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Can’t find our email? Please check your SPAM filter folder! We cannot communicate with you if you or your email provider does not let our emails pass through to you! Without receiving the confirmation email we send to you, you will not be able to be added to David’s email announcements list or place orders with our online store! If you use an anti-spam service such as Boxee (or similar) PLEASE ADD [email protected] as permitted to send you email! Otherwise, you WILL NOT receive our emails. Our email will have the return address of David Wilcock or webmaster. Please note: Earthlink AND YAHOO are having problems with their email systems. The following is an email we received from Earthlink about the issue: Hello,Thank you for emailing [email protected]. We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with our IP blocking/unblocking system. We are working diligently to fix the problem. We appreciate your patience. As soon as the system is operational we will begin processing unblock requests again. Regards,Earthlink Abuse [email protected]://www.earthlink.net/about/policies/use/ NOTE: Until they fix their problems, we are suggesting that users get a free gmail account. (see https://www.google.com) Hits:...

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