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New Radio Show on Volcano, Disclosure and More!


The Iceland volcano may be the latest round of an ongoing 'weather war' using classified technology -- and a clear sign that Disclosure is getting closer, and the New World Order is on its last legs!



Two nights ago I had yet another dream predicting the imminent defeat of the Rockefeller faction.

I was brought back into the 1800s and shown clear examples of Masonic ritual at the beginning -- specifically the initation of the very first degree, where you are blindfolded and a knife is held against your heart. (In the dream it was a knife, not a fencing sword.)

This, of course, is meant to be terrifying and disturbing. Once you find out they are not about to kill you, there is a sense of relief -- as if you now owe your life to their kind decision to 'spare' you.

The emphasis in this dream was on how anyone who gets married to the System has to endure various disturbing rituals like this, but they keep on making excuses for it as it gets worse and worse.

I was then further shown how this corruption in America went back to the 1800s. Apparently with the discovery of cement, there also came the opportunity to dispose of bodies inside large cement structures in some cases.

I was shown that some of our most beloved landmarks actually have bodies inside of them from people who resisted the corruption that was going on. There was a sense that the negative groups got a big kick out of that.

More importantly, as the dream headed into its next phase, it became clear that more and more of these secrets were about to be exposed.



The clearest description of this coming exposure was at the very end. I was now swimming in a river, willingly, because I was told there were all sorts of hidden secrets waiting to be discovered on the river bottom.

If you had the strength to dive down there, you could find a variety of different things. I was looking forward to seeing what I might find, now that I knew the secret. 

There was a giant steel bridge, painted green, that ran parallel with the river across the entire length of it that I could see.

Suddenly and without warning, this giant bridge spontaneously went into free-fall collapse, without breaking apart, and struck the surface of the river with a thundering boom!

Oh, dear God!



This, of course, created a huge tidal wave. Since I was already floating in the water, thirty feet away from the shore, I didn't have time to do anything except ride it out.

Again, as in other dreams, just as it seemed like it was going to hit me and potentially drown me or cause damage, nothing happened.

The wave just ran right through me, and I was unaffected by it.

There seemed to be a reality shift of some sort, and I was now standing on two feet, perfectly dry and undisturbed!

The bridge rose back up, undamaged, and I realized this was all part of a natural cycle.


To my shock and amazement, I now realized that all the water in the river was gone, at least temporarily.

Now all the deepest and darkest secrets, hidden on the river bottom, were exposed to the world!

And there was tons of interesting stuff down there. It was literally everywhere!

The guy I was with, who had been explaining everything to me, was clearly dejected.

"Yes, this happens sometimes. We can't control when the bridge falls down and exposes everything like this. And whenever it does, we just have to deal with it."



I'm not going to rewrite what's in my most recent blog in very much detail, as it's only days old and this is just meant to be an extension.

Suffice it to say that the ongoing plan for Disclosure now appears to involve the European Space Agency, or ESA.

Earlier this month, they privately contacted Hoagland to tell him they have about 100 different scientists working on a three-dimensional computer reconstruction of Mars' moon Phobos -- on the inside.

They have found that the moon is very obviously an ET base of some kind. It contains a variety of artificial structures they can clearly see in their computer model -- including giant, cubical rooms that can be up to a half-mile wide!

Best of all, they are preparing to announce this to the world.

And we're not going to have to sit around and wait forever -- they clearly said it was being planned for this year.

They did not say exactly how soon it would be, either -- so we can't rule out that they may have been looking at dates that were fairly imminent.

No statements were made from ESA that Obama was behind this, or connected to this. Nonetheless, the pieces immediately started flying together very nicely.


In my last article I linked to a C-SPAN video where Buzz Aldrin clearly says there is a Monolith on the surface of Phobos, and that we should go back there and explore it.

At the end of March 2010, he appeared on Dancing with the Stars -- and in a popular interview, he again said he had amazing photos of Phobos that he was showing his dancing partner, who was very impressed.

He emphasized how urgent it was that we go there and take a look. By simply combining this with what he said on C-SPAN, it is very easy to see where this is going.

On April 15th, Obama held a big summit on the future of the space program. Buzz Aldrin was prominently involved -- and rode with the president on Air Force One, his private jet.



