Advanced “Ascension Physics” in Ancient Scripture and its Meaning For Today


Part One: Fatima Sightings and Book of Matthew


Tuesday, October 2, 2001


By David Wilcock and Francois Masson


In the harbor of America’s greatest city, facing the Statue that has called forth so many “tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” the mighty towers of Western finance have collapsed to dust — and the “First World” continues to reel in the aftermath.

As financial markets plummet to unknown depths, “America’s New War,” the “Crusade” of “Operation Infinite Justice,” as it was briefly called, is now officially underway — and many believe that this could easily escalate into a much wider conflict, which would then gain the inevitable title of “World War III.”

News and media sources are now openly discussing the threat of nuclear or bio-chem attacks on American soil, and the essential message is that no one knows when or how devastating such an event could be, nor if anything can be done to prepare for it.

Fear is a choice that appears to be railroaded into the mass psyche of television-watching humanity as never before, as what was once America’s favorite tool for escapism and distraction has become a homing beacon for the gut-wrenching belief that “we’re all going to die.”

Meticulously coiffed talking heads on the newscast spew the latest updates in a stream of flat, emotionless prose, while late-night talk show hosts apologetically try to return to humorous content (such as Conan O’ Brien’s “The Pooping Robot,” seen on Monday, Sept. 24,) so that we can “all get back to normal.”

And yet, underneath the ever-present veneer of denial, everyone knows that life will never be the same.

It is for this very reason that the following article, some of which was originally written in January and April of this year, has finally gained enough significance to be posted.

Had we put this article up even in August, it would have seemed largely irrelevant to today’s issues, but now the words of Matthew, the Book of the Revelation of St. John the Divine and other Biblical sources have an urgency that has never before been realized.

Furthermore, we have now taken the time to put all the necessary background information into this one article, so that the reader does not have to read our published books in order to understand what we will be discussing.



By this point, no one can doubt that we are in a unique and pivotal moment in human history, and many ancient cultures around the world ascribe special meaning to the fact that we are at the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

It is believed that as this Shift of the Ages is complete, the world will have become a much more harmonious and joyful place to live, but before this moment can arrive there must be a grand cleansing of our present ways, with some measure of cataclysmic activity involved.

With the recent event of the bombing of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, we have seen a sudden increase in the confirmation of many of these aspects of prophecy.

After the bombing occurred, the financial markets were shut down for the longest period of time since the Great Depression, and in the following week, the markets experienced their largest weekly percentage loss since the Great Depression.

It is estimated that 1.4 trillion dollars of value was eliminated during this time, which is equivalent to the economies of Germany, France and Japan combined. And this was just in the first week!

Certainly there will be a few sporadic, weak rallies, as were seen in the following week, but the inevitable trend at this point is extremely bearish.



Here at Divine Cosmos, our team has assembled two pivotal books that discuss the changes now occurring in these times, The Shift of the Ages and Convergence III, both of which can be accessed directly from the home page.

Many of you are also aware that we have an advanced multimedia seminar tour as well, entitled The Time of Global Shift, which was advertised with two appearances on the Art Bell Show. We have already appeared in Chicago and Boulder earlier this year.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, we are set to arrive in Santa Fe, New Mexico on the weekend of October 26, 2001.



Our efforts have truly reached millions of people, thanks to Art’s program. And yet, despite all of this work that we have done to provide a needed perspective for these times, we have thus far avoided delving into Biblical prophecy with any real detail.

One good reason for this is that so many others have contorted the meanings of Biblical passages for their own agendas and desires. Another reason is that many people focus on the Biblical predictions of apocalypse without really giving much thought to the nature of the peace prophecy that comes thereafter.



However, the fact of the matter is that there is an entire backdrop to the Judeo-Christian Bible that the vast majority of people are unaware of, because it has been totally kept secret from them.

Without this context, it is impossible to truly understand the deeper messages that were being conveyed, especially in the book of Revelation, which is the most openly “encoded” book of all.

The source for these secrets can be traced back to an advanced ancient civilization that was lost in the mists of antiquity.

Many have referred to this civilization as “Atlantis,” but names are relatively unimportant in lieu of the overwhelming physical evidence that exists. This has been extensively documented by many authors, and we cover some of the pertinent data in The Shift of the Ages.

For the purposes of this article, we will give just enough information to understand the key Biblical passages in question, and leave it up to our readers to investigate further for themselves.

This advanced civilization possessed an entirely different way of understanding ‘fundamental reality’ than that which most of our current world identifies with.

In our book Convergence III, we have gone in and extensively shown how we have made many scientific errors that have robbed us from seeing this ancient viewpoint clearly.

In the Biblical context, we now know that there are many passages in the Bible that were specifically written for Initiates — those who are aware of the deeper esoteric mysteries contained within secret orders such as the Essenes, the Gnostics, the Knight Templars, the Rosicrucians and others.

Jesus openly admitted that he would only speak to the people in parables, but would teach his disciples without mystery in secret. (Matt. 13: 10-13)

These secret passages could effectively conceal the deeper Mysteries from uninitiated readers, while keeping the hidden messages alive for later Initiates who would follow.



There are a tremendous number of “pieces” to this puzzle, but one of the most important aspects of this suppressed knowledge is the understanding of the human system of chakras.

These are a series of seven energy centers that rise in sequential order from the pubic area to the top of the head. As most of us know, this knowledge was not hidden in the Hindu / Vedic and Buddhist traditions, and now in modern times it is quite well known.

However we should never forget that in the past, these secrets were considered so powerful that many people died under torture rather than reveal what they know to the common public.

Naturally, most people would wonder why such a simple-sounding and now-commonplace idea would be so carefully guarded.

