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Emery Smith Live Stream July 7th, 2018


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Note: This $49 purchase helps support wistleblower, Emery Smith’s mission to educate the world on high technology and extra terrestrial life that is alive and well on this planet. tickets page here.

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Emery Smith, former Air Force field medic, is changing the course of UFO history. Emery has provided detailed accounts of autopsying over 3,000 alien specimens, and over 1200 nearly complete bodies. As a result, we are gaining new intel about the massive number of alien species we share our universe with. Emery speaks out despite threats on his life and is finally opening up with deeper levels of information he obtained regarding our ability to time travel, the alien body trade, and the advances in technology and medicine he gained from his exposure to alien technology. David Wilcock will host the event.

We will send you an email on Saturday, July 7th with a link and password to access our live stream page. You will be able to watch the live stream on any device with a web browser and ability to access YouTube.

Emery Smith

In 1990, after going through junior military programs in high school, Emery became active duty in the USAF, stationed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. He went on to Kirtland AFB in New Mexico, where he worked on and off-base at UNM Hospital as a surgical assist and paramedic. He was also a HAZMAT instructor, EMT, terrorist negotiation coordinator, flight medic specialist, surgical technologist, expert marksman, chemical warfare specialist, biotech warfare specialist, and led DECON response units.

Some of his most interesting experiences came when he worked in underground compartmentalized laboratories, where he autopsied over 3,000 “alien” specimens, including approximately 1200 nearly intact bodies. This work also involved direct interactions with a variety of different living ETs who advised him. He also got tp see and take samples of the craft that some of them had arrived in, and was involved in a wide variety of black-ops projects. It is his testimony from this time that offers the entire UFO Alien narrative an entirely new perspective.

Emery is a regular guest on Gaia’s weekly television show, Cosmic Disclosure, and is working to advance medical technology by bringing the life-saving technology that he was exposed to out to the public. https://emerysmith.net/

David Wilcock

David Wilcock is a double New York Times best-selling author, star and consulting producer of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, and the host of two weekly TV programs on Gaia: Wisdom Teachings and Cosmic Disclosure.

David’s unique perspective on science and consciousness has reached millions, and his scientific models have never been successfully refuted. He and Emery have been close friends for over a decade and due to David’s urging, Emery decided to come out with his insider testimony only months ago!

Don’t miss David’s 3-day conference, “The Grand Download” with just David in Estes Park, CO July 27-29. Get tickets at www.DivineCosmos.com

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