The president then announced he was committed to landing on an asteroid, and then on the surface of Mars -- and this would involve new technologies that we do not yet have -- at least not officially.


It could well be that this announcement was kept secret for as long as possible -- and for a very good reason.

The night before the big space summit, a gigantic fireball streaked across five states in the Heartland, creating a terrible sonic boom.

This could easily be seen as a threat by the Rockefeller faction.

In order to send an object like this towards America, all they would need is a satellite or space probe that could fire off a projectile, like a rock, towards the Earth. And no one would deny that they already have technology that could do this.

The message, on the insider level, is that they are willing to do just about anything to try to stop being defeated.


This was particularly surprising to me, becuase I had already publicly shared a dream last year in which the New World Order was about to be defeated, and their final move was to send an asteroid hurling towards the Earth.

Similar to the insane plans for Mutually Assured Destruction  in a nuclear war, it was as if they were saying, "If I can't have it, you can't either."

The shocking part of this dream was that once the asteroid was already inbound, a gigantic apparition of Mother Mary appeared, twice as high as the cloud deck.

She reached out her hand and literally stopped the momentum of the asteroid. It was a fight -- it took at least two different stages of slow-downs before it completely stopped causing a threat.

The asteroid eventually dropped to the ground with a thud, causing no damage whatsoever.


If you go back and watch my Project Camelot interview with Pete Peterson, in Part II of the series, I got into a debate with him about the doom and gloom stuff. 

We argued about whether the Rockefeller faction could, in fact, create martial law and really fulfill their deepest objectives to send the world into chaos, so they can then take control.

I explained that they've planned this over and over again, but the big dates always come and go without incident. One way or another, we get through it.

I suggested this is because we are being cared for and protected by a Management team of high-level ETs. Their job is to manage the 'illusion' we're all living through here on Earth, so that it will always be just as easy to focus on the positive as it is to focus on the negative.

No one will be allowed to throw the Earth into a situation where it would seem obvious, to everyone, that the dark has really won out against the light.

I also spelled out how reliable my dreams have been as a source of prophetic information since I started writing them down in 1992. And that very morning before we shot the video, I had another dream -- and documented it on video.


In my dream I was in a gorgeous, woodsy area, enjoying recreational time with some other people who seemed to be part of a seminar I was leading.

Suddenly and without warning, this volcano near our camp went off. Just like in my dream this morning with the tidal wave, there was no time to run, no time to hide.

Even worse, rocks were falling everywhere. We did duck and run under some pine trees, but it was a mess. The rocks were hitting things and real damage was being caused.

However, the miraculous part was that no one was hurt.  Not even a little bit. Not one cut, scratch or drop of blood -- even though there were now rocks on the ground everywhere.

This dream clearly associated a volcanic eruption with the downfall of the Rockefeller faction -- just as the other dream I had a bit later associated it with an asteroid.

The dream I had this week made it very clear that both of these dream prophecies are coming true now.



On the surface, Obama's space summit might not have looked like much. However, if you pay attention to what Buzz Aldrin has been saying over and over again about a monolith on Phobos, it becomes a lot more obvious.

Buzz was on Obama's private plane. They clearly were talking about the Monolith, since Buzz is carrying around a little potato-sized model of Phobos and talking about it wherever he goes, including Dancing with the Stars.

Then Obama publicly announced his plan to land on an 'asteroid' and then the surface of Mars -- with technology that we don't officially have yet -- after Aldrin has repeatedly discussed the same plan on television. The only difference is that in Buzz' plan, the 'asteroid' is Phobos.

This news all came out after I had spoken directly with Richard C. Hoagland, who was contacted by ESA scientists. They told him they were getting ready to announce that Phobos is, in fact, totally artificial on the inside -- and they have the computer models to prove it.


It was a political masterstroke, and maybe even a necessity, that Obama simultaneously made this significant move towards Disclosure, and then declared a full-on, balls-to-the-wall war against the New World Order financial system at the exact same time.

He openly admitted that nothing has changed, whatsoever, in the financial system. And there's only one way to fix that.

No more bailouts. No more Derivatives. No more corruption. No more bullshit. The Real Deal we've all been waiting for. Those who are responsible must pay the price. 

Then, just hours after he sent out this incredible email, it was announced that the SEC was going directly after Goldman Sachs -- the financial center of gravity in the New World Order empire!