The answer begins by understanding that within the chakra system, the keys to understanding the structure and function of the entire multidimensional Universe can be found.

Should one harness this knowledge to empower themselves to do evil, (which admittedly would take many years of intense spiritual practice that would be nearly impossible to duplicate in our modern world,) then there is indeed a very credible threat that is presented. A person could train themselves to stop another person’s heart by thought alone, for example.

On the most fundamental level, the chakras represent different levels of consciousness. The first three are related to the physical body, the self and how the self relates to others.

The fourth is the center of love, the fifth the center of wisdom and communication, the sixth the center of compassionate wisdom and intuitive awareness, and the seventh is our constant connection to the instreaming energy of “intelligent infinity.”

Edgar Cayce’s work has connected these chakras directly to our endocrine systems, through the gonads, the leyden, the solar plexus, the heart, the thyroid, the pituitary and the pineal. Should a particular area of the body have difficulties in its functioning, it can often be traced back to an issue of consciousness related to the chakra that is in that area.

Oftentimes we will hear of New Age healers telling people that they have “chakra blockages.” This occurs when the normal rotational activity of any one center is not functioning in an optimal manner.

According to many teachings, the majority of people on this planet have not been able to activate the higher centers with anywhere near the full range of ability that is possible.

If those centers were to become unblocked and mutually balanced, then the person has a much larger degree of access to the conscious energy of the Universe, either for positive or negative purposes depending on their chosen path.

On a deeper level, the Hindu teaching explains that each chakra corresponds not only to a level of spiritual development, but to an actual realm of being that is populated with intelligent entities. Furthermore, they tell us that we are multi-dimensional beings, complete with a separate energy body for each of these planes of existence.

The first three of these bodies can be found within the immediate physical form that we see and know. Our first energetic body is composed of the elemental consciousness of the minerals and chemicals that make us up.

The second energetic body is composed of all of our organic functions that continue autonomically, without our conscious awareness.

The third energetic body is that of our conscious mind in all of its forms, which animates the physical body.

The higher energetic bodies are not normally visible to us, though certain trained people are capable of seeing them.

Again, each chakra is believed to be connected to a plane of existence. As we have explored in detail in The Shift of the Ages, these planes can be associated with vibration in three distinct ways: the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven basic tones in an octave and a seven-fold arrangement of simple geometric forms known as “Platonic solids.”

In the Hindu system, the chakras also are assigned these colors, sounds and geometries, going from red at the bottom up to violet at the top.

Each of these three categories of vibration are very important to study, as they represent how the unseen energy source that models all of Creation, or what the ancients called ‘aether,’ forms each plane of existence.

Modern science has come a long way to accepting the idea that such a multi-dimensional universe could be possible. The most cutting-edge ‘Superstring’ physics research into higher dimensions, as revealed by Dr. Michio Kaku, has shown that the number 8, (or the Octave of seven levels with the return to Oneness at the eighth,) keeps showing up in “mysterious ways” over and over again in their mathematical calculations, known as “modular functions.”

The Initiates understood the physics of vibration very well, knowing that it formed the entire template through which Creation was produced.

The geometric forms of vibration appear on the sphere of the Earth as what we call the Global Grid, a network of intersecting straight lines.

On these lines and especially at points where they intersect, a higher level of available spiritual energy (known technically in Russia as torsion fields, as explained in our upcoming new book, The Divine Cosmos) is produced.

It is for this very reason that the Russian team of Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov discovered that over 4,000 ancient sites including pyramids, standing stones, stone cellars, massive stone spheres, megalithic structures and statues, ancient ritual sites, temples, pagodas, churches and cathedrals were all built on this Grid.

Amazingly, they could not find a single sacred site that didn’t fit on the Grid — and the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt is at the center of the entire matrix.

The various sacred structures were built to harness the effects that these energy areas have on human spiritual consciousness, and the cathedral designs of the Knight Templars are only the most recent usage of this hidden technology.

The Grid’s usefulness goes well beyond simply knowing where the spiritual energies are accelerated, though. In both books we have demonstrated that the actual shape and expanding growth of the continents has been precisely organized by this Grid.

In Convergence III we have gone even further to show that similar Grid effects can be found on the Sun and all the planets.

Is there any chance, then, that we could prove that those who wrote the Bible were aware of these geometric forms of Vibration?

Indeed, as we covered in The Shift of the Ages, Stan Tenen demonstrates that the initial passages of the book of Genesis give the numerical codes for a progression of Platonic Solid geometry just like what we see at work in the Grid.

Furthermore, Tenen has shown that the letters in the Hebrew alphabet can all be modeled by putting a spiral inside the simple pyramid shape of a tetrahedron, and then drawing the shadow reflections of the spiral as it moves through 26 different positions.

(The tetrahedron is a four-sided pyramid made of equilateral triangles, and it is one of the basic Platonic Solids that can be produced by simple vibration.)

The connection between light, sound and geometry can also produce numbers that correspond to each of these planes of existence, and this ties back to the understanding of sound and vibration.

A sound is created by simply vibrating the air around us. Each sound in the Octave has a discrete number of vibrations of air per second, and it just so happens that they are all round numbers.

If the second were any longer or shorter than it is at present, there would be an uneven number of vibrations for each tone in the Octave, but yet they are all perfectly round.

Furthermore, these numbers have certain qualities that other numbers do not. Numbers such as 288, 324, 360 and 432 are known as ‘harmonic,’ because many other numbers can be divided evenly into them.

This also means that they will sound the best to our ears when expressed as a certain number of vibrations of air per second.



Another key aspect of Biblical knowledge that was known to Initiates is the understanding of “gematria.” In this system, each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is given a number.

