Monday, October 16, 2017
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Financial Tyranny Collapsing at Free-Fall Speed


Financial tyranny is now crumbling apart so fast we can barely keep up with all the new information. Thousands of years ago, the "what", "when" and "why" of everything we are seeing now was predicted -- by ancient cultures spanning the globe.

In a three-hour Russian TV special, one-hour radio show, and a bold new article, David Wilcock explores the fulfillment of this long-prophesied shift in human consciousness!

[Some additional updates may appear on or around Monday, including more graphics and "pullquotes" to spruce things up a bit -- but the text is here now.]



For those who were following the story, the Mayan Calendar seemed to be a huge disappointment. At first.

Nothing appeared to have happened on the all-important date of December 21, 2012 -- even though grandiose-sounding prophecies concerning this window of time appear in over 30 different ancient cultures.

I review some of the key points of this story in the free OM Times article and one-hour radio show linked in this piece.

The biggest thing that happened to me in December 2012 was that I was filmed twice -- by a top Russian TV network. 

These interviews were soon featured in six hours of prime-time documentary footage on REN-TV, which was all built out of my epic ebook, Financial Tyranny.

These documentaries aired on January 16th and January 30th, 2013 -- and electrified the Russian public. The truth was right there -- on prime-time broadcast television.

Now, you can watch the three-hour series' conclusion -- with complete English subtitles -- and help blow the lid off of the greatest cover-up in human history.



Germany asked for a sizable portion of their gold back from the Federal Reserve on the very same day that the first of these documentaries aired -- January 16th, 2013.

Was this a mere coincidence? Or was it a blatantly obvious political move against the Establishment -- and its control of the media, not to mention the world's gold?

Now, six months later, the hidden truth is being revealed so quickly that our team is spending hours a day just identifying, documenting and archiving all the new information.

The story is literally evolving on a day-by-day basis. It's hard to know when to stop and write about it, because new information is coming in so fast we can barely keep up with it.

This is no time for laziness. Things are moving far too quickly to even afford to take a single day off.

Priceless, astonishing new information is rising and falling like a furious tide -- crashing against a rocky shore. Up and down. Up and down.

If we don't grab each new piece as soon as it surfaces, it can disappear on the very next wave.



You may still be clinging to the riverbank, struggling like mad not to let go.

You may still not be prepared to plunge into the wild, terrifying and invigorating "white water" ride of Disclosure.

Nonetheless, just as we have been expecting, disclosure is happening now.

If you ever wondered about what disclosure would actually look like once it started happening, this is it.

As we are now seeing, it cannot be constrained into one single, all-defining moment where "everything happens".

We do not all wake up with a single, streamlined, easy-to-understand story that everyone believes... where all of a sudden the world has changed forever.

This is a massive, systematic, and total shift in what the average person knows, thinks and believes to be true -- on the most basic level.

It is an exciting opportunity to completely "start over" with the basic nature of civilization as we know it -- and build a much happier and healthier world.



The amount of information that has been classified and hidden from us is so vast that it literally takes years of study just to understand the basics of it.

There may only be a few thousand people on earth -- if that -- who really know what the heck is going on.

The closest that most of us ever get to this world is in our imagination... as we watch various science fiction movies and TV shows that have systematically leaked -- and distorted -- the truth.

Even within the classified programs themselves, there is so much compartmentalization that very few workers with a security clearance ever get to see the Big Picture.

I have had extensive, personal access to at least four major insiders who DO see the Big Picture -- or at least a majority of it. 

Each of them have worked at levels where most of the hidden information is common knowledge -- and they have access to many of the compartments.

Other insiders have revealed key facets of this astonishingly brilliant jewel.

The information is precious beyond belief -- as it has the power to utterly transform our world.



The NSA is considered a low-level group within this greater hierarchy.

Surveillance is a long, tedious job of "dumpster diving" -- hoping to find a few stray treats in the process.

Surveillance is like being the security guard outside a gorgeous royal palace.

You stand there -- and you listen, listen, listen. Watch everyone. Suspect everything. Trust nothing... and no one... except the hierarchy itself.

Couriers meet with you, pass along information, and you pass it along to someone else who works inside. Go home, go to sleep, get up and do it again.

Although occasionally you get served a nice, fancy dinner, you have little to no idea about what is really going on inside the palace.

Your job is simply to identify and eliminate the threats to the Crown. You are only told as much as you need to know to do your job.

Right now, the security infrastructure that protects this extensive, compartmentalized world of secrets is being widely and openly revealed -- for the first time.

However, the secrets of what is going on "inside the palace" have barely even started to be identified and appreciated on a mass level.



The pattern that disclosure will take has now become obvious.

You can extrapolate from what is already happening and have a good idea of where this is going.

"New" information comes out... and the public then realizes the truth was there all along, waiting to be appreciated.

"New" whistleblowers come out... and the public then realizes many other whistleblowers risked their lives to tell us the same things, years ago -- and were ignored.

It is natural for the human ego to deploy the full arsenal of "defense mechanisms" against the truth -- including the all-time favorite method of attacking the messenger.

Unless you are "completely brand-new to all of this," you have undoubtedly suffered these sarcastic, belittling attacks yourself. Many times.

Now, you are finally starting to be vindicated -- for having known and discussed things that are quickly becoming common knowledge.

Your vindication has only just begun. 2013 is indeed the year of the "I-told-ya-so party" -- and we're only halfway through it so far.



The main focus of my work in the last two months has been to integrate an astonishing range of data showing how a systematic, coordinated effort is being made, behind-the-scenes, to tell us the truth.

These "leaks" are not random. They are not arbitrary. There is a very strong, focused, coordinated effort underway to reveal the truth -- with exacting precision.

This disclosure is NOT being orchestrated by the Cabal / New World Order / Federal Reserve / Illuminati / Bad Guys -- which is centered in the US, UK and Western Europe.

Although many people who read "truth media" like to disbelieve every single news event they see, it is quite obvious that Snowden is not "controlled opposition."

Isn't it interesting that Snowden ended up in Russia -- and is still there -- given what we revealed in the last article about how Russia is the geopolitical center of an international alliance that is defeating the Cabal?

This seemed like the best time to release Part Two of the epic six-hour Russian expose' of Financial Tyranny -- which was built off of the huge ebook I published here, for free, in January 2012.

The day before Snowden identified himself as the NSA leaker, we published a whole article revealing that Russia has been working to defeat the Cabal ever since the year it started -- in 1776 -- as the "Bavarian Illuminati."



We are not in a game of "problem / reaction / solution," where the Cabal creates the problem and then presents a "solution" that takes away even more of our freedoms.

Though there are at least three major, warring factions in the Cabal at this point, not including the Alliance, the one thing they've all agreed on is secrecy.

As soon as the public discovers the truth, in mass numbers, the Cabal can no longer maintain control. None of its factions can. It's that simple.

The public is far too powerful to control -- once they become aware of the extent to which they are being lied to, spied upon and manipulated.

Ignorance, superstition, fear and disbelief is absolutely necessary to keep the game going.

For that same reason, it is astonishing, and deeply gratifying, to see this all happening now.

Excellent, pulse-pounding movies will be written about the times we are now in -- for many years to come.



I can now talk openly with a "normal person" about subjects that would have gotten me a sarcastic rebuttal, a cold silence, an obsequious defense of the System, or a sudden change of subject only three months ago.