Again, it is very, very likely that all of these plans were kept secret until the very last minute.

There is a perfect, one-to-one relationship between the UFO cover-up and the massive financial corruption that has existed for so long.

They are two sides of the exact same coin.

If you want Disclosure, you simply cannot do it without first defeating, or at least significantly weakening, the Machine that has been maintaining these secrets with deadly force for so long.

Otherwise, the negative forces will do whatever they can to bring you down -- right up to and including assassinating the President in broad daylight -- as in the case of JFK and again now in Poland.

They do not want these secrets to get out. And whenever it looks like something real is about to happen, they strike.



As I've written in earlier entries of David's Blog you can read here at, we've had a series of highly suspicious and highly destructive earthquakes this year.

The most obvious example was when Chile was hit with an absolutely incredible-sized earthquake -- basically a 9.0 on the Richter scale -- within days after every single country in South America gathered to form an alliance against the Rockefeller faction / New World Order.

Chile was a traditional US ally who participated in the big rally, and was about to become the leading country of the Rio Group as of March 1st, 2010. The Rio Group was the closest thing South America had, at that time, to a single, organized leadership for this new plan.

The massive earthquake in Chile, right to the day of when they took control of the Rio Group, was a very clear sign that the New World Order was striking back.


And we'd already heard from Fulford and from Christopher Story, independently, that Haiti was also an artificial quake, because a major amount of New World Order money was about to be transferred to various South American countries through international wire-transfer facilities in Haiti.

This money, of course, was coming directly out of the pockets of the New World Order, because they are now being forced to pay back what they have stolen by the international community.

A natural disaster creates plausible deniability: "Oh, we couldn't have done that." 

And on the secret, insider level where this deal had been worked out, now the 'pipeline' was broken.  Oops!  Looks like we can't transfer all that money to you after all. Sorry, guys!

At the same time, this sent a clear warning message to threaten those very same people who were opposing them.

However, the world leaders have made it clear they will do whatever it takes to stop this madness, including suffering through Earth Changes.

My dreams spelled out exactly how this Financial World War III would look before it ever arrived.


We also heard that the Haiti earthquake was supposed to be a lot bigger than what actually happened, but several of the depth charges did not go off. It was a last-minute rush job and they blew it.

This insider prediction of a potentially much larger earthquake came true, with terrifying and tragic accuracy, in Chile -- only weeks later.

You don't need to blame weird new technologies like HAARP on these events. That's part of what stops most people in the mainstream from believing this could really be done, so they can accuse you of being 'crazy.'

Look. All you need is a device that can burrow into the crust and set off a nice, big blast. 

We already know that this "bunker-busting" technology exists. 

If you line them up along a fault line, you can trigger a massive earthquake. And if you burrow them down into the belly of a big volcano, you can hopefully set off an eruption -- or at least get a nice, huge amount of belching smoke.

With available satellite technology, you could also send a rock shooting towards the Earth, creating a big fireball as another 'warning.'


Of course, all these things are happening, under very suspicious circumstances, within a short period of time.

For those who were superstitious and did not consider that a technology could be involved in this, it would seem that the Heavens and the Earth themselves were shouting about Obama's direct attacks against the world's most powerful and corrupt people.

A fireball rages over the Heartland the night before Obama's space summit. The Iceland volcano simultaneously brings all air traffic over Europe to a standstill. And the president of Poland, along with all his senior advisers, just died in a suspicious plane crash.

At this time the volcano problem is ongoing. No one in Europe would do this deliberately, because it is destroying their economy and their ability to travel.

Now it's clear what kind of a playing field Obama, or whomever else that stands up to these guys, has to deal with.

And I find it very fascinating that my asteroid dream and volcano dream both seem to have been referring to a series of events that are coming together right now.



Fulford's own sources ( also believe the Iceland volcano is not a natural event. Why Iceland? They pointed to the fact that 90 percent of the population of Iceland recently voted to break away from the International Monetary Fund.

Apparently the IMF is one of the key ways in which the Rockefeller faction has been able to control the world throughout most of the 20th century.

Everyone has been asking me about the plane crash where the president and top political leaders of Poland all died together. It was obviously suspicious and did not appear to be a natural event.

