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The Revealing III: The Mars Bloodline?

Official European Space Agency 3D Rendering of the "Face on Mars"


Saturday, March 10, 2007 -

[UPDATED 3/11, 12, 13. New photos and content, and improved paragraph and headline formatting on 5/11/15 due to newfound, current relevance.]

Every now and then there is a "glitch in the Matrix." Someone in a position of influence lets the curtain drop, and reveals insider secrets.

Read the world-exclusive premiere of one of the more amazing examples of this, three years after it first happened... suggesting that the Powers That Be not only believe Mars was once inhabited, but think they are the descendants of this ancient race. 








Three years ago, one of our clients alerted us to a stunning Rush Limbaugh broadcast that aired on March 4, 2004.

Had this been covered by the mainstream media and discussed with any seriousness, it could well have pierced the veil of UFO secrecy and led to some form of open disclosure. 

Some cynics will simply say that Rush was "joking."

With great laughter and withering sarcasm, they will declare that the whole thing was an elaborate tongue-in-cheek attack against former VP Gore. 

Rush was merely snickering at the Democrats' platform of man-made Global Warming -- tying it in with fringe elements like "Area 52", UFOs and Martians.

"Return to your homes, folks, nothing to see here."



However, the problem may be that in order to do good "disinformation," you actually have to introduce some truth in to what you are saying.

Rush might not have done that. His data correlates with a variety of other pieces we have put together, and this seems more than just an accident.

This could explain why the insiders were not willing to "run with the ball" and acknowledge his "joke".

It was too dangerous -- and might get the public asking the 'wrong' questions.

Somebody really freaked out about this -- and tried to completely remove all records of its existence from the internet.



We first found out about it on March 15th, 2004. By that point, any transcript of the show had already been "sanitized" from the internet.

Our client said this highly suspicious effect started within days of when the broadcast had aired.

There were a few places left where you could read it, but only in the Google cache. Once those had cleared, which only takes a few days, it was gone for good.

Three years later, the most detailed searches turn up absolutely no record of it ever having happened.

Keep that fact in mind before rushing to judgment (pun intended!) about it being "nothing more than a joke."

We do this to ease the psychological pressure that might otherwise result if we are faced with uncomfortable new concepts.

Let's survey the evidence supporting the truth of what he said after we review the transcript.



Also, ask yourself why OTHER broadcasts were NOT removed from his website so quickly... only this one.

Overall, this may well be an Illuminati insider revealing some of their deepest secrets. 

This could include the total obsession with the bloodlines of the elite, a subject invariably brought up by every single whistleblower you find. 

If this was Rush's idea of a joke for other insiders, hoping to "hide out in the open" in front of the "sheep," his bosses were NOT laughing.

No indication was given on the webpage, or in the broadcast, of it ever being a joke, as you'll see for yourself. And it was not April Fool's Day.

When we first heard this astonishing broadcast, and read the transcript, we were really in a bind as to whether we should disclose it or not.

For whatever reason, we decided not to. Such has been the case with much of the material you are now reading in "The Revealing".

We've finally decided that now is the time to come forward with this fascinating story.



Our contact heard the show when it was first broadcast -- apparently he liked to keep an eye on the "loyal opposition."

He saved a copy of the HTM file from Rush's website on his hard drive that had the original transcript in it.

We received this file in an email on March 15, 2004, along with a digital copy of the audio that weighed in at about 1MB.

Though the HTM file did not include any of the original site graphics, it did still have a complete transcript of what Rush said.

Even better, there was a link in the original HTM file to a streaming Windows Media Player version of the audio.

Even though the HTM file would soon disappear from the Internet completely, the audio link still worked.

Here's a graphic of what the HTM file looks like when we open it into a browser:





Now here is the really incredible part...

On a whim, we decided to try the audio link in the original HTM file of the transcript from Rush's website.

And even now, three years later, this audio still exists on Rush's server... and it works.

At the time of this writing, you can still listen to this broadcast yourself... straight from the source!

Only when you hear the audio yourself can you make out how distressed Rush might be about what he is saying.

Most skeptics automatically believe Rush was "just being funny."

Otherwise this event makes no sense whatsoever, and they must maintain their "grip" on "reality" at all costs. 

However, there are at least two places where it sounds as if Rush is in tears as he is telling the story.

You can hear distinct stress patterns in his voice as he is "telling the joke".



It could be that he was severely warned against talking, but couldn't handle the pressure of having to keep such explosive inside information a secret.

He probably figures that everyone in "the herd" is so clueless that he could drop this amazing disclosure and nothing would happen.

Not everyone liked his sense of humor, apparently, as it was quickly struck off the official record... like so many other cover-ups we are all now seeing on a daily basis.

We can well assume that he was "visited" after this broadcast, and given healthy threats about what would happen to him, and his family, if he ever mentioned it again.

Living with such a secret, and such a threat, may even explain an increase in his drug and alcohol consumption.

His staff obviously were not 'in the know' enough to see that he'd made a mistake. They cranked out the transcript before it had time to be buried down the 'memory hole'. 

We have already used a freeware utility called Net Transport to save a copy of this file to the hard drive so it doesn't disappear again, and recommend that you do the same:



Why is this story so important? Quite simple.

Rush Limbaugh came forward on March 4, 2004.

He told his listeners that he gained access to a "highly classified" top-secret document from NASA.

