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DIVINE INTERVENTION: ETs Defeating Old World Order

ETs are performing blatantly physical interventions to stop the "Powers that Were" from throwing Earth into war and chaos. Every aspect of the war machine is being systematically blocked -- with a minimum of casualties.

[PLEASE NOTE: This investigation is undergoing dynamic updates, including new sections that will be uploaded as time permits. For this reason, please LINK to it and pull excerpts, but do not COPY and REPOST it, as it will be constantly changing. Thanks!]


Divine Intervention is now taking place on a dramatic, unprecedented basis -- worldwide. 

This is causing a complete, systematic failure of the war machine on every level.

Guns will not fire. Radio and satellite communications systems are breaking down -- right when they are needed most. Airplanes and tanks will not start. Bombs will not deploy.

Even more surprisingly, dozens of underground bases have now been completely emptied out -- beginning on August 23, 2011.

This is terrifying to the occult Cabal that has seized control of much of the financial system, as well as the governing and judiciary bodies of several of the top nations in the world. 

In my epic work "Financial Tyranny" I outline the problems we face, and who is responsible for them -- with an incredible amount of supporting evidence.


The Cabal has been directly contacted by the people who are responsible for doing this. These intervening ET groups are human, like us -- in fact, they are our long-lost relatives.

Humans on Earth are, in fact, a hybridized race -- from multiple, independent points of origin during the last 200,000 years.

The Cabal has been told they must stand down -- in order to protect the Earth and its many forms of life, including its people.

The people who are forcing the Cabal to surrender are not evil or negative at all. They are the guardians and protectors of our planet.

There appears to be no accident in why our protectors are intervening now -- and why they have not done anything like this before.

Ancient civilizations were well aware of the cycle that seems to be behind the timing of this unprecedented Divine Intervention. They recorded the evidence in thousands of different forms over time.

The ultimate outcome of this cycle appears to be nothing less than the spontaneous, quantum evolution of what it means to be human.

The Divine Intervention we are now seeing seems to be intended to insure that we will go through this process without being thrown into complete chaos and destruction on a worldwide level.


If a portion of our mind functions energetically, rather than strictly biologically, what would happen if that energy starts moving faster?

What if there are cycles that govern these changes in our consciousnes -- on a planetary and even a galactic level?

As I revealed in The Source Field Investigations, dozens of ancient mythologies were "encoded" with information suggesting that a 25,920-year cycle determines the pace of evolution on Earth.

This knowledge became the great secret of all ancient mystery schools -- each of whom believed their teachings were the key to eventually reaching "Apotheosis" -- where humans on Earth go through a spontaneous energetic evolution.

The book reveals a wealth of tangible scientific evidence -- well over 1000 academic references -- showing we are indeed going through a major "quantum leap" in human evolution right now. Here I will highlight a few of the results of that investigation.

For example, human IQ scores have been increasing by 3 points per decade -- for over a century. Advances in literacy cannot explain this, as it is occurring in illiterate countries as well.


Human DNA evolution is now moving 100 times faster in the last 5000 years, according to Dr. John Hawks. The human DNA molecule is now fully seven percent different than it was in 3000 BC -- worldwide.

Furthermore, roughly 25,000 years ago, the Neanderthals spontaneously disappeared -- on a worldwide level. A vast majority of giant animals that threatened human life disappeared during this time as well.

Additionally, 50,000 years ago, people all over the world experienced a quantum leap in their level of intelligence and sophistication -- which baffled the scientists studying it, such as anthropologist John Fleagle. 

Before this time, tools were only made for survival purposes. After this time, we see creativity, art and spirituality suddenly flourish.

This is not a "conspiracy theory," but a hard, documented scientific fact.

Something happened to everyone on Earth 50,000 years ago that caused a remarkable boost in their IQ -- and their level of spiritual awareness.

The Neanderthals and the giant beasts of the Earth took their exit 25,000 years later. And now, as we approach the end of the cycle once again, our DNA is evolving at an extremely rapid speed -- and our overall IQ scores are consistently increasing.


The evidence is much more extensive than just what we have seen in the last 50,000 years.

Multiple scientific experiments have demonstrated that one species can be genetically transformed into another species -- strictly by energetic influences. This includes the work of Ciba-Geigy, Pier Luigi Ighina, Dr. Dzang Kangeng and Dr. Peter Gariaev.

This completely defeats the Darwinian model of evolution. Random mutations are corrected by evolutionary influences -- they are not the cause of them.

Furthermore, our entire evolutionary record of fossils, going all the way back to the "Cambrian explosion" of 542 million years ago, shows two key cycles of spontaneous evolution that repeat again and again.

Most creatures on Earth stay roughly the same for millions and millions of years. Then -- suddenly -- worldwide changes occur, and a huge number of new species appear.

These cycles take place in even lengths of time. The oldest, and longest cycle is 62 million years in length. The more "recent" cycle appeared 250 million years ago -- and is roughly 25 to 26 million years in length.

No orbiting objects such as stars or planets could account for cycles this vast in length. We are left with the inevitable conclusion that galactic cycles must be responsible.

In the book I painstakingly identify the physical evidence for these cycles -- where they come from, what they do, and how we can measure them and scientifically prove they exist.



The 62- and 25-million-year cycles are obviously playing out over very long periods of time -- whereas the 25,920-year cycle is of much shorter duration, respectively speaking.

Now that we are at the end of another major cycle, our DNA is transforming. There are measurable energetic signposts we can observe as this process takes place -- not just genetically, but throughout our entire Solar System.

NASA has released a wealth of information proving that climate change is occurring on every planet -- as well as the Sun. They simply never put all the pieces together at once -- and invariably blame it on "seasons" in each individual case.

When we survey the data itself, we clearly see that the Sun and all the planets are becoming brighter, hotter and more magnetic.

The end of this year, 2012, is the moment the ancient prophecies identified as the shift-point of the entire cycle. 

Again, this was "encoded" into dozens of ancient mythologies around the world -- all of whom predicted it would usher in a Golden Age.

We do not know whether anything specific will happen during this exact time window or not -- but either way, it appears that all of the ancient prophecies are now coming to a head.


Mass Disclosure, and an open revelation that we have never been alone, may well be a very important element of what is predicted to happen as this cycle change takes place.

Any genuine Disclosure will include a remarkable amount of information regarding extraterrestrial archeology that has existed on our planet for many thousands of years.

Our relatives have technology that is very significantly more advanced than our own. Such technology was used to levitate gigantic blocks of stone into "megalithic architecture" found worldwide.

If this were easy to do -- whether a given culture is primitive or not -- we would undoubtedly still be doing it today. Nonetheless, when the Japanese attempted to re-do the Great Pyramid at a much smaller scale, with fully modern equipment, they utterly failed.

Nonetheless, towering pyramids and other gigantic stone structures have been built all over the world. These same cultures inherited the myths that revealed the importance of the 25,920-year cycle.


Giant skulls have also been found in many of these locations -- revealing these were not ordinary humans. Even Discover Magazine carried the story of the Boskop skulls that were found in South Africa and elsewhere.