Then, specific words or phrases can be added up, giving the Initiate a single number to work with at the end. Generally the encoded numbers are harmonic, such as 432, and they have meanings that are previously understood and agreed upon.

One example of this would be that 432 means “Consecration.” Once they are written into the Bible in this coded form, these numbers can reveal a hidden symbolic meaning in the text.

Usually, these hidden messages are preceded by a code phrase such as “For he who has ears, let him hear.” This would be a signal to the Initiate to begin adding up the value of the words that follow that phrase.

This science of gematria has become quite arcane for most, and yet some of the deepest secrets were encoded in this very form — secrets that are bound to cause surprise or even shock for many people.



So, in spite of the inevitable controversy that this will produce for some, we have decided to create this article to give as best of an Initiate’s perspective as we can on many key Biblical passages related to our current events, shedding light on the times we are now directly facing.

And in order to give needed context, we will also discuss in detail the appearances of the Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal in 1917.

By all appearances, the Fatima apparitions were an extremely important set of events, designed by Higher Intelligence, to form a bridge between previous Biblical passages and our experiences in the modern world.

Probably the most fascinating aspect of this article series for most people will be our view of certain prophecies that have long been interpreted very narrowly by most authors, including the idea of the “Mark of the Beast.”

Due to the onset of terrorist activity in America, certain authorities are already calling for the issuance of a National ID Card for each citizen.

Certain people may so strongly believe that they will “go to hell” if they “accept the mark of the beast” that they will risk hunger, starvation or even death to avoid becoming a part of any new system.

We will show how this thinking is clearly in error, as it fails to account for many important pieces of data that are now known.

In short, the mark of the beast has nothing to do with a micro-chip, a social security number or an ID card. If the preservation of your physical body requires you to accept such a card, you should do so without any fear of negative repercussions for your soul.

Perhaps an even greater source of fascination will be the fact that the prophetic fall of the “Whore of Babylon” appears to be very directly targeted at our present state of affairs with the collapse of the World Trade Center.

Though the connections were already clear, we rushed to publish after a letter from Joe Mason came in on September 26, which provided staggering additional confirmation to suggest that the World Trade Center bombing was prophesied within the book of Revelation in remarkable detail.

The synchronicity includes a reference to two “olive trees” and / or “lampstands” that fell, causing much dismay to some and great delight to others.

Of course, the Twin Towers at night would look like quite the majestic lampstands, with the many windows illuminated from within.

Furthermore, many numerical coincidences can be demonstrated between the WTC event and key passages in the Bible.

Even more amazingly, a number very close to the estimated casualties from the World Trade Center bombing appears to have been given in Revelations as well, as 7000!

Before going any farther, we must remember that not all is doom and gloom.

It is true that the Bible has a large number of predictions relating to the “Apocalypse” and the end of times, but they also suggest that a radical transformation of matter, energy and consciousness on the Earth will occur concomitant with the “purifying catastrophes” that we are now beginning to see in full force.

This transformation would be caused by an increase in the basic energy vibrations that surround the Earth at this time, thus catapulting us into a higher plane of existence, according to this newly rediscovered system of physics.

To put this in its proper perspective, one “doom” quote could be seen in the New Testament, in Matthew 24:4-21, where Jesus said:

“For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. But these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.”


However, the associated idea of a sudden, spontaneous energetic transformation of humanity is given special focus in an interesting quote from I Corinthians chapter 15, starting on verse 51:

“Lo! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye… for the trumpet shall sound… and we shall be changed.”


As readers of Shift of the Ages should recognize, the trumpet reference could well be to the increase in the energy vibrations that create and uphold all of matter and space around us, and in this case these vibrations are being shown as a form of sound.

As we shall see, the trumpets are a common analogy also used in the book of Revelation.

Such an energetic change is believed by many to occur in regular intervals of time. In chapter 15 of Shift of the Ages, we establish a connection between the prophecies of Edgar Cayce and The Ra Material to suggest that a long-term cycle of roughly 25,000 years in length is now coming to completion.

Many other world traditions have spoken of the times that we are now in and also related them directly to the ending of this long-term cycle.

In particular, the Maya have created a calendar that charts these periods of time with extreme precision.

These connections are being rediscovered by many researchers, including Maurice Cotterell, Graham Hancock and John Major Jenkins, to name a few.

More recently, in an article for Spirit of Ma’at magazine, we gave a preliminary glance at some of our scientific data that we present in our Time of Global Shift multimedia seminar tour, which shows how there is a wide-scale energetic transformation already occurring throughout the entire Solar System at this time.

In the new article we also show how the transformation appears to have a direct relationship with the spontaneous evolution of the DNA molecule.

Dr. Alexey Dmitriev, at, covers much of this information with astonishing detail, and when Convergence III is finished we will have a much more complete statement of these concepts.

In short, we now know that the Sun, the space between the planets and the planets themselves are all showing increased luminosity, increased magnetism and increased energy.

This undeniably demonstrates that the entire Solar System is charging up, apparently reaching a critical threshold. As mentioned in our SOM article, we have already seen the following, among many other things:

  • a 230-percent increase in the Sun’s magnetic field since 1901;
  • a 500-percent increase in worldwide volcanic activity from 1875 to 1993;
  • a 410-percent increase in worldwide cataclysmic activity from 1963 to 1993;
  • a 400-percent increase in earthquake activity from 1973 to 1998;
  • noticeable pole shifts, magnetic, atmospheric and luminosity changes on other planets, and;
  • a 400-percent increase (or higher) in the speed that energy travels through space from the Sun to Earth.


So, if this system-wide energetic charge keeps showing signs of continual increase, what eventually will occur?