The document said that Mars was once inhabited with human life, that they destroyed their planet, some of them survived and migrated to Earth.



Even more incredibly, Rush stated that NASA has sent secret missions to Mars and recovered DNA samples from deceased human corpses.

He said the DNA from these corpses "compares favorably to members of the Skull and Bones society here on Earth."

He also said this DNA can be found in top members of Halliburton, Enron, WorldCom and Boeing.

Each of these are companies associated with the 'Illuminati'.

Yes. If you're thinking that all the dots connect up to an "Illuminati Bloodline," then you're on the right track, my friend.

As we've seen in Parts One and Two, these people are OBSESSED with bloodlines.

So look beyond the spin and see what most people would gloss over in ignorant laughter.



What you are about to read may be the deeper, hidden level of the story of the "Holy Grail" that is probably NOT ever planned for public disclosure.

This may be why Rush Limbaugh, and any trace of this story, was immediately silenced after he spilled the beans.

Granted, some of the Illuminati may believe themselves to be descendants of Jesus, as we've set forth in the earlier sections of this series -- particularly the Merovingian line.

However, that may only be a ploy to sell themselves to a gullible public.



Lawrence Gardner recently came forth with a very detailed, lengthy article, making a strong case that James Cameron's whole argument is built on lies.

If you get into this document, you will find that the tomb ascribed to Jesus was taken from somewhere else and then added in to the mix, as if it had been discovered in the same tomb.

Blend together a box with the common name "Jesus" crudely scrawled on it -- by far the lowest in quality of any of the ossuaries (bone boxes) they found...




...with a group of coffins whose names (also very common for the time) matched up with the rest of his alleged family.

Add in some fake 'Jesus dust' with DNA that "compares favorably to members of the Skull and Bones society."

Then you've got yourself a recipe for global takeover.

Or so they think. The only problem is that it's all a fraud!



Yet, if the public buys into Cameron's story, and enough people believe it, (with the Da Vinci Code book and film as a foreshadowing of the eventual disclosure,) they could take it to the next step.

They take the DNA from the tomb, analyze it, and have it "compare favorably to members of the Skull and Bones society." 

This is exactly what Limbaugh only half-jokingly claimed they have already done with DNA from Mars! 

And, Limbaugh's statements were three years BEFORE this apparent Illuminati Endgame -- forced to the surface due to the pressure of an expected event in 2012 -- ever became visible.

Also, don't forget that immediately after Cameron's film debuted, we had the worst economic collapse since 9/11.

The Illuminati may have been hoping that they could trigger a catastrophic problem that would make the public ready to accept their message.



Let's not forget that if you've been reading this article since Part One, you know that the "Illuminati" is a worldwide group of those at the top of the power structure.

They believe themselves to be superior to most humans -- to the point that they feel they can invoke the so-called "Divine Right of Kings."

They have been planning to create an economic collapse that would soften up the public for their rule -- ideally in the form of a "bloodless surrender."

Then they can create the "New World Order" they have been expecting for so long.

We may have just seen their first major attempt to get this economic collapse to occur since 9/11 itself.



Rush Limbaugh may well have come forward and revealed their innermost secrets in this seemingly flippant "comedy" routine.

Rush's disclosure could have included how these people feel they are the blood descendants of ancient "Gods" who came to earth. 

By so doing, he may well have disrupted the timelines of this planned disclosure. 

He thus would need to be silenced at all costs.



What if the Illuminati can only claim that they are the descendants of these "Gods?"

What if the "Gods" themselves are still allegedly flying around in their UFOs?

If so, then the elites on Earth can no longer claim that they are the highest authority. 



The best plan would be to associate themselves, through a carefully-contrived fraud, with the bloodline of the most highly-respected spiritual person ever to walk the face of the Earth.

Jesus of Nazareth.

Then, with planted DNA evidence, they can attempt to make a case. 



What you are reading right now is yet additional evidence that this plan is nothing more than a fantasy.

It has far too many holes, and can never succeed the way they intend it to.

There are too many people who know too much about what is going on, and strongly disapprove of the whole sorry mess we've now found ourselves in.



Enough with the suspense... by now you're ready to read the transcript, so let's go for it.

Just before we begin, here is the dedicated link to the audio, where it still rests on Limbaugh's server at the time of this writing:


In case it gets "sanitized" once again, here is our local copy of the same file:



Here is a version of the same audio as an MP3 you can right-click on and "Save Target As" in Windows to store it on your hard drive:



Here is a link to the HTM file that we received:




And now, read the transcript for yourself.

We introduced some paragraph breaks and headlines so that everything reads better, some graphics for emphasis, and bolded certain passages that really jump out.

Notice that no one ever said this was a hoax. No apology or retraction was ever given.

As far as you or anyone else knew, up until now, it never even happened.

When you do go back and listen to the audio, listen carefully as he says the most provocative statements.

You can hear that Limbaugh is definitely under severe stress, perhaps even tears, as he is sharing this supposedly "humorous" information.



March 4, 2004

Listen to Rush... about the top secret NASA report on Mars


RUSH: As I mentioned recently, ladies and gentlemen, after reviewing data from one of the Mars Rovers, NASA, big press conference the other day, concluded that Mars was once drenched with enough water to "support life in a good, habitable environment."