Many of these legends also centered around the pineal gland in the human brain.

My research revealed tangible proof that this is indeed a functioning "third eye", complete with retinal tissue, which is directly wired into the visual cortex. 

The pineal gland appears to be receiving impressions from the astral body -- which we experience while dreaming, having an out-of-body experience, remote viewing or in a near-death experience.

This part of us is always out there. We simply are not aware of it most of the time.

The ancient teachings clearly indicated that we would strengthen our connection with this "astral body" as we go through the Great Shift -- into the Golden Age they prophesied to occur.



These are some of the clues to what is arguably the greatest mystery on Earth -- and the single most complex puzzle there is to solve.

Who were the ancient "Gods"? Where did they come from? How did they build these great structures? And why did they build them?

The greatest single source I have ever found that addresses these mysteries is the Law of One series.

There have been many imitations -- but out of the many thousands of submissions we have received, I have never seen anything else of comparable quality or sophistication.

I began reading this material in January 1996 -- and studied it in great detail. Very few people are able to successfully do this, due to the inherent complexity of the material.

The Law of One series answered questions that had become a personal obsession of mine for the previous three years -- as I read and absorbed over 300 books on these subjects, including "Fingerprints of the Gods" by Graham Hancock.


Within less than a year of intensely studying the Law of One material, I received personal contact from what appeared to be the same source -- filtered through my own "personality distortions."

On November 10, 1996, I began speaking the words that naturally appeared in my mind as I went into deep states of meditation and followed the established scientific protocols of remote viewing.

The results were spectacular to say the least. Over and over again, I had prophetic statements come through that later proved to be startlingly accurate. Synchronicity events became much more dramatic, and much more frequent, as well.

Achieving full verbal contact with your "Higher Self" is not an easy process, but it is entirely achievable if you understand the techniques involved. Unfortunately, most remote-viewing schools charge thousands of dollars to bring you up to speed.

Although I hesitated for many years in doing this, I have now revealed everything I have to share about how I perfected my own technique, at a nominal cost -- in the Access Your Higher Self video series.

Much like learning to play a musical instrument, you have to go through some basic, repetitive exercises before you get quality results -- but ultimately, we all have this gift, and no special aptitude or skill is required.



The source in the Law of One series identified itself as "sixth density," and said it was intimately involved in "the management and transfer of planetary populations."

For those looking for Biblical tie-ins, beings at the sixth-density level appear in the Old and New Testament as "Seraphim" or "Cherubim" -- the most advanced entities in the angelic hierarchy.

When they did decide to appear in physical form, they appeared as beings of pure light -- with spectacular abilities.

The Law of One clearly explains that the Earth is a school for spiritual growth. Nothing happens here by random chance.

Our free will must be preserved, at all costs -- and that free will includes the fact that Earth will not be destroyed.


At any given time, a balance will be preserved on Earth, making it equally possible for any one person to seek the positive, and see the world as a beautiful and loving place, or the negative -- and see the world as a hateful and terrifying place.

This is the nature of the "illusion" that is carefully upheld -- in the interest of our collective spiritual evolution.

It is your choice as to which path you will take -- and there is no right or wrong answer.

If you choose to focus on the negative, you certainly can -- and can find a wealth of evidence to prove that you are correct. 

The same is true for the positive.

By seeking love and peace in your life, you can have an ever-increasing amount of joy, happiness and bliss appear.

This is Universal Law -- and once you begin applying it, you will find out that it does indeed work very well.



I was already very impressed by what I had been reading -- but once it became a personal, individual experience, the teachings jumped off the printed page and became an intimate part of my own life.

It was extremely difficult for me to "go public" with all of this, knowing the inevitably vast amount of hatred and ridicule it would generate -- but I was told that failing to do this "would be equivalent to a felony in the spiritual realms."

The fruits of this contact included 500 "dream readings" I performed for paying clients between 1998 and 2005, when I finally retired due to what had become an unmanageably high amount of demand.

My satisfaction levels were extremely high -- roughly 99 percent. Many people were told things I simply could not have known from a conscious level.

Despite the fact that I only charged 150 per person, and could not process more than 12 clients a month, this income allowed me to devote the majority of my time to furthering my research.

Invariably, I would receive dreams for the client that were staggeringly accurate, and showed incredible insights into their personal issues. It was quite common for my clients to burst into tears when I shared this data with them.


Many people claim to be receiving intuitive readings, and put them out across the Internet. Their results are of varying levels of quality.

Some readers have found great inspiration in these works. Others profoundly ridicule them -- and despise their creators.

Over the years, with the inevitable cries of "Prove It!" shadowing my every written and spoken word, I veered away from publishing this sort of material -- and focused in on the tangible means by which the validity of this information could be demonstrated.

I also was fortunate enough to develop connections to many high-level insiders who had worked within classified projects.

Some of these contacts came as a result of my extensive involvement with Project Camelot, and others appeared independently.

Once you meet and become acquainted with a genuine insider -- someone who has actually worked within programs where the existence of extraterrestrial human life is an accepted fact -- you can't help but have a radical change in your outlook.

Everything lined up for me -- the dreams I was having, the contact experiences within my own life and for those of my clients, the research data I was compiling, and the insider testimony I increasingly gathered.



I now believe we are rapidly approaching a time of epic change on Earth. The amount of evidence supporting this notion is staggering.

The complexity is so vast that very few people are able to see the full vision.

Without the "overview" perspective, where all the data can be studied in the mind as a full mosaic, it is very difficult to appreciate the scope and depth of the story.

Reading the entire Law of One series alone -- enough to really understand it -- took me about a year and a half, working an average of one or two hours a day.

Nonetheless, as you begin familiarizing yourself with these concepts, synchronicity will "intrude" into your life more and more -- proving that the world you once took for granted might not be as predictable as you thought.

Indeed, very few people realize what is about to take place -- and that's OK.

There is no need to "shout from the rooftops" and try to convince anyone of anything. It truly does not matter whether any one person believes in this or not. These events will happen regardless of what anyone says, thinks or does.

The higher forces are not looking for "numbers or quick growth" -- only to reach those who are ready for the Great Invitation that is coming our way.


We are heading into an opportunity where everyone will be given a choice.

According to the Law of One series, we will be able to choose whether we wish to evolve into the next level of human evolution.

If we do take this "invitation", we will be able to travel throughout the Galaxy, visit and help other cultures, and develop profound intuitive abilities -- allowing us to travel through space and time, communicate telepathically, levitate ourselves, and manifest objects out of thin air.

This is something all of us will do at one time or another. If we do not choose to do it now, we will continue to be human, as we have been -- perhaps for many more lifetimes.

However, at some point we will inevitably take this evolutionary leap. It's written into the basic nature of the Universe.


It's quite humbling to realize how much "amnesia" we have within our current human form -- but that is an intimate part of the spiritual growth process.

If we could see the Big Picture, and understand our connection to the Universe, there would be no incentive for us to grow.

