– A Most Remarkable Synchronicity Event –

By David and Michael Wilcock

4 / 5 / 02



As this story has matured to the point of going to press, world situations have gotten so extreme that it would seem negligent not to mention them immediately.

The sheer psychological pressure of the events that are now unfolding on the world stage is quite intense; there is no solid way to pin down any grounded viewpoint over what is heading our way and how soon.

Even those who most dearly cling to our cherished institutions are being forced to confront harsh realities of corruption and mismanagement at the highest of levels.

Both church and state have been rocked by unimaginably vast scandals, and the situation in Israel is literally unfolding on an hourly basis, perfectly symbolic of the combined problems of religious and government failures.

Indeed, it is a quite unique moment in world history as we prepare to post this captivating article featuring an account of a full, visual, waking extraterrestrial contact experienced by my brother, which appears to have been directly triggered by a prayer that I made without his conscious awareness.

Most of our readers are aware that the exact nature of these times we now experience were written into many different prophecies from cultures all over the world.

Not all of them gave an exact date as to when we should expect these changes, but they unilaterally state that when such changes arrive, we can know that a wondrous Golden Age for humanity is very soon upon us.

And thus, the more at peace we can be with the changes, the better we can trust that all the events in our personal and global lives are transpiring according to a Divine plan. This is the promise that helps us to steer a path through the amazing upheavals that we are now witnessing and have the faith and confidence that we will not be shaken by them.

My own contribution to this planetary awakening has been primarily through the creation of written materials that lay out the scientific and spiritual framework for the ancient prophecies of a Global Shift — and I know that the majority of my readers are very interested to know where I am in that timeline.

The first and second books of my scientific trilogy (Shift of the Ages and Convergence III) are already online and will only undergo minor changes and additions for their final versions, which will emerge in a published form soon enough.

The third book, Divine Cosmos, is well on its way towards being finished, and it has become quite the powerhouse in its ability to tie together everything I have discovered into one clear, concise and unified model.

It has been taking me longer than I had hoped or expected to complete these projects, yet it does appear that the speed at which I am able to finish them is indeed part of the overall plan; there must be enough time for the different pieces to come together and be reasonably integrated. My previous self-imposed deadlines for completing these projects were naive to say the least.

Time is also important in the process of spiritual growth; we must have the time to have experiences that drive us to explore, enhance and unfold our deeper natures.

There really is no quick shortcut to enlightenment; it is a continual process of coming to know and understand ourselves by examining our past experiences and then seeing how they affect our thoughts and behaviors in the now.

We do this with the hopes of changing our entrenched patterns and becoming finer vessels for that light/love energy of the One Creator that is within each of us.

As I look back over my life I realize that part of what catapulted me into my awareness at such a young age was the degree of intense experiences that I underwent, which were then analyzed, accepted and understood over time, leading to a greater self-integration.

Without the processing and distilling of these experiences for the love and wisdom that can be gleaned from them, we are doomed to repeat them again and again and again.

I often indulged myself by saying that these experiences involved suffering, but more and more, as I evolve with the nature of suffering I realize that it too is an illusion, based on our own desire to label our experiences as “good” or “bad.”



One recent example was that this past weekend, I took a trip with Hideo Izumoto to Washington, DC to see the Cherry Blossom Festival of Peace and then on to a location in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

I knew that I would be doing the driving when I agreed to the trip; I did not realize that it would ultimately entail more than ten and a half hours of road time in a single day. By the time we were closing in on our final destination, my physical body was experiencing extreme pain.

Had I known that the trip would involve this much driving, I would never have agreed to do it. Yet, once we arrived at our destination, I proceeded to have a conversation with the person living there that catapulted me into whole new vistas of awareness on many fronts.

This conversation also produced wonderful fruit that could be immediately applied to the quantum physics chapter that I had been working on in Divine Cosmos just the day before.

The timing couldn’t possibly have been better, and I was clearly meant to have received the information, yet I am still recovering from a sickness that I picked up from the bodily stress that the trip created.

