 1930s — but it does seem to work very well.
We also see a statement that the show may or may not actually happen — which made me even more relieved that it actually did.
This was only one of at least 17 different astonishingly specific prophecies of what’s happening in my life right now that I found in the last 2 weeks, in writings from 1996 to 1998.
In the old days, so many weird and encrypted things were coming in that when I published this material on the web, I didn’t include everything that actually was written.
This quote about “Art Bell doing yoga” and “Homeopathic TV” seemed so bizarre and nonsensical that I never published it at the time — but I did publish several other surrounding words.
This included a warning not to eat pizza — even though I was already predominantly dairy-free by the time this came in.
Here’s a photograph of the full page that this excerpt came from. I have multiple witnesses who can attest to seeing and reading this book back in 1996.
At the time, I was lying back, listening to the words, waking up, writing them down, and then going in for more — back and forth, repeatedly.
I admit that new science like this — the idea of non-linear time and prophecy — can seem so baffling as to be laughably impossible.
Nonetheless, this and many other psychic phenomena have been rigorously validated in laboratory experiments.
I’m admittedly blown away to have gone back to these “old” readings — which had basically stopped being interesting to me — only to find so many new things.
This was, in fact, the first time I’d read through such a large amount of them, all at once, since they first came in — but it was quite surprising.
The first six episodes of Wisdom Teachings do lay out some of the intriguing science that shows how something like prophecy could be possible.
Admittedly, the last four months have been very intense — as I turned an initial seed of 200 pages, at various stages of completion, into a finished manuscript of 500.
I am only barely rested enough to write anything here yet — but more is to come soon, as there is a LOT of interesting stuff going on right now.
I have been writing anywhere and everywhere I could — including airports, shuttle buses, hotel rooms, restaurants and even in the dressing room between episodes of the show I taped.
It was madness. Fourteen or more hours a day, every day, for four months straight — with unrelenting pressure that it needed to be done yesterday.
Somehow I managed to update this website several times as well — but now, other than finalizing images and doing one last editing pass once I get my notes, the book is done.
I am very relieved. We will still make the August 2013 release date — and you can pre-order your copy of The Synchronicity Key today!
Your pre-orders are important, because they all add up when the book debuts — so this is how we were able to get The Source Field Investigations on the New York Times best-seller list.
This has nothing to do with “ego” or money (trust me, it’s not very much, even at that level!) and much more to do with credibility.
We’ve also managed to book a series of new all-weekend Convergence conference dates — which was a relief, because after Houston I had been so busy with the book that we had nothing else listed.
You can come and meet me in person, hear me speak for 16 hours through well over 1000 slides, and participate in profoundly deep guided meditations with live musicians supporting the words I speak.
Our new, recently-added dates now include the following, targeting different regions of the US:
In addition, I will be speaking at the New Living Expo in San Francisco, California later this month. This is one of the biggest, wildest and most exciting conferences in our field!
I will be delivering the following talks at the New Living Expo in Room 2, which is the largest space in the entire venue — but seats are at a premium, so I do not recommend showing up at the last minute.
Each talk has a clickable link back to its page on the Expo website, featuring a full description of the topics I will discuss. Please note that I do not have time nor ability to meet anyone at these particular events!
Friday, 9pm
Room 2
David Wilcock
Saturday 11am
Room 2
David Wilcock
Sunday 3:30-6:30pm
Room 2 (Special Event)
David Wilcock
The Friday and Saturday events are free to all who buy a day pass, which starts as little as $15 for one day, $20 for two or $25 for three. These are the least-expensive public events I do all year!
The Special Event is $50 for regular seating and $60 for VIP seating in the first five rows — and you also need a day pass to gain entry.
There are dozens of speakers and hundreds of attractions — it’s like a gigantic metaphysical fair, and always quite a blast.

I do look forward to co-creating a society in which money is no longer required for our survival needs, much like we see in all forms of Star Trek.
Until we get there, we still need to feed ourselves, keep the power running so we can update this site, have cars to drive and places to rent, and support five paid staff.
It’s very common to see hate written online about how horrible and evil it is that we earn money from doing this — but without your support, we wouldn’t be here.
I really want to thank you for your dedication and persistence all these years, defending us against what often is Cabal disinfo agents posing as ordinary, angry people or public figures.
Not everyone who disagrees is working for the Cabal, of course — but some of them definitely are, and their strategies are tired, old and played-out.