I mean, this is an incredible discovery. NASA still had to go out there and say that there's no proof that life existed.

All they said was that conditions were there for there to be life.

But this is not all NASA said, ladies and gentlemen. There's a lot that is not being discussed here.

As a powerful, influential member of the media, I know more than you do. Especially about this.



I have seen a highly classified report that has not been released publicly.

It probably won't be -- unless you consider my talking about it here to be releasing it publicly.

It's a top secret report, code name The Gore Report. It was prepared by scientists from Area 52 in New Mexico.

They analyzed the Mars data and there's some findings in this report.

I can understand why they don't want to release this.

I don't know it all, but I want to pass off what some of The Gore Report says.



There was life on Mars. That's what NASA is not being up front [about.]

There was life. Everybody knows it.

We can't be the only people occupying the universe. It's impossible.

Who do we think we are? The only people God created?

Sorry, for those of you who don't believe in God -- the only people who evolved from apes?

So it's clear that there was life elsewhere.

Now that NASA has kind of let the cat out of the bag, if there were habitable conditions up there, we know there was life there.



In fact, they found some DNA evidence up there that compares favorably to members of the Skull and Bones Society here on earth.



These people were highly industrialized, the Martians.

They were technologically superior.

And they were very arrogant people.

They thought that the power and the force of their existence was all that was needed to sustain them.

They didn't care a whit about conservation. They didn't care a whit about preserving anything.

They got rid of everything that was pristine.

In fact, they used the internal combustion engine.



They were globalists.

They got rid of all the countries on that planet, and they had just one giant society.

The powerful, rich, just absorbed everything they needed from the best parts of the planet.

[They] used it for themselves.

Everybody basically suffered until everybody died out.

What happened was there were no checks and balances.



Probably, I don't know this, there probably wasn't any campaign finance reform to restrict the corruption in their elective circumstances there.

So special interest groups and multinationals escaped taxes by forming offshore accounts.

There's no coincidence to the fact that they found water.

[There was] lots of water where [the most] habitable conditions were. 

[This] dovetails with what's in the report about some of these multinationals abandoning their own countries and locating offshore for all of the nefarious reasons.



They [the people on Mars] had rain forests.

You don't hear about this.

They had ancient rain forests. They had jungles.

They had so much oil and gas. They had reserves out the wazoo.

In fact, one of the things they found on Mars is that it's possible that there's still some there.

[It may just be] tiny little amounts, but it's clear.



You saw the pictures from Mars.

I saw the skeletons. At least I saw the fossils of the skeletons.

There were people there, or there were beings there, but it looked like Pompeii.

It looked like these people all died huddled together, and it was just swarmed and in an instant.



Image of preserved bodies from Pompeii volcanic explosion.


You know, they were one day there and then gone.

[There were] so many people living close together, it has to have been the result of urban sprawl.

Nobody had any space, nobody had any room.

I saw it from the pictures that they released.



It's clear, ladies and gentlemen.

Mars was once the jewel of the solar system, and it was raped. Mars was raped.

This is what NASA knows. This is what The Gore Report says.

Mars was raped by robber barons.

Capitalism [and the] dependence on combustible engines led to global warming.

The ecosystem that sustained everybody was destroyed.

That's why the water they've found is at the equator area. The ice caps melted.

[It's] exactly what's happening here, folks. Exactly what's happening here.



These people were advanced.

Not everybody on Mars died. This is what's fascinating about this report.

Not everybody on Mars died. Some were able to flee. Some were able to get off the planet.

This is what they can't afford to release.

UFOs, yep, all these sightings, all of these blinking lights, all these unexplained things, they're real.

That's why they're calling this Area 52.

[DW: Supposedly these different 'areas' correspond to nuclear testing grounds in Nevada.

I did have one other black-ops contact who told me that some of these 'areas' are indeed off-planet.]



Those [UFOs] are Martians, escaping the destruction.

I think this goes way back before we were alive.

UFOs have been happening all over.

It may well be that the bright star that guided the three wise men was a UFO.

Tax cuts absolutely were a factor. That's what the offshore thing was all about. Yeah, of course tax cuts were a factor.



Notice that Rush still manages to read his own political biases into the story.

He may have said too much that was spot-on with the truth, realized it, and suddenly had to change the subject to make it again sound more like a joke.

Referring back to his earlier statements, it's not difficult to see what might have happened on Mars if he is indeed leaking the truth.

At the time, the planet's most powerful elites might have hidden themselves away on a military-fortified 'offshore' island. 

That way, they would be much harder to invade or attack.

That might explain why we have not found any other areas on Mars that are as highly developed as Cydonia, with its giant pyramids and symmetrical monument in the shape of a human face.

It does make sense that if Mars was suffering from climate change, certain regions would stay pristine the longest.

As an example, the Los Angeles / coastal area is the only part of Southern California that is not now a desert. 

Also consider that most of the entire continent of Australia is a bleak, barren desert except for the very edges.

Now let's continue with the transcript.



But the elites got off.

The elites were able to travel in space.

There weren't very many of them, but they were able to get off.

They fled the planet in time.



The stunning thing about the Mars report, The Gore Report, is that they're here.

These people that destroyed Mars are here.

They are on earth, folks.

They are in America.

They work at Halliburton. They worked at Enron. They worked at WorldCom.

They're at Boeing.