The "burden of wisdom" that we have been carrying, thanklessly, for so long is now starting to be shared by everyone on earth.

Furthermore, if you think that most of the "new information" is over and done with, and life will just go on, all I can say is: You ain't seen nothin' yet.

The changes these events will produce have barely even started. This will shock and surprise even the most battle-weary, hardened cynics and skeptics.

Thankfully, what we will get out of all this is NOT doom, fear, catastrophe and loss of freedom.

It will be precisely the opposite.



The NSA is only a minor player in comparison to organizations like the NRO, Naval intelligence, Air Force intelligence and many other groups behind the UFO cover-up.

However, many, if not most of the personnel and leadership in these organizations are NOT sociopathic. They are patriots who DO want to tell us the truth -- and improve our world.

Secrecy is a burden that most of these personnel would love to release -- even just in their day-to-day life at home with their families.

I do believe a positive international alliance is orchestrating this ever-increasing disclosure of new information -- behind the scenes.

Some members of this alliance are still working within the intelligence services themselves as well -- under deep cover, in fear for their lives.



I do also believe that they are releasing new leaks as fast as they possibly can, without completely overwhelming us.

The public needs time to digest each new piece of information -- and right now it's a huge feast, with hundreds of intriguing new items to choose from.

The stories are getting wilder by the day. Things that would have seemed impossible to believe even two months ago now seem entirely plausible, if not obvious.

Let's examine one minor example of something that may still sound "crazy" today, but might become common knowledge in as little as another month or two.

This is one example that will make people really pissed off -- if it turns out to be true.

We need more of those kinds of revelations right now -- to break through the incredible denial, and understand the truth.



What if ALL new cars sold in America for the last five years -- all makes and models from 2008 and up -- can be remote-controlled by certain insider groups?

What if this system is designed so that it can fully override the actions of the driver?

What if all automakers were required, by a secret and unconstitutional law, to install this system in their vehicles -- to "protect" the public?

Would this not violate the fourth amendment of the US Constitution against "unreasonable seizures" of personal property?

Does the Cabal now possess the technology to achieve a blatantly unconstitutional feat of this scope and caliber?

Could they quietly install GPS systems, tiny smartphone-sized video cameras, power steering, power brakes and acceleration control in vehicles?

Why do most cars now have a push-button starter system -- and no longer require you to stick a key in the ignition?

Could it be possible to send these cars a signal to start up -- without the "key" being in the car at all? 

Could someone use these automated systems to pilot the car at a distance: to steer, to accelerate, decelerate, brake, and watch where they're going?

What could a person or group do if they had this capability? Should we entrust them with this power -- if the truth were to be widely known?



We already know the OnStar service gives unseen groups a surprisingly high amount of control over a motor vehicle.

The "bad guys" we're supposedly being protected from would already know about this -- and disable it -- in any car they would actually use.

Being in a car accident is a nightmare -- you're often disoriented, upset and unsure of what to do once the actual crash is over. But if your car is equipped with GM's OnStar service, you don't even have to find your cell phone.

The system can get help for you. It can also check your e-mail hands-free, make hotel reservations, and unlock your car if you've locked your keys inside, among other things.

OnStar is the most popular telematics service available in North America. As of May 2005, it had more than 4 million customers [ref].

But what is a telematics service? How does OnStar know where you are, and how can your car let the OnStar Call Center know that you've been in an accident?

In this article, we'll explore the technology behind OnStar, find out how to use it, and learn about some of the controversy associated with it....



GM admits that all of their vehicles since 2007 are equipped with extensive, remote-control automated systems -- via OnStar.

OnStar is included with all new GM vehicles, and some non-GM vehicles also include it.

You may find these systems in certain Japanese and European vehicles that were manufactured between the 2002 and 2005 model years.

Acura, Isuzu, and Subaru were the Japanese automakers that were party to the deal, and both Audi and Volkswagen signed on as well.

If you purchase a GM vehicle that was produced during or after the 2007 model year, it may also include a subscription to OnStar.

After that [2007] model year, all new GM vehicles come with a subscription [to OnStar, meaning all the tech is fully installed].



A "subscription" to OnStar may not really be the proper term for this, considering that it is an extensive, fully automated remote-control system that is installed in your car, whether you want it or not.

Power steering uses computerized electrical motors to push the tires in the direction you tell them to go -- when you turn the wheel.

Could these motors be strong enough to force your steering wheel to move in ways you cannot control? Can a mechanical motor be stronger than your arms?

Why would Acura, Isuzu, Subaru, Audi and Volkswagen all pull back from officially using this system as a selling point in any of their cars... since 2005?

Image credit: greissdesign / 123RF Stock Photo



Were these systems still being installed by these various car manufacturers, and others, after they officially stopped including them in 2005?

Were they required to go quiet about it? Would their top executives have been threatened or killed if they ever tried to resist?

Will they all rush to defend themselves, and say they were forced to do it, if an insidious-sounding story like this ever broke through into the mainstream?

Since most of the assembly line for an automobile is now automated with robotics, would most of the employees even be aware that such a system was hiding in the electronics?

Could a tiny camera, mounted in the rearview mirror, for example, give a real-time view of the road via a Skype call to the groups who have access to it?



Let's look at another quote that publicly reveals how much we already know about the OnStar system.

OnStar is a subsidiary corporation of General Motors that provides a variety of in-vehicle services, which are all delivered via a CDMA cellular connection....

General Motors established OnStar in 1995 with cooperation from Hughes Electronics and Electronic Data Systems, and the first OnStar units were made available in several Cadillac models for the 1997 model year.

OnStar is primarily available in GM vehicles, though a licensing agreement also made OnStar available in several other makes between 2002 and 2005....

Some OnStar systems can also perform other functions that might make it easier to recover a stolen vehicle.

If the police have verified that a vehicle was stolen, an OnStar representative may be able to issue a command to the OBD-II system that will slow the vehicle down.

This functionality has been used during high-speed car chases to stop thieves in their tracks. Some vehicles are also equipped with the ability to remotely disable the ignition system.

That means if the thief shuts your vehicle off, he won’t be able to start it back up again.


What else Can OnStar Do for Me?

Since OnStar has access to many of your vehicle's systems, there are a number of ways that an OnStar operator can help out if you're in a bind.

In many cases, OnStar can unlock your vehicle if you accidentally lock your keys inside.

[DW: The system would therefore also be able to lock you in, and prevent your escape, while the car is accelerating outside of your control.]

The system may also be able to flash your lights or honk your horn if you're unable to find your vehicle in a crowded parking lot.



This next excerpt reveals that there were already serious privacy concerns with this technology -- BEFORE all the NSA disclosures we are now seeing.

Bear in mind that cheap, tiny cameras could also be installed inside the vehicle's cabin -- so the driver and passengers could be monitored in real time.

OnStar has access to a lot of data about your driving habits, so some people have expressed concerns about privacy issues.

The FBI has even attempted to use the system to eavesdrop on private conversations, but the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied them the ability to do so.

[DW: And of course, we all know we can trust the FBI and other agencies to follow court orders.]

OnStar is also set up so that it makes an obvious noise whenever an operator places an incoming call, which makes it impossible for an unscrupulous operator to eavesdrop.

[DW: Couldn't they also install a bypass switch to disable the "obvious noise" of an incoming call -- when certain groups wanted to listen in?]