This is also why the ETs have not formally revealed themselves to us on a mass level at this point.

As soon as they take this step, it will be much easier for any one person to make that "leap of faith".

This also makes it much harder to proceed to the next level of our evolution -- because now the level of difficulty is much lower.


As you probably already know, I have been covering the story of pending Mass Arrests on this website since last November.

The evidence that this process can and will be done is quite substantial. I have been urged, from the highest intuitive levels, to assist this process as much as I can.

However, I have no direct influence in this process. I cannot decide whether it will be done, when it will be done, or how it will be done. It is outside of my hands. The window in which I was told this would happen has already passed -- but I do still believe it will take place.

Dreams have remained the primary means by which my Higher Self has kept in contact with me over the years -- and it was no accident that I have put this much time and energy into pursuing this story.

I do believe it is important that we solve these problems ourselves, on a physical level, rather than expecting any outside forces to come in and rescue us.

The value for all of us, as a planet, is much higher if we do this ourselves.


Nonetheless, the Earth is not here to be overrun and destroyed by corrupt, evil bankers.

The ETs of fourth density, fifth density and sixth density assist a planet like ours throughout the course of its development.

The Law of One series also states that seventh-density entities -- known as "Guardians" -- do step in to assist a planet at the end of a cycle. 

The role of the Guardians is to insure that the planet passes through this transformation without actually being destroyed.

The Guardians are cleared to make very high-level interventions to insure that we have a stable, survivable world -- even while the "illusion" is that things are totally falling apart, and we are in terrible jeopardy.

This "opportunity" for fear is what creates the greatest incentive for spiritual growth.

Finding that core of Truth within yourself -- that Truth that knows and trusts that All is Well, and that chooses love -- is the greatest spiritual attainment you can ever make.

In this series, I will explore the blatant interventions now taking place to insure the Earth will not be destroyed as we head into this Single Greatest Moment of All Time -- at least as far as our own recorded history is concerned.



I am about to have a full show on "Coast to Coast AM with George Noory" -- the nation's largest nighttime talk radio program.

In this show, I will debut never-before-heard testimony of the exact nature of Divine Intervention that is now taking place on Earth.

Further updates will follow as I am able to produce them.

I have two big events this weekend in Amsterdam, as you can find in the Coming Appearances section of this website. I've written this new introduction to Divine Intervention in the hotel room I'm staying in.

Please be advised that if you wish to attend the all-day Saturday event, there are very few seats left in the venue -- so time is of the essence.

By comparison, the Friday venue is significantly larger in size -- and I will be speaking that day from 7 to 10:30 PM.

I'd like to share a personal section now that is slightly off-topic, but nonetheless important to me as a person.

The article introduction to the new Divine Intervention series is now finished -- and this section is just for people tracking my own personal interests.



One of the things I've been patiently waiting to announce is Invisible Light -- a new instrumental ensemble I'm putting together, blending elements of dance, DJ, jazz, rock and deep psychedelia.

This was a concept that was given to me directly by the higher forces -- and they sent the best possible musicians into my path, blatantly, to make sure I would get the message and run with it.

I didn't feel it was appropriate to bring this up in the Mass Arrests series -- but here it finally feels right.

If it is done properly, and skillfully, music can create incredibly powerful visionary and spiritual experiences -- particularly if those who are creating it already know where they can go, and how to get there. 

We're already doing that at my all-weekend CONVERGENCE conferences. More recently, we have recorded the results, and offer them here in the Meditations series.

Nonetheless, what I'm planning with the Invisible Light ensemble will take this concept into an entirely new level -- and may well bleed over into everything else I do.

I can't fully jump into this project until I'm finished writing my new book, and have returned from my Europe, New Zealand and Australia tours featured on this website -- but I very much am looking forward to it.

For me, this is more of a recreational pursuit -- but the dreams are telling me it will reach many people on a very profound level.


I minored in jazz percussion in college, and had a wonderful time performing avante-garde jazz compositions that we would improvise, on the spot, with nothing planned in advance.

We'd all get together, meditate for a while, turn on the recording equipment, and just start playing -- with absolutely nothing planned out in advance.

Nonetheless, we would end up with a finished musical product -- with no need for overdubbing or re-doing anything.

The jazz program was very competitive, and I was among the top three jazz drummers in the class -- complete with all the pyrotechnics you expect to see in a great drum solo.

For whatever reason, I've never filmed or recorded myself doing a drum solo for the audience I've built up since I went online -- but I very much still have the chops to do it.

I more or less gave up on musical ensemble work in 1996, when I went into this research full time -- but a year and a half ago, I was guided to pick up the guitar, and get back into the scene.

I had no idea where this was going or why I was being asked to do it, but I really enjoyed it -- and have developed some nice-sounding improvisational fingerstyle techniques since then.


On several occasions now in the last few years, I have attended "conscious gatherings" where people who are "into this kind of stuff" get together and dance.

I found the music at these events to be nowhere near as powerful and evocative as it could be.

One single DJ would be there, running little more than a drum-machine loop -- and then laying various samples over the top of it.

People would get up and dance to this, despite how lacking I felt it was. 

This was my original inspiration for Invisible Light. If I don't like what I'm hearing, then why not offer something I feel to be better?


"Wanderer Awakening" captured one aspect of my musical interests -- namely vocal music in the 1970s-style idiom. I am very proud of what we accomplished -- in 25 vocal songs and 25 instrumentals that tell a vast cosmic story of soul evolution.

However, I still have never produced this original 'dream' idea -- to marry the stylistic elements of hard rock, jazz fusion and deep psychedelic trance music in a live, improvisational context.

Back when I was 15 years old, my parents tipped me off to the late-1970s Tangerine Dream album Rubycon. My father was getting all the releases sent to him from the major record labels -- as he was working as a rock and roll journalist for various local papers.

Both of them told me how profoundly this album influenced them. Just the moment-to-moment experience they had while listening to it was quite intense -- and deeply meaningful.

They were right -- Rubycon was definitely the best one. I couldn't believe the power of the experiences I would be thrown into when I meditated on that music. I soon also discovered the albums Ricochet and Stratosfear -- and I was heavily influenced by them as well.

Encore, Phaedra and Tangram, and the Detroit and Montreal "official bootlegs" are all somewhat flawed by comparison -- but certainly deserve honorable mentions.

After this time, Peter Baumann left the group and it went in a more mainstream direction -- which somehow lacked the deep shamanic power of their earlier works, in my opinion.


The analog keyboards Tangerine Dream used to produce these late-70s albums have enjoyed a huge resurgence -- which continues to grow to this day.

However, it is quite surprising that no current-day musicians have even come close to achieving what Tangerine Dream was doing with these instruments in the late 1970s -- despite remarkable improvements in the technology.

My other great musical passion that developed in high school was for jazz fusion music. I was particularly impressed by Brand X, a jazz ensemble with Phil Collins playing drums, during a time where Genesis was in transition after Peter Gabriel left the band.

Brand X also has some very advanced and wonderful soundscapes. The musicians are all extremely technical and extremely talented -- in a way you do not hear in Tangerine Dream. I still greatly enjoy listening to the classic Brand X albums.