[DW: Notice that he starts by saying "the Mars report," and then corrects himself to say "The Gore Report."

This is obviously a fake name to try to tie this in with former VP Al Gore.

That may be one of the only distortions of truth in this entire presentation.]


They came to America.

The Gore Report clearly illustrates they have not learned a thing from their experiences on Mars.

The truth is out there. Far, far out there.



Read the Article...

(CNN: How much water on Mars?)



So there you have it -- complete with the CNN article he linked to at the end about the discovery of water on Mars.



Is this just a big, steaming pile of BS, a sign of Rush's quick-thinking comic genius through irony, satire and sarcasm?

If there was no other evidence to the contrary, you might think so.

Nonetheless, there is very clear evidence supporting the idea that Rush may have been telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

He may have only changed a few names to attack the innocent.



This brings us to yet another piece of the puzzle I've been holding onto all these years, and am only now revealing.

A 1999 analysis by Daniel Perez presented an astonishing discovery. 

In it, he linked the positions of key Washington DC monuments directly to the Cydonia complex on Mars.

It appears that Washington DC was deliberately laid out to mirror the positions of the buildings on the Cydonia plateau.

Officially the appearance of gigantic, two-mile-wide 'Monuments' on this Martian plateau is just the result of a "trick of light and shadow", as NASA has indicated.



If you have taken the time to survey the evidence of the ancient ruins on Mars, you can clearly see these monuments are not natural formations. 

The "bilateral symmetry" of the Face is one big clue. It looks like a face, surrounded by an Egyptian-style royal headdress, on both sides. 

This is no small structure. Based on the scale, it is about a mile wide -- and therefore bigger than anything ever built on earth.

This next image is a simple 3D rotation of the original NASA image, 35A76:



Then this image was extracted from the Mars Global Surveyor data:


Corrected image from deliberately washed-out Mars Global Surveyor photo on the left, using simple Photoshop filters.



This last image was found within the Mars Express dataset, from image 305-230906-3253-6-co1.

Here is the wide shot of the image. The Face is right in the middle, a tiny light-colored dot just slightly south of center:


Zooming in on the original high-resolution image, here is a close-up of the Face:


Color image of Face from Mars Express.


The European Space Agency / HRSC head scientist Dr. Gerhard Neukeum created a 3D-rectified image of the Face that was certainly revealing:



Dr. Neukeum's 3D Extrusion of Face on Mars from Mars Express Image 305-230906-3253-6-co1


This does not at all look like a "natural formation." It looks like a gigantic monument in the shape of a human face, probably built to rise above a shallow sea area.

You can clearly see the brow, the chin, the eye sockets, the headdress and the overall shape of the face.

Perhaps Dr. Neukeum got tired of the suppression, and leaked this image to try to help wake us up.



There is a city of pyramid-shaped and artificial-shaped structures to the immediate west of the Face, as if positioned there for viewing.

There is one structure in particular that immediately jumps out as an obvious, huge pyramid -- right above the left side of the black line.

If someone doesn't see this pyramid, it's because they don't want to see it -- like the priests refusing to look through Galileo's telescope.



Then "the Fort" to the immediate east of the pyramid also has a clear 90-degree angle in its construction, like a massive viewing deck for high-end apartments.

Granted, this structure is obviously highly eroded, but it is still surprisingly geometric in the right lighting. 

It is also located right next to these other very anomalous structures.





Then, we have a pentagon-shaped structure that is very much a symmetrical pyramid. This structure is a mile and a half wide.

It also has a large, triangular courtyard at the bottom. Tens of thousands of people, maybe more, could walk out on it to socialize and enjoy the view.



This massive, mile-and-a-half-wide building could potentially hold a billion people, according to Richard C. Hoagland's estimates of similar, planned "arcologies".

This building has obvious support buttresses on each corner to hold the weight of the structure.

You can see the coastline hugging the side of the pyramid and continuing on upwards.

At one time this obviously artificial structure was probably built right on the prime oceanfront real-estate.

And it is directly southwest of the Face -- on the same Cydonia plateau of Mars.

The shape of the pentagon itself is not "perfect." It is actually the shape of a human body with its arms and legs outstretched like the Vitruvian Man:



This is even more evidence that these structures were built by humans -- of some type.

If the Face was a revered religious object, then everyone in "Pyramid City" and in the epic "Pentagon" could see it.

These structures are far from natural formations.



Then consider the extensive geometric alignments of the whole area, as put together by Richard C. Hoagland in The Monuments of Mars.



The above chart is only part of the story. I have studied this mathematical data thoroughly.

Although it takes a great deal of space to properly explain it all, it is very compelling.



[Update 5/11/15: My book The Source Field Investigations contains a more detailed treatment of this data, with further links for you to explore.]

By this point, you might not be so easily hoodwinked back into the slumber of mainstream 'consensus' reality.



Remember I mentioned a five-sided pyramid? Think for a minute... is there any comparable building like that in America?

The Pentagon.

But of course, the two could not be related in any way. Of course not. That would be ridiculous.

Or would it?



Assume for a minute that you have inherited ancient maps of this most unique area of Mars.

Or, perhaps you had the technology to fly over there and take a look for yourself in more recent times.

Would there not be a huge temptation to pay homage to it here on Earth somehow? 

Why not use ancient science to create a mirror of Heaven while you are still here on Earth?