OnStar also claims that it anonymizes GPS data before selling it to third parties, but this remains a privacy concern.

While the data may not be tied directly to your name or the VIN of your car or truck, GPS data is by its very nature not anonymous.

GM also purportedly tracks this data even after you cancel your OnStar subscription, though it is possible to completely sever the data connection.



Let's imagine that a "crazy" idea like "All vehicles sold in the US since 2008 are legally required to be remote-controllable" were to be disclosed, publicly, by a whistleblower.

(I have no idea if that will ever actually happen. It's only a hypothetical question at this point -- but some insiders have suggested this may be the case, as we will see.)

What would the official response be? Would they say this remote-control piloting system was only being used to stop criminals, dope dealers and terrorists?

Could these systems also be used for targeted assassinations -- making cars accelerate really fast, without the operator's control, and then steering them into a tree while locking the driver inside?

Could power groups then use this to "take out" people who threaten them -- like journalists chasing a major new story?

How many drivers would think fast enough to realize what was happening, have a good tool on hand to smash out a window, and jump out before the impact?

Would we entrust our "leaders" to be able to completely take control of our vehicles, and remotely pilot them, without our consent -- if this were publicly known?

How far would the "I have nothing to hide" argument get you at that point?



Let's say there is a Cabal of insiders who are jealously protecting their secrets -- and defending their corporate interests against whistleblowers.

Up until recently, the majority of people in Western society might not have believed that something this massive and ugly could be true -- but that's all changing now.

A remote-control system like OnStar may have been responsible for the death of journalist Michael Hastings, who died in a fiery, high-speed car crash.

Hastings was driving a 2013 Mercedes C250 coupe when he crashed into a tree on Highland Ave. in Los Angeles at approximately 4:30 am on June 18.

Video posted online showed the car in flames, and one neighbor told a local news crew she heard a sound like an explosion.

Another eyewitness said the car's engine had been thrown 50 to 60 yards from the car. There were no other vehicles involved in the accident.

The fire was so all-consuming that it took the Los Angeles County coroner's office two days to identify Hastings' body....



As our excerpt goes on, we find that Hastings had already been very effective at upsetting the existing power structure.

Hastings practiced a brand of no-holds-barred journalism that tended to anger powerful people.

His 2010 profile of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, published in Rolling Stone, was so damaging that it ostensibly prompted President Barack Obama to fire the general (the president denied that the article had a role in his decision).

In the days before his death, Hastings was reportedly working on a story about a lawsuit filed by Jill Kelley, who was involved in the scandal that brought down Gen. David Petraeus, according to the LA Times.

KTLA reported that Hastings told colleagues at the news site BuzzFeed that he feared the FBI was investigating him.

On June 20, the FBI denied that any investigation was under way.


It is possible that Hastings was under a lot of pressure, got drunk, and went for a joyride. It is also possible that he was assassinated.

Was this fiery crash intended to stop Hastings from breaking his story, and intimidate other journalists from coming forward at the same time?

It is certainly true that the speed of new information leaks in the mainstream media decreased after Hastings' death, for almost two weeks, before it picked back up again.

However, even with strongly obvious, Mafia-style "hits" like this being openly conducted, there is no stopping the avalanche of disclosure.

After working hard to reveal the truth for so many years, I am relieved to see it all coming out now -- even though it is an incredible amount of work to try to keep up with all the new information now emerging.



These excerpts reveal that the fiery death of this journalist may have been intentional -- as he was working on a very major story right before it happened.

Wikileaks Says Michael Hastings Contacted Them Just Before Death

WikiLeaks just threw some gasoline onto the conspiracy fire. On Wednesday night, they Tweeted: “Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him.”….

And Hastings’ last article was about the evils of the NSA – which ended with the tantalising line, “Perhaps more information will soon be forthcoming.” Glenn Greenwald Tweeted a link to the piece after Hastings' death.


Hastings Said FBI Was Investigating Him

CULVER CITY ( — Questions persist following the death of Michael Hastings Tuesday, after reports that the award-winning journalist told WikiLeaks the government was watching him.

WikiLeaks tweeted a message to their millions of followers Wednesday stating that the 33-year-old author and war correspondent had contacted the organization’s lawyer to say he was being watched by the FBI….

Police have not yet confirmed that the person killed was Hastings because the body was reportedly burned beyond recognition.

One friend who declined to speak on camera said Hastings was very paranoid that he was being watched by the FBI, but that it is too soon to speculate on the conspiracy theories surrounding his death.



Senior, high-ranking whistleblower Richard Clarke revealed to The Huffington Post that there are indeed ways to gain remote control of a vehicle, based on his insider knowledge.

If you read between the lines, Clarke appears to know a lot more about this system than what he has officially revealed in his statement.

Senior Insider Richard Clarke Reveals Cars Can Be Remote-Controlled

The peculiar circumstances of journalist Michael Hastings' death in Los Angeles last week have unleashed a wave of conspiracy theories.

Now there's another theory to contribute to the paranoia: According to a prominent security analyst, technology exists that could've allowed someone to hack his car.

Former U.S. National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism Richard Clarke told The Huffington Post that what is known about the single-vehicle crash is "consistent with a car cyber attack."

Clarke said, "There is reason to believe that intelligence agencies for major powers" -- including the United States -- know how to remotely seize control of a car.

"What has been revealed as a result of some research at universities is that it's relatively easy to hack your way into the control system of a car, and to do such things as cause acceleration when the driver doesn't want acceleration, to throw on the brakes when the driver doesn't want the brakes on, to launch an air bag," Clarke told The Huffington Post.

"You can do some really highly destructive things now, through hacking a car, and it's not that hard."

"So if there were a cyber attack on the car -- and I'm not saying there was," Clarke added, "I think whoever did it would probably get away with it."



If you feel suddenly tired, weak, disgusted, angry and fearful as you read this, then the Cabal puppetmasters are getting exactly what they want.

However, in warfare, once you fire more than one gunshot from the same location, you have revealed your position to the enemy. You are now exposed.

If the Cabal is going to take a shot with a weapon like this, they'd better make it a damn good one -- as they really only get one chance to use it.

Vehicular remote control would be a system the Cabal couldn't use very often without creating widespread suspicion -- and the revealing of the method.

The only thing that would stop the public from believing it, at that point, would be the emotional trauma of seeing that such a massive, horrifying conspiracy actually exists.

Now, just one prominent use of this system has triggered a damaging insider rebellion. High-ranking whistleblowers have come forward and revealed some of what they know about it.

Therefore, this apparent assassination seems to be another sign of genuine desperation within the elite.

They may have been willing to reveal a long-standing secret weapon just to ace one journalist among thousands.

Clearly they have no interest in plea-bargaining for a lesser sentence. They are running it hot and hard, and fighting all the way down. 

History is in the making. Right now. Today. Thankfully, there is an Alliance working against the Cabal. We are now learning more about them as well.



Now, at last, it seems like the right time for us to release Part Two of the Russian television series -- which blew the whistle on the greatest secret of all.

There really IS a Cabal of secretive, occult-minded insiders who have systematically been building up to a "New World Order" for hundreds of years.

Their plan to seize control of the world and its resources was extremely comprehensive -- seemingly beyond belief -- but nonetheless very real.

Imagine if a medieval kingdom could have "hacked" any of the horses of the knights from any nation that opposed them -- and made the horses kill their riders, as if by remote control.