From our most advanced research, seen throughout Convergence III, we know that the Sun is the focal point where all energy streams into and out of our Solar System, and therefore it is likely that the most significant changes will occur there first.

It is hypothesized from ancient Vedic data and other sources that the increasing charge will soon reach an “Omega Point” where the Sun gives off a sudden burst of energy and light. The Hindus called this “the Somvarta fire at the end of an Age,” as referenced in W. Raymond Drake’s book Gods and Spacemen of the Ancient East.

Based on our most recent research findings as detailed in the SOM article linked above, this energetic “breaking point” event will apparently do all of the following things:

  • release a sustained Coronal Mass Ejection from the Sun of unprecedented magnitude and brightness;
  • send a higher vibration of energy rocketing through the Solar System and into the planets;
  • increase the physical size of the Earth by a certain amount;
  • transform the Earth’s Global Grid into a more complex geometric form;
  • shift the Earth’s actual rotational position, creating great cataclysms;
  • extend the distance of the planets from the Sun;
  • produce a new, bright luminous “proto-planet” near the Sun, the Hopis’ “Blue Star Kachina”;
  • reorganize the underlying template of energy that forms DNA into a higher level of evolution;
  • transmute human bodies into their “fourth-density” equivalents;
  • generate the fulfillment of the New Heaven and New Earth prophecy in the Bible;
  • create a world civilization “100 times more harmonious” than what we now experience, and;
  • enable humanity to perform all of Jesus’ miracles, “and greater things” as well [John 14:12.]

[Note: For detailed information on the “Global Grid” and some of the changes associated with the earth, read Chapter 13 of the Divine Cosmos.]


Now of course, for those not familiar with this research, the conclusions we have just suggested must seem preposterous, ridiculous and utterly fallacious.

There is a great deal of ‘adjustment’ that must be made to handling such intense new information, which we like to call “cracking the shell.” It is for this reason that all of our scientific and spiritual work has been devoted to exploring the reality of this event, and the background cosmology that supports it, in as much detail as possible.

As our research has increasingly uncovered throughout the course of this year, there is no doubt that Russian scientists and astrophysicists have made many strides in these breakthrough areas that Western researchers have not.

It is quite safe to say that these ideas would be much simpler for the Russian scientific community to assimilate as opposed to the American scientific community, which would probably never give them a second glance.

It is only in the last few years that some of this wealth of material has become available on the Internet, in the wake of the collapsing of the Iron Curtain. Prior to this point, Russia had effectively sealed off these discoveries from Western science for some 40 years, and many of these researchers still do not speak English.

These discoveries are so vitally important that we are now in the process of completely rewriting the existing text of Convergence III to include information that we have only very recently discovered, which dramatically enhances our understandings of the true workings of the Universe. Our newly projected end-date for this book is mid-November 2001.

And thus, the apparent ‘reality’ of the physical world is rigorously enforced by the Western media, and all the while there is an overwhelming amount of suppressed scientific evidence that suggests that we are more than our physical bodies, and that such an event could indeed occur, as it has already in the past.

The idea that the physical world is not “true reality” is echoed in the violent but informative movie The Matrix, which suggests that our current world is but a complex illusion, “drawn over our eyes to blind us from the truth.”

As Dr. Scott Mandelker and this author privately discussed, those who completely block out the idea that anything other than 3D reality exists will invariably have a heavy blockage of their sixth chakra, located in the middle of the forehead.

To one seeing this from the energetic level, this would appear as a dark blotch — and this appears to be the true meaning of “the mark of the Beast, as seen on the forehead.”

It is the negative force of ‘the Beast’ surrounding the earth at this time that has mass-hypnotized us into believing that nothing else ‘exists’ besides what we experience with our five conventional senses.

More and more people have been metaphorically “escaping from The Matrix” and coming to realize that psychic phenomena, past lives, future lives, extraterrestrials, higher dimensions, an unseen ‘aether’ energy that forms all of our Universe and other such scientifically taboo ideas must indeed be a reality.

More and more of us can accept that these fantastic changes will indeed reach a point of fruition, which we have referred to on our site as “Ascension,” but some believe that the ‘transmutation’ effect is only preserved for those who have attained the highest levels of initiation, as did Jesus when his body burned a photographic image of itself into the Shroud of Turin.

So if cataclysms are associated with this event that would surely damage or destroy most human bodies on the planet, how might we pass through this event and continue along? Consider this quote from Matthew 13:39:

“The harvest is the end of the world, and the reapers are the angels.”


So we have a harvest, which is the global Ascension process, and we have reapers — those who bring the “harvested” entities into the higher realms. These concepts emerge in a clearer form in Revelation, as we shall see later in the article.

The obvious connection, if one dares to make it in light of the evidence we will review, is that participating members of humanity will be invited to participate in a mass boarding event.

Many people will be personally greeted by an angelic presence that will assist them as they ‘ascend’ into ‘heaven,’ and this will apparently take the form of the transformation of the physical body into an energetic form of higher vibration, followed by a trip into an angelic “mother ship.”

Though these ideas might seem preposterous to some, the fact is that millions of people have already seen this hardware in our skies — and as we are about to see, these objects have a clear association with the angelic forces mentioned in the Bible.

No one will be forced to participate in this boarding, even if they have already been invited, and many people who operate from a place of fear will automatically “sort themselves out” by not trusting their experience enough to actually go through with it.

A similar concept of “sorting” is also referred to in Revelation, and ultimately appears to do with how willing each soul is to be of service to others.



The appearances of the Virgin Mary that occurred in Fatima, Portugal in the early 20th century were by far the most popular of a variety of such “Marial” apparitions, and are commonly known as an important “Catholic miracle.”