That sickness is what led me to take the “easier” route of finishing this article rather than delving back into the demanding world of science — and now, here we are.



So, the point for sharing all of this now is to help enunciate a view that has become more and more clear to me as time goes on.

The experiences that we are most apt to label as “suffering” are also most likely to have the greatest effect on our spiritual progress. This is the process of initiation, where we learn to accept and understand our distortions while also making a consistent effort to enhance ourselves and work through our experiences.

I have often been asked how and why I would come to have such abilities at a young age, and my basic answer is that I was willing.

“Willing to what?” people ask me.

My answer is that I was willing to make whatever changes and sacrifices I saw as being necessary in order to fulfill the Divine will that was expressing itself through me. Those changes were often very difficult, including giving up all sorts of addictive behaviors that had become comfortable escape mechanisms.

We all know that it is extremely easy to rationalize away addictive behaviors and decide that no further action needs to be taken.

Yet, once I really confronted what I was trying to escape from, I would realize again and again that I was simply suffering from the drama of my apparent separation from God, and that this feeling of abandonment was utterly and totally an illusion.

With the knowledge of the physics now in place, it seems almost irresponsible to forget that we exist in a giant holographic illusion created by the distorted light/love energy pulsations of the Oneness.

Every living being on every one of the untold billions of inhabited planets in the entire Universe is ultimately still a reflection of our One True Self.

The awareness is there — and yet, life is definitely not easy. Sometimes it seems that all we ever do is move through process after process, lesson after lesson, experience after experience, burning off layer after layer of our resistance to Divine Will, and the challenge is for us to continue to be diligent and persistent in analyzing, accepting and understanding what we are going through.

Sooner or later, the sweetest elixir can be formed from the distilled core of our experiences, and its precious drops ready to be shared with others.

This is a hard-earned victory over materialist attitudes, philosophies and behaviors, and thus spiritual growth processes are anything but escape mechanisms; they are indeed “the hardest things we will ever do.”

It’s a lot easier to remain addicted than it is to find out what caused the addiction and to then allow the enslavement of that behavior to fall away.



So, the amount of growth that we experience is directly proportional to how much of ourselves we are willing to invest in the process; hence my frequent quote, “You get out of your life what you are willing to put into it.”

And again, there’s that word “willing.”

Ultimately, as we keep working these processes with greater and greater diligence and persistence, sudden peaks emerge in our spiritual progress and a major shift is attained.

Those moments are transformative and breathtaking, and I have been blessed with many such events throughout the course of my life as I continue to apply myself to the process of Divine initiation.

The severe psychological stresses that our current events can produce have given us an increasingly potent batch of raw materials upon which to catalyze our understandings and experience such transformational shifts.

Indeed, certain amazing stories form the true jewels of my repertoire in talking about my relationship with beings of higher intelligence, showing where the greatest peaks occurred in amongst my continual processing of the intense experiences of life.

These stories are often repeated for their impact and value, since they were very real events that happened in my life and were sudden steps in my process of awakening — they were the brightest lights amongst the ongoing efforts that I was making to clear out the muck in my lower centers of consciousness, which are much less dramatic and attractive to talk about. Probably the top three events, prior to now, would be as follows:

1. Floating out of my body at age five, feeling that I was being taken somewhere and observed by beings of higher intelligence, and knowing deeply that it was not a dream.

2. Performing an automatic-writing session with my friend Jude to ask the question of “Am I an ET soul?” wherein my hand literally took on a mind of its own, scrawling out a series of letters that ended up having multiple layers of significance.

Most importantly, it gave a Bible quote that was arguably the most precisely relevant passage in the entire book for what I had just gone through, having just lost a job. The exact start and end points of the passage, Ecc 2:22-3:13, framed the whole picture so beautifully that there was absolutely no doubt as to what had occurred.