You could write a good fantasy scene in a movie with a Merlin-like wizard who has the power to cast spells that enchant battle animals.

This is the type of awesome power that computers, tiny cameras, 3G connections, video-over-cell-phone technology and modern automobiles can provide the Cabal with.

The story goes much deeper than that -- or any of the other jaw-dropping stories that are surfacing at this time.

It really is an ancient conspiracy, and it is all unraveling now -- step-by-step.



At the bottom right of the YouTube window, there is a button that says CC. You need to click on that and set it to "English" in order to be able to read the subtitles for what you are about to see:





This three-hour documentary would probably never have happened if Neil Keenan hadn't filed a lawsuit against the Cabal in November 2011. 

I was one of the first journalists to cover the story, and the only journalist to write an entire book based on this new information.

Financial Tyranny was written after the Alliance began passing me hundreds of photographs and documents -- through Neil Keenan.

There were many details I was asked to keep secret, for their own protection -- and I have.

However, now that the death threats and smears from the "controlled opposition" have ramped up, more information is being offered.

Michael Henry Dunn has gotten even closer to all of this than I have, in some ways, by traveling to Indonesia to be on the front lines of this battle with Neil and his insiders.

Dunn is now regularly writing updates on behalf of the Alliance, and posting them on Jean Haines' website.

Lethal threats have continued happening throughout this process -- and now, as a result, more information is emerging.




Although there is nothing provable in this article -- at least not openly provable at this time -- it confirms several key details that I have known all along, and was not in a position to share with you before.

Unfortunately, the story begins with yet another harrowing attempt to murder Keenan and his associates. Thankfully, this attempt has failed -- just like the others.

I do not at all believe this is a made-up story. The stakes are very real, and many people have already died.

Assassination Attempt Made on Keenan's Team in Jakarta

Neil Keenan’s team was the target of an assassination attempt last week.

The hotel suite previously occupied by this writer was broken into in the middle of the night, and the gas valve on the main tank unscrewed, so that the entire gas supply was released into the apartment.

Inchul Kim and our colleague Jo were narrowly saved from being either poisoned or blown up by the timely actions of Inchul.

[He] woke in the middle of the night, smelled the overpowering gas aroma, found the sabotage, recognized the danger, and carefully opened the windows to clear out the apartment.

The slightest spark would have been sufficient to blow the rooms sky-high, killing not only Mr. Kim and Jo, but in all probability Mr. Keenan as well.

Neil Keenan jokes about it in his recent video update, but that is just because it is Keenan’s nature to make light of danger.

But it is no joke to him – the lives of himself and his friends are in danger in Jakarta from many enemies. But that is the risk taken by a real whistleblower....



As Dunn's update goes on, we see a defense against a new round of attacks that came from a spokesman for the OITC.

This is one of the groups responsible for manipulating the massive funds in the "Global Collateral Accounts" that were built from the gold stolen by the Federal Reserve.

These Collateral Accounts constitute a "secondary market" with its own economic system, and dollar values vastly greater than in our open world market.

David Crayford... is a self-appointed spokesperson for the so-called Office of International Treasury Control (OITC), a fraudulent organization claiming affiliation to the UN, which is currently selling phony diplomatic immunities for $20,000 apiece....

·         CHARGE:  “Keenan in an article dated 2010 stated that General Keith B. Alexander and Gen. Myers were fully cooperating with him in respect of the Collateral Accounts and his actions (Unlawful and Criminal), and that they (Alexander and Myers) held the power to make decisions.”

·         REALITY:  Crayford does not provide a link to the article he cites.  Nor does he provide a context for the supposed statement by Mr. Keenan.  Nor does he provide a quote of Mr. Keenan’s words.

Crayford goes on to accuse Neil Keenan of actions “unlawful and criminal” but does not state what those actions were, what laws (of what country) were broken, nor does he provide any evidence to back these accusations.

These are libelous and actionable statements for which he may be called to account in a court of law.



Regarding Keenan’s alleged relationship with General Keith Alexander and General Myers, in point of fact, Neil Keenan has many contacts in the military and intelligence communities, which have been very useful to him in the process of his work.

As anyone following the story of the lawsuit and the global financial shift should be well aware, there are factions within factions, and webs within webs, plots within plots, and dangerous ground wherever one treads when it comes to these networks.

Since Mr. Crayford has named the wrong general in this case (the General Myers known to Neil Keenan was Jack Myers who has since passed away), and has completely misstated the facts of the meeting in Monaco, it is apparent that his due diligence is, in fact, as usual (if you will) doo-doo diligence.


·         CHARGE:  In an article in late 2011 related to the Monaco Accord organized by Keenan and the Swiss Government, it was clearly stated that Gen Keith B. Alexander and Gen Myers were at that meeting. 

If readers remember, [this meeting] was held in Monaco and moved to a US Warship moored in the Mediterranean Sea following the disruption, which was blamed on Jay Rockefeller, of the meeting in Monaco.

·         REALITY:  Once again, Crayford’s “facts” are falsehoods.  The meeting was indeed organized with the help of certain Swiss officials, but it was held on a 160 foot yacht, not a U.S. warship. 

The entire purpose of the Monaco Accords gathering was to free the non-aligned nations (especially the Asian nations) from domination and control by the Western oligarchy. No such gathering could ever have been held on a U.S. warship.

Word of the gathering reached the Rockefellers, the pre-eminent U.S. clan of that oligarchy, who dispatched Senator Jay Rockefeller to essentially “crash” the party as an uninvited guest.

He was physically blocked at the gangplank by Neil Keenan. When he demanded “don’t you know who I am?” Keenan responded, “Yes, you’re exactly the person we don’t want on this boat.”

After Rockefeller’s unceremonious ejection, the yacht was then buzzed by Blackhawk helicopters before French fighter jets gave a warning pass overhead, whereupon the copters retreated.

The Monaco Accords proved to be a hugely important event, providing the basis for the subsequent BRICS alliance (though that alliance will apparently prove to be just a rerun of the European Union, as it lacks access to the Collateral Accounts).

As a sitting U.S. Senator, Jay Rockefeller would not have been denied entry to an American warship, nor would this hugely sensitive and secret gathering of non-aligned finance ministers ever have taken place on such a warship.

The finance ministers would simply have refused to board it.



Michael and I may not completely agree on the value and significance of the BRICS alliance -- or it could just be a misunderstanding in the wording.

I do believe that this opposition group is very important, has humanity's best interests in mind, and can ultimately help us form a fairer and better system.

With that being said, I do understand that this entire story can be psychologically overwhelming. 

Much like Snowden, it is very easy for people to hate Neil Keenan -- rather than consider the potential validity of the story.

It would cost at least hundreds of thousands of dollars just to produce all the photos of alleged Federal Reserve bonds, bond boxes and chests in Finanical Tyranny alone.

Also, remember that multiple, independent sources have come up with similar-looking images -- including those in the Joseph Riad lawsuit and the bonds seized in Chiasso, Italy.



So, apparently the Cabal systematically plundered the world of its gold reserves, through staged events including World War I and II, in order to gain full control of the financial system.

Surveillance is being used to make sure that these deep, dark secrets stay hidden -- but now everything is coming out in the open.

Most people who encounter this kind of information will deny and ridicule it completely, in order to feel more comfortable in their daily lives.