In this case, jazz sounds were blended with the harder edge of rock and roll -- and when I listened to this back in high school, I felt it was inevitable that this sort of music would eventually catch on and become extremely influential and popular.

This still hasn't happened -- which on one level is a surprise. On another level, it may simply be that we haven't reached the consciousness level, on a mass scale, to fully appreciate this type of music yet.

My dream was always to fuse those two styles together -- the late-70s Tangerine Dream sound and the late-70s Brand X sound. The key would be to modernize it and put a dance beat underneath it -- so it doesn't sound like "70s retro music," but maintains freshness.



This idea had been percolating in my mind for many years, but I'd never really done anything to pursue it since 1996 -- and had almost forgotten about it entirely.

I was thinking it would be nice to produce something like this and offer it at "conscious gatherings," but I really had no idea who to work with or where to get started.

Then, I spoke for an hour at just such a "conscious gathering" in Los Angeles -- where there was a "superfood elixir bar" featuring liquid chocolate and other, perfectly legal delights.

I appreciated the fact that drugs and alcohol were not a part of this event -- at least not openly -- and yet the vibes were still very high, and everyone had a great time.

The organizers told me a "Chapman Stick" player named Eliah Levy wanted to open up for me before I went on stage -- and he was a big fan of my work.

They were not going to allow him to play, but I had just become aware of this instrument and was fascinated by its potentials. So, I told them to give him a shot, and let's see what he could do.

Eliah got up there -- and on a musical level, where it is admittedly very difficult to impress me, I was absolutely knocked over by what he played.


On this remarkable-looking twelve-stringed instrument, Eliah was holding down a completely solid bassline with his left hand while playing totally independent melodies and harmonies with his right.


His compositions were incredibly sophisticated -- and yet they flowed so well that no one even noticed how utterly difficult it would be to play something like that.

It did somewhat remind me of an obscure Early Music instrument called a "Theorbo Lute" -- in which there is a very long neck with very deep-sounding bass strings that are plucked, in open fashion, by the thumb as the fingers play a melody.

The audience admittedly didn't seem to pay much attention, at the time -- but I believe this was because the music was of such beautiful quality that everyone just jumped into the richness and fullness of the moment.



I realized that Eliah must be a great guitar player to be able to accomplish something like this on an instrument as obscure as the Chapman Stick -- so I asked him if he'd give me guitar lessons.

He was more than happy to get involved -- and when we did have our first lesson, I showed him what I was capable of playing on the drum set. I was surprised when he told me I was the best drummer he'd ever had a chance to work with!

As we jammed together, I quickly realized that his guitar chops were on par with any of the greatest jazz fusion players of the 1970s -- whether it was John Goodsall from Brand X, John McLaughlin from Mahavishnu Orchestra, or Al Dimeola -- originally in Chick Corea's "Return to Forever" before he branched out into his own group.

The speed was definitely there -- but fast notes alone do not necessarily indicate that someone is a great player. Even at those incredible speeds, he didn't lose musicality -- and that was what impressed me the most.

This was where the idea for Invisible Light was first created. Not long after this, I realized that my long-term friend and colleague Bill Levine, an equally incredible keyboard player, needed to be in the group as well.

We did already have one rehearsal before I headed off on my European tour -- and my next-door neighbor was dazzled by how it sounded, and wanted more.

Just like I was doing in 1996, this was completely improvisational -- with nothing planned in advance. That's often where the real magic -- the alchemy of pure musical shamanism -- can take place.


Eliah recently recorded a video of himself playing before an audience of 5000 people in Spain. The cameraman never captured the size of the audience, as they didn't all crowd up near the front -- but the quality of the performance is definitely quite evident.

Eliah has a series of wonderful CDs on his website that are well worth the cost. His flagship work is Melodia de Luna, which I've got on a repeating cycle now in my car stereo.
It seems almost impossible to believe that he recorded this all in one take -- but that's exactly how it was done. The musical spaces he creates are quite wonderful, deeply healing, and powerfully transformative.
I invite you to head over to his website,, and check out the audio samples of this and other albums for yourself. Your orders of his CDs will directly help me achieve a dream I have had for many, many years now.
I want to make sure we can make Invisible Light into a reality -- but until I finish up my other projects, I don't have the time to develop this into a working group where we can play gigs that will pay the bills for the artists.
Nonetheless, I've already built up an arsenal of the best synths on the market, and set it up so I can play drums and synth parts at the same time -- and then jump over to Native American flute or guitar parts, all in a live context.
In addition to ordering CDs, we are looking for people who want to hire Eliah as a live musician for parties, gatherings and the like in the greater California area.
Lastly, I want to again remind you about Graham Hancock's offer -- where you can get his entire book for less than a buck, this week only. Then, in our next installment, we'll be fully back to the "massive download" of new information!


Imagine reading a gripping novel, of the very highest quality, that goes into the real story behind the Illuminati -- and discusses all sorts of intriguing subjects -- like time travel, ancient civilizations and massive, occult conspiracies.

A novel so compelling that you literally cannot stop reading it once you get started. A novel practically begging to become a hit movie.

Even though most people think of him as "only" a great scholar, Graham Hancock has written that novel -- and it's called Entangled.


I wrote a very enthusiastic endorsement of it when it first came out in this article, which you can read by clicking here.

I just found out that Graham is selling the electronic versions of Entangled in the US for just 99 cents -- this week only, starting on Monday, May 7th!

This saves you $9 on Amazon and I-Tunes, almost $10 on Nookbook and close to $11 on Sony. I'm definitely going to get a copy so I can enjoy it on my long flights!

Barnes & Noble:
Video trailer for the novel here:
There’s also a page about this special offer on Graham's website here:
I honestly didn't know what to expect when Graham first gave me a copy to read for review -- but once I started, I couldn't put it down! 
"Divine Intervention" is coming soon -- but in the meantime, this is a ridiculously affordable deal that will throw you into an awesome new adventure of consciousness! Check it out... and let Graham know what you think!

I'm about to head off for a few hours sleep before I do the show. This will be the world debut of some very interesting information, and I'm certainly looking forward to it.
The jet lag has me all screwed up -- I sleep at night, all during the day, whenever I can, and often not enough. Probably just about at the time I have to leave, I will have sorted it all out!
Anyway, we'll see you in a few hours. This should be quite an interesting time!