Why not honor your "Gods" by making structures in their image?

Let's try this. Try lining up the Pentagon in DC with the pentagon in Cydonia, Mars.



Get all the ends tight. Make it a perfect geometric fit. Leave no overlaps.

Then, look at the maps together. Make sure it's just a coincidence. Make sure there are no other connections.

Obviously there wouldn't be, because the Cydonia complex isn't even real -- and this whole thing is just delusional.



OK, just for fun, let's try it. This is what Daniel Perez did in his classic article, Washington, District of Cydonia.

Take the layout of Washington DC and superimpose it over the Cydonia region of Mars.

Line up the five-sided pentagon on Mars with the Pentagon building in Arlington.

Does anything jump out? Probably not, but let's make sure... 




Once the two pentagons are perfectly lined up, the Face on Mars is precisely where the White House is in Washington DC.

Just a coincidence? It becomes harder to disprove when you see that there are several common landmarks between the two areas.

This includes a notably UFO-shaped area of Cydonia called the "Tholus" that corresponds to a circular street in Anacostia Park.



Several of the geometric alignments Hoagland revealed in Cydonia work off of the Tholus, which is curiously shaped like a UFO.

Here are two images of it from Dr. Mark J. Carlotto's website.

The first is a comparison of the Viking shot and the Mars Global Surveyor image.



Then we have a 360-degree rotation of the image in 3D, showing that it is indeed very oddly UFO-shaped, all the way around:



Since the Pentagon was only built recently, this Mars / Washington overlay may or may not have been originally intended in the layout of the District of Columbia.

However, when you read the article you can see there are other features that also match up, which date back to when DC was first laid out.

This includes the first city in DC, Rosslyn, corresponding to the primary 'city' on the Cydonia plateau where the pyramids are.

The circle in Anacostia Park corresponds to the Tholus.



Unfortunately, the original animated GIF that flips between the layout of Washington DC and Cydonia no longer works as it did when I first saw this in 1999.

Also, at the moment there is no link that clearly shows you how there is a perfect circle in the streets of DC to correspond with the perfectly circular 'Tholus' structure on the surface of Mars.

However, I remember seeing it when it was first published and I was blown away by how closely they matched.




As an update, when I typed in "Anacostia Park, Washington, DC" to Google Earth -- a free download -- all I had to do is cross the river, directly to the right, and there it was.

A perfect circle, with six streets feeding into it, for no apparent reason.

This location mates PERFECTLY with a circular form on Mars, as you can see in the original article!

Granted, this circle is smaller in width than the Tholus, and the Face is larger in width than the White House -- but this has to do with symbolism more than anything else.




Getting the Pentagon to match so closely, in Arlington, VA, was really the crowning achievement in this synchronization.

It strongly suggests that they had ancient maps of Mars all along, given all these other linked coordinates.



Also, keep in mind that if Cydonia is a real city (and I believe it is,) the Face is almost certainly a monument to a great leader.

In the US, we put the faces of our most revered leaders -- all of whom served in the White House -- on the money.

The most well-known leaders were carved directly into rock on the side of Mount Rushmore.



So lining up the Face with the White House makes sense on more than just a "happenstance" level.



Apart from the Cydonia connection, it is already well established that there was Masonic forethought in the planning of the streets of DC.

Entire areas were laid out specifically to encode hidden symbolism. 

This includes the inverted pentagram of streets directly above the White House, as you will see in the article.

You can also easily see the Masonic compass.




I've driven in DC and can tell you that these funky-shaped Masonic streets do not help you get around any easier.

It might look cool to see them from above, but having to make sudden, 270-degree turns does not help your driving performance or navigational ability on the ground. At all.



It follows, based on this same chain of reasoning, that the Masons, or their 20th century adherents, might have encoded more than just the symbols of their own craft into the layout. 

This could have been done the hopes of creating a mirror of the City of the Gods -- "As above, so below".  

I do not believe this is a coincidence or an accident.

It strongly suggests that the Masons who founded the United States still had ancient, secret scrolls outlining the Cydonia region of Mars. 

They decided to design their capital city in ways that would mirror what they knew still existed on the 'mother planet'.

It also helps to explain why they would be so keen on covering up any evidence of ruins on Mars or the moon.

They consider this one of their deepest secrets. 

[Update 5/11/15: The American founding fathers did not need to know about Cydonia.

When the Pentagon was designed, it could have been precisely positioned and calibrated to form this alignment with the White House and other landmarks.]



The research of Hoagland and his associates, including David Flynn, has strongly indicated that Nibiru, the alleged "12th Planet" of Zecharia Sitchin, is actually Mars.

That would mean that all the Internet buzz about the "Anunnaki" -- i.e. "Those who from Heaven to Earth Came" -- is actually the story of the survivors of a Martian cataclysm coming to Earth. 

As the story goes, the Anunnaki then genetically enhanced the indigenous ape-men creatures with their own DNA.

This is apparently common knowledge in the insider circles that Rush Limbaugh's "Gore Report" came from. 



Originally the Annunaki combined their DNA with native Earth humans in the hopes of creating a slave race.

Sitchin's voluminous research was summarized in a more digestible fashion in many of Lloyd Pye's works. 

Sitchin indicates that the 'Annunaki', or 'Nephilim' as they were also called, bred these slaves in the interest of mining gold. 