At first blush, it might appear that Russia did this, as Poland was pulling away from them -- but intuitively that just didn't feel right. Russia is in a strong position and has no reason to conduct crass political murders right now.

Fulford pointed out additional reasons why it was unlikely that Russia did this. Namely, it was on the anniversary of when Stalin murdered 20,000 of his own political opponents.

Here's the part I did not know: Poland was about to break away from the International Monetary Fund.

This could well have been the beginning of a chain reaction where many other countries soon followed -- similar to what is already happening in South America.


Therefore, fear and intimidation was again used by the Rockefeller faction: Don't go there.

My advice to any world leaders who may be reading at this point: do not travel with other top members of your administration at the same time, and do not be intimidated.

The consequences of not acting at this point are far worse than any risk of immediate danger.



Another big topic I wanted to write about in my epic online book Disclosure Endgame, and still intend to cover in more detail when I finish my book with Penguin, was the ABC television series V.

I have very, very significant evidence -- effectively undeniable -- that this show was tailor-made to foreshadow an Obama-led disclosure. All you have to do is watch the show and listen to what they actually say.

Of course, the skillful, multi-million-dollar propaganda message of the show is that these ETs look like us (just like Peterson said Obama was going to announce,) and have been here throughout the 20th century (just like Peterson said Obama was going to announce). 



The propaganda 'spin', of course, is that these ETs are reptilians under the surface of their skin. And they have been planning all along to take over the planet -- so they can eat us!

In the beginning, they offer amazing new healing technology and a highly positive, almost Utopian spiritual vision -- just like Peterson said the real good guys will offer when Obama makes the announcement.



If enough people become terrified that this TV series is telling them the truth, the obvious hope is that the public would rise up against whoever starts the Disclosure process.

All you need is a small but highly dedicated sub-section of the public who believes the lies you are telling them -- particularly if it fits in with their fundamentalist beliefs.



Once you have a public mob on your side, they will do the assassinations and dirty work for you.

They then believe they are fighting "the Devil" directly -- and become convinced that this is how Biblical prophecy is actually coming true in the End Times.

You've gotta admit it's a great idea, if that's what you're going for.

Once you get rid of whomever is trying to pull off Disclosure, you can send the public all back to sleep, and tuck them in like good little children.

No more Bad Man. He's gone now. Go back to sleep. Everything is under Control.


If Obama is really the bad guy, as almost all conspiracy websites emphatically shout from the rooftops, then why would ABC/Disney, one of the top five media conglomerates, spend millions and millions of dollars on a TV show that blatantly and unapologetically attacks him? 

And this is no ordinary attack. This show frames him up as being not even human.

Instead, people are being taught to believe that Obama is the leader of a horrific reptilian/human species that has been here for some time, and intends to totally and completely take over the Earth in a massive invasion -- to use human beings as a food supply.



The mainstream media actually pointed out the obvious connections between the leader of the Vs and Obama, and even accused ABC of using a television show for crass political manipulation.



The thing is, they apparently do not realize how deep the rabbit-hole really goes.



If Obama is careful enough, he can avoid the crazies who might believe the television show is real, and attempt to attack him once the Disclosure announcement is made.

You have to admit that these pieces fit together very nicely. We have finally reached a Moment of Truth, where prophecies I have been sharing with you for years now are all coming true.

I find this very exciting.


However, I want to remind you that it isn't all Wine and Roses once we have Disclosure.

Think about how many people had a natural high when Obama won the election. The same will be true when an official or semi-official announcement is made that bursts open the door of Disclosure.

Just like the natural high wore off after Obama was elected, a similar effect will undoubtedly occur after the first stage of Disclosure.

Cynics think the 'government' is too powerful and this is never going to happen. Let's rephrase that: they can't imagine it happening.

This does not mean they are correct.


I have had dreams that very clearly illustrated that we will have quite a war on our hands after the initial announcements are made.

People will want to fight it. The rabid right-wingers will go on a crazy attack. Everyone will over-scrutinize the evidence, try to poke holes in it, and dismiss the whole thing as nonsense.

In fact, there may even be a point where most people believe the propaganda, and actually think the whole thing was a hoax -- for political gain or other ridiculous reasons.

It's going to take time for all these wars to be fought, and for people to take sides.