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We have done our work to rid your planet of outside influence. It is Now your responsibility to finish what we started and rid yourself of these parasites . Love 1212
#870 v baba 2014-07-21 22:30
The ET's you refer to are the Confederation of MAN. They will do what is necessary to prevent Third Density inhabitants from obliterating their planet, because of Earth's innocence, and because of the impact it would have on neighboring planets. Third Density Maldekians blew up their planet with hydrogen bombs, now orbiting as the Asteroid Belt and they will not sacrifice another planet in this Solar System to Third Density. They do not infringe upon Free Will, therefore, they would not tell the Cabal they "must stand down" or "force the Cabal to surrender." They may break or capture the Cabal's little toys but they will not interfere with the Destiny of Earthlings. They do not support the Savior System - for we reap what we sow. Karma is like that. The Third Density Human Cycle is 75,000 years- in 25,000 year increments, each followed by a Harvest of Souls - those eligible to graduate into Fourth Density, which is upon us.
#869 Andi 2013-05-29 04:01
Hi all,

I hope this message finds everyone in good spirit and having a good day..please go to the above mentioned website as well as this link to a free ebook

The website and ebook is essential reading to establish a proper context within which to process and make light of all this 'information' about ETS and what not...if you are sick of govt tyranny, religion and politics then more than half the material would be of no surprise anyway..
#868 m.iSOM 2012-12-13 22:24
#867 Jeanine 2012-10-11 05:39
While I appreciate the voluminous research you have done and are continuing to do as you unwind the reactive mind of mankind, you are incorrect in your assumption that it is the intervention of ET's that are creating change this planet. Humanity, a species of it's own creation, not mankind inclusive of alien influence, is responsible for this change.

Where is my proof? The fact is David, I don't have any, nor do I have to have any, as I am human, plain and simple, kind, loving, generous, and healing in nature, with the courage to support my nature and those who share these atributes. You and others of alien origin, who share similar physical bodies are here during this time to share these atributes and truly become human.

I hope you understand that this and all my previous communications to you and your staff have, no matter what their content, been delivered with the greatest admiration and appreciation for your work.

So an early Happy Birthday, 12-21-2012, may be in order here. May what you and yours reflect to all others be filled with PEACE:-)

Human Being, Planet Earth
#866 INDRAJIT 2012-08-28 11:19

I've been a participant myself in this great change forecasted for 2012. However, my nature of work was as a single individual.

Therefore, these kind of work from other related individuals really come as a "heaven sent" gifts for people like us.

Thank you immensely. This article had been a pure blessing for me.

Stay Safe
#865 C. Willinais 2012-08-06 07:27
Trance music, might be good @ a conscious gathering.

Anything that would create alpha waves.:D
#864 John Nelson 2012-07-21 03:52
If anyone thinks Aliens are gonna come and arrest the 'elites', you are just kidding yourselves. We let this happen to our planet...and we will have to be the ones who fix it, Its as simple as that!
#863 jorge colman 2012-07-11 14:49
gracias david por todo.y gracias a todos por acompañarme en este camino,por no sentirme solo,porque cada vez que desfallecia,apa recia un libro,un comentario,un video con la respuesta que buscaba........ ...y luego volver a evolucionar porque aparecian nuevas preguntas.desde el año 1997-cuando empece a despertar-hasta hoy no he dejado de pensar,de imaginar,de visualizar un mundo mejor....porque se que es posible,porque esta humanidad tiene el potencial para hacerlo.......y lo vamos a lograr.
un fuerte abrazo para todos [email protected]
#862 Ian MacLeod 2012-07-09 08:56

I'm unsure how I ended up here, but the work on the Chapman Stick was amazing! I've another artist now that I need to look up. I'm a musician myself, but more poet/lyricist.s inger than anything, and I do ballads best. That doesn't stop me from appreciating a gifted musician though. Thanks so much! It's been a VERY hard time lately - I'm a vet, disabled, had my wife of 13 years die of COPD and the VA picked then to destroy my medical regimen. My weight dropped from 210 to 143, etc. Even cats are dropping due to chemtrail overspray. I've since remarried, to a wonderful woman with 6 great kids, but it's still been a battle to survive. Things like this help. Thanks!

#861 Enki Eli 08 03 2012-06-28 01:09
David, you`ve opened my eyes again, meaning all three of them!.

It has been amazing to follow your work.
I did not really study after my highschool, but the way you present the information is outstandingly easy to understand.

i´ve had quite intresting childhood with every night occuring outside body experiences and seeing things happening on a plain white sealing while awake.

I´ve lost that ability when i was 7 and going through a strange phase in my life thinking, that i was going to die. I propably tried to understand death.

it became stressfull and i had complications and "mantras" with all sort of weird things happening. So when i pulled out from that. I couldn`t fly no more.

Now listening you and the beautiful information you have gathered. All my feelings make more sence and i can see myself as the same kid as before.

Now my head is buzzing for more information and understanding. I mean i just spent half an hour in dark room thinking and watching my aura in my fingers. lol

Now expecting a baby concieved on 20. may and be born on 10. february...

i´m born on 8. march 1981 in Finland.
so i guess that´s why you´re easy to listen.

But, what i really wanted to say, that you`ll have all my support and my thoughts are with you. I wish the best and be safe.
Peace & Out

#860 mr. ayala 2012-06-27 04:24
;-) we live in a time of life , when we will see expectacular changes coming down the pipe line ( we can hear ). if you think about it that means that everything that has happened in your life was mean to happen for your spiritual growth in order for you to be in this cross roads- its up to you to choose which way to go . faith is essential.

what i like - that the nwo / illuminati are shaking because their time is coming to an end
of the human slavery . they can,t accept - they are not going to rule anymore ( and like children they are crying- but nobody is listening. everyone is looking to the skies for the arrival of events/ but dont be tricked
( like blue beam project and others.)
#859 Blaze 2012-06-25 11:29
Posted by benjamin
June 26, 2012

Last week the cabal controlled media in the West tried to pretend the Rio summit was a failure even though $513 billion was pledged by 100 nations to fight poverty and environmental destruction. It was a cabal failure because $513 billion that, in the past, would have been handed over to the rich by the poor is instead being given by middle income countries to the poorest countries. This is undeniable proof the international boycott of the war-mongering, mass murdering leaders of the United States and many European countries is intensifying. The cabalists are trying to pass the pain on to their own slave people and this is why there is a “financial crisis” in the West. Full report.
#858 bob 2012-06-22 01:08
Love is an action, not a word

Action is an action, not a word

secrets and broken promises are the illusion of the american DREAM
#857 Blaze 2012-06-17 22:52
B.Fulford--June 18,2012

Posted by benjamin
June 18, 2012

As the old cliché goes, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Empirical evidence proves the current financial crisis has been caused by an artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence was born out of a monetary system that was not based in reality but was parasitical on reality.

That is why most trading on today’s financial markets is carried out by computers and not humans. That is why they are trying to remove all human traders from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. That is why the small human elite still living an astronomically rich life have been promoting the use of killer drones to replace human soldiers who are no longer obeying orders. That is also why so many youth reduced to slavery and drudgery by the elite are escaping into virtual reality.

Well, reality has struck back and dealt a fatal blow to the money matrix known to some as Satan.
#856 Andy 2012-06-15 07:35
David Im an avid follower of your work, Would love your thoughts on the Baltic sea ufo?

looks like some kind of ancient tech.
#855 Brendan McNamara 2012-06-14 15:19
David and Everybody, I am hoping soon to start an organization to get groups of people together physically and digitally to "tone" at these critical informational/t emporal/astrono mical nexuses that will be occurring over the course of this next year. Toning, for those who don't know, is exactly like Omming with a greater range of well, tone. The focus is the breath and energy; I aim to see it more like I am 'being toned'. I just got through 30 minutes of this, it's the best sound in the entire Universe, THE sound, with my 2 year old son sleeping near me like a log of course, because there's no way this very loud multidimensiona l sound can even wake a sleeping baby it is so peaceful. I know in my heart I will never get cancer as long as I tone as often as possible every day...