The opinions out there are so savage, so untrue and so malicious that you really have to wonder where all this emotional charge is coming from.
It seems to “come with the territory” of being a public, recognized figure.
If we ever do actually start making decent money doing this, that will also be a blessing — as it will enable me to do much more to help the planet.
The comments below this announcement are very difficult to read — a feast of sarcastic laughter, ego posturing and withering shame — but the number of Facebook Likes alone are more than double the number of comments, as you can see.
It’s amazing to see such strong reactions, considering that if this is really true, we will soon gain access to advanced technologies that could literally save the Earth.
From what I’ve heard, I’m featured in at least a few different scenes throughout the film — and I will be attending the big premiere on Monday, April 22nd.
The night sky became as bright as day. Sonic booms blasted car alarms into life. Fireballs rained down, and up to 1,200 people were injured.
The trail was 125 miles long. 20,000 emergency workers were rushed to the site. It was the largest “meteor” in a century.
I strongly wondered, at the time, what this was. Insider chatter has now revealed a sad but interesting answer.
Apparently, eight different events like this happened at the same time, around the world, that same day. This was only the brightest and loudest one.
Five of the crash sites were located by rapid-response crash teams from Majestic.
In each of the five sites, they found dead bodies of small humanoids, ranging from 10 to 12 inches in height — and wreckage from their craft.
One insider heard this same story from fully four completely independent sources. The stories were very similar in every case. No one survived these crashes.
This particular insider did not have any information suggesting this was a deliberate shoot-down — and felt they may have been “coming in hot” and misjudged our atmosphere.
However, another insider with even higher connections informed me that this was almost certainly a coordinated shoot-down effort from our classified planetary defense grid.
Apparently there are tiny drones in our upper atmosphere that use advanced technology to track all objects in our airspace — and will immediately zoom in on and destroy anything unfamiliar.
These ETs may have intended to make a grand entrance, just 14 days after their story went public — and instead were blown out of the sky and murdered.
I was saddened to hear this story from such well-positioned and reliable insiders. This event could have been the mass sighting we were waiting for — but obviously it did not end well for them.
However, the intel on this was so good that I do believe we will see a lot more where this came from — and hopefully without such a violent ending.
Many of the things that people had to pay 295 dollars to see at my all-weekend events are now being released in the first 15 episodes of Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock. 
Four or five of the upcoming episodes, in the weeks ahead, contain astonishing information and visuals of many types of ET humans — including these people.
I’ve really enjoyed being able to take my time and go into more detail than I can manage in the all-weekend events.
I am always changing the material at the all-weekend events, and between what I still have and what I will create, the conferences will still be unique and cutting-edge — without repeating the episode contents.
These episodes are tailor-made to take total newbies, and bring them through the ultimate form of Disclosure I can provide. Soon there will be hours and hours of material!
Having something you can sit and watch with someone is much better than trying to get them to read a book or a website post like this.
Best of all, once you become a Gaiam TV subscriber, you can send me your questions — and if you get picked, you send in your video and you will star in the show, asking me your question — which I will then answer!
Not very many shows are doing this, and particularly with this level of production value. It won’t start until Episode 16, but we’re definitely doing it!
It feels wonderful to have reached this point — and I do hope you will join me in this adventure by signing up for your free 10-day trial and checking it out!
You can visit the site at for more information — and start watching the first three episodes, my show with George Noory, his weekly show, other weekly shows, and potentially over 5000 other unique titles, right now!
Hey — even if you want to hate on all this stuff, at least now you’ll have even more to hate! Look at the bright side!
Gaiam TV has been buying the streaming licenses to compelling spiritual films, and the one everyone is so excited about right now is Kumare’ — “The True Story of a False Prophet.”
I often have had a very hard time finding anything I want to watch on Itunes / Apple TV, but after a one-hour search, I picked this one — and it was only one of two movies I watched while I was finishing my book.
Though it was painful to watch at times, for how it illustrates the naivete of many spiritual seekers and their teachers, I was very satisfied with it.
Vikram Gandhi set out to expose false gurus by posing as one himself — but throughout the movie he has a huge character shift as he realizes how much his work has helped others.
He is still admittedly a skeptic, and doesn’t know what to believe — but Deepak Chopra is now quoted as saying that, as Kumare, Gandhi discovered the most important lesson of all — namely that the real guru is within you.