The cuneiform tablets seem to indicate this was done in the hopes of creating a planet-wide shield for their atmosphere.

By releasing particles of gold into the air, they were hoping to reflect back the Sun's energy and forestall their own "global warming." 



Sumerian statuettes of the Annunaki... notice similarity to helmets of Goa'Uld in Stargate SG-1.


What you see here is a lizard-like head on a human body.

[5/11/15: Our newest insider Corey Goode has revealed that the Draco are a race of reptilian humanoids who look just like this, and were part of the Anunnaki.]



My first contact with insider Illuminati information was with a friend who knew one of the top 90 Illuminati in the world -- on a personal level.

Other than telling me they were "the good guys," which I believed at the time, he also told me they considered the Annunaki to be very real.

He was told that they wore helmets to scare the indigenous people and protect themselves from our different atmosphere.

Other pictures of the Annunaki clearly show they were more humanlike than these statues make them appear -- albeit some pretty big dudes.





I am aware that Sitchin's research has often been seen as infallible -- almost Divine revelation.

In the orthodox Sitchin model, you have Nibiru, or "Planet X," on a 3600-year orbit, which occasionally comes close to the Earth.

This is when Sitchin believes we had the greatest contact with the Anunnaki.

Sitchin translates the word Nibiru as "the planet of crossing."

His idea that it goes outside our solar system in an elliptical orbit is a leap in logic.

As I wrote in a recent update in David's Blog, the problem with the Planet X model is that we now know planets cannot do this.

Comets are small enough to have elliptical orbits, but larger objects get caught in the pressure-waves from the sun -- i.e. "Stoneking Resonance" -- and quickly fall into a stable orbit.





Sitchin has tried to tie in ALL of the UFO and ET phenomena to the Anunnaki, and I feel this is also a mistake.

He is interpreting ancient scriptures and making conclusions that seem logical, but in some cases there is plenty of room for an alternative viewpoint.

One way in which Sitchin's model really doesn't hold up is the idea that ANY inhabited planet could have such a distant orbit -- all the way out past Pluto in the freezing-cold areas of our Solar System.

Now if our temperature fluctuates by just a few degrees, we fear an apocalypse.

Imagine if our Earth suddenly took off into regions so cold that the best we could hope for in the summer is 50 degrees below zero?

Obviously the Sumerian record is based on real events. Sitchin's research is quite convincing on that front. 

Nonetheless, if we're looking for the most likely real candidate for a neighboring inhabited world, we should be looking at Mars -- not an unseen, undiscovered planet at the coldest fringes of space.

[Update 5/11/15: It is very likely that this was deliberate disinformation to throw people off the track.]



Hoagland and the Enterprise Mission team has not yet made all the particulars of their Sumerian re-analysis public, but I've seen it -- on the God, Man and ET video, and again at our recent Joshua Tree conference.

I came away convinced that this is a valuable, obvious addition to the body of knowledge that Sitchin started to create.

It also seems clear that the insiders knew this all along.

They were more than happy to have Sitchin make an error in judgment, so people were less likely to put it all together.

That also further explains why Rush's comical outburst became such an obvious outrage that it had to be entirely struck from the record.



Also, Joe Mc Moneagle, who is highly respected for his accuracy in remote viewing, revealed in his book "Mind Trek" that the inhabitants of Mars were nearly twice the height of modern humans.

We might ascribe this to their having a smaller-sized planet, and therefore a weaker field of gravity that would allow the body to grow larger in size, just like goldfish grow larger in size if you give them a larger tank.

As I have written about in the CONVERGENCE series on this website, there is clear evidence that the Earth has been continually expanding in size over time.

This may account for why the dinosaurs were so much larger than we are now.

In our current gravity these giant lizards would never be able to move around or even lift their heads -- but on a smaller earth they would have no trouble.  

Neal Adams has done a great job of animating the expansion of the Earth and other bodies in the solar system here:



The larger body size of those from Mars, and obviously their vastly superior technology, could account for many ancient tales of "Giants" who came to the Earth, and were worshipped as Gods.



If you've never encountered any of these concepts before, then you're probably new to most of this, and there is a lot more reading you can do if you are interested.

You certainly can laugh if you want to, but what is important for us at this time is that the world's elites consider this to be very real.

Many different sources of information all line up to tell the same story.

In the next section of The Revealing, coming up soon, we will explore the further implications of this astonishing 'leak' of information from the 'Gore Report', and analyze some of the excerpts in more detail.

This is also going to be covered from another angle in our upcoming article with Richard Hoagland on interplanetary climate change. 



Lastly, two clips recently appeared on YouTube that further exposes the agendas of the "New World Order" in a form that is humorous and hard-hitting.

We've already recommended that you watch the Aaron Russo clips in earlier sections of this series, but this is a great summary.

Comedy, as we said before, is a key ingredient in relieving fear, so we recommend watching these clips:





This was the first update I wrote after posting the transcript -- before I realized that most people would just automatically assume that Rush was joking.

For my ears, it was so identical to everything I've been putting together that I didn't even hear the humor in it, until recently.

It's a fascinating and gratifying experience for me to bring you these updates and get your email feedback, pointing out things I would never have thought of.