The truth has always been available -- at least most of it. The real test, from a psychological standpoint, has been whether you can handle the truth.

Now, we have finally reached a tipping point -- where the truth is openly and commonly known, whether you can handle it or not.

This, of course, can be psychologically overwhelming.



The truth can propel many people into depression, anxiety and paranoia -- the so-called Dark Night of the Soul.

However, the Dark Night of the Soul is not the end of the story -- even though it totally seems that way while you're in it.

The illusion of Hell is that it is "eternal."

However, the journey through Hell, or the Dark Night of the Soul, is only one event within a much greater "script."

Best of all, the script has a happy ending. It's guaranteed. It's one very key "fringe benefit" of the living Cosmos.

This happy ending is actually written into the mind of the galaxy, the sun and the earth itself.

As far-out as this may sound, there is compelling evidence that this is actually true.



The biggest surprise -- which very few people really understand at this point -- is we are now living through one of the most exciting "plot points" in a story that was written long before we ever got here.

This story keeps repeating, again and again, throughout all of recorded history.

The closest and most precise retelling of this epic tale, in the actual life of a human being on earth, occurred in the story of Jesus.

This is undoubtedly the reason why Christianity, and its offshoots, has become the most prevalent religion on earth -- with nearly 30,000 different sects.

All other religions and their individual sects combined "only" amount to an additional 10,000 faiths -- as I revealed in The Source Field Investigations.

Is there some great, unifying force that connects together these 38,830 different religious denominations -- all battling it out for the authority to proclaim Truth?



Many ancient cultures, and their mythologies, featured various elements of this great body of hidden knowledge.

This knowledge was given to them by advanced human messengers who did not evolve into being on earth, but visited us -- to help us grow and evolve spiritually.

I also reveal in my new book, The Synchronicity Key, that Jesus left us compelling clues, which survived into the modern-day New Testament, that reveal how he knew about this grand, universal design.

A great deal of evidence appears in the Old Testament as well -- such as an astonishing mystery we find in the Book of Daniel, complete with numerical clues.

Until we identify and understand the great cycles, and how they work, these numerical clues cannot be correctly deciphered.



The Cayce Readings often said "Jesus is the Pattern" -- and now, it appears that we have figured out what they actually meant when they said that.

This does not mean that each of us will be literally nailed to a cross, suffer a bodily death, and re-appear in an Ascended light-body at this time.

The crucifixion and resurrection story is a very powerful, visually and emotionally compelling embodiment of the underlying pattern of initiation we all must go through -- at this time in history.

The events we are now seeing in the world, with the disclosure of astonishingly vast and invasive surveillance, represent a worldwide All is Lost point -- a journey through Hell, much like the crucifixion.



I was quite surprised to find out that all Hollywood screenplays are written off of this same pattern of "plot points" -- right through to this very day.

The "structure" behind all Hollywood screenplays takes time to explain -- but once you know the pattern, it becomes quite understandable and obvious.

The other night, I was watching a movie with a buddy of mine, stopped it at a certain point, and told him exactly what was going to happen to the "hero" at a certain point about ten minutes ahead of where we were in the film.

I had already stopped before the halfway "midpoint," and told him we would "either see a 'false up' or a 'false down' for the hero at this point." I was right.

Then, once the hero was ten minutes away from the All is Lost point, I forecasted exactly what was going to happen -- and when. 

My friend was quite surprised, and laughed out loud, when it happened exactly the way I told him it would.

I said, "Look... these guys could never have sold their script if they didn't insert that plot point at that exact moment in the film. All the execs know what they're looking for, and where they expect to see it."

Every movie must have a "Whiff of Death" moment where the hero's goal seems to be completely beyond hope. This pattern is written into the mind of the galaxy itself.

These plot points also occur in the movement of historical events -- not just in mythologies, movie screenplays and our personal lives.



Any inhabited planet in our galaxy will have some variant of hominid / human life. That's one of the biggest secrets that I thoroughly reveal in my new TV show, Wisdom Teachings.

This is very different than the paranoid, Cabal-financed Hollywood view of extraterrestrials as "Aliens" who are frightening and evil.

High-level insiders have told me that no human we've ever found has more than a 4-percent genetic deviation from our own DNA structure.

This is because DNA -- and human life as we know it -- is a galactic template, written into the basic energy of the Cosmos itself on a quantum level.

Ultimately, human life is energetic, not biological. The biological form is only one phase of our overall evolutionary curve as souls.

This was all well-established, with extensive academic references to peer-reviewed scientific studies, in The Source Field Investigations.

Now, with Wisdom Teachings, I'm taking the time to explain all of this in a lot more detail -- with a new half-hour of densely-packed info every Monday, at a low monthly fee comparable to Netflix.

Once we grow and evolve into the next level of human evolution, we begin moving out into the galaxy to help other planets move through the same growing pains.



We do live in a biological universe. The evidence is voluminous and undeniable -- though not popular, due in part to Cabal suppression of science.

The origin of the universe was much like a seed -- wherein the full form of the tree was already contained in potential.

This "tree" happens to grow human life -- at least in our own galaxy, and apparently 40 percent of all the other galaxies out there in the Cosmos, according to the Law of One series.

In our next update, I will feature a 15-minute clip from Wisdom Teachings that features some very juicy information about this piece of the puzzle -- showing human ET visitors that appeared worldwide.



Furthermore, every inhabited world will run through the same "script", again and again, until the people master the lessons it provides them with.

Every religion that forms on a given planet will feature some variation of this script as well -- revealing various aspects of what this story is trying to teach us.

One of the names this story is given in the Bible is The Book of Life.

Instead of rushing right into a technical discussion of the cycles of history in the new book, I spend the entire first half building the foundation of what the "story" means -- and why the universe works this way.



I consider the Law of One series to be the most credible intuitively-derived document in modern times -- due to the extensive, provable scientific data it contains.

Much of this data did not become verifiable, with actual scientific studies, until well after the series was written in 1981-83.

The Law of One series gives us several critical clues revealing that Jesus became a physical embodiment of the mind and personality of our galaxy.

The "Father" may well be the mind of the Cosmos -- whereas the "Son" may well be the mind of the galaxy.

I see this as a "Cosmic Christianity" that may become far more widely known in the future.

Ultimately, all of us are the Logos. Jesus was, in Law of One terms, a master teacher who fully and completely remembered who he was -- and therefore became an embodiment of it.



The Law of One calls our galaxy "The Logos." In the original New Testament Greek, Jesus said "I am the Logos" more than once.

Nowadays, we read this as "I am the Word" -- but what this really seems to mean is the word(s) of the Story itself.

This story, again, is the Book of Life -- the so-called Hero's Journey.

The "archetypes" or plot points within this story appear in our dreams -- whether we understand what they mean consciously or not.

On a higher, soul level, each of us knows where we are in the Book of Life -- and what we need to learn in order to reach the next step.

Right now, we are all going through the same lesson at the same time. This is one of the greatest functions of the repeating cycles of history.

The cycles, and their corresponding events, will happen right on time. The real key is what we choose to do with the experiences they create in our own lives.



The discussion of the Logos also explains the enigmatic phrase that opens up the all-important Book of John, chapter 1, verse 1:

"In the beginning, there was the Logos. And the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God."  --John 1:1


Remember that John had direct, personal access to Jesus on a day-by-day basis -- if you believe that the Bible is discussing real-world events.