ANYWAY, I get done with that and end up on divine cosmos reading this blog. I did this last October with about 400 people at Occupy Seattle in the beginning of that movement, just after the underground bases were destroyed, have done it at varying times. It's a very spiritual intradimensiona l thing to do that you can do any time to heal the body, space, energy, thoughts, past, future, whatever you are holding in your meditation.

Does anybody have information on projected energetic nexuses upcoming leading up to December? I am gathering this information along with organizational people to make this happen. I would like a web platform doing this with millions of people connected via devices, computers, and physically in mass, to help "push through" these changes and events and send this thing off like a roman effing candle into our hyperspacial future past many-oneness.

Please let me know if you are interested in helping organize this.

Thanks again everybody, especially you brother David. Love and light!

Check out my blog :-)
#854 Johnny 2012-06-13 00:37
I just wanted to comment on the musical portion of the article. As a music lover myself, I really enjoy many different genres from blues, rock, reggae, jazz, bluegrass, jambands and especially anything psychedelic. There are bands out there that would blow your mind, you just have to dig a little deeper.
I noticed you had an experience at a music festival where the 'conscious' groups gather; they are mostly themed around lame electronic music. The technology is there for many of these artists to shine and sound unique, but it depends on the artist of course. However, the purpose of gathering and sharing the experience together is what it's all about.
I think you need to check out this musical artist in particular:

OTT - a mystical electronic musical journey
infused with dub, multicultural
soundscapes, and mind blowing psychedlia

It will change the way you think about music in general, but especially 'DJs.' This guy is otherworldly.
#853 Blaze 2012-06-11 08:11 Quote
#852 Blaze 2012-06-11 06:49
Hey I found a video that has Drake in it!!! It is about Chemtrails. He looks just like I thought he would. ENJOY
#851 Blaze 2012-06-11 06:10
From Fulford per the M-5 agent thing.

This is a response to slander against me by Tom Henegan
Let me make it clear, I am not an MI5 agent nor am I anybody's agent. I am a freelance journalist.
Also, Edward Harle or Christopher Story was murdered and is not alive. Henegan should call Story's family to confirm this before writing lies.
Finally, there will be no solution to the financial crisis until the Western nations agree to cease all their wars and agree to start a major campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and free the forbidden technology. You cannot eat gold, so even if you are bringing stolen gold from the Philippines into the US, it will not end the global boycott against the G7 terrorist states.
Negotiations towards a win win solution for everybody are proceeding smoothly and we hope to be able to make an announcement soon. No firm dates yet though.
#850 Blaze 2012-06-11 04:50
Hi all, here is a little taste of hopium for you. This must be the "time release" version~~with prolonged effects. Kinda looks like this has turned into waiting game for sure.

I don't know, Fulford could very well be a M-5 dis-information agent. I remain very cynical on this whole "make the world a better place". I think it was designed to corrupt and fail.

Posted by benjamin
June 12, 2012

There will be a series of both secret and public high-level meetings from June 15 to June 20th aimed at ending the financial crisis that threatens to collapse the Western world’s banking sector, according to multiple sources. The hope is that the G20 meeting set to start on June 18th will lead to a breakthrough.
To help make that possible, the White Dragon Society sent a message to the Committee of 300 proposing the announcement of a campaign, similar in intensity to a world war, aimed at ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction, eliminating disease and otherwise trying to save our wonderful, but ailing planet.
If the committee responds positively and yet the high-level financial blockage continues, then the next level response will be directed at the P2 freemason lodge and the BIS, according to sources involved in the negotiations.
#849 Sandra Conti 2012-06-08 03:20
Hi David,
Thank you for brilliance and clarity - and honesty and love.
As always, you didn't miss a beat!
#848 Natural Disaster 2012-06-05 05:36
wow one of those last videos from that may ufo video shows a cme get blocked by a giant invisible ball

sounds like a big round coincidence or that intervention thats been talked about

interesting if its real...whats a big planet sized ball doing next to the sun blocking cme's
#847 Yon 2012-06-05 04:25
The new article will be out by tomorrow.. I feel (I hope I feel):3
#846 Fred 2012-06-05 04:24 Quote
#845 rick 2012-06-05 04:05
I saw the post about Drake leaving Freedom Reigns and that gives me a little confidence in him. I too was banned from Freedom Reigns and my comments were being censored and deleted. I was banned from their Facebook group by the founder, Deatra Loomer. FR is a B.S. organization for sure.

Also, thanks for all your work David! I can't wait to hear more about what your dreams are telling you instead of what these other people and organizations are telling you. But if you trust them, so do I. Keep up the great work!
#844 its true 2012-06-05 03:58
please be advised that regards those posting youtube links to videos, the content is usually just part of the poster's belief system, and is no way actually related to what's going on, in actuality.

unless ANYONE can PROVE out-right and in person what they say is THE TRUTH, it likely is not.

no ego, no agenda, but given ten years of following everything i've learnt this to be the truth. now just remember every time someone has proclaimed something that hasn't happened . .

. . . exactly!

peace x
#843 Me 2012-06-05 03:41
Do we have the courage to face the reality of our time?

I hope we do.

We have no other choice.

This is the type of party we are missing in exchange for absolute greed:;byline=0&;portrait=0href=
#842 Aaron 2012-06-05 00:57
Hi Everyone. I wanted to get a message to David but I thought perhaps posting here might be best as well as spread the message.

I created a website platform in support of Drake´s broadcasts and is intended to Unite all US citizens and other peoples of the planet in the support of the Mass Arrests of Cabal Criminals. You can help send a message to our Brave Men & Women in uniform and let them know our collective free will and command for Freedom, Sovereignty, and Common Law.

I was inspired to create this site via a very strong spiritual message I received about 3 weeks ago and it hit me like a "freight train", sort of like a voice inside my head urging me to do it...

My intent of the site is to serve as another link in the support chain by creating a platform of "collective voice and action" for this cause. It was my intent to try and create something that would in fact "evoke" and emotional response and hence help to unite all of us under one common and undeniable truth that we all share the same fate and position as US citizens.

By creating and aggregating this unified support wave, it was my intent that this serve as an observable communication channel to all US military personnel from the standpoint of love and support as opposed to conflict and strife.

Please visit and create a "SoldierHUG" and send a message and command to our Brave military men and women to arrest these criminals that threaten us from within and here at home.

Thank you and if you like it and agree with it, please help to share it far and wide.