Here's an email from a reader who was the first to point out that this whole episode could have been an attempt at satire:

"I suspect that Rush's comments may have been a satire -- I don't have the context of the whole show to be certain but he seems to be mocking Al Gore, talking about Martian robber barons coming to the USA and working at Halliburton, Enron, Boeing, etc., having destroyed the martian environment with urban sprawl and global warming.

He says it was a top secret report and then brags that as a powerful media figure he got to see the report and is of his own volition sharing this top secret info to millions of his listeners... Rush may be arrogant but he's not that foolish to be sharing classified info on the air without approval.

The government wouldn't call such a report "The Gore Report." I suggest you consider this angle and make a disclaimer, with the consideration that Rush's satire may have developed from him seeing/hearing genuine info about Martian ruins and having permission to joke about this at Al Gore's expense."



Obviously, this is the ONLY explanation that could give Rush an "out", so that people like me would appear to be the idiots in not realizing he was joking. 

He did tie in "Area 52," Martians and UFOs with Al Gore's campaign about global warming, and fingered the usual corporate suspects.

By tossing in Skull and Bones, he could make it seem even more outrageous.

Where I disagree with my emailer is that I do not necessarily believe Rush had permission to come forward with this story.

It is very, very close -- nearly identical -- to what we have heard from insiders.

Part of why I finally chose to publish it is that while I have no information about whether Mars had internal combustion engines and a world elite that located themselves on a safe, isolated island, I have heard much of what Rush said in this update from other, independent sources in a position to know.

This is information that has NOT been made public.

So, even if Rush was following these stories online he wouldn't have known everything he said.

And the speed with which this entire story was "sanitized" off the internet was very, very suspicious.



Furthermore, as I said earlier, Cydonia is the only area of the planet that has giant monuments.

So that seems to be a good fit with Rush's statements about the elites finding a secure compound to isolate themselves in.

That's where they would have spent all the money, and built the most noble structures. And that is exactly what we see.

It may well be that Rush didn't change or distort enough of what he was actually told for this to be an acceptable form of disinformation.

The part that is odd to me is how specific and detailed he is, how fast it just rolls out of his mouth, and how well it fits with many other pieces of data, some of which I still haven't published.



One example is that there was a Sci Fi Network fictional special in 2005 that had many of these elements.

It very clearly tried to tie in the "Goa'Uld" from Stargate SG-1 with Mars, and blatantly pulled many elements from Hoagland's model as well as my own.

In fact, they actually used a graphic from one of my Convergence books in one scene early along -- obviously without crediting the source.

I have heard at least two different black-ops sources tell me that Stargate SG-1 -- particularly the first and second season -- is being used to acclimate the public to some of the real things that are being dealt with on the inside.

The Goa'Uld are intended to be the "Anunnaki." This other documentary made that point very clear.

SG-1 episodes like "Wormhole X-Treme" give an insider's wink and nod to the viewers.

It helps them to realize that even though the show is fake, it is based upon real truths.

This is again going to be something I will discuss in more detail as time goes on.



By the way, if you've been keeping up with my frequent updates to this site in David's Blog, then you should easily recall the video of astronauts allegedly exploring ruins on the Moon.

After doing more research, I did find out that it was a digital reconstruction by a Spanish CG animation team called Dibilutoon Studios.

However, it was a reconstruction based on detailed witness testimony, and thus lovingly designed to look as authentic as possible.

We do run the risk of pointing things out that can be shot down later.

I certainly am not "trying to be right" about everything, nor will I alter or remove content to try to 'save face' if something like this comes up.

The skeptics try to take everything as if it were a farce, a joke, an object of ridicule.



Individual pieces of data can be attacked -- as in the case of the alleged moon video and of Limbaugh's very odd statement. That doesn't destroy the whole model.

Thanks to a tip from a reader, I've tracked down detailed analyses of the 'obelisks' on the Moon's surface that I had alluded to in the last Moon article.

I will write this all up some time in the next couple days. Just hit and click on "David's Blog" to keep up with these breaking developments.

In this series on The Revealing, we are continuing to link together a vast array of interconnected pieces of data that suggest a larger, hidden order.

If Limbaugh's comments were totally baseless and sarcastic, why was the transcript so quickly removed from his own website?

Why was it never discussed in any form again, until now? How did he happen to connect so many dots that many other insider sources have alluded to in the past?



This letter appeared in the discussion group this morning and it represents what an effect this series is having.

What 'The Revealing' series offers is a perspective of hope that is almost never seen anywhere else:

"The timing of these articles is perfect. (To me) it seemed for years that the elements of corruption and [negative, self-serving behavior] were steadily increasing their stranglehold on the mainstream media and the government, but now it's very easy to see how the plans are cracking around the edges.

Every day, a new tidbit of info leaks out. While each is but a small piece, it seems people in general are awakening to the larger picture that's in front of us.

While the entire scenario [of the 'endgame' plan of "The Revealing"] this 3-part article lays out hasn't happened yet, it's not beyond the realm of possibility for me.


My biggest thought reading this was that the acceleration of the time table will be a major problem for the [negative elite].

I mean who's going to really believe that the families running this country are descended from Jesus and/or partially divine when they're responsible for Iraq, New Orleans, etc.?

Who's going to believe that the solution to maintaining their divinity is through hundreds of years of inbreeding?

That's about as silly as me taking moral advice from the organization that thought the Crusades and the Inquisition were good ideas. (pardon the sarcasm)

[DW: Actually, Svali says that the Illuminati DID penetrate the highest levels of the Vatican - so our reader is right on track.]