These remarkable events and prophecies all centered around the visions of three young, illiterate Portugese girls, and were eventually witnessed by tens of thousands of people on several occasions.

At this time, an undeniable connection was established between what would later be called the UFO phenomena and the angelic kingdoms themselves.

For the purposes of this article, we have taken some excerpts from Francois Masson’s book The End of Our Century, posted here, for a detailed analysis of this event.

Bear in mind that these words were written in 1980 in French, translated by Dr. David Steinberg and published online for the first time by David Wilcock earlier this year.

(Another important point to remember is that by combining cycle analysis and Nostradamus’ prophecies, Masson was correctly able to pinpoint the exact time period for the fall of the Soviet Union as being between 1990 and 1991.)


The three children of Fatima did not get the Marial message at one time. During the latter part of 1916 they saw three preparatory apparitions of an angel calling itself the Angel of Peace, the Angel of Portugal. Here is their description of these first contacts:

The children had just had their lunch and were playing with pebbles when “a strong gust of wind made them look up. They saw taking shape in the air and coming toward them a fair white cloud in human form, looking like a snow statue that the sun made transparent as crystal.”

This apparition said, “Fear not; I am the Angel of Peace,” and urged them to pray for peace. (Remember that in 1916 Portugal entered the war on the side of the Allies.) This apparition reappeared twice.

The first observation to note, which will recur during all the subsequent apparitions, is the white cloud, which was seen by countless witnesses in 1917.

The first manifestation of the Virgin Mary was unexpected and came on May 13, 1917. Two lightning flashes in a cloudless sky surprised the children and they saw a beautiful lady who seemed to be standing on the leafy branches of a little green oak tree.

She asked them to come there [to the tree] again for six months, on the 13th of each month.

The next apparition did occur [at that same spot] on June 13, 1917, and the first other witnesses saw the lightning flash that signaled each appearance. At this time the lady told the children a Secret.

The third apparition took place [at the same spot on] July 13, 1917 in front of 4500 or 5000 people.

During this one, the most important (together with the last, on October 13), the Holy Virgin reaffirmed the great secret, which, by the Pope’s permission, was later disclosed — but only in part.

Here is what we know to date:

Text 18: “Continue to come on the 13th of each month. In October I will tell you who I am, where I went, and I shall work a great miracle for all to see that they may believe.”

Text 22: “The war is nearing its end but if men do not stop offending the Lord, in the reign of Pius XI a worse one will begin.

When you see the night lit up by an unknown light, know that it is the great sign God gives you that the punishment of the world is at hand by war, famine and persecution of the Holy Father.”


Historians agree that World War II really began with the war in Spain, the first military clash between fascism and communism, and this was during the reign of Pius XI.

[Note 9/27/01: Lest we think that this war ended with the conventional end-date of World War II, we should be reminded that the “Cold War” began immediately afterwards, and there have been ongoing wars, tensions and unrest ever since, building to the crescendo point that we are now facing.

Since the Cold War has always been a very important backdrop for the tension that has gone on, it is logical for the prophecy to speak of Russia:]


Text 23: “To prevent it I shall come to ask the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart and communions of reparation every Saturday.”

Text 24: “If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted and there will be peace. If not she will spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and persecutions of the Church.

Many of the good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have a lot to suffer, several nations will be crushed. Portugal will keep the dogma of the faith, etc.”

The “etc.” is very important; it stands for the undisclosed part of the secret. Pope John XXIII forbade the complete publication of the text, saying that the last part was only about the papacy.

[Note 9/26/01: It was said that the remainder of the prophecy was published in 2000, but Father Malachi Martin among others have given considerable evidence that it had to be a hoax. This included the fact that what they had heard privately was quite different than the relatively benign version dealing with papal assassinations that was released to the public.]

Text 25: “But finally my Immaculate Heart will triumph, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, she will be converted, and the world will be granted a time of peace.”


We note that Portugal, despite its recent revolutions, has kept the dogma of the faith. This pope will suffer a lot — could this mean John Paul II, this pope from the East who strives to reestablish freedom in the Communist countries?

As for the part kept secret, John XXIII did not allow it to be divulged in 1960 as planned. And yet that very year, the serious German review of foreign affairs, Neues Europa, revealed that Pope John XXIII had communicated the complete contents to the world leaders Kennedy, Krushchev and MacMillan.

Despite the subsequent denials, one thing stands out; Krushchev’s son-in-law had an audience with the Pope.

At the first visitation, the virgin set the date of the others on the 13th of each month. The one scheduled for August 13, 1917 could not materialize because the children had been arrested.

“Freethinkers” were in power in the Portuguese government and the notoriety of Fatima was not to their liking.

If the children could have been convicted of fraud, everything would have been fine, but they stuck to their story.

Don’t forget that this was August 1917, with rebellion everywhere, especially in the armed forces, not only in Russia but in France, Germany and Italy. The Portuguese authorities, not knowing how such an affair might turn out, wanted to nip it in the bud.

And yet the aborted appearance of August 13, 1917, ironically, had even more repercussions despite the absence of the little visionaries.

In fact, 18,000 people showed up that day at the appointed spot — believers and skeptics. The crowd was disappointed and grew angry upon hearing of the children’s arrest.

But the repetition of the same uncanny phenomena that had accompanied the previous visits drew everyone’s attention to the oak tree where the image usually appeared. First a loud explosion was heard, seeming to come from the tree itself.

Then the witnesses saw the flash that usually preceded the appearance of the Lady to the children. The sun grew dimmer and the air was filled with magnificent colors.

Meanwhile a fine white cloud came to rest on the tree, whose branches bent slightly under the weight. This cloud remained about ten minutes, then finally rose and disappeared in the sky.

