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How to Register for our Online Store

Divine Cosmos has two places where you can register. The first is for our online store which can be found here: Online Store Registration And the second is for our Discussion Forums which can be found here:  Discussion Forums Registration Eventually, our plan is to combine these two registration processes into one in order to make things easier for all of you. However, there is quite a bit of programming that has to be done in order to combine these two completely seperate pieces of software that we use. So until the combining is finished, there will be two. Both registration processes require that you be able to receive our emails as we send out a confirmation email to you immediately after your register. There will be a link in the email that is sent to you that you need to click on to verify that the email address that you entered is valid. Once you have done that, you can login to the area that you registered for… If you registered for the store, you can make a purchase, if you registered for the forums, you can make a post. It is totally ok to be registered for both of these on this site at the same time.  And you can either use the same login and password or choose a different one for each… that is totally...

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Conference Meditations

Would you like to experience one of David’s guided meditations without attending a conference? In this 1.3 hour live recording, David guides you through three separate, individual meditations ranging in length from 19 minutes to over 33 minutes. Hits:...

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  • Just found out we got clearance to leak a HUGE piece of intel that I had never expected to be able to talk about. It will come out near the beginning of tomorrow's livestream. This is VERY MAJOR NEWS if it is true, and it sure looks like it could be... stay tuned!
  • I am happy to say that the "Galactic Edition" of The Cosmic Secret, our #1 Ascension movie, has now been uploaded to all platforms! You complained about the audio on my voice in the original, so we re-shot every word. Everything looks and sounds MUCH better! Go take a look!
  • WOW. Today's 17 posts COMPLETELY confirm the intel I leaked last night throughout the YT conference. The Harvard professor DID generate something nasty, which means his student did try to smuggle cultures in- and again, "Nothing can stop what is coming." https://t.co/arryXUW74S

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