It is very likely that this and other phrases were direct paraphrasings of things Jesus had said. 

In various conferences, I have speculated that this seemingly mysterious phrase actually refers to the galaxy as the Logos, and also how the entire universe is the Logos as well.

No one knew what a "galaxy" was back then, even though more-advanced beings clearly would have -- so all of this knowledge had to be hidden away in metaphor.

This phrase says the Logos is the One -- is God -- but is also with the One, i.e. a part of the One, as well.

They are two seemingly different things -- our galaxy and our universe -- but they are ultimately formed from the same Mind.



When the Law of One series uses the term "logos", they describe it in these exact terms. Ultimately, the "One Infinite Creator" is the Logos.

Our galaxy is also a full embodiment of the mind of the Logos -- while also retaining some degree of its own "personality" and individuality as well.

The galaxy is made up of stars. All of them are alive in this new scientific model.

Each star is a sub-Logos. Click here to see all Law of One passages that say "sub-logos."

A planet only has a portion of the consciousness of the Logos active within it. Thus, in Law of One terms, it would also be a "sub-Logos."

Then, human beings like ourselves contain a smaller portion of this consciousness -- and at times are referred to as "sub-sub-Logoi."

In Law of One terms, our goal is ultimately to attain "personality transparency" -- and regain our full identity and consciousness as the Logos.

The site has a concise summary of this cosmology, including the seven main "densities" within the universal Logos, at this link.

I did my very best to make this new knowledge all understandable, entertaining and inspirational in The Synchronicity Key.

Here, I am opening up some side discussions that I didn't have time to cover in the book, with "only" 500 pages -- but that also leaves room for sequels.



The word "history" itself has an interesting history behind it.

The etymology of the word is "His Story" -- the story of the Logos, or galactic mind -- the "Christ Consciousness."

"His Story" would be an outdated, gender-specific term in our modern world -- but it was meant to reveal how history keeps revealing the same pattern of lessons we must learn.

The story has a very definite design -- written into the greatest mythologies around the world.



Each of us is ultimately the Hero -- moving through His Story.

Each of the plot points in this story are called "archetypes."

They are written into the mind of the galaxy itself.

They are written into the space that our planet and solar system drifts through as we move along.

Our lives and decisions are being invisibly and benevolently guided by these energetic patterns -- to steer us through a well-established "school of enlightenment."

This grand course curriculum was designed long, long ago -- by the Universe and the galaxy itself.



I would have loved to see a major, uplifting, awe-inspiring spiritual event at the end of 2012. That was one, perhaps overly optimistic interpretation of the prophecies we have inherited.

The Law of One series does indicate that we will decisively move into "fourth density" some time approximately 30 years after 1981. They also say it will take 100 to 700 years for this transition to fully complete.

Once it seemed that "nothing happened" in 2012, it was time to go back to the drawing board -- and study the 25,920-year earth cycle that was scheduled to end in or around December 2012. 



So many ancient cultures placed such critical importance in the shift-point between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius, calculated to occur during this time, that I wasn't willing to give up just yet.

Even if the "grand finale" of the cycle didn't perform as I had hoped it would, that doesn't mean we just throw away all the data -- as it is extremely compelling and comprehensive.

Now I had to go back to the very same material that I had cut from The Source Field Investigations and look again. I had eliminated almost 200 pages to whittle it down to 500.

One of the subjects that got completely eliminated, in this epic and horribly painful cut, was the bizarre phenomenon of history repeating itself.

Major events in human civilization do repeat, as it turns out, in very precise cycles of time.



In The Synchronicity Key, I revisited these deleted pages -- and solved what I consider to be the greatest of all mysteries of life on earth.

There is indeed a great script -- an overarching Story -- behind the events that unfold on earth.

Once you understand that we are continually moving through a series of plot points, all the fear about where our current history is heading can be eliminated.

Not only can we identify exactly what these "plot points" are, we can also identify when they will happen -- with astonishing precision.

The entire second half of The Synchronicity Key -- from about page 250 to page 500 -- presents a wealth of scientific data that shows how this works.



The provable evidence is so voluminous and solid that "attacking the messenger" will be the only viable means for the opposition to attempt to discredit it.

And now, in just one month and seven days, you can study the whole case yourself -- either in hardcover, ebook or audio book form, which I read in the studio.

I am about to get the final hardcover version, in advance, probably Monday in my mailbox. I can hardly wait to hold it in my hands after so much hard work.

This was the book I wanted to write four years ago, when I started doing The Source Field Investigations -- but I was missing key pieces of the puzzle.

I really did need to see December 21, 2012 come and go before I could properly write the sequel -- and trace out a path through our future.



Yes -- this book is not free. I could never possibly have afforded the time to put such a complex argument together if I had tried to release it that way, as I did with Financial Tyranny.

Thankfully, you can explore this epic research at a nominal cost -- well under 25 dollars if you pre-order before the August 20th release date.

Writing a book is NOT a huge money-maker, contrary to what attackers and skeptics always say.

I work very hard, but there still isn't much left over in the bank after the bills are paid -- including the salaries of our paid staff members.

If you rank it in terms of the dollars earned per hour of work, for a project of this scope and complexity, it would be way below minimum wage.

Being a writer is a modest, middle-class living, even if you hit the New York Times best-seller list -- but I wouldn't have it any other way.

However, we still need a lot more pre-orders to reach the position we had at this time in 2011 with The Source Field Investigations.

Your support is vital to the success of this mission. Admittedly, it's a lot easier to promote a book like this once it's out on Amazon and the reviews start coming in.

Your pre-orders are the best way to get this on the best-seller list. If this happens again, we have a fighting chance to have this research break into the mainstream and be taken seriously.

That, in turn, could radically affect how disclosure takes place in the weeks and months ahead -- by revealing game-changing new scientific data no one ever expected to see.



During this same timeframe, I signed a deal in January to produce my own television show -- Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock -- to reveal the truth in half-hour weekly episodes.

You can sign up for a free 10-day trial and watch every episode that is currently available. New shows appear every Monday evening -- and there is much more yet to come!

Everyone who has watched it is dazzled by the scope and depth of what is being presented. Each episode is a concentrated burst of amazing information, and it all fits together into a grand framework.



I recently wrote a cover story for OM Times magazine right after doing a radio show where I revealed some of the epic knowledge within the new book and TV show.

Both the article and the one-hour radio show can be found in OM Times, at the following link.

If you have enjoyed this huge article so far, I highly recommend you check this out -- particularly the radio show -- as it will add even more to the overview!



I have been scrambling to get ready for the epic "Lightning in a Bottle" event I am speaking at tomorrow -- a more organized, lower-temperature Burning Man.

I still have to tweak my presentation with more new data about the cycles of history. I am speaking on the smaller of two stages, away from the music, but will still very likely end up with a huge crowd.

14,000 people are already there on the land as I write these words! It's totally sold out. We couldn't beg, borrow or steal to get anyone else in, including our own film crew!

We nonetheless hope to film my presentation with the help of the LIB staff and our own camera equipment, and turn it into a free video that will reveal even more of this great, hidden truth.




Another event I am very excited about is "Contact in the Desert", occurring next month in August -- before my big release date for The Synchronicity Key.

This is a truly epic lineup of speakers -- and even though I usually just do my own private events, this one had so many of my favorite people in it that I couldn't resist.