This extraordinary manifestation, on August 13, 1917, really contains the best evidence on these events, since the children were in prison and the 18,000 witnesses could observe the tangible facts at their leisure, without being distracted by the children in ecstasy.

The unexplained and repeated phenomena are: a cloud or globe of light, a flash and an explosion, and especially the luminous aura around these things, dimming of the sun and the magnificent atmosphere with colors never seen before. This last phenomenon is reported by all trustworthy persons who have lived through a UFO encounter.

Sunday, August 19, 1917, while the Freethinkers were organizing a counter-demonstration at Fatima, the Lady appeared unannounced to the little seers as they were tending their flock at Valinhos, a place called “The Valley,” where the virgin had never before appeared.

She told the children to persevere and again promised a great sign on October 13.

We now come to September 13, 1917. This time 30,000 people observed that exactly at noon, in a cloudless sky, the blazing sun of that bright day began to lose its light, until the stars became visible. Again the air took on a golden color and the crowd, humbled by the sight, contemplated this prodigy in silence.

The vicar general of Leiria, the capital of the diocese that includes Fatima, was incognito among the spectators. He described what he saw:

“Not a cloud in the sky. I look up and examine the heavens. My friend says to me in a snide way: “You too, you are starting to look,” and to my great surprise I see clearly and distinctly a globe of light moving from east to west, gliding slowly and majestically through space.

My friend turned to look and was lucky enough to behold the same unexpected and startling sight. Then we saw a thin mist form around the tree and — miracle — from the open sky began to rain flowers which evaporated before reaching the ground.”


Here is a new story — white flowers, more prosaically described by UFO observers as gelatinous filaments which dissolve rapidly.

The series of apparitions ended, as promised by the Virgin Mary, on the great day of October 13, 1917.

It started under bad auspices: the sky was overcast and it was raining heavily. But that didn’t prevent the arrival of 70,000 to 90,000 people, all awaiting the celestial sign promised by the Holy Virgin. Their patience was rewarded, for they all saw a grandiose and unforgettable sight. Here is a witness’s report:

“Suddenly the clouds were torn apart, uncovering a great expanse of blue and in this vast cloudless space we saw the sun at its zenith. But, strangely, although not veiled by any cloud, it was brilliant but not dazzling — we could stare at it without blinking.

Suddenly the sun trembled, shook, made brusque movements and finally began to spin dizzily like a wheel of fire, throwing in all directions enormous jets of light — green, blue, violet, etc.

After about four minutes the sun stopped for a moment, then resumed its fantastic motion and its magical dance of light… After a short rest the sun once more began its show, more colorful than ever…

During the whole spectacle the crowd stood transfixed and entranced. Then came the terrifying, dizzying fall of the sun, the climax of the miracle. Yes, in the middle of its wild dance, the sun detached itself from the firmament and zigzagging from side to side, dived at the crazed multitude, looking as if it would strike the earth.

A loud clamor arose from the crowd, composed of cries of fear and prayers, which were suddenly stilled when the sun halted in its headlong fall and climbed back to its place, zigzagging as before.”


Now here are the same facts related by Dr. Almeida Garret, professor in the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Coimbra, who writes:

“I was a little over 100 meters away… The rain was pouring down on our heads and streaming down our clothes, we were soaked to the skin.

Finally it was 2 o’clock (noon by the sun). A moment earlier the sun had come out from behind the thick cloud curtain. All eyes were raised to it as if pulled by a magnet.

I too tried to stare at it and it looked like a disc with sharp edges, luminous and lucent but not dazzling. I heard people around me compare it to a disc of dull silver, but the comparison did not seem apt. It shone with a clear and changing color like the luster of a pearl.

It did not look anything like the moon at night. It had neither the color nor the markings. You could call it a burnished wheel cut from the nacre of a shell. This is not a cliche’ of poesy; thus my eyes saw it.

Nor could you confuse it with the sun shining through a slight fog. There was no trace of fog, and anyway the sun was not opaque, diffused, or veiled, but shone clearly in its center and at its rim…

This resplendent color-splashed disc seemed to move dizzily. It was not the twinkling of a star. It was spinning, whirling rapidly…

Suddenly a great outcry burst from the whole crowd. The sun, retaining its rotary motion, left the heavens and dove at the Earth for a few terrifying moments…

All the phenomena I have reported and described I observed personally, coolly, calmly, with no emotional upset. I leave to others the job of explaining or interpreting them.”


Now here are the same facts related by other observers at distances often and 50 kilometers:

The first witness, who later became the missionary Father I.L. Pereira, relates this amazing event as follows:

“I was nine years old and I was at the primary school of my village, on a hill 10 or 11 kilometers from Fatima. Around noon we heard shouts from passersby. Our teacher ran out into the plaza and we followed her. People were crying and pointing to the sun. It was the great miracle.”


Second witness, reported by academician Marques da Cruz: The brilliant Portuguese poet Alfonso Lopes Vieira saw the phenomenon from the balcony of his house in Sao Pedro de Muel, 50 kilometers from Fatima. He stated:

“On October 13, 1917, I had completely forgotten the prediction of the three little shepherds, and I was surprised and delighted by a really dazzling show staged in Heaven, for which I was lucky to get a balcony seat.”


Add to all this the odd fact that all the spectators, although completely soaked by the rain, as Professor Garett remarked, were surprised to find their clothes completely dry when the phenomenon ended — and yet, it lasted only about 15 minutes.

[Note 9/26/01: Let us not forget that Prof. Garett was the same person who said that they had been “soaked to the skin” before the apparition began.]

Everyone reported this and it makes the events of that day even stranger, if possible.