3. About two months later, praying again for an answer regarding whether my soul was of ET origin, and having the prayer answered the next morning in my housemate Eric’s dream, where a robed, bearded man came down on a platform, spoke of Earth Changes and Ascension and then recognized and interacted with me.

He finally announced to Eric, “It is very important that you know that he is one of us.”  Eric did not know I had prayed the night before.


The key here is that most of these events were in the past, before I ever started the work of doing deep-trance psychic readings and having direct telepathic contact with such forces.

Since that time, I have had hundreds and hundreds of future prophecies come true, incredible dreams with Ascended abilities quite regularly, shocking experiences with synchronicity, controllable out of body experiences, small-scale “threshold” telekinesis events around me on a relatively consistent basis and a precise ability to see into others’ thoughts, especially on spiritual and emotional issues.

Recently I held my right hand about eight inches away from a person’s injury site on their body, with intent to try to do healing, and they said that they felt as much heat from it as they would from a small “space heater” machine.

So, as time progresses further and such experiences become more and more common, you naturally get to a point where you are no longer so shocked and impressed by them, and they eventually become “business as usual.”

However, even for as far as I have gone, there are still certain mystical experiences that I have secretly longed for, related to the direct, visual sighting of energies and / or objects that are unambiguous manifestations of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Let’s say that it stems from the eternal skeptic within me that has a desire for “proof,” as if I didn’t already have enough.



So, while staying away from home with some friends in a remote area, one of those wishes was answered, as I had what appeared to be a UFO sighting; the first in my adult life.

Each day I had walked to the same spot to meditate in the forest, which looked out over a glorious rolling hay field.

This particular day, I spotted a wingless metallic object that was very tiny; it was too tiny to make out exactly what it was, though the overall shape was that of a disc.

Being in a deep meditative trance at the time, I simply observed it as it went behind a cloud. I could tell how fast the object was going and in what direction, and when the cloud eventually moved away I thought I had a fair idea of where the object would need to have been, if it was an airplane.

To my surprise, there was no object to be seen anywhere in the sky; it appeared to have completely vanished. So there it was!

“Oh well,”  I said. “I guess that was the big UFO sighting that I’ve been waiting so long for.”

I was curiously dispassionate about the whole thing, as it was just an affirmation of what had become completely obvious; I really did not need any “proof” at this point.

I thought about it a moment longer, as I had just crossed the biggest item on my “Wanted Miracle” list off, and then had another thought regarding what immediately came up as the second biggest item on my list:

“Yes — now all I need is to have a ball of light visit me in my room in the middle of the night. Then I can clear out all of these basic wishes that emerged from my desire to be One with God.”



I had read about such luminous apparitions for a long time — they played a major role in the lives of both Jane Roberts, the channel for the Seth entity, and Carla Rueckert, the channel for the Ra entity.

Ra said that these luminous spheres of light are actually the forms of high-level sixth-density beings becoming visible for us in the third density plane.

I have always felt that such an experience would be intensely personal, intensely spiritual and utterly transformational.

However, in another sense you could say that once something like that had happened, it would just be another item to add to the “weird list” when I describe my experiences to the general public.

While I am in between sleeping and waking I have often had experiences of apparitions in the room of various sorts, even of my body being touched.

Temporarily, I still exist in the higher states of consciousness as my eyes open, and I have experienced various manifestations in this state, including telekinesis.

Still, to just be relaxing in the dark, fully awake, and be visited by such an entity would be quite something — and hence it occupied a high place on my wish list. Little did I know that the wish would be granted — and in a most remarkable way.



The next day after my UFO sighting, I “just happened” to call my father at the same time that my brother had called him.

The standard “Guess who’s on the other end of the phone” line came through, as once again I had hit that critical window with psychic precision — the third or fourth time in the last six months — and I only call my father about once a week.

He clicked over and it was Michael, as I already knew; “It’s your brother.”

Things seemed quite ordinary and I finally said, “Dad, you DO realize that this is about the fourth time that I’ve called you at the exact same time that you were talking to Michael.”