In this era where more and more people see through the illusion, can these plans ever really work? To me the answer is a hopeful 'Surely not.'

Just like in David's [lucid] dream[s], where he can show Ascended abilities [to the people around him] until the illusion is broken...

[By him telling them "None of this is real, I'm having a lucid dream," at which point they would zone out and walk away - apparently 'protected' from having their illusion broken], the [negative elite] group(s) plans can only work if the people don't realize that it's an illusion.

I hope the analogy is close enough to work. [DW: It is.]


The key to the entire thing is balance. That's the part that finally explained to me how it's possible to overcome the negative. The harder they try to draw the strings together, themore the contents of the bag leak out.

It's a great expose', and it ties so many loose facts together... kudos, David. You've clearly done your homework far better than I, and I thought I was more aware than most.

May we all shine on."



The day after we posted this latest update, a screaming red headline appeared on the Drudge Report.

It was warning everyone that one of top-five "Family" (i.e. Illuminati) corporations, Viacom, is suing YouTube/Google for (cue Dr. Evil voice) "one BILLION dollars."




"YouTube's soaring popularity has been a cause of fascination but also fear among the owners of traditional media outlets, who worry that YouTube's displaying of clips from their programs -- without compensation -- will lure away viewers and ad dollars from cable and broadcast TV.

Viacom is especially at risk because much of its programming is aimed at younger audiences who also are heavy Internet users...

In a statement, Viacom lashed out at YouTube's business practices, saying it has "built a lucrative business out of exploiting the devotion of fans to others' creative works in order to enrich itself and its corporate parent Google."



Viacom said YouTube's business model, "which is based on building traffic and selling advertising off of unlicensed content, is clearly illegal and is in obvious conflict with copyright laws."

"...In addition to damages, Viacom is also seeking an injunction prohibiting Google and YouTube from using its clips."


This is clearly showing their level of desperation -- as online video has taken off more than anyone would have ever dreamed even one year ago.

I conducted an informal survey this morning, and with very little effort I was able to find a list of well over 100 different websites following the YouTube formula.



Even more interestingly, as it turns out, Viacom really doesn't have much of a case... and therefore probably won't win this lawsuit:

"There's one thing missing from most coverage of Viacom's $1 billion lawsuit against Google and YouTube: the law.

Sure, there's copyrighted material on YouTube. But Google (GOOG) employees didn't put it there; YouTube's users did.

And whether Viacom's (VIA) lawyers like it or not, user-stolen content is treated differently under the law of the land.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is pretty clear on this: The operator of an Internet service is not responsible for the content its users post, save for taking it offline when it receives a "takedown" notice from a copyright holder...

Google's lawyers, I'd bet, have been waiting for this lawsuit all along - a big-money lawsuit from a high-profile opponent with a perilously weak legal argument.

Sure, Viacom may have felt compelled to file this lawsuit to protect its copyrighted content - but if it loses, it will be in a much weaker position to negotiate business terms with Google."



You remember our discussion about Chaos and Complexity Theory from parts I and II.

We set forth the concept that the Internet, like the global economy, is a "complex adaptive system" that cannot be collapsed -- only evolved into yet a higher level of order.

Similarly, online video is here to stay.

If you look at the history of MP3 file-sharing websites, when one was successfully taken down (i.e. Napster) another came up in its place very soon afterwards (i.e. Kazaa).

If you have a careful, watchful eye, you can start observing these events, not as inconsequential nuisances in your daily search, but proof positive that the negative elite are losing their grip on control by the day.

Fox recently bought MySpace and they are terrified that another website could come in and replace it.

[Update 5/11/15: (ahem) Facebook (ahem)]



This is why, as I have so often stated, there is no reason to worship "Family" with fear.

They can't move forward on any new agendas when right now they're just desperately trying to keep themselves afloat.

Don't think it's just going to stay like it is now.

I have seen that there are some very amazing, unprecedented changes still ahead. Everyone will be quite surprised.

I was having detailed information come through, predicting all of this, back in the late 1990s.

Another reason why I have no fear about the future is because these prophecies have been coming true, right down to the letter, again and again.

Why would they suddenly stop now?



In the next section of this series we will more deeply explore the "radiant mind energy" that 'Family' has secretly known about -- and used -- for thousands of years.

This is perhaps their Deepest Secret.

Their knowledge goes far beyond the film with the same title that is currently so popular.

Once you understand what they know, and how they are using it, you can start turning things around in your own life -- for the positive.


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Comments (4)   

0 #4 D 2013-04-28 23:30
sounds like a fake, you say that DNA found in mars is similar to the DNA of people from the skull and bones society and from the top people on a few companies. How would NASA have access to the DNA from these people from the skull and bones and from the top people from these companies. They just don't. This little detail is taking all the credit from this article.

Also, there is clear evidence that this article is trying to support some ideas that are polemic and widely known, like global warming, NWA and stuff like.
0 #3 Maia 2011-03-17 07:44
This info is so GOOD! Thank you, David!
0 #2 Nina Christian 2010-11-17 03:30
Very good info.
I only hope more people will awaken and realize what is truly happening to our
Mother Earth and to the people on this planet

Nina C
0 #1 charles kafka 2010-06-07 01:10
oh. lol

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