That's another good reason why the loyal Resistance that Obama clearly represents may have decided to start simple -- with the idea that Phobos is an artificial satellite -- before moving on to the big stuff, where we actually meet our neighbors... and find out that they are not scary aliens after all.

The Controllers already know there are lots of other people out there, and they look like us. The best thing they can do to terrify the public is to release a 'fiction' show that makes people think they are scary demonic creatures under the surface of their skin.


So, once the first round of Disclosure happens, it's going to be folks like you who can make the difference.

The propaganda is going to go nuts.

Your friends and family, who may never have looked into this before, will want answers.

They won't automatically trust the orgy of fear-porn in the media. And that's when they will be ready to listen to you.

Remember: a very important rule is the principle of ten percent. Give people ten percent of what you have. And even more importantly, give them time to digest it.

The biggest thing you can do that will ruin your chances of them listening to you is to go off on a long, rambling monologue. Don't.

If you find yourself talking for more than two or three minutes at once, and they haven't said anything, STOP.

Even if it pains you to do it, just feed them little bits of what you know. Give them a chance to think about it and bring up their own examples, so they can work it in to what they already know. 


If you give them too much at once, they will go into trauma. They have been programmed to fear this information. You are not helping them if you are insensitive to this, in your own desire to "Be Heard."

If you ramble on, their mind will start to dissociate from the trauma, and they will shut you down -- just like that.

Another very important point is to keep the positive focus.

Remember that almost anything you say can be associated with fear in their minds.

That's why you need to go really slowly, and point out tangible reasons for why this is not a terrible, doom-and-gloom thing as you go.

One obvious example is this: if ETs have been visiting us since the world's most ancient civilizations got here, then why would they have waited until now to try to invade and attack us?

Simple logic like that is very effective at defeating the propaganda.

The key is to take it nice and slow, so you allow them to reason it out in their own minds. If you threaten their comfort zone and safety too much, they will never listen to you again.

I'm writing all of this now because I really have no idea how soon you're going to need to know this -- so I wanted to lay it all out there now.



Our new video 2012 Event Horizon will be a very effective tool to help people who are just starting to wake up.

I have taken a lot of crap for 2012 Enigma. I never imagined it would become the main thing people used to judge me and my work.

I am the first to admit that many of the data points in that video rely on witness testimony that cannot be proven. That is the most common thing skeptics use to attack it, and ridicule me in the process.

2012 Event Horizon is an entirely different story. As you will soon see, I have responded to the many thousands of attacks in a very, very substantial way.

It's still a home-grown movie -- don't expect it to be perfect -- but it definitely has enough production value and 'sizzle' to get attention. I will be releasing some of my best scientific information in it -- for free.

Since it is loaded with provable scientific facts, it will be much more effective than 2012 Enigma at helping newbies understand what is going on -- and to recognize that they do not need to be afraid of what is going on here.



Our main CG animator for the beginning and ending sequences on this project (which look fantastic, by the way) is Tom Greaves. Since we're still not at a point where we can throw money around, by necessity, his work has been one hundred percent volunteer.

Recently, and on very short notice, his team found out about a competition to design a "viral video" for a new car by Renault that runs entirely on electricity, and has no emissions.

This, of course, is another volley in the attack against the New World Order. Tom Greaves' sudden work on this commercial is one of the main reasons why 2012 Event Horizon had to be delayed.

There are substantial financial rewards in the competition -- including one for the video that gets the most number of views. I think we have a very good chance of helping them win!

So, you can help 'pay' for 2012 Event Horizon by simply watching this video all the way through -- and getting your friends to read this article and watch the video as well. You can link to it on Facebook, send it around, et cetera, and help out.

Plus, you get to see what our volunteer CG animators are made of -- so here we go! 



Here is the link to the video on the competition website:

Here is the direct link to the YouTube version of the video:



Here is another last-minute thing you can do to help save us some money and fight the good fight.

In order to book our conference room at the gorgeous lakeside Hyatt Regency Hotel in Austin, we had to guarantee a certain number of 'guest rooms'.

We've never had a problem with this in the past. Just mention that you're with the Divine Cosmos conference, if indeed you have already signed up, and you get a special, discounted rate.

In this case, apparently enough of you guys are locals, or picked other places to stay, that we came in a mere nine guest nights short of our goal.