“Yep, you’re right about that, David. I hadn’t really thought about it, but I’ll definitely have to count that one,” Dad responded, his skepticism melting a little more with each documented “hit.”

Bracing for my father’s inevitable dosages of skeptical sarcasm, I then went into my story about the UFO sighting, but nothing could have prepared me for what Michael was about to tell me.

The very night before I had this experience, my first adult UFO sighting, Michael had indeed experienced my own wish — a conscious ball of light visited him in his room in the middle of the night!

Somehow, it appeared that Ra, the group from which my own Higher Self originates, had heard my wish in the field that day, and had traveled backward in time to visit my brother about 16 hours earlier.



This was similar to the time when a most excellent event occurred after I did a dream-reading for a client. The night I was doing the reading for her, she had lights appear outside her window, and a luminous apparition of Ra — a man in a white robe — came into her room.

He told her he had an important message for her, and she had to write it down in her notebook or else she wouldn’t remember it. Once she agreed to do this, he said: “Remember the giant cathedral.”

The next day, she was shocked and began hyperventilating and saying “Oh my God” over and over again once I told her that my dream for her had involved my being trapped in a giant cathedral.

I then realized it made a lot more sense for my not-so-secret wish to be granted to another person close to me. This would mean a lot more than if it had simply happened to me personally, since we now have an independent witness!

While on the phone with our father, Michael started describing his experience before I told him about my own prayer to see a ball of light in my room.

(We purposefully avoided going into detail about it until a later conversation that was just between the two of us, as it could easily have gotten too intense for Dad to handle otherwise.)

Michael has never written anything for the website before, totally shunning any opportunities to be spotlighted in any way, nor have I gone into any great detail about him in my own writings online.

I had to really work on him to get him to write about this experience at all, but he finally did, and now we can all enjoy the experience through his eyes.



I can assure you that Michael is a real person different from myself, as he has his own website,, his own two-piece musical group known as the Kiss-Ups and a wealth of highly advanced and stunning artwork in his portfolio in many different forms of media.

And I know that he is telling the truth. There is no way in the world that I could have gotten him to put his name on something like this if he didn’t believe it was the real thing; he has often been doubtful about the nature of my work and only recently has become willing to let me use his picture for a comparison shot between him and Dr. Wesley Harrington Ketchum, Cayce’s original business partner.

Thus, his experience was just as physically real as the metallic object that I saw in the sky the very next day, and as I said, even if he wanted to make up a story, he started telling me about this experience before I ever told him about my own prayer for such an event to occur.

So all possibilities of deception have been ruled out for my own discernment, and I publish this with a clear conscience that it is entirely truthful.

What makes this event even more remarkable is that Michael did not just have a sighting of a ball of light; he received a crucial message at the end of his experience as well, even though he is not a “channeler” or deep-trance psychic in any way.

This message was obviously intended to instill a major “policy shift” in how I / we think and write about Ascension; it encourages us to see it as a step-by-step process that we undergo each day and not simply the mega-conclusion in our near future that represents the “finish line,” if you will.

I came to realize that many of the mystical experiences that have occurred in my life, such as those I have often written and talked about above, are all Ascension experiences — and that now many others will be experiencing them as well. In that sense I am glad to be a front-runner for this process of transformation.

Other channels had spoken about this Ascension process, but I was never truly clear about what it meant or how it was supposed to be interpreted until now.

Perhaps it was a distortion of my own to be so heavily invested in a future event instead of the all-encompassing majesty of the present moment, should we but reach forward and grasp it in the Now. As the world events continue to change more and more rapidly, we have a greater and greater opportunity to experience “Ascension” in our own lives.

The final moment of quantum transformation is definitely not “canceled” or subsumed by the greater paradigm of “incremental ascension,” but rather we can stop pining away for a future event and instead become more aware of the majestic, awesome experiences that can come our way if we keep working diligently on our paths in the here and now.