Thank you,

Soldier Hugs Admin

*Moderator, I went to sign up for the forums to place this there and was successful but still have not received my confirmation email allowing me to post this there instead of here)
#841 chris 2012-06-05 00:56
I'd pay for another article moderator

[Moderator: So would I!!! Sometimes you can't force a sh*t.]
#840 cosmic 2012-06-04 22:57
David, I hope you are doing well. I felt the tug to speak and send light. I'm personally glad that you have taken time away from here and have been working on other things.

People have become addicted to 'hopium', myself included, and I think we needed a detox to really sit with our own lives. The changes that have taken place over the last month are amazing. I can feel it in every bit of my being, and I have this stronger sense of knowing and starting to see the bigger picture come together.

I've found myself able to smile, chuckle, and be at peace with much much more of the fear that is out there than I used to. Last night I had a dream about releasing some very old, traumatic energy hiding inside me. Everyday I continue to work on peeling away my own layers and I hope everyone else can as well. This is our work, this is our practice.

We all must shine bright before the world can. Love and light to you all!
#839 Anne 2012-06-04 21:05
I have nothing against Drake, but if you guys have been reading the "Illuminati Matrix," isn't Drake's actions feeding into the "Luciferian Egregore" thought process? Fear is one of the many emotions that the cabal feeds off of. Protesting, fighting, being angry, etc, will not help us get out of this mess. We have to become emotionless to get out of the trance. Think in the now. Ignore those little voices in your head. Those are not your thoughts. They are hypnotic suggestions.

You can read all about it here if you not yet aware of this very informative website: /

The link above is the "Home" page, which is page 1. There is a lot to read, but it's well worth it. The site is in French & English. On the right side, you will see the links to the various pages. Please click on the links in English if that is your first language. It goes all the way up to page 63. Very interesting stuff.

~Peace & Love~

#838 DC 2012-06-04 16:53
Latest Bill Wood interview on Wolf Spirit Radio by phone from "County.

It IS hard to hear him, but persevere as it gets better when he calls back.

The support mail IS proving very effective, especially the International support. That has really got his lawyers attention.

So, more support please.

Bill is hoping this helps to restore a big chunk of the Consitution.
#837 DC 2012-06-04 14:05 Quote
#836 Blaze 2012-06-04 13:22
Cabal begins peace negotiations, detailed discussions begin
Posted by benjamin
June 5, 2012

The cabal that illegally seized power in the Western world and attempted to set up a fascist world dictatorship known as the New World Order is trying to negotiate a peaceful transition to a saner planet. Although there is much we cannot discuss in order not to endanger ongoing negotiations, the talks are focusing on how to smoothly carry out a transition away from fossil fuels and nuclear energy and how to arrange a harmonious rapport between East, West, North and South.
It is not clear, however, if the families that own the US Federal Reserve Board are acting too late and offering too little to prevent a revolution against their secret government. It is also worth mentioning that the Bilderberger meeting that just ended has turned into a media distraction to draw attention away from the real secret meetings that are taking place, like the one planned for June 21st.

The June 21st meeting is due to take place at the Kimball Castle in Colorado and will consist of people like the Bushes who give orders to the flunkies attending the Bilderberger meetings. Previous gatherings there have featured human sacrifice. The following site has good information about this.

The White Dragon Society is also now compiling specific, detailed evidence of human sacrifice and Satanic murder and abuse from victims who are bravely coming out a great personal risk. Message to George Bush Junior: “If you are lucky, you will spend the rest of your life in jail.”

The Pentagon and US agency white hats are not feeling as forgiving as the White Dragon Society and it is becoming increasingly likely the 1 million Satanist controllers in the West will have to face justice.

The Situation in Europe is also looking grim for the Satanists. In a recent report we noted that a “US agency ‘cleaner’ by the name of ‘leftie’ was going to Italy to ‘remove scum.’” Well it is interesting to note that immediately after the P2 fascist lodge was informed of this, the Italian government assigned 20,000 police officers to guard 550 individuals. We would like to thank the Italian government for self-identifyin g people they considered to be “scum.”

We would also like to point out that any agency sending a “cleaner” must be a cleaning agency and that the “scum” they were after was the variety that grows between bathroom tiles and around toilet bowls. It would be nice, though, for the Italian authorities to question their self-defined “scum” about their knowledge of the 311 nuclear and tsunami terror attack against Japan.

As far as the Euro is concerned, people need to understand they are dealing with extremely sophisticated and intelligent secret groups who plan events decades or even centuries in advance. It is looking increasingly likely that designing the European Parliament building to look like the tower of Babel was deliberate.

In other words, the blueprint for a unified currency was designed to fail right from the start because, if you recall, humanity split off into many separate factions after the collapse of the tower of Babel. The countries like Greece, Spain, Italy and Ireland that are having their real assets seized by bankers need to note this.

In the US, meanwhile, a critical intellectual mass has been reached and events like the arrest of the Ron Paul majority representatives at the Louisiana Republican convention are becoming impossible to cover up.

The Pentagon and the agencies are just making sure they will continue to be funded by the international community before they let a new legitimate government ease US tax-payers defense burdens.

Read the rest
#835 Sadie 2012-06-04 12:40
Oh, great... so if you don't have a Facebook account, you can't listen to Drake? He LEFT Freedom Reigns? What the heck is going on?
#834 macky7 2012-06-04 12:15
WHAT!? Cabal begins 'Peace' negotiations... you are kidding...No.
from today's Fulford blog...
'The Pentagon and US agency white hats are not feeling as forgiving as the White Dragon Society and it is becoming increasingly likely the 1 million Satanist controllers in the West will have to face justice.' there are so many in jail and prison, and Dead...who had to face terrible Injustice at the cabal's hands... feeling is that anyone making deals with these 'people'
is a traitor to life itself, and to the rest of us who need to be able to voice a say in their justice meted out...why should they not have to learn the same lessons as the poorest most desolate...crim e does not pay, pun intended.
#833 Dwight 2012-06-04 11:43
Can some one help me out here. I remain positive, and hopeful that change is coming. But I just read channeled information from DECEMBER 26, 2006 that says, almost to the word, the same message being spread around now, 6 years later. The "imminent fall of the Cabal", "First Contact," etc. etc. 6 years ago! the message is still the same?? Are we getting closer to anything happening or am I just late coming to a party that seems to be in running in perpetuity??
#832 Jocund 2012-06-04 10:05
I really look forward to the next update.

Any estimate on when David will have a chance to sit down and crank out a new one?
#831 sjk 2012-06-04 08:33
I went directly to the new link for Drake's broadcasts. I listened for 15 minutes to drivel. How can the "white hats" be sanctioning this? It will be awhile before I will listen again. Might miss the beginning of the mass arrests due to disillusionment in the messenger, ie, Drake.

I am now wading through the illuminatiMatri x and find it to be very thought provoking. Much of it supports what I believe. Has anyone read "Butterflies Are Free To Fly" by Stephen Davis? It would be the prelude for the illuminatiMatri x read. The book is a free download and worth reading on line because it links to so many supporting notes.