If no one is in those rooms, then we have to pay for them. It's called an attrition. We were prepared to do this if it happened, as this is what it took to get such a great room in such a wonderful hotel. It's not the end of the world either way.

I know it's last-minute, but perhaps some of you were planning to book your room once you actually got to the hotel. Nine nights is only three different people booking a three-night stay. We may already have those people and we just don't know it!

So, if you can add on an extra night to your stay, or if you haven't booked yet, every dollar you spend is a direct contribution to help us. Please mention you're with the Divine Cosmos conference or it won't count.


Last but not least, I did a big two-hour radio show on Sunday night, talking about all these things and answering a variety of questions.

It's already another Instant Classic, and you can download and listen to it, free. Best of all, the entire two-hour show is one hundred percent commercial free, thanks to our friends at Co-Creator Network!

Check it out -- you can get repeat playback value out of this one, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed!




Again, these events are so legendary in scope that I cannot ignore them. I am also making substantial progress on my book, though it is taking longer than I had hoped it would.

Nonetheless, the results are spectacular.

It was very, very difficult to write the section on Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev, Russian physics and its relationship to the flow of time -- but I've finally gotten through that key section.

This is going to explain, much more clearly and with much more proof, all the mysteries of time travel that I mention in 2012 Enigma the documentary film. No one will be able to say that it is "Not Scientific" once they read this book!

Now I can get on to finishing the book, weaving together various half-written pieces that already exist.

I can't wait to get back into it today, and I've really been working my tail off!

I just couldn't leave you guys out in the cold after I had such a powerful dream. I also needed to alert you to the new radio show, and am just so stoked that I am finally seeing all these prophecies come true!

Thanks for your ongoing support -- and hope to see you at one of our upcoming events!



After I had already published this, I remembered that there was another great new addition to the collection... a new 20-minute video interview!

Yes... last November I attended the Eden Hot Springs Retreat, and ate nothing but chocolate, celery stalks and nut paste for three days while trying to stay online with one of the only electrical outlets on campus, so CONVERGENCE wouldn't fall off the tracks.

I was bathing in the natural hot springs (poor baby!) and gave an impromptu talk that was highly regarded.

This triggered the group's leader, David Wolfe, to record a video interview with me.

It was done with a small hand-held camera, so it's admittedly a dizzy ride -- which is in keeping with the wild, euphoric feeling the whole conference had.

For whatever reason, David didn't release it until just yesterday -- and this is the first time I've seen it! Here we go...





You are the force that keeps this alive -- so I thank you for your ongoing support! Things are getting very, very interesting!

Many years of hard work, fought with blood and treasure, are finally paying off. This is a major, major relief.

Enjoy the ride -- and see you in the I-told-ya-so party!!

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Your voice is beautiful, and it made me get completely wrapped up in the story. You are helping so many people. Thank you.

Comments (155)   

#155 Blair 2012-07-23 18:04
I just have recently been exposed to David and have yet to hear something that didn't resonate with my soul. Then i see that in 2010 he's supporting Obama???? That he's on the side of the people? Can someone please advise if what i read is what i read?

Bless you all
#154 assume 2010-05-27 10:37
so you gave an impromptu talk while bathing, nakie, in the natural hot springs? ;-)
#153 Jared H 2010-05-19 08:47
1 - Mind

3 - Body, Spirit, Psyche

7 - The physical representation of emotion, but like we both know they're only two emotions, to have true balance

#152 Jared H 2010-05-19 08:42
Hello david, i just recently commented your youtube page under the alias xNIHDx.

I would really love to talk. I can also remeber as a child "toying" with my conciousness.

I can remeber tricking the lucid dream state many times as a child. This was long forgotten until i experienced Ego-Death a few months ago.

I always knew there was something special, like you i was always drawn to a time before, to the twinkling of the eye of the dreamer whom i may star at and see myself.

EVERYTHING is coming back the past few nights i have had the worst experiences too date.

I have seen the my past life, future.

Everyone has it.

But its how we can change "our" frequency that is the trick. And i can tell you how. Heres the thing,

I believe can command the universe around us to our experience.

Please please feel free to e-mail so i can set up a chat on skype.

You will not be dissapointed with the information i can freely give.

Make the choice Heltershmen (e) , we both know you've heard this before in a dream.