And with that, let’s proceed, with Michael’s writing followed by more of my own comments:



MICHAEL WILCOCK: Many nights, after the day’s hectic events all I want to do is plunk my head down on the pillow and escape to the oblivion of dreams and the engulfing fluff of my down comforter. But other nights I carve out the time for personal spiritual practice.

Over time I’ve developed a nighttime ritual. It usually starts with slow meditative stretches and yoga techniques and segues into sitting meditation and prayer.

I pray to a higher power that I choose to call God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Universe, basically whatever feels right. I’ve studied Buddhist literature, practiced a type of Buddhist meditation and regularly visit the Shambala center up the road from me, but do not consider myself Buddhist.

I’ve gone to many different Christian churches, respect the teachings of Christ and believe in his existence, but do not consider myself Christian. I’ve watched TV, done drugs, drank alcohol, and smoked cigarettes in the past but I choose no longer to engage in these things and haven’t for a number of years.

I suppose I’m an unclassifiable spiritual person who strives to bring light to the world through the vehicle of my existence.

I work toward loving myself and everyone else in this world, which from time to time and circumstance to circumstance can be difficult.

On top of all of that, my brother has become a world-renowned psychic and scientific/spiritual writer. You’re reading this because he asked me to share a recent experience with you.

I live a relatively simple life. I like to walk in the woods, play music, make art and hang out with friends. Of course it’s not always that simple; I have to make money.

So I paint houses and work on promoting my band and my freelance illustration career. I’ve certainly been blessed. I am with a woman that I adore and have a beautiful relationship with.

I have a neat little apartment in the woods with low rent and a nice landlord. I live simply and keep my expenses down.

I don’t know where this world is headed or what the greater picture is. It seems that we are in a time of exponentially quickening change. I continue to stay with positive energies and try to uplift myself and those around me.

Recently, I made the decision to invite the presence of unknown energies, positive forces and magic into my life. I feel a hunger to commune with higher energy forces and allow the universe to unveil itself to me.

I want to be a part of spontaneous magical happenings, I want to see the world change and become more loving. As many of us have come to realize, there is so much here that is greater than our immediate physical reality.

I want to know higher energies completely and truly be one with the energy that moves through all things. In the past when my brother has told me about his concept of ascension, my response has been, “Bring it on, I can’t wait!”

But there also resides the pessimist inside that says, “Our world is going down the toilet and I don’t think anything like this is possible.” I’m finding, though, that the more time goes on, the more magical things are starting to happen. I find other people are talking about the same concepts of great shifts and transformation.

So with that short bit of information about me, I’ll tell you the story that David has asked me to share.

It was a night that I had taken the time out to do my evening spiritual practice, my girlfriend Jacinta had turned in early and I stayed up to stretch and meditate. Jacinta fell asleep quickly and the only lights I had on were the white Christmas tree lights strung up under my loft.

I had done all the stretches that I typically do and was particularly relaxed, taking nice deep breaths and really feeling centered and at peace. I took the half lotus pose on a stack of two big pillows and settled into silent meditation with my palms resting on my knees.

My eyes were open slightly and focused about six feet ahead of me on the ground. I was concentrating only on my out breaths and trying to realize if I started to think too much or go into tangents.

Everything became very clear and I reached the point in meditation that I don’t always achieve, where everything becomes blissful.

My gaze was focused toward the lit portion of the room under my loft bed, but at this point my head gradually tipped back and instead of trying to stop it, I just let it ease back and looked up into the darkness on the ceiling.

By this point I had been meditating for over 10 minutes and stretching slowly and quietly before that for at least a half hour.

I was looking up and I started to think that my eyes were playing tricks on me. I became aware of a very subtle glowing light on the ceiling, but the only lights on were the white Christmas lights under the loft — and this seemed to look almost as though it were projected on the ceiling.

It was very faint and soft at first, and barely perceivable. It had a subtle wavering movement to it, like a wave radiating slightly out from the middle.