We are in serious times here This world is in the shape it is in because we have believed every stupid message sent down through the ages regarding our life and purpose on this earth. Dah! In the words of Stephen Davis, "it is time to leave the movie theater".
#830 Anne 2012-06-04 08:22
For all the New Yorkers out there, don't you find it strange that it's always cloudy and rainy during these major eclipses? I missed the one on May 20th b/c it was cloudy all afternoon and it rained all day the next day. It rained here in NY today, and there is also rain in the forecast for tomorrow. How convenient, eh?

Let's call a spade a spade. The cabal is manipulating the weather. They have always manipulated the weather.

~Peace & Love~


[Moderator: Sometimes celestial activity elicits certain weather patterns... it's not like its rainy everywhere during an eclipse... NY is just one place among so many in the world]
#829 Ricci 2012-06-04 07:22
Synchronicity in action: China stock index evokes Tiananmen with 64.89-point fall

In an unlikely coincidence certainly unwelcome to China's communist rulers, the stock benchmark fell 64.89 points on Monday, matching the numbers of the June 4, 1989 crackdown in the heart of Beijing.

Read more:
#828 Gabriel 2012-06-04 05:10
Speaking of "Divine Intervention", check this out:

China censorship: Shares fall 64.89 points on June 4, 1989 protest anniversary

By Ed Flanagan, NBC News

In an apparent coincidence, Shanghai’s local stock market, the Shanghai Composite Index, opened trading this morning at 2346.98 points. Read backwards, it looks like the date, June 4, 1989 – this day 23 years ago when the Communists brutally cracked down on pro-democracy activists in Tiananmen Square and elsewhere in the capital.

Even more bizarre? By the end of trading in the afternoon, the market had lost 64.89 points.

The significance of the numbers might have passed without comment had authorities not tried to censor discussion of the anniversary by preventing users on Weibo - China’s equivalent of Twitter – from posting terms such as “six four,” “candle” and “never forget.” With users abuzz over the Shanghai Composite Index numbers, censors had to widen the list of banned terms to include the Chinese word for ‘Index’.

Here is a link to the rest of the article:

Strange ?!?!?

Here's another news article about it:
#827 Anna 2012-06-04 04:07
@ Janice A thousand pardons, Janice. I thought it would help others to understand way more people are being exceptionally many fearful people and worriers. So my mistake.

David and others have been right and more movies and programs are flooding both TV and big screen about alien attacks. It is true that there are both positive and negative ETs.
Just the same as positive and negative people. Listen to your gut and intuition. There are two more big influxes of energy coming this month. So hang on to your hats...these are another phase of increasing our vibrational levels.
Love and Light,
hey Anne!
#826 Bean 2012-06-04 03:58 Quote
#825 Stargate2012 2012-06-04 03:34
#824 Angela61 2012-06-04 03:02
@Darlene from June 2nd!!

I too have been affected just by "seeing"(not reading the sickening details) the headlines (just from logging onto the internet)not even from TeLIEvision. No TV for me.

Just yesterday, I even posted a fairly lengthy status on a FB Group page due to just this issue.

I watched "I AM LEGEND" over the weekend and wow..the symbolism and timing referenced is way obviously hinting to the headlines from last week about the Zombie Viruses Rabies crap.. Bath Salts snorting agressiveness.. More and more stories will and are appearing of this type.

This is something we all have to disSOLVE with the light of OUR awareness. The foreshadowing in the film is reminiscent to that found in several films regarding 9/11 false flag psyops. Wow.. DAVID we need some more from your dear heart! Reassurance isn't always needed, but ALWAYS and in ALL WAYS pleasant.

EVERYONE!!! Be sure and BE a participant in the Meditation for the Venus Transit.. See and feel y'all there.. Manifest Joyful and Peaceful living. EDT 930pm 6/5/12.

We are Love(d)
#823 Kurt 2012-06-04 02:42
Well looks like Deatra now is calling Drake a fraud. Would like to hear Davids side on this. So no arrests going to happen? These guys both Drake and Bill Wood are now looking like frauds. Who do ya trust? I say trust your heart. This ride is starting to get fun and I have a front row seat.

#822 alloya 2012-06-04 02:15
Hi Anne i too have had a headache everyday since the solar eclipse , maybe it something to do with this or it might be the fact they are chemtrailing us none stop everyday here in the uk ...

[Moderator: If you have chemical sensitivities I highly suggest pouring salt water up your nose w/a neti pot, it healed me so deeply... google neti pot instructions, I am sure you can find a vid.]
#821 Ethaos 2012-06-03 21:31

Sorry Mz. pyramid tits but "Elvis has left the building."!
#820 jax 2012-06-03 21:23
MSM is starting to put the real news out finally.
#818 Anne 2012-06-03 19:27
Zecharia Sitchin: Are We Alone? ..
#817 HydroZ 2012-06-03 18:51
Dear folks, Dear David and Mod.,

is has now been a long time ago, that David talked about the "Arrest" and "Tyranny" subject. I expected David to talk on Coast2Coast AM some weeks ago about this, but that was not the topic of the show.
Nothing happened till now. Chemtrails over Germany and over many other metropolis, as I read here and elsewhere. The cabal is continuing genozid as before, they are meeting as usual (G8, Nato, Bilderberg) and here in the EU they are still sucking money from us to transfer it to the banking system and interrupting demonstrations.

Dear David,

we haven't heard from you for a couple of weeks reqarding this topic.
You have connections to the Lawiers, to drake and to some whistleblowers and they came to you to bring this topic to the public.
We are all awaiting something to happen.

David, what are your sources saying?
What is Keith Scott saying??
Have the liens against FED archieved something?
Could you make some calls to get us some updates??

We all have understood, that every person has to contribute. But we need the initial spark!!!

Please pick up the topic again, we need your information!!!

Thank you very much, I appreciate your work and I know, that you are a great person.

Please help us now, to make steps forward.

An update to the topic has to happend as soon as possible.

Dear friends in the USA,

you are now living in Big Brother Country and we in Germany are in danger to follow you.
In the last months I began to understand what your patriotism is good for. So, be patriotic everyone. I am German, and I am not allowed to be patriotic ;-) but we also will!


#816 azyh 2012-06-03 16:22
In the late eighth century, Earth was hit by a mystery blast of cosmic rays, according to a Japanese study that found a relic of the powerful event in cedar trees.
#815 Gilgamesh 2012-06-03 15:30
In my opinion the mass arrest and any changes will take some time. But it took over 10 thousand years to invent the ball point pen.Even the aliens, or the Anunnaki did not invented it, they only carved in clay tablets, and on rocks.
I used ink pens in school, all the kids had a a small bottle of ink in school, and we dipped the ink pen in it to write, and all the kids had blue fingers, and some even blue lips all the time.
It took a long time, the ball point pen, must be the greatest invention in the Universe, and we invented it,and not the aliens.
And the new changes will come as the new science, that David wrote about in Source Field
Investigations will kick in, in the next 10-30 years. The cat is out of the bag now, and can not be put back.
#814 Lady Godiva 2012-06-03 13:19
Best Of UFO Sightings Of May 2012, AFO

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