I hope to hear from you soon, my friend.

[Moderator: I let this one pass, but as you know, David is far too busy to engage people one-on-one. We are inundated with hundreds of requests like this every week.]
#151 Eduardo 2010-05-17 14:24
Hi David!

I can´t read englisch so good,I tryed to read a lot of things here and I belive in everything that you say.

The people need to know the true.

My spiritual guid show me your size in internet when I lived in German last year, now I need anderstand bether in Portuguise.

There something in Portuguise to better anerstand.

I saw I spirit in internet to that give some masseges, like yours in, it in Sao Paulo Brasil is a man that get a spirit in the body and says somethinh that pass perfect like part of what you sayd.

Like that that the Alliens comming soon after the mony Crise.

I´m a person that don´t have to much knowing like you, but something my intuition says me that you sayd the true.

Deus te ilumine guie e proteja.
#150 Bernadette 2010-05-17 06:39
Great to see my two favorite Davids in one video. You are both so inspiring and I thank you for all the wonderful work you do to wake up the sleepy world.
#149 Colin H. 2010-05-15 22:33
Hi David.

Loved your interview on co-creatornetwo rk. I've listened to it twice since you talk about so many things.

Your message is great, I love how you try to tie all of your knowledge to science and most of it you can actually prove to the point where it simply makes sense, even for those of us who dont know much about science.

Cant wait for your new upcoming book. I hope disclosure will happen soon.


[Moderator: Noticed 3:33:11 on your posting time. Nice!]
#148 lucy 2010-05-15 03:43
Hi David

1. Why are you writing that our President (I am Polish) was in fact assassinated? Have you got any reliable information on that??

2. Before the volcano erupted I had had two dreams. One I can easily tie with volcano itself.

I saw planes trying to avoid huge masses of pitch black clouds. The second was about a huge tidal wave like tsunami.

I am quite surprised how similar now our dreams look like. In my dream I was at home when I saw water coming.

I knew that these masses of water were going to hit me and I chose to resign myself to this fate peacefully without fear, then they kind of passed me and left me unharmed. I felt some connection with mother earth.

I also want to thank you David, for all knowledge you are sharing with us.

#147 charito martin 2010-05-12 10:09
Bless you David. In behalf of my family and friends, I thank you so much for awakening the human race (pretty soon 95% will be believing).

I have been sending my family and friends information that I am getting from your website.

Some of them are beginning to understand it but others think I am crazy.

As you said, I have to stop and when it's time, they will be asking me AGAIN.

With love and gratitude for all the wonderful things you and your friends are doing.

#146 Dima 2010-05-11 02:59
Hi all.
americans.. U are so sleepy and funny.

You close to the start of the personality mutation.
It is good.
Red Sea before You and you will pass in going on the sand of its bottom.
It is painfull - going on the surface of the water is much easier.
But it is You...
Go on.

Pay less attention to politics - it is missleading - they are 3D and playing "money".

I see u already have problems with a consumption of a simple food.
It is good.
U can start to try "Sun Eating".
Plz start on sunset - not at morning.
When The Sun will let U to see Him with all His rainbow waves at the midlle of the day - with open eyes - u can be able to count Time and may be to see The Leys of Mother.

Smile more.

Best regards.

#145 Chris 2010-05-05 06:45
Basically the words in the article take away fear of what we expect of the future, which is the result of perpetual conditioning.

I listened to a talk between Deepak Chopra and David Campbell recently in which Deepak said:

'How many good things came out of decisions you
made that you considered to be bad and vice versa?'

It is the field consciousness David often speaks about - not the information field as Dr. Pete Peterson claims.

Information in itself does not do anything, but a consciousness - the overall organizing principle - cares about us and prevents things from happening to us even if we make decisions that do not comply with the knowledge of the consciousness field or makes things take place that we never considered.

As more people rely on the altruistic nature of the consciousness field, the support for the work of that field increases.

Every time I come here to read I find new things that help me cast off the ugly veil of fear. I applaud David and others like him for doing that.
#144 Saint Modibo 2010-05-02 22:56
Very informative, educative and good. David is a Genius.