I was sure that this was just a visual trick my eyes were playing, and that the light would soon dissipate, but I kept looking at it, just trying to understand it.

There was a GLOWING LIGHT hovering above me!!!

I was completely straight — I haven’t even touched a drug or drink in five years.

I felt the need to try to perk up and break the blissful silence of my meditation to take a closer look, but a feeling deep inside me said, “No, just continue looking and don’t make any abrupt movements.” So I followed this impulse and remained still, just silently observing this now growing presence.

It was glowing luminosity, generally light blue in color and the more I watched it, the more it’s size and movement increased.

It expanded out to be about six or seven feet wide and looked somewhat like it had been projected upon the ceiling, yet it gave the illusion of some depth moving upward as though it were an opening up into the sky. It was brimming over with energy and life and gave me a feeling of incredible grace to watch it.

There was no logical explanation for how this was happening; the longer I watched the light, the more enchanted I became. This was real life before my eyes — this was not a dream. I had invited magical energy into my life and this was magic; this was a loving, amazing energy that I was somehow blessed enough to be able to see.

The energy field pulsed in wavelike motions, just hovering and glowing. It was an absolutely beautiful sight. The more I sat, the more I was just filled with a feeling of love and light and peace.

It was expansive yet precise, and the middle was a very light whitish blue and it had blended outward into a darker sky blue. It just pulsed and moved gently, a completely calming presence.

My mind began to wander for a moment and I wondered how long this would go on for. Up to this point, I had thought that if this type of thing ever did happen, it would only stand revealed for a split moment of time, just enough to be recognized and then disappear. But this was totally going against that idea.

This loving light hovered, revealed long enough for me to almost get used to it being there! I truly grasped that its presence was real and I was amazed that it was here with me. After about 5 to 10 minutes the light started to change color.

The edges that had been blended out to dark blue slowly shifted to the same light blue color in the middle.

Then the whole field, now all one tone, shifted lighter and lighter, slowly and gradually until it was almost white.

I had the feeling that the experience was almost finished, and part of my heart grew heavy in the fear of becoming disconnected from this light entity.

So, I decided that before this experience was over I would try to share some of this energy with my partner who was sleeping up in the loft, in the hopes that she could benefit from this visitation.

As the thought was formulating in my head, the light was already beginning to expand out toward the area of the ceiling above where she was sleeping. It now had formed a kidney shape encompassing the original area of illumination and a bulge moving out over my partner, Jacinta.

The color at this point shifted through pure white and into orange. It reached out to cover the area over Jacinta completely and then shifted to an orange with a very light brownish tint. It stayed in this state for about a minute or less and then began to fade away.

It took about 15 seconds for it to fade from full luminosity to total dispersion, and when it had finished I no longer felt a feeling of longing for it to still be there. Everything felt divinely choreographed and in tune. The feeling of honor and gratefulness I had for being blessed with this experience was unparalleled.

I stayed in meditation pose, somewhat reeling from the experience and just trying to let it all soak in. This had been a truly monumental occurrence, and I didn’t want to just dispel it and briskly move on; I wanted to honor it and feel the power of it.

As I sat, a voice or idea came into my head and it used some of the language that David uses. It was a soft and intuitive voice that seemed almost like my own, coming from a place of great wisdom. It said that this had been an important experience in my “ascension” and that this was going to be a gentle process that would happen in stages.

[DW: When Michael first told me this story, he boiled some of the message down to this quote: “The Ascension that your brother writes about is not going to happen all at once. It is a gentle process, creating feelings just like those you have now experienced, and it will occur in incremental stages. This is your first major step in this process.” ]

Up to this point I had felt as though a spontaneous shift into nirvana would be great, but I wasn’t going to hold my breath waiting around for it.

This message was intent on telling me that the concept of ascension is real, but that it will manifest itself very differently than what I was envisioning.