Our lead moderator was out seeing live music last night while I wrote up this whole article. Guess who she saw — and recognized — at the venue? Vikram Gandhi!
He seemed surprised that she recognized him, and apparently is not accustomed to this happening…. at least not yet.


Nonetheless, Kumare is a great movie — and it definitely appears that this synchronicity was intended to help Gandhi realize that he wasn’t so far off.
Now that he’s licensed the rights to Gaiam TV, he might be well-advised to watch Wisdom Teachings and get a new perspective on the Big Questions!
Much of his skepticism could quickly be informed — by science that is almost never publicized in the mainstream.
Another interesting movie on Gaiam TV that may be worth your time to watch is Astral City. This was the only other film I watched while finishing my book.
From a Hollywood perspective the script needs some tweaking, particularly in terms of character development when we first meet our guy — but the visual depictions of the afterlife are breathtaking.
This entire film was rigorously adapted from a very popular series of books in Brazil, which apparently depict the reality of the afterlife through the lens of a telepathic contact with a man who crossed over.
The content in this movie does very closely parallel what we read in Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton — which has an entire chapter of coverage in my new book.
This film did “get me” with some of the scenes, and I was glad I watched it. Over ten million dollars were spent just on the effects, and it shows!
You can watch these and other films, weekly TV shows (including George Noory’s and mine!) and much more, for 10 days free when you sign up on Gaiam TV.
See you there — and then send in your questions!
I told the people at Gaiam TV that this should be a record-breaking show for them — and with your help, it has already started!
This was the biggest announcement they’ve ever had — in terms of the number of clicks, comments and free trial subscriptions it has originated, all at once.
I am putting some of my best material into this show, and really turning it into a complete class on Ascension and spiritual evolution into the new reality.
The first 15 episodes, which I’ve already taped, are an incredible set-up to establish and document the following points: 
  • The Universe is alive and conscious;
  • You are a perfect hologram of the Creator;
  • Your thoughts broadcast into the environment like satellite TV signals;
  • DNA is written into the laws of quantum physics, and is constructed spontaneously;
  • Humans exist all throughout the Cosmos, and have visited us since the beginning;
  • These humans were seen as “Gods” in every ancient culture;
  • An incredible diversity of illustrations and sculptures of unusual human “Gods” have survived;
  • They left behind skeletal remains, of at least five different varieties, that have now been identified and tested;
  • The positive angels in the Bible were extraterrestrial humans;
  • The negative “fallen” angels in the Bible were extraterrestrial humans;
  • The human ETs encoded a hidden message in nearly every ancient culture worldwide — over 30 of them;
  • The hidden message is that we will reach a Golden Age at the end of a 25,000-year earth cycle;
  • We have now passed the critical year when the Golden Age prophecy would begin finalizing;
  • The Fatima visitations were a mass UFO sighting intended to stop World War I;
  • The Battle of Los Angeles was intended to deter us from continuing World War II;
  • UFO sightings continued into the 1950s, and developed into in-person contacts.
These first 15 episodes alone — 7.5 hours of material — constitute the most robust Disclosure I’ve ever given anywhere, and this is only a partial list of what I’ve covered.
I’m taking more time to focus in on certain key points than I normally do at my conferences, and the results are really terrific.
From this point, we’re building into the 1950s ET contacts that underlined the Golden Age prophecies — and then heading straight into the Law of One series and the reality of the fourth-density shift.
My real goal in doing this show is to give the Wisdom Teachings we need to move through this Ascension process.
I was admittedly disappointed that we didn’t get an instantaneous, massive dimensional shift at the end of 2012. That would have been amazing.
Nonetheless, I’ve had stunning accuracy in the readings I discovered, from 1998 and 1999, that directly time-calibrated where I am now — by date — and clearly established that we are right on track.
There are quotes in the Law of One that clearly indicate we can start developing fourth-density “powers” within our third-density bodies as we go through this.
More importantly, our success in this process is entirely a function of our mastery of certain key spiritual teachings.
My goal in this program is to not only reveal those teachings, but to discuss them in enough detail that they can change your life — for the better.
This affects all aspects of life — and for this reason, co-creating this show with me, and sending in your questions, is an investment in yourself as well.
Your subscription to Gaiam TV makes a direct contribution to our financial well-being — so please sign up today and join us in this quest!