Does anyone out there know where the 2012 Even Horizon Video is "sitting?" I read it would be available by Saturday 5/1/2010.
#143 Dennis Tielmann 2010-05-01 19:45
In regards to Microclusters - I highly recommend to everyone to look into Dr. Patrick Flanagan's work and the products he came up with in decades long research: MegaH/MegaHydra te, ActiveH (the predecessor, available in Europe) and Crystal Energy.

Seriously, if there's one nutritional supplement you need to get - this is it!

As for Poland and the IMF, here's a link that corroborates that:
#142 Christine 2010-05-01 12:16
I had a relevant dream-- a volcano followed by a tsunami of a large inland lake...I believe I had the dream on the 26th of April.

I could see bystanders out of the reach of the water; I was successfully keeping the water from entering the house where I was visiting by leaning my forearm heavily on the door right at the deadbolt.

The door was bowing in and some water was leaking in...I checked to see that the lock was correct, then unlocked it in panic, then locked it again.

I could see the light & water all around the door where the space was expanding under pressure.

Then the water wooshed back down toward the lake and as it receded, I saw my brother float by, held out my hand through the open window and pulled him into the house without fanfare.

Thanks for everything David. Looking forward to watching the latest.
#141 Allainnia 2010-05-01 09:53
First off...I want to thank you David for confirming all that has been told to me since my very early years.

I started my life with abilities and grew to just accept the visions and knowledge given to me as a normal occurrence.

But even though I am dedicated to my beliefs... there is always a certain amount of insecurity in one's own self at times.

Again I thank you for the confirmations of my own experiences, premonitions and filling in the gaps with information that was not transcended.

I am so excited for everything to take place.. and have been preparing all of my lonely life here...
#140 Ang 2010-04-29 04:18
I'm very excited to watch the new video, I'm stoked!
#139 Lukas 2010-04-29 02:31
I wouldn't worry Dave. After all, it's just another day.

You probably aren't looking for an answer like how many other people were born on the same day, so yeah you need to figure it out.

I don't know what conclusions you speak of but if you'd like help you got it ;-) I think the answer could be exactly what you're doing, getting some perspective on the situation and exploring what you feel towards it all.

I was just ruminating on this oil rig shit that's blowing up all over the news. Typical overly-negative -focus fear porn stuff maybe, reeks desperation too.

Seems like it's coming to a head, and we shall find out soon.
#138 Dave 2010-04-28 22:02
Hi have just been browsing trying to find some answers and came accross This site.

My birthday is 21.12.88 and im getting very paranoid about the end of the world falling on my 24th birthday..

I've thought in to this way to much and different mathmatical calculations result in id say crazy conclusions..

Could really do with some help on getting to the bottom of this.

Thank you if you can help.
#137 Cosmoman 2010-04-28 16:14
David, you are truly getting better and better with all that you are doing.

I've been following you since the early Camelot days, managed to miss you in Austin, but I trust I'll catch up with you sometime, and Dr. Avocado as well.

Intent is the ancient way to turn poison into nectar... amrit, even immortality.

Have you checked out Drunvalo's presentation on You-Tube entitled "2012-The Maya of Eternal Time"? It's the first time the Mayan Council of Elders have spoken one word in over 525 years.

Very along the lines of esoteric, exotic and shamanic ritual for the vision of what's to come. Powerful and worth checking out.

I actually met T'lak'el-El (keeper of the Aztec calendar since birth) in the early '80's and he said that the pyramids are not an object, but a theme. And of course their general direction is straight up, much like the fire element.

Take your pleasure where you find it, and keep up the work for all of us to share in your enthusiasm (enthos: Gr. God within).

Did you ever hear of the five pressures and the antidote? They are: oppression, compression, supression, repression, and depression. And the antidote: expression.

Divine Blessings to You and your Crew Always,

P.S. Picasso once remarked that his favorite thing was dust. I was always wondered about that until your research revealed how impressive that observation actually was.

We are mostly cosmic dust... at least our spines are.

#136 Paul & Michele Moretti Encinitas CA. 2010-04-28 03:39
Thank you David for answering your lifes call you say you get slammed allot us to but truth is truth and it's time for folks to WAKE UP !!!!

My wife and I both have had dreams trances and visions our whole life and since 2006 they have gotten very vivid and loud.

It's good to hear you interpet your dreams some what it explains what we have been seeing thanks bro! Paul.

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