The message said that ascension is an incremental process that happens in stages. Seeing this energy for myself eradicated many of my doubts about unexplainable spiritual dimensions and energies, and solidified the foundation for the belief in a power greater than myself.

Up until this point, this type of divine energy had only seemed to exist in my imagination and in subtle synchronicities and psychic occurrences — not an orb of light HOVERING OVER ME!!!

It became clear that this message was a very personal one; this was the first step in my ascension. It seems that ascension is something completely unique to each individual. The discovery of divinity and the movement toward that energy is a completely individualized experience. This was a part of what I was told.

These ascension experiences will be very moving and pertinent to the one who is experiencing them and will probably vary greatly from person to person.

The idea of an ascension in stages was a totally new concept for me. I had always pictured David’s ascension model as something that would happen in one fell swoop, a “spontaneous evolution” as he says — but this new understanding showed me that the experiences could be individualized, and occur over a period of time.

I have no idea where we are heading, but I can only dream of great things and lives filled with purpose and connection to one and other.

I hope to see our world move toward a place where people can totally be themselves and be cradled in love by the community around them.

I look forward to a place where we will all have confidence that there is a universal energy moving through us that connects us and gives our lives meaning. I also look forward to shifting away from ownership and materialism and moving toward community and compassion for our delicate environment.

I am certainly much less prone to doubt that these things are possible. I feel as though I must keep faith, because I’ve been shone this energy that is so much greater than what I am typically able to perceive.

I hunger for this energy. I hunger for the connection to it. I feel that the ascension toward higher consciousness and toward universal love is happening, but we must seek to find it and we must stay very open minded. Closing out other people and beliefs and judging them can be so hurtful.

There is probably no possible way that any of us will be able to forecast what we are moving into. I’ve never felt that I could ever truly see the outcome of something before it happened and it seems we have only begun to scratch the surface on what we are moving into.

Maybe the ascension transpires completely within our spirits and maybe the whole world is going to change. I do know that I was visited by magic and love and that good things are to come in spite of all the chaos we see now in the world. I have faith and trust that humanity will evolve.



As the older brother who was always expected to provide an example, I am proud of Michael’s writing efforts and of his willingness to share this experience with the world. He has already experienced a second “ascension” experience of a different sort, and I have asked that he share this in a separate future article if he so desires.

One aspect of this story that he didn’t really cover in the article was that Jacinta had been experiencing some difficulty in getting to sleep, and after that night with the light surrounding her, she was sleeping perfectly.

That is just another added layer of validation to the whole picture of what transpired that night in the second week of February.

Right now as I write this, I know that Michael’s birthday is coming up on April 7, and that I don’t have the financial resources at present to send him anything as a gift in the mail.

Yet, if I somehow donated my own energy in any way to bringing him this experience, or even if it was simply the intent of my prayer that engaged universal energy in moving out to him completely on its own, I am very grateful to have given him this birth-day gift.

It is truly the birth of the awakening Christ self within each of us, our own personal connection to the Divine, and that makes the timing of this article all the more suitable.

If we think about the distressing events unfolding on the world stage in lieu of this experience, we begin to understand more fully the power of prayer.

Certain Edgar Cayce readings implied that only a small number of people who were dedicated in prayer could dramatically decrease the severity of problems such as famines, Earth Changes and wars.

So, the question becomes, if my own prayer was somehow able to step outside of time and space and create such a magnificent event for my beloved brother, then what can each of us do for our beloved Mother, the Earth?

As we continue to shift our wishes more and more towards what we can do for others, then we will experience more and more positive experience within our own lives, as we really come to know that all is One.

Each of us can gain a greater appreciation for the power that we possess when we forgive ourselves, accept ourselves and direct our will to positive creative action, such as through world-service prayer and meditation.

It is a glorious future that lies ahead of us, and we have a direct stake in how soon it will come, and how the transition will occur.

And along the way, we just might have some incredible surprises appear before our very eyes.

Happy Birthday, Michael.

– David