[End of Francois Masson excerpt]


So, as we have just read, there were a great number of outrageous events that occurred on the 13th of the month from May to October of 1917 in Fatima, Portugal.

It is quite important to note that one of the earlier sightings on August 13, 1917, a white cloud was seen to descend on the tree where the children had experienced their visions.

There are several passages in the Bible that refer to clouds in a very central way, surrounding this time of Harvest, Ascension or Global Shift.

The final event of October 13, 1917 featured Dr. Almeida Garret, professor in the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Coimbra, saying that she and others witnessed “a disc of dull silver… with sharp edges” as the true form of what others thought was the Sun.

It rotated quickly, emitted dazzling colors, and then shockingly dove towards the crowd with a zigzagging motion before again rising into the heavens.

It is certainly not difficult to see that this was a UFO sighting. And Dr. Garret also indicated that clear signs of an advanced technology were apparent, including a force that removed all excess water from the spectators’ rain-drenched clothing in the brief span of 15 minutes.



Interestingly, the crop circle phenomenon has also been associated with the removal of large amounts of water beneath the ground where the formations appear.

This water is ostensibly being removed to keep the crops from catching fire from the microwave-style energy that Dr. Gil Levengood and others have associated with the construction of these formations.

Many have wondered if this next Biblical passage from Acts 2:19 could be a reference to events like Fatima in the skies and formations like “crop circles” in the earth:

“And (it shall come to pass in the last days,) I will show wonders in heavens above, and signs in the Earth beneath.”


So, based on the evidence, the apparitions of Mother Mary at Fatima were among the top UFO sighting events of the entire 20th century. Prophecies were given that urged humankind to become more loving and strive for world peace, or else great calamities would follow.

Many have believed that the suppressed portion of the visionary data indicates the catastrophes associated with a shift of the Earth’s axis, and were covered up for that very reason. Arguably,

If something like the Fatima mass sightings were to have happened in the modern age of camcorders and international television media, it would have been the final, complete disclosure of extraterrestrial intelligence that humanity has been waiting for.



But more importantly, it now appears to have been a cornerstone event to establish a clear connection between the occupants of the UFO and the angels of the Judeo-Christian Bible.

First we have a remarkable apparition of a cloud appear in clear view of some eighteen thousand people, and the final apparition, seen by seventy to ninety thousand people, was undeniably that of a UFO. There could be no more direct of a message to tell us the following:

When we see “cloud” written in the Bible, we should always investigate the possibility that it was the best word available at the time to describe some form of advanced flying craft.

This appears to be one of the teachings of the angelic kingdom at Fatima, and it will become a very important point as we proceed.

Despite the miraculous grandeur of this event and the sheer number of witnesses, those who are strict adherents to fundamental Christianity appear not to have assimilated the point, as it is quite common for UFO phenomena to be associated with evil activity and / or the Anti-Christ. And thus,

Even with the best efforts of the angelic kingdom to pass along information without violating our collective free will as a planet, their true identity has remained a mystery to the majority of humanity.



The Fatima prophecy foretold great cataclysms if humankind did not change their ways, and the prophecies in the end portion were apparently too intense to even be released by the papacy without causing a worldwide panic.

As we have covered near the end of The Shift of the Ages, many researchers agree that the Earth is very likely to experience a cataclysmic shifting of the magnetic poles in its near future.

This information would not appear to have been available to anyone at the time that the Bible was written. And yet, researcher Gregg Braden discusses the following quote from the Gnostic gospel of Enoch, chapter 64 in his book Awakening to Zero Point.

First, the book of Enoch says that, quote, “Earth became inclined on its axis” just prior to the time of the great Flood. Then, we hear the following:

“…and everything done on Earth shall be subverted and disappear in its season… In those days the fruits of the Earth shall not flourish in their season,… heaven shall stand still. The moon shall change its laws, and not be seen at its proper period.”


Clearly what we are seeing is a description of a physical change in the Earth’s axis and rotation, which would obviously affect our observations of the Moon.

As we have already indicated above, our new scientific understanding of the “Omega Point” event that will occur in our future predicts that the shifting of the Earth’s axis will occur at the same time that the Sun releases a bright burst of energy and light.



The two areas of the Bible that speak most directly of the changes now upon us are arguably the book of Matthew and the book of Revelation. We will begin with Matthew, and illustrate this with a sequence of selected quotations from chapters 24 and 25:

“And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? Verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down…

And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows…

and then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold…

“For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be… but for the elect’s sake, those days shall be shortened…

For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so also shall the coming of the Son of man be…”


Based on our new research, it certainly appears that this reference to a bright light seen in the skies refers to a physical burst of luminous energy from the Sun, which also has qualities of spiritual energy.

This burst, as we said above, is to be expected as the end-product of the long-term cycles that have led to the solar-system-wide increase in energetic charge that we are now witnessing.

The final burst of energy from the Sun appears to have been referred to as a “trumpet blast” in the Bible, among other metaphors, such as “the sign of the Son of man.”

Then, this passage from Matthew continues:

“Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the “clouds” of heaven with power and great glory.

And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other…”


Once again, we see clear signs of major Earth Changes, the likes of which have been predicted in the Edgar Cayce readings and many other sources.

The vibrations of the “trumpet blast” are directly associated in these scriptures with the “gathering of the ‘elect.'” This may well be another simplified metaphor for the sudden change to a higher level of energy vibration that occurs on the Earth at this time.

It is interesting to note the use of the word “clouds” in the above passage, since Fatima showed us that it can be directly associated with UFOs. If this were the case, then it would appear that a gigantic fleet of unidentified flying craft will be the final sighting of “the Son of man and his angels” at this pivotal time.