Furthermore, the retreat center in Joshua Tree, east of Los Angeles, is a long-term favorite hotspot of mine, complete with private cabanas all throughout the property for its guests.

After withdrawing from almost all public appearances for nearly three years, with one exception, I finally jumped back into the game with an event held by Richard C. Hoagland at Joshua Tree in 2006 -- and had a great time.

The vibes there are very, very special, and the land itself is a major selling point. This was the exact area where many of the great 1950s ET contacts and gatherings occurred.

I have lectures, a panel and a separate post-conference workshop that can be attended singularly, or as an add-on to the rest of the weekend.

Either way, this event is a brain-trust of many of the greatest thinkers in UFOs and spirituality out there today.




Still to this day, the single best way to get the full vision of the Law of One viewpoint, the science, and where I see all of this heading, is at our all-weekend Convergence events.

In these cases, I get the full 16 hours to speak -- running through what often amounts to well over 1000 different slides.



I am constantly upgrading the material as I go -- and it really does take 16 hours to give a robust overview of the information.

I've been all wrapped up in book and TV work this year, and haven't been able to update this site anywhere near as much as I would have liked.

As a result, our Convergence attendance numbers have been small and intimate -- but this gives people a much more personalized group experience.

These are the ONLY events where I can stop and breathe enough to meet people in the audience. At the bigger events, simple logistics make this impossible.

Denver is coming up next weekend -- and tickets are still available. We also have Portland, Oregon in September, and Albuquerque, New Mexico in October.

I hope to see you there!



This new book is the "center of gravity" that pulls all these various projects together, and gives far more detail than I can share anywhere else.

Once I saw the Mayan Calendar end-date come and go, I knew the secret to the 25,920-year cycle had to be found in the great cycles of history.

All of these cycles are perfect sub-divisions of the "Great Year" -- which measures up to 25,920 orbits of the earth around the sun.

I only solved the mystery of how this all works last August -- and it has been quite a wild ride to put it all together so quickly. It really wiped me out -- but it was totally worth it!

This book actually has far more of a narrative structure and "flow" than I achieved in the previous one.

Nothing had to be cut. I took a lot more time to ensure it all remained a single, cohesive unit.


The Synchronicity Key is available now for you to pre-order at a much lower price.

I thank you for your support -- as with your help, we can change the outcome.

This is the first mass-market book I am aware of that reveals the deepest secrets of Financial Tyranny -- and the epic, universal story that is now driving its full exposure and defeat.

The previous book didn't get into politics at all. First I had to build the canvas, and the palette. Now I've created the first painting -- revealing how this science applies to our own lives, individually and collectively!

Thanks again for your support at this critical moment in our history. Freedom is in sight -- and what follows will surely captivate the world's imagination!






Available in hardcover, audiobook and ebook formats as of August 20, 2013!

#1 Best-Seller in "New Age Divination with Prophecy" category on Amazon!


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#382 Frances 2014-11-22 09:16
Neil Francis Keenan has a criminal record?
#381 Winged22Lionos Flies 2013-08-28 01:04
...1984 Blue-Star Indigo Child... I've been well briefed and informed of all the happenings leading up to 2022-2033. However, here we are present day, and I'm just venting to express and share; But I've always known and felt the telephone-telep athic monitoring transpiring with me. I knew why, it was because I was (still am in certain regards) a SuperPsychicChi ld. This simply means, I am an "ally" I had abilities, "intel" and alchemical-weat her-op skills prior to my 1984 incarnation. I was apart of the alliance then (1933-1972) and still am right now, but in a much more covert manner. I was apart of the U.S. Air Force Intelligence operations (Pegasus) associated with Time-Navigation +Time Traversing. "We" never considered 'it' "time travel" for many reasons. However, when the Spy-Op info released about the NSA, it just reminded me of some of the convo's I'd have over the phone with friends in jr. high school. Now that the Osmosis-Butterf ly-Effect is obvious...9/22/ 13 is here now for fun
#380 Happy Jose 2013-08-20 07:32
If things get out of hand "They" can simply disable all cars. Want to protest? How far can you walk!

[Moderator: Thanks to the economic problems they created, many people do not have vehicles that are 2008s or newer. All of these possible events have been considered in the plans and strategies on the table. And, ultimately you cannot fight these great cycles of time. We are all affected by them.]
#379 Fred 2013-08-17 12:46
Interesting Xplanation of the Titanic Disaster. Listen to the details...

The Titanic Conspiracy - The Great Deception [John Hamer
#378 Fred 2013-08-17 11:23
Chemtrail Researcher Harrassed by Mercenaries
#377 Vani Smith 2013-08-17 03:30
Can't resist. @#374 Teri Yes u r describing psychotronics. "the cabal of destruction of the human body" -- yes.

Microwaves give those heating / cooking effects. Also other freq pulses give blown-out lightbulbs (AZ new lightbulb law, no more incandescent; so I can look fwd 2 blown-out halogen @ 4x $; no fluorescent w/ mercury fume vibes) & phone / internet interference. Local Sheriff's Dept pretends this phenomenon does not exist.

Overheated right collarbone right now in E AZ, USA; & usually several other kinds of torture / molestation effects @ once. & sleep deprivation.

@ least 3 sets collaborating sociopath neighbors using tech made available 2 them. Not sure by whom.

Psychotronics WAS mil / CIA research but now local sociopath application @ USA.

Slowly researching target groups & possible remedies. Some other fans here also know this problem. Please post if u find any good info. Be well.
#376 Mike 2013-08-16 01:54
David.. something did happen on Dec 21 2012.. you just didn't see it.
If you would have went out that night you would have saw the 2 eyes of Horus... and believe me I saw it and the moon looked exactly like an eyeball looking down on the earth.
#375 Vani Smith 2013-08-15 16:45
Hey David, mods & fans. Pre-ordered Synchronicity Key from Amazon; not deduct payment until ship?

@#311 Darlene: Mom @ CA, USA has tall fence & gate w/ padlock. Locked @ all times, esp when gone. So far, despite letters, no 1 has climbed her fence 2 replace analog meter.

Meantime Mom chose PG&E util co option 2 pay extra ($10? then $15?) each month 4 meter reader fee. Plus initial opt-out fee $90 ($75 @ 1st letter).

Neighbors @ 1 side found new smart meter installed when came home from work 1 day. No notice, no nothing. Mom feels different health symptoms since this smart meter installed.

Other neighbors had same experience: gone 4 work, come home, smart meter installed; no request, no notice, no nothing.

Neighbor @ other side built new house @ old lot, put in smart meter. (Bc util co refused analog? OR did he not know he c/ choose?)

Psychotronics: What reverb right now? Be well all.
#374 Teri Byrne 2013-08-15 15:56
David,I only came across you this evening on News BeeaconYes,I believe all of the above-your dreams are your guiding light-Irish citizen in this my "free" country the torture, the HAARP, the neighbour saying hello whilst at the same time sneaking in the "perp" who blast the radiation and psychtronic waves into my home.the little doggie squealing in pain as he is "forced" to stay quiet,the burning of my skin and destroying of my I look at the black burnt timbers on my burning body, my damaged home, my electric appliances blowing time after time, Garda Riot vans cruising up and down outside my home...the blisters on my feet as I watch local priest confirmed "We read the Old Testament here every day"..and there stands the cabal of destruction of the human body-My people in Ireland and WorldWdeFriends destroyed and entrapped in slavery..there was GoodFridayAgree ment..NWO simply put it to Sinn Féin - join us or we destruct of violence gladly bowed to NWO
#373 Laura Parker 2013-08-08 21:29
Quoting Amasa:

[quote name="Lynn"]

And I saw someone mention that Drakes web site is gone. Well so is Dutchsinse's You Tube site. This person has worked tirelessly to expose HAARP, chemtrails, earthquakes, weather modification, and much more:

Lynn, Dutchsinse had a new youtube channel, spelled differently, it's "Dutchsince".