We should also note here that the usage of the term ‘elect’ has become highly distorted in today’s society, where many different apocalyptic Christian groups and cults have contorted these passages to believe that they are the only ones who will “make it” through this transformation.

On a more benign and truthful level, it would appear that the term ‘elect’ simply translates into, “those who have elected to follow the Golden Rule, loving their neighbors as they love themselves.”

Though this simple Rule is taught to every school child, many spiritual sources insist that the great majority of people on this planet still have not elected to focus on service-to-others (STO) to a greater degree than service-to-self (STS).

And according to the entity Ra, it is this ‘Choice’ of at least 51-percent STO (the positive path) or 95-percent STS (the negative path) that all entities must make at this time, or else they will be transported to a new third-density planet that is now being terra-formed elsewhere.

Though some may think that this movement to a new 3D planet is a form of “hell,” it simply represents the fact that those who have been moved will continue to live in an environment that is most suitable for them, so that they can again be presented with the opportunity to make the Choice.

We are told that this Choice is the foundation upon which all further progress in higher realms is measured, and it can only be made in 3D.



Our next quotation from Matthew, chapter 24, verse 40, speaks most specifically to the outstanding idea that certain people may spontaneously disappear or be “taken up” as these changes occur:

“Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.”


Typically, this is associated with “faith:” you either believe it or not. Most who would be prone to believing it would simply consider it as a “miracle of God” that we could never hope to understand in any other way.

In our published scientific works we have diligently parted all the “clouds” surrounding this issue, (pun intended,) by showing how our mainstream scientific paradigms have made several significant wrong turns that have blinded us to true reality and continued to reinforce the “3D illusion.”

What we come to is that this apparently fantastic idea of “transformation” is a simple scientific fact: at the close of these cycles, certain human beings who have raised their overall level of soul vibration to a high enough level, (either through STS or STO,) will be moving on to the next level of experience.

The Earth is also moving into the fourth-density positive, so only those who are above 50-percent in their motivations to be of service-to-others will stay with the Earth as this transformation is performed.



Then at this point in the text, Jesus warns that these changes could occur very quickly and advises people to be prepared and watchful:

“Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.

Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of man cometh.”


It is all too easy for us to assume that these changes will take a long time to develop, and will be easily predicted in advance.

However, few of us could have imagined that the Twin Towers explosion could have occurred, even though there were prophecies made in advance that covered it, some of which we featured in our two “Attack of America” articles:

Attack on America: Part I

Attack on America: Part II



It shouldn’t be difficult for us to realize that the actual energetic change itself could similarly occur in a moment’s notice, with no apparent warning beforehand.

The Wilcock Readings have repeatedly advised us that the final moment of change has everything to do with a critical mass of humanity reaching a higher vibrational level, recognized as love or service to others.

As many are becoming aware, the main “attraction” point for these changes surrounds the end-date of the Mayan Calendar, Dec. 22, 2012.

This doesn’t mean that the change itself couldn’t occur several years before this window of time, as Edgar Cayce’s readings originally predicted it could occur as early as 1998-2001.

Interestingly, Cayce also said that sunspots were a manifestation of humanity’s resistance to love. This resistance creates tension in the Sun, where energy is not allowed to be released in a healthy fashion, and black spots form in areas when the extra pent-up energy is finally released.

As many heliophysicists are becoming increasingly aware, sunspots are usually followed by X-ray bursts or other large-scale energy releases, possibly even including the epic “Coronal Mass Ejections,” where billions of tons of ionized gases can be released in one full-halo burst all at once.

On a much deeper level, humanity as a whole has been resisting the energy of love for thousands of years, which is that quality of “fourth-density” that the Earth is now moving into. This resistance has produced an energetic phenomenon akin to the ever-increasing tension of a bear trap before it snaps shut.

Most Earth people resist the onset of this loving energy, but the higher vibration of these cosmic forces cannot be held back indefinitely; the entire Solar System is showing signs of increasing charge.

When enough people have made the shift over to love and service, the energetic ‘clamp’ that humanity has produced on the Sun will be released, and the glorious “Somvarta fire,” or “the coming of the Son of Man as the light shineth from the East to the West,” will blast forth as would a Divine trumpet.

In this event, the Sun will become far brighter than it is at present, creating a blinding light that will be visible from horizon to horizon.



Then in Chapter 25 of Matthew, beginning at verse 31, we have a metaphor of the population of Earth being divided by their level of spiritual growth, followed by an illustration of the traits of kindness and compassion that are required for those who will be going forward into the higher vibration:

“When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory:

And before him shall be gathered all nations; and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats: and she shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

“Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:

For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.”


So to reframe the above sentences, those “blessed of the Father” who shall “inherit the kingdom” are those who were of service to others, caring for those hungry, thirsty, homeless, naked, sick and imprisoned. But the King refers to these very people as “I”!

Exactly how can this be?

The King, or the Son of man, implies that it was he who was visible in the forms of many people, even those most degenerate.

Most of us this would never think that the King would appear in such a form — and this includes the ‘righteous,’ which simply refers, again, to those people who have made the choice to be of service to others. Thus, a question is raised in the reader’s mind, so it is then answered:

“Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? Or thirsty, and gave thee drink? When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?

And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”


This last statement from Jesus is an apt description of what is often called the Law of One, which advises us to realize that God is in everyone, and that by serving others we are serving God.

No one should be excluded, seen as second-best or derided once the Law of One is understood. We must exact tolerance for others’ religious and spiritual beliefs, love them as ourselves and encourage them to be healthy and safe so that they can in turn learn to love and serve others.

This trait of service to others is what the Bible and many other sources insist will be the key to participating in the New Heaven and New Earth that is now imminently arriving.