Be careful of youtube channels with similar names, they may not be the channel you're looking for. I've seen one that was deliberately set up to lead people away from the genuine one they wanted.
#372 Polina 2013-08-08 20:59
I love you, David! Than you for everything you are doing for us! Best regards and hugs!
#371 Gilgamesh 2013-08-08 12:06
Hi David.
Robert E. Cox in his book;The Elixir Of Immortality also explain how you can make, or convert cheap metals into gold bars in your basement.
But I think would help, to know a lot of alchemy.
And maybe the governments have more knowledge on this, and if they can manufacture tons and tons of gold in secret places, than, the financial
crises in the World is manufactured. or a created situation.
What is your insider information on this?
#370 NathanHH 2013-08-08 09:00
Is it just me or did Wisdom teachings not come out this monday?

[Moderator: There are new episodes that were filmed that have not aired yet; It should have come out.]
#369 Miriam Rodriguez 2013-08-08 01:49
Love and Blessings to You, as Always... Dearest David and Staff! ...For some "weird" reason, ...I am not able to join GAIAM TV...My repeated attempts to subscribe are simply not working, and I am not being permitted to view any of your assuredly amazing videos....(on any of the 6 computers stationed throughout my Comcast Network home, two of which are hooked into large-screen Samsung Smart-TV monitors)...Eve n with some calls to Gaiam's very polite Customer Service Department, still can't make it work ...(???)...Se la Vie... :sad:

Oh, well!...People! ...Just simply stay Positive! And Focused on a Divine and Wonderful Outcome!...Desp ite the Seeming "Obstacles"...

Peace and Love and Blessings to All... :-)

[Moderator: I will forward your email Gaiam Tv! Anyone else having problems, please send an email to [email protected] or call 866-284-8058]
#368 Miriam Rodriguez 2013-08-08 01:11
Hello, Dearest David and All My fellow Siblings out there!
Here's the latest Drake, Sunfire, and Tanaath radio show...(Silver Legion)... I am saddened that obviously Drake, Deneice, and Grammy J have had a falling out of some sort...but all in all, i feel that the following is Perhaps a Powerful antidote to the toxic 'Fear-porn' that recently appeared about the Brown Dwarf Sun and 7 planets, supposedly due to strike our planet within a few days...
The supposed "NASA Expert" has been mind-controlled , IMHO...and is obviously trying to extract that precious fear/adrenaline /desparation "juice" out of "feed" off our fear and paranoia...DON' T FALL FOR IT!!!...DON'T FEED THEM!!!...FOR THEY ARE DYING AND DESPERATE FOR SUSTENANCE!!!.. .DON'T FEED THE EVIL ONES WITH YOUR FEAR!!! Here is the Link>
#367 Darlene 2013-08-08 00:56
Quote from paulc:

Quoting Vani Smith:

Hey David, mods & fans! *NSA* using Smart Meters as spy network!

I'd be far more worried over the fact that they can use these to kill your power supply whenever they want to...
Are we actually quibbling over 'what's worse'? It's ALL worse!

I mean, they've been forcing people in some places to take a meter even when they refuse or come by and put it on when they're not home! There's a least one lady I know of who's had her power shut off for refusing a Smart Meter!

Faulty Smart Meters, not UL certified, charge higher fees, spy network, ability to kill your power whenever they want, make you sick and possibly kill you, make themselves not liable so you have neighbours suing each other... take your pick!

Now, that's worth worrying about -- although worrying isn't going to help anyone, is it?
#366 Noel 2013-08-07 21:54
My dream on the night of the new moon (Aug.6th) had a monk-like figure standing on a stone balcony in the clouds above proclaiming, " The Final Hour Begins!" This followed by packed churches in quiet, peaceful meditation. Only have the question of what an hour is in the 'heavens'?
#365 Donna 2013-08-07 21:25
Quoting Donna:
Perhaps the stealing/hording of gold by the cabal is related to something more subtle? The creation of ormus ... here is the history (Bob Dean mentioned this in passing in an interview with Kerry Cassidy).

[Moderator: Laurence Gardner wrote a great book about ormus "Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark" Haven't watched this video yet, but in case you don't feel like reading it... but it was an amazing book...

Yep, knew about Laurence Garner, thanks Moderator :-). He's quite brilliant, really! He talks about David Hudson in this vid. My focus has been more on talking with producers and people who take the stuff and of course experimenting on my own ... good fun!
#364 Amasa 2013-08-07 17:15
[quote name="Lynn"]

And I saw someone mention that Drakes web site is gone. Well so is Dutchsinse's You Tube site. This person has worked tirelessly to expose HAARP, chemtrails, earthquakes, weather modification, and much more:

Lynn, Dutchsinse had a new youtube channel, spelled differently, it's "Dutchsince".
#363 Darlene 2013-08-07 16:44
Quoting Firefly:

Kind of crazy that humans were crossing the ocean in "canoes" 45,000 years ago to most of the Oceanic islands. They made it to the Mariana islands by 3000 BC. And then to the remote Pacific islands of Gambiers, Marquesas, and Easter Island via canoes or catamarans all before 300 AD. I'm not saying it's impossible, but damn near it. Some of these islands are mere blips on the map with no substantial land mass within thousands of miles, or even a tiny island within 1600 miles. It's surprising that they didn't die of thirst on these voyages before they arrived at their destination...a destination of which they had absolutely no knowledge of even existing.
Die of thirst? Not if you drink/loop your own urine (sorry Moderator, I just HAD to throw that one in there!) ;-)

[Moderator: You can only drink your own urine for so long, maybe a few days at best unless you can manage breatharianism.
#362 Gilgamesh 2013-08-07 15:25
Quoting Lynn:

It looks like they can sell the public anything as long as they put it in a pretty package and make it look like it is good/fun for you!

I can hardly wait for those test tube burgers to hit the fast food restaurants.
#361 Jeanine 2013-08-07 15:21
This event is in synchronicity with:
#360 Shane 2013-08-07 15:08
In regards to the "Chemtrail Whistleblower" links and video. If you combine the first word of every sentence of the "disclosure letter" e-mailed by this guy..."Max", you get this:

#359 Fred 2013-08-07 13:47
Why Medicine Won’t Allow Cancer to Be Cured

Cancer - The Forbidden Cures

The Beautiful Truth - Full Version
#358 Timano 2013-08-07 13:43
Just ordered "The Synchronicity Key" from the local book store. Much cheaper way than Amazon - no delivery fees. I'll have my own hardcover in no time, can't wait!
Good thing I'm fluent in English, though. I'm not even sure they're translating the book into Finnish any time soon. :/
#357 Ryan 2013-08-07 10:11
Woah, no way! Just as I was reading this the time was 11:11 and I had 1111 points on my Yahoo Answers score. This is just bizarre. I think David really is onto something with all of this. Glory be!

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